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Daftar Isi

2 A Letter from the Editor-

4 Healthy Needles
6 Food Timing
1 0 Safeguard Sex

1I N D O S E H A T 2 0 2 2
Edisi Juni

A Letter
from the
Editor - in

By Barbara Dean,
Staff Writer

Edisi Juni

Dear Readers,
As the common saying goes,
“Health is wealth.” Undoubtedly,
our health remains to be our
main asset to keep moving on. In
our surroundings & in everything
we do, they all depends on our
bodily functions. One part of us
fails, everything else will follow.
As much as we value our health
is equally how we treat our dear

Each reader’s patronage and
readership to this magazine
contributes to the overall health
of our company. To continue its
longevity, we promise here in
Wise Choice provide further

Every article is a product of hard
work & passion that our team
always brings towards creating
every issue.

On behalf of my team, thank you
for your continued patronage.
relevant articles that will surely be
beneficial to all.

Have fun & enjoy!

All the love,
Emily M. Lopez

3I N D O S E H A T 2 0 2 2
Edisi Juni

Healthy If you have seen people with
Needles needles on their back or on the
rest of their body in clinics, worry
2022 not because they are actually
By Barbara Dean, undergoing Acupuncture. This
Staff Writer therapy was originated back in
China as a traditional medicine.
4 INDOSEHAT 2022 The medicinal treatment is based
Edisi Juni on the philosophy of the human
body’s “qi” or flow of life energy.
Skilled acupuncturists insert
needles to the acupuncture
points of the body to promote
balance of life, arouse relaxation &

is Wealth”

To relieve stress, Support the Because of these uncertainties, it
immune is still highly advised to subscribe
to those experienced & properly
system, Osteoarthritis & knee trained practitioner who are
pain, Mitigate or relieve headache experts in using sterile, disposable
& migraine, Allergy needles.
reactions, Period pains for
women, Adverse effects such as nerve
Promote good digestion and & blood vessel detriment,
more. complications when needles are
mismanaged, external or internal
While science has not established bleeding, numerous infections,
yet a concrete logical evidence intolerable pain & others will
of how this works other than automatically be experience
the Chinese beliefs, positive & when failures occur. To be more

5I N D O S E H A T 2 0 2 2
Edisi Juni

Edisi Juni

Food Consume only a moderate
Timing amount of meat to avoid getting
fat. While milk can actually be
2022 consumed at any time of the day,
By Barbara Dean, they are best advised to be drunk
Staff Writer in the evening, or before bed
at night. Packed with multiple
While these healthy foods are benefits, one essential thing it
really can help is to induce your sleep &
beneficial, some of these are not maintain good sleep cycle.
really appropriate to be consumed
in most times of the day. An apple Drinking milk in the morning can
a day keeps the doctor away, make you lethargic, unabling you
but it will not be the case when to perform at your best within
you consume too much apple at the day. Potatoes are rich in
night. vitamin B6 components, C, fibre,
magnesium & as a source of
Apples have organic antacids that starch. This wonderful vegetable
promotes good bowel movement will be one of the best choices to
& helps countering Meat are very regulate body cholesterol levels
rich in proteins which are vital properly. But only when taken in
in building up physical strength. the morning, breakfast perhaps.
This food is best to be Taking them at night can lead you
to unfavorable weight gain.

More than the heat & light the sun
gives, the sun is also shining us
an essential vitamin for our body,
the Vitamin D. This free source of
vitamin D makes everyone under
its light supplied with Vitamin
D anywhere of the day. Vitamin
D is known to be functional for
various factors to our health, from
external to within. The sun that
gives vitamin D for free plays
a relevant role in the control of
calcium & upkeep the phosphorus

7I N D O S E H A T 2 0 2 2
Edisi Juni

Take Relaxation
like in nature.

Sip our 100% clean healthy green tea.
Available in your nearest convenient stores.

Plan for
the Future

Most trusted
health insurancein
the field.

Available in your
nearest covenient Stores.



By Barbara Dean,
Staff Writer

According to an article
f rom, there are
more or less 1.1 million people in
the U.S. are living with HIV as of
March 2019 while 15% of them are
unaware of their infection.

For a recap, HIV or Human
Immunodeficiency Virus is
the virus that can lead to
anyone to AIDS or Acquired
Immunodeficiency Syndrome.
This infection attacks the human
body’s infection-fighting CD4
cells, rimmune system, he or she
is prone to various illnesses easily.
This infection is highly contagious
& can be transmitted through
bodily fluids. These bodily fluids
are commonly through blood,
breast milk, pre-seminal fluid,

10 I N D O S E H A T 2 0 2 2
Edisi Juni

Meaning to say, as doctors
continually to emphasize, you
can not get HIV infection when
you use a bathroom that a
person living with HIV (PLHIV)
has previously used. Also, giving
a hand shake & hugging with
PLHIV will not you in any way be

Unfortunately, when you have
acquired this infection, it will be
with you as long as you live. The
cure or antidote for this infections
has not yet been discovered.
But, there have been established
credible health care
measurements & methods to
reduce the risk of having the

One of the most recommended
ways to reduce the risk of
having HIV infection is by doing
having a protected sex. Not
only with HIV, but as well as
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
like Gonorrhea, Mycoplasma
Genitalium, Human
Papilloma Virus & others. There
are many types of condoms
available but the latex condoms
are the Not only you can stay
away from the virus, you can also
save your relationship.
Stay true & loyal to your partner.
An abbreviation for Pre-Exposure
Prophylaxis. PrEP is preventive
measure medication good fIV

11I N D O S E H A T 2 0 2 2
Edisi Juni



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