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Hatfield Heath Village Magazine November 2003

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November 2003

Hatfield Heath Village Magazine November 2003

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At our October meeting the speaker was Anne Brooks, the
theme ‘Witchcraft’; apparently there were no witches recorded
in Hatfield Heath, but Hatfield Broad Oak was mentioned in
the archives as having two witches.
When Mrs Brooks ran through the criteria for recognising a
witch, they included owning a dog, cat or ferret which were
known as a ‘familiar’, talking to these ‘familiars’, having
potions i.e. paracetemol in the handbag, asking after peoples
health and being superstitious.
I think most of us would be able to answer ‘yes’ to these;
perhaps it’s a good thing we are not living in the 16th Century!
We finished off with the three witches rhyme from Macbeth. It
was a very interesting afternoon; we even had a Halloween
pumpkin lantern to add to the atmosphere. At our November
meeting our speaker will be Mrs Doreen Richardson who is a
fund raiser for the Children’s Hospice. This will be on Tuesday
11th November at the usual time of 2.30pm at the village hall.
Visitors are always welcome.

Diana White


I can’t believe there aren’t any witches in the
Village!!! if you have spotted any and have

photograph please send it to me. Bruno

No these aren’t the heath ladies sunbathing in their garden it’s
a garden I pass and keep on meaning to photo and this is only a
small part of what Gordon has achieved. It’s great to see
something that makes you smile. Top right is another example
of someone who is trying to make our Village a smiley place

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2 4 before ADVENT
08.00 Holy Communion HT
09.30 Family Service HT
10.30 Family Service with Communion URC
18.30 Evensong HT

3 11.30 Luncheon Club URC
20.00 PCC I

4 14.00 Bridge Club I
5 10.30 Holy Communion – 1662 The Close

14:00 Hatfield Heath Under Fives H
20:00 Leisure Hour URC
20:00 Bridge Club H
09.30 Holy Communion HT
09:55 Family Service URC
10:55 Service at War Memorial
11 14.00 Heath Ladies H
14.00 Bridge Club I
12 14:15 Pram Service HT
20:00 Bridge Club H

15 14:00 HT Autumn Bazaar H
16 2 before ADVENT

08.00 Holy Communion HT
09.30 Matins HT
10.30 Family Service URC
18.00 URC Service at The Close
18 14.00 Welcome Club H
14.00 Bridge Club I
19 10:30 MU Holy Communion HT
11.30 Luncheon Club URC
14:00 Hatfield Heath Under Fives H
20:00 Leisure Hour URC
20:00 Bridge Club I
21 20:00 HH Football Quiz H
23 1 before ADVENT
09.30 Holy Communion HT
10.30 Family Service URC
25 13.30 Bridge Club H
26 19:45 Gardening Club H
14:00 Hatfield Heath Under Fives H
20.00 Bridge Club I
08:00 Holy Communion HT
NO 09:30 at Holy Trinity
10:30 joint service at St. Mary’s Sheering
10.30 Family Service with Communion URC
18.30 Advent Evensong HT
2 14.00 Bridge Club I
3 10.30 Holy Communion – 1662 The Close
14:00 Hatfield Heath Under Fives H
20:00 Bridge Club H
20:00 Leisure Hour URC
7 08.00 Holy Communion HT
09.30 Family Service HT
10.30 Family Service with Communion URC
8 midday Luncheon Club Christmas Lunch

H-Village Hall / CR-Committee Room H / HT-Holy
Trinity Church / URC-United Reform Church / I-Institute
/ S-School

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5th November - 8.00pm U R C Hall - An evening with Wendy
19th November - 8.00pm U R C Hall -Celebrating with
Balloons! Linda Anderson
New (and Old) members and visitors will be very welcomed

Ring Jean on 730465. for details

5th November at 10.30am to 12.00 - POPPY APPEAL
COFFEE MORNING at Town Farm Hatfield Broad Oak. By

kind permission of Mrs L Baker. This is the last district Poppy
Coffee Morning of this year.

3rd November at 8am- Trip to ST PAUL’S FOR MEMORIAL
Leaving Hatfield Heath at 8.00am Cost £7.50

9th November at 2.45pm – THE REMEMBRANCE SERVICE
this year is at Matching Green Church. Parade at 2.45pm
Refreshments after in Marriage Feast Room.

11th November at 10.55am – SHORT SERVICE AT THE
MEMORIAL on the Heath Soup & Roll at U R C Hall after.

21st November at 7pm – CHEESE & WINE at 28 Cox Ley –
In aid of branch Benevolent Funds.

FOR DETAILS RING SANDRA on 01279 718 102

(19th Century Broomshawbury (Hatfield Broad Oak) Farmer
and Local Magistrate)
8th November 1868
Charles Perry, Hatfield Postman, died at Harlow of Typhoid
Fever aged 46 years. Much respected.

The magazine is sad to have to report the death on Monday 13th
October of Roland Strutt Secretary of the Hatfield Heath U R
C. after a short illness.
Roland was a schoolteacher in Harlow and was well known in
Essex as a lay preacher. He leaves a son Mark, a daughter
Corrine and two grandchildren, one born just two days after his
death. We offer our condolences to all his family.

It was travelling through Flanders that brought home to
me the true loss of life in the First World War. It wasn't
the large cemeteries, with their seemingly unending rows
of gravestones, I'd seen enough pictures to know of their
existence. It was the many small cemeteries, each with
perhaps a few dozen graves of those who died fighting
over this hill or that wood. Then gong into the town of
Ypres, and seeing the Menin Gate inscribed with around
55,000 names of those who have no known grave. No
wonder we talk about a lost generation.

Sadly the war to end all wars, hasn't stopped people and
nations fighting each other and although the casualties
may be fewer among the military, that isn't the case for
the civilians who find themselves on the receiving end of
those so-called smart weapons. This is certainly true of

the current conflict in Iraq where civilian casualties
exceed those experienced by the combatants many times

Is there ever going to be a time when war will be no
more? Jesus told us to turn the other cheek, to love our
enemies and pray for those who persecute us. It sounds
mad doesn't it? All our common sense tells us to hit back,
even to hit out first if we think that we're in danger. So
has it worked? No! maybe then we should just try Jesus'
way, it can't be any worse, and it just might be the way to

Nigel Rogers.

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The response to the watercolour class was so good that I am
now starting a second class on Tuesday evenings between 7pm
and 9pm beginning 4th November. There are still a few places
on this class and anyone interested should ring me on.

A number of people have enquired about daytime classes and I
am more than willing to run a daytime course. I have been
asked to organise a class for more advanced painters and this I
am happy to do if the interest is there.

I am planning a one day ‘Learning at Leisure’ workshop ‘Fun
with Colour’ for adult painters of all abilities, including
beginners on Saturday 6th December between 10am and
2.30pm at the institute. Pre booking is essential for this event.
There are still places on the Christmas Icing course, which
begins Monday 27th October at 7till 9 p.m.

I recently made a 'how to' watercolour video which is being
launched at an Art Materials Fair in Gateshead, at the end of
October. The video, which is aimed at beginners but has
information, hints and tips for almost anyone who uses
watercolour, is accompanied by a small booklet and can be
obtained from me.
Anyone interested in any of the classes or the video can call me
PAULENE BRAKSPEAR on 01279 730 281

They say it takes a minute to find a special person, an hour to
appreciate them, a day to love them, but then an entire life to
forget them. Send this phrase to the people you'll never forget
and remember to send it also to the person who sent it to you.
It's a short message to let them know that they're not forgotten.
If you don't send it to anyone, it means you're in a hurry and
that you've forgotten your friends. Take the time to live!!!
Distance and time may separate us but friendship and
memories won't.
Just thinking of you today.

Richard Barnett

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Dear Irene,
Thank you very much for your letter of the 19/8/2003, which I read to our
Councillors at our meeting of the 3/9/2003. Unanimously they have asked
me to express our collective thanks for your appreciation of the work we
all do in trying to maintain and possibly improve the features of our
beautiful village. If you ever have any suggestions as to things we may
have missed or overlooked please do not hesitate to let me know.
Mr Peter Fuller Lewis Chairman

DID YOU KNOW …that the Greeks wrote of hunting with
greyhounds in 124 AD, yet the greyhound's roots reach even
further back into antiquity, to a time when man unleashed the
dog not for sport, but to provide meat for sustenance. A dog
that could overtake fleeing game and bring it back to share was
a valuable animal; one of the first specialised breeds of dog
was the greyhound.
AND YET …10,000 racing greyhounds retire each year due to
injury, old age or they simply just don’t make the grade. If all
of these were rehomed you would see a greyhound on every
street corner in Britain. Sadly, this is not the case. Many end
up on the dissecting table. The not so lucky ones are
“exported” abroad to continue running in Spain and Greece in
appalling conditions. Many of these dogs will have had their
ears cut off to remove the usual identification marks tattooed in
the ears of all racing greyhounds. And the rest … well, nobody
knows! There are many responsible owners who take their
dogs home and trainers, who give up precious kennels spaces
for retired dogs, but the fact is that records are not always kept
to show if this the case. Actress Annette Crosbie, of ‘One Foot
in the Grave’ fame, who’s got four greyhounds of her own, is
one campaigner who wants things to change.
In theory, The National Greyhound Racing Club (NGRC) and
the British Greyhound Racing Board (BGRB) keep records of
what happens to the dogs. Sadly, the reality is that many dogs
are passed on from one owner or trainer to another and the
industry loses track of where many of them end up. The BGRB
and the NGRC have made a huge effort to deal with this
problem. ……….continued over on page 6

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……Dunrunnin Greyhounds continued from previous page

They set up a charity, the Retired Greyhound Trust (RGT)
which does sterling work re-homing greyhounds. But even they
admit that the funding is just not enough to home every retired
The RGT finds homes for about 2,000 dogs a year.
Campaigners want to know what happens to the other 8000?
The industry is currently battling with the bookmakers in an
attempt to get more money for the information they provide
about the dogs, known as form.

Currently bookmakers take around £1.5 million pounds from
greyhound racing and give 0.4% of their turnover back and
only on a voluntary basis. 40% of bookmakers choose to give
The New Deal will bring bookmakers' contributions in line
with those from the horseracing levy board and will ensure that
more money comes back into the sport.
Geoffrey Thomas, Chief Executive of the BGRB, insists that if
the deal goes through this extra money will be made available
to the RGT and the welfare of greyhounds will improve.
However, the promise of New Deal money has been met with
scepticism by campaigners who doubt that things will change
that much. With owners, trainers and promoters all wanting a
bite of the pie, is the issue of welfare really going to be given
more than just lip service?
Annette Crosbie would say ‘No!’. Her point is that the
industry is self-regulating, and until the control is taken out of
the hands of the track promoters and bookmakers, the dogs will
continue to suffer. It makes her even angrier that the dogs
involved are the easiest, gentlest and most forgiving animals.
No matter how badly they have been treated, they will always
become loving and trusting pets.

LOVING PETS as a retired greyhound owner I can confirm
that this is the case. To quote TV presenter, Philippa Forrester:
“Greyhounds are very placid and affectionate. They lie around
the house, looking like supermodels, waiting for you to adore
them.” Having spent most of their lives running around in
circles, now all they want to do is chill.

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Dunrunnin Greyhounds, Barnston All retired greyhounds need
a home, that's where local charity Dunrunnin Greyhounds
comes into play. Dunrunnin opened in December 2002 and to
date have rehomed 75 greyhounds. Not bad for a small charity
with only room for 13 greyhounds.
In order to raise funds for Dunrunnin a Christmas Quiz Night
will be held on Saturday, 6th December in Little Hallingbury
Village Hall 7.30 pm for 8 pm start. A Fish & Chip Supper
will be provided, our Christmas Prize draw will be picked and
there will be a raffle on the night. A great night out for only
£7.50 and Dunrunnin Greyhounds gets every penny.






in Little Hallingbury Village

7.30 pm for 8 pm start
Fish & Chip Supper
Raffle on the night
All for only £7.50


All proceeds go to
Dunrunnin Greyhounds

Registered Charity Number 1094076


Hatfield Heath Post Office

01279 730279

Postage Mail Redirection

Bill Payments NS + I Savings

E111’s T.V. Licence

Postal Orders Fishing Rod Licence

Premium bonds

Free Personal Banking with Card and PIN
Lloyds TSB
Alliance & Leicester
Cash Deposits, Cheque Deposits, Cash Withdrawal.


It's free, easy and convenient to take out cash at the Post
Office. If you need cash, why not get some while you're
in your local Post Office branch?
All you need is your card and PIN, and you'll find the
automated service is:
• Free - there are no charges for withdrawing cash or
using your card at the counter
• Easy - no cheque books, no paperwork to fill in, all you
need is your card and PIN
• Quick - it only takes a moment to take cash out at the
counter, while you're buying stamps or paying a bill, for
• Secure-the PIN pad screen is specially designed to
prevent anyone else seeing the number you are entering
• Friendly - unlike a cash machine, a member of staff is
always there to help you with any questions you have.

N.B Besides the three banks listed above, there is a long
list of bank accounts that are excepted for cash

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Minutes of meeting held 3/9/03 at 7.30pm
Councillors present: Mr. P. Fuller Lewis (Chairman)
Mr. M. Hockley, Mr. M. Lemon, Mr. B. Jones, Mr C. Lidgey,
Mr. B. Sheekey & Mr. M. Sullivan
Essex County Councillor: Mrs. S. Flack
Clerk: Mrs. L. E. Ayers
1. Open Forum
One member of the public present - Mr. B. Scheggia.
Mr. B. Scheggia was in attendance to observe a Parish Council
meeting in its entirety.
Councillor S. Flack reported that within the electoral boundary
review, Dunmow division was to remain the same i.e., all
towns/villages within the A120 corridor making the third
biggest ward within the County. Cllr Sullivan updated Cllr
Flack on progress to date re the 30 & 40mph speed limit
requests as well as the re-aligning of the Stortford Road
junction. Cllr Flack will check progress on the latter and will
forward us a map of local strategic routes. The proposed 7.5
tonne weight restriction in Church Road, Kingstons Lane &
Waterloo Road – White Roding was discussed. All Cllrs were
in agreement that we should support the proposal and the clerk
will respond as such.
2. Apologies for absence None.
3. Adoption of Minutes
The minutes were approved and signed from the meeting held
on 23/7/03 and the Planning meeting held on the 18/8/03.
4. Matters arising from previous meeting/minutes

The Clerk has not been able to trace the registration of
the car involved in the accident which destroyed the bin
by the Fish Inn. The Clerk will supply Cllr Fuller Lewis
with the contact number for the Police Accident
Information Centre to aid the Parish Council in pursuing
a claim through the insurance. A letter has been received
from Mr. S. Winfield regarding the fire eater display on
the heath which was part of the wedding celebrations at
the Hunters Meet on the 26/7/03. Cllr Fuller Lewis will
write to Mr. Winfield & Mr Carrig of the Hunters Meet.

5. Finance
a. Payments for authorisation

 £240 Richard Lawrance Tree Surgery & Conservation
re work on Heath/Lea Hall Bungalows 31/7/03

 £24.20 Hatfield Heath Village Hall re 22/2/03
 £25 CPRE Annual Membership
 £119 Litter Pickers re 13,20 & 27 Sept & 4,11 & 17

 £24.49 Clerk Petrol & Telephone Expenses
 £25 Harlow Citizens Advice Bureau Annual Donation
Cllr Fuller Lewis signed a Gross Interest Application form for
HSBC Bank Plc & it was agreed that the RCCE Handbook
would be circulated to ascertain whether the increase in
membership fees from £25 to £50 was worthwhile. The Clerk
will organise this.
b. Approval of 2002/2003 Accounts
Cllr Lemon proposed that the above accounts were accepted
having previously been circulated, this was seconded by Cllr
Hockley, all else in favour. Cllr Sullivan was thanked for all

his time & effort in putting together the accounts. The clerk
will submit the accounts to Lubbock Fine, the external auditors
by the 12/9/03.
Cllr Sullivan presented the year to date expenditure and
recommended that this year’s budget be altered by the

Highways & Repairs maintenance budget be reduced from
£2500 to £2000 & the Play Area repairs & maintenance budget
be increased from 0 to £500. Litter Picking budget be increased
from £910 to £1400. Clerks Expenses budget be increased from
£500 to £750. Councillors Expenses budget be increased from
£130 to £400. The proposed £1010 increase in budget will be
covered by projected bank interest £210 and reserves £800.
It was agreed by all that an estimate should be obtained for
resurfacing the car park to aid budget planning and all were in
favour of the above budget alterations.
c. Amendment to and adoption of Standing Orders &
Financial Regulations
The adoption of the above Standing Orders & Financial
Regulations without amendment was proposed by Cllr Sullivan
and seconded by Cllr Lidgey.
6. Maintenance and Drainage of the Heath
a. Grass cutting – The Clerk has chased Mr Kenney to
provide a quote regarding the annual strimming costs and the
cost of replacing posts on an ongoing basis following the
meeting held on the 24/7/03.
b. Village Green – The bench by the Hunters Meet has been
vandalised. Cllr Sheekey will check to see if it is repairable, if
not ordering a replacement will be discussed at the next
meeting. Cllr Fuller Lewis will write to the owner of the
vehicle which is continually parked on the heath and left
overnight. Following the recent fire on the heath the Cllr’s will
watch out for visitors having BBQ’s as they are potentially a
fire hazard. BT has not responded regarding the new telegraph
pole on the island in front of Heath View and the matter was
referred to Bidwells by Mr Fuller Lewis. Cllr Lemon will
inform the Police about the cars which are racing around the
heath most evenings as well as the discarded lighters and
condoms which have been found by a villager.
c. A Boards – Once our new bins are in place Cllr Fuller
Lewis will follow through the actions from the last meeting as
well as speaking to the new proprietors of the Fish Inn.
d. Footpaths –. The hedgerows on the Dunmow Road by The
Old Barn have been reported as overgrown, the Clerk will
advise Highways accordingly. The footway from Sheering to
Hatfield Heath has been reported to Epping Forest District
Council, although Highways will need to be reminded to clear
the footway from our boundary.
e. Rubbish – The replacement bin by the Fish Inn will be
fitted this month along with a new bin opposite the crossing by
the Bus stop. The Cllr’s remarked on the amount of litter
outside The White Horse and Alldays, although a definite
improvement has been noticed recently. Cllr Fuller Lewis will
write to both outlets to state that The Parish Council would like
it kept this way.
f. War Memorial – Cllr Jones updated the meeting on the
proposed refurbishment of the War Memorial. The War
Memorial is not listed on the Uk National Inventory of War
Memorials. The Friends of War Memorials Small Grants

Scheme letter has been copied to Mowlem (formerly Rattee &
Kett) who have quoted £3860 plus VAT for complete
restoration. It was decided that another quote should be
obtained for comparison and that the cost of a total replacement
should also be considered. Cllr Jones will submit the grant
form to BAA Stansted.
g. Trees/Pond Grant – Cllr Hockley has watered the new
trees and Millennium Oak on the heath. The new contact given
re the church pond project currently have a hold on grants,
although the clerk is currently liaising with Awards for All re a
lottery grant which looks promising.
7. Road Matters
Traffic Calming Measures – The Cllr’s decided to take part in
Uttlesford District Councils Motorcycle road safety initiative.
Two signs will be ordered which will state

End of Page 8

a. the motorcycle death toll in Essex. The Clerk will
order the signs and Cllr Hockley will install them on receipt.
The village sign as you enter Stortford Road from Little
Hallingbury has now been replaced.
b. The damaged gulley stones outside the church on the
Sheering Road will be reported to Highways by the Clerk.
8. Planning
UTT/1395/03/FUL – Stonebridge, Chelmsford Road –
Erection of Conservatory – The Council has no objections to
the above application.
UTT/1428/03/FUL – Stonebridge, Chelmsford Road –
Erection of Pool and Garage Building –The Council has no
objections to the above application.
UTT/0886/02/FUL – 12 Ardley Crescent – Approved minor
amendments to this application granted 21/8/2002 were
viewed. The lean to roof is to be replaced with a flat roof.
UTT/1027/03/FUL – Ongar’s, Dunmow Road – First Floor
Side Extension – Refused
UTT/0896/03/FUL – 11 Clipped Hedge – Erection of 2
storey front extension, creation of extra parking space –
Approved with conditions.
UTT/1000/03/FUL – Hatfield Heath Primary School –
Single storey side extension to main entrance section –
Approved with conditions.
An application for a single occasion Music/Dancing Licence
was approved for R Fogerty of Harlow Business Awards Ltd at
Down Hall Country House Hotel on the 12/9/03. The license
approves a tent to be erected on the rear lawns for an event
between 5pm & 1am.
9. Car Park
The car park sign now reflects the revised maximum 6 hour
stay in the village car park and the replacement small car park
signs have been installed. May Gurney are yet to repair the pot
10. Open Space/Play Area
The Spring Chicken in the Play Area has been repaired and is
back in place. There is a dispute with the land measurements
which is delaying the transfer of the open space. The Clerk will
ask J Harrison at UDC to liaise directly with Stanley Tee the
Solicitors dealing with this matter on our behalf.

11. Village Design Plan

The Village Design Plan resource packs have now been
circulated to all those that wanted to be on the steering
committee. Cllr Sullivan has organised a meeting to
discuss the way forward for the 11/9/03.

12. Stansted Airport
The NO Book was viewed which presents all voices from
Government, business and the community who are opposed to
new runways at Stansted Airport. Cllr Lidgey is attempting to
find out why more jumbos appear to be flying over the village
and it was acknowledged that the recent atmospheric
conditions are making plane interference noise worse.
13. Police
The crime report for July was read out. Cllr Fuller Lewis will
complete a questionnaire on policing priorities and improving
communication for the year ahead.
14. Mill Lane Traffic Problems
A copy of a letter from A S Jenkins to S Fish/Camp Farm
regarding the HGV’s using Mill Lane was read out to the
meeting. The size of the Lorries allowed along the road are in
line with European Standards and are lawfully unloading to a
lawful business. No further comments were made. The
dislodged loose tiles from the barns alongside Mill Lane were
also discussed. Mr Dean, the owner is the only one who can
rectify this problem.
15. Affordable Housing
Negotiations are proceeding for ten dwellings at the site to the
north of Broomfield’s. The Rural Housing Trust is liaising with
the landowner and awaiting responses from Highways. Cllr
Fuller Lewis will chase Highways. Discussions are underway
to develop the bungalow site owned by UDC at Ardley
Crescent. All Cllr’s were happy with The Rural Housing
Trust’s proposal and Cllr Fuller Lewis will respond as such &
invite them to the next meeting to discuss further.
16. Reports of Councillors attending meetings
Cllr Fuller Lewis has attended the following meetings;
Dunmow Police Station 150 years, PCT /Uttlesford Futures,
Uttlesford District Council Meeting with Alan Dean (Leader),
Brian Perkins (Deputy GEO) & John Rice (Strategic
Development Director) present and a Town Archives meeting
at Saffron Walden.
Cllr Lemon has invited John Rice to visit our village.
Cllr Sullivan attended an Emergency Planning tabletop
exercise meeting.
17. Golden Jubilee
Paul Graves application for this years £50 Book Token under
the Jubilee Grant was accepted by all Cllr’s. The Clerk will
contact Mr Graves.
18. Emergency Planning
Revised Emergency Planning booklets have been distributed.
Cllr Sullivan was congratulated by all for his hard work
regarding this publication.
19. Parish Clerk Vacancy
Mrs Ayers recent resignation was discussed and accepted. Mrs
Ayers will continue as Parish Clerk until the end of September
and will discuss/handover the role to her successor. Cllr Fuller
Lewis will prepare an advert to go on the Notice Board &
Village magazine to advertise the vacancy.

 20. Correspondence

 Consultation Paper On indemnities For Relevant
Authority Members And Officers – Cllr Fuller Lewis

 Community Achievement Award Scheme 2003/2004 –
Cllr Lemon

 CVS Nominations to the Board/First AGM of new
charitable company 4/12/2003 – Notice Board

 West Essex Area Forum - New Meeting 6/10/2003 – Cllr
Fuller Lewis

 Essex Air Ambulance – Voluntary Representative
required – Cllr Fuller Lewis

 Periodic Electoral Review Of Essex County Council:
Draft Recommendations

 CPREssex AGM - 4/10/03 Copped Hall Epping – Cllr
Lewis/Cllr Hockley

 Strategic Health Authority Board Meeting – 24/9/03,
Waterfront Hall, Chelmsford

 Letter from Mrs. Delderfield – Cllr Fuller Lewis to
acknowledge letter

 Rural Services Standard 2003 – Notice Board
 CPRE Planning Seminar
 21. Circulation
 The Essex School Organisation Plan – Cllr Lemon/Cllr

 Parish Passenger Transport Representatives Meeting

Minutes 29/5/03 – Cllr Jones

End of Page 9

…minutes continued from previous page
 Bus Passenger News August 2003 – Cllr Jones
 EALC AGM & Finance Committee Meeting Minutes –

Cllr Lidgey
 Volunteer Extra Issue No 28 August 2003
 Volunteer Volume 15 No 3 Summer 2003
 Stansted Campaign Updates 27 & 28
 EALC County Update No 3 July 2003 – Cllr Lidgey
 Ways & Means Issue No 40 August 2003
 Shaping the Future of Essex & Southend: Your Feedback
 Essex Clinical Services Review – Cllr Fuller Lewis
 Uttlesford Volunteer Bureau Annual Reports & Accounts

 GO-East Renewable Energy & The Planning System –

Cllr Hockley
 Local Transport Plan – Annual Progress Report &

Technical Annex July 2003 – Cllr Jones
 Essex Playing Fields Association July 2003
 The Essex Protector – Cllr Lemon

Government and Essex County Fire and Rescue Service
launch campaign to check smoke alarms - launching 17th
September 2003. Have you got a smoke alarm in your home?
If so, when did you last check the batteries? Or is there a
battery still in the smoke alarm? These are the questions that
Essex Fire and Rescue Service are going to be asking people in
Essex as they launch a campaign urging people to check their
smoke alarm batteries once a week. Tragically, there is a high
human cost for not checking your smoke alarm is working.

Nationally, the death rate in domestic fires where there is no
working smoke alarm is twice as high than that in homes fitted
with a working smoke alarm. It's now ten years since the first
national fire safety campaign encouraging smoke alarm
maintenance. Although around 82% of the Essex population
now own smoke alarms, fire statistics show that many of these
alarms are not functioning due to flat or missing batteries.
Worryingly, the statistics on smoke alarm failures are rising. In
2001, where a smoke alarm was present in a domestic fire, it
failed to operate in 28% of cases. Almost two thirds of all
failures in battery-powered alarms are caused by missing or flat
batteries. Bonnie and lan know first hand the importance of
smoke alarms. On February 25th 2003 a fire started in the spare
room of their house, causing hundreds of pounds worth of
damage. Luckily, thanks to their smoke alarms, material
possessions were the only things that were lost. The couple
along with their five-month old son were able to escape. The
family had just moved into their three-bed terrace house and
were in the process of decorating it. They were painting the
children's room so had moved all of their clothes and toys into
the spare room. The tumble dryer was also in the spare room
and unbeknown to Bonnie and lan had developed a fault
causing it to catch on fire. It was around lunchtime when
Bonnie and lan heard the smoke alarm going off. Bonnie was
in the kitchen with baby Liam and lan was in the bath. Their
two eldest sons Thomas and Aaron were in school at the time
of the fire.Bonnie called up to Ian who rushed out to see smoke
billowing onto the stairs. Bonnie called the fire brigade while
Ian threw on some clothes on, then they grabbed Liam and got
out of the house. The Fire Service arrived within minutes and
extinguished the fire straight away. However it was to late to
save the contents of the spare room, which was gutted. The fire
destroyed the kid’s toys and clothes as well as photos, which
had sentimental value. Unfortunately the family were not
insured. lan says:"I don't want to think about what could have
happened if we hadn't had smoke alarms fitted. I'm sure they
saved our lives I always make a point of checking the batteries
in the smoke alarms before the fire, now I am even more
conscientious”. Station Officer Mick Watton - Community Fire
Safety Liaison Officer for Uttlesford and Braintree says "Every
home should have at least one smoke alarm fitted. They
provide a valuable early warning sign against fire and
undoubtedly save lives However you should check that your
smoke alarm is in working order and you should replace
batteries once a year. It's always tragic when people die or are
injured accidental domestic fires, particularly when they could
have been avoided if people could try and remember to check
their smoke alarms weekly. Try and link checking the batteries
to another weekly household task, such as putting the bins out.
Nuisance alarms needn't keep going off if they are situated
correctly. Moreover, never, ever remove batteries for use in
another electrical appliance."
Here are some essential tips to ensure your smoke alarm can
save your life:
• Fit smoke alarms on each level of your home
• Do not put smoke alarms in the kitchen
• Check the battery once a week
• Replace the battery every twelve months
• Battery smoke alarm units should be changed every ten years

•Consider installing ten year smoke alarms or hard wired
The national smoke alarm maintenance campaign will be
launched on 17th September and will feature TV, radio, point of
purchase and online advertising and is supported by Argos,
Currys, Ei Electronics, Homebase, Wootworths and Help the
Aged. Further information on smoke alarm maintenance and
fire safety can be found at:

• Latest fire statistics show that 393 people died in
accidentaldomestic fires and 11,300 were injured.
• In 2001, smoke alarms were present in only 41 % of all dwelling
fires attended by the Fire Service. The figure in 1997 was just
• In 2001, where a smoke alarm was present in a dwelling fire it
failed to operate in 28% of cases (8,100 or 28,600). In 1997 this
figure was 26% (5,700 of 22,100).
• Almost two-thirds of all failures in battery powered smoke
alarms are caused by missing or flat batteries.

• The fatality rate in dwelling fires where there is no working
smoke alarm is twice the fatality rate in dwelling fires where an
alarm is present and functions correctly. There are approximately
8 fatalities per 1,000 dwelling fires where there is no functioning
alarm. There are only 4 fatalities per 1,000 dwelling fires where
an alarm is present, operates and raises the alarm.
• On average, fires in dwellings with a functioning alarm are
discovered more quickly and are less likely to spread. Over two-
thirds of dwelling fires where a smoke alarm is present and
operates are discovered in less than 5 minutes. Where there is no
functioning alarm, only half of dwelling fires are discovered in less
than 5 minutes. (Source: NCFSC Fire Statistics)
Almost 10% of smoke alarm owners admitted that at least one or
all of their alarms were not currently working. The main reasons
cited were that:
°The alarm was disabled because it kept going off (38%), or,
°They have forgotten or haven't got round to replacing the battery
(36%). (Source: 2001 Attitudes and Behaviour Monitor)

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The beauty and heritage threatened by proposals to expand
Stansted Airport is the focus of a high quality fundraising
calendar launched this week by Stop Stansted Expansion. The
2004 edition is designed to replicate the success of last year's
edition which sold like hot cakes. Once again pictures of
tranquil villages, delightful cottages and stunning country
views are lavished across its A3 colour pages which cover 13
months to January 2005 and feature more than 30 new photos.
Commenting on the importance of the calendar in reinforcing
the value of what is under threat, Ken McDonald who
masterminded its production said: "This calendar will evoke a
strong and positive response in all those who believe that our
heritage is something that we must protect for future
generations. After all, once our heritage and rural tranquillity
goes, it will be gone forever." Not only is the calendar a real
work of art, it represents great value too since everyone
involved - from professional photographers to volunteer
distributors and shops - has donated their services, meaning its

price can be kept right down. The calendar costs just £5 and is
available from more than 25 shops and tourist offices across
the region. SSE volunteers will also be calling door-to-door
with copies in as many areas as possible. Mail order copies
(price £7 for UK mailings) are also available with an option to
have calendars sent as a gift with a personalised greeting, for
example as a Christmas present to friends and family at home
or abroad (overseas prices available on request). Further
information is available from SSE by telephone on 01279
870558 or via the website

Tickets are now on sale for a fabulous evening of music and
fun at Thaxted Church – flags and whistles on the door or bring
your own! The event promises to be a night to remember with
an entertaining programme featuring all the classic Last Night
at the Proms favourites.
Starts 7pm. More details and advance tickets are available from
01371 856504. £10 adults, £6 OAP’s and children.
All proceeds to Stop Stansted Expansion.

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With less than ten weeks remaining before the government is
due to publish its airport expansion

White Paper, campaigners have moved into overdrive to press
home the case against a second runway at Stansted.

Following the great success of the Horseshoes Hike protest
walk, campaigners Carol Barbone and James Drewer from
Stop Stansted Expansion (SSE) went straight down to
Bournemouth to the Labour Party Conference to target senior
members of the government in person.
The anti-airport expansion messages were driven home to
Secretary of State for Transport Alistair Darling and Transport
Minister Tony McNulty at four separate meetings at the
conference. Informal encounters with both ministers,
meanwhile, revealed that each was fully aware of the
vociferous campaign being organised by the Stansted
News of the strength of opposition to developing Stansted
Airport also reached thousands of conference delegates thanks
to the support of volunteers who distributed thousands of
‘branded’ beer mats across every bar and hotel lounge at the
event. The aim was to remind those taking a break from
conference activities that 89 per cent of people in Uttlesford
have said ‘no’ to extra runways. One government minister even
handed a mat to the husband of one of SSE’s most ardent
campaigners Maggie Sutton, remarking on the excellent
exposure that the campaign was receiving. Meanwhile, another
member of the campaign Brian Ross made Stansted’s presence
felt at an a top level airports policy meeting of the influential
Adam Smith Institute (ASI) in the House of Commons.
The audience included senior aviation industry officials,
politicians, academics and journalists who were presented with
a range of economic as well as environmental arguments

against expanding Stansted as part of a broader discussion on
economic issues relating air transport expansion.

As a result, under-pricing of air travel was identified as a key
issue which the ASI will take forward in the development of a
submission which it plans to make to government by the end of
the month.

SSE has also been stepping up the pressure in Whitehall with a
series of presentations and discussions aimed at enlisting the
support of other government departments and encouraging
them to challenge the proposals put forward by BAA and the
Department for Transport for expanding Stansted. A formal
meeting with Tony McNulty and his advisors is scheduled for
later this month.

“It’s exhausting and it’s relentless,” said SSE Campaign
Director Carol Barbone, “but our arguments are hitting home
and we genuinely sense that we are shifting opinion amongst
the key decision makers.”

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After a couple of previous friendly matches to get the
school football team ready for their stint in the West
Essex Primary School League this year, Takeley paid the
school a visit on a surprisingly pleasant September
afternoon (Thursday 25) to kick off both teams’ league

Having won the league last season, Takeley were looking to
carry on where they left off in April. It was the Heath who
seemed to get the better of the reigning champions in the first
few minutes. Our eager start to the first half soon paid off when
Tom Bennett scored a headed goal to put our team ahead. The
lead didn’t last long though, as Takeley showed no signs of
demoralisation and hit back just before the break to level the
scores going into the second half.

A single goal after the interval decided the final score.
Unfortunately for us, it went to Takeley who were by no means
the better team but a bit of practice in the goalkeepers
department should fix things up.

Other recent results:

Monday 6 October
Hatfield Heath 1, Little Hallingbury 1:
In literally a game of two halves due to the gale force
winds helping both teams in turn, the Heath scrambled
the ball home in a scrappy first half before Hallingbury
equalised after the break.

Thursday 16 October

St. Mary’s Stansted 1, Hatfield Heath 3:

The first half was goalless. St. Mary’s struck first in the
second half with a penalty. Jamie Stevens’ double, the
first immediately after St. Mary’s penalty breathed life
back into the Heath before Lloyd Hammett sealed the
Keep up with all the football and netball results in our
league on the league’s website at

Following on from the autumn fixture list for the school
team last month, here are the details regarding the second
part of the league campaign:
January 2004:
Week commencing 26th
Takeley vs. Hatfield Heath.
February 2004:
Week commencing 9th
Little Hallingbury vs. Hatfield Heath.

Week commencing 23rd. ………..Continued over

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…………………Sport continued from previous page
Hatfield Heath vs. St. Mary’s Stansted
March 2004:
Week commencing 1st
Hatfield Heath vs. Rodings.
Week commencing 8th
Bentfield vs. Hatfield Heath.
Week commencing 15th
Howe Green vs. Hatfield Heath.

All Text By Billy Shaw.


1ST SEPTEMBER Overnight entry was forced to a public
house in HATFIELD HEATH and cash was taken from the
2ND SEPTEMBER Overnight two speed cameras on the A120
Takeley were damaged.
5TH SEPTEMBER Between 1700hrs & 1800hrs entry was
gained to a house in Ardley End, HATFIELD HEATH and
property was taken.
8TH SEPTEMBER Between 1230hrs & 1415hrs entry was
forced to two sheds in Stortford Road, Little Canfield, no
property taken.
10TH SEPTEMBER Between 0900hrs & 1200hrs entry was
gained to a house in Holloway Crescent, Leaden Roding and
property was taken.
12TH SEPTEMBER Between 1700hrs 11th & 0650hrs entry
was gained via the `Flitch Way`to a compound at Takeley
Business park, Takeley and an amount of diesel was taken
from a vehicle.

13TH SEPTEMBER Between 1430hrs & 2245hrs patio doors
were forced to a house in Chestnut Way, Takeley and property
was taken.
14TH SEPTEMBER During the day of a childs scooter was
taken from Sycamore Close, Takeley.
14TH SEPTEMBER Between 0200hrs 13th & 1500hrs two
lorries had their fuel caps damaged and deisel taken whilst
parked in Dunmow Road, High Roding.
14TH SEPTEMBER Between 0700hrs & 130hrs entry was
gained to a shed at Takeley Youth Centre and `play school`
equipment was taken, this included scooters, balls and hoops.
15TH SEPTEMBER Between 2130hrs 14th & 0450hrs damage
was caused to a Ford Maverick vehicle and property taken
whilst parked in Stortford Road, Leaden Roding.
17TH SEPTEMBER Between 1100hrs & 1300hrs a vehicle was
damaged whilst parked outside the Little Chef at Takeley.
18TH SEPTEMBER Between 1615hrs & 1620hrs a red
coloured Hyundai index number P99 ROS was taken from
Chelmsford Road, Margaret Roding, two youths were seen
nearby, both aged between 18 – 20yrs white, 5`9”/5`10” tall,
both wearing baseball caps, possibly wearing tracksuit bottoms

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……………………………….continued from page 14
19TH SEPTEMBER Between 0930hrs 18th & 0030hrs entry was
gained to a house in HATFIELD BROAD OAK via a rear
door, property was taken.
20TH SEPTEMBER Between 2000hrs & 2300hrs the padlock
was damaged and entry was gained to a `tack room` in
Grinstead Lane, LITTLE HALLINGBURY, horse saddles
were taken, a horse trailer was also taken from outside.
21ST SEPTEMBER hrs Between 1625hrs & 1640entry was
gained to a house in Chelmsford Road, White Roding, whilst
the owner was in the garden, and property was taken.
22ND SEPTEMBER About 2000hrs entry was gained to an
elderly persons house in BROOMFIELDS, HATFIELD
HEATH, nothing believed taken.
22ND SEPTEMBER At 2030hrs on an elderly woman in
BROOMFIELDS, HATFIELD HEATH, following a request
to `turn the water off`, allowed a young man to enter her home,
believed another unknown person also entered and made a
search of the house, nothing stolen.
23RD SEPTEMBER, About 1725hrs three females stole two
trees from the Garden Centre in White Roding, seen to leave in
a red Ford Mondeo index number similar to P822 HPX.
Between 1600hrs & 1730hrs a handbag was taken from an
office in The Street, Takeley.
24TH SEPTEMBER Overnight on an extremely expensive JCB
forklift truck was stolen from the MATCHING ROAD,
Between 19th & 25TH SEPTEMBER, damage has been caused
25TH SEPTEMBER During the day cash was taken from the
handbag while at an office in Dunmow Road, HATFIELD
28TH SETEMBER Between 0300hrs & 0400hrs a rear french
door glass was damaged to a house in Broadfield Road,

29TH SEPTEMBER at 0046hrs a Grand Cherokee vehicle
containing four males were seen in BROOMFIELDS,
HATFIELD HEATH , the occupants took a the coin box from
the telephone kiosk.
Any formation regarding the above incidents please to Hatfield
Heath Police Station for the information and attention of the
below Police Officers.
PC1892 Richard Williams.
PC1712 Brad Healey.
Telephone number 01279 730388. Answering machine
(checked daily) 01279 730280.
Fax number 01376 556265.E-Mail numbers
[email protected] or
[email protected]

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15th November 2pm – 4pm at the Village Hall
Home made Jams and Cakes, Toys, Books etc.


Ivan Wybrew has been treasurer for I believe 23years and
wants to cut down on some of his commitments.
TELEPHONE IVAN ON 01279 730 465


URC Hall, Hatfield Heath Derek Cater the
TRANSCO Archaeologist will talk on the findings

from the workdone last year

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