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Hatfield Heath Village Magazine July 2003

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July 2003

Hatfield Heath Village Magazine July 2003

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Hatfield Heath C.P. School P.F.A. had a tremendous evening
earlier this year, when they raised a record breaking £6,500 for
the school - from a single charity evening! The 'Auction of
Prizes & Promises' was a new event for the school and the
P.F.A. (parent, friends, association) were over the moon that the
event had proved so successful, over twice as much money was
raised, as had been at any prior event. Some of the money has
already been allocated towards new books and towards the
'Creative Curriculum', whilst the balance is still being discussed.
The P.F.A. would like to say a huge thank you to all the local
businesses & individuals who kindly donated their time or
services to make this event such an overwhelming success.

Hatfield Heath C.P. School P.F.A. Committee

Item 6 of the parish council minutes, Road Matters says
" The police state this (the 30 mph limit) is not permissible if
houses are not on both sides of the green"
I was not aware that we were yet in a police state. I have been
labouring under the belief that the police were here to uphold the
law not to create them.
Last time I looked there were houses on both sides of "the
green" and in addition, there are houses on both sides of every
road entering the green. It is impossible to get to the green
without having houses on both sides of the road.
If the Police really do hold this view, tell them to visit Matching
Tye, but to go slowly as there is a 30 M.P.H. speed limit, which
they no doubt enforce. Other than The Fox there is nothing else
on that side of the road. I urge the P.C. to continue to press our
demand for a sensible speed limit through our village and not to
be fobbed off by such remarks.
Tony Bushell

Very soon schools and colleges will be breaking up for the
summer and many people will be off on their summer holidays.
In days gone by the only break most people got from the daily
grind were the holy days or religious festivals, and the only long
journeys were pilgrimages to holy shrines. This may sound very
different from what we will be doing, and yet there are
similarities. The main thing that holy days and holidays have in
common is that they both provided a time for doing something
different, and a chance to come back refreshed, and if we are
refreshed mentally and physically, we will almost certainly find
that we have been refreshed spiritually as well. May your
holiday be a truly refreshing time
Nigel Rogers.

I collect the Litter from the area of Heath in front of my house. I
plant grass where the cars sometimes make it bare and even lay
pieces of turf.
And now our Council (District or Parish I don’t know) come
along and poison the grass at least a foot deep all along the
whole frontage, in an area most under pressure and seen by all.
“They” even poisoned areas of bare earth. How can we expect to
get anywhere in the Best Kept Village competition when our
Authority behaves in this way.
1 Hockley Cottages,
Hatfield Heath,

Michael Ronan

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1 14.00 Bridge Club I
2 10.30 Holy Communion-1662 The Close

13.45 Hatfield Heath under 5s H
20.00 Bridge Club H
08.00 Holy Communion HT
09.30 Family Service and Baptism HT
10.30 Family Service with Communion URC
18.30 Evensong HT
7 11.30 Luncheon Club URC
8 14.00 Bridge Club I
14.00 Heath Ladies H
9 13.45 Hatfield Heath under 5s H
20.00 Bridge Club H
09.30 Holy Communion HT
10.30 Family Service URC
15 14.00 Bridge Club H
14.00 Welcome Club H
16 10.30 MU Holy Communion HT
13.45 Hatfield Heath under 5s H
20.00 Bridge Club H
17 20.00 VH Committee Meeting CR
08.00 Holy Communion HT
09.30 Matins HT
10.30 Family Service URC
18.00 URC Service at The Close
19.00 Special Youth Service HT
22 14.00 Bridge Club H
23 11.30 Luncheon Club URC
13.45 Hatfield Heath under 5s H
20.00 Bridge Club H
09.30 Holy Communion HT
10.30 Family Service URC
29 14.00 Bridge Club H
30 20.00 Bridge Club H
08.00 Holy Communion HT
09.30 Family Service and Baptisms HT
10.30 Family Service with Communion URC
4 11.30 Luncheon Club URC
H-Village Hall / CR-Committee Room H / HT-Holy
Trinity Church / URC-United Reform Church / I-Institute /


01279 730388 – Redirected to Braintree

01279 730280 – Answer phone – non urgent issues/nature

E-mail address – [email protected]

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RING JEAN ON 730465.


12th July 2.00-4.00pm

Anyone who would like to run his or her own Table
is welcome to do so. A small donation to the R B L
would be gratefully received.


19th Century Broomshawbury (Hatfield Broad Oak)
Farmer and Local Magistrate

4th July 1845
My Tulip Mare fell dead at hay cart today.

(Is Tulip Mare a type of horse or the name of his horse if you
have the answer please send to me into the magazine tray at
PBM Printers or direct to me at Manor Lodge Chelmsford Road
Hatfield Heath CM22 7BD You can also e-mail me on
[email protected] )

June 17 our Welcome
Club Members had a trip
to Van Hages Garden
Centre. We left by coach
at eleven A.M. and made
a very nice detour of
Essex. We were able to
enjoy the views of the
countryside, which is
always pleasing . We
toured the Garden Centre
and saw some lovely

plants, flowers and a variety of books, ceramics cut
flowers and a chance to see how the experts arrange their
displays. We returned in time for our tea. The visit was

nice and easy, the journey both ways no rushing , no road
hold ups, (we all have experienced these?) Our thanks to
the Hatfield Heath ladies who sponsored us. Thank you
ladies it was much appreciated and thank you to Jean
Piercey who organised the trip, our members and two
gentlemen really enjoyed it. Oh we are a happy crowd!
Our next meeting will be at the Garden meeting at Jean
Pierceys on July 15 this is something else we look forward

Keep Smiling
Ivy Scott


From 11am


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The Bank of England is withdrawing from circulation the older
style £10 notes that show a portrait of Charles Dickens. Holders
of these notes may continue to use them, but after the end of
July 2003 they will not be widely accepted in shops and other
retail outlets. This is because these notes will no longer be legal
tender and may therefore be refused as payment.
For several months after the notes stop being legal tender, most
banks, building societies, and Post Offices will accept Dickens
£10 notes for deposit to customer accounts and for other forms
of customer transactions. In many cases it will also be possible
to exchange small quantities of the Dickens notes for current
series notes. However, agreeing to exchange notes is at the
discretion of the individual institution.
The new style £10 note with a portrait of Charles Darwin (see
above) will remain in circulation. All Bank of England notes
from which legal tender status has been withdrawn remain

payable at face value forever at the Bank of England in London.
Any such notes may be presented for payment either in person
during business hours, or sent by post (at the

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sender's risk) to Exchanges, Bank of England, Threadneedle
Street, and London, EC2R 8AH.


Further to the front-page article about speed limits in the
Village, I agree they are not sensible and in fact are totally
confusing. As you approach the Village boundary travelling
from Sheering, you have a national speed limit sign (70mph)
and alongside this is Hatfield Heath nameplate with “Please
reduce your speed” written underneath!! And this is just before a
bend, which even at 40 mph would be dicey.
As you enter The Heath there is a 40mph sign, then if you
continue towards the Matching Road you see a 30mph, but if
you turn left before this towards Hunters Meet, you see a 40mph
sign. If you turn left at Hunters Meet, you can go past The Heath
and shops and School at 40mph.
Travelling along the Chelmsford Road towards the Rodings the
speed limit is 40mph, so it is not unusual to have cars passing at
50mph plus because it is a straight stretch of road. The speed
limit for Chelmsford Road should be 30mph so that cars coming
out of their drives can do so safely and elderly people aren’t
practically swept off their feet when large lorries sweep by.
There is also the noise factor. The Chelmsford Road has been
dug up for various reasons and is not very even, together with
drains, which are loose and sunken, so that when vehicles pass,
especially empty trucks, it sounds like thunder. It would literally
only add seconds to anybody’s journey to slow down to 30mph
limit passing through the Village. The width of the road is only
just wide enough for two lorries to pass and there are houses on
both sides of the road. I have been told the traffic speed along
this road has been monitored in the past and shown to be okay. I
find this hard to believe, but if it is true then 30mph speed limit
would be okay, because as we all know, drivers will drive at
35mph plus on a 30 mph limit so they will only be going at a
few miles per hour slower than the present 40mph limit! The
whole of the Village should have a 30mph speed limit


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We had a good meeting on
Tuesday 20th May. Our
chairman Mr Jenkins
welcomed us and our
Secretary Jean read out the
last meetings minutes. She
told us that she had
received a card from
Robin in Australia and she
sends her love.
Birthday Posies were
given out to May Gunn,
May Chapman, Julie and
to Josie who has reached
her 90th Birthday - well
done! We all look forward

to our outing to Van Hages on June 17th we will have lunch with
plenty of shrubs and plants to see, this should be a good day out.
We had a quiz, which always seems to go down well, all heads
are down, some serious thinking to do here. The Hostesses were
myself and May, the washing up done with the aid of helpers, a
raffle and bring and buy, a nice afternoon seeing all our friends.

Keep smiling
Ivy Scott

The Parish Council are receiving an increasing number of
complaints about dog fouling on the Heath and footpaths,
especially the one leading to the school. Dog owners must be
aware of the danger resulting from children coming into contact
with dog faeces. A number of clearly marked red bins have been
provided by the Parish Council to allow dog owners to dispose
of dog faeces. The law is quite clear we will have to prosecute
irresponsible dog owners who allow their dog’s to create a
hazard in our village. We trust this will not be necessary.

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(Bus Driver)
Re – the photograph in your
May issue Hatfield Heath
Village Magazine.
I just wanted to say that
‘Bill Skinner’ was my Dad,
he was killed in a road
We have been trying to
trace his family history, as
he was abandoned when
very young and brought up
by a Hall’s family in
Hatfield Broad Oak, but
didn’t get very far in the
hunt! The expense was one
reason for giving up.
Maybe one day!
Joy Skinner
45 Barnfield,
Hatfield Broad Oak

If you knew Bill Skinner, maybe you rode in his bus, or know
anything about him please contact me It’s amazing how
interesting any bit of information or old photo can be to the
children or grandchildren of a person. I never knew my Grand
Father on my Fathers side because he died when my Father was
only about 2 years old. My Father died last year and amongst
old papers and photos I found a photo of my Grandfather with
my Grandmother, which I had never seen. In fact it’s the only
photo of my grandfather I have ever seen. So I know any
information on Bill Skinner you may have will be appreciated
by his daughter Joy, even if its only your personal perception of

Minutes of meeting held 14/5/03 at 7.30pm
Councillors present: Mr. P. Fuller Lewis (Chairman)
Mr. M. Lemon (Vice Chairman) Mr. M. Hockley,
Mr. C. Lidgey & Mr. M. Sullivan.

Clerk: Mrs. L. E. Ayers

1. Election of Chairman and Vice Chairman
Cllr P Fuller Lewis was nominated as Chairman by Cllr M
Lemon and seconded by Cllr C Lidgey. All other Cllrs in favour.
Cllr M Lemon stood down as Vice Chairman. Cllr P Fuller
Lewis nominated Cllr M Sullivan as Vice Chairman, this was
seconded by Cllr M Hockley and all other Cllrs were again in
2. Election of Representatives
The following were elected unanimously:-
Responsible Finance Officer – Mrs L E Ayers
EALC & UALC – Cllr P Fuller Lewis, Cllr C Lidgey & Cllr M
School Governing Body – Mrs K Grieve
Dunmow Local Road Safety Advisory Committee – Cllr P
Fuller Lewis
Building Plans – Mrs L E Ayers
Village Hall Committee – Cllr M Sullivan (Village Hall
Secretary to be notified)
Tree Warden – Mr F Walsh
Footpaths Representative – Mr S Walsh
Emergency Planning – Cllr M Sullivan
Police Liaison – Cllr C Lidgey
Drug Awareness Group – Cllr M Lemon
North East Health Authority Representative – Cllr P Fuller
Bus Transport Representative - Cllr R Jones (subject to
Cllr Hockley thanked Cllr Fuller Lewis for all his hard work
during the past year as Chairman and as District Councillor. All
Cllr’s wished Cllr Lemon well for his forthcoming role as
Independent District Councillor.
1. Open Forum
One member of the public present - Dr. B Bland informed the
meeting that a grant application regarding refurbishing the War
Memorial had been submitted. In addition, a letter had been sent
to Norman Mead, Chairman of the Hatfield Heath Royal British
Legion enquiring whether a grant may be available from
Stansted Airport. Dr. B. Bland will keep the clerk informed of
progress. He has also kindly sprayed around the base of the
memorial to prevent weed growth.
2. Apologies for absence
Cllr Robert Jones
3. Adoption of Minutes
The minutes were approved and signed from the meeting held
on 16/4/03.
4. Matters arising from previous meeting/minutes None
5. Maintenance and Drainage of the Heath

a. Grass cutting - Mr Kenney has submitted his grass
cutting costs for 2003 - these were approved. The Clerk
will arrange a meeting with Mr Kenney & Cllrs Fuller
Lewis, Hockley & Lemon to discuss our strimming
requirements & costs, together with other telegraph
post & kerbing issues. Mr Kenney has reported that
debris/surplus rubbish on the Thatcher’s island is
causing damage to the blades of his machines. The
Clerk and Cllr Fuller Lewis will write to the occupants
of nearby properties to highlight the problem.

b. Village Green - letters have been received from Mr R
Humphrey and Mrs D Hutchin regarding Dog Fouling
on the Heath. The Clerk has taken advice from
Environmental Health and will place an article in the
Village Magazine to encourage dog owners to take
more care & responsibility. Clerk/Cllr Fuller Lewis
will respond to the residents and also prepare the
magazine article. Cllr Fuller Lewis has spoken to

Environmental Health regarding suggestions by local
residents that drivers of the Refuse/Recycling Lorries
are contributing to the erosion of the heath by the war
memorial. The drivers are to be reminded not to cut
corners. The Clerk will ask Mr Kenney to quote for
repairing the corner when they meet to discuss
strimming etc. Cllr Hockley reported that the village
green area in front of Footprint is always very wet in
the middle. Cllr Hockley will mention this to the owner
and report it to the water company if necessary.

c. A Boards - The pine shop in Pond Lane is again
displaying it’s ‘A’ board and has chained it to the new
40 mph road sign. Cllr Fuller Lewis will liaise with
Highways re its removal and Cllr Lidgey will speak to
the Police. Cllrs Fuller Lewis and Lidgey to advise
each other of outcome. The ‘A’ boards belonging to
Courtyard Flowers and The Fish Inn are also being
displayed and obscuring the car park sign. Cllr Fuller
Lewis will speak to both shops and also remind
Courtyard Flowers to provide a sample advert for the
new litter bins.

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d. Footpaths - The Village Magazine have decided not to
contribute towards the cost of the footpaths map. It is
estimated that the final price including licensing from
Ordnance Survey will be £3.50 per copy, based on
printing 200 multicoloured maps of A1 size. The Parish
Council agreed to go ahead with this and will cover
printing up to £4 each. Cllr Hockley will proceed with
this. We will advertise availability in the Village
Magazine and the Post Office will stock them for sale.

e. Rubbish - Cllrs Fuller Lewis, Hockley & Lemon have
viewed the bin by the cricket field. They felt the design
was satisfactory although emptying it more regularly
could solve the litter problem. However, additional
disposal costs would be too high. It was therefore
agreed that another bin should be installed on the other
side of the bench. The Clerk is to obtain a quote and
also for a further bin by The Fish Inn. If comparable to
the previous quote, the Clerk will order after referral to
Cllr Fuller Lewis.

f. War Memorial -See comments under Open Forum.

g. Trees/Pond Grant - The Clerk has spoken to Essex
Wildlife Trust & BTCV. The ecological survey has
been requested and stage 1 of the grant form received.
The Clerk will arrange a meeting with the Committee
to complete. Cllr Hockley has agreed to remove the
dangerous lower limbs on the tree in the middle of the
church pond, enabling Mr Kenney to do a rough cut.
Mr Kenney has quoted £480 to remove the young oak
trees from either side of the Matching Road and on the
ditch-side towards Ardley Crescent. This quote
includes making safe damaged boughs on three oak
trees on the Heath. Mr Roberts of Leigh Hall
Bungalows has asked the Parish Council to cut back
two trees in the Spinney which are leaning badly over a
private property/driveway and could come down on
telephone wires or a vehicle. The Clerk will visit the

site with Cllr Fuller Lewis before obtaining two further
quotes to include all tree surgery mentioned.
6. Road Matters
a. Traffic Calming Measures - Cllr Sullivan has written
to ECC requesting a 30mph speed restriction along the
A1060 from east of the United Reformed Church on
the Chelmsford Road to north west of the Hatfield
Haven on the Stortford Road - the limit should also
extend along the Sawbridgeworth Road to the present
position of the 40mph limit. A Centre refuge has also
been requested opposite the Holy Trinity Church gates.
We informed ECC that we are the only village amongst
our neighbours that does not have a 30mph limit in
front of the primary school. Cllr Sullivan will chase C
Stoneham at ECC regarding re-aligning the Stortford
Road/Sawbridgeworth Road junction. Cllr Fuller Lewis
will also mention this at a meeting of the Dunmow
Local Road Safety Committee. Cllr Hockley and Mrs
Dalton White are to share the cost of replacing the
directional sign at Hurdle End, Friars Lane which used
to read “Gibson’s only”. The previous sign has
7. Planning
a. Applications
UTT/0598/03/FUL - Apple Trees, Friars Lane -
Erection of single garage – The Cllrs unanimously
rejected this application on the following grounds.
1. It is in front of the building line of three properties in
2. The light to the property is already restricted by
surrounding trees and the garage would only aggravate
the situation.
3. There appears to be insufficient space for
manoeuvring vehicles especially as the entrance is on
quite a steep slope.
UTT/0589/03/FUL - Lyndhurst, The Heath -
Ground and part first floor extension – After careful
consideration the PC raised no objections to this
application provided the materials and construction of
the new build are totally in keeping with the rest of the
property. This is because Lyndhurst is in a strategic
position of special landscape value visible from the
village green.
b. Decisions
UTT/0128/03/FUL - Hatfield Heath Primary School
– Single storey flat roof extension within courtyard
– Approved.
UTT/0266/03/FUL - Laurel Cottage, Stortford Road
- Erection of double garage and bay window –
UTT/1826/02/FUL - Greenways Farm Eggs, Camp
Farm, Mill Road - Erection of 25m monopole
telecommunication mast with six antennae and four
microwave dishes, equipment cabinet, 1.8m high
security fencing with barbed wire above (Revised
siting) – Approved with conditions.
8. Car Park

Footprint has been chased to amend the car park sign to reflect
the revised maximum 6 hour stay in the village car park. The
damaged car park signs have still not been replaced by ECC.
Cllr Sullivan and Clerk will investigate.

9. Open Space

The perimeter fencing has been repaired in the Play Area. The
Spring Chicken has now been vandalised and an out of order

notice placed on it. Replacement is not possible as the
manufacturers no longer make them. Cllr Fuller Lewis believes
he can repair the damage. Cllr Lidgey will place red/white tape
around the damaged area and also verify the fencing will allow
for contractor’s access. ROSPA are due to make their annual
check of the play area this month. The Parish Council have not
heard anymore with regard to the transfer of the Open Space.

10. Village Design Plan

Cllr Sullivan has received the collation of village inputs. The
Clerk will circulate this to all Cllrs and those who wanted to be
on the steering committee and, after reference to Cllr Sullivan,
arrange the inaugural meeting to elect a chairperson (not a
Parish Councillor), form a committee etc. A poster confirming
that the village has entered the Essex Village of the Year
Competition has been displayed on the notice board. All Cllrs
felt that litter was a real problem, especially on the exit roads
from the village. The Clerk will liaise with Cllr Sullivan and
approach Stuart Jackson to

End of page 8

obtain a quote for undertaking general litter picking. If
interested, the Clerk will investigate obtaining gloves/litter
picker etc.

11. Stansted Airport

BAA has responded to the second consultation and has
submitted revised proposals including two extra runways at
Stansted. Plans include a spur line running from Harlow Mill to
Stansted Airport involving Hatfield Heath and Hallingbury. Cllr
Fuller Lewis has been approached by the press regarding the
present experimental flight heights over Hatfield Heath to 4000
ft. It was agreed there was less plane interference and the village
would want this to continue.

12. Police

Cllrs Lemon and Sullivan will attend the public meeting of the
Braintree & Community Consultative Group on the 27/5/03.
This meeting is open to the public and will be publicised on the
notice board. The Mobile Police Station & Community Office
timetable has been received for the remainder of the year.
Hatfield Heath is not on the timetable as we still have a Police

13. Code of Conduct/Elections

The Declaration of Acceptance (incorporating the Code of
Conduct) and the Register of Members Interests was signed by
all Cllrs. The Clerk will arrange for Cllr Jones to complete the
forms on his return from holiday. We have an opportunity to co-
opt a Cllr before the 20/6/03. The Cllrs will give some thought
to a suitable candidate.

14. Affordable Housing

A letter has been received from UDC seeking details of empty
residential properties. The Cllrs were unaware of any and the
Clerk will respond as such.

15. Reports of Councillors attending meetings

Cllr Lewis attended a meeting of The Primary Care Trust. This
highlighted problems within local NHS hospitals including the
need for additional funding, doctors & nurses together with the
need to reduce patient time spent in hospital beds. Cllr Lemon
attended a meeting with regard to the NHS Local Delivery Plan.

16. Golden Jubilee

Rev Tim Potter has agreed to act as an independent adjudicator
with regard to the Jubilee Fund grant. Cllr Lemon will finalise
the details and advertise these in the Village Magazine. Cllr
Lemon will provide Clerk with details.

17. Emergency Planning

Cllr Sullivan agreed to update this document to reflect new
parish clerk and councillor’s details when a new Cllr has been

18. Finance, Grants & Precept

The Following cheques were approved for signature:-

£299.63 J Kenney Services re Heath/Island cuts in March
£ 76 Cash re Litter Pickers 26/4 & 3, 10 & 17/5
£ 61.10 Footprint re Letterheads
£ 20 S & S Decorating Play Area Perimeter Fence Repairs
£ 10 CVS Uttlesford Annual Membership
£ 5.86 Mrs L E Ayers re Telephone Expenses
£ 50 Petty Cash

The Cllrs authorised expenditure of £78 for the Clerk & Cllr
Sullivan to attend a 1 day Finance Course.

To improve the efficiency of banking, an application form and
mandate were signed in order to transfer the bank account to
HSBC Bank Plc.

19. Correspondence

 Essex Health Authority Board Meeting 21/5/03 at
9.30am – Cllr Fuller Lewis will attend

 UVB AGM 21/5/03 at 1.00pm
 Spring Parish Transport Representatives Meeting

2003 29/5/03 at 7.30pm – Cllr Fuller Lewis will
 Essex Local Transport Plan: Third Annual
Progress Report - Cllr Sullivan to respond

20. Circulation

 Voluntary Sector Training – I T Courses Update
& Fire Risk Assessment & Fire Safety Course

 Volunteer Volume 15 No 2 Spring 2003
 Planning Update Issue 2 March 2003 – passed to

Cllr Fuller Lewis/Cllr Lidgey
 Ways & Means Issue 38 April 2003 – passed to

Cllr Hockley/Lidgey
 Stansted Campaign Update 20
 Essex Playing Fields Association Newsletter

Volume 1 April 2003
 Rural Matters Issue 27 April 2003
 Your Guide to Public Rights of Way in Essex –

passed to Cllr Hockley
 The Essex Protector Issue 76 April 2003 – passed

to Cllr Lemon

 Timetable for Bus Service 322 – Displayed on
Notice Board

 Essex Oyster Issue 6 Spring 2003 – passed to Cllr

 Clerks & Councils Direct Issue 27 May 2003 –
passed to Cllr Fuller Lewis

There is a story on the BBC news site about taxation of aviation
fuel inviting comments from site visitors. At present it is
dominated by comments from those who think that the aviation
industry should continue to receive indirect subsidies through
VAT-free fuel. If you'd like to add your comments to redress the
balance, click on

Outward tourism cost the UK £27 billion last year, far greater
than the £12 billion income from inward tourism. The DOT's
consultation into expanding airport capacity in

End of page 9

the south east mentions only the benefit from inward tourism,
and even this is overstated as £13 billion - typical of
misrepresentations throughout the consultation paper. The
difference between income and expenditure, the "tourism trade
deficit", has grown in parallel with the growth of low cost
airlines. They are able to offer such cheap flights because they
pay no duty on aviation fuel and no VAT, unlike motorists. The
time has surely come for the Government to exercise some
"parental" responsibility to staunch this unsustainable drain on
the UK economy. Read more on Stop Stansted Expansion's
website in its response to the Treasury's parallel consultation
into the external costs of aviation:

Dear Editor
No doubt many of your readers will have been surprised to learn
from a report in the H & E Observer (29/5) that according to a
survey of villagers in Hatfield Heath there had been less
disturbance from aircraft noise over the past few months. Was
anyone aware of such a survey, if so very little, if any, publicity
was given to it beforehand? Which might suggest that perhaps
the reported results were not truly representative of overall
If indeed there has been any reduction then it was probably due
to the higher than usual incidence of easterly winds with the
result that there was a lesser number of take-offs over the Heath.
In turn that means that someone elsewhere suffered the
associated noise. But the level of aircraft noise is not the only
factor at issue in connection with the possible expansion of
Stansted. Additional passenger capacity and runways mean
more aircraft movements, more noise, more pollution of the
environment, the demand for more roads, more concrete, more
congestion etc., all eroding the quality of life. And we should
not forget that last-September approval was given to increase
passenger capacity at Stansted from 1 5 to 25 million per
annum. That is an increase of over 60% and we have yet to start
to absorb all the negative effects of that decision. We must
ensure that our total support is given to the Stop Stansted
Expansion Campaign. We are all aware of the impact that 1
5million passengers per annum has on our lives now, can
anyone even begin to imagine what effect 40 million, 60
million, 80 million or more could have on this part of the world.
Our aim should be no more expansion per se, not just no more

Yours truly
E.R. Piercey

BAA has planning permission to expand operations to 25mppa,
almost double what we have today DOUBLE the noise
DOUBLE the air pollution
MORE holidaymakers parking around the Heath (a taxi fare is
cheaper than two weeks’ car park fees)
MORE road traffic through the Heath
MORE delays on the trains

but that’s not all…

Essex County Council supports expansion to 40mppa
The Herts and Essex Observer supports maximum use of
existing runways (40mppa)
Robert Chambers (the leader of Uttlesford District Council)
is reconciled to 40mppa

They are all opposed to more runways but they

End of page 10

will not resist expansion to the maximum capacity for one
The Stop Stansted Expansion (SSE) campaign is fighting any
expansion above 25mppa. They are doing a good job – they
were key players in the judicial review that won more time to
prepare the case against expansion, they have submitted a well
structured and professional response, they continue to research
critical issues such as the alternative of offshore airports and
they have appointed a professional campaign manager to lobby
and influence the government decision makers and their
influencers. They need your support.
Sign up to register your support and get updates via e-mail (it’s
free), join the debate or better still join SSE. See

If you also want to make a
donation you can call 01279
870558 and collection will be
arranged or if you give your
donation to a Parish Councillor,
they will arrange for its delivery.
These are my views and don’t
necessarily represent those of

Mel Sullivan


UNDER THREAT (in conjunction with the Society for the
Protection of Ancient Buildings) - Including Brick End,
Broxted. 1.30pm start. The Stansted area is characterised, above
all, by its remarkably rich architectural heritage. Join our guided
visits to a few of the many old properties at risk of demolition if
airport enlargement is not stopped. Tickets £7.25 per person for
SPAB/SSE members, £8.75 per person for non-members.
Contact campaign office for further details on
01279 870558.

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 FRIDAY 11 JULY - QUIZ NIGHT at the Stansted Day
Centre, Crafton Green, Stansted. 7.30pm start. Tickets £7 per
person, including a baked potato Tables of 4.
Contact Vanessa Oilier on 01279 812 280
or [email protected] to book your place.

EASTON MANOR - our biggest event yet! A huge summer
concert with a festival of live music to suit all tastes (English
Chamber Orchestra, Kenny Ball & his Jazzmen and The Upbeat
Beatles - the UK's premier Beatles tribute band. This promises
to be a spectacular day out, and a sell out. Contact the campaign
office on 01279 870558 for advance ticket reservations.

Priors Hall, Stebbing, nr Great Dunmow 1pm start, pig roast
available from 2.30pm. Bouncy castle and face painting for
children. Live band. Tickets £15 for adults. £5 for children.
Licensed bar, real ale available. Contact campaign office for
further details on 01279 870558.

30pm Come and party with us! 13th Century Barn. Live Band.
Pay bar. £40 per ticket, includes dinner. Carriages at 11.30pm.
Black Tie. Advance ticket admission only. Phone campaign
office on 01279 870558 to book.

details to follow

Thaxted Church, more details to follow.

Contact the campaign office or see the website for further
information: T 01279 870558
[email protected]

Jan Baldwin on 01279 653470 or the campaign office 01279

See for details


Mr Piercey wrote letters to Honorable Margaret Beckett MP
Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs and The
Right Honorable Alistair Darling MP Secretary of State for
Transport and here are extracts.

‘There are many people who will be looking to you as the
custodian of the environment to defend strongly what I believe
is the main aim of your Department, i.e. "Sustainable

development, which means a better quality of life for everyone,
now and for generations to come..... and thriving economies and
communities in rural areas and a countryside for all to enjoy".’

‘As a consequence I believe, as many others do, that having
over-developed the South-East region to the extent that too
much emphasis is now placed on the part that the region has to
play in the future economic growth of the UK, a fundamental
and perhaps radical rethink to the question of

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such economic growth and the related development of air
transport in the UK is now required.’

‘We have all seen the damaging effect that the development of
Heathrow has had on the areas west of London and we have no
wish to see such an environmental disaster replicated here in this
largely unspoiled and attractive area of North-West Essex. The
development of a major airport brings with it increases in noise
levels and air pollution, congestion on the roads, pressure on the
public services, and incalculable damage to the environment in
general. All such negative effects erode the quality of life and
these factors must be given serious thought before any further
expansion at Stansted is even contemplated, let alone approved.’

‘At the risk of being accused of "nimbyism" - but surely that
applies to us all - I can only repeat that any further development
at Stansted will be an environmental disaster and will leave a
scar of the landscape that will be there forever.’

‘If, as has so many times been purported, growth in the total
UK economy is dependent on the expansion of runway capacity
then it is only equitable that all areas of the nation, not just the
South-East, should make a tangible contribution to that growth.
For too long the economic growth of the UK has been
concentrated in the South-East, to the detriment of other areas,
and a reversal of that trend is well overdue. A more imaginative
and visionary approach to the question of long-term economic
growth and the development of air transport in the UK is now
urgently required.’


I am not against people flying and I am not against airports. In
my line of business, I have to travel around the world by air and
I have never denied that fact. What I object to is the destruction
of vast swathes of English countryside and the massive increase
in noise and pollution to be suffered by millions of people in
South-East England if the Stansted expansion goes ahead or
Heathrow or Gatwick for that matter. What I have been saying is
that we need a serious look at options which would minimise
environmental damage to Britain and maximise happiness to
local communities. It is very easy for Freedom To Fly and their
big business backers to attack myself and Terry Waite but much
harder for them to discuss the important issues which will
adversely affect the lives of millions of British people. I
consider myself and Terry Waite to be sincere and proud British
citizens. Even though I do feel a decision has already been
made, I still believe maybe we can make a little difference and
when I do travel to other countries, I realise that Great Britain
has so much beautiful countryside that I know we should cherish
it. That's all.


Do you commute from Cambridge to Liverpool Street or live
anywhere near stations on that line? If you do and you have just
three seconds or one hour to spare, SSE needs your help! In the
last few days of the consultation period we are targeting rail
commuters to tell them of the horrors ahead on the so-called
Stansted Express line if airport expansion goes ahead. We
urgently need volunteers to (a) carry small supplies of our
commuter leaflet with them and hand them out to fellow
passengers - either robustly or discreetly depending on your
technique, and (b) organise a small group (two or three is
sufficient) to hand out leaflets to

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travellers at the busier stations, typically from about 6.30pm (or
early morning). The folded A5 leaflet warns that with just one
more runway - and with no rail expansion - over 20 million
extra train passengers would have to squeeze in. We offer a
solution and the chance to win tickets to our Summer Breeze
concert. If you are feeling brave, there are also some funny
placards to amuse anyone willing to pause. A trial run at
Bishop's Stortford station - see local press publicity -was
fantastic: around 500 leaflets handed out (and mostly gratefully
received) in one hour thanks to an eight-strong team of last
minute volunteers (thank you all!).

Hatfield Heath 1906

No Speed Limit needed then
(note the Lampost which burnt oil)




Wednesday 16TH July 03
A fantastic night out!!!

Come & dance the night away to our Latin
American band 'El Adivino’ If you have never
Salsa'd before don't panic!!! Graheme from
Apton Dance Studio will take you through a few
moves to get you going and you won't believe

how much fun it is!!!

If you are a dancer
then try our favourite dances
A fabulous four course meal, complimentary
shot of sangria & live music!)

£19.95 per head
Book now 01279 73054

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On the first Monday of the recent “too hot for comfort”
weather period (16 June), Hatfield Heath School staged a
friendly football match between an “Orange Team” and a
“Blue Team” on the school field.

The Orange team, made up mostly of “experienced” first
team players, struck first with a free kick David Beckham
would have been proud of from Andrew Bartram, which
completely “outfoxed” the opposing keeper as the
manager would put it. The Oranges scored again
immediately after half time before slotting in a third later

The Blues fought back and William Young thumped home
a well-earned goal before the Orange team netted goal
numbers four and five to seal the game. Final score, 5-1 to
the Orange team.

The line-ups were as follows:
Orange: Alex Kettridge; James O’Donoghue (Capt.);
James Gilchrist; Lawrence Sambrook; Ian Clargo; Andrew
Bartram; Alex Hall; Jack Scheggia.
Blue: Sam Turner (Capt.); Ollie Hancock; Jamie Stevens;
Ross Williams William Young; Lloyd Hammett; Luke
“Simmo” Simpson; Freddie Shaw.
Referee: Billy Shaw.


Cricket: Tuesday 20 May saw Hatfield Heath play their
Davis Cup cricket match against Matching Green. Due to
poor weather conditions, the amount of overs for each
team was reduced. Our team batted first, notching up 57
runs for 9 wickets from the allocated 17 overs. Matching
Green took just 14 overs to score 58 runs with just 3
wickets taken. We have done better.

Football: On May 5 (Bank Holiday Monday), our adult
football team won the Premier Cup Final, held at Saffron
Walden, toppling Sheering 3-2 after extra time.

All text by Billy Shaw (14).

“Mum” Jack yelled from the kitchen, “you know that dish you
were always worried I’d break?” “ Yes dear what about it?” “
Well your worries are over”

Jack: Mum, do you know what I’m going to give you for your
Mum: No Jack What?
Jack: A nice teapot
Mum: But I’ve got a nice teapot
Jack no you haven’t I’ve just dropped it!

The Hatfield Heath Gardening Club Started in January 1974.
It meets every 4th Wednesday. This year we have had speakers
explaining how a stand at Chelsea Flower Show was designed,
how to design your garden with trees and shrubs, how Bees are
kept and their habits. The last meeting was an outing to
Madingley hall Gardens. The Next outing on the 25th June is to
Bressingham in Norfolk.
Meetings are held at the Village Hall at 7.45pm visitors are
charged £1 or you may wish to join for £5 per Year and Family
membership is £8 per year Next meeting at the hall is on the
23rd July

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Are you Retired or just at home. Like gardening
and want to earn extra cash. I need someone a
few hours a week, - hours to suit you. To
do weeding and a hand with Boarders
and Tubs. - NO GRASS CUTTING - .

Ring Barbara 01279 730 444 (on the Heath)

What do Bach, Basie and the Beatles have in common? They
are all making an appearance at what is being billed as Stop
Stansted Expansion's biggest event yet - a festival of music in
the grounds of Little Easton Manor on Sunday 20 July. The
works of some of the world's greatest and most popular
composers and song-writers will be presented by a fantastic line-
up of performers at this picnic concert. 'A Summer Breeze' will
feature the world-famous English Chamber Orchestra playing a
selection of popular classical music with 'a few surprises' thrown
in. The ECO will be directed by the international conductor
Roy Goodman who lives in nearby Birchanger. Meanwhile
Burton End resident Kenny Ball - and his Jazzmen - will up the
tempo with an hour of stomping Jazz ranging from traditional
numbers to their own interpretation of modern hits

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