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She Heard Magazine Fall 2019

She Heard Magazine Fall 2019


A LETTER from the


The birth of She Heard Magazine is an exciting event!
She Heard, LLC's mission is to Educate, Encourage, and
Equip women in their pursuit of Jesus and to provide
resources that make sharing Christ easier. Our mission
field is our everday life, wherever we are.

Our prayer and hope is that She Heard Magazine will be
a source of encouragement to allow you to press in
deeper to your relationship with God, to dig deeper into
Scripture, and to use every moment to serve the One
who deserves all glory and praise. Our commission in
Matthew and Mark is simple, but not necessarily easy:
Go and tell all the world about the Gospel and to baptize
in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit
(Mark 16:15). We often have trouble getting started. She
Heard Magazine is here to help with that process.

By providing practical ministry opportunities (our
Hands & Feet, Out-of-the-Box Ministry Approach
feature) , simple recipes (our Breaking Bread feature),
devotional material (our At the Well feature), shared
testimonies (our Testify feature), and stories shared by
women in our She Heard Community just like you, we
aim to take the fear and uncertainty out of ministry.

Here's to our initial quarterly publication! May it be a
blessing to you!

In Christ,






Cover Image provided by Studio NIWA Photography

Sing to the LORD, all
the earth; proclaim
his salvation day
after day.

1 Chronicles 16:23

Worship with Your Life

By Mia Koehne

Worship. I’m probably not going to tell you anything that you don’t already know. I’m probably not
going to give you information you couldn’t look up in your own Google search of the many articles
written on worship. Today, I’m simply going to share a bit of my heart about a practice in my life. My
hope is that all the thoughts and emotions whirling around in my soul are able to be intelligibly
translated into words. So, here we go! Hope you are able to decipher my hearts ramblings.

“Definition of worship: transitive verb
1: to honor or show reverence for as a divine being or supernatural power
2: to regard with great or extravagant respect, honor, or devotion
a celebrity worshipped by her fans” -Merriam Webster

The act of worship is to show something reverence and regard it with EXTRAVAGANT respect,
honor and devotion. Friends, we can worship anything. I could even place my morning cup of black,
bold and lightly sweetened coffee in this category. But I need to work on not doing that.
There is however, one thing I have found that is actually worthy of honor, reverence, extravagant
respect and devotion. This “one thing” that as I pour my energy into will not let me down, will not
turn on me, but instead it will give me hope for the future. There is one thing that is worthy of my
worship…. You guessed it... Jesus Chirst; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. My God!

As a Musical Worship Leader, I’m passionate about singing and playing songs of worship and praise,
songs that sing of the faithfulness, the never-ending love, and the grace and mercy of God. I love
singing words that share my heart to the Lord to tell Him and others how magnificent He is.

But what happens when the soul is heavy and the music is too difficult to sing, when the notes are
scattered and the heart is too broken to beat along with the melody? How does one worship then?
It’s then that I’m reminded that worship isn’t about music; it’s not about the song. Worship is the act,

in whatever form it is, that says “God you are worthy, God I trust you, God, I will devote myself
to you even in the dark, even when I can’t see the joy that is to be my strength.”

Worship isn’t just those times on Sunday when church attendees come together
and sing songs. Worship is the addends and the sum of all our actions, how we
serve, how we love, how we forgive, how we press into the promises of God.
Worship is anything we do that speaks of the value and worth of our Mighty

I recently asked several people what causes them to worship. There were many
responses, from the beauty of God’s creation, the Grand Canyon, but the one
response that caught my eye was this, “Anxiety.” This woman said that anxiety
caused her to worship God. It was so simple and so profound. It was a tender
reminder to me of how even the most painful moments can turn our hearts and

minds to live in such a way that says, “God, I love you, I need you and I will
honor you.”

It’s easy to find a whole slew of things to give this honor to, but in the end, all of
those things, like the coffee I drink that makes me want to shout “Hallelujah,” in
the end will disappoint, the job title that gives one value and credibility, the
pursuit of happiness, the accumulation of stuff, the latest iphone, the amount of
affirmations and “likes” one receives… in the end it’s all worthless, it ALL fades
away. The one thing worthy of our extravagant devotion is our God, His Word and
His Love. Worship. May our lives, the way we love, the way we serve, the way we
struggle and rejoice all be an act of worship that testifies that God is Good.

Mia lives as a testimony to God's grace and His
forgiveness. As one who formerly lived in brokenness
and shame, she rejoices that God has restored her and
identified her as His own. Inspired to share this
message of hope with others, she boldly proclaims the
Gospel message of forgiveness to all that will hear. With
a heart for the lost, she prays that others will be
freed from the bondage of sin and self-destruction
through the one and only, Jesus Christ.

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.
His love is eternal.

Give thanks to the God of gods.
His love is eternal.

Give thanks to the Lord of lords.
His love is eternal.

Psalm 136:1-3

Hands & Feet

Out-of-the-Box Approach to Ministry

When God Uses a

Paint Brush

Tina Halstead

I ran a successful cake business from my home, but always hated to bake (it
made my house hot with no air conditioning and made my kitchen messy).
One year my church was hosting a carnival that was free to our community.
The organizers sat me at a table that day and said, "Okay, here's your table
and supplies!" They handed me a cup of paint brushes and a palette of what
looked like 18 watercolors. I asked, "So, am I doing a craft with the kids, just
letting them paint, or what?" They said, "Nope! You are the face painter we
advertised in the paper!" I was shocked. I managed to stammer, "I don't even
know how to face paint. I've never even tried before!" They replied, "We've
seen your amazing cakes with paintings on the side, so we knew you could
face paint too." My first thought was, "But cakes don't move, have eyeballs, or

The very first little girl sat down and wanted to be a princess,
so I slapped some paint on her eyelids like eye shadow,
some pink on her cheeks, and painted an awful looking crown
across her forehead, splattered her face with some cosmetic
glitter, and handed her a mirror. She began crying--hard! All
the paint ran down her face as she hugged me. I asked her
what was wrong and if she didn't like the face paint.

Her response was the moment I knew that I
would face paint as long as I could.

She said, "Yes! I love it! It's just that this is the first time in my
life that I actually look pretty!" I started to cry with her and told
her that was a lie and that I thought she was absolutely
beautiful the moment she sat down in the chair, before any
paint brush touched her face.

Seeing how it completely changed her perception of herself
made my day! Kid after kid came to me, told me all about
their lives while I painted them, and I transformed them into
something different; not kids of divorcing parents, not kids
struggling with bullies at school, not kids being sexually abused at home, but tigers
with ferocious growls and butterflies that skipped away as they finally sparkled for
the very first time in their own eyes.

To say I was hooked is an understatement. I love this job more than I can explain.
The children and ther familes who have welcomed me into their homes and hearts
make this job absolutely God-given and such a blessing in my life.

Tina Halstead and her husband Daniel live in Conneaut, Ohio with
their four children. Daniel pastors the Conneaut Foursquare
church. Tina encourages others daily on her Facebook page and
strives to live a life worthy of the gospel of Christ.


This is the testimony of She Heard
Community member Michelle Madry. She
and her husband Brad live with their three
children in Missouri.

I knew something was missing
from our lives, but I wasn't sure

what it was...

When I was in my early
adult years I used to crack
the joke, “If I walk into a
church, it might burn
down.” I knew in my
heart that wasn’t true, but
that was my way of
deflecting what had the
power to transform me
and my life. I avoided
church like the plague
until almost 3 years ago
when a sweet customer of
mine invited me to her
church. We were looking
for a church but not
making it a priority. I
knew something was
missing in our lives, but
wasn’t sure what it was. 

I was terrified to walk in. My Because of them, my husband
then boyfriend (now husband) and I have a relationship with
walked in confidently ready to God. Because of them, our
make friends and talk to children’s lives have and will
anyone he came across. He’s continue to be changed. Cycles
friendly like that. And I like to will be broken. Healing has
think that I am too, but I had a happened and will continue to
lot of insecurities and many happen. Grateful isn’t a big
hurts holding me back. What if enough word for how I feel
they found out I had two kids about my church famil
with different dads? What if
they looked at my past and
thought I wasn’t good enough
to be there? What if? What if? I
came up with a million reasons
church wasn’t for me. Church
people weren’t for me. Or at
least that is what my
insecurities told me. 

Within 5 minutes of walking in Michelle and Brad Madry and family
I met someone who is now one
of my closest friends. She and
so many other women wrapped
me in their arms, invited me in,
cried and laughed with me,
prayed for and with me and
most of all helped me realize
what I had been lacking all

Do you have a story to contribute?

Send submissions to [email protected]

At the Well


When Change Comes


Lindsey Hayes

Fall is fresh upon us. Crisp autumn air may already be
enveloping some of us while the blistering heat of summer still
envelops others. Either way, the understanding that change is
coming is apparent. Some may dread the oncoming cold while
others eagerly anticipate the winter that will be here soon
enough, but none can get through fall without admiring the
beauty that change brings about. 

Fall and the dying off of the old is such a beautiful parallel to
the reality life throws at us. For me, a lover of warm weather,
fall can often seem tragic--Simply a symbol of my upcoming,
least favorite season. A season that feels cold, dead, and full of
despair. Too often, I forget in life and in seasonal change that
you cannot have one without the other. It is only through the
dying out of the old that we can make way for the new. When
we embrace each season for what it is purposed to be, we can
truly begin to love and see the beauty of it all.

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 says:

1 For everything there is a season,
a time for every activity under heaven.
2 A time to be born and a time to die.
A time to plant and a time to harvest.

3 A time to kill and a time to heal.
A time to tear down and a time to build up.

4 A time to cry and a time to laugh.
A time to grieve and a time to dance.
5 A time to scatter stones and a time to gather stones.
A time to embrace and a time to turn away.
6 A time to search and a time to quit searching.
A time to keep and a time to throw away.
7 A time to tear and a time to mend.
A time to be quiet and a time to speak.
8 A time to love and a time to hate.
A time for war and a time for peace.

When we embrace each season of our lives and allow God to use each one to prepare
us for the next, we open a world of possibilities and blessings. We allow the Holy Spirit
to mold us into the women God intends for us to be. 

I challenge each of you to use the beauty of changing leaves around you to remind you
that the dying of the old can be a season of beauty and blessing. As you embrace this
season of change in your life, I pray that God uses it to His glory that you may come
through this season of change clothed with strength and dignity, laughing without fear
of the future (Proverbs 31:25). Let God shed the old from your life and make way for a
new and fearless future.

Strength and honor are her clothing,
and she can laugh at the time to come.

Proverbs 31:25

Lindsey Hayes is a wife and mother of 5 children ranging in age from 2
to 11 years. She and her husband Byron currently reside in the beautiful
country setting of Southern Ohio. Lindsey is currently delving into her
seventh year of homeschooling. Her aim is to give her children a
learning environment tailor-made to each of their individual needs.
Along with home schooling, the past year and a half have given
Lindsey the opportunity to reach the other side of the world through
teaching English as a second language to students in China. The
opportunity to have some influence in the lives of children who may
never otherwise be exposed to a Christian is both an exciting and
heavy responsibility that Lindsey truly enjoys.

In Case of Emergency


By Sara L. Gleason

I hate the doctor’s office. Nothing "Nope, nope, nope,” I replied
nonchalantly. Just as we were reaching
good ever happens there and it the end of the medical interview, I
noticed a change in the expression of
usually costs me and arm and a the eye technician as she fumbled with
the last question. With eyes down, she
leg. Typically, I sit in the waiting cautiously went about finding the right
words to use as she said,  “Sara, I
room, perusing magazines I would notice you have your mom and dad
listed as your emergency contacts. I
never normally read and people am so sorry about the loss of your
parents. Is there someone else you
watching with the utmost curiosity would like me to put down in case of
and sometimes complete
My heart sank and I fought back the
confusion. The wait is always tears that began to fill me eyes. I sat
silently for what seemed like forever as
longer than anticipated and the I tried to gather my composure and
choke back the grief that ambushed
waiting room is freezing! I mean, my soul. It was a sneak attack by what
would normally be considered such a
it’s no wonder by the time you ridiculously simple question. Who is
now my emergency contact?
actually see a doctor your
Who is my emergency
symptoms have disappeared…no contact now?

germ can survive the temps of the

waiting room. 

Yesterday, I sat in the waiting
room of my eye doctor. Out of all
the doctors I see, I must say the
eye doctor is the least scary of the
Big Bad Wolves! For a middle-
aged woman, my eyes are holding
up better than most parts of my
body and I’m usually pretty
confident that I will walk out with
my pride and my wallet in check. I
sat in the examining room
breezing through the standard

Do you take any medicines
Are you experiencing headaches?
Have you had any recent changes
in your medical history?

You see, while I may consider myself God saw her suffering and took mercy
“middle-aged,” I'm not of the age on her soul. She was also 69. And just
where I'm prepared to be an orphan. like that, over the course of two short
I’m not sure that anybody of any age years, both my emergency contacts were
is ever prepared for such a loss. My gone.
dad passed away in 2017 after a
brief battle with Esophageal cancer. It's in moments like these, that we can
He was only 69. His whole life he had feel so utterly alone. While I have two
been healthy with probably a handful amazing kiddos, they are too young to
of trips to a doctor’s office, but the carry the burden that comes with the
last year of his life he spent more words, “In case of emergency.” And then,
time in a hospital than most of us will there are always my friends.  I am
ever spend in a lifetime. After his thankful every day for the amazing
death, my mom was completely lost. people God has placed in my life to help
They were high school sweethearts fill the holes of the losses that I’ve
who with the exception of the experienced over the last few years. But
Vietnam War, had never spent more somehow, “friends” don’t seem to be the
than a few nights apart. My mom right fit for the bill either. And so, while I
spent the first year after my dad’s was able to answer the question by
death attempting to pick up the listing my sister and my brother who live
pieces and find her way back to hours away, I was left with a bigger
whole again, but in November of question in my heart: Who do people call
2017, her broken heart got the best of on in case of emergency when there is
her as she was suddenly plucked up absolutely no one to call?
like a flower in a field and taken
home to be with my dad and her Lord
and Savior.  

There is only one person to run to that we are absolutely assured will always be
there for us in times of trouble.  He is our only guarantee. He is our only safe
landing place and He promises to never fail us in any emergency. God and I have
had an interesting relationship over the course of my lifetime. While He has
always been available to me, I haven’t always made myself available to Him. For
many years, I depended solely on the human strength of those closest to me in
emergencies, but suddenly through an unexpected and painful divorce, the loss
of my dad and the loss of my mom, I have learned that my security was lying in
the wrong hands. The people in our lives are not guaranteed. 

God can certainly use them to provide His comfort and love throughout our
lifetime, but people are no substitute for God.If you lean to heavily on people,
you will eventually be paralyzed by grief and disappointment when they are no
longer there. My heart longs for my parents. Grief overtakes me in moments of
weakness. I cry.  I get angry. I throw emotional tantrums, but in the end, I call on
God and He always answers. I scream out to Him and ask why?  I question His
ways and argue with Him.  Despite my unfaithfulness at times, He has never left
me. And when I have finally worn myself out and I lay limp in my prayers, He
provides the most perfect love and comfort I could ever hope for from any
emergency contact here on Earth.

Depending on God can be a scary thing because it requires you to
trust in His goodness and His plan without the comfort of knowing the
ending. We sometimes lie to ourselves or trick ourselves into believing
that we are enough and the people around us are enough. We hold the
reigns of control so tightly that there is no room for God to intervene.
But when catastrophe hits, and we find ourselves attempting to tap
into our own strength, all we find is weakness. It is very humbling when
you are weak and there is nowhere else to turn. Luckily for us, His
strength is made perfect in our weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9.) Do not
fret should you find yourself alone, uncertain and weak. In case of
emergency, God has you covered.

“God is our refuge and strength, an

ever-present help in trouble.”

Psalm 46:1

Sara L. Gleason is a mom to two amazing kiddos, Max and Hope,
the lights of her life. She is a 5th grade ELA and Social Studies
teacher in Conneaut, Ohio. Sara writes on her Facebook Page
MAXIMum HOPE. She found her faith later in life through some of
life's toughest circumstances, but is forever grateful for God's
goodness, protection, and love. She is pursuing a master's degree
from Liberty University in Professional Writing specializing in
Christian writing. Her greatest hope is that by sharing her stories,
insight, and God's wisdom, she will somehow make a difference in
people's lives through God's grace.

When the Lord Meets a Need

Kelli Armstrong

I'm a single mother of 5 teens. I have 4 daughters (ages 18, 17, and 16-
year-old twins) and one son (14). I homeschool the 4 youngest, and I'm a
childcare provider. I'd love to tell you about a ministry that God invited me
to start.

In December of 2011 God put it on my heart to start doing something for
the single moms I knew. My mind was full of things I wanted to do for
them! I had been a single mother from May 2006 – November 2008, and I
remembered many areas where I could have used the help. God pulled
the reigns a little and simply asked me to write letters of encouragement
for the moms, and to send birthday cards to them and their children. I
started to make a list of the single moms I already knew. It's hard to
believe that I knew 40 personally! God showed me that there definitely was
a need in this area. If I already knew 40, how many more could there be?
He was about to show me! I began reaching out to anyone God led me to
and the number of families grew.

At one point I was mailing In May of 2019 I made the
out about 150 letters every decision to make a change with
month or two, and mailing the letters. The number of moms
more than 500 birthday receiving letters was nearing 200,
cards each year. God and with me entering into a new
provided for each and every season of motherhood it became
card and stamp! A couple of even more difficult to get cards
years ago I made the out on time and to get letters
decision to discontinue with written, addressed, stamped and
sending birthday cards for sent. I had been encouraged a
the kids. It was hard to do, few times, within the span of a
but I felt the freedom to do couple of weeks, to start a blog. I
so. Life with my own kids prayed about whether it should
was becoming more replace the letters. I felt that it was
adventurous, as I had time to take things to the next
become a single mother level! While I really like the idea of
once again. I felt that it was a being able to send the letters in
good idea to focus more on the mail, it felt that blogging might
loving on the mommas. further the reach of
encouragement, and save me
time and resources. I am still
willing to mail the letters to those
who are unable to access the
internet, and any who request a

In addition to the birthday I think that one of the best ways
cards, God provides a way or to reach others is to open up
me to mail out Christmas and share real life stuff. The
cards, Mother’s Day cards, letters are often a good mix of
and (my favorite) Valentine’s my life, and how God’s Truth
Day cards (signed “love, applies to it.
Jesus”). The birthday cards
include some additional form Another thing that is important to
of encouragement. This year, me, is for single moms to know
I used blank business cards they have each other. In both
and printed Psalm 139:13-14 seasons of single-motherhood, I
on them, in a pretty font (of found the most support among
course!). fellow single moms. I created a
private ministry page on
The main purpose of this Facebook where single moms
ministry is to share God's can get connected, receive
Truth with single moms and encouragement and prayer, as
help them to know of His well as list items they are in
great love for them. I want need of or items they are giving
them to know they aren't away. Family friendly (financially
alone in their walk as a single friendly) events are also posted
parent, most of all because in the group. The desire is for
God is with them. God always them to see that they have a
helps me to use things that community of moms willing to
are going on, or have help each other.
happened in the past, to write
the letters.

I want single moms to know of I don’t know how long God will
God’s passionate pursuit of their keep me along for this ride, and I
heart, and to know what Real am admittedly not the most faithful
Love is. 1 John 4:10 is the key with getting blog posts written
verse for this ministry. "This is regularly or getting birthday cards
real love - not that we loved out on time, but I am SO thankful
God, but that He loved us and that He can take what we offer…big
sent his Son as a sacrifice to or small…and use it for good! I am
take away our sins." Many proof that He is able to do mighty
times, as a single mom, I lost my things through us if we will answer
way looking for "real love" in the His call to join Him.
wrong places. I believe an
intimate relationship with The Kelli and her children call Illinois home. You
Father is important and can reach Kelli by email at:
necessary in every person's life, [email protected] and her blog at
but I know that it can make a
great impact in the lives of these
ladies. My hope, and fervent
prayer, is that it will trickle down
and be a life-changer for their
children as well!

If God has shown me anything
during these past 8 years of
partnering with Him, it's that: 1)
His timing is perfect, 2) He Who
has called me is faithful, and 3)
He indeed WILL equip me with
everything I need to do HIS will
in this ministry (and every other
part of my life).

Your life
is your



They broke bread in their homes and ate
together with glad and sincere hearts

Acts 2:46

Due to the example of Jesus Himself, found in Matthew 26:26, Luke 24:30, Matthew 14:9,
Matthew 15:36, Mark 14:22 and other examples not listed here, we at SHE HEARD believe
there is significance in the act of breaking bread with one another. Food is a provision from
God to sustain us physically, but it represents the spiritual sustaining He gave us through
the death and resurrection of His Son. Breaking bread is an act of sharing in the provision
He has given and it's purposeful involvement in communion with Jesus and the rest of His
And guess what? This act of communion doesn’t only happen in a church building on
Sunday mornings. We can take part in communion with God and his people in our day-to-
day by breaking bread with others. Bridging the social divide between even the most
diverse people can be made simpler when we open our hearts, our homes, and our pantries
to break bread. You don’t have to be a world class chef to break bread with your neighbor,
but we get it--the pressure is on when you invite someone into your home. We aim to make
this process of breaking bread and breaking the ice a bit less intimidating by offering a
quick and easy recipe that is perfect for inviting that new friend over for coffee or tea.

This fall, curl up in your favorite little nook with a friend for a warm beverage and a slice
of this simple, semi-homemade, Cream Cheese Danish that is sure to please your taste
buds and have your guests asking for more. Be sure to have on hand:

First,use cooking spray to lightly
coat your jelly roll pan or lay a piece
of parchment paper down.
Next,open your two packages of
crescent rolls and lay them out on
the pan rolling together with a small
rolling pin or pressing edges together
with fingers.
Using a hand mixer or kitchen aid
whip together the two 8oz packages
of softened cream cheese, 1 cup
sugar, and 1 tsp of vanilla. Whip until
light and creamy.

Now,add a bit of personal flair as you fold in 1 large can

of pie filling. Take your pick! From blueberry to cherry it's
sure to be amazing.
Pour contents of your mixing bowl across the center of your
pastry leaving room on either side and at the ends. Pull each
corner of the pastry toward the center, then fold the sides in
to the middle and finally fold the ends in toward the center to
seal the pastry together.
If you want to get fancy, you can brush on some melted
butter, cinnamon, and sugar to add a bit of crisp to the crust.
Bake in a 350-degree oven for approximately 30 minutes.
Let cool completely before cutting and serving.

Be sure to let us know how your Cream Cheese Danish turns out. What filling
did you choose? Did you add any extra ingredients? We'd also love to hear how
this recipe encouraged you to break the ice and Break Bread with a friend.
Write to us at [email protected] with the subject heading "Breaking


Great for individual study and
small group use

Women who HEAR and Meet seven women in
Scripture who met Jesus
obey the Lord are women and to whom He
REVEALED His character.
who change the world. In Jesus treated them with
grace and dignity and
the flesh walked the earth
Deliberate Women and made Himself known.
8.5" x 11" Paperback, full
Devotional, meet eight color.

women of the Bible who

HEARD the Lord and

stepped forward boldly in

faith to obey. Realize how

you can HEAR the Lord,

answer the call on your

life, and step forward

boldly in faith by being

who you are, where you

are. 8.5 x 11", 84 pages,

full color.

SELAH: a pause or We can rest assured that
transition. Learn how this
term applies to Saul's the God who created the
conversion--and to your
own! Pack a bag as we galaxies in all their infinite
travel down the dusty
road to Damascus to complexities has
meet the Savior Jesus--
and be prepared for your something in particular in
life, like Saul's, to change
forever. 8.5" x 11", 39 mind for each of us. The
God who meticulously

planned every aspect of

creation didn’t skimp when

it came time to create us.

There are no extras in

God’s screenplay of life.

We all have a leading role,

a pivotal part to play, and a

yearning for the curtain call

when we’ll receive a

standing ovation from the

Father. He’ll say, “Well

done, good and faithful

servant.” But first, we must

GO! 8.5 x 11", 43 pages.

Thousands of years ago the Have we lost the awe and
reverence before the Lord
Apostle Paul wrote a letter to in our 21st century lives?
Do we live life holy,
Titus outlining Titus' excellent, sacred? Take a
walk through the Old
responsibilities for Testamant book of Daniel
and see how he and others
establishing a church on the lived life set apart. Their
faith remained steadfast
island of Crete. In just three despite the risk of dire
consequences. They never
chapters, Paul spoke boldy backed down when told to
compromise their beliefs.
and sharply about what a Their indredible faith saved
them by a God who sees.
healthy church should look Can we live Holy like this
today? 8.5x11", full-color.
like. He provided an efficient

structure by which to disciple

and mentor to ensure the

church was rooted in Truth.

These principles apply even

today in our 21st century

churches. 8.5" x 11", 36


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