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Published by Biomassters Global, Inc., 2018-08-24 18:59:11



Proven Profits, Products, and Protocols

Since 1996

Grown with MicroSoil® in Shandong, China

Spectacular Results for Red, Green, Yellow Peppers

CHINA—A major commercial growing operation, GNL AGRO, with headquarters in
Qingdao, will be importing MicroSoil® Agriculture Raw Materials into China for distribution
into 9 different provinces under the Private Label “SoilBalance™”. Our China representative,
Mr. Rex Lee, reports that GNL AGRO has tried numerous other agriculture products on their
field and greenhouse crops, but none gave such extraordinary results as MicroSoil®.

Grown with MicroSoil® in Shangdong, China. See for yourself below!

Results for Peppers Grown with MicroSoil® included:

 Development of dense, healthy roots
 Peppers matured (ripened) at the same time
 Peppers were uniform size, with rich vibrant color fruit
 Pepper plants had dark green healthy leaves, more fruits on each vine

Peppers Grown with MicroSoil® (left, right). Peppers Grown without MicroSoil® (left,

Peppers Grown with MicroSoil® Roots of Peppers Grown with MicroSoil®
(right) and without (left).
(right) and without (left). Peppers Grown with MicroSoil®
(middle) and without (left, right).

For Natural / Traditional Farming
Enhances Crop Growth
Helps Restore Poor Soils

100% Natural Occurring Ingredients



100% Safe for People, Plants, and Animals
SoilBalance™ is a MicroSoil® Agriculture Product

Helps to Enrich Soil Fertility & Increase Nutrient Values in Crops

What is SoilBalance™ ?
SoilBalance™ is a formulation of natural occurring ingredients, polysaccharides, polypeptides and Fulvic
Trace Elements. Its intended use and purpose is to assist in the growth and proliferation of local “native soil
microorganisms” found in any soil in the world. SoilBalance™’s main objective is to enhance and optimize
the natural decomposition of animal and plant residues and to help elevate the organic matter in the soil. It is
totally natural, safe, and non-toxic. SoilBalance™ is not a fertilizer or a replacement for fertilizer or any soil
element, macronutrient or micronutrient. SoilBalance™ is a non-plant food product, a unique and perfectly
balanced synergistic catalyst developed to naturally enhance the dynamics of any abused or natural soil

Benefits you can expect when using SoilBalance™

 Increased quality & quantity of crop yield – up to 30%
 25% to 50% reduction in use of chemical fertilizers in first year
 Reduced fertilizer costs by 25% to 40%
 Builds massive root structures & systems
 Overall lusher & greener foliage indicating elevated photosynthesis
 Accelerated plant growth
 Increased organic matter & soil fertility
 Helps to balance the pH factor of the soil
 Optimizes maturation of crops
 Increased BRIX (Nutrient uptake values)
 Increased number of blossoms
 Increased aroma in flowers & in crop blossoms
 Increased profits for growers
 Larger & thicker leaves
 Increased number of bees & other pollinators Commercial sorghum crop Grown with SoilBalance™ (right)
and without SoilBalance™ (left).

SoilBalance™ is safe and healthy for the environment.

One of the greatest by-products of using SoilBalance™ is that it
benefits our entire ecosystem and environment. The use of
SoilBalance™ helps to build dynamic soil systems which do not
contaminate our natural resources, the air, water and soils, as do the
over use of synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
SoilBalance™ consists only of 100% natural occurring
ingredients. It is completely safe and poses absolutely no harm to the
farmer, his family, pets, wildlife, or the environment.

No GMO’s or PGR’s added.


A Concentrate for Natural/Organic Sustainable
Agriculture Applications

No GMO’s or PGR’s added. SoilBalance™ is
manufactured ONLY with natural occurring food grade
ingredients, which are environmentally friendly, non-
hazardous, non-toxic, and 100% safe for all living plant
and animal life.
SoilBalance™’s intended use is to assist the growth and
proliferation of beneficial “native soil microorganisms”,
enhance and optimize the decomposition process of
animal and plant residues, and aid in the building
process of organic matter in the soil.
Ingredients by weight: 93.7% H2O (water) solution,
5.3% Molasses and Dry Milk (microbial food), Kelp,
Vitamins, and Fulvic Trace Elements.

100% SAFE for all living things.


Thank You !

Since 1996

Since 1996

Above and Beyond Organics™

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