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Published by Biomassters Global, Inc., 2019-02-19 18:39:33

MicroSoil Hemp & Cannabis NEWS 2019

MicroSoil Hemp & Cannabis NEWS 2019

“Hemp & Cannabis Growers”

Demand for Medicinal CBD
Oils is Driving Sales in USA

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Hemp & Cannabis Agriculture

What is MicroSoil® ?

MicroSoil® is a formulation of natural occurring ingredients, polysaccharides, polypeptides and PureFulvic™ Trace
Elements. Its intended use and purpose is to assist in the growth and proliferation of local “native soil microorganisms”
found in any soil in the world. MicroSoil®’s main objective is to enhance and optimize the natural decomposition of
animal and plant residues and to help elevate the organic matter in the soil. It is totally natural, safe, and non-toxic.
MicroSoil® is not a fertilizer or a replacement for fertilizer or any soil element, macronutrient or micronutrient.
MicroSoil® is a non-plant food product, a unique and perfectly balanced synergistic catalyst developed to naturally
enhance the dynamics of any abused or natural soil system.


 Increased quality & quantity of crop yield – up to 30%
 25% to 50% reduction in use of chemical fertilizers in first year
 Reduced fertilizer costs by 25% to 40%
 Builds massive root structures & systems
 Overall lusher & greener foliage = elevated photosynthesis
 Accelerated plant growth
 Increased organic matter & soil fertility
 Helps to balance the pH factor of the soil
 Optimizes maturation of crops
 Increased BRIX (Nutrient uptake values)
 Increased number of blossoms
 Increased aroma in flowers & in crop blossoms
 Increased profits for growers
 Larger & thicker leaves
 Increased number of bees & other pollinators

Non-Hazardous ♦ Non-Chemical ♦ Non-Toxic

is safe and healthy for the environment.

One of the greatest by-products of using MicroSoil® is that it benefits our entire ecosystem and
environment. The use of MicroSoil® helps to build dynamic soil systems which do not contaminate our
natural resources, the air, water and soils, as do the over use of synthetic chemical fertilizers and
pesticides. MicroSoil® consists only of 100% natural occurring ingredients. It is completely safe and
poses absolutely no harm to the farmer, his family, pets, wildlife, or the environment. No GMO’s or
PGR’s added.

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Above and Beyond Organics™

MicroSoil® Approved by the
USDA BioPreferred Program as a

ABOVE—The MicroSoil® label The USDA Certified Biobased Product label is an official
will display the official accreditation for products with tested biobased
“USDA CERTIFIED content—meaning the ingredients come from renewable
biological (biomass) organic sources. Biobased products
BIOBASED PRODUCT 100%” are derived from plants and other renewable
seal of approval agricultural, marine and forestry materials, and provide
an alternative to petroleum-based products.
Biomassters Global, Inc. was approved by the USDA
Biobased Product Certification Program to submit a
sample of MicroSoil® to BETA ANALYTIC laboratories
(Miami, Florida) for Biobased Product Testing
according to ASTM (American Society for Testing and
Materials) standards.
As you can see, MicroSoil® passed with “flying colors”
with an official certification of USDA CERTIFIED
100% BIOBASED PRODUCT, and official “FP”
qualification for mandatory Federal Purchasing.
Key benefits of Biobased Products include:
• Because Biobased Products are not petroleum-based,

this helps alleviate environmental harm in terms of
biodegradability, toxicity, and pollution.
• Consumers know how much biobased material a
company is using to manufacture its products
relative to the more readily available, less expensive,
and environmentally harmful petroleum-based
• The goal of the USDA BioPreferred program is to
increase the purchase and use of biobased products,
which is a mandatory purchasing requirement for
federal agencies and their contractors.
• The USDA and the Federal Government guarantee
the accuracy of the biobased claim on the label, and
that the products have been third-party tested by
independent laboratories.

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In order to meet rigorous USDA quality control procedures and
specifications, all MicroSoil® containers (1-Liter Bottles, 20-Liter
Containers, 208-Liter Drums) that carry the “USDA CERTIFIED
BIOBASED PRODUCT 100%” seal on the label must be bottled (filled) at
our manufacturing facility in Las Vegas, Nevada.
This also applies to our Private Label Brand Program, which utilizes the
original MicroSoil® formula. See example (left) of the Private Label
“AgriVet™” which is bottled (filled) and labelled at our manufacturing
facility in Las Vegas.

◄EXAMPLE (left) shows Private Label Brand AgriVet™ which is
bottled & labelled at our manufacturing facility in Las Vegas.

Notice of Certification / January 30, 2019

Don Haller
Biomassters Global, Inc.
4894 West Lone Mountain Road, Suite 191
LasVegas, NV 89130

Dear Don Haller,

On behalf of the United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA's) BioPreferred® program, I am pleased to
inform you that your application for use of the USDA Certified Biobased Product Label for MicroSoil® has been
approved as of January 28, 2019. The test result for MicroSoil® indicates that its biobased content is 100%. According
to your application, you may now use the Label on the product MicroSoil®.

The Label remains in effect as long as the product or package is manufactured and marketed in accordance with
the approved application and requirements in the US Code of Federal Regulations Title 7§3202 Voluntary Labeling
Program for Biobased Products unless one of the following conditions occurs:

1. Product or package reformulation: The product or package formulation of the certified product is changed such
that the biobased content is reduced to a level below that reported in the approved application. When products have
been reformulated, a new application for certification must be submitted in order to resume using the USDA Certified
Biobased Product Label; and/or,

2. New minimum biobased content: USDA revises the minimum biobased content required for a product or
package to be eligible to display the certification mark and the product or package does not meet the revised
minimum. USDA will inform you that your certification is no longer valid. In this case, you must increase the biobased
content of your product to be at or above the revised minimum and reapply for certification within 60 days in order
to continue to use the certification mark.

This email is your official notice of biobased product certification. Please print and save this email should you need to
provide certification documentation to any entity.

The BioPreferred program looks forward to a long and successful partnership with you in the promotion of biobased

Sincerely, 4
Kate Lewis, Deputy Manager
USDA BioPreferred Program

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Hemp is now legal.
That’s huge for the CBD industry.

CLICK LINK:, December 28, 2018—CBD just got a big boost thanks to US lawmakers.
On Thursday, 27th December 2018, President Trump signed into law the Farm Bill,
which contained a provision to legalize hemp, a species of cannabis that CBD can
be extracted from, but that isn’t psychoactive.

Hemp’s legalization will give farmers a major opportunity with a new and friendly
crop. According to Leafly, the hemp plant “detoxifies the soil and prevents soil
erosion,” and it “requires much less water to grow — and no pesticides — so it is
much more environmentally friendly than traditional crops”. reports that,
“Farmers face several barriers to growing hemp due to federal prohibition —
including restricted access to banking, water rights, and crop insurance. The bill
removes these restrictions, putting the US Department of Agriculture and state
agencies in charge of regulations.” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who
pushed for the bill, believes hemp could replace cash crops like tobacco in his home
state of Kentucky.
CBD, the non-psychoactive cannabinoid of marijuana, has become a popular
ingredient lately. Proponents claim it can soothe anxiety, stress, pain, and insomnia
without getting consumers high, and you can now find it in everything from
moisturizers, lattes, and vitamins to cookies, gummies, teas, beer, ice cream,
massage oils, and dog treats. Legalizing hemp is also important for scientists who
want to study CBD’s effects.

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With OK from Congress,
US Hemp Market Set to Boom


ASSOCIATED PRESS NEWS—In this April 23, 2018 file photo, a sign designates
the type of crop grown in a field as it stands ready to plant another hemp crop for
Big Top Farms near Sisters, Oregon. Hemp is about to get the federal legalization
that marijuana, its cannabis cousin, craves. That unshackling at the national level
sets the stage for greater expansion in an industry seeing explosive growth through
demand for CBDs, the non-psychoactive compound in hemp that many see as a
way to better health.
Federal legalization could triple the overall hemp market to $2.5 billion by 2022,
with $1.3 billion of those sales from hemp-derived CBD products, according to
New Frontier Data, a cannabis market research firm.
The growth potential in the industry has Clarinda Stanley-Anderson excited and
optimistic. “It’s all about the power of green, so when you look at it from that
standpoint, it’s going to be an industry that’s here to stay,” she said in a phone
interview from her home in Liberty, North Carolina. “The possibilities are

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Above and SINCE 1996 Organics™


MicroSoil® for Hemp & Cannabis Agriculture

Enhances the quantity and quality of any crop by elevating the naturally
derived benefits expected from the crop being “Grown with MicroSoil®”

Benefits you can expect when using MicroSoil®, which helps to:
Accelerate crop growth up to 30%,

Elevate nutrient values by 15% to 30%, PLUS

 Increase quality and quantity of crop yield – up to 30% Industrial Hemp Crops,
 Reduce use of chemical fertilizers 25% to 50% in first year commercially grown
 Reduce fertilizer costs by 25% to 40% worldwide, are important
 Build massive root systems sources of usable fiber,
 Increase Profits for Growers paper, textiles, clothing,
 Increase organic matter & soil fertility paint, insulation, biofuel,
 Balance the pH factor of the soil biodegradable plastics,
 Optimize maturation of crops usable oils, food, and
 Increase BRIX (Nutrient Uptake Values) animal feed.
 Increase number of blossoms
 Increase aroma in flowers & crops
 Lush green foliage = Elevated photosynthesis

Did You Know?
Agricultural Hemp and Cannabis Farming by US Veterans is being
Financed and Advocated by the United States Department of Defense,
Department of Veterans Affairs.

Photos (above, left two): California Grow Operation—focuses on Medical Marijuana for the CBD oils.
Photos (above, right two): California Grow Operation—The leaves in both of these photos show the
exponential growth on the plants after just seven (7) days of using MicroSoil®.

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Biomassters Global Partnering With

To Support Domestic and Global Agriculture Efforts

Did you know? Agricultural Hemp and Cannabis Farming by US
Veterans is being financed and advocated by the United States
Department of Defense, Department of Veterans Affairs – and
Biomassters Global, Inc. is proud to be a part of this effort! We
are currently collaborating with the DOD, OPERATION 120 Group,
the Veterans Beginning Farmer & Rancher Program, Florida A&M
University, and RBC LLC Hemp Company to provide training and
job opportunities for military veterans in the area of agriculture,
particularly in greenhouse and hydroponic facilities.



Our efforts include working with the DOD Department of Veterans
Affairs to develop their own Private Label Brand Name
“AgriVet™” (photo left) for use in their agricultural business opportunity
training and development programs for military veterans. In addition to
the above, we have established an Organic Landscaping & Lawn Care
Business Program to help provide jobs for the
soldiers coming home from overseas. Five percent
(5%) of the proceeds from the sale of all DOD
sponsored MicroSoil® Agriculture Products will
be donated to help provide training for service
animals for veterans and others in need.

Biomassters Global, Inc. is also working with the FLUENCE
organization, a wide-reaching international strategic partnership group
with the global Mission to “Fuel a New Economy and Workforce”
through International Technology, Energy & Agricultural Exchange
including jobs projects for minorities, building housing communities,
providing infrastructure to communities in need, and many other
projects, in the USA, Africa, and South Korea.

CLICK LINK: FLUENCE–where it all comes together™

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Innovative Agriculture

Hemp Production by Veterans being Financed and Advocated by the
United States Department of Defense, Department of Veterans Affairs


of Defense
of Veterans



©1996–Current Year Biomassters Global, Inc. All Rights Reserved 9

Mr. Rick Nash reports that the Veterans Beginning Farmer & Rancher
Program (VBFR) with Florida A&M University will Provide Training and

Job Opportunities for Military Veterans in the Area of Agriculture,
particularly in Greenhouse and Hydroponic facilities.

Vet Power LLC and Tribal Native Industries, dba "Veterans Industries", was founded in 2009 by a consortium of
individuals who represent a commitment to dedicate its combined resources to assist American war Veterans, the
disabled population and their families to achieve economic and social independence.

In 2018, “Veterans Industries” has agreed to enter into a collaborative initiative to participate in Florida
Agricultural & Mechanical University (FAMU) Proposed Plan of Work for the development of a Veterans
Beginning Farmer & Rancher Program.

specifically dedicated to support and enhance agriculture research and technology transfer to farmers
and local communities to include: small farmers, minority farmers, returning Veterans, and Native Americans,
beginning ranchers and farmers projects, and to support USDA’s and FAMU’s strategic goals and objectives.

Microgreens Grown for Restaurants in California
Click Link for VIDEO:

The drawings, left, show plans for
University of Florida to build fully
operational greenhouse, hydroponic
and aquaponic grow operations to
provide Microgreens and other fresh
organic food crops for restaurants
and various in-house food service
companies and to provide agriculture
based training & employment
opportunities for Veterans Industries
using our MicroSoil® Agriculture

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Swear To Go Green Blog:

Biomassters Global, Inc. ORGANIC AFFILIATES

Biomassters Global MicroSoil® Agriculture Products are approved as Organic Input Material (OIM) for
growing food crops in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and the European Union. All of our Organic Affiliates —
Oregon Tilth, CCOF, CDFA, FiBL (EU), Organic Certifiers, and BioNutrient Food Association prohibit the

intentional use of GMOs.

Biomassters Global, Inc.

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