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Published by Ivan Terrien, 2019-11-25 10:00:59

Dinosaur (5 chapters) PDF any flip #2

this has 5 chapters

My Trip to Jurassic Park



Hello, I’m Ivan. “WELCOME TO JURASSIC PARK” Those are the first words
that I heard when I got to this place. My dad works at this amusement park
type of place where they work on restoring the dinosaurs. This is my story of
my time at Jurassic park. My story will be very short but very entertaining. I
will make some very non-human friends while trying to save the park from
Dino escapes. And you ask who am I well, I am The Dino Tamer and I have
this thing where I can talk to dinosaurs.

Chapter #1

The beginning of this thing

“Come on, we’re going to be late!” my mom yells from down stairs. I yell back
down stairs, “I’m getting ready.” I grab my suitcase and run down the stairs
and at the last few steps I jump and land on the ground. I take off down the
hall to our kitchen to meet my mom. On our way down the road I played on my
phone and listened to my moms music. When we finally got to the dock
people were all ready getting on board the “Jurassic park” ferry to get to the
island. We boarded the ferry after we got to the front line and we showed the
VIP ticket checker guy a copy of my dad’s license and got free VIP access
which gives us free food, drinks and the best look out spot on the whole ferry.
We boarded the ferry, I sat down in my chair and got something to eat
because I was starving to death. Now it’s time to sit down and relax.

Chapter #2

A guy falls into raptor cage someone call for help! Na, I’ll just
jump in. what am I thinking

We finally made it to the island and I practically jumping on my seat with
anticipation. I am so excited. I have always loved dinosaurs and I have always
had a strange connection to them sometimes I think I’m going insane because
I can almost here there cries of pain and horror as the dinosaurs became
extinct. I tend to get sad when that happens because I can feel their pain. Well
enough of that we made it to the island and I can’t wait to see my dad and his
research. My mom and me departed through a secret passageway so we can
be the first off the “Isla Nublar” which is the name of the boat we were on. We
were off to see my dad when I heard something coming from the raptor cage.
The raptor cage was a big steel octagon with vegetation growing in it. Tourists
up on the side of the cage were screaming and looking down over the railing
where apparently a grown man had fallen over the side. When some guy was
pushing through the crowd to get a better look. I look over to see why they
were screaming. He was being cornered by four velociraptors, so without
thinking I jumped over the side. I heard a collected gasp and one scream that
must have been my mom. I hit the ground tucked and rolled, stood up and told
the raptors to back up. For some strange reason they did and I heard the lead
one “Blue” caw since raptors do not roar, but I could understand what it was
saying. He told me he was hungry and told me to back off but I told him no.
That got some puzzled looks from the raptors then “Charlie” one of the raptors
said “you can understand us? Whoa!?” I say back to him “I did not know this,
cool” then I look back at them seriously this time "if you let me and this guy go
alive I will make sure you get fed" I say to them. So they agreed to leave me
and this random guy alone, someone opens the gate so that we can get out.
And I make sure that they get fed. Well time to go to our hotel room.

Chapter #3

Ankylosaurus escapes through hole in it’s cage, I was trying to
watch T.V well I guess I have to deal with that.

After we got to our hotel room I was going to go outside onto the deck to
admire the view ,but (sigh) my mom had other ideas. She yelled at me and
asked me what I was thinking and I replied “no one was going to help him
and the raptors were going to eat him.” She looked at me with concern and
said “ever since we got here you seem to be different. Like distant, you have a
look in your eyes like your here but not here. And how can you talk to those
dinosaurs.” I responded to that last part, “I don’t know how?” then the T.V
switches channels for an important message, there has been an Ankylosaurus
escape “I guess you're going to go and deal with that.” my mom says to me. I
look back at her with a look of confusion, it sounds like she wants me to go?
Then she says the last thing I expected to hear from her “go save the park.”
So like an idiot I nod and run to the balcony and… I run into the window face
first but I just bounce off the glass. I open the glass door and (I’m guessing in
your head that you’re thinking that I jump off the balcony, well your wrong) I
jump on the fire pole and slide down to the ground. I rip thought the yard like a
Gallimimus (which is a really fast dinosaur, look it up) and run for my
motorcycle, put my helmet on and take off down the road. Once I got there I
asked some people which way the Ankylosaurus had gone they all pointed the
same way. Then most of them would asked me why, and then their eyes
would go big. I hear them talking about me, as I run the direction they pointed
from that point on at this park I am know as the Dino whisperer. I race off
down the way they had all pointed to on my motorcycle. After about an hour I
finally find the dinosaur chewing on a bush I tell him that the police are after
him. He then tells me that he was hungry. I tell him the same thing that I told
the raptors. He agrees to come with me, so I lead him back to his cage. I tell
the person who feeds the Dinos to start feeding them more often so he goes
to get the kibble for the dinosaurs. Time to go back home.

Chapter #4

Time to go :’(

Well I have had an exciting week, but I'm still in school and the weekend is
over. I hope I shared something cool with you. This is not over, though I will
most likely make my very own book! so be on the lookout. When I get to my
house in Virginia, there is a little piece of amber on a stand with a light under it
on my nightstand. You want to know something else that was cool about it,
there was a mosquito in it there was a sticky note on it that read from dad.
Well it has been fun writing this stuff I have some work to do.

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