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Supervised by

Chanwit Wasanthanarat MD. Khanittha Punturee Ph.D. Shigeru Yamato Ph.D.

Thai Health Promotion Foundation Advisor of JETRO., CMU CEO of Marimo5 Co., Ltd.

What will you get
from smoking?

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20.7% of Thai people smoke

Average smoking cost Me4n0s.5m%oker
of 1 person
423 baht/month

Statistics of Thai smoker, 2014

Teenager Elderly Working age

15-24 years old >65 years old 25-29 years old

14.7% 16.6% 23.5%

Smoking rate by age

Adverse effects of alcohol

Stomach Oral cavity Heart
and Throat
Alcohol stimulates Heart wall will be
gastic juice causing Can cause irritation, hardened causing
and mouth and oversized then
acute gastritis. throat cancer. heart attack or

heart failure.

Brain Skin and Liver
blood vessel
Alcohol can cause Cells are damaged
swelling brain. When Alcohol cause and replaced by fat.
left for along time, reddening face and Fibrosis is created
body. In some people, and caused cirrhosis.
brain fluid can vessel may shrink
be lost causing causing pale face.

brain death.

For cancer prevention
AICR recommends

Not drinking alcohol.

If you do drink alcohol

limit to 2 standard drinks for men, and 1 for women.

1 standard drink is...

Aablocuotho5%l Aablocuotho7%l Aablocuoth1o2l% Aablocuoth4o0l%


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