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Hatfield Heath Village Magazine March 2009

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March 2009

Hatfield Heath Village Magazine March 2009

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Village Magazine


Hatfield Heath Pre-School HOLY TRINITY CHURCH

A Night of Frog Racing In The Institute
Saturday 14th March
in aid of raising funds for the new
Pre-School Building Re-location Project 7.00pm for 7.30pm start
Tables of 6 - entry £6.50
Saturday 14th March 2008 at 7.30pm PLOUGHMAN’S SUPPER
in the Village Hall To book your table contact

After the success of last years Horse Racing Night, Lesley 01279 870 390

we are holding another Race night, HOLY TRINITY CHURCH 150TH
but this time we’re racing Frogs! ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATIONS

Test your skill as you flip your frog along the Come and hunt for Easter Eggs!
race-track,but don’t let it flip over!
It’s a night of racing with a difference!
Plenty of inter-action, with as little as £1 bets HOLY TRINITY CHURCHYARD

can be placed on every race &
the winner of each race will go into
‘The Hatfield Heath Pre-School

Frog Race Grand Final’

Tickets £10.00 Easter Sunday
APRIL 12TH 11 o’clock
(including a basket meal)
A licensed bar will be available for EASTER EGG HUNT ENTRY FORM
Steve Foster Wine, Beer & Soft Drinks
Names and ages of those taking
Book your tickets now as part_____________________________
tickets will be limited
Contact telephone
To book tickets, for more information or number______________________
if your company wishes to sponsor a race,

please contact

Sara Joiner-Jarrett on 01279 731 189

Thank you
for your continued support of our fundraising.


On a Monday evening to drive a Please send entry forms and entry fees to
mini-bus with 'Special Needs ' The Vicarage, Broomfields.CM22 7EH
adults, taking them to or from
their Club at David Livingstone Further information from Eileen (730610)
House, Potter St. Harlow. or Lesley (870390)

Please contact Derek Millen 01279 730 539

Village Website : Email: [email protected]



The Aliens
have Landed Icicle Sculpture above the Co-Op


I shouldn't have had that last Snowball!!

(Snowball - A drink popular in the 60's- advocaat and lemonade)

Independent co-educational Happy to be alive
day school and nursery slim Snowman
for 2 - 11 year olds
Plane Watching
Creating Opportunities
Realizing Potential

Living Life to the Full!

Call us today on 01279 657 706 Happy to be alive Fat Snowman The sign says "Antartica"

Superior Tuition

Former Deputy Headteacher
very effective at raising standards

Reading techniques coached; books loaned
Clearly taught NC maths

Quality of writing and handwriting improved
SATs, 11+ and Common Entrance
Weekly follow-up activities

01279 600 102

Denise Loomes

King’s Thursday, 2 Rowney Gardens, Sawbridgeworth, CM21 0AT

[email protected]

Very smart Snowmen STICKY FINGERS

Doing his Exercises ForPWpSaaitnorrteiynntgeitms eanhSdticcDakaArirnepigrvnsrkwoesinthsacPfShlnaipinuylddgdrrioneounBgngvhaiisgdedcdeu1do5itSmsW!
Two Warm!? Snowmen
Every Friday during term time
Hatfield Broad Oak Village Hall 9.30am to 10.30am
Little Hallingbury village Hall 1.30pm to 2.30pm

Phone Ali 01279 718 632 Caroline 07802 896 328 or pop in
come along and join us !!!

This Snowman had real Hobbs Cross Road
mother of pearl buttons Old Harlow

CM17 0NJ

Tel. 01279 429 910

Tamara waited 2 years for a decent snowman & Saint Nicholas
2 came along on the same day! A small independent school,
3 located in
Churchgate Street, Old Harlow

We take pupils from Reception
through to Year 11

• Small class

• Wide range of
curricular and

• Extensive

• Heated pool


Seen in snow next
to churchyard

Domestic & Dear Bruno
I note with interest the survey on a bus shelter outside the
Commercial Specialised Security tearoom, have the powers that be ever been on a bus?
Manufacturing Ltd The existing shelter opposite the Stag is never swept out,
A few Examples: the ageing outside wood seats are always soaking wet so
Ornate Gates you are unable to sit down, the other shelter opposite Mill
Lane is in a similar state with disgusting graffiti on the
Railings/Fencing wall that has been there for years and no seat inside.
I sympathise with the Tea Room and agree that the view
Shutters of the green would be rather spoilt from their aspect.
Instead of all the trivia of picket fences, flower signs and
Radio Controlled shelters, maybe get down to some important issues like
more dog poo bins (twice recently I saw someone drop
Systems their poo bags down a drain in the village).
Perhaps lean on the Co-op to tidy up the side of their
01371 874 600 premises. And most important of all think of an alternative
to the 30 mph signs, people still race through our village
Unit 3 Station Yard Industrial Estate, Great Dunmow, Essex at an alarming rate. Yours Sincerely
Steven Amery
JLY Bookkeeping Services
Hello Steven
Call Jaime Yardley AICB (Comp) The reason the bus shelter question came up was
because Essex Count y Council is offering grants for
ICB Certificated & Sage Qualified - Self-Employed, bus shelters hence the question from the parish
Council , "do we need one?"
Sole Traders & Small Businesses - VAT Returns When the 30mph signs were put up Highways were
supposed to also install engineering measures
Year End – Profit & Loss Friendly & Efficient Service speed restrictions (centre islands etc.)

Home - 01279 877 957
Mobile – 07512 688 373

[email protected]

Professional Indemnity Insurance and a Computerised 4446
Associate Member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

continued on nexr page............

Broad Oak Consultants

IT Solutions for everyone

Established 1993 Home & Business

Broadband • Sales • Networks • Repairs
• Upgrades • Web Design • Programming
Supplier • Databases • PC Systems • Training

• Internet • E-mail • Virus Protection

01279 718 596

Email: [email protected]


The following is an excerpt from the minutes in last Heath Computers
months magazine
“County Cllr Susan Barker in attendance. Made no For all your IT needs
report but was questioned regarding engineering
measures within the 30 mph zone. Cllr Sullivan pointed Whether you run a business, or are a home user,
out the history of options on the scheme and we are Heath Computers has an IT solution to suit your requirements
extremely frustrated at the lack of progress and the
apparent removal of the engineering measures from the • IT Solutions for home or office
locally determined budget. Cllr Barker will look into this • Web Design (CGI / PHP / Java Scripts )
and report back.” • PC Repairs / Upgrades
The subject of whether we need another bus shelter • Network Installation - Fixed and wireless
has highlighted the need for a clean up in the • Internet, E-mail, Broadband
existing bus shelters . You will see in the advert • Virus Protection and Spyware removal
below The Parish Council are asking for someone to • Data Recovery
take on the job of looking after the Bus Shelters. As
far as the dog owners go they have a few bins Web: Mob: 07958 482 889
around the village and anyway what’s wrong with Email: [email protected] Fax: 08715 227 252
taking it home it’s part of the fun of owning a dog.
Bruno Curtains
Made to measure by
All types of Curtains & Matching Accessories
W e h a ve tw o bu s sh e lt e rs in H a t f ie ld H e a th an d
Made to measure
th e Pa r is h C o u n c il w ou ld lik e to h a ve th em
Telephone:01279 730 608
c le an ed on a re gu la r ba s is .
32 Broomfields, Hatfield Heath, Herts. CM22 7EH
If yo u a re in te re s te d in do in g th is w o rth w h i le jo b
P le a se co n ta ct th e Pa r is h C le rk
on 0 12 7 9 730 7 70 to d is c u ss d e ta i ls
For local, friendly advice contact Paul Dixon

MIND YOUR KIDS!!! Wallburys, Stortford Road, Hatfield Heath, CM22 7DL

I am writing this article after experiencing ongoing Tel: 01279 739 076
vandalism for last 9 yrs, from youngsters, who do not
seem to have a family or parents. If they had someone Email: [email protected]
in the family who would question their whereabouts
in the middle of the night or late in the evening, then
I may not have been writing this. MILES COMPUTER SERVICES

In my opinion these young kids need some activity ALL YOUR COMPUTER PROBLEMS SOLVED
to keep them busy, so that they do something
constructive. Why can’t they do some community • Repairs & troubleshooting
service, litter picking or be the ½ hr helpers??? There
are enough needy & elderly people who can do with • Wireless networks (WIFI)
some help! It is our duty as parents to be good role • Viruses and Spyware
models & guides!
• Internet and e-mail set up
The parents turn a blind eye & the police do not have
time to waste on small incidents like egg throwing, • Upgrades No fix - no fee!
breaking play equipment or throwing snow balls on


It is sad to think that these children are our future HIRE UR CHURCH HALL FOR
generation, who have no respect for other people or BIRTHDAY PARTIES
their property. I wish the PARENTS would do
something to prevent their children from You can hire the hall for children's parties
overcrowding the prisons or having ASBOs. £9.50 / hour

Name Supplied Tel :01279 730 581



RELIABLE & EXPERIENCED One of the signs that late winter is evolving into early
spring is the appearance in gardens and hedgerows of
15 YEARS IN TRADE catkins. Perhaps first to appear are those of the hazels,
Grass cutting, Hedge Trimming, Planting, whose long yellow male catkins will have shed their
Weed Treatment, One off Tidy Ups and pollen in February, but these are soon followed by the
many varieties of willow. They seem to materialise
maintenance unnoticed, one day you look closely and there they are.
Call for a friendly chat on Children in particular are attracted by the soft silky catkins
Mobile 07956 524 586 of the “pussy willow” or more properly “goat’s willow”
Home Tel 01279 830 960 reflecting the fondness of animals for this early spring
Fed up with
Willows, sallows and osiers are a genus
moss and weed? (salix) of around four hundred
species of trees and shrubs
We offer:- which have a very wide variety
•Regular lawn feeds of uses for man in general
•Weed and moss treatment and gardeners in
•Aeration particular. Whilst
•Scarification many associate the name with the
large trees often located at the waters
Friendly professional service Lawn Treatment Service edge there are many smaller and
dwarf varieties which can give
CALL NOW FOR A BROCHURE structure and year round colour to a
OR FREE LAWN SURVEY garden. Once the flowers, the catkins,
have come and gone the foliage
01279 466 100 develops and this can have lustrous grey, blue and green
hues borne on stems of deep reds and purples which keep their colour and shape throughout the winter. So, if you
like the idea of a black pussy willow try salix gracilistyla
LTD. “melanostachys”. In February the smooth bud caps of this
Japanese willow fall away to reveal velvety catkins of
jet-crimson which, by early March are studded with red
stamens. Finally these stamens burst into a shower of
golden pollen and the dark catkins are transformed. The
plant forms a spreading bush which can grow to ten feet
but, like most willows, it responds well to pruning.
Varieties are fully to frost hardy and prefer full sun. They
grow well in any but the driest soil. They take root very
readily from cuttings and it is quite common for osiers or
canes used for fencing or staking to take root.

• Specialising in all types of The leaves and bark of the willow have been mentioned in
ponds & features. ancient texts as a remedy for aches and fevers. The active
extract of the bark, called salicin, when in solution in
• Professionally designed, water forms salicylic acid, the precursor of aspirin. Of
installed, restored or maintained. course, no piece on willow would be complete without
mention of “leather on willow” and the role of the wood
• Local company established in our glorious national game of cricket. Special strains of
since 1987 with excellent after white willow are grown specifically for the purpose of
care service making cricket bats but willow wood is also used in the
manufacture of such diverse products as furniture, basket
Tel: 01279 461 052 work, toys, tool handles and musical instruments. In
today’s ecologically aware world willow is important as a
(Answer phone) haven beloved of insects, as a means of bio-filtration, soil
stabilisation and reclamation and windbreak creation. The
Mobile: 07711 087 004 wood can also be used to produce tannin, fibre, paper and

Willow is also used in religious ceremonies such as the


Jewish Sukkot. It is one of the nine sacred trees mentioned I hope to make this
in witchcraft. In the grounds of Harry Potter’s Hogwarts article an opportunity not
School there stands the Whomping only to highlight Hatfield
Willow planted in order to conceal the Forest but also to answer
secret passageway that Professor Remus any questions that you may
Lupin roamed through every full moon have for us. Please feel free
when he began his transformation into a to send any comments or
werewolf. But, as regards literature, still queries you may have to
the most famous title must be Kenneth myself and I will attempt to
Grahame’s “Wind in the Willows” answer them.

chronicling the activities of Mole, Laura Slater (Community Warden)

Badger, Ratty and Toad on the riverbank. Not forgetting:- [email protected] 01279 874 043

Adieu, adieu, kind friends, adieu, adieu, adieu,

I can no longer stay with you, stay with you,

I’ll hang my harp on a weeping willow tree,

And may the world go well with thee. PROGRAMME FOR 2009

On Wednesday 25th. March the Hatfield Heath Gardening Meetings are every 4th Wednesday
Club At the Hatfield Heath Village Hall at 7.45pm
will hear a talk by Colin Lincoln on Harlow Nature
Reserves. Feb. 25th. Hellebores Bill Hardy
Meetings take place in the Hatfield Heath Village Hall
Mar.25th. Harlow Nature Reserves Colin Lincoln

and start at 7.45 p.m. Just come along, everyone is Apr. 22nd. Japanese Gardens Margaret Willis
welcome,. May 27th.
Brian Prosser Outing (to Leonardslee?)

Hatfield Forest Highlights JOIN THE CLUB OR JUST VISIT

Single membership for year £7 or Family £12

Welcome to a new article about Hatfield Forest, Non Member’s £2 per visit
a continuing look at what we've been up to and what to Hatfield Heath Gardening Club

expect in the year to come. Hatfield Forest is an Call 01279 726 357 or 01279 730 498

important conservation area as a surviving intact

Medieval Hunting Forest; with traditional working MALLON TREE CARE
methods, such as coppicing and pollarding, still being
practised. As well as respecting the history of the Forest

we are always making improvements in our management

techniques and the facilities provided. Some may already NPTC QUALIFIED STAFF
have noticed our new 'Conservation in Action' Board is 15 YEARS EXPERIENCE
now up near the Lake, with information on where and

what the staff on the property are doing, as well as a FULL INSURANCE
section for everyone to get involved with. By

highlighting what we are doing and where we are, you

will be able to come and find out what work we carry out

and why. In addition you can let us know what you've

seen in your travels around the Forest on the spotters ALL TREE WORK
section of the board; already we've had contributions

including the spotting of 2 Bewick Swans and a Tawny UNDERTAKEN AT
Owl - come and see what you can find! Another COMPETITIVE RATES
important addition to the Forest is our Wiltshire Horn

sheep. These 10 new grazers perform an important job

by eating brambles, nettles and thistles to regain our lost FOR A FREE ESTIMATE
woodland pastures.

An important milestone this year to make note of CALL
is the 250th Anniversary of the Shell House. This

curiosity of the Forest is easy to overlook but this year OFFICE : 01279 877726
we will be celebrating its important link to the Houblon
family and to the history of Hatfield Forest. The MOBILE : 07946 550777
celebrations will be in addition to our usual programme 07986 147 914
of events so keep an eye out for advertised events, you
can also look out for our 2009 Events programme which [email protected]

is available now. Find us in YELL


Quality at the right price Hatfield Forest Highlights

Unique floral designs for Spring in Action
weddings, funerals,
Valentines, birthdays, Welcome to a look at recent goings-on and happenings in
anniversaries and Hatfield Forest. As spring approaches we are looking
forward to opening our gates on the 21st March for the
many other occasions... new season and welcoming you all to the Forest for the
upcoming spring and summer. I hope many of you were
We can supply to all local areas including able to come down during the February half term and
Sawbridgeworth, Bishop's Stortford, Harlow, join us on one of our events including our very popular
Forest Survival Skills day; full coverage of the day will
Hatfield Heath, Hatfield Broad Oak... be available in the next issue!
We’ve got lots going on at the moment so next time
Local, National and you’re in Hatfield Forest keep an eye open and you may
International Deliveries encounter any of the following; our 10 Wiltshire Horn
Sheep grazing the marsh, myself the new Community
Website Warden helping visitors around the Lake Area, the
cleaning of the Shell House by our professional curators
01279 730 400 / 07931 275 875 or have a look at our Conservation in Action Board,
between the Café and Shop, to find out what else is going
Heathview, Pond Lane, on in the Forest.
Hatfield Heath, CM22 7AB

Opening Hours:
Monday-Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday 9am-2pm
(Closed Wednesdays) Ample parking available

Handmade contemporary jewellery in
sterling silver, pearls and gemstones

Beautiful, affordable designs perfect
for all occasions

Shop on line, visit us at one of our
events or have a fun night in with

friends and your very own
jewellery party!

CALL US ON 07711 421 444

Flowers for all occasions - gift work, funerals, Here at Hatfield we are always busy and even during the
weddings, plants, balloons, chocolates etc winter months we find plenty to do to conserve this
unique place as a traditional working Forest. Many of
Local deliveries available you will probably have noticed our volunteers hard at
Mon-Fri 9-5pm Weds 9-2pm Sat 9-3pm work in Collins Coppice, where they have been
coppicing our Hazel. While they may be using modern
Telephone: 01279 731 150

The Heath, Hatfield Heath, CM22 7EB


machinery, the task that they are carrying out today is
the same task that is recorded to have been carried out
here for hundreds of years. Coppices are important
not only as a way of extracting wood but also for
providing a significant habitat for insects and
woodland plants. The fencing off of recently coppiced
areas is essential to ensuring that the coppiced trees
successfully grow back without being nibbled away
by cattle. As an extra precaution we also build round
the coppice stools to stop the deer from being able to
reach them. For those of you interested in finding out
more then come along to our Coppicing in Action
Walk in Mid March.
Until the next issue I look forward to meeting you in
the coming months. As the new Community Warden
you are likely to find me near the Lake so come and
say hello and ask me about what is going on in
Hatfield Forest today.

Laura Slater (Community Warden)
01279 874 043 [email protected]



H a t f ie ld H e a th P re -S ch o o lh as b ee n

in v it e d by th e R o ta ry C lu b of H a r lo w

T ye to jo in it s A b se il fo r C h a r it y e ve n t at th e

Th re e V a lle ys W a te r To w er in C h u rc h La n g le y, o n

Sa tu rd ay 2 nd & S u nd a y 3 rd M ay 2009 .

If yo u w o u ld li k e to

ta ke p a rt in th is

e xc it in g ch a ll e n ge

an d ra is e m on ey fo r ARE PROUD TO
th e p re -s c h o ol yo u

n e ed to be o ve r 16

ye a rs an d re g is te r

yo u r in te re st as

so o n as p o s s ib le .

Th e re is a £ 30

re g is tr a t io n fe e, In beautiful, air conditioned buildings
with brand new equipment and facilities
w h ic h in c lu d es th e
Free Education Grant Places
o rg a n is a t io n al co s ts Full time or Part Time Available
School Bus Picks Up & Takes Home
an d in su ra n ce ta ke n After School Kid's Club & Holiday Schemes

ou t by H a r lo w T ye R o ta ry C lu b . For details
call Jan on
Fo r m o re in fo rm a t io n ab o u t ra is in g m on ey fo r th e 01279 718 823
P re -S ch o o l ca ll 9

0 12 7 9 73 1 19 3

r t re g is te r f r th e e ve nt ca ll M a ry
o o o

B u ny a rd n 0 12 7 9 7 34 2 11

My Moving Memories

Your Local Photographic Services Provider

Special Occasion Photography; 16 Hatfield Heath Rainfall January 2009
Photograph Restoration; 14
12 Total Rainfall
VHS & Hi8 tapes to DVD Conversion; 10 68.50mm
Musical DVD Creations
8 (2.70 inches)
Contact us on 07950 689018, or email 6
4 2
for more information. 0

Why Pay High Street Prices? Day

HOLIDAY RENTALS 2 Bed Spanish home Rainfall mm.

in Ayamonte, Spain

Sleeps 6 people,Pool onsite

Golf, water parks, beaches,

shops, restaurants close by

– from £275 pw. 4th

Last minute deals available Having had a very dry December (2008 ) one could
reasonably expect a wet January (2009) .
4 Bed Orlando home in January 2009, had 17 raindays, resulting in 2.7 inches.
The nineteen year average is 2.56 inches, so we were only
Florida. Sleeps 8 people 5 % above average - not as much as we expected.
January Rainfalls - "EXTREMES"
Close to all major theme parks – Universal, Disney, Sea World etc
Pool onsite
– from £400 pw. Last minute deals available

David Cansick 01954 205090 / 07900 991836

[email protected]

HIGH 1995 - 5.35 inches
2004 - 3.96 inches

LOW 1997 - 0.55 inches
2006 - 0.76 inches

UK Extreme of Rainfall

Recently, in the National Press, Philip Eden, the weather

expert, drew our attention to the

extremes in UK rainfall. John Fletcher

Miller, in 1843, installed a network of

rain- guages in the South West corner of

the Lake District (Cumbria.)

07715 566 246 At the hamlet of Seathwaite,
01279 876 352
Borrowdale, he recorded an annnual
Bretts, Chelmsford Road,
White Roding, Essex CM6 1RF total of 152 inches. London-based
* Country Pine * Oak Furniture * Window Blinds *
*Bespoke Furniture made to your design* meteorologists first
*Garden Furniture * Giftware *
scoffed at this figure. It
was widely believed
Tues - Sat 10am - 5pm and Sun 10am - 4pm Free Parking
that it was not possible

to have more than 100

inches of rain outside

the Tropics.Later,

records showed that

even more rainfall fell Sprinkling Tarn
on the north-facing

slope of the Scafell massif, also in Cumbria, with an

annual average of 185 inches at "Sprinkling Tarn". I

think the word of extremes, associated with Hatfield

Heath rainfall is really inappropiariate, when comparing

these Cumbrian figures. Just to remind you , that our

annual figure is only 26.09 inches.

BriaSnmBillianngdCake Seller


‘ACROSS THE RIVER AND THROUGH Woollcott House Restaurant
01279 504 397
The telephone rang " Steve Foster ?" The voice
said “I’m Perry Cogstone from the Hertford
Drama Festival” I’m pleased to tell you your play Superb Family owned and run Restaurant
‘Across The River and Through The Woods’ has been Set in 7 acres specialising in Weddings,
accepted for the Festival’.
This is how I received the news The Heath Players Private Parties, Funeral Refreshments
production will be going to compete in the
aforementioned festival. A La Carte menu and Table D'Hote Menu's
On Saturday 25th April we have 8 hrs to erect the set, all fresh produce from local Source
paint it put furniture in, set the lights, sound check and
have a dress rehearsal to finish at 6o’clock. Curtain up Regular Dinner Dance and Theme Nights.
at 7.30pm. Sunday Lunch a Speciality.
The Hertford festival is a long established drama date. Open Wednesday - Sunday.
We performed The Cemetery Club there two years ago
and had a great time, coming runners up. ( Other times by arrangement)
The idea of a drama festival is a competition of one
play a night for six nights. Each play performed before MAGAZINE AGM
an audience and an adjudicator who reviews the play
with points and awards dished out on Saturday nights. 18th March 2009

Would you like to see it /see it again ? The Hatfield Heath Village Magazine will be having it's AGM on the
The Heath Players would love as many of our 18th March 2009 at the URC Hall 7.30pm
supporters in the audience as possible. The play was so
well received when we performed it in FLYING HIRE
October. So if you would like to see it again
on the big stage or if you missed it please CAR & CHAUFFEUR SERVICES
join us for what should be a glittering night FOR ALL OCCASIONS
at the big venue of Castle Hall Hertford.
Information about the festival is available To and from Stansted, Luton, Heathrow,
from the Gatwick and City airports

Box Office, Castle Hall, Hertford. Corporate & A complete
Sporting events London Service
Phone 01992 531 500
National meetings Shopping trips
Steve Foster
Theatre/dinner Hospital visits
Urgent courier
Guided tours services


Hi Bruno, Our fleet of air conditioned vehicles
Sorry for the delay in responding. But things keep coming ranges from executive cars to luxury
up. Anyway, Joan and I completed the Great North Run
on Oct 04 2008. Marvellous experience. Very moving. people carriers and coaches
Over 52000 runners. 100000 spectators lining the route
for the full 13.2 miles Joan ran the full distance in a very NEW - GROUP TRAVEL
creditable time of 2 hrs 37 mins. Not bad for a 1st.time
effort. I walked the distance in a time of 3hrs 21 mins. 8 passenger vehicles now available for all events
Raised over £1400.00. for Cancer Research. We are doing
the run again this year. Sept 24th I think. For Marie Curie For professionalism with the personal touch
this year. I am keeping very well and still attending contact Chris New at
addenbrookes monthly for my continuing treatment.
Regards Tel: 01279 721 427 Fax: 01279 723 947
Patrick Connelly Mobile: 07968 026 032
[email protected] or visit our informative website:
Mobile - 07818 455 413



Farmer's Market 21st June 2009

Sat 21st March Next Committee Meeting
24th March 8pm URC Hall
3rd Saturday in the month
10am until 12 noon Are you going to enter the Fun Run?
Classsi Car Show?
Childrens Fancy Dress Competition?
Matching Tye Fun Dog Show?
Art Exhibition ?
Stalls include
Farm-reared Beef, Freshly made APRIL MAGAZINE .
Lamb and Pork Indian food
Venison and Game Homemade suet
and sponge FUN DOG SHOW
Organic puddings
Vegetables CLASSIC CAR
Free range eggs SHOW
Smoked Products: Plants
Fish, Ham and Goats milk soap FUN RUN COURSE
Cheese Honey products
Bottled real ales
Cornish Pasties, and small casks
Pork Pies, Mini-



Supported by Howick & Brooker Estate Agents 01279 418 888




1 Circuit = 1.6 miles FRIARS FARM
(2.6 kms)
2 Circuits = 5.2 kms
Water Table
Little Hallingbury

The Dairy Farm, Lower Road, CM22 7PX


Service and Repairs

Collected and Delivered

on arrangement OPEN COFFEE MORNING

within a 5mile radius HATFIELD HEATH INSTITUTE
FREE but donations welcome

Drop in for Tea, coffee and light refreshments

Monday - Friday 8am- 5pm MONDAY TO FRIDAY MORNINGS

Saturday 8am - 1pm 10.00 AM – 12 NOON
A chance to meet others and chat All welcome
TEl: 01279 724 534
Organised by Holy Trinity Church
Sponsored by the Village Hall Trust


The first meeting of the new year is to be held on Tuesday fasten her to a post, so that she cannot get near them
24th March at 8pm After the short AGM we will have a in the night. Now, Pussy does not like this, and is
talk on the "History of Some Local Villages " by Wally very glad to be released in the morning. Sometimes,
Wright. I believe, they keep the cat confined in a kennel all
The meeting is held at the URC Upper Schoolroom and day, as they cannot trust her even in the daylight.
everyone is welcome. Please come and support your Local We are glad to find that Aunt Cecilia and little
History Group. Harry get on so well together at night. We shall all
be so pleased to see Freddy, Jessie, and Harry too,
We are proud to announce that when papa and mamma can fix a time for them to
our Society will be represented at the come. I am so glad to hear that Freddy thought of
grandpapa, and gave up the ball the other morning
UTTLESFORD HISTORY FAIR to his sister; and hope my dear Jessie will imitate
his example, and be willing to give up any
Saffron Walden Town Hall plaything when either of her brothers very much
SATURDAY 28 MARCH 2009: 10 am - 5 pm wishes to have it. The little birds in the same nest
The first-ever Uttlesford History Fair will take place in agree together, and why should not little children.
Saffron Walden on Saturday 28 March 2009 and promises
to be an exciting event, and all completely FREE. The presentation to Rev Cornelius Berry on the
The exhibitors include ESSEX RECORD OFFICE & occasion of his golden jubilee as Minister of the
ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY and over a dozen other
North East Essex Village Recorder Groups. Congregational Church Hatfield Heath from
We look forward to seeing you there, 1811 to 1861.

REMEMBER THE ENTRY IS FREE The Testimonials consisted of a
A letter from Rev Cornelius Berry, the Minister at {Purchased of the Firm of A .B. SAVORY & Co., Cornhill, London, j
the Congregational Church at Hatfield Heath from
1811 to 1864, to his young granddaughter in April IN ORMOLU,
1860. Rev Berry resided at the Manse now Gowrie
House on the Chelmsford Road. Children, and those Surmounted with a beautiful Figure of TASSO
who are not children, will, I think, be interested in And having below the following inscription:—
its perusal: "Presented on the 23rd of July, 1861, by the church and con-
Some 40 years before Beatrice Potter ! gregation at Hatfield Heath, with other friends, to the Rev.
October 10th, 1860. Cornelius Berry, accompanied by the Sum of £300, as a Testi-
My dear Jessie, monial of their sincere regard and esteem on this his Pastoral
As I wrote last week to your brother Freddy, I Jubilee, grateful for his valuable services amongst them during
thought you also would be expecting a little note
from grandpapa. I will try and tell you something. that long period."
The buttercups and daisies are very beautiful in the
field behind our nursery window, and the moo-cows THE HANDSOME SILK PURSE CONTAINED
with their long tails, are munching the green grass
with such a relish; in return, I daresay, they will 330 NEW SOVEREIGNS
give nice milk, which Mrs.______will make into
beautiful butter. I wish you were here just to look FROM THE MINT.
out of the window, and then run round the field.
Please tell your brother Freddy that the young Mr. The Testimonials were accompanied by a Roll of
Browns have some very little rabbits, which they Parchment on which were engrossed all
wish to run about among the trees in the orchard, the Subscribers' Names,
and I am sorry to say they mean to kill them by-
and-by. Now, they have a pussy-cat who longs to The Mobile Library Hatfield Heath
catch and eat them in the night; to prevent this, they
have put a collar round the neck of Miss Pussy, and Tuesday visits Fortnightly

Broomfields 2.45pm - 3.35pm

The Close 3.40pm - 4pm

The Heath 4.05pm - 4.35pm

Mar 10, 24 - Apr 7, 21 - May 5, 19 - Jun 2, 16, 30

Post Office opening hours

Monday 9am - 1pm 2pm - 5pm
Tuesday 9am - 1pm 2pm - 5pm
Wednesday 9am - 1pm Closed
Thursday 9pm - 1pm 2pm - 5pm
Friday 9pm - 1pm 2pm - 5pm
Saturday 9pm - 12.30pm Closed
Sunday Closed Closed




1 LENT 1 INSTITUTE 730 544 For all Senior Citizens 730 581
08.00 Holy Communion HT
10.30 Family Service URC (2 ½ -5) Michelina 07786 341 754
18.00 Service at The Close 730 354 SPANISH LANGUAGE
18.30 Evensong HT Ann Whale 01279 731 288

2 11.30 for 12 noon Luncheon Club URC HH UNDER FIVES FOOTBALL CLUB 730 212
4 10.30 Holy Communion The Close Mother & Toddler 730 212 CRICKET CLUB 730 674

20.00 Leisure Hour URC URC HEATH PLAYERS
5 20.00 Lent Meeting Holy Trinity FRIDAY CLUB (7-12 years)
6 13.30 Women’s World Day of Prayer and play reading for pleasure
730 465
At St Giles Great Hallingbury JO JINGLES 730 825 or 730 517
8 LENT 2 (6 mths - 7years) 868 410
09.30 Holy Communion HT
10.30 Family Service URC Robin Gurnett 730 672
12 20.00 Lent Meeting St Mary’s Little Hallingbury
20.00 Pre-school Race Night VH
15 LENT 3 CLUB 730 042
8.00 Holy Communion HT
09.30 Matins HT SCOUTS 812 586 BELL RINGERS 730 526
10.30 Family Service with Communion URC
18.00 Service at The Close CUBS Chris Hancock CHOIR
16 11.30 for 12 noon Luncheon Club URC
18 20.00 Leisure Hour URC 731 646 Canon Tim Potter 730 288
19 20.00 Lent Meeting St Mary’s Hatfield Broad Oak
09.30 Special Mothering Sunday Family Service
10.30 Family Service URC
23 20.00 PCC CR 9.30am Holy Trinity 730 288 CATHOLIC CHURCH
25 10.45 MU Holy Communion HT
19.45 Gardening Club H Hatfield Broad Oak
27 20.00 Lent Meeting St Mary’s Little Hallingbury
09.30 Joint Service of Holy Communion with
St Mary’s Sheering HT
10.30 Family Service URC KARATE 445 539 01279 651 270
18.00 Service at The Close
April 2009 JUNIOR KARATE OR 01279 653 925
1 10.30 Holy Communion – 1662 The Close
5 PALM SUNDAY 01992 575 679 SECRETARY U.R.C.
08.00 Holy Communion HT
09.30 Family Service HT SOSEN GORE Mark Lemon 730 581
10.30 Family Service with Communion URC
18.30 Evensong HT JU JITSU 07947 599 801

WU CHI 07947 599 801 AEROBICS Rachel Eastland
Mon 9.30am & Thu 8pm
731 076

BRIDGE CLUB 723 948 Friday 10am outside
GARDENING CLUB Broomfield Surgery
730 512
730 425
Monday 10.30am Village Car
731 420

Alzheimer’s Society HATFIELD HEATH


01279 730 274

H-Village Hall / CR-Committee Room H / HT-Holy Trinity PLAY BUS FOR UNDER FIVES
Church / URC-United Reform Church / I-Institute / S-

Hatfield Heath Half Hour Helpers Buffy Bus is a playbus designed to give the under fives an
opportunity to paint, play and socialise in a playgroup
Need a friendly neighbour to help you?
with task that will take approx 30 mins e.g. environment that they would otherwise not have access to

Shopping small repairs collecting prescriptions etc.

Please note there is no ageism.
Anyone young or old can call for help from volunteers.

TUESDAYS 9.30am - 11am
Phone manned 10am to 12noon


Next Parish Council Meeting LIST OF WEBSITES

11th March 7.30pm 2009

Parish Clerk - Ernie Fenwick............... 730 770
Chairman - Robert Jones........................ 730 741 Village Website
Vice Chairman Bart Sheekey.................... 730 663
Mark Lemon (District Councillor)....... 730 581
Mel Sullivan............................................ 731 434
Paula O’Sullivan....................................... 730 281 Village Magazine
Sandy Rust................................................ 731 229
David Parish............................................. 730 573

Gary Waller.......................................... 739 345 Surgery Websites

Janet Briscoe............................................. 730 674 (Repeat prescriptions can be applied for on these sites)

There will be a retired policeman Rick Jones at the Hatfield Heath Football Club
police station who you can talk to on

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5pm - 6.30pm Hatfield Heath Cricket Club
ON THE FOLLOWING FRIDAYS IN 2009 Hatfield Heath Business Association Link
ENQUIRIES 07989 335 719

Hatfield Heath - Stortford Road Bridge club

Friday 20th Mar Friday 24th Apr Terry’s Photos Website - Hatfield Heath etc.

Paul Simpson ....................................730 026
David. N. Parish............................... 730 573

outside Broomfields Surgery
MON 10.30 am

Little Hallingbury car park 16th



Neighbourhood Officers
0300 333 4444/ 07779 316 979 Email :- [email protected]

PCSO Jo Trevail-Philips Email:[email protected] Send your letters /articles/ reports /photographs, by hand, floppy
Pc Brad Healey Email: [email protected] disc, CD, or email - [email protected].
PCSO Emma Webb Email: [email protected] If posting or delivering by hand you can send direct to me :-
Bruno(Editor) “Manor Lodge”, Chelmsford Rd, Hatfield

PCSO Emma Webb..............01279 730 280 EXT 63554 Heath CM22 7BD. 01279 730 498
Police Great Dunmow............................ 01376 551 312 07768 606309
Police Mobile........................................... 07779 316 979 Editor: - Bruno Scheggia (Skedja)
Bruno’s Mobile Phone number

Police Hatfield Heath.......... ................. 01279 730 388 Treasurer: - Mel Sullivan 01279 731 434
Emergency ............................................... 999 Distribution:-Barbara Scheggia 01279 730 498
DOCTORS Broomfields......................... 01279 730 616 Secretary: - Jean Clarke
DOCTOR Sawbridgeworth.................... 08444 773 360 Printed by Cornerstone 01279 437 851
THE SAMARITANS............................... 01279 421 110

HATFIELD HEATH C.P. SCHOOL...... 01279 730 382 DISCLAIMER: The Editor and Printers do not take
PRE-SCHOOL........................................ 01279 730 354 responsibility for the information given or views expressed in
HOLY TRINITY Canon Tim Potter......... 01279 730 288 the Hatfield Heath Village Magazine. Nor is any culpability
HALF HOUR HELPERS........................ 07944 748 478 accepted in work done by advertisers.


Hair by BEE BEE

ALL ASPECTS OF HAIRDRESSING As I write this at the beginning of February we are caught
up in the aftermath of over 6 inches of snow. The school
LADIES and GENTS was closed for two days and many were unable to get to
SPECIAL PRICES:Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s for Senior Citizens work or even move around the village freely. On the
positive side the children had great fun playing in the
OPEN: Tues & Wed 9am - 5pm• Thur 9am -1pm snow and building snowmen and the village looked
beautiful, spectacularly so. Many took photos.
Fri 9am-6pm • Sat 9am-1pm FULLY TRAINED

Heath View, Pond Lane, Hatfield Heath
Tel: 01279 730 870 LONDON HAIR STYLISTS

Daniel Robinson At the same time we were trying to have the Lych Gate
& Sons on the south side of the church repaired. It had
developed a worrying tilt and tiles were falling off the
Independent Family roof. Something had to be done and so we have re-done
Funeral Directors & Monumental Masons the foundations, replaced some of the wood and re-tiled
the roof. All was done to preserve one of the landmarks
A personal caring service around the church for the benefit of all. Total cost is
from family business day or night. some £8,000 (any donations gratefully received) which
Our trained staff will be pleased to give free the PCC has had to find.
confidential advice on any matter
Those two items had both good and bad sides to them but
GOLDEN 3 BULLFIELDS my third is only good and that is Mothering Sunday
CHARTER SAWBRIDGEWORTH which this year is celebrated on March 22nd. Everyone
had a mother and whether our experience of growing up
FUNERAL PLANS (01279) 722476 was good or not, there is much to be thankful about. The
family is so under pressure in so many ways these days.
79/81 SOUTH STREET WYCH ELM It is important to pray for, to support and to celebrate the
BISHOP'S STORTFORD HARLOW role of mothers. The Church does this at its Services on
this special day and we invite everyone to come along.
(01279) 655477 (01279) 426990 It is not just about giving presents or saying thank you
but also building stronger family ties and asking for
Like every time of the year there are good things to
(01371) 874518 (01992) 560890 celebrate and difficult things to work through. God is
always there for us if we want to ask Him and turn to Him.
Yours sincerely
24 hour Family Careline
Golden Charter Pre-Payments Plans Tim Potter


Chelmsford Road Hatfield Heath Woman's Leisure Hour

4* March Wednesday at 8.00pm

Ghosts & Witches - Ann Brookes

18* March Wednesday at 8.00pm

Wild Life with Peter Beale
We meet at the U R C Hall on the Chelmsford Road

Everyone Welcome

Details Jean on 730 465

with the Little Hallingbury Choir
Saturday 28th March at 7.30pm VILLAGE HALL

Wine and light refreshments Tickets £6.50 Are Available for
From Jean Wybrew 730 465
Children’s Parties
Pauline Prior 718 355 Betty Bennett 508 455
or at the door Celebrations

Women's World Day of Prayer including

Friday 6th March 1.30pm St Giles Great Hallingbury Wedding Receptions
Everyone welcome
Classes etc., etc.,
Prayer and the Bible Holy Trinity H Heath
12th March AND
Praying with Hymns St Mary's Lt Hallingbury
19th March
Praying in Stillness - St Mary's Hatfield Broad Oak For Details Telephone

26th March 01279 730 544
Praying with Icons - St Mary's Lt Hallingbury

2nd April
Everyday Prayers - St Mary's Sheering

Maundy Thursday
Holy Communion - U R C Hatfield Heath
All welcome

All these events will begin at 8.0pm but please come at
7.30pm for light refreshments.


As part of Holy Trinity Church 150th Anniversary
celebrations, a wedding re-dedication service was held
on Sunday 15th February, followed by tea and wedding
cake with 'bubbly' in the Village Hall. The Church was
packed with visitors, some of whom had made the
journey from the Europe and many old friends met
again, some after 20 or more years.

See next months magazine for full story and photo’s

"St. Mark's Passion" written by Charles Wood, is to
be held in the Church on Good Friday, 10th April


UNAPPROVED MINUTES OF Cllr Sullivan met Ulrike Maccariello (Hastoe Housing
Association) at a Housing strategy meeting. Feels it
PARISH COUNCIL MEETING would be advantageous to invite her to address the parish
council. Agreed
HELD AT 7.30 PM ON WED 11th FEB 2009
Clerk has received 5 responses. Survey from Teashop
OPEN FORUM 2 members of public present. has 102 against and 21 in favour. Cllr Lemon asked how
COUNCIL MEETING MINUTE many of those against were bus users. Discussion
followed as to benefits or disadvantages of a bus shelter.
PRESENT: Cllr Lemon has received several comments in favour but
Cllr Bob Jones (Chairman) Cllrs Janet Briscoe, Mark didn’t want to sign a petition in favour at the Teashop.
Lemon, Paula O'Sullivan, David Parish, Bart Sheekey, Cllr Jones commented that if we contact the bus company
Mel Sullivan and Gary Waller. we should be able to ascertain the numbers of users of the
In attendance: Clerk to the Council Ernie Fenwick bus stop. He also said that at that location there is a seat,
a telegraph pole and a litter bin and it would need to be
1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE & DECLARATION re-organised. Cllr Sullivan stated that 102 people
OF MEMBERS INTERESTS: objecting out of 750 houses and that that number should
Apologies from Cllr Rust. Cllr Rust has decided to retire not be ignored. Cllr Sullivan felt that the numbers who
due to work commitments. Chairman proposed a letter of have responded favourably are very low and that there is
thanks from Council to Cllr Rust for her hard work whilst no demand for the shelter. Cllrs Parish and Lemon said
a council member. Cllr Rust made a valuable contribution they had monitored the bus stop several times during the
for the Ardley Crescent area, brought a fresh perspective day and had noticed it was well used in the mornings and
and the Council appreciated her efforts. Clerk to issue less frequently in the afternoons. Clerk to contact the bus
Notice of Casual Vacancy companies to ascertain usage and report back. Cleaning
Cllr Lemon is a District Councillor, Cllrs Jones, of the existing bus shelter needs to be investigated.
O’Sullivan, Sullivan and Sheekey are members of SSE. Perhaps Domestic Soldiers would be interested. Steam
Cllrs Jones, Lemon, Parish, Sullivan, Sheekey and Waller cleaning. Clerk to contact other parishes for information
are members of National Trust; Cllr Sheekey is a member on their arrangements for cleaning bus shelters.
of the Woodland Trust.
Village Magazine
2. MINUTES OF THE COUNCIL MEETING OF Cllr Waller proposed that this Council congratulates the
14th January: editor of the Village Magazine on the consistently high
Cllr Jones has suggested to councillors that minutes be quality of the publication which it considers an
sent for an original read through to the Chairman before invaluable communication medium between the Council,
circulating. Agreed that minutes be circulated to all with local organisations and the population of Hatfield Heath.
a deadline for amendment prior to publication. Seconded and carried unanimously
The minutes were signed as a true record of the meeting.
DISTRICT COUNCILLORS Cllr Lemon (UDC) External Audit
reported that he had argued against the increases in
council tax and council rents at District Council. Auditors have certified the annual return.
Uttlesford District Council is increasing its portion of
Council Tax by 4.87%. Cllr Lemon will continue to Investment
oppose increased rent. Essex CC (by far the largest
portion of Council Tax) has set an increase at 4.2% Clerk is unable to locate a suitable savings account
Cllr Lemon reports that the road sweeping is carried out
every twelve weeks with the next visit being in three paying more then 0.8% for a non-individual. Funds to be
weeks. He has asked for assurance that the Parish Council
be advised of when this is scheduled so that the left in existing savings account for next month.
councillors can monitor this. Cllr Sullivan pointed out
that the mechanical road sweepers do nothing about the Insurance
4. CLERKS REPORT: Clerk has received supplementary deed for access road to
Action Register
Clerk reported on Actions undertaken on Actions village car park. There is no mention of requirement to
Register (attached)
RHT pay insurance to owner. Clerk has been unable to contact
Clerk reported that the Rural Housing Trust have had to
cease their business of developing affordable village Mr Forgione to ascertain when and how the insurance
housing. Councillors expressed their sadness at this as
they had found the staff at RHT to be very helpful in the premiums were agreed. Council to seek confirmation of
requirement to pay premiums and breakdown on Public

liability insurance premiums. Kevin & Anne Marie

The following payments were approved:

E Fenwick Expenses 139.34

M Sullivan Expenses 87.48

Clerk presented financial reports showing that we are

likely to remain under our budget for year 2008/09.

Hayes Cottage & Shabby Chic
Henry Turtill to have another discussion with solicitors


Clerk to contact Ann Hooper ECC Tree officer for West Hayes Yellow Lines
advice on tree in Pond Lane Clerk has advised ECC of numerous objections from
Restoration of Ponds residents of West Hayes to yellow lines. It is understood that
Cllr Sullivan contacted Essex Wildlife Trust. the problem is only caused by one resident and visitors to
Awaiting a response. that property. Cllrs Lemon and O’Sullivan will discuss with
local police.
Engineering measures Car park is in need of maintenance to remove weeds and
Clerk has spoken to Essex CC Highways. Mr small saplings. Cllr Sullivan understands that B Newman is
Hurwood is absent sick having broken his ankle. Mr interested. Clerk to obtain quotes
M Fellgate has been requested to look into the failure
to respond to our letter of 1st December which was 9. PLAY AREA & open space
marked as read on 2nd December 2008. No reply has Footpath
been received from Cllr Norman Hume or Cllr Susan Clerk has received quotations for path from Phil Snell and
Barker. Clerk has again emailed Cllrs Hume and Steve Foster. Specs are different on all quotations. Clerk to
Barker 11/02/09 and received reply from cabinet draw up revised spec and ask for re-quotes from all plus
adviser to Cllr Hume promising a full response Barry Newman.
shortly. Councillors all agreed that Clerk responds Open Space
requiring the full information within seven days or Clerk presented three quotations for design works to open
resorting to the complaints procedure and Freedom of space area. Clerk to forward details of quotes to councillors
Information Act. to consider for next meeting.
Parish Council is dissatisfied with service from ECC
Highways department. Letter of complaint over delays 10 .PLANNING
over last eighteen months. Formal complaints
procedure. Cllrs Briscoe, Sullivan and Clerk to liaise Applications
and pass to Cllr Jones for signature. Holmby Chelmsford Road. UTT/0137/09/FUL: Timber
Car Parking gates and fencing to front access
Clerk to write to ECC Highways as road is adopted, No objections
requesting a no parking sign in turning bay at Cox Old Time Dunmow Road. UTT/0106/09/FUL:
Ley. Replacement double garage
Cars parking on verge in Chelmsford Road churning No objections
up the verge. Clerk to write to person and request he 11. Other reports from councillors
stops and reinstates verge. Strategic Housing Plan assessment
Slip Road posts Cllr Sullivan reports Assessing each plot of land
Clerk reports that we have 67 posts left at Friars Farm. individually prior to looking at overall situation. Assessment
John Kenney is to install posts alongside slip road to is made on a traffic light system. Metropolitan Green Belt is
persuade HGV drivers not to encroach onto the a red light status and only development by exception is
Village Green. Posts on corner of slip road need permitted. We need to be aware and take a stand against a
reinstating. possible change in legislation in changing Metropolitan
Green Belt area and rules.
Grass Verge The Heath 12. STANSTED AIRPORT Clerk reported
Article in village magazine about grass verge churned 13. DATES OF NEXT MEETINGS
up outside Vicarage. Cllr Lemon to investigate.
11th March & 8th April



LEISURE CENTRE & BEAUTY LODGE (2 of each design)
with envelopes

Manicure or Pedicure, Luxury Clarins Facial, Swedish 10.5cm
Back Massage. We know how to spoil you, feel truly 3.75"
relaxed, have lunch around the pool. Use the solarium

½ Day pamper - morning , afternoon,
or between school hours

Gift Vouchers Available


01279 730 549


General DIY, Curtain Rails and Shelves Erected, Flat Packs
assembled. Patio, Drive and Brickwork Pressure Washed, Fencing

and Sheds Preserved and Repaired, Hedge Cutting, including
Shrubs and Tree Pruning,



House Painting, Exterior & Interior, Windows Pipe Work and
Weather Boards Stained and Painted. Fencing Erected, Gardens

and Driveways Shingled and Pebbled. Guttering Unblocked,
Roofs Moss and Mildew Power-washed Off.

Please do not hesitate to ask. Contact lan and Jan at
San Michelle, Jacks Lane, Takeley

01279 870 946


McTimoney Chiropractic 15cm
The gentle treatment suitable
for people of all ages We have a small stock of the above notelets. They are in
beautiful glossy colour and are great for sending "thank
Deborah Flack BSc (hons) Chiro MCA you" notes or as any greeting card especially to friends in
town or abroad.
01279 870 077 / 07908 918 934
All proceeds go to
Stop Stansted Expansion
Lavender Barn, Brewers End,
Takeley, Essex CM22 6QJ Email: [email protected]
Phone 01279 730 498

Call at "Manor Lodge" Chelmsford Road

Footnote : Sales of Calendars and Christmas Cards

*** MD Health International *** raised £43,000 this year this will pay for all the
lawyers The money will be spent where necessary

For free advice & information on: on barristers and consultants to support our team of
volunteer specialists

Stop Stansted Expansion (SSE) has accused BAA of

* Call Michelle on 0800 298 5280 * living in a Walter Mitty world of make believe as

passenger numbers and flights at Stansted Airport fell

Independent Herbalife Distributor for the fifteenth consecutive month according to figures
announced today (10 February).

Five years of growth have now been wiped out by a fitness for hire
combination of the economic downturn and BAA’s
2007 decision to double Stansted landing charges to fitness for life
its biggest airline customers.
Stansted handled fewer flights last month than in any You can get fit in the comfort
month in the past six years and SSE estimates that this & privacy of your own home
year Stansted will handle just 155,000 flights – down and when you no longer need
20,000 on current levels. This is only half the capacity the equipment, we will simply collect
of the existing runway, demonstrating the illogicality It! Also makes an ideal Christmas gift!
and fantasy-based business strategy of BAA in
pushing ahead with its planning application for a treadmills £21 per week
second runway, due to be considered at a Public cross trainers £17.50 per week
Inquiry beginning on 15 April. exercise bikes From £12 per week
rowing machines £16.60 per week
SSE has written to the Secretary of State Hazel Blears vibration plates £45 per week
calling for the Public Inquiry to be postponed,
pointing out that with Stansted Airport in such rapid All of the above rates are based on
decline there is no conceivable reason for haste. In minimum hire period of 4 weeks.
addition the Competition Commission is expected to These rates are reduced for longer durations.
confirm within the next month that BAA must sell
Stansted, throwing the Public Inquiry process into *Book for 8 weeks and we’ll add a further 2 weeks
confusion. free of charge. *Not applicable to vibration plates
BAA’s plans for a second runway are opposed not
only by SSE but also by the local councils and even its Please telephone for delivery charge quote and
own major customers at Stansted, Ryanair and easyJet further info:
who together account for over 80 per cent of
Stansted’s business. Against such opposition BAA’s 01279 739 416 / 01279 739 413
prospects for winning approval at the Public Inquiry
are bound to be slim – as are the chances of any new e-mail: [email protected]
owner of Stansted taking them forward even if
permission were granted.
To compound BAA’s difficulties, if there were to be a
change of Government at the next general election, has opened in Sawbridgeworth,
which must take place before June next year, both the offering a range of Studio and
main opposition parties are committed to scrapping mat classes to suit all ages and
any plans for a second Stansted runway. level of fitness.
SSE Campaign Director Carol Barbone said: “BAA is
living in a Walter Mitty world, being frivolous and
irresponsible with other people’s money since a Public
Inquiry won’t come cheap for any of the parties. The
cost to council taxpayers in Herts and Essex alone
could be more than £2m.”
Ms Barbone concluded: “It’s time for BAA to wake
up to reality and put an end to the blight and
uncertainty that has dogged this community for


Terminal Feb 2008 Pilates will help to:-
passengers (000s) To Jan 2009 %change Improve Strength & Flexibility
Month % change

1,287.6 -11.2 22,175.9 -6.1 Improve Posture
Improve Balance

STANSTED AIR TRANSPORT MOVEMENTS Telephone Co-ordination & Circulation

Month %Change Feb 2008 % change 07887 808 928 Reduce Stress

t o Jan 2009 Absolute Pilates, Allen House, G27,
The Maltings,Sawbridgeworth, Herts CM21 9JX
11,935 -14.9 175,069 -8.0

Simple Beauty Simple Beauty HEATH SPORT
Salon Sport in Hatfield Heath
We provide professional
beauty training courses for HEATH LOOK FAVOURITES FOR TITLE –
WAXING students with no experience
Reigning West Essex Primary School League champions
FACIALS for those wanting to refresh Hatfield Heath look set to do it all again after recording
an emphatic result in the first game back after the winter
HANDS their skills. Courses include break.

FEET Acrylic Nails, Manicure, The impressive side laid waste to Takeley’s efforts as
they romped to an astounding 11-1 victory on January
INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE Pedicure, Waxing, Tinting, 28. But they were left frustrated as their highly-anticipat-
LUXURY TREATMENTS Facials, Spray Tanning and ed clash with fellow league heavyweights Thaxted was
QUICK SLIM WRAPS more, and on completion postponed seven days later.
you will receive the
GIFT VOUCHERS Thaxted are the only side within touching distance of
LOYALTY SCHEME Simple Beauty Hatfield Heath at the top. However, the crunch fixture
Academy Diploma, has now been put back to March 26 – the final game of
Kaloss Spray tan in 4 minutes which will allow you to the season.
Horizontal and vertical sun beds acquire insurance to work
The result against Takeley, which saw Hatfield Heath
Calgel Nails now available within a salon, at home or surge into a 6-1 lead in the first half, still puts them in
as a mobile business the driving seat for another title charge. Free-scoring
Harry Bovington got four goals to his name, while Harry
Bookings now being Unit 7 Feest bagged a hat-trick. There was also two goals
taken forChristmas Pond Lane apiece for Ewan Rockell and James Baughurst.
Hatfield Heath

Gift vouchers and treatment Nr Bishop's Stortford

gifts also available CM22 7AB

Phone: 01279 731 762

Credit and debit card TUES,WED &FRI. 10AM- 6PM

now accepted. THURS. 10AM- 6:30PM

Fee applied. SAT. 10AM- 4PM


It may have been two days premature, but Hatfield Hath
dished out their very own massacre on the week of
Valentine’s Day. Following their 11-1 mauling of Take-
ley, the league leaders demolished local rivals Little Hal-
lingbury 12-2 on home soil.

The visitors had managed to keep themselves in the
game during the first half having initially fallen 2-0 be-
hind, but Heath were out of sight by the end of the sec-
ond period.

Hallingbury pulled the score back to 2-1 in the game on
February 12, and after conceding a further two goals in
the first half, they scored again to make it 4-2 going in at
the break.

But after half-time, Hatfield Heath let rip, with the game
ending 12-2 to the home side. This time, it was Ewan
Rockell’s turn to score four, with Harry Feest firing in a
treble. Other goals came from James Baughurst, Harry
Bovington (2) and Rory Marrow (2).

Hatfield Heath: Jack Jones (GK), Ewan Rockell (Capt.),
Cameron Lock, Harry Bovington, James Baughurst,
Harry Feest, Abigail Stevens, Rory Marrow, Daniel Cox,
Sam Parker.


The following fixtures are scheduled for the Hatfield Hallingbury Hall Equestrian Centre
Heath CP School ‘A’ Team this month:
(a) Hatfield Broad Oak – Tues 3 March British Horse Society Approved
(h) Rodings – Thur 12 March Riding lessons for children and adults
(a) Howe Green – Tues 17 March
(a) Thaxted – Thur 26 March beginners to advanced riders

Super indoor school, three outdoor arena's,
show jumping arena, and cross-country course

We have super ponies from quiet schoolmasters to
ones trained to do jumping and dressage
EVIDENCE Children's own a pony day courses are held every
Wednesday and Thursday during the holidays, Great Fun!
As soon as possible but certainly by 10 March
If you’d like to speak at the forthcoming public BEGINNER ADULTS
inquiry into the second runway application to give Maximum four riders on a 45 minute lesson gain
your views – and it would help if you did, contact the confidence and enjoy on one of our lovely sensible cobs
Inquiry Manager, Carmel Edwards to register as soon
as possible, on 0117 372 8453 or by email at INTERMEDIATE AND ADVANCED RIDERS
[email protected]. While those Improve your dressage, learn about tests
presenting technical evidence have to observe specific lateral work, engagement and collection
dates for the submission of written evidence, Or join a jumping lesson and
individuals wishing to speak need only supply a
written copy of their presentation on the day of practise courses, grids and related distances
appearance. Carmel Edwards can advise further, but
we urge you to register to speak as soon as possible to Please ring or pop in for a chat
ensure a slot in the inquiry programme.
01279 730 348
Saturday 4 April Little Hallingbury, Bishops Stortford, Herts CM227RP

7.30pm for 7.45pm start Civic Theatre, Fairfield Hatfield Haven Care Home
Road, Chelmsford CM1 1JG
An evening not to be missed! A fantastic team of Stortford Road, Hatfield Heath, Bishops Stortford, Herts. CM22 7DL
professionals and amateurs, led by Derek Connell,
have joined forces to put on a fun-packed variety Tel: 01279 730 043
show of comedy, singing, dancing, magic, music and
juggling. If you attended the previous show at The Features:
Barn in Little Easton you’ll know just what a great Serene and homely environment;
evening it will be - and all in a good cause. 24 hours care in compliance with CSCI Care
Tickets £15 (£12 concessions). Book your tickets by Standards;
phoning the Civic Theatre box office at 01245 606505 Medical care provided by local group practice;
or online (where you can also see a picture) at district nurse, physiotherapist and a chiropodist; Highly qualified and motivated staff - RMA and
6362. All profits to go towards Stop Stansted NVQ qualifications;
Expansion's fight against a second runway at Stansted. 17 newly refurnished and redecorated rooms;
Further information from [email protected] Each bedroom fitted with washbasin, TV and
call system to summon help;
SECOND RUNWAY PUBLIC INQUIRY A large day lounge with TV and radio;
OPENING DAY Wednesday 15 April Large dining room with excellent meals on offer
by the in-house chef;
The inquiry is currently scheduled to begin on 15 April A Stair lift and a passenger lift to all floors;
and, while the venue is yet to be finalized, it is very Activities includes talks, parties, summer
likely that it will take place at Endeavour House, barbecues, flower arranging e.t.c
Stansted Airport, as per the 2007 inquiry. Join us
before the inquiry opens to show your feelings to the Kindly drop by for viewing and to pick up our User
media at our photocall. More details to be advised later. Guide and Statement of purpose. For placement and
Further information from SSE at 01279 870558 or other enquiries, please call the

[email protected] Home Manager Donna Turner on 01279 730 043
or email: [email protected]


18th March 2009
Once again Spring is upon us and the Happy Circle will be
The Hatfield Heath Village Magazine will be having it's AGM on the 18th pleased to welcome any new members to their monthly
March 2009 at the URC Hall 7.30pm meetings which are usually held in

BLINDS Little Hallingbury's Village Hall
CONSERVATORY Tuesday 2 pm - 4pm
PLEATED On the Fourth Tuesday of each month
PINOLEUM (January to April and again from September to
ROLLER November).
ROMAN Our varied speakers cover subjects as wide-ranging as
COMMERCIAL finding homes for German Shepherd Dogs to the history
Phone now for a friendly chat of the well-known Willow Pattern. Needless to say tea and
with Sue to get more information cake is always appreciated by one and all — usually our
speaker is only too happy to join us and answer any
Tel : 07885 510 400 questions relating to that afternoon's subject.
From May to August we have our summer programme.
CHRIS WHITE For example on May 19 why not cruise on the Grand
DIGGER HIRE Union Canal whilst enjoying a cream tea and on July 14
we hope the weather will be kind to us when we visit
* Ground Works Clacton for a carvery lunch at the hotel that looked after us
* Driveways so well a couple of years ago.
* Extensions Saturday, December 5, is the date planned for our usual
* Fencing excellent Christmas Lunch.
* General Construction If you are over fifty and retired, why not come and join us.
You don't have to live in Little Hallingbury to be eligible.
Local Friendly Service Our neighbouring villages, and even those as far afield as
Chris White Mobile 07704 948 803 Bishop's Stortford or Harlow are equally welcome.
Just turn up at 2.00 p.m. on the appropriate Tuesday.
email: [email protected] How about making it Tuesday, March 24?

Our Chairman, Ian Murray, would be pleased to give
you any further information, and can be contacted on

01 279 724 836


Paula's Petsitting Service Jan 27 AGM
Feb. 24 The British Legion and its work
Going on holiday? What is the best thing you can do for Mar. 24 Sandra Saban
your pets while you are away? Paula offers personal pet care
in their own home! While you're away for any length of time, Apr. 28 GSD Homefinders
consider in-home pet care with Paula as a pet care option. (German Shepherd Dogs)
Barry Hawkins
Choosing Paula's Petsitting Service you can leave home
knowing you will return to happy pets. For more The History of Playing Cards
Colin Hopper
information,call 01279 876 277 or 07986 270 336

Tuesday - Friday 12 -2pm May 19 Outing with cream tea
Snack and full menu available June 23 Grebe Canal Cruise
July 14
Monday - Saturday Day times August ? Garden Party Gaston House
Sept. 22
LITE BITES & LUNCHES NEW Outing with lunch/tea
1main course £6.92 2 courses £9.95 Esplanade Hotel, Clacton

Pensioners Lunch £5.95 Village hall - party
nothing arranged

My Life in Ladies Underwear
Terry Taber

01279 730 549 Oct. 27 Essex Workhouses John Drury
Website: Nov. 24 The Willow Pattern Robin Gurnett

Dec. 5 Xmas Party


IF YOU DON'T DRIVE, Hunters Meet Restaurant

VILLAGE LINK 5 Weds 4th March
Rod Stewart 2hr Spectular
Saffron Walden, Tesco Store (Mon-Sat)
Thurs 19th March -
Bishop’s Stortford interchange Neil Diamond Tribute
Passes Hatfield Heath, White Horse at......
0736 0836 0946 1046 1146 1246 1346 1446 1546 Cabaret Nights
1651 1751 1851 1951 2051
Here at Hunters Meet , on Friday and Saturday
nights, we hold some of the best

Dinner Dance & Cabarets Nights in the country!

01279 730 549

Looks like the 1346 (1.46pm) would be the one to catch , Red Barn
Interiors Limited
keep you legs crossed that it isn't late. Bruno
Beautiful Hand- made
VILLAGE LINK 5 Kitchens, Bedrooms
Office Furniture
Bishop’s Stortford interchange (Mon-Sat)
Saffron Walden, Tesco Store

Passes Hatfield Heath, White Horse at......

0721 0811 0930 1030 1130 1230 1330 1430 1530 Red Barn Interiors Ltd, Telephone: 01279 722 811
1630 1735 1835 1935 2035
Greenleys, Slough Road, Allen Green, Sawbridgeworth, Herts, CM21 0LR
On the way home it looks like 16.30 may pass
Little Halling bury at maybe a little after 4.15pm Email: [email protected]

Uttlesford District Council

now helps over-60s travel by train

as well as bus We offer a
Complete Service
Any Uttlesford resident over 60 can buy a Senior
Railcard from Uttlesford District Council Offices for DESIGN
£19 - a saving of £5 on the price from a railway CERAMIC TILING
station ticket office These annual Senior Railcards
give a one-third saving on almost LIGHTING
all rail tickets anywhere in the UK WOODWORK ETC.
and so pay for themselves with
only one long journey or a few All carried out with the minimum
visits to London. of fuss and mess by experts!
David Corke (Chair of Sustainable Also all Plumbing &
Uttlesford's Transport Section) said Domestic Heating Installations
"we are delighted that UDC has been able to improve
the bus passes to start at 9am on weekdays (no SO LOOK NO FURTHER THAN
discounts during rush hour travel) - a free bus pass
combined with a railcard now gives over-60s C.F OAKES
affordable public transport. Bus passes are also
available from Uttlesford District Council. Established in Harlow for over 45 years
Phone 01 799 510 510
or call at the office in London Rd, Saffron Walden

Bus No. 59 Harlow Town Centre, Harlow Bus Station

Stand 12 - Chelmsford Bus Station Stand 4
Bus No. 5 Bishop’s Stortford interchange
via Hatfield Heath - Saffron Walden, Tesco Store


John Adamson
The trip to help the needy in Uganda has regrettably been
Qualified for all domestic carpentry cancelled. So to those who kindly gave us money we
would like to say a very heart-felt sorry and also a big
Free quotations Fully insured thank you for supporting us up to this point.
We came to this upsetting decision after we realised that
07779 715888 01371 811 688 we weren't raising anything close to the amount we should
have raised by this point and we were all lacking the time
MHS Builders because of exams and other priorities. Furthermore we did
not want to get to a month before we should be leaving
Extensions (still continuing in the way we have been) and then, as a
All types of carpentry result, mean that no one can go out to help the Ugandans
Roofing and tiling whereas this way we can give our place to a group with a
UPVC windows, doors and conservatories larger availability of money.
Loft/Garage conversions I would also like to make aware that we are giving any
Plastering donated money to Mission Direct and specifically the
All other work undertaken Ugandan project.
Once again, we are truly sorry.
Tel: 01279 739409
Mobile: 07718 539 969 Ian Clargo


Emerging from the devastation of civil war in the 1970s

and 1980s, Uganda has made significant steps in

economic and social

development, yet still faces major

challenges. Ugandan families and

communities struggle to access

healthcare, education and other

basic services and young children

often suffer disproportionately.

While the country has won praise for its fight against

HIV/AIDS, the epidemic has nonetheless been

devastating — Uganda has the highest proportion of

children orphaned by HIV/AIDS


A conflict in northern Uganda, now in

HERTS HEATING its second decade, has displaced more
than 1.8 million people and has
resulted in the abduction of more than
Town Grove, Dunmow Road, Hatfield Heath, 60,000 children. Save the Children
Bishops Stortford, Herts CM22 7BN implements programs in the
Nakasongola, Luwero, Nakaseke and Wakiso Districts in
For all your Gas Installation and Servicing needs the Central Region, and Pader and Amuru Districts in the
High Efficiency Condensing Boiler Installations north to help bring relief and hope to poor, underserved
Gas Boiler Servicing and Breakdowns children.
Landlord’s Gas Safety Records
Free Quotations for gas heating installations

Plumbing and Pipework

Replacement Bathrooms, including Tiling &

Local company established in 1974.
CORGI registration number 222. Martin & Jack are still looking for help to run the

Call us on 01279-730 060 Club
Fax us on 01279-730 065
01279 730 465

E-mail us at [email protected]



floor coverings


Old Carpets Uplifted &Disposed of
Free grippers and Door Bars

Steve & Donna

Office: 01279 730 172 Mob:07939 739 845

Unit 11 Heathview Pond Lane Hatfield Heath CM22 7AB


• Interior & Exterior decoration
• carried out to a high specification.
• Full public liability.
• 30 yrs Experience

• Ceilings papered.
• Wall coverings and wall paper hung

Contact Steve.
Phone : 01279 724 805 Mobile : 07836 588 886

E-mail: [email protected]
Address: Field View, Sheering, Herts.

Bradley our PC GM Property Maintenance

Est. 1987
Held at the Hatfield Heath Police Station
6-7pm Specialising in:
Home interior and exterior decoration
Feb 2nd Mar 2nd, Aril 6th , May 4th, Building maintenance and restoration
June 8th, July, 6th, Aug 3rd, Sept 7th, Oct
Professional and reliable service Fully insured
Nov 2nd, Dec 7th Tel: 01279 730733
07867 805382

E-mail: [email protected]


Happy 22nd Birthday Happy 18th

Melanie Stiles Birthday

Tuesday 24th February JACK SYKES

With love and best wishes All our love
From: Mum, Ross, Ollie, Nan, Granddad, Shane,Lloyd and Callum
Dave, Nicola, Ella, Holly, Alice and Amy. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Philip Newman
Camilla, Scott & Taylor 40 yrs. with

On the Birth of Your

ittle Daughter & Sister
Wonderful L

for Taylor Shrubbs Farm (17th Feb 1969)

P &

aige Holly Jacks Sheering Football Club (May 1969)

(Also longest resident of Sawbridgeworth Road)

His Wife Sue and all the Family

Much Love from All the Family LOCK UP GARAGE TO RENT



Experienced horse owner AFFORDABLE HOUSING
Tel : Sue home 01279 718727
Opportunity to buy a modern
mobile 07881565872 One Bedroom Flat

KEEP FIT TEACHER REQUIRED Ardley Crescent, Hatfield Heath
To run - over 50's Class
at present on Wednesday mornings 74% share no rent to pay
For More Info. Tel: 01279 730 265
URC Hall, Hatfield Heath
Ring Cathy 01279 731 420
Suitable for growing family
HAVE YOU ANY STENCILS 3' x 6' 4" Divan Bed

Remember stencils? It seemed to be all the rage at with buttoned velour headboard
one time. If you have any stencils you no longer and very comfortable ORTHOPAEDIC
require, I would love to have them please!
Nestledown mattress and cover.
I am fired up with enthusiasm having recently Free for collection
started a pottery class with Margaret Gardiner at Tel: 01279 731 711
Great Hallingbury (Tel: 01279 654 025).
N.B. All non commercial Ads. and Greetings as above are Free
Any crocheted lace is also great as we use them for
pattern stamping!
Please ring me. Thank you!
Hannah Shine Tel: 01279 731 784


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