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Hatfield Heath Village Magazine November 2015

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November 2015

Hatfield Heath Village Magazine November 2015

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Celebrating the match against the POW’s on Boxing Day 1946. Ron Jones 1928 - 2015 Page 13......
when The Heath were beaten 11 – 0.



12 until 3pm SATURDAY 21st NOVEMBER

Stalls, Games, Raffle, Refreshments


will be there!

Vacancy for Parish Councillor Liz Read (1950 -2015) Page 16......

A vacancy exists for a Parish Councillor Email: [email protected]
following the resignation of Suzanna Wood
due to a conflict of Interest. Anyone
interested in becoming a councillor should
contact the Parish Clerk at
[email protected] or
01279 730 770

Web :


• Interior & Exterior decoration Rev Sam

• carried out to a high specification. Today the thread of individualism is woven more tightly
into our lives than at any other time in world history. We
• Full public liability. think and act as individuals – not as communities – as
• 30 yrs Experience our forebears did. We think more of ourselves in terms
• Ceilings papered. of what we have achieved and what we have come to
possess, rather than as we were fashioned and influenced
• Wall coverings and wall paper hung by our family and community. Our spiritual landscape is
poorer too: churches with fewer members spend their
No job too large or too small time and energy facing the rising costs of maintenance.

Contact Steve. How then can we keep ‘the Body of Christ’ alive and
Phone : 01279 724 805 Mobile : 07836 588 886 strong in the heart of our community? What do you
think? Is there anything we, the church, can do to turn
E-mail: [email protected] this tide?
Address: Field View, Sheering, Herts.

15019 Dec 15

Over the centuries, history has shown the church as the
provider of faith, hope and love (charity). St Paul in I
Corinthians 13 lists these three as essential for us.

Imagine a community without this ethos of faith, hope
and love: such a group would only breed loneliness, fear
and discord. Without the day-to-day practice of being
in-community, exercising mutual trust and care, how
would we enable one another to stand side by side, to
live sacrificially and to support one another when the
going gets really hard?

15037 Jan 2016 Remembrance Sunday is, however, one of those
occasions when our sense of community comes to the
fore. 11.00am. on 11 November is a time to say ‘We will
remember them’ – as a community – for those who had
laid their lives for our freedom. These are heart-melting
words, but there is a challenge: as we look to the future,
we know that the maintaining of freedom requires our
commitment, our love of the common good, our
cooperation and action in solidarity with one another.

Eating plenty of healthy food, taking walks and even
naps for a long and happy life are important, but this is
not all. Christ offers eternal life, and this I believe needs
to be experienced daily as a community, as we serve one
another. The starting point is our faith – our love of God
and knowing that we can live in God’s presence for ever.
This ‘eternal life’ is God’s gift to us and it begins here
and now. It includes generosity, forgiving one another,
living in harmony, showing love to those who hurt us,
selflessness, compassion… By the grace of God, it can
grow within us and among us, and it cannot be


Sunday 8th November 9.45am

Service of Remembrance

Then at the War Memorial at 10.55am.
Please note the timings,

215027 Dec 2015

Holy Trinity Church Babysitting and tutoring

Sunday November 8th 2015 by a local Teacher
4 p.m. in the church
with QTS and DBS checked
A Service of Memory and Hope
07803 823081
Led by the Rev. Brian SurteesThis service is open to Jeannine
anyone who would like to remember a loved one who
has died.
It is a simple service where the names of those we
would like to remember are read out, a few hymns
are sung and some comforting words heard.
Everybody is very welcome to come and share this
time of remembrance with us.

John Jackson / Thank You.

I would like to thank everybody for their many
cards, prayers, good wishes and kind deeds,
following my recent emergency surgery. Especially
my Mum who has put her life on hold to move in
with me for the next eight weeks or so to nurse me
back to full health "Thats what Mum's do" she
says, but I will never be able to thank her enough.

Wednesday 18th November
Guide Dogs for the Hearing - Wendy Brandham

Note! Meeting starts at 2.00 pm

U R C Hall 2.00pm -
Everyone Welcome
SUBS £5 per Half Year -Visitors £1-50p
Details Jean on 01279 730 465

15035 Dec2015

Broad Oak Consultants

IT Solutions for everyone

Established 1993 Home & Business

• Sales • Networks • Repairs

Broadband • Upgrades • Web Design • Programming

Internet • Databases • PC Systems • Training

CTohne dneeedcs toifothne Stag • Internet • E-mail • Virus Protection

from 1840

Supplier 01279 718 596


Email: [email protected]

3 15031 Dec 2015

Stansted Airport Consultation

re RNP1 Trial *

Many thanks to all those villagers who were able to

attend the consultation meeting at the Institute. It was

a good job that it had been publicised by the Parish

Council and the Village magazine.

It is important that as many villagers as possible

respond either by letter or email. Points that could be

raised include-

This was supposed to be a Trial of the Performance

Based Navigation technology.
(1) If it is considered successful with the few aircraft

MHS Builders currently involved, 4 to 14 a day, then future
consultations should be programmed as other airlines

Local Builder become part of the trial.

Carpentry & Roofing There has supposed to have been a reduction in noise!
Loft and Garage conversions If the new technology is so good then there is no
Kitchens & Bathrooms reason why the centre line of the RNP1 could not be
Plastering moved a little further north .
Extensions This trial ends in May 2016 and already Stansted
Airport want it to be permanent, we need a review as
references available on request soon as Ryanair use the route.
Call Mark Savage

What will be the effect when the Dover Route is

moved. The noise will be concentrated . Will those

villagers affected by this concentration be

15020 December 2015

compensated? The NATS consultation over moving

10% DISCOUNT OFF the Dover Route resulted in 82% of the responses
being against the move, but it still went ahead. The
reasons for moving the Dover Route are supposed to
your first order with this advert be around enabling the planes to fly higher if they are
not subjected to traffic control measures from other

airports. A great deal of air space will be freed up to

the south of the village. The leaflet's frequently asked

Is now delivering in the Hatfield Heath area questions says that Arrivals can be designed to RNP1
standards and this is something Stansted may want to

every Tuesday Afternoon adopt.
With a wide variety of over 20 different types of Stansted is the only airport using this technology and
seeking changes.
Fresh Fish, with no minimum orders If this trial is extended we must insist on a
Remember to get it fresh Reassessment when all aircraft are operating on RNP1.

It has to be from Ship to shore to your Door Many villagers will have other concerns.

For further details ring Ian on 07885 224 269 Write to Airport Consultation Team,
or by e-mail at [email protected] Airfield Operations, 3rd Floor, Enterprise House,
Stansted Airport, CM24 1QW

or email [email protected]

enclose name and postcode.

Closes 27 November2015

Robert Jones Parish Council

* An RNP of 1 means that a navigation system must be

able to calculate its position to within 1 nautical mile.

RNP SIDs can also incorporate Radius to Fix (RF)

turns, that better enable accurate track keeping,

14122 Nov 2015 especially through tight radius turns. *


Duncan Smith - Stansted Trial results of a few aircraft
(2) currently involving 4 to 14 a day
Following the recent article about Stansted Airport’s
flight path consultation, can I clarify a few Do you think you could make
important points that I think it may be helpful for a difference to this student’s
readers. confidence?
We are looking for individuals
Firstly, we are not changing or moving any of the with tutoring/teaching experience
flight paths. This consultation is the fruit of the last in all subjects, who are
seven years working as a team with Keith Artus and passionate about learning.
the Environmental Issues Group of STACC to
improve the way planes fly the existing departure For more details
routes by using new Sat Nav type technology
instead of traditional navigation methods. please contact us today on 01279 654 424
e-mail [email protected].
The procedures enable aircraft to fly much nearer
the centreline of the current routes which 15067 Mar 16
significantly reduces the number of people directly
overflown. Hatfield Haven Care Home

A two year trial found that the number of homes Stortford Road, Hatfield Heath, Bishops Stortford, Herts. CM22 7DL
overflown was cut by 85% - 4,000 fewer people.
Stansted Airport and local community Tel: 01279 730 043
representatives are always looking at how we can
cut the environmental impacts from our operations,
something we’ve been pro-actively doing for over
20 years. Features:
We believe this initiative, the first of its kind in the ╚ Serene and homely environment;
UK, and a trailblazer for future route adherence, ╚ 24 hours care in compliance with CQC Care Standards
demonstrates significant and positive improvements ╚ Medical care provided by local group practice;
for local residents around the airport, especially the
residents of Hatfield Heath. district nurse, physiotherapist and a chiropodist;
The consultation runs for 12 weeks until November ╚ Highly qualified and motivated staff - RMA and
27 and people can find out more and take part by
visiting the airport’s website: NVQ qualifications; which ╚ 20 single and 1 double newly refurnished and
includes a video.
Please also find attached two official maps produced redecorated
before (1)and during the trial (2) by the airport rooms (newly built extension included)
clearly showing the benefits for Hatfield Heath ╚ Each bedroom fitted with an en-suite bathroom and
residents. call system to summon help;
╚ A newly extended and enlarged day lounge with Flat
Letter From Cllr Keith Artus creen TV and radio.
╚ Large dining room with excellent meals on offer
Sirs by the in-house chef;
As chairman of the Stansted Airport Environmental ╚ A Stair lift and a passenger lift to all floors;
Issues Group I have been working on improving the ╚ Activities includes talks, parties, summer barbecues,
noise environment around our district, particularly, flower arranging e.t.c
in the last four years, for Hatfield Heath.
Consequently I was most disappointed and Kindly drop by for viewing and to pick up a copy of our
disheartened to read the articles in your village brochure. For placement and other enquiries, please contact
magazine last month which bore no relation to the
actuality. Amanda Austin (Manager)
email : [email protected]
As a community representative on the Stansted
Airport Consultative Committee and as a District 15011 Dec 2015
Councillor I have been involved with the airport, the
Civil Aviation Authority and National Air Traffic
Service for over seven years in total seeking to
achieve the modifications to the departure

Continued on next page............. 5

NEED A WINDOW CLEANER? ...................Continued from previous page

ü High reach windows procedures that are the subject of the present
ü Conservatory deep clean consultation. It has been a long and bureaucratic
ü Fascia and gutter clean road but Stansted Airport and ourselves managed,
ü Building clean (cladding, pvc) back in May 2013, to commence a trial of advanced
ü Signage navigation departure routes from Stansted which
ü Shop fronts have been design to specifically improve NPR
centreline adherence as aircraft leave to head on the
WINDOW CLEANING David Deacon Clacton Route. This work has the proven result of
getting aircraft to fly to the north of Hatfield Heath
[email protected] T: 01279 436196 as opposed to directly over Hatfield Heath as they M: 07403443959 do when not adopting the procedures.
So I am at a loss to understand where the parish
15096 July 16 council supposedly thinks it was misled, especially
after having presented the findings to a welcoming
and receptive council on a number of occasions.
In simple terms I would urge residents of Hatfield
Heath to actively support the proposals in the
consultation as they are the only way to improve the
noise environment in the vicinity. If you really want
aircraft to fly over Hatfield Heath, then by all means
believe what you read in the magazine last month.
Cllr Keith Artus Broad Oak and the Hallingburys,
Great Canfield.

14105 Nov 15 Email from Sawbridgeworth Road

Dear Mr Scheggia,
I have just read your article in October 2015 Hatfield
Heath Village magazine about performance based
navigation and your misinformed, more likely selfish,
hence unrepresentative views on flights over Hatfield
The article misses the principles of performance based
navigation, figures used are unrepresentative and
dreaming up a new NPR that somehow follows a route
common to the swathe areas of two separate NPRs is
simply outrageous and requires change in the law to be
My correspondence with Stansted Airport leads me to
believe that primary intention of the performance based
navigation for the Clacton NPR is to route the aircraft to
the north of the village so that a path within swathe of
Clacton NPR is used between the villages of Hatfield
Heath and Hatfield Broadoak. Implementation of this is
already being successfully carried out by German Wings
and EasyJet with significant reduction of noise in the
Alternative route you appear to put forward in the
magazine flouting the NPRs and their individual legal
swathe areas, that is very close to that being currently
used by Ryanair, is simply outside the swathe of Clacton
NPR, hence is illegal. In fact have no doubt that one of
the reasons that Stansted Airport wants to implement the
performance based navigation is the possible threat of
legal action over this misuse. This route causes massive
disturbance at the north, centre and east of the village
and hence must be removed together with the

15007 January 2016


unreasonably relaxed +/-1500m swathe areas that must PHIL SNELL
also be reduced to +/-300m.
Proposal of using Clacton NPR in preference to Dover General Building & Maintenance
NPR is a totally separate issue that relates to incoming
aircraft for Heathrow Airport; in its own right this Conversions, Bathrooms, Kitchens
proposed change also reduces the number of residents Plastering, Brickwork, Decorating
affected by aircraft noise. Call for Free Advice & Estimates
01279 739 136 or 07900 694 664
Regards. Dr Ali Akademir, Sawbridgeworth Road
Stansted is saying the line that they will be trying to keep
to, will be slightly north of the original centreline 15018 December 2015
If this is true and the planes they haven’t tested can keep
to this sharper turn then the South and the West of the DOMESTIC CLEANING
village will be less noisy, SERVICES
But the north would have much increased noise level.
I suppose a trial run of all the planes would be needed to We provide -weekly cleaning <£11 per hour>,
see if they could really keep to the new centreline, or monthly or a one–off basis <£14 per hour>, according to
would the main part of the village be overflown more by
straying back to original official centreline. your needs, NO JOB IS TO SMALL OR TO BIG FOR US
Trustfull - Sole trader - Fully insured
If they want to fly to the north of the village and be fair they 12 years’ experience -Top references
should move the line that bit more to be central between
Hatfield Heath and Broad Oak Please call Isabela on
07955 658 347 or 01279 902 991
In the last magazine my comments were those in italics -
15102 Dec 15
I was asking for the flights to go the southern most tip of

the swathe so that they will be flying over fields, less

stress for the plane as it will not be such a tight turn and

less danger to the village.

The first and main part of the article was the Parish

Councils representative views. Anyone can go to the

Parish Council Meetings and have their say for a quarter

of an hour at the beginning. Bruno


Dear Bruno IN-SHAPE
May I, through the pages of the Parish
Magazine, be allowed a gentle rant or two. BOOTCAMPS, KETTLEBELLS AND
Firstly, while I appreciate people enjoy partaking
of refreshments sitting outside on the pavement The most effective way to lose weight, get fit and burn big calories!!
would it be possible fort the tables outside the Try In-Shape Bootcamps to get you in the best shape of your life!
Tearoom to be tucked in as tight as possible to It is an intense interval fitness program for men and women of all ages, shapes,
allow the passage of us oldies on out mobility
scooters, yes, we can ride in the road but getting sizes and fitness levels.
up and down on the pavement can be a little
hazardous. Mondays 9.15-10am – INSANITY @ Hatfield Heath Village Hall
Further more, for my second rant, could all those Weds 9.15-10am Kettlebell Bootcamp @ Farm studio
inconsiderate people who park their vehicles on
the pavemant please desist. Young people can Thursdays 7-7.45pm Bootcamp @ Hatfield Heath Village Hall
probably walk safely past but for older people it Fridays 9.15-10am – Bootcamp @ Hatfield Heath Village Hall
can be a much more task . Outside the primary
school is one bad spot but worse is ouside the Please email/call regarding the location of “Farm Studio” in Hatfield Heath
white horse where all parking is taken so the
pavement becomes an extension of the car park. £5 per Bootcamp session
I don't know if this is illegal but it's certainly not Special Offer
very considerate. Please bare us oldies in mind.
G Darton Take part in 2 classes a week and get the 3rd free!!!

7 To book your place or for more info please call

Rachel 07775 663742
email [email protected]

Our area is one of the driest
ACCESS CONTROL in England, with relatively
low rainfall and no major
INTERCOMS lakes or rivers. There are,
of course, lots of small
FOR ALL YOUR ELECTRONIC SECURITY NEEDS rivers whose valleys contribute to the beauty
CALL of our countryside. Three have their source on
the relatively high ground in the Henham and
15017 Dec 15 Debden area near the centre of the Hundred
Parishes: the Chelmer eventually flows into
For All Building Works - the Blackwater and reaches the sea at Maldon;
Extensions/Renovations - the Roding flows into the Thames; and the
Decorating - Plumbing - Electrics Cam flows north to join the Ouse and
Carried Out with Great Attention to Detail discharge at the Wash.
Tel: 01279 757 323 07836 205 103 .
The absence of water has been a key factor in
15015 Dec 15 allowing this area to remain relatively
unspoilt, with insufficient natural water supply
“Wendycot”,Chelmsford Road, to service major industrial or residential
Hatfield Heath, developments. However, man’s ingenuity has
enabled a growing population to survive, with
Bishop’S Stortford, Herts a variety of manmade devices to supplement
natural water sources. Water is pumped from
Opening Hours rivers or from deep artesian wells; farms have
Mon - Fri 8am - 5.30pm invested in reservoirs; and our waste water is
Sat 9am - 1pm .
One of the most remarkable man-made
Tel: 01279 730 274 devices for increasing water supply is the New
River, which passes through the far southwest
[email protected] corner of the Hundred Parishes at Great Amwell. Water is pumped from the River Lea
near Ware into this aqueduct and it flows
south for nearly 30 miles, through London’s
northern suburbs to Hackney. What is perhaps
most surprising about the New River is that it
was constructed over 400 years ago. At that
time, it took desperately-needed clean water
into the heart of London. It still serves that
purpose. Our selection of walks from railway
stations includes number 19 whose easy 4
miles from St Margarets Station to Ware
station includes an interesting stretch of the
New River. The route can be downloaded
from our website,
Ken McDonald Secretary

815023 Dec 2015

NEW RIVER Member of *Emergency Door Opening
*Insurance Upgrades to BS3621
Before 1600 London’s water supply was limited to the DBS checked *Upvc Locks Specialist
River Thames, local streams, wells and springs. These *Whether Broken,Repaired,
sources, often contaminated, were distributed by sellers
carrying water in wooden buckets. In 1600 Edmund or Replaced.
Colthurst had the idea to bring water from the springs in *All Locks Supplied & Fitted
Hertfordshire and Middlesex to London. Letters Patent *All Lockwork Undertaken,
were granted by King James I in 1604, and Colthurst, at *Doors,Windows,garages,Sheds.
his own expense, started to cut a channel from Chadwell *Est over 10yrs, Fully Insured
Spring. Unfortunately lack of money soon halted these *Oap Discounts
works. In 1606 a Parliamentary Act granted the
Corporation of London the power to make a “New River Call Keeley For a Free Quote Or Friendly Advice On..
for bringing water to London from Chadwell and
Amwell in Hertfordshire”. In 01279 739 156 07736 929 440
1609 the authority to carry out
the works was given to Hugh 10 Chesnut Drive, Hatfield Heath, CM22 7ER
Myddelton, a goldsmith and
merchant adventurer, who 15091 July 2016
proceeded to build the New
River over the next four years. IYENGAR YOGA
He employed Edward Wright,
the mathematician, to Local Classes for all ages
survey and direct the
course of the River and levels of ability
and Colthurst as an
overseer. By 1611 You will be taught in a very warm friendly atmosphere
Myddelton realised So come and join us
he would not have the
money to complete For further information about times, venues as well as the health
the project. King benefits to be gained
James I agreed to Contact Jenny
provide half the cost
of the works on 01279 730 751
condition he received
half the profits and that the New River could be 07946 777 669
constructed through his palace grounds at Theobalds.
The King’s involvement overcame all opposition from First Class Free
local landowners to the scheme.
Construction Web:
Email: [email protected]
The New River followed the 100ft contour of the Lee
Valley in order to maintain its level. The total fall on the 15090 Dec 2015
62 km (39 miles) of the original course was only 5.8
metres (i.e. approx. 10 cms per km). Over 200 labourers Renewable Energy Solutions
were paid the equivalent of 4p a day to dig out the New
River channel. Skilled carpenters received the equivalent of Sawbridgeworth
of 6.5p a day to wharf the banks and erect bridges. Banks
were raised and strengthened with clay to stop leaks. The Design and Installation of Solar PV Systems
water was brought to the city streets via hollowed-out Tel: 01279 912 626 [email protected]
elm pipes. The total cost of the construction was
estimated at £18,500. The impressive feat of engineering Certificate Number
was completed in 1613 when a formal ceremony took NAP 16782
place at the Round Pond in Islington; this is sited near Solar PV
the present New River Head, just below Sadler’s Wells.
A play was staged to celebrate the opening which was 15016 Feb 16
attended by the Lord Mayor and Aldermen of the City of
London. The New River Company was created by Handyman Services
Charter in 1619 with Myddelton as the first Governor.
v Furniture need assembling?
9 v Shelves or pictures need hanging?
v Blinds need fitting?
v Radiator covers need installing?
v Door need planing?
v Small plumbing job?

No odd job too small

Local resident with 15 years experience
Contact Scott

01279 731104 07817 223339

15089 July 2016


• Felling • Pruning • Shaping President: William Gosling Lord of the Manor

• Reduction • Thinning • Stump Removal Memories of The Stag

Hedge cutting and shaping Memories of The Stag are recalled by a Takeley
Free no obligation quotes man following publication by Hatfield Regis Local

Tel: 07940 231 964 or 01279 730 659 History Society of “ A story of The Stag”, the
Email: [email protected] Hatfield Heath public house which closed and was

WW 15070 April 2016 converted into shops and flats. The book, written

by Frank Walsh, has proved extremely popular and

at present only eight copies remain unsold.

MEMORIALS Richard Woskett, (Left) now
aged 76 and a widower, is the
J. Day & Son son of the late Sid and Peggy
Woskett who were landlords
Station Road, Bishop’s Stortford of the house for around ten
years spanning the 1960s/70s
when young Tim Maskell
worked there. The Woskett
family took over the pub from
the long-serving Halls family,
possibly around 1961 and
were there until around the mid 1970s.

The family there consisted of Noel, Peggy
Woskett's brother, who was blind, and Richard, Sid
and Peggy's son. Noel played the piano and organ
in the saloon bar. Peggy was also a pianist and so
was Richard who lived there with his wife Violet,
who passed away 25 years ago, and son Stewart.
Music was very much in vogue at The Stag in those
days with Noel playing in his own dance band “The
Noel Jones Rhythm” and Richard pianist in his
own group with Roger Speller guitar and a
drummer whose name he cannot recall.

Regulars Richard recalls were Dick Clark, Bisset

Smith who lived down the Matching Road, Bert

Manning and Jim Coe. Also favourites were two


Toffee and

Stan Turner


Bishop’s Stortford 01279 654 555 Broomfields.

Left: Peggy
and Bisset

Edmonton 0208 807 3712 Smith
Cribbage was a popular
game amongst the regulars but their biggest success

15021 Dec 2015 was in the darts world where their team won the


Courage Cup. Slogger Reynolds was a top player, We offer a
also Bert Manning and Dick Clark and another Complete Service
remembered only as Herbie. At one time a Stag
team took on the village cricket team – and lost. DESIGN
As an inn, the house also provided food and their CERAMIC TILING
steak meals were highly regarded and always
cooked by Peggy and served only in the saloon. LIGHTING
There is a strong literary thread in the family with
connections to journalism.. Richard's son Stewart, a All carried out with the minimum
hairdresser in Bishop's Stortford, has followed his of fuss and mess by experts!
father's footsteps with a penchant for poetry and has Also all Plumbing &
recently had a book of poems,“Canary Capers”, Domestic Heating Installations
Today, after a varied career which began as a
telegraph boy at Ongar, a shop assistant, roofer and C.F OAKES
25 years at Stansted Airport, Richard enjoys family,
friends, his collections and his keyboard. Established in Harlow for over 45 years
Frank Walsh
15008 December 2015
ARRANGEMENTS & 150353 Feb 2016


(including some arranged talks)
All Meetings will be held at the
United Reformed Church, Chelmsford Road at
7.30 pm Third Tuesday of each Month

July Exhibition Arrangements are pending for a
2016 date and will continue a theme of WW1
which is planned to take place from 2014-2018

17 November Lodge's Coaches
Robert Lodge

15 DecemberChristmas Meeting
(Programme to be arranged)


Extract from a letter written by Rev E A Du Cane,
who along with other Vicars, was asked to write on
their reminiscences upon the Village Magazine
celebrating its 50 year anniversary in 1943.

“The war had been in progress about a year when I

arrived and most of the younger men had already

gone to the front, if I am not wrong I think 79 joined

up straight away before conscription came in.

A cyclist Company of the London Regiment was

billeted in the village under Capt. Cole at Trinity Hall.

They gave a very good Concert and farewell

entertainment to the Village before they left for

France in March 1916

A young officer named Prothero on his first flight

from Farnborough got out of his course and crashed

in a ditch near a farm where Mr & Mrs Gus Reynolds

lived, - he was unhurt,”


Q: Did you hear about the race between the lettuce St Clare Hospice, Hastingwood Road, Hastingwood, Essex
and the tomato? CM17 9JX

Can you conquer the coals

A: The lettuce was a "head" and the tomato was for St Clare?
trying to "ketchup"!
Calling all courageous soles...are you brave enough
15062 March 2016 to conquer the coals for St Clare Hospice?
Promising to be one of the most memorable
Carpet...Vinyl...Wood journeys you will ever
undertake, the St Clare
Supplied and Installed by Knightbrooks ltd Firewalk on Saturday,
November 14 is a
07776 147 928 - 07939 739 845 barefoot walk over
Unit 11.Heath View Pond Lane.Hatfield Heath. CM22 7AB red-hot wood
embers smoldering
£8.50 per sqm..includes 11mm underlay,installation,gripper at about 800
rods,door bars,uplift and dispose old flooring. degrees Fahrenheit.
St Clare challenge
....................................................................................................................................................... events fundraiser
Jade Clarke said:
Heavy Domestic Loop structure, Bleach Cleanable, “Man’s fascination with
12 sqm hall stairs and land 4 colours £165 fire goes back thousands of
years, and while it is tempting to
................................................................................................................................................................................................ look at fire walking and explain it with physics, that
is not enough to dispel the primal fear caused by the
Budget Twist Pile Bleach Cleanable, feeling of intense heat on your face as you stand at
12 sqm hall stairs and land 9 colours £165 the edge of the fire pit.
“Participants will need to get fired up to fight all their
................................................................................................................................................................................................ survival instincts to take the first step on this thrilling
challenge, but what a fantastic sense of
80%wool 20% nylon 50oz 6 colours achievement once you’ve crossed the embers and
average 12 sqm lounge £270 conquered the coals.”
Registration for the St Clare Firewalk is £25 per
................................................................................................................................................ person, and participants are asked to pledge to
raise a minimum of £150 in sponsorship.
Heavy Domestic Twist Saxony Shag pile 14 colours It is being hosted by Mantle Business Centre at its
average 12 sqm lounge £250 Thremhall Park Business Centre, near Stansted
Airport, and is sponsored by RecruitAbility and Bolt
................................................................................................................................................................................................ & Heeks Construction.
The event is open to all ages, but under 18-s must
Vinyl average 6 sqm kitchen or bath room 11 designs £105 have signed parental permission to walk.
To sign up today, visit
firewalk/ or contact Jade on 01279 773750 or
Laminate Floor good quality [email protected].
12 sqm 6 colours £260 fitted


All Prices Shown Include Underlay,Installation,Gripper
Rods,Door Bars,uplift dispose old carpets.
Visit Our Showroom
To View our Huge Range Of Samples
I Will Then Come To Measure

With Your Chosen Samples and Measure and Quote For
Free at the same time you can see The Carpet Sample in

Your Home.
We can supply any carpet available from any manufacturer

No Hyped Up Sales We Will Give You The Best
We Can For Your Budget

07939 739 845 or 07776 147 928

1215040 Dec 15

Ron Jones DIXON & CO

Born 1st April 1928 - 5th Sept 2015 CHARTERED CERTIFIED ACCOUNTANTS

Ron was born in Hatfield Heath on 1st April 1928. He was Tax returns from £200
baptised in the same church where he was buried. Within the for local, friendly advice contact Paul Dixon
church yard are also buried his mother, father and youngest
brother Ival “Boysie” Wallburys, Stortford Road,
Ron was the 3rd of six children. He Hatfield Heath, CM22 7DL
worked in his early years on local farms
and as a builder until he joined Hayters Tel: 01279 739 076
Lawn Mowers where he stayed for over
45 years ( receiving a long service award Email: [email protected]
after 35 years) until he was made
redundant aged 62 ( after suffering a
heart attack ) and decided to retire. 15029 December 2015
But Ron could not just stand still so he
acquired a few small gardening jobs Superior Tuition
and was a handyman at Hunters Meet
Hotel. Former Deputy Headteacher
He was married to Daphne for 60 years who he met through
his mate Albert Francis and his wife Rene who was Daphne’s ü I bring about progress and get results
sister. They moved into 33 Broomfields which at the time was ü improve confidence
a newly built house and lived there for the rest of their lives. ü teach reading comprehension answers
Ron loved his football and was a long suffering Arsenal ü techniques for excellent quality writing
supporter. ü clear, simple maths
He played for Hatfield Heath for many years, when the pitch ü relaxed, enjoyable sessions
was behind Bentleys, winning several trophies over the years,
Ron played in the informal match against the POW’s on Denise Ings; [email protected]:
Boxing Day 1946. when The Heath were beaten 11 – 0. The
POW’s did have an Italian under 23 International player and a 01279 600 102
top German Goalkeeper – Bert Thautmann in their team .
At the Football Club fetes he used to show flowers and 14028 January to Dec 2015 missed in 14
vegetables and won many cups and certificates.
Ron, as the only surviving member of the team, was guest of
honour at the 60th Anniversary Celebration on the 13th January
When his son Kelvin was clearing out Ron’s shed after his
death he found his old football boots.
Ron also played Darts at Wagon & Horses (now The
Thatchers) and drank in the Stag and White Horse.
Ron always enjoyed holidays and Christmas with family and
friends and loved ballroom dancing with Daphne and won a
few trophies when on holiday at Pontins.
Ron was a much loved man around The Heath, and a very
proud Grandad to Shakira and Amber.

13 15012 Dec 15

Notes from the Village Vet

Last year on or around bonfire night I

was called out to reunite four lost, fright-

ened dogs with their owners and attend-

25 YEARS IN TRADE ed two road accidents involving animal
casualties, sadly one of which was fatal. I

also had a report of a guinea pig that was

Grass Cutting, Hedge Trimming, suspected of dying of shock. Fireworks

Planting, are incredibly frightening to pets and the
loud bangs and flashes can cause them

One off Tidy Ups to act unpredictably when trying to get
away from the source of the noise. When

Regularly Weekly Maintenance November 5th falls on a weekday, as it
does this year, the timing of fireworks

Jet Wash can be unpredictable. Please be good
Patio Cleaning neighbours and warn those around you if
you are planning to have a Bonfire night

celebration. Try to keep pets indoors as

Email: [email protected] much as possible and avoid taking dogs

Mobile 07956 524 586 out after dark if you think there may be
fireworks. Keeping curtains closed, TV or

Home Tel 01279 830 960 radio turned up and allowing pets indoors
a "bolt hole" to hide in can be helpful if

15085 July 2016 they are frightened but your vet will also

be able to give you more specific advice

or products which can help with anxiety.

If you find a dog, contact the Uttlesford

District Council Animal Warden on 01799

510594 but don't forget it is a legal re-

quirement to have external identifica-

tion on your dog, even if it is

microchipped. Having a tag or disc with

your name and contact phone numbers

can avoid having to get the dog to some-

one with a microchip reader. Allowing

cats access to a shed or garage if you

cannot get them inside is a good idea and

pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs can

be covered up of put indoors over the

fireworks season.

Please contact your vet if you want any
advice over the fireworks season. We are
happy to help.

Pauline Sell runs a Veterinary Service for the Hat-
field Heath and Hatfield Broad Oak area and can
be contacted on 07970 651710 or
[email protected]

15093 Aug 2016


The Hunters Meet Violets Floral Designs have grown onto Hatfield Heath
Restaurant as well as Sawbridgeworth.
We offer a wide range of gifts, cards, indoor and outdoor
Help Wanted plants as well as beautiful fresh flowers.
Our floristry classes will start in the beginning of October
We are looking for someone to and will be taught by a qualified floristry teacher. Please
Join our friendly kitchen team, contact the shop for details.

Your role would include food preparation, and When you are next passing pop in and have a look
cooking along with our chefs. If you have a around.
passion for food, and are a hard worker
1 Chestnuts (next to the fish and chip shop)
Then please contact Hatfield Heath.
01279 730 003
Brendan / Steve on 01279 730 549

CAN YOU 01279 882 822
For over 30 years we have been
Active, healthy, older cat needs carrying out local, national and
loving home. Would suit adult overseas relocations for personal
family with no other pets . and business clients. We
understand that everyone's move is
Independant but friendly different and that is why we tailor
01279 730 223 our service to each individual
customers needs.
Boys bike - Kings Removals was set up as and still
Two wheel bike with stablizers age 3 runs as a family business today. Great emphasis is put on customer
satisfaction and this is why a high percentage of our work comes from
£20 in good condition. recommendations and repeat business.
Contact 01279 731778

For Sale

Qualcast QX

Petrol Cylinder Mower 15003 Dec 2015

and Scarifier Every Friday
Ring 01279 730 663
Hatfield Heath
For Sale
Village Hall
One lady's Sport Cycle
One lady's Cycle Basket in front £5.50 pay as you go

2 Mountain bikes Please contact Tam on
3 Sets of Golf Clubs 07738 421 311
for more details
2 Golf Trolleys
01279 730 827 15073 April 2016


Liz Read (1950 -2015)
A very special lady and a Reception Class Teacher

at Hatfield Heath School 1988-2010.

I had the pleasure of first meeting Liz in January

1993 as my daughter began her formal education at

Hatfield Heath Primary School. During the next 22

years I was blessed to

develop a very strong

friendship with Liz as we

became work colleagues

and true friends.

To work with Liz in the

Early Years classroom was

amazing. Liz had a natural

gift with people, both

children and adults. It was

wonderful to see her greet new children and their

parents into the classroom at the start of each term.

Quickly and quietly Liz would welcome and reassure

both children and adults that all would be well and

that the children would be nurtured, educated and


Liz was an inspirational teacher but a lady who never

wanted the limelight herself, she was always quick to

praise others but reluctant to receive praise herself,

always saying that she was just doing her job.
15094 Aug 16 Each new day in the classroom was a rewarding

HUTLEY ELECTRICAL LTD positive unique day. Liz and I would begin each day
with a quick hug ready to greet the children. Liz

DOMESTIC & INDUSTRIAL believed that every day should be a special day for
each and every child in her care (and also the adults).

ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS Liz was a strong advocate for the education of a

young child to be fun. Many children will remember

Hutley Electrical offers a full range of learning in the outdoor environment as we explored

Electrical Services and has been Autumn in Hatfield Forest, retold the story “The

established for over 20 years. Gingerbread Man” in Harlow Town Park, and visited
From House re-wires to Industrial/ Sainsburys to enhance learning across the curriculum
Commercial projects we pride ourselves in the world outside of the classroom.
Liz was also an innovator within the classroom,

on offering a competent, polite, tidy always happy to learn from new research. However

professional service and endeavour to the beauty of Liz was that she would always take any
work with the minimum of disruption to new initiative that step further, so ensuring that the
you wherever possible. learning would be tailor-made for the children in her
care. An example of this is when we introduced a

**We are a full member of the NICEIC new reading scheme. Liz didn’t just accept it at face
value she ensured that the teaching could be

and have been for many years.** delivered in a dynamic fun way to engage the

children with their learning and because of Liz’s

dedication to her teaching Buzz Buzz Bumble Jelly

Call Bob now for a free quotation joined the Reception class.
Wednesday afternoon was another very special time

TEL: 01279 722 351 or within the school week. Infant singing took place and

MOBILE: 07774 941 668 it was a joy to be part of this magical time as Liz,

15032 Dec 2015 with Mary Oakley beside her led 90 infant children

in singing and music. The children were enriched 01279 898 953
with songs and musical rhythms. I am sure that there
are many adults today that still remember songs 15106 Aug 2016
learnt from this time.
Liz not only nurtured, loved and educated all the Leanne Lewis Bsc (Hons) (EEBW) (EEMR)
children in her care she was also there for all the
adults. Newly qualified teachers who joined were Equinine Sports Therapist Fully qualified and insured in
blessed to have Liz working in the classroom next
door. Learning Support Assistants were truly valued Ÿ Equine Sports Massage
by Liz and were encouraged and supported to
develop their own classroom practice. Liz had a Ÿ Passive Streching
unique quality of being able to support other people,
always having time for you, however busy she was. Ÿ Myofascial Release
She could just give you a gentle touch on an arm, a
few quiet words, or a special look into your eyes and Ÿ Rehabiltation
you knew that everything was going to be alright.
Anyone who was privileged to work alongside Liz in Sessions between 1 - 2hrs from £25
the classroom was blessed to witness her wonderful
way of educating the young child. Liz was a true *Travel costs apply after 15miles
people person always giving her support without any
fuss or recognition for herself. Improving your horse’s well-being, by giving the freedom to move
For me personally Liz was the most incredible
friend, mentor and educator. She encouraged me to 15043 Feb 2016
re train so that I was able to teach alongside her and
also for a few years job share. We had such fun times 15078 May 2016
together planning the learning for the children in our
care. Liz was an inspiration to me and gave me the HIRE UR CHURCH HALL FOR
confidence to develop my own teaching practice. BIRTHDAY PARTIES
Five years ago our friendship entered a new level as
Liz began her fight against illness. During all of this You can hire the hall for children's parties
time Liz still thought of others before herself, always £10.50 / hour Tel :01279 730 581
apologetic when she herself needed support. I never
once heard Liz utter the words ‘why me’? During
these years we still laughed and cried as new battles
needed to be faced.
Liz packed much into these five years when sadly
she was no longer in the classroom. With Richard
alongside her she set up and ran the Rainbow club in
Harlow, providing an afternoon of fun and games for
people, and also more often than not also cooking a
lunch as well. Liz poured all her energies into
enriching the lives of others.
Liz and I shared much during our 22 years of
friendship. We had moments of deep sadness but
also days of great celebration such as the birth of
Aydon. We laughed and cried together and shared
much. Liz was more than a loyal friend to me she
was an inspirational lady and each day was enriched
by knowing Liz. She will be greatly missed but I
feel very lucky that I was able to spend so much time
with Liz and was able to call her my friend.
Sally Sargeant .
There is to be a memorial service for Liz in the
village in a few weeks time.




Brian Bland Sept 2015

Hatfield Heath Rainfall Sept 2015

30 Total for month

25 50 mm
(1.97 inches)


15103 Nov 15 15 Rainfall
10 mm



September 2015 felt a very dry month, largely
because half of the rainfall fell on one day - the 14th.
Ten raindays were recorded and the total of 1.97ins
for the month works out at 87% of our September
September Extremes
High 4.84inches in 2000

4.72 inches in 1992
Low 0.45 inches in 1997

0.46 inches in 2014

Garden &

Roses continued to bloom and enjoyed the

warm sunshine at the end of the month. Figs

continued to ripen - best year ever.

The final lifting of potatoes (variety Golden

15003 Dec 2015 Wonder) took place with a good yield of ware
size tubers.
Heath Computers Four varieties of Garlic went in towards the
end of the month - not showing yet.
For all your IT needs

Whether you run a business, or are a home user, So far this year we have not encountered Rats
Heath Computers has an IT solution to suit your requirements. which is good. We were pleased to see a few
frogs, one toad (unusual), Grasshoppers in
Ÿ IT Solutions for home/office their hundreds, but still very few Ladybirds.
Ÿ Domain Registration and Web Design The small patch of Sloe bushes was very poor
Ÿ Mac/PC Support, Repairs and Upgrades and as a result the Sloe Bugs (Dolycoris
Ÿ Smart Phone/Tablet configuration and setup
Ÿ Network Installation - Fixed and Wireless
Ÿ Internet - Email - Broadband
Virus Protection and Spyware removal

baccarum) spent virtually all their time on our

Web: Office: 01279 912345 spinach!!!
Email: [email protected] Mobile: 07958 482889 Brian Bland

15006 Dec 15


Fed up with

A few Dates From the moss and weed? Lawn Treatment Service

2015 PROGRAMME I offer:-
•Regular lawn feeds
Meetings are every 4th Wednesday •Weed and moss treatment
At the Hatfield Heath Village Hall at 7.45pm •Aeration
Nov. 25th. The Chelsea Flower Show and .Beyond
Adam Woolcott and Jonathan Smith


Have you seen FREE LAWN SURVEY
the Parakeets?
07791 128 399
Parakeets have been spotted
In Chelmsford Road by

15013 - Dec 2015

Janice Your Friendly Local
I haven't seen the paraqeets but
I have seen a Heron in a field off Sockets to Full rewire
Matching Road. When I got home Electrical testing
there was one on my shed (same one?) & certificates
looking at my neighbours fish pond
Bruno Fault finding & maintenance
Fully qualified

Call Mark on
07785 221004 or 01371 876552

15097 July 16

This month we have been busy building bridges! A
big thank you to our growing team of volunteers
who have helped with all of the transporting, lifting,
carrying, digging, scraping, tamping, sawing, nail-
ing and coffee-drinking involved in installing two
replacement foot bridges.
Stella and Ian Hughes
Email: [email protected]

Friday 30th and Tickets £7

Saturday 31st Oct available from

at 8pm Hatfield Heath Tea Rooms
Hatfield Heath
or by calling 01279 730 544
Village Hall
or online at

w w w

19 15112 Dec 15


1 08.00 Holy Communion - 1662 HT VILLAGE HALL 730 544 LEISURE HOUR
09.30 Family Service HT INSTITUTE 730 544 730 465
10.30 Family Service with Communion URC CATHOLIC CHURCH
18:30 Evensong HT PRE-SCHOOL Hatfield Broad Oak
(2 -5 years)
2 11.30 for 12.00 Luncheon Club URC 730 354 01371 872 550
09.30 Holy Communion HT Mother,Baby and Toddler 01279 651 270
09.45 Family Service of Remembrance URC Group
10.50 Act of Remembrance at War Memorial OR 01279 653 925
16:00 Service of Memory and Hope HT
18.00 Service at The Close Thur 9.45am term time SECRETARY U.R.C.
11 10:30 Holy Communion at The Close Village Hall - Betty Bennett.. 01279 508 455
15 08.00 Holy Communion - 1662 HT
09.30 Matins HT Michelle: 07762 083 355
10.30 Family Service URC
18 11.30 for 12.00 Luncheon Club URC Elle: 07976 592 364 HEALTH WALK
14:00 Leisure Hour URC (note new time) HATFIELD HEATH

URC Friday 10am outside
FRIDAY CLUB (7-12 yrs) Broomfield Surgery 731 434



(6 mths - 7years) 868 410 Monday 10.30am Village Car


21 12.00-15.00 Holy Trinity Bazaar H SCHOOL FOOTBALL The new leader Is Mr. G.

22 09.30 Holy Communion HT CLUB Barron. 01279 899 451
1030 Family Service URC 812 586

18.00 Service at The Close CUBS Chris Hancock FARMERS MARKET

23 10.30 Holy Communion ^The Haven 731 646 07956 563 710
BROWNIES 734 391

25 19.45 Gardening Club H SUNDAY CLUB KEEP FIT FOR OVER 50S
29 09:30 Holy Communion with Baptism HT 9.30am Holy Trinity Village Hall
730 288 Weds 9.30am 07776 221 975
10:30 Family Service URC
KARATE 445 539

H-Village Hall / CR-Committee Room H / HT-Holy JUNIOR KARATE ZUMBA
Trinity Church / URC-United Reform Church / I-
Institute / S-School 01992 575 679 Village Hall

Fridays 10.30- 11.30 am

BRIDGE CLUB 723 948 Tamara 07738 421 311


OPEN COFFEE 730 425 Village Hall

PLAY BUS FOR UNDER FIVES MORNING AT Mon and Friday 9.15am-10am

Men and women of all ages &
INSTITUTE 730288 shapes
07775 663 742


For all Senior Citizens 01279 443 181


Michelina 07786 341 754 WATCH
Paula O'Sullivan 730 281
Registered Charity Number 1051491 SPANISH LANGUAGE [email protected]
Ann Whale 01279 731 288
Buffy Playbus visits Evening
724 833
730 212 730 539

from 9.30am to 11am every TUESDAY morning CRICKET CLUB 730 674

during term time and at half term breaks. HEATH PLAYERS Men and women of all ages
We have many exciting toys and activities including
a regular cooking session, available for pre-school children to enjoy. Mark Ratcliff 503 174 Uttlesford Badger Group Derek Barry
Buffy Playbus gives you and your child an opportunity to meet and Chrissie Richards 864 536

make new friends within your own community. HISTORY SOCIETY (on call 24/7 )01279 503332
We make a charge of £2.00 for a child to visit Buffy,
Ivan Cooper 730 275 Home 07941185171 Mbl

and £1 for each additional child ROYAL BRITISH LEGION
Come along and see what fun you and your child can have.
730 042
TUESDAYS 9.30am - 11am BELL RINGERS 730 526

CHOIR 730 390


Parish Council -
URC Hall Wed 7.30pm
11th November 2015 Village Magazine - view past 27 issues
Parish Clerk - Ernie Fenwick.................. 730 770
Email : ............. [email protected]
Eden Surgery Websites
Mark Lemon Chairman ........................... 730 581
(District Councillor) (Repeat prescriptions can be applied for on these sites)
Vice Chairman -David Parish ................... 730 573 Broomfields
Robert Jones................................................ 730 741 Broad
Gary Waller................................................ 739 345
Susanna Wood........................................... 730 806
Colin Skyrme............................................. 730 480
Matt Richards.............................................. 731 180 H. H.Football
Ian Fitzgerald .............................................. 730 036
Mark Bissell ................................................ 730 376 H.H. Cricket Club:


David. N. Parish 730 573 Parish Council

Visits Fortnightly on Wednesdays
PCSO Simon Horne Broomfields Arrives Leaves
Email:[email protected] The Close 14.45 15.35
Essex Police Non Emergency.................101 The Heath 15.40 16.00
Emergency ............................................. 999 16.05 16.35

DOCTORS Broomfields........................ 01279 730 616 MAGAZINE DETAILS
DOCTOR Broad Oak............................ 01279 718 245
DOCTOR Sawbridgeworth.................. 01279 603 180 Deadline
THE SAMARITANS.......................... 01920 464 099

HATFIELD HEATH C.P. SCHOOL.....01279 730 382
PRE-SCHOOL....................................... 01279 730 354

HOLY TRINITY Bruno Mon16th
Vicarage Office....................................... 01279 730 288 Barbara November
Eileen Ashworth ..................................... 01279 730 610
Diane Barnett .- PCC Secretary............... 01279 730 425

URC Rev Sam - Phone........................... 01279 453 781 Email :- [email protected]

URC Secretary - Betty Bennett.............. 01279 508 455 Send your letters /articles/ reports /photographs, by hand, CD, or
Village Volunteers when you need help..07944 748 478 email - [email protected].

Green Garden Waste If posting or delivering by hand you can send direct to me :-
Bruno(Editor) “Manor Lodge”, Chelmsford Rd, Hatfield
Heath CM22 7BD.

Editor: - Bruno Scheggia (Skedja) 01279 730 498

Skip Diary Bruno’s Mobile Phone number 07768 606 309
Treasurer: - Mel Sullivan 01279 731 434
Saturday Times 14:30 - 15:30 Distribution:-Barbara Scheggia 01279 730 498

Sat 7 Nov 2015 Broomfields Secretary: - Jean Clarke 01279 730 667
Sat 14 Nov 2015 Ardley Crescent Chairman - Brendan Carrig 01279 437 851
Printed by Cornerstone

Sat 21 Nov 2015 Broomfields DISCLAIMER: The Editor and Printers do not take
Sat 28 Nov 2015 Ardley Crescent responsibility for the information given or views expressed in
the Hatfield Heath Village Magazine. Nor is any culpability
accepted in work done by advertisers.


Hatfield Heath

Are Available for COUNCIL MEETING

Children’s Parties MINUTE

Small tables and chairs now available PRESENT:

Celebrations Cllr Mark Lemon (ML), (Chairman), Cllrs Mark Bissell
(MB), Bob Jones (BJ), David Parish (DP), Colin Skyrme
including (CS)
In attendance: Clerk to the Council Ernie Fenwick, and 6
Wedding Receptions members of the public

Chairman welcomed everyone present and opened the
FOR The following items were raised by members of the
AND ·   Planning Application The Old Barn – Objection
·   Post Office not in possession of Local Bus
Review questionnaire DP to investigate
For Details Telephone
01279 730 544 Cllrs Ian Fitzgerald (IF), away, Gary Waller (GW)
Registered Charity No. 268367 attending an EFDC meeting, Matt Richards (MR),

15004 Dec 2015 1493. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING
The minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of 9th
September were signed as a true record of the


ML is a district councillor. DP is a member of the
Tenants Forum. MB declared an interest as a
director of a company on the list of approved
contractors for UDC and Hastoe Housing
Association. BJ declared a pecuniary interest in
the planning item 1501 b (ii) The Old Barn.


1 The Fairway, Bush Fair, Harlow, Essex

Ø Specialists in design, manufacture and installation of manual and automated gates; including video/

intercom entry systems.

Ø Staircases, balustrades and railings. Ø Builder’s steelwork. Ø Expert advice and service

Ø Free quotations with no obligation.

Tel: 01279 635 525

E-Mail :[email protected]

22 15108 July2016

1496. CASUAL VACANCY Luxury Toilet Hire (UK) Ltd
Toilet trailers (both luxury and
Clerk confirmed receipt of letter of resignation party range), single event
from Suzanna Wood due to conflict of interest portable and disabled units
as available for hire.

she is employed by UDC working on the local Your local service provider for all liquid waste
plan. ML whilst understanding the reasons for removal, including cesspits and septic tanks

resignation expressed his disappointment at Visit
losing an excellent councillor. Clerk confirmed or call 01279 504 638
15013 Dec 15
the Notice of Casual Vacancy has been posted
on the village Notice Board and the website and

ethleectdoarsteexfoprirerseqounetshtieng25athn election by 10
October. Thereafter


Council must co-opt a replacement councillor. .......Matching Neighbours.......
Article to be placed in Village Magazine

1497. REPORTS TO / FROM COUNTY AND Dog Walking/Day Care, Cat Feeding Garden
ML attended a council meeting last night. Maintenance, Home Watch Visits Contact
Business Rates now being kept by District
Council. ‘The Neighbours’ Est’d in 2000
Government will offload several items onto the
District Council. Local Plan consultation begins Ask us to look after your pets for regular or one-off
on 22nd October to 4th December. Several dog walks and general pet care.Plants watered, house
scenarios affect Hatfield Heath (Key Village).
The calls & checks. Local residents since 1999
Fully insured - References provided.
Parish Council must respond to the consultation
and an extraordinary council meeting is to be Phone Robert & Andrew on 01279 731 537 or
Email: [email protected]
arranged in November to agree our response.
15061 Mar 2016
ML asked for Council permission to take Item
1502 Parish Plan next as representatives of the

Parish Plan committee were in attendance.


Matters from last meeting and Action MAINTENANCE LTD
1508/02 Cricket Field cutting regime. Letter written to
HHCC. No response received to date EF Ÿ
Ÿ Oil Fired Appliances Ÿ Oil Heating Systems
1508/03 Closing of road across cricket field. Letter
1509/01 written to HHCC. No responsereceived to
date, although ML has spoken to the CC
president who does not approve of that
Weeds on footpath, Village Hall to Cox Ley.

Work completed

1509/02 Hole in footpath, Village Hall to Cox Ley.

Work completed

1509/03 Conservation area to be cut. Plan sent

to John Kenney

1509/04 Notice to be posted for Stansted Airport

meeting 7th October

Correspondence Ÿ Oil Boiler Breakdown Ÿ Repairs & Servicing

i. Housing Needs survey Ÿ Oil Boiler Installations Ÿ Commissioning

ii. Cleaner Essex Campaign 2015 Ÿ Oil Tank Ÿ Replacement
iii. Responses to grant application notice
iv. SSE Guidance for Stansted Airport Departure WORK GUARANTEED / FULLY INSURED

CALL: 01277 369 709
v. Essex Rural Strategy Questionnaire
vi. Total Transport Project 30 Rodney Road, Ongar, Essex CMS 9HN
vii. Resignation of Suzanna Wood
viii. Free Trees for School, Community and Youth email: [email protected]

ix. Local Bus Service Network Review Consultation
x. Planning Control – Breach investigation result

Continued on next page............. 23

.....................Continued From Previous page

Escape Beauty xi. Essex Police announcements
xii. Making the Links (October edition)

Ÿ G5 Anti - CelluliteTreatment 40 mins £20 1499. CHAIRMANS REPORT

Or course of six £100 ML received correspondence regarding The Old
Ÿ Hydrafuse Aqua Dermabrasion Facial £45
Footpath Wardens have been doing a
Ÿ L.V.L Eyelash Perm plus tint £40 lasts up to six tremendous amount of work on the footpaths
weeks and are to be thanked warmly.

Meeting with the Pyle family regarding

Ÿ Eyebrows re-shape plus tint and eyelash tint only £15 development has been requested and ML, CS
Ÿ I.P.L Laser hair removal for all areas of the face and The Clerk will be in attendance

& body from £20 up Consultation & free patch test 1500. FINANCIAL REPORT:

req. We have received a total of £16401.75 for the
second tranche of the precept, a refund of VAT
Ÿ Ultimate spray tan in 3 shades light, medium &
Dark £20 and a fee from the fairground.

Ÿ Glycolic facial peels Bank Balance after the authorisation of the

Ÿ following payments £27902.17

Ÿ Ultrasound skin toning facial i. P Bretherton Village Hall footpath 57.50

Ÿ ii. EALC Training Courses 140.00

Ÿ Deep tissue massage

Ÿ Waxing including hot wax for sensitive areas. iii. E Fenwick Website Maintenance 20.00
iv. Clerk
Expenses 27.78

I look forward to hearing from you v. Staff Salaries

Sue Burgess Tel: 07740 433 417 vi. HMRC PAYE


Situated in the Shaw Hatfield Heath a. Decisions by UDC Planning Dept.

15105 Nov 2015


* *SYSTEM HAS ARRIVED!! i. Nursery On The Heath Stortford Road HH;

Look up to 10yrs younger within the shortest time! UTT/15/2419/FUL; Retrospective application
Ÿ Fewer wrinkles by regaining elasticity volume & tone
Ÿ Firmer skin as collagen fibres contract for the reconfiguration of the car parking
Ÿ Facial muscles are strengthened so contours spaces and the erection of a fence across
part of the site. NO OBJECTION
become firmer and lifted
Ÿ Facial fat & double chin melt away BJ left the meeting

ii. The Old Barn Dunmow Road HH;
UTT/15/2730/HHF & UTT/15/2731/LB;
Erection of two

Single £45 1hr Course of 10 £350 storey side extension and detached garage.
Treatment recommended Re-cladding and insulation of walls and
roof, and repair and re-tiling of roof. OBJECT
Ÿ Helps reduce swollen tissue on grounds that the drawings are inaccurate
and the extension is not in keeping with a
Ÿ Dark circles disappear listed building.

Ÿ Wrinkles reduce within a short time handbag size pen BJ re-joined the meeting

to be used on the go day and night £55 iii. Bluebell Stables, Lea Green Road HH;
UTT/15/3032/FUL; Proposed new front

Ÿ Treats stubborn problem zones horse walker, timber barn for horse box
storage, relocation of existing shed, creation
Ÿ Fat cushions melt away £30 per of lunging ring and part new boundary
Ÿ Reduces cellulite Treatment fence. Drawings not received, defer to next
Ÿ Tightens skin meeting

Ÿ Treats all areas of the body arms - waist - abdomen

Course of 6 recommended £170 1502. PARISH PLAN

BOOK NOW AND LOOK FANTASTIC FOR THE FESTIVE SEASON Parish Plan was accepted by the council and the
committee, in particular Paula O’Sullivan,
thanked for their hard work.

07740 433 417 Sue Burgess 1503. HIGHWAYS

Situated in the Shaw Hatfield Heath a. Update on Highways Issues

15105 Nov 15

Several posts are out near the bus stop and Chelmsford Road, Hatfield Heath, CM22 7BQ
need to be replaced.
Posts in Broomfields outside the doctors surgery [email protected]
need three quotations for the insurance claim
Request for 40 mph speed limit between
Lancasters and the existing 40 mph limit in the
village. NOVEMBER
Agreed that the council should support
BJ asked for an update on the junction FRIDAY 6TH – EIGHTIES NIGHT
improvements at Dunmow Road/A1060 and £34.00 Per Person
Sawbridgeworth Road/Stortford Road.
The Dunmow Road/A1060 mini roundabout is FRIDAY 13TH – PARTY NIGHT
scheduled to be completed in February 2016 and
we were expecting alternative design drawings PARTY NIGHT WITH LIVE BAND CLICHE
for the Sawbridgeworth Road/ Stortford Road
junction by the end of September. Clerk to £34.00 Per Person
1504. VILLAGE GREEN Wednesday 2nd and Thursday 3rd December

ML and the Clerk are still attempting to obtain Soul Motown and Party.
quotations for work to provide parking alongside
Church Road on the Heath £34 Per Person
BJ raised the issue of footpath 12 crossing the Monday 7th Tuesday 8th Wednesday 9th
Village Green as it may provide access for future
development to the land behind Dunmow Road. Soul Motown and Party.
£34 Per Person
Thursday 10th December
Housing Needs survey will be circulated with the Soul, Motown and party!
Village Magazine this month with a return date
of 4th December £35 Per Person

1506. QUEENS 90TH BIRTHDAY Beauty Lodge Leisure Club
HM the Queen will be 90 on 21st April 2016 and
it may be an opportunity for a village Spa Days/Spa Weekends Fully equipped Gym,
celebration. Letter in magazine to ask for Indoor Heated Pool,
interested parties to contact Clerk Massage/Facials Sauna, Jacuzzi

1507. FIRST RESPONDERS Cosmetic Treatments and Steam Room

CS said that Ambulance Service would have Manicure/Pedicure No Joining Fee,
names and numbers of First Responders to be
contacted while Ambulances are en-route. Reiki/Sports Clinic please bring
Clerk advised that the chairman of Willingale
Parish Council is a first responder for Willingale Waxing/Threading this advert with you

Continued on next page............. & much, much more

Call Lesley now on

01279 730 549

NATASHA TAYLOR 14017 Dec 2015


MYOFASCIAL RELEASE A wealth of expertise on your doorstep


60 minutes from: £35.00 We provide an experienced wealth
120 minutes from: £70.00 management service and offer specialist
advice in a wide range of areas including:
FULL BODY: 60 MIN: £40:00/120 MIN £80:00
• Investment planning
• Inheritance Tax planning
07823 775356
01279 214748 For further details contact Heath
Financial Planning Ltd on:
Mob: 07771 866913
ITEC, FHT Acred Dip, VTCT, REIKI Degree,
ELECTROTHERAPY UK Tel: 020 7495 1771
Email: [email protected] Website:

15084 June 2016 25 15083 June 2016

PLUMBER .....................Continued From Previous page
Bathroom & Kitchen Design and Installation
All plumbing repairs & Installations Village and would be happy to come to a council
Unvented Systems/Drainage meeting to answer questions. Clerk to pass on
Joe Williams contact details to CS
07957 356506 – 01279 731727
[email protected] 1507. FIRST RESPONDERS
CS said that Ambulance Service would have
15095 Aug 2016 names and numbers of First Responders to be
contacted while Ambulances are en-route.
Clerk advised that the chairman of Willingale
Parish Council is a first responder for Willingale
Village and would be happy to come to a council
meeting to answer questions. Clerk to pass on
contact details to CS

Bulrushes coming out in November

Open Tues - Thurs 9 am-5 pm 1509. ALLOTMENTS
Fri 9 am-6 pm
Sat 9am-4pm DP asked for a sum of money (£400) to be set
aside for manure.
ML signed the agreement for the head lease with
Mr Milne
ML signed the sub lease for the Allotment


CS reported on the police statement on the sale
of the Police House in the Village and the
reduction of policing in the village and proposed
a victim support service that provides trained
volunteers to visit victims of crime to give
assistance. Agreed unanimously. CS to proceed


B7tJhreOpcotortbeedr.oOn nthlye4cotons1u4ltfalitgiohntsmaedeatiyngarheeuldsionng
the new route as Ryanair are governed by the
Irish Airports Authority who have not yet
approved the technology







07974 766 108



ML and DP attended a meeting today on the new
Housing Act. Starter homes will replace S106

agreements. All social housing owned by UDC
and Housing Associations over a set level must
be sold on a right to buy scheme. Homelessness
increases year on year with a reduction in


Wildlife, Flooding, Victim Support, Dunmow Road

1514. DATES OF NEXT MEETINGS T: 01279 730 343 M: 07889 413773
11th November 18th November (Local Plan) Chesnut Drive Hatfield Heath
9th December 13th January

15092 July 2016

In a Frame

Picture Framing and Art Supplies

F19 Allen House Business Centre, The Maltings, Station Rd

Telephone 01279 260 069

HATFIELD HEATH Framing for pictures, photographs, prints, posters,
PRE-SCHOOL FUNDRAISING objects and memorabilia.

The pre-school want to develop their outdoor space to Canvas stretching and needlework lacing
allow the children to have access to the outside no Sports shirt framing
matter what the British weather throws at them!
We now stock a good selection of Daler-Rowney art materials
including stretched canvas, canvas panels, brushes, paints,
papers & easels as well as Screen Print Kits,
Lino Cutting Sets & DAS Modelling Clay

We are therefore looking to build a permanent 15109 Oct 15
outdoor canopy with removable sides in our garden,
however as you can imagine we will need to explore
all sorts of different ways to pay for this - fundraising
being our biggest route.

This is why we will be hitting the streets of Hatfield
Heath again, selling our Christmas raffle tickets. We
have some great raffle prizes that our local businesses
have generously provided.

We will be walking around on the following evenings:

24th – 25th November and 2nd – 3rd December. T: 01279 730 343 M: 07889 413773
Chesnut Drive Hatfield Heath
Clothes Bags – 20th November
Another way we look to raise money is through
15092 July 2016
collecting old clothes. Our next collection is 20th
November. We understand that your bags are likely State Registered Chiropodist
to be heavy so we will always be happy to come and
collect them from you directly. Please call Janice Home Visiting Practice
Prior on 07749 282501 if you would like us to pick
anything up for you. Mrs. Julie Golden S.R.Ch.

Quiz Night at White Horse

Friday 13th November at 7.30pm Est. 1994
Tickets for our next quiz night are rapidly selling out.
Tickets are £8 each and include a meal in a basket. 01279 873 492
If you would like to join us please call Janice Prior on
07749 282501. A professional service at a competitive rate

27 15086 Dec 2016

Bishop’s Stortford Friends
of Cancer Research UK

Messy Church

With one month per page plus

£6space to record appointments each day

Bruno & Barbara Have a limited number of copies
“Manor Lodge”, Chelmsford Road, Hatfield Heath,

Tel: 01279 730 498
Email : [email protected]

hristmas Fair

Tuesday 10 th Nov 2015 We held our first Messy Church on Sunday 4th
NEW VENUE: October and had a great time making our banner
Bury Lodge, Stansted, CM24 8QE and decorating and eating our cakes. The
Coffee and Stalls 9:30am to 1pm accordion music was lively and made our action
songs go very well. We are planning another
Entrance £3.50 (Children Free) Messy Church on Sunday 5th December with a
Extensive Free Parking Christmas theme. Hope you can come along and
enjoy this event with us.

Bishop’s Stortford Friends I'm climbing to Mount Everest base camp in Easter in
of Cancer Research UK Registered aid of The Children's Society, a charity that helps
disadvantaged children all over the country, who are
Charity No. dealing with poverty and abuse. I'm so close to my
1089464 target of raising £2,790, so any donations no matter
how small would be greatly appreciated!






Please come along and join in with the festive cheer!! Chris Overton sent this photo of the lunar eclipse


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