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Published by Biomassters Global, Inc., 2018-09-07 17:54:28



Grown with MicroSoil®

Photo (left): The extensive
SAPEC AGRO Industrial
Park facility for R&D,
production, shipping and
logistics is located at the Port
of Valencia, Spain.

MicroSoil®, currently sold in Spain and Portugal through
SAPEC AGRO, is expanding into the entire Mediterranean
region of Europe. The reception of MicroSoil® in Europe
has been "beyond everyone’s expectations”. Crop results
reported by growers are so successful that SAPEC AGRO
features a special MicroSoil® website dedicated to product
information, videos, and grower test results.

¡le da vida a tu suelo! (gives life to your soil!)

CLICK: SAPEC MicroSoil® website

Grown with MicroSoil® by SAPEC AGRO ESPANA in Almeria, Spain

Since the 1980s, this small coastal plain, some 30 Photo (above): Aerial view of greenhouses in Almeria, Spain,
kilometers southwest of the city of Almeria, Spain, has
developed the largest concentration of greenhouses in covering a total of 26,000 hectares. 1
the world, covering 26,000 hectares. Several tons of
greenhouse vegetables and fruits such as tomatoes,
peppers, cucumbers, and zucchinis are produced here
annually. More than half of Europe’s demand for fresh
fruits and vegetables are grown under the plastic
shades, fueling the province of Almeria's economy by
$1.5 billion in annual revenue. SAPEC AGRO ESPANA
conducts many of its MicroSoil® grow operations in this
famous region located in Southern Spain on the
Mediterranean Sea.

The SAPEC MicroSoil® website contains detailed information including
videos and brochures for download. Click below to see videos!

MicroSoil® for Horticulture MicroSoil® for Olives

Peppers Grown with MicroSoil® in Greenhouse-Hydroponic Facilities in Spain

“The pepper plants treated with MicroSoil® were stronger, with larger and better quality fruit, and
healthier root systems. All types of the peppers had more vibrant color, and were more uniform in size.”

Commercial Greenhouse-Hydroponic Grower, Spain

Photos (left):
Red California

Photos (left):
Red Italian Peppers

Photos (above): Photo (above):
Green Italian Peppers Green California Pepp2ers

Tomatoes Grown with MicroSoil® in Greenhouse-Hydroponic Facilities in Spain

“The tomato crop response was quite different between the control area and the area treated
with MicroSoil®. The tomatoes Grown with MicroSoil® were more balanced and vigorous
tomato plants that hold better on the vine, with an increase of 750 grams (1.7 pounds) per

square meter.”

Photo (left): Dramatic comparison of tomato
plants grown without MicroSoil® (left) and
Grown with MicroSoil® (right) in Spain.
Tomatoes Grown with MicroSoil® were of higher
quality with better color and uniformity of size.

Photos (above): Farm tomatoes grown in coconut fiber and treated with MicroSoil®.

Photos (above): Cherry tomatoes grown in soil treated with MicroSoil® developed longer vines
and had more fruits that stayed strongly attached to the vines.

Melons Grown with MicroSoil® in Greenhouse-Hydroponic Facilities in Spain

“The seedless watermelons Grown with MicroSoil® were of better quality and more uniform in
size, with larger fruits and more fruits per vine.”

Commercial Greenhouse-Hydroponic Grower, Spain

Photos (above): Seedless Watermelons Grown with MicroSoil®

Photos (left):
Toad Skin
Melons Grown
with MicroSoil®
and ready for
shipping to

Photo (right):

Cassava Melons Grown with


Food Crops Grown with MicroSoil® in Greenhouse-Hydroponic Facilities in Spain

Photo (above): Greenhouse Eggplants Photo (above): Greenhouse Cucumbers
Grown with MicroSoil® Grown with MicroSoil®

Photos (above): Greenhouse Raspberries Grown with MicroSoil®
Photos (left): Strawberries
treated with MicroSoil® (far
left) show much more dense
and vibrant growth than
strawberries grown without
MicroSoil® (near left).
Photo (below): Strawberries
Grown with MicroSoil®.

Photo (left):
Blueberries Grown
with MicroSoil®.


Field Crops Grown with MicroSoil® in Spain and Portugal

Photos (left): Potatoes Grown with
MicroSoil® (near left) show longer
vines and more potatoes on each vine,
compared to potatoes grown without
MicroSoil® (far left).

Photo (right): Sweet Potatoes in Portugal Grown with
MicroSoil® showed 23% more yield per hectare (43.1 Ton/

ha) than the potatoes grown without MicroSoil® (34 Ton/
ha). Also, the Sweet Potatoes Grown with MicroSoil®
showed higher yield, with more and heavier tubers (90
tubers weighing 21.57 Kg per 5m2), than the potatoes
grown without (62 tubers weighing 17.01 Kg per 5m2).

Photo (above): Maize Grown with Photo (above): Roots of Maize Grown
MicroSoil® (right) are thicker with with MicroSoil® (right) are larger and
more abundant than the roots of maize
more robust kernels than maize
grown without MicroSoil® (left). grown without MicroSoil® (left).

Photos (left): Peanuts Grown with
MicroSoil® (far left) developed
significantly more nodules per plant
than peanuts grown without
MicroSoil® (near left).


Field Crops Grown with MicroSoil® in Spain

Photo (left): Fields of Beans Grown
with MicroSoil®.

Photo (right): Carrots Grown with

Photos (above): Fields of Cabbage Grown with MicroSoil®.

Photos (above): Fields of Artichoke Grown with MicroSoil®.


Olive Trees Grown with MicroSoil® in Spain

“The olive tree seedlings Grown with MicroSoil® were stronger and more resistant to any
stressful situation. This improves the quality of the fruit and offers more commercial advantage.”

Commercial Olive Tree Nursery Grower, Spain

Photos (above): Olive Tree Seedlings Grown with MicroSoil® (right) were stronger,
denser, darker green, and faster to maturity than seedlings without MicroSoil® (left).

Photo (above): Olive Saplings Grown with Photo (above): Olive Sapling Grown with
MicroSoil® (right) and without (left). MicroSoil® (left) and without (right).

Photo (left): Lush, healthy grove
of Olive Trees Grown with
MicroSoil® in sunny southern


MicroSoil® is Manufactured by Biomassters Global, Inc. Las Vegas, Nevada 89130 USA


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