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Published by williambrammer, 2021-05-18 09:30:06

Childrens Book Tommy B (1)

Childrens Book Tommy B (1)

Arnolds Sad Day

One day Arnold was happily swimming in the ocean
swimming back from the playground to his house to go eat
dinner with his family.

While swimming back he recognized a pink fish swimming to him.
Arnold suddenly recognized that he saw her on the playground and
played with her a little bit. While she approached him she said “Hey
didnt we play on the playground?”.

He replied with yes and asked if she wanted to be friends because she
was nice and fun.They were swimming and found old ruins to play in.


Suddenly a hook popped down, they didn't know what it was for but all they
knew was that there was food on it and they were hungry. Laura the pink
fish was STARVING so she decided to eat the food on the hook. But right
as soon as she put her mouth on it she was SWOOPED right up.

Arnold was so confused, he was thinking that it was some type
of prank or she was joking. He started freaking out.

This is not

He started getting furious “Stuid Fisherman, why would they do that to my best
friend?’’ He was fuming with anger.

Why would
they do

He started to try to make deals saying ‘’Please please I will give all my toys just to
have my friend back!” “I would give anything”.

I would give

Then he started getting sad and thought there is not point. ‘’What's the point if
everything good has to end?’’

What's the point

After he finally started making sense, he realised he wasnt getting his friend back
and life goes on for him. So he made his way home.

Authors Note

Dealing with a loss can be very sad, whether it’s your pet goldfish or your great
grandpa. It's all about how you deal with it, that’s what this is all about.

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