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Published by Biomassters Global, Inc., 2019-12-18 20:14:48



Dear Friends,

As we approach the New Year 2020, we are
grateful for the tremendous support from all
of you in the past year, and we want you to
know that you have our 100% commitment as
we move forward together.

We are excited to share this Newsletter with
you showcasing the latest developments and
continuing success of Biomassters Global, Inc.

Merry Christmas &

Happy New Year!

Karren Haller, President/CEO
Justin Hiatt, VP Manufacturing

A Tribute to Don D. Haller
Visionary Founder of Biomassters Global, Inc.

Don Haller was a true visionary from the early 1990’s in his belief
that organic agriculture, and organic input materials for soil health
like MicroSoil®, would become the future foundation of global
farming methods. Below is a message he wrote in 2018, as he
reflected on seeing his life’s work becoming part of the growing
organic focus for the world’s agriculture.

“TODAY, China is advocating and enacting laws requiring that growers use less
chemicals and use more organic farming methods. We now have a company in
India that sells products in 22 countries, and is adding our MicroSoil® Products to
their line of organic products. One of this company’s Director’s family members
was instrumental in getting their government to pass a law that, throughout India,
10% of any/all fertilizers sold in India MUST BE ORGANIC. The USA is also
waking up and accepting Organic Traditional Farming Methods as cost effective,
feasible, and necessary when elevating the nutrient values in our food crops.
Another of our distributors in California, who owns and operates a large food
brokering operation, told me just last week that 30% of the foods sold now are
Organic. Our 23-year distributor in Mexico, Sra. Irma, continues to expand her
Organic operation. Also, our South Texas friends are preparing for an Organic
bonanza in the citrus and vegetable arenas this coming Fall. In Zimbabwe, Africa,
the government approved our Organic MicroSoil® Products for registration,
importation, and use based just on all the testing and trials depicted on our
website. Organics finally are becoming mainstream all over the world, and you
and I are at the earliest stage of this incredible OPPORTUNITY. Your
commitment to represent, market, and sell our products is greatly appreciated and
we want you to know that you have our commitment to support those efforts
100%. It has been a pleasure working with you these past 23 years. It has often
been said that, “Commitment makes your life work”. For Once Committed,
Providence Moves Also.”

Don D. Haller 1940—2019

China Distributor Qingdao Giandli Agriculture Tech Co., Ltd.
(GNL Agro) Introduces MicroSoil® at the

“China Agricultural Trade Fair” in Fuzhou—November 2019

CONGRATULATIONS to the team of GNL Agro, our newest Distributor, for a
successful introduction of MicroSoil® Agriculture Products to the People’s Republic
of China! General Manager, Ms. Xuesong “Sherry” Li, was in Las Vegas in
September & October 2019 to finalize registration of MicroSoil®, LiquidHumus™,
and GNL Agro private label brands Liquid AminoAlive™ & SoilBalance™ with the
Department of Agriculture of Nevada as Organic Soil Supplements for sale in the
Country of China. All of the products are also now registered with the China
Agriculture Department. We welcome GNL Agro to the Biomassters Global, Inc.
family and look forward to a prosperous 2020 with the GNL Agro team!

The GNL Agro team (General Manager
Sherry in the middle, and her husband John,
Sales Manager, in the dark blazer) at the
China Agriculture Trade Fair in front of their
beautiful new conference booth.

GNL Agro, Care for the soil!

… continued … Our Newest Distributor GNL Agro Introduces MicroSoil®
at the China Agricultural Trade Fair—November 2019

The GNL Agro booth is designed with
numerous seating and display areas
for customers to interact with the
GNL Agro team and learn about
MicroSoil® Agriculture Products.

Mexico Distributor Agricola Genética S. A. de C. V.
Showcases MicroSoil® at the

“Expo Agroalimentaria Irapuato”—November 2019

MANY THANKS for another successful “Expo Agroalimentaria Irapuato” to our
very first Distributor since 1996, Agricola Genética S. A. de C. V., bringing
MicroSoil® to farmers and growers throughout Mexico for 24 years! Led by Sra.
Irma Pardina, Director General, and Lic. Diana Macia & Sra. Susana Naves, this
dynamic team of women is well known in the agriculture industry in Mexico for their
sales & marketing outreach with agro-expos, exhibits, publications, radio shows,
magazine articles, site visits, and numerous successful MicroSoil® trials conducted
on greenhouse and field crops.

The custom designed MicroSoil® exhibit booth (above left). Sra. Irma
Pardinas, General Manager, with customers (above right).

… continued … Our Mexico Distributor Agricola Genética S. A. de C. V. Showcases
MicroSoil® at the “Expo Agroalimentaria Irapuato”—November 2019
The Agricola Genética team interacting with
MicroSoil® customers at the Expo.

Welcome to “Matiza Altima Solutions Limited”
Our First Private Label Distributor in Africa

Congratulations to MATIZA ALTIMA SOLUTIONS LIMITED in Lusaka,
Zambia for becoming our first Raw Materials Contractor and Private Label
Distributor in Africa. Mr. Moses Nyanga, CEO, first showcased MicroSoil® at
the annual AgriTech Expo Zambia in 2017. The reception was so positive, that
he arranged MicroSoil® trials for a large commercial sugarcane estate, which
resulted in the crop’s Brix numbers being elevated to 15 (higher sugar content).
A second sugarcane estate trial is now underway, as well as field trials for
commercial corn.
raw materials and blending, bottling & labelling for sale in Zambia under the
Private Label “MicroOrganic™”. We look forward to working with Mr. Moses
Nyanga and his team in the coming year to bring healthier and higher quality
crops to farmers and growers throughout Zambia.

The MicroOrganic™ Private Label (left)
will be sold throughout the country of
Zambia, Africa. The location of Zambia
is shown in green (below).

Grown with MicroSoil®

We leave you with our most popular “Flipbook” showcasing photos of
crops Grown with MicroSoil® around the world. Enjoy!

CLICK LINK: Gallery of Results

USA—Asian Radishes,
Cauliflower, Corn, Honeydew
Melons, Mars Oranges,
Sorghum, Spinach
MEXICO—Broccoli, Maize,
Olive Saplings, Pecan Trees,
Strawberries, Sugarcane
COSTA RICA—Butternut
SPAIN—Cherry Tomatoes,
Farm Tomatoes, Maize,
Peanuts, Red Peppers
CHINA—Cherry Trees, Chives,
Lettuce, Red Pepper, Tulips

Biomassters Global, Inc. ORGANIC AFFILIATES

Biomassters Global MicroSoil® Agriculture Products are approved as Organic Input Material (OIM) for
growing food crops in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and the European Union. All of our Organic Affiliates —
Oregon Tilth, CCOF, CDFA, FiBL (EU), Organic Certifiers, and BioNutrient Food Association prohibit the

intentional use of GMOs.

Biomassters Global, Inc.

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