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Regardless of your fitness level, or gym membership status,
we’ve designed these guides to help get you ready for the

Training for a Tough Mudder can be intimidating, but you
don’t need six-pack abs, or have to run a half-marathon to
complete the course. Truth is, the only thing you need is some
strength, mental grit, and hardcore teammates. Whether you
sign up solo, or with a group, once you step foot onto Tough
Mudder soil all of Mudder Nation will be there to help you
cross the finish line.

Training is the first challenge you’ll conquer on your quest for
mud. Just like obstacles on the course, if you want to skip any
of these exercises, go ahead - only you know what’s right for
your body.


Remember, the pain won’t last forever,
but the glory will.

Be fearless, don’t overthink everything.

It’s okay to be nervous. Everyone is. Own it.


Combining explosive exercise with short Quit skipping the most important part of Tough Mudder isnt a race, it’s a challenge.
periods of rest is exactly what the course your workout. You’re about to embark on a Not every workout you complete is going
is about. Aside from helping you achieve life-changing fitness journey and the key to be your best, but the important part is
Superman-like strength, HIIT workouts to doing that free of injury is to make sure taking the first step. Some days you’ll feel
continue to burn calories long after you you’re taking care of your body. Check out like you can crush Everest 2.0 solo, others
hit the showers. Learn more about the these moves that’ll help you get limber and your goal will be to just get moving - and
benefits of High-Intensity Training here. loose pre and post-event. that’s OK.

Train digitally with | Gear up with | Fuel your fitness with

it’s go time 1tmo goonth

Things are about to get real. You’re 1 month away from the start line DAY 7
which means it’s time to put down ice cream and get off the couch.
Team Brunch:
week 4 week 3 week 2 week 1 DAY 1 DAY 2 DAY 3 DAY 4 DAY 5 DAY 6 Bring on all the
panckes, waffles,
RUN/WALK: 5 ROUNDS: RUN: Go for a stroll. 5 ROUNDS: RUN:
1 Mile 1 Minute Jump Squats 2 Miles Stop & smell the roses, 100M Sprint 3 Miles and bacon.
1 Minute Supermans Ab Circuit 20 Jump Squats
12 MINUTE CIRCUIT: skip the selfie.
5 Renegade Rows 1 Minute Hanging 5 Pull Ups
5 Push Ups Leg Raises
5 Sit Ups 1 Minute Rest

Rest Remainder of Minute

RUN/WALK: 5 ROUNDS: RUN: Hit the hiking trails, play 30 SECONDS EACH RUN: Flex your brain muscle.
2 Miles 100M Sprint 3 Miles in the mud - don’t forget 4X CIRCUIT: 4 Miles Put down your phone
20 Jump Squats
12 MINUTE CIRCUIT: Ab Circuit to pack the sunscreen. Lunges & pick up a book,
10 Squats 5 Pull Ups Kettlebell Swings remember those?
5 V-Ups
5 Push Ups 1 Minute Rest V-Ups
Goblet Squats
Rest Remainder of Minute 5 ROUNDS: Tricep Push Ups
800M Run
RUN: 10 Pull Ups RUN: Take a yoga class & get 5 ROUNDS: RUN: Grab a pint of ice
2 Miles 25 Lunges 4 Miles flexi. Loose limbs are 5 Miles cream & dig in. You
20 Goblet Squats
12 MINUTE CIRCUIT: 20 Dips Ab Circuit happy limbs. 15 Leg Levers deserve it.
10 Pull Ups 20 Push Ups
5 Mountain Climbers 10 Shoulder Push Ups
10 Dumbbell Thrusters
20 Flutter Kicks 3 Minutes Rest

Rest Remainder of Minute

RUN: 21-15-9 RUN: Go on an adventure in 30 SECONDS EACH Event Day Event Day
3 Miles 5 Miles Nature’s Gym. 3X CIRCUIT:
Goblet Squats
12 MINUTE CIRCUIT: Kettlebell Swings Ab Circuit Wall Balls
5 Pull Ups Kettlebell Swings
Box Jumps
10 Push Ups Sit Ups
15 Squats Dumbbell Lunges

Rest Remainder of Minute Ski Jumps

OPTIONS Click here to learn more about this workout on the Microsoft Dashboard.
V-Ups AB CIRCUIT 2 Forearm Plank Download it to your Microsoft Band, challenge your team and track your
Penguin Taps Forearm Plank Toe Touch fitness goals.
Overhead Sit Ups Left Side Plank
Bicycle Crunches Right Side Plank Russian Twist ACTIVE RECOVERY:
Toe Touches Shoulder Tap Plank Oblique Crunch Get moving, but nothin’ too rigorous - whether it’s a hike, a stroll, or a good
stretch. Your goal for the day: MOVE.

On rest day, go to your happy place, hang with your team, stay positive, or call
upon your spirit animal. But most importantly, get prepared to kick ass again
next week.

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