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My Book -150x

My Book -150x


Elixir production works 2018

An Elixir is a mix and of certain ingredients, that when combined and
integrated together create a certain and powerful more potent mixture.
When combined together make a powerful element of pull and strength.

Many of us are not aware of the causes of cancer - and the breakdown of
many illnesses and various diseases, such as cancer - diabetes and heart
trouble .and various types of organ failure.

What are the main things that destroy and ruin our health in this
generation. There are variation and factors.

One of the main things is one the toxics in the environment. The toxins in
the air that come from chemical and carbon, that come from gas and
vehicles, airplanes and other form of transport and sources.

The other thing is the lack of the certain nutrients in foods and lack of
oxygen, the power of nutrients that come from only and certain specific
foods. The reason is the lack of Antioxidants.

Many of us have heard of antioxidants, but not many of us don’t know
what they are. The answer is certain fruits and vegetables. Only Certain
fruits are strong enough and powerful enough to eliminate and
degenerate toxins from the body, break down the fat in our body and
give the body the strong nutrients it needs.

Many have, and researchers, and specialists, have already concluded the
benefits and the ability of antioxidants, and for us we need to learn. We
have the ability to heal.

Below is a list of of the juices , – on the next page, that are the most
power by nature, and have the most power because of their strength and
acidic properties.. – and next to it will be the Instruction for the Elixer.

The Elixir -

Rasberry Lemonade
Strawberry Lemonade
Passion fruit Juice
Dole – orange,strawberry, pineapple
Dole – Pineapple
Cranberry Strawbery
Simple brand berry Punch
Simply brand fruit punch
Cranberry lemonade
Cranberry raspberry
Dole– metal can, pineapple

4 Limes

Bring and put together 2 large pitchers and mix all the ingredients.
Use a third more pineapple than all the other juices. And mix equal parts of
all the juices. The dole pineapple juice metal can is found in the regular juice
isle. In each pitcher add the juice of the two limes. It is Important to mix the
varieties of the same juices to create the strength and diversity in flavor.
Add a meyer lemon in slices and a can pineapple chunks or slices in its own
juice for decoration and added strength.

The Elixer and list –

Try and use the ocean spray brands of the cranberry juices. You can
alternate the pineapple orange strawberry. If you want to leave the orange
out of it. But drink it separately. It is important. And the other dole drinks,
Also. Add and mix all the ingredients in the section together.
Also incorporate these foods into your diet.. peaches, nectarines, mango,
fresh pineapple, berries, grapes, , cantaloupe apple juice, grape juice
coconut drinks, fresh squeezed orange juice, salsa, onions, garlic, yogurt
smoothies, steam vegetables, spices and dressing. Drink a glass of the elixir
with each meal. And every night. for the first eight months.

The Vegtable EIixer

Large size of a green Olive jar
2 containers of the mixed vegetables

A jar of yellow pepper rings
And a small jar of jalapeno

In the olive jar section buy two large green olive jars and two mixed
vegetable jars, And a jar of pepper rings and jalapenos.
Add only a small amount of the jalapeno juice. Mix together the juice of
all the jars in a large glass container with lid. store in the your refrigerator.
You can add a small jar of the garlic jar or olive varieties for variation
and added strength. drink 2 ounces daily or every other day for 2 months.

Most illnesses are traced back to some kind of substance, Vitamin,
nutrient, mineral. And not enough detoxifying agents. In this being things
that are strong, potent, and sour by nature. Anything critic acid type, will
help the body purify itself from harmful substances that are in your body
some or most people.

Substitute the wrong foods for the right ones, drinking tea, coffee,
gatorade, for the real things that they need, such as real juices and fruit.
And non nutritious meals instead of real meals.

Foods that are sour type, and are high in critic acid are the strongest. The
fruit pineapple being the strongest, quamquats, grapefruit, passion fruit.
Pomagranite. Tangerines. Fresh squeezed juice.

Lime and margarita mixes are high in critic acid, take them without the
alcohol, stay away from alcohol it will damage your organs.
So focus each meal on having things that are rich and strong and have
power by nature.

Incorporate, Strong vegetables into your diet, raw onions, garlic, hot
spices and peppers, plenty of green and red salsa, ceviche, fresh fish,
seafood chowder and shrimp cocktail.

Eat plenty of fruits, mango peaches nectarines, also incorporate into your
diet things that contain the spice cinnamon, horchata, rice pudding
applesauce. Also include coconut and fruit ice creams and yogurt
smoothies into your diet. And for strength eat plenty of milk type products.
Cottage cheese, cream cheese, sour cream. Include only lean type meats
into the diet.

With and In all these factors are maintained, together with the recipe that
is given on page 3. And Incorporation into all these factors, It is that you
can and will disparage any situation you have.


To Intergrate Inner and Internal Strenth

Also I would like to integrate a section in regards to overall strength and
health for your internal strength, and how to strengthen your frame and
structure. Most of us are not of the aware of the benefits of marrow. Bone
marrow and or beef bones – and cooking with bones such as turkey and
chicken, can strengthen your frame and structure, your body and heart.
Bone marrow broth is becoming a trend in some areas and available at
some cafes.

Try to look different types and parts, that are part of the cow, such as the
knee bones, marrow bones, tendons, ect. And put together a soup or stew
with marrow and bones and vegetables. cook it a day ahead. When its
done. Let it cool. Put it in the refrigerator for a day. the next day, eliminate
the fat will rise to the top, trim top layer which is the fat part. It is
important to trim the fat. Then it is ready. It’s important to add lime or
lemon to your soup and stew. Also, add to your midday diet, a protein
powder shake with unflavored protein powder, and collagen protein
powder base and blend.


How to prevent and stop a heart problem

Also I would like to integrate a section on how to stop a heart problem,
or an immediate heart attack.

heart problems – if you feel like you chest is hurting or feel like you are
about to have an attack. It most likely means that you lack nutrients and
your arteries are extremely obstructed. The way to stop an attack –

mix 4 to 6 variations of hot spice type sauces- hot sauce in a container
Keep in the refrigerator for when needed. –

Add fresh lime or lemon to the mix before drinking, take a ounce at a
time. – take several times. Up to three ounces. Take with it a limeade
drink or powerful lemonade – and elixer. Have a bottle of garlic gel
capsules and a bottle of cayenne pepper with garlic, ready and available.
which you can purchase in the vitamin store. Have it available. Take 5
garlic gel capsule and take 2 cayenne with garlic capsules, drink with
limeade, or elixir. Take garlic capsules every day. Stay away from any
and all types of meat fat, always take a heart health vitamin and other

Intergrate into your diet – fish, shrimp, shrinp cocktail, crab, lobster,
ceviche, lots of salsa, which contains raw onions and garlic. Sushi,
sea based soups, Spanish rice horchata drink with cinnamon. Apple sauce
with cinnamon, rice pudding, steam vegetables, spices and creamy

Add lime to most of your foods, soups and stews, drink plenty sour type
juices, grapefruit juice and pineapple, It is what breaks down all the
arterial channels, cholesterol and fat. Incorporate into your diets the foods
that are most sour in nature.

Our body works at the cellular level when we apply its principles. There
is a solution that is found only natural plant based cells. Conventional
methods and cancer therapy are toxic and drugs and other treatments can
hinder rather than help, the short term methods require short and brief
solutions, only to find the illness returning due to the damage done by
cell destroying procedures. We were designed and capable to live apart
from illness. The body has the ability to heal. You have the ability and
the sources to restore and build and restructure your body and frame.

Production Works . 2018 -


Production Works . 2018

Elixir production works 2018

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