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A look at Blueprint Studios trends and designs for 2018.

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Published by Blueprint Studios, 2017-11-23 20:07:42

Blueprint Studios Trends Magazine 2018

A look at Blueprint Studios trends and designs for 2018.

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3rd Annual Edition


This year’s style magazine is dedicated to BIG ideas

A warm and sincere welcome to our valued clients and colleagues as we share our
third annual style magazine with you. As you get inspired by the visual appeal of
our capabilities, allow us to take a moment of your time to share the details of our
studios, our team and our vision for the year ahead.

BIG capability… "Building something BIG is never simple, but it
From its inception Blueprint Studios has embraced thinking big. With a passion is remarkably brave."
for pushing creativity and capability to the limit, we have evolved into a company - Paul Moss, Owner
that is unafraid of size, complexity or demand. With our roots firmly planted in the
San Francisco Bay Area, our company has grown into new markets. Our Southern
California facility, based in Los Angeles, now houses one of the largest collection of
event rentals in the region with a commitment to service and “show-ready” quality.
We are also launching our Las Vegas, Nevada event design studio where big ideas
are what the city was built on. Our nearly 400,000 square feet collection of studios
is focused on massive events and brilliant solutions for exhibition environments.
Blueprint Studios is privileged to travel the globe with our clients, bringing big ideas
to life well beyond our base.

BIG solutions for BIG challenges… PUBLISHER L I S T
Creative minds know that no matter who you are, you can overcome obstacles
with imagination and focus. Blueprint Studios has assembled a creative team Publisher:
of professionals that can build the most intricate of events from the simplest of Blueprint Studios
ideas. Our studio of studios offers our clients access to full-service or a la carte Mircea Manea
creative services that utilize our vast inventory of materials and mind. Whether we
are talking about a massive user conference & exhibition or the most remarkable Contributing Editors:
client experience event, Blueprint Studios had never been more ready to think big. In Paul Moss
case you are wondering if “maybe they are too big for me” think again; we know that Lily Yeung
some of the biggest surprises come in the smallest of packages.. Shannon Gurley
Brittany O’Leary
The BIG picture...
It has been noted that whatever you do in this world, you’ve got a responsibility Art Direction:
and a privilege of doing it the very best way you can. As we begin this new year, it Mircea Manea
is hard to forget the tumultuous year we leave behind. Even with all of our brilliant Camila Pinzon
new technology and the inventions that make modern life so much easier, it takes Jennifer Rincon
just one natural disaster or event to wipe all that away and remind us that, here Catalina Streeter
on Earth, we're still at the mercy of nature. Both personally and professionally, we Barney Garza
have witnessed the power of community. We are at our best when we collaborate;
communities thrive when citizens share a commitment to each other. Blueprint Photography:
Studios remains steadfast in being a part of our global community, committed to Blueprint Studios
our people and our environment. Irja Tannlund

Wishing all of you a beautiful year ahead. This is only the beginning of bigger things Main Contact:
to come! Blueprint Studios
[email protected]

2 Blueprint Studios Magazine


04 Studios of Studios 06 Trend 08 Floral Tabletop
& Locations Forecast Trends

An Enchanted Garden 10
Designer Picks 11
Gala Spotlight 12
A Splash of Color 16
Versa Collection 17
Beauty and the Brand 18
A Whole New World 20
Vident Exhibits 22

Blueprint Studios Magazine 3


We believe that modern events are ultimately experiential outcomes that stem from a multitude of conceptual elements.
Blueprint Studios has built a cumulative collection of materials and mind that vertically integrates full-service event design.
With in-house services in: strategic creative direction, brand development, event design and rentals, printing solutions, floral and
custom fabrication, we are more than just a resource, we are your experiential brand partner, capable of bringing big concepts

and big ideas to life.

studio Connections don’t just happen between
people, they grow within settings

That’s why we create environments that are both
functional and dynamic. Our event designs fuel
innovative, immersive experiences that promote
engagement and foster connections.

Concept to Completion Design
Space Planning and 3D Rendering

Graphic Art Design
Floral Design and Installation

When you rent the perfect pieces RENstTuAdLio
to complete your event, you own
the concept
Our extensive collection of rentals contain
a wide range of styles to mix, match, and
make impressions. We offer cutting-edge
customizable collections from classic
furnishings to dazzling digital displays. If the
right furniture isn’t in our collection, it’s in our

Specialty Furnishings
Tech - Display Components
Scenic and Prop Elements
Drapery and Soft Goods

4 Blueprint Studios Magazine

FABRICAstTuIOdioN With a big enough toolkit,
any setting is possible
Custom fabrication is our approach to fully
integrated event design. Our in-house crew
of craftspeople, carpenters, and architects
builds original furnishings and environments
tailor-made for success

3-D Renderings
Custom Cabinetry
Scenic Props
Exhibit Displays
3-D Lettering

It takes years of experience to CREATIVE
strategize an experience studio

Go ahead, dream big! Our talented
team of strategists and designers can

develop big ideas into expandable
branding experiences that drive growth

and effectively communicate your
message to your target audience

Strategic Brand Development
Art Direction

Experiential Campaigns
Full Project Management

PRINsTtuINdiGo Your event has something to say.
Let us spread the word
Our graphic design and in-house printing
services turn an event into a complete picture.
Whether it’s signage, custom fabrics or other
installations, we can create graphics that are
truly part of your brand experience.

Graphic Design
Large Format Printing
Tradeshow Branding
Custom Posters and Banners
Media Presentations


SAN FRANCISCO 955 Vintage Ave.
St. Helena, CA 94574
352 Shaw Rd. 2827 S. Santa Fe Ave. 7900 W Sunset Rd. 707.742.7777
S. San Francisco, CA 94080 Vernon, CA 90058 Las Vegas, NV 89113
415.922.9004 855.922.9004 702.294.0049 Blueprint Studios Magazine 5


Lighting by Got Light The Neon Niche

6 Blueprint Studios Magazine They say the neon lights are bright on
Broadway, but corporate and social events
will give them a run for their money. This
year, designs are integrating vibrant
glowing signs that inspire bold ideas with
graphic imagery and typography. Cutting
edge technologies utilizing pvc and non-
shatter LED tubing are providing neon
sign creators more flexibility in developing
customized shapes and script. This
century old art form will take new shape
as its utilization will be key in reinforcing
brand recognition all the while providing
playful directives for a multitude of
activities in a creative way.

Let’s get ‘Phygital’

As the demand for digital décor blends with physical experiences,
the need for ‘phygital’ design will play a huge role in defining
event spaces. The phygital phenomenon will continue to gain
momentum as industries are pushed to develop new ways to
capture the attendee’s experience throughout every phase of
an event or conference. From creating a customized event bot
that assists your attendees through each step of a conference
to physical experiential activities that enhance a brand message,
these experiences will take your attendees back to the event again
and again. The connection to other sensories will continue to be
just as crucial as chef’s and caterers developing creative menus
and food displays to lighting and sound companies setting the
mood to an environment. All of these efforts will be to challenge
the attendees to discover unique flavors, bold sounds and
excitement to create a truly memorable impression.

Hyper Nature

Exaggerated surfaces combined with
mixed mediums create hyper-natural and
super imaginative micro-environments.
Corporate and social events are driving this
immersive concept that supports brand
recognition along with communicating
company culture by encouraging
attendees to interact with thought
provoking phrases and stimulating
textiles. Metallic finishes have mysterious
iridescence that transcends reality while
ombre color blends represent the vast
cultures and unique creativity in our
society. Familiar flower blossoms and
plants will take on a new life with color
painted treatments and creative appliques.

Blueprint Studios Magazine 7


The Blueprint Studios floral team takes trendsetting ideas and creative sculptural artistry to new heights.

Tabletops by Hensley Event Resources

Au Natural

Woodland Romance: Natural and untreated wood vessels and table top accents are used
to modernize the popular rustic look. This design features natural wood frames elevated at
varying heights offering a unique dimensional platform to simple pavés of dahlias, peonies and

8 Blueprint Studios Magazine

Edible and Unconventional

Blueprint Studios dives deep this year into the edible and unconventional realms of the floral
world to shake up and expand the average tabletop setting. Candy, fruit and vegetables are
all mediums that fit seamlessly with floral decor to create masterful design themes such as
Candyland, Alice in Wonderland and Farm to Table settings.
Rock Candy Craze: This table top design pulls inspiration from the angular structure, playful
nature and vivid colors of rock candy. Mixing gerbera daisies with carnations allow for a wide
range of deeply saturated colors that assist in making large compositions in an affordable

The Masters Resurface

Waterlilies: This art inspired design was created with a simple concrete water trough filled
with floating orchids and peonies set on top of a custom printed table inlay. We pay homage
to the great masters of art by mixing color combinations with creative print design that
reflect the feel and mood of each masterpiece. This impressionist painting is by the Silicon
Valley based Richard Frankel.

"I think of myself as a curator...
I just organize and showcase Mother
Nature's artwork."
- Steven Olivieri,
Floral Department Manager

Blueprint Studios Magazine 9


Outdoor events for parties, weddings and social gatherings are a true
staple through the spring and summer season with an ever increasing

appeal for lush garden settings.  The mix of neutral color tones and
organic foliage juxtaposed with sparkling crystals and rough metal

elements create this perfectly elegant yet tranquil environment.

and creating meaningful
memories... that's why Strands of sparkling glass Using the natural beauty of
we love what we do." orbs, crystal chandeliers, silk lightly stained pallets walls
- Lily Yeung, drapes, and cascading flowering garnished with green garlands is
Director of Sales & canopies complete this serene, a perfect way to create a grand
Marketing garden party design. arrival experience that sets the
tone for the evening.
10 Blueprint Studios Magazine


Mixed Metals

Visual opulence coupled with the use of
finely crafted materials continue to be
a developing trend in event furnishings
for 2018. Dining settings that explore the
varying hues of gold and silver metals
accented by stone tableware and lush
velvet seating are making their debut
throughout social events from gala’s
to weddings. Rose Gold and bronze
furnishings provide elegant foundations
for earthy floral arrangements while
brilliant silver hues reflect bold colors
and create enticing visual textures within
modern spaces.


1. Harlow accent chair
2. Joliet end table
3. Paladin banquette
4. Oro dinning table
5. Matrix accent table


4. 5.
Blueprint Studios Magazine 11


12 Blueprint Studios Magazine


The San Francisco Symphony celebrated their 106th season with a momentous
Opening Night Gala joined by the city’s most prolific philanthropists, luminaries
and patrons of the arts. Attendees were entertained and enticed with a special
appearance by renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma. Nearly 3000 guests were dazzled and
delighted throughout nine different environments in one glamorous night. The
celebration’s sumptuous, modern chinoiserie inspired surroundings were designed

and produced by Blueprint Studios.

The evening began with a vibrant blue carpet arrival stylized with three modern
kinetic mirror sculptures that allowed for photo opportunities at every turn. After
a short cocktail hour guests then made their way to one of four prominent dinners
located at San Francisco City Hall and the Davies Symphony Hall with the most

exclusive being the Patrons Dinner.

Patron’s Dinner
Patron attendees reveled in a 12,000 square foot artfully crafted event pavilion
custom built within a parking structured nestled next to Davies Symphony Hall. The
scene was set with a fresh medley of soft yet bold colors showcased through a series
of elegant textures such as brushed velvet and waves of silk textiles juxtaposed by
modern metals and custom forged wall sculptures. Patrons and after party attendees
feasted their eyes on an architecturally intricate ceiling installation of undulating
waves of silk accented by rings of illuminating acrylic petals. Colors and patterns

designed within were inspired by modern chinoiserie art and fashion.

Since 2009, Blueprint Studios has orchestrated every stage of the design for this
high-profile celebration, from concept to reality. With luxurious furnishings to cutting-
edge printing techniques, this black tie affair serves as a stunning stage for Blueprint

Studios to showcase its latest design breakthroughs and trendsetting innovations.

Blueprint Studios Magazine 13

The Patrons Event Pavilion poised for dinner. The
concerto of colors and patterns were translated

throughout nine events located in San Francisco City
Hall, Davies Hall and Grove Street. Each distinctive event

and location was designed to perform on it's own while
harmonizing with each other.

14 Blueprint Studios Magazine

Patrons regaled at one of three stylized dining
settings. Traditional round tables were draped
in neutral gold linens and topped by geometric
metal stands accented by cascading coral and
cream flowers. Custom built sixteen foot long
serpentine tables allowed for oversize parties
of 12 to converse in style while luxurious
curved banquettes surrounding custom built
oval tables lined the perimeter of the event

"My greatest joy is to take simple ideas and
expand them to endless creative designs that

leave a lasting impression."
- Shannon Gurley,
Creative Director

Blueprint Studios Magazine 15


Claude Monet famously said, “Color is
my day-long obsession, joy and torment”.
The use of color in any space can
communicate even the most subtle of
messages. Shades of green can speak
of new beginnings, fresh ideas or global
thinking. Reds and oranges invigorates
the senses or emboldens a message
while blues and purples promote security
in discovering new ideas or experiences.
At Blueprint Studios, our palette is filled
with a rainbow of furnishings and decor
that can paint a masterpiece for any

16 Blueprint Studios Magazine


Experience the future of display innovation

A sleek, stylish and versatile
way to display your products
has arrived. The new Versa
Collection, exclusively designed
by Blueprint Studios, is
thoughtfully crafted with brand
purpose, concepts and solutions
in mind.
Each piece is designed to offer
the most efficient use of space
to feature exclusive products
and the most advanced printing
capabilities to promote brand
These modular pieces are easy
to assemble on-site and allow for
additional add-ons that display
its versatility.

Blueprint Studios Magazine 17

Brand recognition and BEAUTY AND T H E B R A N D
experiential design are key
Sephora SDCA Conference beautifies
ingredients to developing
custom spaces.

In August of 2017, Blueprint Studios had the honor of supporting Sephora as their Nadine Froger Photography
preferred design partner for the Store Director of the Americas (SDCA) conference
held at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas. Over 80 established and new beauty
brands were showcased in this exclusive invite only event, offering a look into their
new product lines and best sellers. Blueprint Studios’ Design Studio was proud to
develop and build more than 30 customized booths and provide event décor for the
opening and closing night parties for over 2,000 attendees.
All brands brought a unique product and challenge to the table. Established
companies needed to ensure their brand was easily recognizable to showcase
new product lines. New companies joining Sephora stores needed to find creative
solutions to showcase their brand so it would be memorable in the eyes of the
consumer. While many wanted to show off trademark products, others wanted to
showcase the history of success stories their line offered; all wanted to make it

Blueprint Studios focused on brand recognition and experiential design as the key
ingredients to developing each company’s custom space. Each space introduced the
conference attendee to an on-brand activity, photo opportunity or make-up tutorial
session. Creative concepts such as weightless selfie rooms, hydration immersive
spaces and innovator puzzle walls were just some of the unique activations designed
to entice event goers. Spatial elements were all designed around the importance of
attendees knowing, recognizing and remembering what each brand had to offer.

18 Blueprint Studios Magazine

Bobbi Brown Murad
Cosmetics Beauty

Enrich brand messaging by designing spaces with various Molded undulated walls and shelves provide unique product
mediums from graphic enhancement, neon signs, three- display, while LED glass floor tiles, custom illuminated clouds and

dimensional accents and creative giveaways. a star lit ceiling create a tranquil environment.

DESIGN P R O C E S S “Concept to's an amazing feeling to see the
finished product and know you had a large part in it.”
The beauty of design is in the details, and we understand that the - Catalina Streeter
smallest detail can lead to big ideas. Our process of developing Design and Fabrication Project Manager
these lasting impressions begins with a simple sketch. This timeless
practice allows our teams to conceptualize their primary thoughts
and share their point of view which leads to a more refined and
collaborative creation.

Blueprint Studios Magazine 19

A WHOLE Palo Alto Network’s IGNITE Conference with over 3,600 top security expert
NEW WORLD attendees, takes leaps and bounds each year as it revels in the opportunity
to experience new and exciting branding concepts through unique corporate
20 Blueprint Studios Magazine environments.
This year for IGNITE, Blueprint Studios took over the Vancouver Convention
Center for a three day conference with a “Guardians of Cybersecurity” theme fully
equipped with out of this world graphics, an interactive cyber range and colorful
meeting spaces. Continuing with this theme, Blueprint Studios completely
transformed the BC Place Soccer Stadium into a larger than life experience for
attendees. With the largest cable supported retractable roof in the world and
it’s massive 109 x 93 yds field, the BC Place stadium in British Columbia was
transformed into a life sized game board with multiple “New Worlds”. Attendees
walked through a 12 ft tall arch structure set at each carpet color transition to
give the effect of “leveling up” and entry into the start of a new world. Worlds
were fully equipped with color coordinated designer furnishings and experiential
activities including a interactive obstacle course, remote control race cars,
human bumper bubble balls and an inflatable hypercube!

The Vancouver Conference Center and BC Place started out as a blank canvas
for the Blueprint Studios team with the initial challenge of crowd control and
scalability of such massive spaces. Without a proper plan, the spaces would
have been underdeveloped or overwhelming to the point it would be uninviting
and cramped. Unlocking the proper product placement and flow were necessary
to ensure the success of the event.

"Beautiful design is about aesthetics. Powerful
design is about strategy execution. Marrying,
experiential concepts, tactics, purposeful art
direction and market intel is key to corporate
event design success."
- Camila Pinzón,
Creative Business Development Director

Blueprint Studios Magazine 21


22 Blueprint Studios Magazine

“What does Vident stand for...always FROM STRATEGY,TO DESIGN,TO
willing to go the extra mile; from every MARKETING AND PRODUCTION
trade show graphic, to every textile, to REWRITE THE RULES OF VICTORY
every digital wall, it’s victory for brand
recognition." Vident Exhibits is a full service, solution based firm dedicated to offering creative
- Mircea Manea, brand services and experiential event marketing for tradeshows and exhibits.
Principal, Owner
Specializing in the design and production of corporate environments, Vident
combines cutting-edge technology, ingenuity and craftsmanship to manufacture
creative, quality trade show displays, exhibits and empowering activations that
enable exhibitors to engage their customers in the most innovative ways.

We are designers, marketers, architects, artists, and carpenters, building extraordinary
environments to order. We create memorable brand experiences, and thrive on the
biggest challenges. We strive to make every event be a marketing victory to our
clients and we always succeed.


To learn more visit

Blueprint Studios Magazine 23

Northern California
352 Shaw Rd, South San Francisco CA 94080

Phone: 415.922.9004

Southern California
2827 South Santa Fe Ave Vernon, CA 90058

Phone: 855.922.9004

Las Vegas
7900 W Sunset Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89113

Phone: 702.294.0049

St. Helena
955 Vintage Ave. St. Helena, CA 94574

Phone: 707.742.7777


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