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Published by Biomassters Global, Inc., 2018-11-19 15:33:24



Above and Beyond Organics™

MicroSoil® World News & Views

“Well, they finally found us.” We have never tried to get our products
into the Hemp or Cannabis industry, however, it was inevitable that they

too, would eventually find out the benefits of using our MicroSoil®
product line on their Hemp and Cannabis plants.

Photos (left & right): Rex Lee’s
customer in California has grown
Medical Marijuana for the CBD
oils for several years now. The
leaves in both of these photos show
the exponential growth on the
plants after just (7) seven days of
using MicroSoil®.


Hemp Production by Veterans being Financed and Advocated by
the United States Department of Defense

Hemp Field Hemp Blossom


USING MicroSoil®

Photo (left): Sunshine Property
in Fallbrook, California, again
used our MicroSoil® Product
on their beautiful hillside 1,300
acre avocado trees grove. The
Owner, Mr. Ralph Foster, is a
loyal user of MicroSoil® for six
(6) years now—2012-2018.

Below are the Grower’s Comments regarding their 2018 Flowering Stage.

Photo (right): “I’m working with the largest
local bee keeper and he always leaves me a

dozen hives and now during blooming season
we have 100 hives right above a special pond

fed by a spring, which I made for them.
Thanks for the feedback. I didn’t know

about the ‘sweet’ being caused by
MicroSoil®. All is good!”

Respectfully, Ralph & Samee Foster

Photo (left): “MicroSoil® creates a sweet smell
in the grove. Perfect setting/weather.”

Grown with MicroSoil® in Shandong, China

Spectacular Results for Red, Green, Yellow Peppers

CHINA—A major commercial growing operation, GNL AGRO, with headquarters in
Qingdao, will be importing MicroSoil® Agriculture Raw Materials into China for
distribution into 9 different provinces under the Private Label “SoilBalance™”. Our
China representative, Mr. Rex Lee, reports that GNL AGRO has tried numerous other
agriculture products on their field and greenhouse crops, but none gave such
extraordinary results as MicroSoil®.

Results for Peppers Grown with MicroSoil® included:

 Development of dense, healthy roots
 Peppers matured (ripened) at the same time
 Peppers were uniform size, with rich vibrant color fruit
 Pepper plants had dark green healthy leaves, more fruits on each vine

Grown without MicroSoil®.

Peppers Grown with MicroSoil® (above left, right).

◄Roots of Peppers Grown
with MicroSoil® (right) and
without (left).

Grown without MicroSoil®.

◄Peppers Grown
with MicroSoil®
(right) and
without (left).

Peppers Grown with MicroSoil® (middle)
and without (left, right).


Due to growing interest from large established firms throughout the world,
the increased difficulty of getting our Brand Name products approved by
different country regulations, and the concerns of soil bacterial type
products passing through customs, we discovered that it is much easier to
ship our Raw Materials to our overseas customers, and they blend, bottle
and label under their own “Private Label Brand Name”, with or without
using our Trademark Brands. A number of our overseas clients have
already developed their own Private Label Agriculture Product business—
simply importing our proven product raw materials, then bottling,
labeling with their own Brand Name, and selling locally! How does it
 Register as a Biomassters Global Raw Materials Contractor
 Import our Agriculture Raw Materials Products
 Design your own Brand Name
 Fill & Label using your own one (1) Liter Bottles
 Sell in your own Country Market


Mfg. by
Biomassters Global, Inc.

Las Vegas, NV USA

BestSoils™ MicroSoil® EcoGro™

Zimbabwe, AFRICA Valencia, SPAIN INDIA

MicroSoil® MicroOrganic™ SoilBalance™

Mexico City, MEXICO Beijing, CHINA Shandong, CHINA

AgriVet™ MicroSoil®

Department of Defense Juarez, MEXICO
Department of Veterans Affairs
Washington DC, USA

For Information to Get Started, Call +1 702 645 1390 or Email [email protected]

Rejuvenation of Damaged Sugarcane Crop in Texas

Thanks to MicroSoil® and MacroFoliage®

Mr. Dave Shimp of Pegasus Soil Solutions® reports the results below showing a 40-acre
commercial sugarcane crop in south Texas, planted 09 October 2017, and damaged by frost (20
January 2018) and snow (01 February 2018). The damaged sugarcane was treated with
MicroSoil® & MacroFoliage® (14 February 2018) and recovered to robust health within a
month (20 March 2018). By 21 May, 2018, the MicroSoil® & MacroFoliage® treated crop was
way ahead of the normal crop next to it that was planted at the same time. The commercial
grow operator was very pleased with the complete rejuvenation of his valuable sugarcane crop
due to the application of MicroSoil® & MacroFoliage®.

09 October 2017
Sugarcane planted on 40 acres.

◄ Photos left & right ►

20 January 2018
Frost damage.
◄ Photo left

01 February 2018
Snow damage.
Photo right ►

20 March 2018
Fully recovered and rejuvenated sugarcane crop after MicroSoil®
& MacroFoliage® treatment on 14 February 2018.
◄ Photo left

21 May 2018
Healthy robust sugarcane crop growth with six (6) foot high stalks.

Better yields and longer lived sugarcane crop are expected.

21 May 2018
Neighboring sugarcane crop not
treated shows lagging growth.

Mr. Rick Nash reports that the Veterans Beginning Farmer & Rancher
Program (VBFR) with Florida A&M University will Provide Training and Job
Opportunities for Military Veterans in the Area of Agriculture, particularly in

Greenhouse and Hydroponic facilities.

Vet Power LLC and Tribal Native Industries, dba "Veterans Industries", was founded in 2009 by a consortium of
individuals who represent a commitment to dedicate its combined resources to assist American war Veterans, the
disabled population and their families to achieve economic and social independence.

In 2018, “Veterans Industries” has agreed to enter into a collaborative initiative to participate in Florida
Agricultural & Mechanical University (FAMU) Proposed Plan of Work for the development of a Veterans
Beginning Farmer & Rancher Program.

specifically dedicated to support and enhance agriculture research and technology transfer to farmers
and local communities to include: small farmers, minority farmers, returning Veterans, and Native Americans,
beginning ranchers and farmers projects, and to support USDA’s and FAMU’s strategic goals and objectives.

Microgreens Grown for Restaurants in California
Click Link for VIDEO:

The drawings, left, show plans for
University of Florida to build fully
operational greenhouse,
hydroponic, and aquaponic grow
operations to provide Microgreens
and other fresh organic food crops
for restaurants and various in-
house food service companies, and
to provide agriculture based
training and employment
opportunities for Veterans
Industries using our MicroSoil®
Agriculture Products.

Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL)
Approves MicroSoil® for Organic Agriculture Grown in EU

MicroSoil® is now approved by the Research Institute of

Organic Agriculture (FiBL) to be used as Organic Input Material
(OIM) for growing organic agriculture in all European Union
countries. Organic agriculture grown in the EU also carries the
“Euro-Leaf” Organic Label (12 stars arrayed in a leaf design on a
green background).

FiBL, headquartered in Brussels, is the world’s leading knowledge
center for best practice in organic food and farming systems. It
combines excellence in science, innovation, and sustainable
practice. FiBL is an independent, non-profit, research institute with
the aim of advancing cutting-edge science in the field of organic
agriculture. FiBL’s research team works together with farmers to
develop innovative and cost-effective solutions to boost
agricultural productivity while never losing sight of environmental, health and socio-economic
impacts. Alongside practical research, FiBL gives high
priority to transferring knowledge into agricultural
practice through advisory work, training and
conferences. FiBL has offices in Switzerland, Germany,
Austria, France, and Brussels (FiBL Europe) and
numerous projects and initiatives in Europe, Asia, Latin
America, and Africa.

Photos (right) show FiBL projects throughout
the European Union. FiBL sponsors numerous

activities and research having to do with all
aspects of organic agriculture, including soils,

plant production, food crops, animal
husbandry, and food and quality safety.

What do the initials “FiBL” mean?
English: Research Institute of Organic Agriculture
German: Forschungsinstitut für biologischen Landbau (FiBL)




April 30, 2018

A recent study published in the Journal
of Cleaner Production used a life-cycle
assessment to determine the
environmental impact of organic rice
production in China at 5, 10, and 15
years after conversion. Researchers
assessed environmental factors including
the amount of non-renewable energy
used, the amount of water used, the
amount of land needed, global warming
potential, acidification potential, the
potential to contribute to nutrient water
pollution (responsible for the formation of dead zones), potential to release water pollution
toxic to aquatic wildlife, human toxicity potential, and soil toxicity potential for humans.
They found that overall, the conventional rice production system had 10 times more
negative environmental impact than the organic rice systems, and that the negative
environmental impact of organic rice systems decreased the longer they were in organic

“Based on this study, organic rice systems have the potential of being recommended as
sustainable agricultural practices in comparison with conventional practices. Furthermore,
the present study indicated that the difference in the environmental profile of organic
versus conventional agricultural products might be underestimated when analyzing organic
systems that have not yet reached their steady state,” the researchers concluded.

“Environmental life cycle assessment of long-term organic rice
production in subtropical China”

THE JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION—Volume 176, 1 March 2018, Pages 880-888


Every year numerous new crops are grown using our MicroSoil® Life Enriching Agriculture
Products and we need all the help we can get from you to pass on these results for our website,
archives, and newsletters, in order to share them with all those affiliated with our company.
We greatly appreciate MicroSoil® crop result write-ups with photos, or simple comparison
pictures, such as "Before & After", "Grown with MicroSoil® & Grown without MicroSoil®", or
just “MicroSoil® and Control”. Even a single picture of a plant grown with MicroSoil®, with
some pertinent information or caption, tells a story.

Photos (left) of organic farm tomatoes planted in coconut
fiber and Grown with MicroSoil® in a large commercial
Greenhouse-Hydroponic Facility in Spain. The tomatoes
Grown with MicroSoil® have more uniform fruits that
hold longer on the vine, darker green leaves, deeper red
color, and sweeter flavor (higher Brix rating).

Swear To Go Green Blog:

Biomassters Global, Inc. ORGANIC AFFILIATES

Biomassters Global MicroSoil® Agriculture Products are approved as Organic Input Material (OIM) for
growing food crops in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and the European Union. All of our Organic Affiliates —
Oregon Tilth, CCOF, CDFA, OKOP, Organic Certifiers, and BioNutrient Food Association prohibit the

intentional use of GMOs.

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