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AgriVet TUTORIAL BOOKLET AgriVet & How it Works 12-04-18

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Published by Biomassters Global, Inc., 2018-12-05 13:15:01

AgriVet TUTORIAL BOOKLET AgriVet & How it Works 12-04-18

AgriVet TUTORIAL BOOKLET AgriVet & How it Works 12-04-18


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Above and Beyond Organics™

AgriVet™ is a MicroSoil® Formula

AgriVet™ & MicroSoil® are used
interchangeably in this brochure.


Photo of healthy green bean crop Grown
with MicroSoil® on a large commercial
farm in South Texas. The commercial
grower is now using MicroSoil® on all of
his crops, including cabbage, carrots, and
green beans.

Biomassters Global, Inc. ORGANIC AFFILIATES

Biomassters Global MicroSoil® Agriculture Products are approved as Organic Input
Material (OIM) for growing food crops in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and the European

Union. All of our Organic Affiliates — Oregon Tilth, CCOF, CDFA, FiBL, Organic
Certifiers, and BioNutrient Food Association prohibit the intentional use of GMOs.

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AgriVet™ For Natural / Traditional Farming
Enhances Crop Growth

Helps Restore Poor Soils

100% Natural Occurring Ingredients

100% Safe for People, Plants, and Animals

AgriVet™ is a MicroSoil® Agriculture Product

Helps to Enrich Soil Fertility & Increase Nutrient Values in Crops

What is AgriVet™ ?

AgriVet™ is a formulation of natural occurring ingredients, polysaccharides, polypeptides and
Fulvic Trace Elements. Its intended use and purpose is to assist in the growth and proliferation
of local “native soil microorganisms” found in any soil in the world. AgriVet™’s main
objective is to enhance and optimize the natural decomposition of animal and plant residues and
to help elevate the organic matter in the soil. It is totally natural, safe, and non-toxic.
AgriVet™ is not a fertilizer or a replacement for fertilizer or any soil element, macronutrient or
micronutrient. AgriVet™ is a non-plant food product, a unique and perfectly balanced
synergistic catalyst developed to naturally enhance the dynamics of any abused or natural soil

Benefits you can expect when using AgriVet™

 Increased quality & quantity of crop yield – up to 30%
 25% to 50% reduction in use of chemical fertilizers in first year
 Reduced fertilizer costs by 25% to 40%
 Builds massive root structures & systems
 Overall lusher & greener foliage indicating
elevated photosynthesis
 Accelerated plant growth
 Increased organic matter & soil fertility
 Helps to balance the pH factor of the soil
 Optimizes maturation of crops
 Increased BRIX (Nutrient uptake values)
 Increased number of blossoms
 Increased aroma in flowers & in crop blossoms
 Increased profits for growers
 Larger & thicker leaves Commercial sorghum crop Grown with AgriVet™ (right) and
without AgriVet™ (left).

 Increased number of bees & other pollinators

AgriVet™ is safe and healthy for the environment.

One of the greatest by-products of using AgriVet™ is that it
benefits our entire ecosystem and environment. The use of
AgriVet™ helps to build dynamic soil systems which do not
contaminate our natural resources, the air, water and soils, as do the
over use of synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides. AgriVet™
consists only of 100% natural occurring ingredients. It is completely
safe and poses absolutely no harm to the farmer, his family, pets,
wildlife, or the environment.

No GMO’s or PGR’s added.

©1996–Current Year Biomassters Global, Inc. All Rights Reserved 3


For Natural / Traditional Farming AgriVet™ is a blend
mismanaged soils. Ag
Enhances Crop Growth it in with the AgriVet™
Helps Restore Life in Poor Soils (early morning or even
and applied with fertil
100% Natural Occurring Ingredients AgriVet™. REMEMB

__________________________ NATURAL / ORGANI
liter of AgriVet™ conc
NON-CHEMICAL ♦ NON-TOXIC apply to soil 1-to-2 we
NON-HAZARDOUS ensure maximum crop

Safe for People, Plants, and Animals TURF / GRASSES: S
to-1 ratio is recommen
Net Weight of dilution per (1.5) o
1 Liter / 33.814 Ounces AgriVet™ concentrate
and water grass befor

Apply (2) two liters of
square-meter area.

approximately (1) one
biomass (best method

parts of water to (1) on

molasses, animal man

STORAGE: Do not e
water. Do not freeze o

used within (1) one ye

©1996–Current Year Biomassters


AgriVet™ Instructions

of 100% natural occurring ingredients that enhance nature’s processes and rhythms, and help restore poor, damaged, and
griVet™ is non-chemical, non-toxic, and non-hazardous. AgriVet™ is 100% safe for people, plants, and animals.

UCTIONS: If organic matter in the soil is less than 2%, add a small amount of Nitrogen (50% of what is normally used) by mixing
™ dilution. Soil pH should ideally be between 5.5 and 6.5. If practical, apply AgriVet™ dilution under damp or wet conditions
ning). Avoid applying during the heat of the day or when nighttime temperatures are below 40°F (5°C). AgriVet™ can be mixed
lizers, pesticides, and herbicides. DO NOT USE WITH FORMALDEHYDE PRODUCTS, as they will retard the effectiveness of
BER: Always apply the AgriVet™ dilution with every nitrogen input, and in the water that goes to the plants’ root zone.

IC FARMING, ALL FRUITS AND VEGETABLES: Stir AgriVet™ concentrate, then dilute by adding 100 liters of water to (1) one
centrate. Spray the 100-liter dilution over (1) one hectare (2.5 acres). Best if the ground is wet prior to application. If practical,
eeks prior to planting, or at seeding. If practical, a soil analysis of your growing medium should precede any application to help
p yields. For best results, use with animal manures or any nitrogen applications.

Stir AgriVet™ concentrate, then dilute by adding 100 to 200 parts of water to (1) one part AgriVet™ concentrate. (NOTE: A 200-
nded with thick grass or in heavy thatch. The extra water is used to carry AgriVet™ down into the soil.) Apply (80) eighty liters
one-half hectare (1.25 acres), then sprinkle/water thoroughly. If using pivot or flood irrigation, a dilution of 1.5-to-2 parts of
e with 200 parts of water may be needed on first application. For best results, apply as early in the season as possible. Mow
re application, and water grass again after application.

S / GARDENS: Stir AgriVet™ concentrate, then dilute by adding 100 liters of water to (1) one liter of AgriVet™ concentrate.
dilution per 10-square-meters. Or mix (2) two ounces AgriVet™ concentrate into (8) eight liters of water and spray over a 232-

ANTING: Stir AgriVet™ concentrate, then dilute by adding 50 parts of water to (1) one part AgriVet™ concentrate. Use
e liter of dilution per (2) two meters of tree height (2 liters dilution if tree height is 4 meters). Inject dilution directly into root
d), or soak dilution into the soil above the roots.

iVet™ is perfect to stimulate the decomposition process in compost piles. Stir AgriVet™ concentrate, then dilute by adding 50
ne part AgriVet™ concentrate. Apply dilution at the minimum rate of (1) one liter per each (1) one cubic meter of compost.

AYS REMEMBER TO MULCH OR COMPOST WITH CROP RESIDUES and/or add a carbon source, such as blackstrap
nures, or humus. AgriVet™ is NOT a fertilizer.

expose AgriVet™ to high temperatures, sun light, or long storage periods. Use AgriVet™ as soon as possible after diluting with
or expose to temperatures over 80°F (27°C).

t Ingredients – 93.7% Water, 5.3% Molasses and Dry Milk (microbial food), Kelp and fulvic trace elements. AgriVet™ is best if
ear from date of shipment.

Mfg. by Biomassters Global, Inc. Las Vegas, Nevada 89130 USA

s Global, Inc. All Rights Reserved 4


A Concentrate for Natural/Organic Sustainable
Agriculture Applications

No GMO’s or PGR’s added. AgriVet™ is manufactured
ONLY with natural occurring food grade ingredients,
which are environmentally friendly, non-hazardous, non-
toxic, and 100% safe for all living plant and animal life.
AgriVet™’s intended use is to assist the growth and
proliferation of beneficial “native soil microorganisms”,
enhance and optimize the decomposition process of
animal and plant residues, and aid in the building
process of organic matter in the soil.
Ingredients by weight: 93.7% H2O (water) solution,
5.3% Molasses and Dry Milk (microbial food), Kelp,
Vitamins, and Fulvic Trace Elements.

AgriVet™ is a MicroSoil® Agriculture Product

100% SAFE for all living things.


©1996–Current Year Biomassters Global, Inc. All Rights Reserved 5

Our Concept

“The Agriculture Industry, WORLDWIDE,
can no longer keepits head in the sand.”

Q: Why do so many chemical oriented growers refuse to reduce their synthetic chemical nitrogen inputs?

And why do growers think they have to always test our products and farming methods on their crops, when
proven results worldwide are freely and routinely provided?

A: Ignorance of nature’s proven irrefutable physics principles for all plant life is the #1 reason why so

many farmers and growers continue to test our products, and refuse to reduce their chemical nitrogen inputs,
just to prove to themselves what we and nature actually do know, that what we are doing is 100% valid.

Reduce Chemical Fertilizers & Increase Crop Production

Today worldwide, countries and growers are discovering that, by reducing their chemical inputs and by
increasing their usage of natural occurring nutrients and organic materials, their crop production is higher
with a higher nutrient content. And this is exactly what we have been advocating since 1996.

“Above and Beyond Organics™”

Ever wonder just how all of those gas, oil and coal deposits throughout the world were created? Or what could be so
powerful and so perfect that could allow the world’s abundant forests and grasslands to flourish for millions of years?
(See depictions below.) In addition these processes have provided not only a home for all living animals and plants, but
also all the healthy nutrition necessary for the subsistence of all biota since the beginningof time.

And guess what? It was all done WITHOUT synthetic chemical fertilizers.

Biomassters Global Products and Protocols actually tap into these same natural sources, processes
and rhythms with our AgriVet™ / MicroSoil® Agriculture Products and TailorMade™ Fertilization
Programs by “Putting Life back into the Soils”.
NATURE always follows the simplest and most efficient pathways. Biomassters Global Clean/Green
Environmental Technologies aligns with these natural processes, thereby creating unique formulations that
keep the soil and all growth environments in a coherently balanced energetic state, and establishing an
ecosystem that produces Life Enriching Energy Fields.

©1996–Current Year Biomassters Global, Inc. All Rights Reserved 6

Understanding why our AgriVet™/MicroSoil®
Products work so well in all soils worldwide?

What makes the AgriVet™/MicroSoil® Products and TailorMade™ Fertilization
Programs different from other “organic” companies’ products?

 Our unique proprietary formulas.
 AgriVet™/MicroSoil® has been used worldwide since 1996 with positive proven results.
 AgriVet™/MicroSoil® can be used with both inorganic & organic farming methods.
 AgriVet™/MicroSoil® is cost effective in large commercial farming operations.
 AgriVet™/MicroSoil® is made only with natural occurring ingredients, and is 100% safe for all

living things.
 AgriVet™/MicroSoil®’s unique formulas & protocols are synergistic with nature’s soil composition,

process and rhythms.

What is the main difference from other “organic/sustainable” products?

Simple: Our TailorMade™ Fertilization Programs are designed for the plants, and our AgriVet™/
MicroSoil® Products are designed for aiding the proliferating process of the local native microorganisms
in the soil. When you have happy bacteria, you have happy plants. Our AgriVet™/MicroSoil® Products
are meant to help build an environment whereby the native microorganisms can thrive and proliferate. The
greater the proliferation, the greater rate at which the energy in the soils is taken into the plant, and the
greater the amount of chlorophyll produced by the leaves of the plant, which results in a higher quality
crop and more quantity of crop to be harvested. The VERY BEST bacteria to accomplish this, are the
bacteria which are already in the local soil, in any soil and in any country in the world.

How do we do this?

“The higher the Organic Matter you have in your soils, the fewer problems you have; and the lower the
Organic Matter, the more problems you have.” Growers must understand that low organic matter in their
soils means more insect damage (insects thrive on poor crops), higher runoff of water, higher erosion,
smaller crop yields, etc. Our protocols are designed to help elevate the organic matter in all soils, for
unless or until this can be done our AgriVet™/MicroSoil® Products cannot do for the bacteria what
needs to be done, which is to help create a rich biomass at the root bowl of the plants.

How to use the AgriVet™/MicroSoil® TailorMade™ Fertilization Program?

Using “Liebig’s Law” principle as a guide, we simply do just three things. First, we ask the grower to
complete our Fertilizer Questionnaire to understand the grower’s current fertilizing and watering practices.
Second, we ask that a soil analysis be done (local or using our lab, Waypoint). Third, once we have this
information we do a protocol, using the data in these two documents, to recommend a balanced input
program to maximize both plant growth and local soil microorganisms. Our protocols will always include
the maximum input of what currently has been used by the grower. (We always try to change as little as
possible for the grower by simply dovetailing our program into the current fertilizer program being used.)

Note: Most companies promote either organic or inorganic, but why not “The Best of Both Worlds”.

©1996–Current Year Biomassters Global, Inc. All Rights Reserved 7

“Utilizing the Best of Both Worlds”

Everything we do is designed to help growers make more money per acre. We do this simply by managing their
soils more effectively with our proven AgriVet™/MicroSoil® Products & TailorMade™ Fertilization Programs
that utilize existing soil contents and fertilizer inputs more efficiently. However, in order to do this, growers need to
reduce their chemical fertilizer inputs, since our products flourish in a more centralized pH environment (pH 5.0-6.5),
whereas chemical fertilizers are highly acidic (usually pH 4.0 or less). Soil microorganisms do not and cannot
proliferate in these high acid environments. Chemical farming methods using high amounts of NPK will cancel out
most everything we recommend due to the aforementioned acid issue. However, using AgriVet™/MicroSoil® does
make profound increases in crop performance with lesser amounts of these chemical inputs. We routinely
recommend reducing chemical input by a minimum of 50%, even in the first year, which we have been doing for over
20 years now with amazing results. CLICK:

We get it – most modern farming in the world routinely depends on chemicals.
We believe we have a better way.

Modify chemical use based on MicroSoil®’s 20+ years of proven products and protocols.

1. Synthetic chemical fertilizers are highly acidic and the natural native soil microorganisms cannot live
and function properly in this environment. Excessive amounts of chemical fertilizers are often unnecessarily
applied to soils without any consideration of need or reason. This can be VERY costly to the owners. Routine soil
analyses should be a standard practice, which would allow growers to intelligently regulate all inputs.

2. Growers and farmers of large farms are understandably quite reluctant about reducing traditional
chemical inputs, especially nitrogen, which we totally understand. However, almost 50% of synthetic nitrogen
will leach into the air, soil, and water within about three weeks after application. Why is a reduction of the
chemical nitrogen inputs so important? First is the balancing of the pH, as noted herein; secondly, AgriVet™/
MicroSoil®’s Products & TailorMade™ Fertilization Programs, when used with reduced amounts of nitrogen,
cause the following:

*”When inorganic nitrogen is applied to the soil, it stimulates populations of decay bacteria and promotes plant
growth. If used judiciously, it can have a synergistic effect with organic matter to increase overall nitrogen
efficiency; large populations of microbes can immobilize a significant portion of the inorganic nitrogen by
converting it to protein and stabilizing it into non-leachable, non-volatile, organic nitrogen. When those
organisms die, other microbes decompose them, and the organic nitrogen is slowly mineralized back into plant
nutrients.” *EDAPHOS, Dynamics of a Natural Soil System, Paul D. Sachs 1999

3. Farmers are the biggest gamblers in the world, as they bet virtually everything they have every year
that they are going to get a bumper crop. WE UNDERSTAND! However, AgriVet™/MicroSoil® works best
and delivers the largest profit increases for those growers who are willing to work with us and who will follow our
complete protocol which typically indicates some level of reduction in traditional chemical fertilizers. This
means a grower needs to understand and MUST BE WILLING TO USE OUR PRODUCTS, in accordance
with our protocols, or any testing is 100% INVALID from day one.

4. Adding AgriVet™/MicroSoil® into a chemical fertilizer program, without reducing the amount of
chemical fertilizers, will still get minimum benefits; however, it is usually a total waste of the owner’s money,

which is not what we are about. …continued on next page...

©1996–Current Year Biomassters Global, Inc. All Rights Reserved 8

“Utilizing the Best of Both Worlds” continued...

By definition farmers/growers are the biggest gamblers in the world.
• Each year they literally “bet the farm” that their crops will sell for enough to stay in business and make a living.
• That means dealing with one problem after another: the weather, seed and chemical costs, weeds, diseases, pests,

yields, government regulations, market prices and global pricing forces, to name a few.
• To generate enough profits to stay in business, they stay with what has worked and are legitimately skeptical of

• For many generations of farmers, this has meant using an ever increasing suite of individual products – chemical

fertilizers and an ever broader arsenal of herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides.
• In the face of this reality, everything we do is designed to increase per acre profits while recognizing the role

played by chemical fertilizers.

Only with modified chemical use can really significant profit increases be achieved.

The action of native soil microorganisms to break down and mineralize nutrients and help drive them into
plants is nature’s tried and true approach to support life on earth. Since the beginning of
time, microorganisms have helped build healthy soils, increase organic matter, promote plant growth, and
create energy sources like wood, coal, oil, and natural gas. Life on earth cannot exist without microorganisms.

• AgriVet™/MicroSoil®’s principal purpose is to increase the number of native soil microorganisms.
• This in turn accelerates absorption of the nutrients present in the soil into the plants.
• As a result, the use of AgriVet™/MicroSoil® by itself will usually improve results.
• But unlike the traditional all chemical approach, we offer more than just a product.
• Using soil tests, we also provide protocols with AgriVet™/MicroSoil® to help supply and balance all of the

more than 90 nutrients required for complete plant nutrition—a far more complete approach than
focusing just on a single product or a only few nutrients like NPK.

We also typically recommend moderating the use of traditional chemical fertilizers—the reason is simple:

◊ AgriVet™/MicroSoil®’s enhanced microbial activity drives higher absorption of whatever nutrients
are there; excess nutrient levels are therefore unnecessary, add cost, reduce profits, and are often washed
away or tied up in the soil anyway.

◊ It’s important to understand that synthetic chemical fertilizers are highly acidic. Acids tend to kill native
soil microorganisms, and they routinely retard their growth, which reduces their ability to accelerate the
absorption of nutrients into the roots of the plants.

◊ The unfortunate result is that AgriVet™/MicroSoil®’s step forward is therefore countered by the acidic
chemical’s step back. A chemical fertilization program and an organic fertilization program are like mixing
oil and water—they both work in very different ways.

As indicated, the use of AgriVet™/MicroSoil® by itself will usually improve results. But many growers,
particularly experienced and successful large farmers, are very insecure about even the most modest
decreases in traditional NPK chemicals. As a result, they fail to capture the potential profit increase because
• Fail to add the nutrients necessary to address nutrient shortages and nutrient imbalances that hurt results,

regardless of whether AgriVet™/MicroSoil® is used or not.
• Pay perfectly good money to add unneeded nutrients that are of no benefit to the plant and are often washed away

or tied up in the soil; a total waste of money.
• Promote the formation of acids and salts from excessive chemical fertilizer levels that reduces and, in extreme

cases, all but eliminates AgriVet™/MicroSoil®’s beneficial microbial activity.
• Ignore the ability to more than offset the cost of the AgriVet™/MicroSoil® with even the most modest of

chemical reductions.

©1996–Current Year Biomassters Global, Inc. All Rights Reserved 9

AgriVet™ /

Worldwide Proven Results Since

97% to 98% of the DNA

All Plants on Planet Earth

Virtually the Same

THE MANY USES OF AgriVet™/MicroSoil®

©1996–Current Year Biomassters Global, Inc. All Rights Reserved 10

ORDER: The First Law of the Universe

The primary objective of AgriVet™/MicroSoil® Products &
Programs is to balance all input nutrients for maximum plant

growth and nutrition, as well as to help establish an ideal
environment for local native microorganisms to proliferate.

Since 1996, the guiding principle which has determined
our concepts and mission is: “The Mineral Theory”

Liebig’s ‘Law of the Minimum’ was developed in the 1840’s
by Dr. Justus von Liebig.

“The crops on a field diminish or increase in exact proportion to the
diminution or increase of the mineral substance conveyed to it in manure.”

(Manure, in this sense, is anything applied to the soil to serve as plant nutrient.)

“Liebig’s Law” stressed the value of mineral elements
derived from the soil in plant nutrition, and the necessity of

replacing them to maintain soil fertility.


The yield potential of a crop is like a
barrel with staves of unequal
length. The capacity of the barrel is
limited by the length of the shortest
stave, in this case, Potassium (K),
and can only be increased by
lengthening that stave. When that
stave is lengthened, another one
becomes the limiting factor.

©1996–Current Year Biomassters Global, Inc. All Rights Reserved 11


The Biomassters Global Approach to Plant Nutrition

Biomassters Global, Inc. provides far more than just a single product that stimulates microbial activity
to help plants grow better. Biomassters Global instead supplies both a product, AgriVet™/
MicroSoil® and a process, documented in a customized, written protocol that promotes healthy
soils and therefore optimal growth. Our Approach to Plant Nutrition involves balancing out the
levels of a number of soil nutrients. Almost one hundred different nutrients should be present in the
soil in adequate quantities for optimal plant growth to take place. These are typically classified as

macronutrients, micronutrients and trace
minerals, based on the ever decreasing
amounts of nutrients required.
Each nutrient plays a critical role in plant
growth regardless of the amount required.
Many nutrients affect the actions of other
nutrients. Therefore it is critical for all
levels of the various nutrients to be in
balance. Excessive or out of balance levels
of nutrients can affect other important
indictors of soil health, such as the plant’s
ability to access other nutrients, level of
organic matter, pH, water retention, and
microbial viability.
All of Biomassters Global protocols include
recommendations to use our
AgriVet™ / MicroSoil® Agriculture
Products which contain PureFulvic™
Trace Minerals & Elements which
ensure trace mineral deficiencies are
addressed. By taking all these factors
into account, Biomassters Global helps
customers build and sustain healthy soil
with the nutrient and microbial activity
levels required to optimize results for their
crops in their particular soil on a sustained

MACRONUTRIENTS – The six nutrient elements classified as macronutrients
are nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sulfur.

(N) Nitrogen is a basic component of chlorophyll and is associated with the green color of a plant’s

leaves. Nitrogen is the main nutrient responsible for vigorous growth, hence its higher concentration in
“grow” base fertilizers. Nitrogen makes up a large percentage of our atmosphere; however, plants are
unable to absorb nitrogen in that form. Instead plants rely on microbes in the soil to “fix” nitrogen into
a form capable of root absorption.

(P) Phosphorus stimulates root growth and, in turn, helps young plants or transplants establish more

quickly. Phosphorus also plays a key part in initiating flowering, fruiting, ripening and respiration.

©1996–Current Year Biomassters Global, Inc. All Rights Reserved 12


The Biomassters Global Approach to Plant Nutrition


(K) Potassium helps the movement of sugars and other nutrients (via osmosis). Potassium is directly

linked to a plant’s structural integrity and increases the overall resistance to cold, drought, and
pathogens. Much like phosphorus, potassium plays an intricate role in initiating the fruiting/blooming

(Ca) Calcium is vital to plant structure and helps build, and actually becomes part of, the plant cell

walls. Calcium has been shown to promote growth of young shoots and roots. Calcium is also needed
for fruit ripening and seed production.

(Mg) Magnesium helps reinforce cell walls and is at the center of all chlorophyll molecules.

Chlorophyll molecules are the green pigment that allows plants to use energy from light to convert
carbon dioxide from the atmosphere into energy, in the form of sugars, which plants can use to grow.
Magnesium also encourages the absorption of phosphorus, nitrogen and sulfur. Like calcium,
magnesium plays a vital role in the ripening of fruit and the germination of seeds.

(S) Sulfur aids chlorophyll production and is a necessary component of several proteins, enzymes

and vitamins. Sulfur also contributes to a plant’s absorption of potassium, calcium and magnesium.

MICRONUTRIENTS – The next eight essential elements, classified as
micronutrients because they are required in lesser amounts, are iron,
manganese, chlorine, boron, zinc, copper, molybdenum, and nickel.

(Fe) Iron assists in biochemical processes including the manufacturing of chlorophyll. Iron also aids

in the formation of some enzymes and amino acids.

(Mn) Manganese plays an essential role in chlorophyll production, nitrogen assimilation and the

formation of proteins. Manganese stimulates seed germination and has been linked to the speed at
which a plant matures.

(Cl) Chlorine is involved in the stimulation of photosynthesis.
(B) Boron is essential for tissue growth within the plant. Boron helps to promote the absorption of

water and regulate a plant’s metabolism. Boron also assists in the formation of fruit.

(Zn) Zinc helps with the development of enzymes and growth hormones.
(Cu) Copper helps activate various enzymes and plays a role in chlorophyll production.
(Mo) Molybdenum is needed for the production of nitrogen-based proteins. Molybdenum is, in a

way, linked to nitrogen and is essential for nitrogen assimilation by plants.

(Ni) Nickel regulates mineral metabolism, enzyme activity and other metabolic processes in plants.

PureFulvic™ Trace Minerals & Elements

©1996–Current Year Biomassters Global, Inc. All Rights Reserved 13

PureFulvic™ Trace Elements™

Integrated Into All AgriVet™ / MicroSoil®
Agriculture Products

Over eighty different nutrients must be present in the soil in adequate quantities and
ultimately be absorbed by the plant for optimal plant growth to take place.

• Most growers in the United States today rely on a short list of fertilizers as their primary source
of plant nutrients. Many focus largely on the three primary macronutrients, NPK. Some
consider 5--10 more nutrients. Very few look at eighty.

• This is not a new problem. Over 80 years ago In 1936 the United States Senate produced
document #264 in the 74th Congress, 2nd Session. It states the laboratory tests prove that
U.S. farm and range soils are depleted of minerals, and that grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and
even milk are not what they were a few generations earlier.

• These problems of incomplete plant nutrition continue partially managed by including mineral
supplements 'in diets. But de-mineralization of the soil and mineral deficiency in humans and
animals continues. And even when the soil deficiencies have been partially addressed
research has shown that trace elements will become depleted after 6-7 years of planting and
need to be replaced for optimal plant nutrition.

• As a result, MicroSoil® Agriculture Products and Protocols provide a cost effective and
broad based solution to complete and profitable plant nutrition. Part of their approach is to use
Biomasster Global, Inc.'s products, all of which include PureFulvic™ Trace Elements™

PureFulvic™ Trace Elements™ have a unique origin that results in physical
characteristics and mineral content that are both unique and highly effective compared to
“comparable products” designed to .deal with soil nutrient deficiencies.

• PureFulvic™ Trace Elements™ are produced by a water-based extraction process from a
landlocked marsh covered seabed that has been the object of microbial decay and refinement
for thousands and thousands of years.

• The result is a completely natural mix of all the relevant minerals that are ionic, molecular sized
particles in fulvic acids colloids chelated in nature.

• Since all minerals and elements taken up by plants must be in fulvic acid form to be absorbed
through the roots the product is immediately absorbed through the roots, the leaf and stem
walls or the stomata

“Comparable products” are produced by one of two different processes neither of which
produces ionic, molecular sized particles in fulvic acids colloids:

• Distillation of seawater to capture the dissolved minerals. These products have a fairly complete
mineral mix but are agglomerated in large particles that are not of molecular ionic size and are
not fulvic acids colloids.

• Extraction from lignite/coal deposits with various organic solvents some of which are toxic and
then are also distilled to capture the dissolved minerals. They are also agglomerated in large
particles that are not of molecular ionic size and are not fulvic acids colloids.

©1996–Current Year Biomassters Global, Inc. All Rights Reserved 14

The physical characteristics of Pure Fulvic™ Trace Elements™ including the low pH is
caused by fulvic acids that are colloids chelated by nature. This bond is one of the
reasons that make hydrophilic fulvic colloidal trace elements so effective. All minerals
and elements taken up by plants are in the fulvic acid form.

PureFulvic™ Trace Elements™


Specific Gravity 1.164 Coliform Not Detected

pH 1.48 E-Coli Not Detected
Boiling Point 95° Centigrade Plate Count <10 ppm
Color Dark Amber Liquid Salmonella Negative

Sample Type Aqueous Yeast and Mold <10 ppm

MINERAL ANALYTES: The table below shows the Mineral Analyte Profile of PureFulvic™ Trace
Elements™ . Data are expressed in ppm. All analyses were completed using the ICP-MS/ICP-
OES method except for bromine, chloride and fluoride which used the IC Method.

PureFulvic™ Trace Elements™ – MINERAL ANALYTES—PPM

Aluminum 1,490 Europium 0.032 Molybdenum 1.21 Sodium 7.81
Antimony 8,590
Arsenic 2.21 Fluoride 5.83 Neodymium 5.83 Strontium 0.081
Barium 4.19
Beryllium 6.2 Gadolinium 6.11 Nickel 16.3 Sulfur 0.062
Bismuth 0.049
Boron 0.156 Gallium 0.318 Niobium 0.028 Tantalum 0.198
Bromine 10.9 Germanium 0.059 Osmium <0.005 Tellurium 1.22
Cadmium 0.131
Calcium 280 Gold <0.01 Palladium <0.005 Terbium 1.94
Carbon 0.192
Cerium 8.97 Hafnium 0.005 Phosphorous 109 Thallium 10.1
Cesium 0.968
Chloride 4.15 Holmium 0.082 Platinum <0.005 Thorium 8.25
Chromium 50.9
Cobalt 0.21 Indium 0.053 Potassium 31.0 Thulium 1.71
Dysprosium 426 Iodine 0.96 Praseodymium 0.63 Tin
24,000 Iridium <0.01 Rhenium <0.05 Titanium

0.925 Iron 9,300 Rhodium <0.005 Tungsten

0.047 Lanthanum 17.6 Rubidium 1.47 Vanadium

97.2 Lead <0.01 Ruthenium 0.045 Ytterbium

4.21 Lithium 2.38 Samarium 1.07 Yttrium

5.83 Lutetium 0.391 Scandium 0.533 Zinc

3.81 Magnesium 1,890 Selenium 13.4 Zirconium

0.772 Manganese 71.7 Silicon 132

0.519 Mercury 0.005 Silver 0.044

PureFulvic™ Trace Elements™ 15


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“Above and Beyond Organics™”

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are crop yields higher?
Why is nutrient content higher?
Why is BRIX higher?
Why do you get more flowering?
Why are hot peppers hotter?
Why is oil content higher?
Why is sugar content higher?
Why do tomatoes taste better?
Why do the crops grow faster?
Why is size of the produce larger?
Why are there more bees?

When an Indy 500 race car is going over 220 plus MPH, everything on it MUST be perfectly balanced. If just one
tire is slightly out of balance, the entire car vibrates violently and the car must slow down and pit or face the
possibility of having a wreck. Or use the example of a fine tuned Swiss watch. It has many cogs and gears of many
different sizes, but, if just one of those cogs or gears is not functioning properly, the watch cannot produce accurate

Well, our soils and ecosystems function precisely the same way. When all of the natural occurring micro nutrients,
macro nutrients, trace minerals, and trace elements are present and available in the soils, along with the proper
amount of water, heat, and sunlight, these conditions provide the perfect environment for root development, and
proliferation of the native micro flora and micro fauna in the soils, which in turn creates the ideal conditions for all
plant life to be all it was meant to be. In other words, actualize its full potential. Just like the Indy 500 race car
and the Swiss watch.

Most soils worldwide are in poor condition and the micro fauna (i.e., soil microorganisms) are virtually starving;
and synthetic chemical fertilizers promote these conditions even more. Example: Have you ever seen earthworms
lying dead all over a sidewalk after a rain? Well, this is caused when chemical fertilizers are used; then when it
rains or is watered, the resulting condition creates a soil environment “TOO HOT” for the earthworms to live in,
and so they scramble out of the ground to get away from these intolerable hot conditions.

When you have a healthy, nutrient balanced environment in your soils, the native life will explode creating vital
usable energy and, in a very short period of time, all of the “Why's”, as noted above, will be answered.

This is exactly what we strive to accomplish for all of our customers worldwide with AgriVet™ /
MicroSoil®'s TailorMade™ Fertilization Program with products that are “Above and Beyond Organics™”.

Since over 97% of the DNA in all plants in the world is identical, it is reasonable to concur that regardless of
where you live, our proven products, farming methods, and the irrefutable natural principles we advocate help to
ensure a success growing season and everyone and our earth benefits greatly. Copyright© 2010

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The Missing Link for Soil Bio-Recreation©

Dr. Layan Dawud Said, PhD – Soil Physicist & Integrator Scientist


This treatise is intended as a guideline to solve the increasingly chronic problems of infertile soils, nutrient
deficient crops, pests and diseases, resulting from a perceived panacea of inorganic fertilizers, pesticides,
herbicides and guessing, all of which fail to deal with the real cause – a poorly nourished soil.

The intent of this treatise is to offer knowledge and solutions, which, when properly implemented, will recreate
the natural soil ecosystem, resulting in maximum productivity and profitability.

It has been said that we are sustained by water flowing from the mountains en route to the sea. In its course, water
runs over, under and around rocks, reducing them to sand, silt and microscopic particles of clay. Rocks are soils
waiting to be born through the reactions with water, weather, microorganisms and chemistry.

The carbonic acid fraction of water provides the initial chemistry which releases (frees) minerals (cations and
anions) to solution from the clay and organic matter to make minerals available for root uptake – the basis of
plant nutrition.

Soil and top soil are produced naturally at a rate of 1 mm in 200 – 400 years. A full soil profile develops in 2000
– 10,000 years.

World-wide, soil is lost at a rate of 10 – 40 times faster than its replacement. The land itself may impose the
biggest limit on food production. World-wide loss of agricultural land is 6 million hectares (ha) per year from a
world-wide total of 12 million ha (0.5% per year). At this rate, in 20 years there will be 10% less agricultural
land. If there is 3% less green space around the world, the whole earth is going to die, because of the lack of

The earth’s population is projected to balloon to 11 billion by 2050. Additional food to feed 250%-plus increase
in population will have to come from improved technology. New agricultural technology must play a key role.
Within the next 60 years, depending on projected population growth, world food supply must be increased by at
least as much as was achieved during 12,000 years since the beginning of agriculture.

World food supplies are at a crucial turning point, and more bad weather could completely deplete supplies and
cause a food crisis of catastrophic dimensions. We are at a critical point in history, for we face both a threat and
an opportunity.

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The opportunity exists in the critical analyses and understanding of the precise mechanisms involved in the soil-
water-plant-animal-human matrix, which leads to more efficient methods of productivity and increased
profitability, while at the same time, preserving and enhancing human health and the soil ecosystem and the
environment at-large.

It is primarily the microbial interactions in soil that are responsible for the biological control of plant disease,
turnover of organic matter, and the release and recycling of essential plant nutrients


Due to phenomenal microbial proliferation, the soil is depleted of oxygen at numerous microsites in the
rhizosphere. Thus, oxygen-free anerobic microsites are formed. Anerobic microsites play an important role in
ensuring plant health and vigor.

Ethylene, a simple gaseous compound, is produced in these anerobic microsites. Ethylene is a critical regulator of
the activity of soil microorganisms, and as such, affects:

1. Turnover of soil organic matter (OM).
2. Recycling of plant nutrients.
3. Incidence of soil-borne diseases.

Ethylene temporarily inactivates the soil microbes resulting in less demand for oxygen. Oxygen diffuses back
into microsites, reducing ethylene production. When concentrations of ethylene in the soil fall, microbial activity
recommences. Favorable conditions are then recreated for ethylene production and the cycle goes on. Some of
the more important functions of ethylene are as follows:

1. Induces seed germination.
2. Induces root-hair growth - increasing efficiency of water and mineral absorption.
3. Provides for disease/wounding resistance.
4. Enhances fruit ripening.

A dynamic equilibrium exists in the soil-water-plant-animal-human matrix. Since the human element is the major
cause for soil ecosystem degradation, only the human element can restore the balance.

Biomassters Global, Inc. maintains that the global trend of soil depletion can be reversed through the use of
AgriVet™/MicroSoil®, a natural concentrate of beneficial nitrogen-fixing microorganisms combined with
natural enzymes, polysaccharides and polypeptides in conjunction with a 100% natural balance blend of
PureFulvic™ Trace Minerals and Elements. AgriVet™/MicroSoil® assists in the growth and proliferation
of nitrogen-fixing organisms and beneficial native soil microorganisms, to enhance and optimize the
decomposition of soil organic matter, thus, releasing the essential nutrients critical to soil health, plant growth
and plant immunity.

One of the ways that AgriVet™/MicroSoil® accomplishes this is by creating favorable soil conditions
for ethylene production. A major reason why agricultural soils fail to produce ethylene is because of the
conventional farming practices, which change the form of soil nitrogen. In virgin soils, virtually all the nitrogen
present is in the ammonium form, with just a trace of nitrate nitrogen present. When the soil ecosystem is
altered by current farming techniques, virtually all of the nitrogen occurs in the nitrate form. Plants and
microorganisms can use either form of nitrogen, however, nitrate nitrogen inhibits ethylene production in the
soil, in little more than trace amounts. Ammonium nitrogen has no such inhibitory effect on ethylene

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When all of the oxygen is consumed in the microsite, one of the most important changes that takes place is
that iron goes from the oxidized or ferric form to the reduced or ferrous form. In aerated soils, virtually all the
iron exists as minute crystals of iron oxide and in this oxidized or ferric form, is immobile in the soil. If
oxygen is completely consumed in microsites, and reducing conditions exist, these crystals break down, and
iron is then transformed into the highly mobile ferrous or reduced form. Ethylene production occurs in soil
only when iron is in the reduced or ferrous form. In other words, ferrous iron is a specific trigger for
ethylene production. If there is no oxygen in the microsite, but nitrate nitrogen is present, then the chemical
changes leading to the reduction of iron from the ferric form to the ferrous form are inhibited. This is how
nitrate nitrogen stops ethylene production.

Ferrous iron triggers the release of soil ethylene, because this form of iron reacts with a precursor of ethylene
that is already in the soil. This precursor originates from plants, accumulating to appreciable amounts only in
old, senescent leaves. When the leaves fall to the ground, the precursor accumulates in the soil. Then, when
conditions become favorable for mobilization of ferrous iron, ethylene is produced. In addition to this,
ferrous iron displaces the essential plant nutrients held on the surfaces of clay and organic matter, which results
in these nutrients being released into the soil solution and made available for root uptake.


Soil conditions necessary for ethylene production are as following:

1. Initially, intense aerobic microbial activity in the rhizosphere to ensure that oxygen-free anaerobic
microsites form.

2. Existent conditions in microsites to sufficiently reduce ferric iron to ferrous iron to trigger ethylene

3. Nitrate nitrogen maintained in trace amounts, otherwise ferrous iron will not be mobilized.
4. There must be adequate reserves of the ethylene precursor in the soil(organic matter).

All of the above results in the mobilization and recycling of essential plant nutrients.

About the Author: Dr. Layan Dawud Said was born in Oakland and educated at the University of California with degrees in Soil
Physics and Plant & Soil Sciences in International Agriculture. He has an extensive 30-year background of research and field
experience in the U.S.A., East/West Africa, Mexico and throughout the Caribbean while devising and utilizing agro-ecological
farming methods. He too, was responsible for developing protein and carbohydrate production systems appropriate for various
biomes especially for use in the semi-arid tropics.

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