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Hatfield Heath Village Magazine September 2017

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September 2017

Hatfield Heath Village Magazine September 2017

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First Social of the Allotment Association

Members of Moat Field Allotment Association held
their first social event in July, when some 30 members
and friends attended a barbeque on site.

Gary Firmstone assisted by Andy Newborough
provided the hot dogs during the afternoon.

Association chairman Mr Roger Breavington said
later “My sincere thanks to all those who came along,
specially to the committee members who helped
organise the event and to Gary for all his hard work
doing the cooking.”

Prize winners from left to right:- Hugo, Aoife,
Isabella & Tiama with Y6 Teacher Mrs G.Jackman

See page 17 to find out about the competition

Association chairman, Roger Breavington (in Gary Waller
green shirt), with some of the visitors.
It is with great sadness that we acknowledge the
Gary and assistant Andy kept the hot dogs coming. death of our friend and ex colleague Gary
Waller who passed away recently. Gary joined
the Parish Council in January 2008 and served
until February 2016.

Gary was a valued member of the council and
served on several working groups including
Affordable Housing and Allotments and his
advice will be missed by all members of the

We send our condolences to Gary’s family.

Mark Lemon

Chairman Hatfield Heath Parish Council

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D 1/12th page cm andscape The losing Captains (Tim the Tall and ohnny
Whatsisname) congratulated the winners
5 per month or 5 for 1 months announcing that they would be back next year
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Copy your advert to the Editor at away Furred and Fecund prizes respectively
and declared it to be han ‘onour to have competed in such a close fought competition.

The competition was complemented by the
weenies, teenies, muvvers, farvers and luvvers
who held a set of impromptu pull-ins. Much
appreciated by The Committee who lost their
match against the (very) much smaller mini
trampoline ladies and who were looking for
divine intervention.

So until next year and beyond

eep on tugging

The ige (of ige(of that Ilk)). Umpire and
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UNITED REFORM CHURCH i, I wonder if through The illage aga ine
I could uash a rumour that seems to be
ESSE CHURCHES RIDE STRIDE circulating the village at present

aturday th eptember 1 atfield eath R is NOT SHUTTING
lease support one of the hurches riders walkers in the
The current minister, Rev am, is leaving us in
forthcoming event. alf of the sponsor s donation will ugust but we have a new inister, Rev lair
irkby, who is oining us from the 1st of
go to your local hurch. eptember.

ontact ean 5. ar from shutting down we are actively building
for the future, with the ever popular riday lub,
The R hurch re uires e tensive Restoration work to
be carried out as soon as possible. omen s eisure our, uncheon lub and many
other activities all taking place at our hurch. e
e are holding the following also have oint ventures with our friends at oly
und Raising events Trinity.

ui night at the URC R ervices take place at 1 . every
unday and are always followed by tea, coffee,
th eptember at the R all. R biscuits and if we are lucky akes. ll villagers are
To be held on aturday at . pm in aid of ontact warmly welcome to oin us, even if you have never
been to church before and ust want to try us out
restoration fund it would be great to see you.
Tickets 5 ring your own ood and Drink.
ohn ackson
ean 5

Concert with the Harlow Brass Band

aturday Evening th ctober in the R hurch

Refreshments will be available

Details from ean on 5

Please support these two events



or age. I TI E
I E T E.


Top folds down for
easy storage.


all 5 5

o to the web address above and you will see a list
of over two and half years of past maga ines .
n the right hand side is the page with a list of
past aga ines. ust click on the issue you wish to


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illage Diary HEALTH WALK


1st ervice of elcome for Rev lair and rs

nn irby ridays 1 am behind the surgery
in the illage all ar ark.
t t ndrews, The tow, arlow.
ondays 1 am ittle allingbury
rd . oly ommunion 1 T illage ar ark

. ll ge ervice T

1 . amily ervice with ommunion R

1 . Evensong T

th 11. for 1 . uncheon lub R

5th tart of new term for atfield eath rimary


th . oly ommunion traditional language ome and oin our friendly group of ladies and men
who en oy listening to a wide range of talks.
e t meeting will be on ednesday th eptember
th . Ride and tride fundraising for Esse 1 at . pm.

hurches ear on the arshes with ob Reed

R hurch 1

1 th . oly ommunion 1 at t ary’s,


. oly ommunion ommon orship


1 . amily ervice ommunion Rev ew embers elcome

lair R Details ean on 5

1 . ervice at The lose

1 th 1 oly ommunion at Robin


ifts available please contact Richard

arnett. Change of deadline

1 th . oly ommunion 1 T Items for the maga ine must be in by the 14th of the
month and preferably before that date.
. atins T
For full information on how to advertise please see
1 . amily ervice R page 3 of the Maga ine

th . oly ommunion traditional From the Maga ine Committee


11. for 1 . uncheon lub R

th . oly ommunion 1 at t ary’s,


. oly ommunion ommon orship


1 . amily ervice R

1 . ervice at The lose

th 1 5 ardening lub WINDOW ON THE PAST

illage all R ommittee Room T A R P Report 12th December 1940
oly Trinity hurch R nited Reform
hurch I Institute chool t 1.1 hours E opposite hurch at atfield
Weekend garden waste skip service
ne unoccupied house badly damaged
Week 1 - the weekend following a black- lidded bin
collection Hatfield Heath Broomfields hurchgate ouse ne t to the Institute
Sunday 13:30 - 14:30

Week 2 - the weekend following a green-lidded bin o casualties.
collection Hatfield Heath Ardley Crescent
Sunday 13:30-14:30


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4. Talk to the person sitting next to you – saying ‘hi’ may be all it takes to start a friendship!

OUT5. Research: find out about the school – there may be a website, or you could try talking to older pupils.

6. Take time getting used to the school: you’ll get to know where everything is so don’t rush!

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onday 17 uly 017 E EF F EE E T


ew night flight rules covering the next five years have been described as a missed opportunity to bring
relief to the tens of thousands of people under Stansted flight paths who regularly suffer from broken
sleep because of overflying aircraft.

According to Stop Stansted Expansion (SSE), the ight Flight estrictions at Stansted Airport, set to be
introduced in ctober, don’t go nearly far enough to tackle the very serious impacts of night flights in
terms of sleep disturbance and adverse health impacts.

The announcement of the new night flights regime followed a government consultation earlier this year
during which more than 90 percent of all responses were made by individuals, communities and environ-
mental groups, with many seeking an outright ban on night flights. In spite of this, more weight has been
given to industry demands than community concerns.

SSE’s noise adviser Martin eachey expressed disappointment at the new rules, saying that it could
have been the opportunity to reduce the harmful impacts of aircraft noise at night: Transport Secretary
Chris Grayling said that he is ‘fully aware that noise is a major concern for those living near Stansted
Airport and that night noise is widely regarded as the most disturbing impact of aviation’, but the new
rules won’t actually lessen the impacts that people will experience, or improve the uality of their sleep
between 11.30pm and 6am.

SSE maintains that local communities around Stansted and under related flight paths should have been
provided with a more e uitable balance of environmental protection. Instead, the Secretary of State has
simply paid lip service to local concerns with his words, choosing to prioritise the economic benefits of
night flights with his actions.

ne aspect of the new rules, however, has been welcomed by SSE. While the Government has decid-
ed to maintain the present 12,000 annual night time movements at Stansted, some 1,700 hitherto ‘ex-
empt’ aircraft will also be added to the numbers. The use of ‘less noisy’ aircraft at night has grown
rapidly in recent years but no account had been taken of their cumulative impact in terms of creating
noise nuisance and impacting on sleep. Under the new arrangements, these previously ‘exempt’ aircraft
will now be recognised and controlled within the overall allowable aircraft movements.

SSE will continue to work to raise awareness of its four key demands to improve conditions for those
who are currently overflown at night in future night flight rules, gathering evidence to press the case for:

• an une uivocal Government commitment to phase out all night flights at Stansted by 2030, ex-
cept in the case of genuine emergencies

• the annual limit on Stansted night flights to apply, not ust from 11.30pm to 6.00am, but from
11.00pm to 7.00am, so that night truly means night , as defined by the World Health rganisation
(WH ) s Guidelines on Community oise

• a radical overhaul of the current averaging method for measuring aircraft noise so that the offi-
cial Government noise statistics start to represent what people actually have to endure

• an immediate ban on all night time aircraft landings at Stansted from using reverse thrust, except
in the case of genuine emergencies.

The publication of the new ight Flight estrictions was announced in a written statement to arliament:
Update on the Airports S and a decision on night flights , available
at: https: government speeches update-on-the-airports-nps-and-a-decision-on-night-flights



J. Day & Son

Station Road, Bishop’s Stortford

Bishop’s Stortford 01279 654 555 “Wendycot”,Chelmsford Road,
Edmonton 0208 807 3712 Hatfield Heath, Bishop’S Stortford, Herts

816016 Dec 2016 Opening Hours
190 Mon - Fri 8am - 5.30pm

Sat 9am - 1pm

Tel: 01279 730 274

[email protected]

Children s Clubs . ridge lub

. uncheon lub for senior citi ens 5 1

. re school 5years 5 . pen offee orning at the Institute

. ittle riends other,baby toddler . ardening lub 5

Thurs . 5 Term time in illage all . istory ociety Ivan ooper 5

ichelle 55 . Royal ritish egion

Elle 5 . ell Ringers 5

. o ingles mths yrs Tel 1 . hoir

. chool ootball lub 1 5 . eisure our 5

. couts 1 5 . Talking ewspapers 51 or 5 5

. ubs hris ancock 1 . eath layers ark Ratcliff 5 1

. rownies 1 hrissie Richards 5

. unday lub oly Trinity . Italian anguage ichelina 15

Tel . panish anguage nn hale 1

. unior arate 1 5 5 . all . obile ibrary ortnightly on ednesdays

. riday lub at R 1 yrs

Tel 1 Other contacts

. armers’ arket 5 5 1 1
. isiting ptician 1 1
. eighbourhood atch

aula.osullivan Tel

. ttlesford adger roup Derek arry

Sport Fitness Groups n call 5 or 1 1 5 1 1

. arate 55 illage all Websites of Groups Clubs Institutions

. ricket lub

. ootball lub 1 . Eden Surgery repeat prescriptions etc
. eep it for over 5 s illage all road ak

on eds . am 15 . School www.hatfieldheath.esse
. H.H Cricket Club
. ootcamp illage all, on ri en hatfieldheathcc
. H.H Football Club - hatfieldfc
omen all ages, shapes si es . Heath Players and
https groups
5 5 heathplayers

. owls illage all Richard ay .BridgeClub...www.hatfieldheathbridgeclub.or
fternoon sessions . Parish Council
. Footpaths
Evening sessions Richard ay Email footpathwarden
. Hatfield Regis History Society -
. ealth alk in atfield eath ri 1 . am

eet outside . surgery 1

. ealth alk in . allingbury on 1

eet at . illage car park 51

Air Training Corps 309
Sawbridgeworth S uadron

ATC H Cutforth Road Sawbridgeworth
Email atc


Hatfield Heath Fed up with Lawn Treatment Service
moss and weed?
Are Available for
I offer:-
Children’s Parties •Regular lawn feeds
•Weed and moss treatment
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Classes etc., etc.,

PREFERENTIAL RATES luebell orest School
Pre School (2-5 years) & Holiday Club (3-10 years)
AND Matching Tye Village Hall & private secure 56 wood.
LOCAL RESIDENTS [email protected]

For Details Telephone TREE SERVICES

01279 730 544 • RFeedlluincgtioHned••geTPchruuitnntininnignggand•• Shaping
Registered Charity No. 268367 • Stump Removal

STEVE WEST - shaping
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● Residential or Commercial
● Regular Cleans or Just The One Off!! Tel: 07940 231 964 or 01279 730 659
● Conservatory Cleaning Email: [email protected]
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ET A C U C EET Friday Club.
U C all ed 6th epte er Friday Club is as the name suggests, a club run
7: 0p on a Friday evening for the young people (7-12
years old) of Hatfield Heath and surrounding
It is held Friday evenings 7pm – 9pm in the URC
Parish Clerk - Ernie Fenwick.................. 730 770 Church Hall, Chelmsford Road,Hatfield Heath.
Email : ............. [email protected] Its nightly membership is £5.00.

Mark Lemon Chairman ........................... 730 581 Tracy Sykes Club Leader
Telephone: 07803 273083
District ouncillor Email: [email protected]

Vice Chairman Mark Bissell ..............… . 730 376 LUNCHEON CLUB
onday th eptember 11. 1 .
Robert Jones................................................ 730 741
ednesday th eptember 11. 1 .
Nigel Robley............................................... 730 568
All over 55s welcome Transport available.
Chris Overton........................................... 731 036 Ring Judy 01279 730 581

Geoff Owen… 444 988




PCSO Simon Horne

Email [email protected]

Essex Police Non Emergency.................101

Emergency ............................................. 999

DOCTORS Broomfields........................ 01279 730 616 Registered Charity Number 1051491
DOCTOR Broad Oak............................ 01279 718 245
DOCTOR Sawbridgeworth.................. 01279 603 180
THE SAMARITANS.......................... 01920 464 099
Buffy Playbus visits
HATFIELD HEATH C.P. SCHOOL.....01279 730 382
PRE-SCHOOL....................................... 01279 730 354 The Heath, HATFIELD HEATH. CM22 7EB

TUESDAYS 9.30am - 11am

HOLY TRINITY To send your letters /articles/ reports /photographs
Vicarage Office....................................... 01279 730 288 Email :- [email protected]
Or contact the Editor
Eileen Ashworth ..................................... 01279 730 610
For advertising :email - [email protected]
Diane Barnett .- PCC Secretary............... 01279 730 425
Editor ary tewart 1 11
URC Rev Sam - Phone........................... 01279 453 781 Treasurer el ullivan 1 1
URC Secretary - Betty Bennett.............. 01279 508 455 1
Village Volunteers when you need help..07944 748 478 ecretary ean larke 1
Distributor ichael ockley 1 5
1 5
hairman rendan arrig
rinted by rintand ind

MOBILE LIBRARY lease note that the atfield eath aga ine is a
non profit organisation and everyone involved in
Visits Fortnightly on Wednesdays its production works on a voluntary basis.

roomfields Arrives Leaves DISCLAIMER: The Editor and rinters do not
The lose 1.5 15. 5 take responsibility for the information given or
The eath 15. 1. views e pressed in the atfield eath illage
1.5 1.5
aga ine. or is any culpability accepted in
work carried out by any of the advertisers.


HIRE UR CHURCH HALL FOR Luxury Toilet Hire (UK) Ltd
Toilet trailers (both luxury and party
You can hire the hall for children's parties range), single event portable and
£10.50 / hour Tel :01279 730 581 disabled units available for hire.
or call 01279 504 638

Your local service provider for all liquid waste
removal, including cesspits and sep c tanks

.......Matching Neighbours.......

Dog Walking/Day Care, Cat Feeding Gardenz

Maintenance, Home Watch Visits Contact

‘The Neighbours’ Est’d in 2000

Ask us to look after your pets for regular or one-off

dog walks and general pet care.Plants watered,

housCe ocanllvsFe&urllcsyhiioencsnkussr.e,LdBo-caRatelhfreerrsoeidnoecmnestssp,srioKnvciiedtce1dh9.9e9ns
PhPonlae sRoteberirnt &g,AnBdrriecwkowno01r2k7,9D73e1c5o37raorting

Email: [email protected]

Our Tearoom is located in pond lane HEATHIf HyoAuYwAoNuDldSTliRkAeWto

in the beautiful village of Hatfield advertise in the magazine,

Heath with a lovely view overlooking the green. We serve afternoon tea’s, a large selection of orTdreardsitoiofcn5ha0ol bosamsleeaslflroborammleost,rhefer.eE4evlseoinzciaenlsgdo&efliawvederveykeoernntsd
deslihvoerwiens iunsutahlelympaosgsaibzlien.e and
freshly baked home made cakes using high quality ingredients. High quality coffee and a variety of Tel 07976801062

other drinks including luxury hot chocolate and ice cream milkshakes. contact us. To find out about our rates,
Michael Hockletye,rmFrsiaarsnFdacrmon, dHiattifoinelsd, Heath
We also provide the below services -
Celebration cakes - Please contact us with your requirements and we can help design a cake the www.phleeaathsheaaypapndlystrbaywe.cmo.auikl to
fits your budget and needs.
[email protected]
Afternoon Tea Party’s - perfect for Baby showers, hen do’s Birthday treats or just for a special treat

Children’s Parties and cupcake/cookie decorating events - Various Party package options with
some including a visit from a princess of your choice.

Tel - Lizzie 07930913388 Kara 07477577318
E-mail - [email protected]
Address - Unit 6 Pond Lane , Heath View , Hatfield Heath , CM22 7AB


Uttlesford Frontline – There was no meeting in July but we did have
easy access to local help two events. The first one was an open garden
evening at Diane & Richard's with wine & nib-
and support bles. The weather, fortunately, was fine, the
wine was good and everyone enjoyed the
Volunteer advisers at Citizens Advice can help evening. Diane had an unidentified plant growing
with all sorts of problems, from difficulty in the wrong place, nobody could identify it so
accessing the correct benefit entitlements to help Diane photographed it and sent a picture to the
with budgeting and money worries, problems with R.H.S..
housing to employment issues. However we
don’t always have the resources or specialist It was identified as Water Figwort, normally
knowledge to help with all aspects of an issue – grows in damp ground, where did it come from
for example we can’t provide emotional support, and where is the water - needless to say it is now
specific health advice, befriending services or in the compost.
financial support. In these circumstances we
refer or signpost people to other local Later in the month we had an outing to Wisbech
organisations that can offer the dedicated support to Elgood Brewery Garden and Peckover House.
that people need. The beer was good and so was the garden, ex-
cept that there was a slight drizzle which didn't
To do this our advisers use ‘Uttlesford Frontline’ - show the garden at its best. After lunch when we
a website which lets them easily locate and link to walked up to Peckover House the rain had
over 100 health and wellbeing services operating stopped so walking round the garden was a real
locally. These range from support services for pleasure. Needless to say many came home with
children and families with disabilities to plants - where do you put them when you get
counselling and mediation services, carer home?
support, learning through play opportunities, help
to get people back into work or help for people Our next meeting is on Wednesday, 26 Septem-
affected by substance use and misuse. ber with the subject being “ A Volunteer with a
View”, the speaker being a volunteer at R.H.S.
Frontline is also available to the general public – Hyde Hall.
so if you are having a difficult time and want to
find out what help is available, go to Richard Barnett .
Thank you to Richard and Diane for opening up their
For each service you can print off a fact sheet garden to the club again this year and providing
giving contact details, opening hours and refreshments.
information about how the service works and who
is eligible. There is always something new to look at, admire and

Visit the website for more information or call generally envy! I usually come back from there with

01799 618855. If you don’t have access to some idea or another, usually to dig an offending plant
the internet and need help to find a local
service call Uttlesford Citizens Advice on up and replace it with something I’ve coveted from
01799 618840.

Uttlesford Citizens Advice. Barnards Yard,
CB11 4EB

T: 01799 618840
E: [email protected]

Saffron Walden 9.30 to 3.30 M.T.Th.F.
(appointments available Weds)
Great Dunmow 9.30 to 3.30 T. W. Th.
Stansted Mountfitchet 9.30 to 12.30 Tuesday
(appointments only)

their garden! Editor



For over 30 years we have been DOMESTIC & INDUSTRIAL
carrying out local, national and ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS
overseas relocations for personal
and business clients. We Hutley Electrical offers a full range of
understand that everyone's move is Electrical Services and has been
different and that is why we tailor established for over 20 years.
our service to each individual From House re-wires to Industrial/
customers needs. Commercial projects we pride ourselves
Kings Removals was set up as and still on offering a competent, polite, tidy
runs as a family business today. Great emphasis is put on customer professional service and endeavour to
satisfaction and this is why a high percentage of our work comes from work with the minimum of disruption to
recommendations and repeat business. you wherever possible.

**We are a full member of the NICEIC
and have been for many years.** Call Bob now for a free quotation
TEL: 01279 722 351 or
MOBILE: 07774 941 668


Hatfield Regis
Local History Society

President: William Gosling, Lord of the Manor

An end of term presentation was given to Year 6 Pupils You could be doing something for Hatfield Heath
at Hatfield Heath Community Primary School when that
certificates and prizes were awarded. Judges Frank Walsh you would find really satisfying............
and Ivan Cooper accompanied by Chairman David Parish Becoming a Victim Support Volunteer might be
congratulated the Pupils on their efforts in completing just right for you
an essay project. This is the sixth year that with the Learn how to give emotional support and practical
cooperation of the School an opportunity for all Year 6 help to fellow villagers who have suffered from
to be involved in an essay completion has taken place. crime
Twenty eight Pupils took part and three prizes and one Spare just four to six hours each week in return for
commendation were awarded. The awards, given this full training and out of pocket expenses - it won't
year were in the form of vouchers redeemable at cost you a penny
Footprint, The Stag, Hatfield Heath, for £20, £15 and You should be at least eighteen years old (no upper
£10. age limit) with good IT skills and an enthusiasm to
help others
Prize winners from left to right:- Hugo, Aoife, Isabella For a friendly chat, please contact :
& Tiama with Y6 Teacher Mrs G.Jackman Julie Binsted, Victim Services Delivery Manager
at [email protected]
The certificates signed by William Gosling, Lord of the
Manor, provide an additional incentive for the Pupils when Come and help make your Village even better!
changing from Primary to Secondary School. The WW II
subject covered a wide range from the Pupils providing Hatfield Regis Local HiStory Society
interesting, colourful and in several cases emotional Programme 2017
content. Evacuees, letters from love ones, horrors of the
concentration camp and bombing raids were just some of Tuesday 19 September
the ideas portrayed. The Pupils had shown a particular
interest in the POW Camp 116 situated at Mill Lane and Tuesday 17 October
arrangements were made to show a DVD presentation to –
reinforce some of their curriculum work. They showed
great interest as previously they had only seen the camp Tuesday 21 November
from the outside where the DVD provided background and
images of the interior. Tuesday 19 December

The Society and School are pleased that the project will
continue and plans are
already established for
2018.Thanks were offered
on behalf of the Society to
the School, Year 6
Teacher and Staff for their
continued cooperation,
support and assistance in
promoting the project.

Frank Walsh and Ivan


lunch for £10pp.

Plastering, Brickwork, Decorating
Chesnut Drive Hatfield Heath
UnMliemoniuhtteeothdrmWt-awteeeimnaadmtanaedeenriensdndtgccajauo2yksffcet2e£so2e2nua,d0srnsaMdPenesasdcrrawcoPnihnecderhsseyo.sonau. nr d HanIfdyyoumwoaunld liSkeetrovices
WJeudstn£e1s0daPeyr 2P6etrhsoAnpril advertise in the magazine, Furniture need assembling?
Wednesday 24th May
D-Day Cabarets  Shelves or pictures need hanging?
5th 6th and 8th June
Don’t Forget Our New lunch time menu/ Light choose froRBmlaidntidhasteonr4eceodsviefzritsetnisneoged?fiandstvaellrintgs?
Don’t forget Sunday LuBnitcehs£21.95 for 4courses or shown DSinomortahnlleepeldmuhmaabngiganigznijgonboe?r aplnanding?

Lunch is ser£ve11d aTumesadianyc–oFuridrsaey! 12pm-2pm contact us. TJNoetefewidnansdhewionulgigt? hatsbfoitutetdo? ur rates,
terNmosodadnjodb ctooonsmdiatlilons,
• Interior & Exterior decoration
• carried out to a high specification. Locapl rleesaidseenCtaowpnitptahlcyt15Sbcyyoetaetrms eaxpilertieonce
• Full public liability.
• 30 yrs Experience hatfiel0d12h7Ne9oa7c3at1llh1s0am4ftear [email protected]
• Ceilings papered.
• Wall coverings and wall paper hung

No job too large or too small

Contact Steve.
Phone : 01279 724 805 Mobile : 07836 588 886

E-mail: [email protected]
Address: Field View, Sheering, Herts.

Airport transfer specialist

Prices from Hatfield Heath, Sheering or Sawbridgeworth :-

Heathrow £72.00

Gatwick £84.00

London City £44.00

Luton £53.00

Southend £55.00

Above prices are for saloon car.
Prices for estate cars, MPV’s and 8 passenger Mini Buses please call

01279 888050

or visit our website:-
alternatively send e-mail to:- [email protected]

Special prices for London day or night out
£139.00 return (1-4 passengers)
£169.00 return (5-8 passengers)

The Stansted Taxi Company


Trees are an essential part of what makes the landscape of the Hundred Parishes so
distinctive, as silhouettes on the horizon or adding to the pleasing appearance of a garden, tree-lined street or
churchyard. Trees enhance our lives, they frame a view, produce oxygen and give shelter from excessive sun or wind.
They absorb carbon dioxide, help reduce flood risk and provide fuel and timber. Certain species furnish us with fruits
or nuts and all support various forms of wildlife.

In the year 1217, the Charter of the Forest recognized the importance of woodland when King Henry III re-established
the right of free men to forage for food and to graze their animals.

The Woodland Trust is leading a project to highlight the importance of trees today through a new ten-point Charter
for Trees, Woods and People. This is intended to guide UK policy and practice and will be launched on 6th November
2017, the 800th anniversary of the Charter of the Forest. I encourage you to review and, hopefully, sign up to the
Charter via the website

One way to appreciate trees is to take a leisurely walk in the local countryside. There are a number of suggested routes
on our website, whilst Hatfield Forest, run by the National Trust, has some 2 square miles of ancient forest to explore.
Tricia Moxey, Trustee


Our fingers are crossed for a sunny Indian summer, in particular for our Apple Day on 17 September. We will be
joined by Bishop’s Stortford Ukelele Band and will have apple activities in the walled kitchen garden. There, the
new fruit trees, grass and box hedging have flourished with all the rain. for our tombola stall. The East of England
Apple and Orchards Association and Uttlesford Beekeepers will also join us on Apple Day. So we hope to see you
there…g ates open as usual from 11.30 to last entry 4.30pm.
As we extend the restored areas in the gardens and welcome more visitors our challenges in maintaining our work
increases – so please do consider joining our happy band of volunteers – gardening or helping at open days. Contact
us through our website; Facebook page ; or on 01371 876979.
Jill Goldsmith
August 2017



t lare ospice

n 1 ugust astingwood based charity, t lare ospice, celebrated putting their new shop donations van on the
road. s part of a new furniture donation drive, the hospice charity is currently seeking a local business to sponsor
the cost of the new van graphics in return for advertising space on the van.

The new van is vital in ensuring the retail arm of the charity runs efficiently with the drivers covering more than
1 , miles every year across est Esse and East erts, collecting donations and making deliveries to the os
pice’s eight shops. The charity also offers a free furniture collection service across their catchment area, with the
sale of donated furniture making a vital contribution to the retail team’s half a million pound annual target.

peaking about the opportunity to sponsor the van, iona Eaton said ur van travels more than 1 , miles
around est Esse and East erts every year offering the perfect advertising opportunity for a local business, big
or small, to get their logo displayed across the patch. The van collects furniture donations which last year contrib
uted 1 , to our total income, which is enough to fund more than , visits by our ospice at ome nursing
assistants. o by supporting this arm of the hospice’s retail team, you will be making a real difference to local peo
ple in need as well as aligning your business with a beloved local charity.

t lare is particularly looking to receive donations of sofas and armchairs dining tables and chairs occasional
tables and uality bookcases wardrobes, dressing tables and chests of drawers and divans with mattresses. lease
note t lare can only accept soft furnishings that have fire labels attached. ee their website for details of the
items which can be accepted.

To book your furniture collection, call 1 or book online at furniture

To find out more about sponsoring the new van, and aligning your business with t lare, contact the ead of Re

tail, iona Eaton on 1 or email iona.eaton

C Appeal for olunteers

Where Does Water Go? Project for 2017-18.

Essex County Council have asked us to help them gather information on watercourses and
drainage systems around our arish so that they may capture and map a true picture of the
state of these and how the flooding we are all too familiar with occurs.
We are therefore looking for volunteers to take part in surveying and gathering the
information. Half a day training will be organised for next month and assistance will be
provided when we first go out. The surveying will be carried out between September
and March when vegetation has died back

Information we gather will be used by the Waterways Group to monitor the condition of all of
the systems in the parish and allow measures to be taken to ensure that they are properly
monitored and kept clear and free of obstruction.
I am volunteering myself and would really like a few people to help me do this important
work. If you are able to spare a bit of casual time could you please contact me directly on
01279 730568 or e-mail me at [email protected].

Thanks in advance.
Cllr igel obley

C arish Foru

lease note that the next arish Forum is on aturday, epte er 9, when we will be available
between 10am and noon in the Village Hall to listen to all your issues and hopefully provide answers

21 1

 Smart Phone/Tablet configuration and setup
 Network Installation - Fixed and Wireless
 Internet - Email - Broadband
Virus Protection and Spyware removal

Web: Office: 01279 912345

OUTEmail: [email protected] Mobile: 07958 482889

If you would like to

advertise in the magazine,

choose from the 4 sizes of adverts
shown in the magazine and

contact us. To find out about our rates,
teTrhmiss sapnadcecoisn1d/i1t2iothns,

Shpolueladsyeoauppwlaynbt ytoeamdaveilrttiose,

hapltefasieeeldmhaiel:ahthmhamgaaccgo@[email protected] k


Tone and Strengthen your
whole body with a combination
of Pilates and Ballet exercises.

No experience necessary.
Hatfield Heath Village Hall
19 Mondays 10.30am-11.15am

£5.00 per class.
all Sid Perry on
7 9 72 2



ED T . WEDNESDAY 2nd AUGUST 2017 I T E atfield eath R






The following items were raised by members of the public

•Request from Hunters Meet for a bucking bronco to be installed for a wedding on Saturday 25th
August between 6pm to 8pm. This will be an individual event. Approved

•Cutting of verges along Sawbridgeworth Road under the fences. Clerk to contact J Kenney
•There appears to be ragwort on the wildlife area and in Mill Lane.
•Superfast Broadband is now available to the whole village as the cabinet outside the Police House is

now active. Residents may need to contact BT for service.
•Objections to Aspen House Planning Application as it will be overbearing to the adjacent property.

Many details in the application are inaccurate and inconsistent. Windows are being moved to the
side elevation from the rear elevation which results in a lack of privacy. The existing property
has not been maintained since the owner died around 4 ½ years ago and is overgrown and has
large heaps of rubbish left on the site
•There is a complaint that a car repair business is being carried out at Chantry Mead.
•Michael Hockley thanked ML in his absence for his support on the reinstatement of Church Road.
•Litter which may well have drug user implications around the benches in Barkers Lane. Clerk to ask
handyman to clear away the rubbish.






•BJ is a member of SSE





a. Correspondence Received and Circulated
i. tansted irport E pansion lans

ii. ffordable ousing ite ppraisal

iii. D lanning eeting genda for 1

iv. D ousing Register information on registration

Continued: on next page



v. EALC Evening Planning briefing
vi Willow tree needing pollarding in Dunmow Road
vii. SSE Press release re night flights
viii. Request for grant for Leisure Hour
vix. Consultation on Uttlesford draft Regulation 18 Local Plan
x. Guidebook to the Hundred Parishes

a. Correspondence Sent
i. Parish Council response to Scoping Report to Stansted Airport
ii. Removal of fence to Open Space West Hayes
iii. Bidwells re Willow tree needing pollarding in Dunmow Road
iv. Request for grant for repairs to Church Road to Lych Gate



The motion to make a grant to the atfield eath festival 1 was deferred until ne t month.
alance of ccount will be 1 . 1 after authorisation of the following payments.
R reported that he had not received any notification from nity Trust ank regarding authorisation.
lerk to pursue with the bank.

Hatfield Hall Village Trust Subscriptions 36.00
CPRE Subscriptions 72.00
RCCE Grass Cutting 1233.28
PW May Play Area Open Space 217.75
P Graves Website Maintenance 20.00
E Fenwick Expenses 71.06
Clerk Salaries
Staff PAYE


a. Decisions by UDC Planning Dept.

i. Beauchamp Lodge Chelmsford Road Hatfield Heath UTT 17 173 CLP Proposed rear roof dormer


ii. Alcester Chelmsford Road Hatfield Heath UTT 17 1427 HHF Demolition of the existing single storey side
extension and replacement with a two-storey side extension. APPROVED

b. Applications

i. Millside, Stortford Road Hatfield Heath UTT 17 14 0 FUL Demolition of existing outbuildings and
proposed construction of 5 new dwellings with garaging in the grounds of Millside, and the addition of a
detached garage to the existing house with a new access to be formed to serve Millside and Plot 1.
OBJECT on grounds of inadequate drainage provision, overdevelopment of the site and exacerbation of
access problems to the A1060

ii. Braybrook Chelmsford Road Hatfield Heath UTT 17 1 64 FUL Demolition of existing bungalow
replacement with 1 no. 2 storey dwelling. OBJECT on grounds of not fulfilling previous refusals.

iii. Aspen House Sawbridgeworth Road Hatfield Heath UTT 17 1877 HHF Proposed demolition of existing

single storey side and rear extensions, erection of new single storey side and rear extensions and dormer

window to rear elevation. OBJECT on grounds of failure to submit accurate drawings which are not

representative of the proposals and invasion of privacy to neighbouring property. A number of buildings

shown on the drawings are no longer in existence. Continued: on page 26



1913. Casual vacancy
has spoken to an interested candidate who will attend the arish ouncil meeting ne t month. R has spoken to

someone who may be interested and will follow up.

R and the lerk attended a meeting with llr and Rissa ong from E ighways regarding heering Road

speeding, footpath clearance, speed survey in awbridgeworth Road and signpost replacement.
The island outside the tag will be reduced in si e by E ighways within this financial year.

1915 Village Green
roposal to place planters on the island outside The hite orse. andyman is prepared to maintain the planters. lerk

to research costs.

1916. Stansted airport will be starting ne t year. will
lanes are definitely lower over the village in the last several months. lights to

write to the ecretary of tate and the new .

1917. WILDLIFE AREA ay regarding the conservation area.
The ponds have been tidied up and we have to agree works with

1918. Flooding
R is working on the flooding scheme and is placing an article in the maga ine asking for volunteers to help with a

flooding survey.

1919. Parking
lanning permission is re uired and needs the iodiversity uestionnaire completed.
illage barrier uotation is acceptable and will instruct the works to proceed.
hite van for sale parked on the hite orse island.
R has developed a sign for residents to be allowed parking overnight in the village car park. This to be forwarded to

the lerk for laminating.

1920. Council Representatives llr
representative is re uired for Transport and the ffordable ousing working group following the resignation of

It was proposed that llr wen be asked to oin the ffordable ousing working group.
volunteered to take over the Transport portfolio

1921. Reports from members on meetings attended

attended the illage all anagement ommittee meeting. The atfield eath estival will be on the th une
arish orum had three members of the public raising issues. This is proving popular and will be continued.
The footpath from the doctors surgery to o ey, and the entrance to the pen pace at o ey are overgrown. lerk
to ask the handyman to clear.
The road and footpath from the bungalows at the rear of the illage all to the 1 is an issue of ownership.
Report of car scrapping business on the est side at the end of atching Road opposite riars ane.
verhanging branch at eehive ourt.
peed limit on heering Road and the inconsistency of speed limits on the roads through the village.
Dissatisfaction with the information provided by the tansted irport e hibition.

1922. Matters to be raised by members for the next Agenda
rant for the atfield eath estival 1 . ffordable ousing. eighbourhood atch

1923. Dates of next meetings

th eptember , th ctober , 1st ovember

eeting losed at 51pm


in Bach, endelssohn and T IE D RE I IET ET R
Chilcott ith Bishops tortford E

Choral ociety this co in The ar emorials of atfield Regis 5
season ddendum The isremembered en 1
. . amp 11 5
In the coming season, from eptember 1 The tag 5
to uly 1 ishop’s tortford horal Eden ottage ospital 1
umps ells of atfield eath 5
ociety will sing ach’s ass in minor, ontact Ivan ooper 1 5
endelssohn’s Eli ah and some Elgar,
hitacre and hilcott.

The horal ociety has over singers but
aims to e pand further so it can sing the
biggest choral works. It is always open to
new members and has its ne t open
rehearsal on 14 September at 8.00 pm at
Water Lane United Reformed Church in
Bishop s Stortford. There is no audition for
new members so why not give it a try

The horal ociety is going from strength to
strength under the usical Direction of
Richard rain. It sang andel’s Di it
Dominus and our oronation nthems with
the ishops tortford infonia at its uly
concert ndrew ruce, ead of usic at

ishops tortford ollege, said he was
impressed that the horal ociety had
successfully tackled such a demanding
repertoire. e said the choir’s energy and
enthusiastic and compelling delivery kept the
audience on the edge of their seats to the last
notes of the Di it. e considered the ociety
sang the our oronation nthems with
delightful contrast, ending with a fresh
rending of adok the riest.

The horal ociety rehearses on Thursday
evenings at the nited Reform hurch
between eptember and uly, performing
three concerts a year.

or more information go to


M e r c h a n tN a v y D a y

O v e r th e w e e k e n d o f S a tu r d a y 2ⁿd & S u n d a y 3 r d S e p te m b e r p u b l i c o ffic e s w i l l fly th e
R e d E n si g n a s S e p te m b e r 3 r d h a s b e e n m a r k e d M e r c h a n t N a v y D a y c h o se n a s th e
d a y i n 1 9 3 9 , th e first d a y o f W W 2 , w h e n S S A th e n a th e first m e r c h a n t sh i p to b e to r p e d o e d , su n k w i th
th e l o ss o f 1 2 8 p a sse n g e r s a n d c r e w .
F o r th i s r e a so n I w i l l h o i st a R e d E n si g n o n th e w a r m e m o r i a l , b y k i n d p e r m i ssi o n o f th e B r i tish Le g i o n ,
a t 1 1 a m o n S a tu r d a y 2 n d S e p te m b e r a n d w o u l d w e l c o m e a n y su p p o r t a n d n a m e s o f m e r c h a n t
se a m e n w h o h a v e ‘ c r o sse d th e b a r ’ to b e r e a d i n a r o l l o f h o n o u r . “Salum et Carinae Pigora
Vitae” S a l t, se a a n d sh i p s sh a l l b e th e m e a n s o f o u r sa l v a tion (m o tto o f th e R o y a l I n stitu tion of N a v a l
A r c h i te c ts) . S ta n d a r d b e a r e r s f r o m th e B r i tish Le g i o n , P a r i sh C o u n c i l a n d R e v D a w n J e w so n h a v e
p l e d g e d th e i r su p p o r t.

C l l i r C h r i s O v e r to n B S c A M R I NA (re tire d )

Wanted: Polite, reliable, hard working, Saturday
boy or girl to help with grass cutting, raking up leaves,
stacking hay and straw, washing cars, collecting logs etc.
Would suit anyone 13 yrs and over. Pay according to age
and ability.
Hrs 8.30am - 12.30pm every Saturday.
Please contact Michael Hockley on 07976801062,
e-mail [email protected] or call
round to Friars Farm and knock on the door!

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