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March 2010 Hatfield Heath Village Magazine

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March 2010

March 2010 Hatfield Heath Village Magazine

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Rehearsals are now well under way

and the production is shaping up nicely Dr. Iain Gilchrist is to retire from
General Practice at the end of March.
Iain joined the Practice in October

1976 and has been our senior Partner
since 1987. Patients who may wish
to sign a card please enquire at
He became senior partner when the

Drs Bennisons retired 1988, the

Broad Oak Surgery was built in

1989 after being in temporary Dr. Iain Gilchrist

accommodation, and the present HH Senior Partner

surgery bought and extended 1990 onwards. Patient

The cast and crew have been visiting bird hides all numbers have grown from 700 to about 8000. Iain's
over the country and beyond to immerse specialty has been rheumatology . He worked in the local
themselves in the world of the 'twitcher'. hospital for many years and lectures at Bath University
on the subject.
See inside for details page 22.................... There will be a collection box, for patients who may
wish to contribute towards a retirement gift, in our Post
Office and in the Broad Oak Post Office
Bob Jones would welcome any help from patients and

DO YOU WANT TO MAKE MUSIC asks to contact him by email or phone 01279 730 741 to
form a small group to organise the collection etc




in URC downstairs Hall
If you want to be involved or have fantabulas
We are inviting singers, groups, musicians to volunteer to ideas for the Festival please come along
perform at the Hatfield Heath Festival on the 20th June.
There will be a separate area set aside for music to be played
during the whole Festival.
If you are interested please contact Andy and Jeanette on
01279 731 542 or you can email them through the magazine
Email: [email protected]

Village Website : Email: [email protected]


Hatfield Haven Care Home HATFIELD HEATH PARISH

Stortford Road, Hatfield Heath, Bishops Stortford, Herts. CM22 7DL COUNCIL MINUTES OF

Tel: 01279 730 043 PARISH COUNCIL MEETING HELD 7.30 PM ON WED 10th FEB 2010

Features: IN THE URC HALL,
Serene and homely environment;
24 hours care in compliance with CSCI Care Standards HATFIELD HEATH
Medical care provided by local group practice;
district nurse, physiotherapist and a chiropodist; OPEN FORUM 1 member of public present.
Highly qualified and motivated staff - RMA and COUNCIL MEETING MINUTE
NVQ qualifications; PRESENT: Cllr Bart Sheekey (BS) (Chairman) Cllrs
newly refurnished and redecorated Janet Briscoe (JB), Bob Jones (BJ), Mark
rooms (newly built extension included) Lemon(ML), Paula O’Sullivan (POS), David
Each bedroom fitted with washbasin, TV and Parish (DP), Sandra Saban (SS), Mel Sullivan (MS)
call system to summon help; and Gary Waller (GW).
In attendance: Clerk to the Council Ernie Fenwick
Screen TV and radio. CHAIRMANS WELCOME: Chairman welcomed
Large dining room with excellent meals on offer Roger Harborough of Uttlesford District Council
Planning department and asked for Council
by the in-house chef; permission to move to Item 168 first. Approved.
A Stair lift and a passenger lift to all floors; 165. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE None
Activities includes talks, parties, summer barbecues, 166. MINUTES OF MEETINGS The minutes of the
flower arranging e.t.c council meeting of 13th January were signed as a true
record of the meeting.
Kindly drop by for viewing and to pick up our User Guide 167. DECLARATION OF MEMBERS INTERESTS:
and Statement of purpose. For placement and other MS & POS & SS declared a personal interest as a
enquiries, please contact member of the festival committee and MS as a resident
living adjacent to an accident site near to junction 1 JB
Amanda Austin (Manager) declared a personal interest in 173 Planning re 3 Cox
email : [email protected] Ley as a neighbour.
168. PRESENTATION BY UDC Roger Harborough
Jane Chapman-Kane (RH) gave a presentation regarding planning
email: [email protected] enforcement and his role within the district council.
Councillors raised several issues on enforcement. RH
has opened in Sawbridgeworth, acknowledged the concerns raised and said many of
offering a range of Studio and those issues were also of concern to him. GW suggested
mat classes to suit all ages and that a ‘light touch’ approach to enforcement may make it
level of fitness. more likely for development to take place without
permission whereas a stronger approach may well cause
Pilates will help to:- a reduction in work load. BJ asked why if outsourcing of
planning application administration is carried out why
Improve Strength & Flexibility the enforcement department cannot be outsourced if
there is a staff shortage. RH then answered several
Improve Posture questions regarding selection of Housing Associations,
and tenant selection. Chairman invited member of public
Improve Balance to address the meeting. Mr Lawrance expressed his
concern over the attitude of the Planning Department
Telephone Co-ordination & Circulation towards enforcement and recounted instances of 24
letters sent with regard to a specific breach of planning
07887 808 928 Reduce Stress which had not been dealt with. Mr Lawrance has a
meeting on Thursday 11th February with Planning
Absolute Pilates, Allen House, G27, Department. ML will also attend. There being no further
The Maltings,Sawbridgeworth, Herts CM21 9JX questions the Chairman thanked RH for attending
tonight’s meeting and answering some very difficult
questions. RH and Mr Lawrance then left the meeting.
COUNCILLORS ML is addressing a problem at the
Close within UDC and DP has taken up the same
problem within the Tenants’ Forum. 170. PUBLIC


171. CLERKS REPORT: Matters from last meeting and Woollcott House Restaurant
Action Register Bench in Friars Lane Barry Newman has
installed the bench at the agreed site. Play Area Weather Gt Hallingbury 01279-504 397
conditions have prevented repair to play area. Footpath 16
Broken bridge on footpath 16 has been reported to ECC www.woollcott
by Footpaths representative Teresa Mascall Road Repairs 2010 Opening hours
at War Memorial Clerk has spoken to Henry Turtill
regarding a contribution towards the cost of repair to the Wednesday to Saturday evenings.
road in front of the War Memorial. He has requested Thursday, Friday and Sunday lunchtimes
costings for the works. Clerk has approached four
contractors P night, Brymac, JF Knight (Roadworks) and ( other times by arrangement)
PD Stonham who have visited the site and will be Regular Dinner Dances. Superb Choice of Menu.
submitting their quotations in the next few days. Fairs A la Carte menu and Table D'Hote Menu's available.
Clerk has spoken to Holy Trinity Church who have no Private Parties, Wedding Reception Packages
objections to 24/25th April. Mannings have been
informed. They will arrive on site on 21st and be gone by available, Christenings, Funeral refreshments.
26th Refuse Collection Clerk has written to UDC Ideal location for a large marquee, ample parking.
complimenting the refuse collection department for their
work throughout the recent severe weather. There is NO ROOM CHARGE for exclusivity.
Correspondence Clerk has circulated correspondence Sunday lunch a speciality. No relays! A leisurely lunch.
from Mr M R Lawrance regarding the land adjacent to
Heath View. There is a meeting taking place at the UDC New skin for
Council Offices tomorrow morning ML will attend. Clerk the Spring
has received a request from Mrs Delderfield asking that with glycolic facials!
confirmation be given to the fact that the road in front of
the five houses alongside Chelmsford road is a private A powerful new facial treatment to regenerate
road. Not a parish council matter. Training courses the skin based on glycolic acid.
received from EALC i. Audit & Risk Assessment Day 12 Skin appears like new restoring and reducing
February 10.00 – 4.00 EF & BS are attending ii. scarring caused by acne or sun damage.
Advanced Councillor Training Day1 31 March 9.30 –
3.30 Bus Stop sign Clerk has reported to -ECC Highways ESCAPE
that the bus stop sign at Stortford Road outside Chestnut
Drive has been knocked down. Just one treatment will improve your complexion
172. FINANCIAL MATTERS: Clerk reported that or see even better results from a course.
current bank balances are
Deposit Account £30984.61 Also available
Current Account £702.46 IPL skin rejuvenation
Forecast is for an under spend of £1746 on budget for Ultimate spray tan
2009/10 All aspects of beauty therapy
The following payments were approved: Deep tissue massage and holistic therapies
Stanley Tee Disbursements 32.00
EALC Training Courses 140.00 Susan Burgess (ITEC)
Uttlesford District Council Community Skips 455.90 The Shaw, Hatfield Heath
E Fenwick Expenses 175.14
B Newman Installation of bench 80.00 07740 433 417
173. PLANNING Decisions by UDC Planning Dept 01279 731 769 (fully insured)
The Mount Sawbridgeworth Road HH:
UTT/1470/09/FUL First Floor Rear extension : Tuesday - Friday 12 -2pm
Parvilles Farm HH: Snack and full menu available
UTT/1168/09/FUL Change of use of barn to Class B1(a)
Business Uses CONDITIONAL APPROVAL Monday - Saturday Day times
UTT/1700/09/FUL Erection of rear conservatory No 1main course £6.92 2 courses £9.95
Foxglove Farm, Dunmow Road HH: Pensioners Lunch £5.95
UTT/0061/10/FUL Two storey and single storey front
extensions and extend covered verandah to rear Object on 01279 730 549
grounds that it is in MGB. Concerned that the additional

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*** MD Health International *** ....Parish Minutes continued from previous page

For free advice & information on: building works already constructed and subject of breach
WEIGHT CONTROL, of planning has not been decided. Have all neighbours
been notified.
IMPROVED HEALTH & VITALITY Clerk has written to Cllr Ketteridge (Chairman of UDC)
and John Mitchell (Chief Exec) regarding enforcement
* Call Michelle on 0800 298 5280 * issues. Acknowledgement and read receipts have been
received. Awaiting responses
Independent Herbalife Distributor 174. LOCAL DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK MS
suggested deferring to next meeting as document is large
IYENGAR YOGA and needs consideration. MS to circulate document.
Agreed. Meeting for town and parish councils is 7.30pm
Classes to suit all ages on 22nd February at The Great Dunmow Maltings.
and levels of flexibility Consultation period runs until Friday 9th April.
175. AFFORDABLE HOUSING GW reported that the
Beginners/intermediate/over 50's sub-committee consisting of BS, MS and himself had
travelled with Moira Groborz of RCCE on 29 January to
Day and Evenings Available inspect housing association developments in Hatfield
Contact Jenny Broad Oak, Thaxted and Matching Tye and to meet with
personnel of English Rural Housing Association and
01279 730 751 Hastoe Housing Association. The sub-committee met
07946 777 669 again on 8 February and agreed to recommend to the PC
that Hastoe HA be selected to proceed with the
Email: [email protected] development of an affordable housing scheme, this
recommendation being based on a number of factors
including the views of other parish councils that had
worked with the two HAs, the commitment of the two
HAs to sustainable development and their access to
sources of funding. GW proposed that Hastoe HA be
selected to develop an affordable housing scheme in the
village and that the sub-committee should continue to
liaise with the various parties involved. Agreed. GW to
draft suitable replies to Hastoe and English Rural Housing
176. VILLAGE GREEN – PONDS Sub committee
reported on progress regarding ponds. Ongoing
communications with Essex Wildlife. Action sheet needs
revision and submit at next meeting. MS has spoken to
John Kenney regarding selective grass cutting. JK is
prepared to purchase suitable machinery but needs more
contracts than HHPC to justify. Christine Knight has been
asked to comment on the Action Plan. Clerk to arrange
clearance of branches from oak tree near ML. 177.
VILLAGE GREEN – PLANTERS Gardening Club still
considering scheme. MS said Takeley and HBO have had
grants to install planters and may have had problems in
maintenance. Clerk to research experiences. 178.
HIGHWAYS – BUS SHELTER Clerk has contacted ECC
Passenger Transport Liaison. The replacement of the bus
shelter opposite The Thatchers is due imminently.
Existing shelter has now been removed and groundworks
started for erection of new shelter. Clerk to confirm type
of shelter being installed.
Clerk has circulated feasibility study and alternative
schemes to all councillors. MS suggested a subcommittee
to consider all implications and report back. Agreed MS,
ML, BJ, JB to form sub-committee. POS suggested a


public consultation. Agreed but after sub-committee had FLYING HIRE
reported back to council. Clerk to write to ECC
Highways complimenting them on the alternatives CAR & CHAUFFEUR SERVICES
that a meeting was held three weeks ago and she agreed
to head the Neighbourhood Watch team to start with. To and from Stansted, Luton, Heathrow,
NW is statistically proven to reduce crime by 40%. Gatwick and City airports
Signs have been suggested on 5 of the incoming roads
and awaiting approval. On 6th road need to speak to Ian Corporate & A complete
Liddell Shrubbs Farm Sporting events London Service
ATTENDED GW & BS attending a meeting with National meetings Shopping trips
Allotment group tomorrow. POS attended a training
course on Raising the profile of Parish Council Theatre/dinner Hospital visits
INCLUSION ON NEXT AGENDA Replacement laptop Urgent courier
Guided tours services
10th March 14th April 12th May (AGM) Weddings

ALLOTMENTS Our fleet of air conditioned vehicles
ranges from executive cars to luxury
Prospective allotment holders who had
volunteered to be members of a management people carriers and coaches
committee have met informally and agreed to
hold a further meeting to formally set up the NEW - GROUP TRAVEL
management committee.
By invitation Mr Bart Sheekey,chairman of 8 passenger vehicles now available for all events
Hatfield Heath Parish Council, kindly attended
and answered questions. For professionalism with the personal touch
Progress on the project now depends upon a contact Chris New at
planning application being prepared by the
housing association chosen by the Parish Tel: 01279 721 427 Fax: 01279 723 947
Council. It might be possible for allotment work Mobile: 07968 026 032
to begin this autumn or next year. Meanwhile an
established allotments management committee or visit our informative website:
would be a useful link in the negotiation process.
Frank Walsh


In beautiful Tuscany
Between Pisa and Florence

£65 per night inc breakfast
[email protected]

VILLA TO LET (Italian proverb:Breakfast without coffee is like a day without sun)

Beautiful villa to let “Una colazione senza cafè è come un giorno senza sole”
in Menorca, Spain.
See details online at I was a local girl from Little Hallingbury, and still come
back every three months to visit my parents (although I am no longer a girl!)
I live in Tuscany and run with my husband Ricardo a
APARTMENT TO LET family B&B near Florence, in the countryside.
I Melograni Bed and Breakfast is in the first and oldest
15 mins from San Javier Airport, part of a 18th Century villa set in the countryside and
Spain. 2 bed ground floor surrounded by a typical Tuscan landscape of olive trees
and vine groves. The house is at the end of a quiet country
apartment with garden, sleeps 4. road, 3km from the local town Empoli.
From £150 pw. For availability and
It is not necessary to plan your Tuscany vacation around
further information telephone moving to different lodgings every night. With our central
location, you can make I Melograni B&B your
01279 730 479 headquarters. Empoli is in the centre of Tuscany between
Florence and Pisa and is in a perfect position for touring,
Paula's Petsitting Service connected to Florence (25 mins): Siena (1 hour): Pisa (1
hour): Lucca (1 hour), and the Italian Riviera (1 hour), by
Going on holiday? Paula offers personal pet care in their good motorways or a reliable and frequent train service.
own home! Choosing Paula’s Petsitting Service you can With or without a car, I Melograni B&B is an ideal
leave home knowing you will return to happy pets. location for exploring Tuscany.
Dog walking also available. All at competitive rates Breakfast on terrace
During the summer months breakfast is served on the
For more information, please call terrace where guests can relax and enjoy the lovely
Chianti views before beginning their daily excursions.
01279 876 277 or 07986 270 336 Just like a country hotel. An alternative to busy Florence
Or email: [email protected] accommodation.


For All Building Works - NEIGHBOURHOOD
Extensions/Renovations -

Decorating - Plumbing - Electrics WATCH SCHEME
Carried Out with Great Attention to Detail

Tel: 01279 757 323 07836 205 103 The January edition of the Village Magazine included

notice of a meeting at the URC on Tuesday the 19th

January 2010 to get Neighbourhood Watch in Hatfield

James Gardening Service Heath up and running. The local Police Team (PC Brad
Healey and PCSO Joanna Trevail-Phillips) our Crime

All Garden Works Reduction Officer and the NHW Chairman, his team
and 14 residents attended.

& Odd Jobs It was interesting to hear that, whilst we do not have
high crime in our area we have had a number of house

01279 651 498 07963 989 851 and outbuilding burglaries in the Ardley Crescent/End
and the Dunmow Road which is very distressing and


frightening for those affected. Hatfield Heath is a IANS AUTOS
potential target due to our location – all roads lead out of
the village with easy access to the M11 and the new Little Hallingbury
A120. Also surrounding villages already have an active
Neighbourhood Watch scheme which then pushes the The Dairy Farm, Lower Road, CM22 7PX
criminals to target villages that don’t. Statistics show
that communities in a Neighbourhood Watch scheme MOT TEST CENTRE
have less crime because the criminals would rather
target areas where they are less Service and Repairs
likely to be seen. Collected and Delivered
I have volunteered to be the
interim Village Coordinator on arrangement
and would be willing to hand within a 5mile radius
over to anyone who wishes to
do it in the future. Val OPENING HOURS
Davenport has volunteered to
be support coordinator. We have Monday - Friday 8am- 5pm
about 18 people who have asked to Saturday 8am - 1pm
receive e-mail updates of criminal activity
in the surrounding areas. Some of these have offered to TEl: 01279 724 534
be Street Coordinators but, obviously, we need many
more to spread the word to the whole village. If you
would like to look after all - or even part - of your street,
then please contact us with your details so we can add
you to the list.
Neighbourhood Watch Schemes belong to the residents
and all you are asked to do is be more observant, report
crime in action to 999, or anything suspicious but non
emergency to 0300 333 4444 (this number is published
every month on the middle pages of the Village
Magazine – thanks Bruno).
Coordinators receive information from the Crime
Prevention team and pass it on to the people they have
volunteered to look after; they also receive information
from residents about anything suspicious they may have
seen or heard.
The aims of the Scheme are to reduce local
opportunities for crime, thereby deterring would-be
thieves and vandals. Establish a community spirit and
inform coordinators or police of anything suspicious.
Members are not vigilantes, they do not patrol the
streets, but help police in a most direct and practical
If you are interested please contact me
[email protected] or by phone 730 281.
I’m also one of the Parish Councillors who sit on the
Neighbourhood Action Panel (NAP) which meets with
our local police team on a regular basis and enables us
to set the focus for local policing. If you have anything
you would like me to bring to these meetings please
don’t hesitate to contact me. Alternatively you can
contact Val [email protected] or by phone
0771 615 9917.
We hope to have full inbox on both our e-mail and
phones to help support this scheme that we can all
benefit from.

Best regards

Paula O’Sullivan, Parish Cllr


DOMESTIC SOLDIERS Fourteen raindays in January 2010 produced
only 1.76 inches, which is 69% of January
General DIY, Curtain Rails and Shelves Erected, Flat Packs average. With November and December
assembled. Patio, Drive and Brickwork Pressure Washed, 2009 rainfalls well above average, we were
Fencing and Sheds Preserved and Repaired, Hedge Cutting, due for a dry January 2010. This did not
mean we were not to have some snowdays,
including Shrubs and Tree Pruning, as last months magazine photographs
House Painting, Exterior & Interior, Windows Pipe Work and showed.

Weather Boards Stained and Painted. Fencing Erected, Highs 1995 - 5.35 inches
Gardens and Driveways Shingled and Pebbled. Guttering 2004 - 3.96 inches
Unblocked, Roofs Moss and Mildew Power-washed Off.
Lows 2006 - 0.76 inches
Please do not hesitate to ask. Contact lan and Jan at
San Michelle, Jacks Lane, Takeley


01279 873 933
01279 870 968

[email protected]

BLINDS 7 Hatfield Heath Rainfall January 2010
HOUSE 5Rainfall mm.
ROLLER 2 5th
ROMAN 1 10th
Phone now for a friendly chat 13th
Day 14th
with Sue to get more information 15th
Tel : 07885 510 400 17th


/Kitchen Watch

January temperatures were well below average both

in the village and nationally.

We offer a During the month, we had the house insulated - roof
Complete Service
& cavity walls - what a difference it made, both in
CERAMIC TILING terms of higher temperatures and better heat retention.

butterfly (Polygonia c-
All carried out with the minimum
album) hibernating with us,
of fuss and mess by experts!
who appreciated the rise in
Also all Plumbing &
temperature and is now
Domestic Heating Installations
active in the kitchen!! Polygonia c-album


C.F OAKES (Aegithalidae)

I notice your article in the magazine about someone
seeing the Redwing in their garden.
A few days ago I saw approx 5 long tailed tits in our

Is this quite rare?

Established in Harlow for over 45 years Geoff
Hatfield Heath



The long-tailed tit has made it into the top ten of the LEISURE CENTRE & BEAUTY LODGE
RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch. in 2009
For the first time in it’s 30 year history RSPB survey SPA DAYS ON YOUR DOORSTEP!
Numbers of the long-tailed tit nearly doubled in 2009
since the year befor 2008 count, when it was ranked Manicure or Pedicure, Luxury Clarins Facial, Swedish
at 14 Back Massage. We know how to spoil you, feel truly
The increase was most likely due to the milder relaxed, have lunch around the pool. Use the solarium
weather last winter, as the long-tailed tit finds it
harder to source food in snowy or frosty conditions. ½ Day pamper - morning , afternoon,
Over the past decade, this species has also taken more or between school hours
of an interest in feeding from bird tables and hanging
feeders, and the behaviour has spread as the tits Gift Vouchers Available
communicate to one another that such sites hold a
Garden feeders and bird tables are becoming popular PACKAGES PLEASE CALL LELSEY
among a wide variety of birds now that people leave
a range of food out. 01279 730 549
Sarah Kelly, Big Garden Birdwatch co-ordinator,
says: ‘The significant increase in long-tailed tit
sightings highlights the impact that feeding can have
on some species.
‘This year’s survey took place on a chilly weekend
and garden birds are heavily reliant on the extra food
we put out. We were suitably paid back for our efforts
and we need to continue—the changeable weather
means they still need our help!

JOIN THE CLUB OR JUST VISIT Hallingbury Hall Equestrian Centre

Single membership for year £7 or Family £12 British Horse Society Approved
Non Member’s £2 per visit Riding lessons for children and adults

Hatfield Heath Gardening Club beginners to advanced riders
Call 01279 726 357 or 01279 730 498
PROGRAMME FOR 2010 Super indoor school, three outdoor arena's,
show jumping arena, and cross-country course
Meetings are every 4th Wednesday
At the Hatfield Heath Village Hall at 7.45pm We have super ponies from quiet schoolmasters to

March 24th Gardening Techniques ones trained to do jumping and dressage
Children's own a pony day courses are held every
Tom Cole Wednesday and Thursday during the holidays, Great Fun!

April 28th. My Gardening Year BEGINNER ADULTS
Maximum four riders on a 45 minute lesson gain
Rodney Tibs confidence and enjoy on one of our lovely sensible cobs

Improve your dressage, learn about tests
Tim Carter lateral work, engagement and collection
Or join a jumping lesson and
June 23rd. What’s in a Name
practise courses, grids and related distances
John Walker
Please ring or pop in for a chat
July 28th. Outing to Hyde Hall
01279 730 348
August No Meeting
Sept 22nd The Modern Herbaceous Border
Little Hallingbury, Bishops
Aubrey Barker Stortford, Herts CM227RP

Oct 27th. AGM and Members’ Evening

Nov 24th. A Year in the Fruit and Vegetable


Richard Barnett


Made to measure by
All types of Curtains & Matching Accessories

Telephone:01279 730 608 Dear Bruno
My name is Hannah Leech and I have lived in Hatfield
32 Broomfields, Hatfield Heath, Herts. CM22 7EH Heath all of my life. I am writing in the hope that someone
in the village will be able to help me. I am currently in
PaintingandDecorating sixth form and this autumn I will be applying to university
with the aim of becoming a vet. Before I apply I need to
If you are Looking for an have quite a bit of animal experience under my belt. Last
year I did three weeks at a small animal clinic in Harlow
Excellent Standard of Decorating and this year I have already lined up to work at a dairy
by a farm at Easter. I also volunteer on Saturday mornings at
the Animal Rescue Charity. However, I am keen to get
Professional Tradesman some more experience, particularly with large animals and
horses. If there is someone in the village who could offer
Exterior/Interior me some work experience or point me in the right direction
I would be really grateful.
Then look no further I don't mind doing the mucking out or any other dirty jobs,
Please call John for a free estimate I am committed and hard working and am happy to do
whatever needs doing.
The Round House, Ryes Lane, Hatfield Heath , CM22 7BP If you think you may be able to help me, please call me on

01279 730 847

I'd be really grateful,
Hannah Leech





My husband and i have lived in the village for 7 years
and now that we have time on our hands in the evenings,
we would like to get more involved in the community and village

life but don't know where to start

If any of the villagers have any ideas, or would like some help
would they please contact me via e mail

[email protected]

Thank you

Broad Oak Consultants

IT Solutions for everyone

Established 1993 Home & Business

Broadband • Sales • Networks • Repairs
• Upgrades • Web Design • Programming
Supplier • Databases • PC Systems • Training

• Internet • E-mail • Virus Protection

01279 718 596

Email: [email protected]


Hatfield Heath’s New Baby & Heath Computers

Toddler Group is opening soon! For all your IT needs

Hatfield Heath has been without a baby and toddler group Whether you run a business, or are a home user,
for some time now and we think that it is time to change Heath Computers has an IT solution to suit your requirements
that! So a group of local mums has got together to set up
Little Friends under 5’s baby and toddler group. • IT Solutions for home or office
Little Friends under 5’s will run every Thursday morning • Web Design (CGI / PHP / Java Scripts )
during term-time from 9.45am to 11.45am as of the 11th • PC Repairs / Upgrades
March in Hatfield Heath Village Hall. Tea and coffee will • Network Installation - Fixed and wireless
be provided for adults, and children are welcome to a • Internet, E-mail, Broadband
healthy snack. Entry will be charged at £2.50 per family • Virus Protection and Spyware removal
per session to cover our costs only, as Little Friends is a • Data Recovery
non-profit-making group. We welcome anybody with chil-
dren under the age of five to come and join us with their Web: Mob: 07958 482 889
children in the Village Hall for lots of exciting activities Email: [email protected] Fax: 08715 227 252
and for the chance to make some new friends: adults and
children alike. Domestic &
As we are so excited about opening, we are giving you the
chance to come to our opening session on 11th March for Commercial Specialised Security
FREE when you bring this article or one of our fliers. Manufacturing Ltd
A few Examples:
Donations:We are still looking for donations of good qual- Ornate Gates
ity toys, large or small and would be extremely grateful for
them. Railings/Fencing

Please note: This is a parent/carer and children under 5 Shutters
group, so please be aware that your child must be super-
vised by you at all times and note that there are no facilities Radio Controlled
for nappy disposal, so please make provisions to take them
away with you. If anybody has any monetary concerns that Systems
may affect being able to attend please contact one of the
committee for a confidential chat as we really want any- 01371 874 600
body that would like to come to be able to.
Unit 3 Station Yard Industrial Estate, Great Dunmow, Essex
Please contact Hannah on 01279-730375 for any further
queries regarding Little Friends under 5’s. We look for-
ward to seeing you there!
Beautiful Holidays in Cornwall
For more details please visit


Phone Wayne on 07958 482 889


Following the success of last year’s - 3 Bedroom holiday home,
event, we have decided to hold it again. If you have sleeps up to 8 people
any young people who would like to take part, would
you collect in the Institute just before 11 o’clock on - Situated on a holiday park
Easter Sunday, 4th April. Some members of the with full use of the park facilities
congregation might still be having coffee and would
welcome you to join them - Weekly lets and short breaks
- Near St Ives, Penzance and Truro
The hunt will take a similar format to last year with
hunters finding a specific number of laminated card - 5 minutes from 3 miles of
eggs and exchanging them for a proper egg. It would golden sandy beach
be advisable for wellies to be worn by the hunters.
- Non Smoking
We shall be holding an Easter Bonnet Competition
just before the children are unleashed onto the
churchyard. Home made entries only please, and if
they are made by the children, so much the better.
Lesley Noel



RELIABLE & EXPERIENCED 1 have been asked to put something down about Ival Jones
15 YEARS IN TRADE (Boysie)as most people knew him, who passed away on
Tuesday 2nd of February 2010 while in the P. A Hospital

Grass cutting, Hedge Trimming, Planting, Harlow, Boysie was bom at Davis Row Hatfield Heath
Weed Treatment, One off Tidy Ups and which were a row of cottages behind which is now known
as Footprints. As still a baby in arms the

maintenance family moved to number 9 Bentley Villas,
Call for a friendly chat on then to 16 Ardley Crescent. Boysie was one
Mobile 07956 524 586 of six children also having a twin sister,
Like most children on the Heath Boysie

Home Tel 01279 830 960 went to the village school where Mr Dix
who was a very strict disciplinarian

taught us the three (R' s), in those

days you left school at the age of

14 and started work. He was

unlucky to have been run over breaking one leg but this

LTD was only a set back because as soon as he recovered he
was playing football with the rest of us, on Sunday

mornings in one of Gilbey's fields on the Matching Road,

again another mishap he broke the other leg

Boysie worked at Little Hyde Hall farm on the

Sawbridgeworth Road working as stock man, milking

cows, and what ever jobs had to be done, I remember him

saying how cold it was if he was ploughing fields as there

was no cab on a tractor in those days just a sack over your

• Specialising in all types of ponds knees and round your shoulders to keep dry and warm.
After many years at the farm he left and worked at

& features. Taylor's the Butchers on the Heath, making sausages,
delivering meat on a round also to their other shop in

• Professionally designed, Romford. When Taylor's closed he then got another job at
installed, restored or maintained. the sausage factory in Hatfield Broad Oak working there
until he finally retired.

He always liked to watch the Heath play foot-ball at

• Local company established since Bentleys, where you had to pay two pence to get in and

1987 with excellent after care buy a cup of tea at half time, also watch the cricket on the
service Heath , where quite a few of us would sit on the grass
having a game of pontoon keeping an eye out for the

Tel: 01279 461 052 village police man Mr Wood.
A game of darts in any one of the pubs and a few drinks,

(Answer phone) once a week he was off to the dogs at Walthamstow dog
track with a few friends.
Mobile: 07711 087 004 One of the games he really enjoyed, when away on

holiday in different parts of the country, was to play bowls

Fed up with Hunstanton, for quite a number of years, Cornwall and the
Essex coast.

moss and weed? Lawn Treatment Service Boysie was always a worker when his parents moved to
49 Broomfields he went with them. His Father died while
We offer:- they were there so Boysie and his Mother moved to 1
•Regular lawn feeds Broomfields, he had a pride in his garden and grew good
•Weed and moss treatment vegetables and flowers, looking after his Mother until
•Aeration sadly she passed away, he stayed at No 1 Broomfields
•Scarification where he was taken ill. After a stay in hospital he went
into a home in Stansted which sad to say was his last
Friendly professional service

CALL NOW FOR A BROCHURE home. Perhaps some one would like to add more, I write
OR FREE LAWN SURVEY this as a friend. Boysie will be sadly missed by those
who knew him .
01279 466 100 Mick Saban


FOOTBALL ON HATFIELD HEATH & Fete (forerunner to the Festival). This was jointly run
IN THE EARLY FIFTIES with the Cricket Club and held on the Football Pitch, with
a large marquee for the Flower Show, various Sideshows
and Attractions and a giant slide on the scaffolding that
stood on the ground for many years!
The Club`s legendary Dinner and Dance was held in the
Trinity Hall and the bar in the Annexe, which was full to
bursting, until last orders and then everybody went into
the Hall for the dancing. It was at these Dinners` that
Sugar Perry gave his amusing reflections on the `Football
and Village Life`, with very few escaping the wit of his

David Brown

My early recollections of Football on Hatfield Heath SCHOOL FOOTBALL RESUMES
began in the early Fifties.
We lived in a house in Bentley Villas that backed onto the Hatfield Heath CP School’s Football Club is facing a
Football Pitch at `Bentleys`, then owned by Howard Pyle. fixture pile-up this half-term, with several games in
The pitch was virtually fenced in by a strand of strong wire quick succession.
on posts set back a couple of yards from the touchline. The
changing room was one of Howard`s garages and the Prior to the recent half-term break, no matches were
legendary tea hut stood alongside with a small serving played due to a combination of factors, including the bad
hatch to sell cups of tea. At half-time crowds could b up to weather that plagued football teams all over the UK.
30 strong, with more at local Derbies. An entrance fee was
charged 3 old pence for adults and 1d for children. The Now, they are set to get back into the swing of things
gate hut was a shed located on the Barker`s Lane entrance, with matches against Great Easton and Takeley at the
probably named after the Groundsman and local coffin start of March.
maker – Ernie Barker (father of Lily and Stan). Later in
life I moved into the house where Ernie had run his As Heath Sport went to press, the side was due to take
business from (Manse Cottages), and my wife would only on Thaxted on 25 February at home. This will have been
reluctantly go into the outhouses where he made his coffins. the first time the team has played Thaxted this season.
The Fifties were the most successful decade in the Club`s
history, winning many Cups and League titles and it A manic spell of fixtures is set to kick-off on 2 March,
became almost an Annual event for the team and two with the team facing four games in eight days.
Hall`s Coaches bearing supporters, to visit Rhodes
Avenue, for a `Cup Final`. After their home game against Great Easton on 2 March,
In those days the team sheets were displayed in the manager Mr Clements takes his side to play Takeley two
window of Buttons Shop for the princely sum of sixpence days later.
per week. To qualify to play for the team you had to be
born or live on the Village, or married to somebody that Then on 9 March the team is at home to Rodings, before
had, as competition for places was fierce and on odd an away trip to Thaxted the next day rounds things off.
occasions they even fielded a third eleven and it was on
one of these occasions as a fourteen year old I made my The team’s full schedule of fixtures for March is listed
debut for the Heath, playing alongside Howard Pyle, who below:
was nearing 50 years old and dubbed the `Peter Pan` of
Junior Football. March 2: (h) Great Easton
The footballs in those days were made of a tough leather March 4: (a) Takeley
and after getting wet became very heavy. It was a March 9: (h) Rodings
changing era as rubber studs took over from the leather March 10: (a) Thaxted
ones that were nailed into the bottom of your boots. (I March 15 (a) Howe Green
believe that Ron “Pudding” Jones may still own a pair). March 16: (a) Great Easton
The next development from rubber studs was moulded March 22: (h) Little Hallingbury
By Billy Shaw.
The Club`s Funds were mainly from two sources, a weekly
sweepstake was the main income, but this was
supplemented by the profits from the annual Flower Show




1 11.30 for 12 noon Luncheon Club URC INSTITUTE 730 544 Ann Whale 01279 731 288
3 10.30 Holy Communion The Close
20.00 Leisure Hour URC
5 13.30 Women’s World Day of Prayer (2 ½ -5) CRICKET CLUB 730 674

At Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church 730 354
Hatfield Broad Oak
4-6 20.00 Heath Players Production HEATH PLAYERS

The Sociable Plover URC and play reading for pleasure
7 LENT 3
FRIDAY CLUB (7-12 years) 730 825 or 730 517
08.00 Holy Communion HT
09.30 Family Service HT 730 465 HISTORY SOCIETY
10.30 Family Service URC
18.00 Service at The Close JO JINGLES Robin Gurnett 730 672
18.30 Evensong HT
13 10.00 PCC Table Top Sale H (6 mths - 7years) 868 410 ROYAL BRITISH LEGION

09.30 Holy Communion HT
10.30 Family Service URC SCHOOL FOOTBALL BELL RINGERS 730 526

16 19.30 History Society CR CLUB CHOIR 730 390
17 11.30 for 12 noon Luncheon Club URC
20.00 Leisure Hour URC
21 LENT 5 CUBS Chris Hancock 730 465

8.00 Holy Communion HT 731 646 CATHOLIC CHURCH
09.30 Matins HT
10.30 Family Service with Communion BROWNIES 734 391 Hatfield Broad Oak
18.00 Service at The Close SUNDAY CLUB 01371 872 550
24 10.30 MU Holy Communion HT
19.45 Gardening Club H 9.30am Holy Trinity 730 288 TALKING NEWSPAPERS
27 10.00 Farmers Market H
28 PALM SUNDAY 01279 651 270
09.30 Holy Communion HT
10.30 Family Service URC H.T. YOUTH GROUP OR 01279 653 925

H-Village Hall / CR-Committee Room H / HT-Holy 731 318 SECRETARY U.R.C.
Trinity Church / URC-United Reform Church / I-
Institute / S-School KARATE 445 539 Mark Lemon 730 581


01992 575 679



Friday 10am outside

SENIOR BOWLS 724 833 Broomfield Surgery

730 512

OPEN BOWLS 730 539



GARDENING CLUB Monday 10.30am Village Car

730 425 Park 722 156



LUNCHEON CLUB Uttlesford Badger Group
For all Senior Citizens
730 581 Derek Barry (on call 24/7 )

ITALIAN LANGUAGE 01279 503332 Home

Michelina 07786 341 754 07941185171 Mbl


Village Hall Alzheimer’s Society

Weds 9.30am 07776 221 975 01372 872 519

Village Hall Fridays 9.30am 07776 221 975


PLAY BUS Sunday 20th June 2010

FOR UNDER FIVES Hatfield Heath Half Hour Helpers
Need a friendly neighbour to help you?

with task that will take approx 30 mins e.g.

Buffy Bus is a playbus designed to give the under fives an Shopping small repairs collecting prescriptions etc.

opportunity to paint, play and socialise in a playgroup Please note there is no ageism.
environment that they would otherwise not have access to Anyone young or old can call for help from volunteers.

PHONE 07-944-748-478

PARKS ON CENTRE OF VILLAGE GREEN Phone manned 10am to 12noon

TUESDAYS 9.30am - 11am


URC Hall Wed 7.30pm
10th March

Village Website

PARISH COUNCIL Village Magazine

Parish Clerk - Ernie Fenwick............... 730 770

Chairman - Bart Sheekey.................... 730 663 Surgery Websites

Vice Chairman Paula O’Sullivan...............730 281 (Repeat prescriptions can be applied for on these sites)
Mark Lemon (District Councillor)....... 730 581
Mel Sullivan............................................ 731 434

Robert Jones........................ 730 741 H. H.Football Club

David Parish (H.H.Tenants Forum Mem.).730 573

Gary Waller.......................................... 739 345 H.H. Cricket Club

Janet Briscoe............................................. 730 674 Bridge club

Sandra Saban..............................................730 042 Terry’s Photos

FRIDAY 10am Broomfields Surgery
Paul Simpson ....................................730 026
David. N. Parish............................... 730 573 MON 10.30 am Little Hallingbury car park

HATFIELD HEATH The Mobile Library Hatfield Heath
Tuesday visits Fortnightly
There will be a retired policeman Rick Jones at the Broomfields 2.45pm to 3.35pm
police station who you can talk to on The Close 3.40pm to 4pm
The Heath 4.05pm to 4.35pm
Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5pm - 6.30pm
Held at the Police Station 6-7pm

SCHOOL & CHURCHES Email :- [email protected]

PCSO Jo Trevail-Philips Email:[email protected] Send your letters /articles/ reports /photographs, by hand, floppy
Pc Brad Healey Email: [email protected]
disc, CD, or email - [email protected].
Mobile for above police officers........ 07779 316 979
If posting or delivering by hand you can send direct to me :-
Police Great Dunmow............................ 01376 551 312
Police Hatfield Heath.......... ................. 01279 730 388 Bruno(Editor) “Manor Lodge”, Chelmsford Rd, Hatfield
Emergency ............................................... 999
Non Emergency ..........................................0300 333 4444 Heath CM22 7BD.

DOCTORS Broomfields......................... 01279 730 616 Editor: - Bruno Scheggia (Skedja) 01279 730 498
DOCTOR Sawbridgeworth.................... 08444 773 360
THE SAMARITANS............................... 01279 421 110 Bruno’s Mobile Phone number 07768 606309

HATFIELD HEATH C.P. SCHOOL...... 01279 730 382 Treasurer: - Mel Sullivan 01279 731 434
PRE-SCHOOL........................................ 01279 730 354
Distribution:-Barbara Scheggia 01279 730 498
Rev Brian Surtees.. .................................... 01277 363 607 Secretary: - Jean Clarke
Gerald Pearson .............................................01279 730 526 Chairman - Brendan Carrig
Lesley Noel ................................................ 01279 730 390
Elsie Baker ...................................................01279 734 013 Printed by Cornerstone 01279 437 851
Fiona Klimeke............................................. 01279 831 965
DISCLAIMER: The Editor and Printers do not take
URC Rev Terry Keen............................. 01279 726 771 responsibility for the information given or views expressed in
the Hatfield Heath Village Magazine. Nor is any culpability
HALF HOUR HELPERS........................ 07944 748 478 accepted in work done by advertisers.



Here to help you through difficult times
As you read this magazine the churches will be preparing
01277 366677 for Easter through bible study, prayer and worship. Some
of us will have made a commitment to endure some form
24 HOUR SERVICE of testing by doing without something during this period
of reflection. Has your commitment to giving something
Chapels of Rest Pre paid funeral plans up for Lent lasted as long as your New Year’s
resolution? Don’t we make quite a fuss about giving
26 FYFIELD ROAD, ONGAR, ESSEX CM5 OAJ something up during these few weeks as we journey to
email: [email protected] Easter? Sometimes it can be so difficult to give things up
with the stresses of life and the many temptations around
Daniel Robinson us to keep going especially when it comes to eating that
& Sons last piece of chocolate cake at the end of a bad day.
A few years ago I used to support a charity by raising
Independent Family funds through sponsorship for going without food for
Funeral Directors & Monumental Masons twenty-four hours. Because it was recommended to start
at 7:00pm on Friday and finish at 7:00pm on Saturday I
A personal caring service didn’t find it too hard to do as after four hours I was
from family business day or night. asleep for about the next eight. The stress didn’t really
Our trained staff will be pleased to give free start until it was about tea-time on Saturday when it was
confidential advice on any matter time to feed the dog and that tin of chunky meat in
delicious gravy was very tempting!
GOLDEN 3 BULLFIELDS Whatever my motives for going without food were I had
CHARTER SAWBRIDGEWORTH a sense of achievement of having raised funds to help
someone else have a better life. If you have given
FUNERAL PLANS (01279) 722476 something up for Lent this year, what is your motive?
Simply not eating chocolate to lose weight isn’t what
79/81 SOUTH STREET WYCH ELM Lent is about. Sometimes the things that tempt or test us
BISHOP'S STORTFORD HARLOW are how we learn about ourselves and what we are
actually capable of doing. It was during this time in his
(01279) 655477 (01279) 426990 life that Jesus learnt about himself and the work he was
to do.
HASLERS LANE 146 HIGH STREET Over the last few months many people have been forced
GREAT DUNMOW EPPING to give up things without making the choice for
themselves. Jobs, homes and even money that they have
(01371) 874518 (01992) 560890

24 hour Family Careline
Golden Charter Pre-Payments Plans


carefully saved have been taken away from thousands of JLY Bookkeeping Services
people week by week. The destruction of Haiti has
shown us, yet again, how fragile our existence can be. ICB Certificated & Sage Qualified in
Life has taken on a new route for all of them, and who
knows how many more are to join them. I encourage you Bookkeeping & Payroll Services - Self-Employed,
to use this time of Lent not only to prepare for the
celebration of Easter but also to reassess your own Sole Traders & Small Businesses - VAT Returns
pathway through life. Read again the stories of Jesus and Year End – Profit & Loss Friendly & Efficient Service
the work he did following his preparation time and
maybe you will be encouraged to seek new ways of Call Jaime Yardley AICB (Comp)PM.Dip
living your life in these testing times. Home - 01279 877 957
Rev Terry Keen
URC Mobile – 07512 688 373

Leisure Hour [email protected]

Wednesday 3rd March 8pm Professional Indemnity Insurance and a Computerised 4446
Country - Liz Eldred Associate Member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

Wednesday 17th March DIXON & CO
Life as a Magistrate - Lionel Britten

For local, friendly advice contact Paul Dixon

Wallburys, Stortford Road, Hatfield Heath, CM22 7DL

Tel: 01279 739076

Email: [email protected]

We meet at the U R Church Chelmsford Road Special Event?
New Members and visitors welcome
Jean 01279 730 465 Want to give a personal Gift?

UNITED REFORMED CHURCH A verse for any occasion.

Chelmsford Road Bev Rogers 07796 493 453

Woman's World Day of Prayer HATFIELD HEATH INSTITUTE

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church
Drop in for Tea, coffee and light refreshments
10.00 AM – 12 NOON
Friday 5th March at 1.30pm.
FREE but donations welcome


GM Property Maintenance Next meeting:

Decorating Specialists AGM

Est. 1987 At the Village Hall committee room on
Tuesday 16th March at 7.30pm
Specialising in: Note ! New Venue.
Home interior and exterior decoration
Building maintenance and restoration Followed by a talk by Tony Carter on
Professional and reliable service Fully insured
Tel: 01279 730733 Chairman Robin Gurnett 01279 730 672
07867 805382
E-mail: g.morri[email protected] BY THE LORD OF THE MANOR

Public announcement by the Lord of the Manor of the
removal of the Annual St James fair from Thremnall
Green (Start Hill) to Hatfield Heath in 1660.
This was a result of a long running dispute between the
Barringtons of HBO and Lord Morley (of Gunpowder
Plot fame) of Hallingbury Place.
(See last months Village Magazine.)


John Adamson

Bespoke fitted furniture
Free quotations Fully insured

07779 715 888 01371 811 688


Town Grove, Dunmow Road, Hatfield Heath,
Bishops Stortford, Herts CM22 7BN

For all your Gas Installation and Servicing needs
High Efficiency Condensing Boiler Installations
Gas Boiler Servicing and Breakdowns
Landlord’s Gas Safety Records
Free Quotations for gas heating installations
Plumbing and Pipework
Replacement Bathrooms, including Tiling &
Local company established in 1974.
Gas Safe register number 222

Call us on 01279-730 060
Fax us on 01279-730 065
E-mail us at [email protected]



Hatfield Heath & District Branch CARPETS • VINYL •LAMINATE •
We were proud to be the winners of the Essex County
RBL Efficiency Cup, at the Essex County Conference on Steve & Donna

the 16th January. Office: 01279 730 172 Mob:07939 739 845

Mr Albert Neilson was our delegate at the conference and Unit 11 Heathview Pond Lane Hatfield Heath CM22 7AB

was presented with the trophy & certificate.

This was for the work carried out by this branch over the

past year and for our services to the serving personnel who

need our help. Mick & Sandra Saban

The Royal British Legion is investing £20 million in Local Builder
new Personnel Recovery Carpentry & Roofing
Centres to meet the specific Loft and Garage conversions
needs of injured Service Kitchens & Bathrooms
personnel during their Plastering
recovery, as part of our Extensions
continuing support of the Afghan and Iraq references available on request
Call Mark Savage
ROYAL BRITISH LEGION Tel: 01279 739 409
Mobile: 07718 539 969

Saturday 10th April 7.30pm • Interior & Exterior decoration
• carried out to a high specification.
URC HALL Hatfield Heath • Full public liability.
• 30 yrs Experience
Tables of 6 -8 • Ceilings papered.
Refreshments • Wall coverings and wall paper hung
Price per person £7

To book a table phone 01279 730 042
There will be a raffle

Has been accused of shoplifting a

kitchen utensil from Tesco.

Ross says it was a whisk he was Contact Steve.
prepared to take. Phone : 01279 724 805 Mobile : 07836 588 886

E-mail: [email protected]
Address: Field View, Sheering, Herts.


Lampwork Beads - Silver Lampwork Beads - Silver

Glasswork Glasswork

Original and Distinctive Jewellery I hope you enjoy looking through my site, hopefully it
will improve with age as I get more adapt at taking
& pictures and working on the pages, here you will find
examples of my handmade lampwork beads and silver
Lampworkbeads jewellery, also some of my fused and stained glass work

Designed and Handmade Locally My Grandfather by profession was a glassblower in London and from a very
small age I was fascinated by the
Shop online or just browse descriptions of how he made the delicate
I am happy to work on individual items, glassware and twisted glass walking
so whether for a gift or for just something personal canes.
please send a message via my contact page or
I really got hooked into everything to do with glass after
ring Chris on 07976 966 491 attending a one day taster course in 1996. There, I made
my first piece of stained glass, City & Guilds
MALLON TREE CARE qualifications followed in different techniques and little
did I know that 13 years on I would still be 'playing'
NPTC QUALIFIED STAFF around ( as my husband puts it ) now making lampwork
In addition to my lampwork, I make silver jewellery,
FULL INSURANCE often combining it with the beads making individual and
distinctive items of jewellery.
Every piece is designed, made and handfinished in my
workshop. Hallmarking if required is carried out at the
London Assay Office.
Also I am pleased to include examples of silver jewellery
made by young designer Emma Herd. Do have a look at
Emma's Page for a selection of necklaces, pendants and
There is a page devoted to glasswork, this
includes a range of stained glass jewellery
boxes, stained glass mirrors and some
fused glass coasters and bowls.
I hope you will enjoy looking at our work.
New pieces will be added regularly, please
come back for another look.

best wishes This is Chris’s 15 year old dog Sophie
Christine She couldn't resist giving her a space

ALL TREE WORK The Luncheon Club



CALL If there is anyone who would like to help us cook or serve

OFFICE : 01279 877726 these meals please give me a ring on 01279 730 581 we
would very much appreciate your help-We could put your

MOBILE : 07946 550777 name on our rota-
I would like to thank all those volunteers who have helped

07986 147 914 us continue this Club in 2009 - your help has been

mallontreecar[email protected] invaluable! Judy Lemon

Find us in YELL Thank you

01279 730 581


NEW! Hatfield Heath’s Hair by BEE BEE

Farmers Market is coming soon! ALL ASPECTS OF HAIRDRESSING

Hatfield Heath is going to have its very own farmers LADIES and GENTS
market with the best locally produced foods and crafts SPECIAL PRICES:Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s for Senior Citizens
available to buy every fourth Saturday of the month in
Hatfield Heath Village Hall. Hatfield Heath is a great OPEN: Tues & Wed 9am - 5pm• Thur 9am -1pm
location that is surrounded by many fantastic local pro-
ducers and craft makers. The market will be a great way Fri 9am-6pm • Sat 9am-1pm FULLY TRAINED
of sourcing this local produce, with your local producers
coming to you! Every fourth Saturday of the month, Heath View, Pond Lane, Hatfield Heath
your local producers will be located in Hatfield Heath Tel: 01279 730 870 LONDON HAIR STYLISTS
Village Hall, Hatfield Heath, CM22 7EA from 10am
until 12.30pm. The first market will run on the 27th SECURE YOUR PROPERTY
March from 10am until 12.30pm as a trial market to
include a range of great local foods and crafts, from ALARM SYSTEMS - CCTV - INTERCOMS
Handmade Cookies to Pork to Preserves, there will be a
wide range of stalls. Due to certain restrictions we will FOR ALL YOUR ELECTRONIC SECURITY NEEDS CALL
skip the month of April and the market will be held every
fourth Saturday of the month from and inclusive of May C F SECURITY
onwards. We would really appreciate your support and
attendance, particularly of the first market so that we can 0800 955 8909
make this a permanent feature for Hatfield Heath. There
will be snacks and tea and coffee available, so come and FOR A NO OBLIGATION QUOTE
enjoy a tea with a handmade Aga baked cookie and have
a look at the fantastic range of locally produced goods
available to you on your doorstep.

We still have some stalls available, so if you are a great
producer and have insurance please contact Hannah on
07956 563 710 or send your details to
[email protected].

Dates for 2010: 27th March . 22nd May . 26th June . 24th
July . 28th August . 25th September . 23rd October . 27th
November . From 10am until 12.30pm in Hatfield Heath
Village Hall.


hundreds of spectators gathering on Hatfield Heath
for the Essex Hunt point to point.
The Pathe News commentators says
"There are16 charming ladies racing.
16 good looking starters - you can take that any way
you want."


Handmade contemporary jewellery in IS IN SIGHT...
sterling silver, pearls and gemstones
Beautiful, affordable designs perfect Rehearsals are now well under
way and the production is shaping
for all occasions up nicely. Lines have been learnt,
Shop on line, visit us at one of our costumes have been found and the
events or have a fun night in with set is under construction. The cast
and crew have been visiting bird
friends and your very own hides all over the country and
jewellery party! beyond to immerse themselves in
the world of the 'twitcher'. We will
CALL US ON 07711 421 444 spend the next two weeks before
the curtain goes up refining and
Hatfield Heath polishing performances so that it is just right for the
opening night. All we need now is an attentive
VILLAGE HALL audience, so please get yourself a ticket and enter the
intriguing world of Roy Tunt on his biggest day.
Are Available for
We will be performing Tim Whitnall's black comedy
Children’s Parties thriller The Sociable Plover on

Celebrations Thursday 4th, Friday 5th and

including Saturday 6th March at 8pm.

Wedding Receptions Tickets are on sale now at the

Classes etc., etc., Village Tea Rooms

or by calling 01279 730 544

We have kept our ticket prices the same as last year,
£8 or £7 for concessions on Thursday only.

We have also been invited to appear at Castle Hall on
24th March as part of Hertford Theatre Week 2010.
Some of you will know that we won this prestigious
festival last year with Over the River and Through the
Woods directed by Steve Foster. You can buy tickets
for this event by contacting Castle Hall box office by
phone on
01992 531500

PREFERENTIAL RATES Family run business
We offer a friendly service
LOCAL ORGANISATIONS and take pride in our high
AND standard of fitting
Free estimates & advice
For Details Telephone
We can supply to all local areas
01279 730 544 including: Sawbridgeworth,
Bishop’s Stortford, Harlow,
Elsenham, Hatfield Broad Oak,
Hatfield Heath

111a London Road Sawbridgeworth Herts CM21 9JJ

T:01279 724878 - F:01279 724878



CONSERVATION Visit our website for information and
details of all our photographic services
CALLING ALL AGES AND ABILITIES TO BE Your Local Photographic Services Company

MANAGEMENT GROUP The gentle treatment suitable
Hatfield Heath has several pond’s of which one is a for people of all ages
designated a Local Wildlife Site. This is the pond
behind the Holy Trinity Church. Deborah Flack BSc (hons) Chiro MCA
The Parish Council commissioned a report from Essex
Ecology Services Limited (EECOS) and a small group 01279 870 077 / 07908 918 934
of Parish Councillors have started a working group to
action some of the suggestions, as this particular pond
needs some attention. The Parish Council has also
agreed to fund this project as some expert advice and Lavender Barn, Brewers End,
help is needed. Takeley, Essex CM22 6QJ
We are now looking for volunteers who would be
interested in helping with the hands on work that will be NIKKI ROBINSON MCSP MIFPA
required from May 2010. We have been offered the free
services of a group from the Probation Board but would PHYSIOTHERAPY
very much like to see if we can make this a community
project. I personally have been involved with woodland Do you feel you’re falling apart?
conservation with Uttlesford Badger Group and can I can help put you back together!
assure you that it is fun and very rewarding to see the Complete treatment from head to toe.
fruits of your labour after a day’s work.
Anyone under the age of 16 would have to be Sports injuries
accompanied by a responsible adult but otherwise we Back, neck and joint pain and stiffness
are looking for people of all ages and abilities to become – even long term
involved in this very worthwhile Village Project. Tight, painful muscles
If you are interested then please contact Paula Stress-related disorders and sleep problems
O’Sullivan by e-mail [email protected] or Chronic pain and swelling, and varicose veins
by phone 730 281. For the moment I would like to Post-operative rehabilitation
collect e-mails (if at all possible) for those who are Arthritis exercises and education
interested and then I can give you more details of what
we are doing, how we are progressing, when we have all
the licences in place and when the season is right to start
the work.
I’m sure Bruno would like to receive the history of the
pond & mound and any memories of the use of this
particular area for publication in the Village Magazine.
I look forward to hearing from you all.
Best regards
Paula O’Sullivan, Parish Cllr



You can hire the hall for children's parties

£9.50 / hour Tel :01279 730 581

Hatfield Heath Half Hour Helpers To make an appointment

Need a friendly neighbour to help you? or for more information, please contact me:
with task that will take approx 30 mins e.g.

Shopping small repairs collecting prescriptions etc.

Please note there is no ageism. Tel: 01279 718 331
Anyone young or old can call for help from volunteers. [email protected]
PHONE 07-944-748-478

Phone manned 10am to 12noon Cannons Lane, Hatfield Broad Oak


Former Deputy Headteacher WWW. PLAYHOUSEHARLOW.COM
very effective at raising standards
Tuesday 2 March
Reading techniques coached; books loaned BARBARA DICKSON
Clearly taught NC maths Scotland’s The multi-platinum selling
singer continues to produce new ma-
Quality of writing and handwriting improved terial.
SATs, 11+ and Common Entrance She was awarded in 2002 with an
Dyslexia OBE by the Queen. Book your tick-
Weekly follow-up activities ets early to avoid disappointment.
01279 600 102 £26

Denise Ings

King’s Thursday, 2 Rowney Gardens, Sawbridgeworth, CM21 0AT

[email protected]

Wednesday 3 March
Sherlock Holmes
Director: Guy Ritchie
Starring: Robert Downey
Jr & Jude Law
Running time: 129mins
£5 (£4 conc)

Hobbs Cross Road Sunday 21 March
Old Harlow Kiki Dee & Carmelo
CM17 0NJ Kiki Dee hit the big time
in the late 1970s when her
Tel. 01279 429 910 duet with Elton John,
Don’t Go Breaking My Heart topped the charts in both the UK and US. Kiki
went on to enjoy great acclaim for her music as well as
Saint Nicholas her award-winning performance in Willy Russell’s Blood
A small independent school, Brothers. For the past 10 years Kiki has worked with
located in guitarist, writer and producer Carmelo Luggeri and in
Churchgate Street, Old Harlow their unique acoustic guitar-based shows they bring
together their original music with some of Kiki's best-
We take pupils from Reception known songs such as I've Got The Music In Me and
through to Year 11 Don’t Go Breaking My Heart, as well as covers of songs
by the likes of Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel. An intimate
• Small class and spontaneous evening is guaranteed.
• Wide range of Tuesday 13 April reception for
curricular and cast of Wizard of Oz and mem-
extra-curricular bers of PSC 5.30-6.30pm to include food. Reduction to
activities members of £3 at both performances on that day.
Friday 23 April – Quiz at the Playhouse 7.30 for 8pm
• Extensive Change of date – AGM now Tuesday 4 May 7.30 in The
grounds Studio followed by light supper.
Membership £10 per annum includes concession rates on
• Heated pool many tickets – for more information please ring 730544.


I would just like to Independent co-educational
thank all of the day school and nursery
people who came to for 2 - 11 year olds
the Quiz night on 30th
Jan and helped to boost my funds by raising £435. - Creating Opportunities
Also a big thank you to all of the local businesses, Realizing Potential
Down Hall, The White Horse, The Village Tea rooms,
The Flower pot, The Thatchers, Simple Beauty, The Living Life to the Full!
Stag and Field & Covert all who contributed by
donating a prize that was raffled on that evening. Call us today on 01279 657 706
I would also like to thank the very kind and generous
people that have personally donated money towards
my trip and also the people that have given me the
opportunity to work and raise money. HOWE GREEN HOUSE SCHOOL, GREAT HALLINGBURY,
Although my total funds I need to raise is coming BISHOP’S STORTFORD, HERTS CM22 7UF
down I still have a long way to go yet and my next
fundraising venture is a Table Top Sale & Craft Fair
which will be held at Hatfield Heath village Hall on
17th April.
So if anyone is interested in booking a table
please contact me on
01279 730 878
Thanks Sam Cook


Losers were given wooden spoon.Winners were given
a Bottle of wine with mortar board and robe


PERFORMANCE Hatfield Forest Highlights
Hello everyone,
in Hatfield Heath
Now available Monday and Wednesday mornings We have been very busy over the winter in the For-
for adults and Wednesday afternoons/evenings est, with lots of exciting projects on the go including
for children the massive changes to our Marsh.
- improve your voice (both speaking and singing) Our Marsh Restoration project will make a big dif-
- learn to breathe for better health ference to our reed and sedge beds in this area. In
- improve your confidence recent years, willow and hawthorn scrub have in-
truded on to the Marsh, shading out some of the
Special discount for seniors smaller plants and reducing the amount of reed habi-
tat for nesting birds such as the Water Rail. This
01279 730 731 or 07812 158 563 project has employed a specialised team to cut, re-
move and dispose of the willow and hawthorn to
Live recording on allow the reed to re-establish. Once they have been removed, we will be able to look after the Marsh and
remove any future re-growth.

We have also been hard at work on our veteran trees.
In 2002 we carried out a detailed veteran tree survey
of 800 trees. As each one is so important and unique
an individual management plan for each tree was
drawn up. We are now using pioneering tree surgery
called ‘environmental arboriculture’, mimicking the
trees’ natural process, balancing out the canopy,
trunk and branches using specialised cuts. Without
this work the veteran trees are at great risk of collaps-
ing under the weight of the branches and their valua-
ble habitat will be lost.


Another important annual project that many of you
may have noticed by London Bridge is our wood
pasture restoration. Wood Pasture is an important
habitat that is becoming scarce throughout Europe.
During this project we are clearing one hectare of
hawthorn scrub growth that has encroached onto
what used to be pristine wood pasture, full of wild-
flowers. Forty potential pollard trees will be select-
ed and kept. The majority of trees that are felled will
be cut for firewood and left to season for two years
before being sold off as logs. To protect the ground
from damage, anything that needs to be burnt we
will carry out on a burning platform. Following this
work we will fence the area using dog-proof chest-
nut paling and then our sheep will graze this area for
around five years to allow a greater variety of grass-
es and wild plants to grow.

As always I hope you will come and find me if you
have any questions and I look forward to seeing you
on the forest soon.

Laura Slater
Community Warden
[email protected]
01279 870678

World Challenge

Fundraising Event WHY NOT COME TO OUR

Saturday 17th April Farmer's Market

10am – 12.30pm

Hatfield Heath Village Hall

To book your table please phone Sue Saturday 10am until 1pm
01279 730 878 Matching Tye

Hunters Meet Restaurant Stalls include
Cabaret Nights
Farm-reared Beef, Homemade suet
Here at Hunters Meet , on Friday and Saturday Lamb and Pork and sponge
nights, we hold some of the best puddings
Dinner Dance & Cabarets Nights in the country! Venison Free range eggs
Home Made Cakes Plants
MARCH Organic Vegetables Goats milk soap
Fri 5th Comedy &live music "Triple Cream" Smoked Products: Honey products
Fri 12th & Sat 13th Band Wishful Thinking& comedy Fish, Ham and Bottled real ales
Cheese Fresh fish
magician Alan wallace A few good craft
Fri 19th& Sat 20th Baby Go Boom &comedian Ian Home-made stalls
Thu 25th Tribute to Tom Jones Freshly made
Fri 26th Band Wishful Thinking& comedian John Cassidy Indian food

01279 730 549 REFRESHMENTS

Supported by Howick & Brooker Estate Agents 01279 418 888




12th March


John and Diana White

All our Love
Mum, Dad and all the Family


Melanie Stiles

24th February With lots of love from
Lots of love from Mum, Ross,
Ollie, Nan, Grandad, Dave, Nicola, Ella, Dave, Nicola, Sarah, Ross,
Melanie, Ollie and Ella.
Holly, Alice and Amy xxxxx.

Mon, Tues, Wed: 3:15 – 5:15pm (term time only):
FUTON DOUBLE SOFABED To walk home two children (7 and 9 year old) from
local school and look after in their own home.
Hardly used and looks as new.
£85.00 OVNO Please call 07780 955 694

01279 730 128



still in good useable condition

hardly used cost £850 accept £250 Also includes new hay,
sawdust & food
Jayne 01279 739 433 after 6pm
PLEASE CALL 01279 730 644
Almost New
Hatfield Heath

than half price at £100. VILLAGE HALL
10.30AM - 1PM SAT 13TH MARCH
Telephone 01279 730 376

FOR SALE £8 Per Table
Doors open 9.30am for tables to set up
SINGLE BED - 2 DRAWER DIVAN Refreshments available (i.e. Bacon Rolls)
No mattress. Good condition. £35.00.
(To book a table)
Contact Sarah 01279 730 274
Phone 01279 730 042 or 01279 730 610

There is no charge for domestic adverts,only business adverts 28

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