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Hatfield Heath Village Magazine June 2015

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June 2015

Hatfield Heath Village Magazine June 2015

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See inside for full story....... I would like to take this opportunity to thank thet st
many people of Hatfield Heath and White Roding
SUMMARY OF who took the time to support and vote for me in the
YOUR RESPONSES TO recent District Council Election. I look forward to
THE PARISH APPRAISAL representing both communities to the best of my
ability and I am available to assist with
QUESTIONNAIRE any local problems. You can contact
me at
See page 2............
[email protected]
Your Parish Needs You or Tel: 01279 730 581

Mark Lemon

HAT FEST 2015 Sunday 21st June



Please!may we have some help setting up

and taking down marquees putting out tables etc.
It doesn't matter how
short a time you can
give or how strong you
are we need you!!
Please meet on the
Heath at 8.30 am on
Sun 21st June
phone Bruno on 01279 730 498 fordetails.

Email:- [email protected]

3 Councillors Needed To enter contact :- Annabel 07824 642 249
or Janice Prior on 07749 282501
At the recent Parish Council election there were only 6
candidates for nine places on the council. Email: [email protected]

This means that we need to co-opt three more members. 1
If you would like to be involved or to nominate someone

please contact the Parish Clerk Ernie Fenwick
at [email protected]
or at the telephone number below

01279 730 770

Web :

Hatfield Heath Parish Appraisal 2015

Thanks to everybody who took the time to respond to the questionnaire. Responses were received from most
postcodes in the Parish and the durations that respondents have lived in the Parish range from 2 weeks to 77 years,
evenly spread with an average of 23 years. So we have a representative input to the appraisal. All responses will be
considered in constructing the Parish Plan and this summary captures the main points for your information.

Leisure activities

Dothe existing facilities (Village Hall, URC There is a lot going on in the village! 24 different leisure and
hall, playing fields, Institute) meet your sports activities were mentioned. The most popular were
walking, gardening, History Society, cricket, and keep fit.
needs inthe parish? There were 28 different ideas for activities that people would like
to see happening.
No strong opinion 15% The most popular being tennis, sports/social club (including
No 13% snooker/darts), youth football (HHFC may be interested to know
Yes this), yoga/pilates and long distance walking.
For those that said no, to the existing facilties question,
additional sporting facilities were the most common suggestion
72% with the provision of Tennis Courts being the most requested.
There was also strong demand for more facilities, clubs and
activities for the youngsters.

URC Village Hall Institute

Parking Cricket Club

Isthe current level of parking It is not surprising that parking is highlighted as a significant issue with
adequate in the village? parking around the shops and the school triggering the most responses.
Although relating to local businesses and street parking, particular
No strong opinion 9% mention was made of parking outside the Doctors’ surgery with
No 9% additional comments on parking in the slip road by Tudor Lodge, by the
Yes Holy Trinity Church and the football field.
82% A range of ideas to improve parking has been proposed. They include
allowing access to the Village Hall car park for the school drop-off and
pick-up; incorporating parking bays into the islands in front of the
shops; double yellow lines on north side of the slip road; limited stay
parking; develop Taylers’

If not, which areas need improvement?

Ot her 16% Field and incorporate a car park.
Street parking 42%
Village car park 87%
Around local businesses 34%
Around the shops and local amenities 31% 79%
Around the school


Personal safety

Almost half of the responses state feeling unsafe in some areas. Most of those relate to road safety with the vast
majority expressing concern over cars mounting the pavement outside the Stag, the remainder being concerned over
inconsiderate parking at school pick-up time and lack of footpaths along some roads used by pedestrians. The rest cite
lack of street lighting (fear of crime) as the cause.

Are there any areas in the parish in
which you feel unsafe?

No 54%

Yes 46%



Do you commute to your place of work? The vast majority If 'yes', which forms of transport do you
of commuters use use ?

the car or

No 54% motorcycle and

some use more Plane 3%
Bicycle 4%
Yes 46% than one mode of
Bus 21%
transport. To Train 10%
Car / Motorbike
increase usage of Walk 25%

public transport most people suggested improvements to the local

bus service, with the majority simply requesting more frequent 86%

buses. New or improved routes would also be popular, with the

number one destination being Sawbridgeworth, useful for those

needing the train station and to support after-school clubs at


Pedestrian Crossing

A large majority wanted at

Do you think there is a need for at least one pedestrian crossing
least one pedestrian crossing in the in the village. Opinion fell
into two main camps: by the
v ill ag e?

shops or by the school /

No strong opinion 16% Holy Trinity Church. More
No 10% specifically, the White
Horse pub and Co-op were

Yes 73% the most popular locations

in the main shopping area of

the village. For those who want to see a crossing near the school, the safety of school children was foremost in their

minds, although it was noted that it would also help the congregation and visitors to the Institute.


Responses to the survey

Doesthecurrent broadband speed indicate an overwhelming How much does the broadband speed
meetyour needs? 94% consider good quality matter to you?
access to the internet to be

Important or Very Doesn't matter 6%

No strongopinion 15% Important and a significant

No 69% 69% find access is Important 38%
Yes 15% unsatisfactory. BT is the Very important 56%

prime Internet Service

Provider with a 2/3 share

of users, followed by Sky,

PlusNet , and several others in low numbers (AOL, Demon, Eclipse, Orange, TalkTalk, Tiscali, Utility Warehouse,

Virgin and Zen). The satisfied respondents and the dissatisfied are evenly distributed across the village so the variance

may relate to difference in expectations and/or the customer persuading their Internet Service Provider to upgrade their

connection quality at the exchange.


Mobile Telephones

Responses to the survey

Does the current mobile phone also indicate that a How much does the mobile phone
coverage meet your needs? similarly large 93% coverage matter to you?
consider access to the

No strong opinion 10% mobile ‘phone network is Doesn't matter 7%
No Important or Very Important
48% Important but almost half 43%

consider the access 50%
Yes 42% unsatisfactory. There are Very important

four networks available,

namely: 3, O2,

Vodaphone and EE (Everything Everywhere which is a merger between Orange and T-mobile). All others are virtual

providers who make use of one of the four networks; so Virgin, Family Mobile and BT use the EE network, Tesco uses

O2, Talk Talk and Asda use Vodaphone. There are no clear trends, however, users to the west of the village register a

67% satisfaction rating compared to 42% in the east and 48% in the centre.


There were very large

Do you think it is important that the responses in favour of Do you think we should retain the
village should retain the retaining the green areas within the village?
metropolitan green belt
Metropolitan Green Belt around it? around the village and
the green spaces within.
No strong opinion 3% 93% The village green and No strong opinion 3%
No 4% the rural feel featured No 1%
Yes high in narrative Yes

responses for what

people consider important, together with the community spirit, shops, cricket, churches, pubs and the Doctors’ surgery.

Footpaths, play areas, the Festival, fairs, school and wildlife pond were also noted.

The primary feature that residents wanted to see changed concerned the traffic passing through the village, its speed

and volume. A reduction in speed limits through and around the village, better traffic flow at peak times by reviewing

junctions and road configuration and the introduction of traffic calming measures were some of the suggestions made.

A significant number commented on the environment and the appearance of the village and the largest number of these
concerned the shop, restaurant and takeaway signs and billboards, which were not felt to be in keeping with the village
scene. Other issues included the amount of litter, the untidiness of hedges, footpaths and roadside verges, the state of
the car park, uncleaned roads, the condition of road furniture, the number of road signs, the fact that cottages have been
converted into takeaways and many noted the broken kerbstones in Broomfields.
Most of the other comments reinforced responses to the questions in other sections particularly parking and housing.
Other comments that were made concerned the travellers, aircraft noise, potholes, broadband speed and the issue of the
educational catchment for the village cohort.

New Motorway Junction Most considered there will be an
increase in traffic, noise and
If Juntion 7A of the M11 (along Gilden Way) is built in 2020 howdo you think it will pollution countered by over a
affect the parish? Select each as appropriate. quarter considering the transport
links will be improved. More
Don't know 9% 57% than twice as many consider the
On the whole, the effect will be negative 37% 52% overall impact will be negative
On the whole, the effect will be positive rather than positive.
Better transport links 27% 74%
Increase in pollution
Increase in noise
Increase in traffic
No significant impact


Airport Expansion

Last year Stansted Airport handled 143,468 commercial flights and it has planning
permission to handle 264,000 commercial flights per year. If Stansted were to reach its
planning cap of 264,000 commercial flights a year, how do you think this would affect the parish ?

Don't know 3% 50%
On the whole, the effect will be negative 7%
On the whole, the effect will be positive 8% 68% 85%
Better transport links 8%
Increase in pollution

Increase in noise
Increase in traffic
No significant impact

Even more considered airport expansion will result in an increase in traffic, noise and pollution. Those that consider
the overall impact to be negative outnumber those considering it to be positive by 7:1.


Does the current education provision in Most responses indicated
the area meet your family needs? satisfaction with the
education provision, those

No 17% dissenting were mostly
concerned at the selection

Yes 83% process for the primary
school giving priority to

children from outside the

village causing village children to commute to schools further afield.

Concern was also expressed on similar difficulties with secondary school

selection and that these issues may get exacerbated by the increase in

housing in the area.


Does your current housing meet your needs?

Other 5%

Looking to move from rented to purchased… 1%

Experiencing disturbance by anti-social neighbours 3%

Need to adapt home to suit an elderly or disabled person 0%

Looking to move to smaller home 12%

Looking to move to larger home 3%

Looking to move to cheaper home 1%

Need LA/HA to undertake repairs/improvement 0%

Looking to extend/improve current house 7%

My house meets my needs 78%

If you are unab le to m ove, wh y?

O ther 3% 16%
Lack of p hysically accessib le stock 6%
Pric e 3% 16%
Lack of private rented ac commodation 3%

Other financial commitments 3%
Unable to afford cost of moving
L ac k of LA /HA ho me
No su itable sheltered housin g
Lack o f suitable acc ommodation to buy


Most responses indicated that current dwellings meet their occupants' needs. Where this isn’t the case the most
common cause is lack of suitable dwellings to purchase. An interesting insight is that it is difficult to downsize
privately due to new developments, and extensions to existing smaller properties, creating a predominance of large
houses in the parish

What type of housing developments are acceptable?

O th er 10% 30%
Carefully designed larger groups 11%

Small groups 13%
Expansion at the edge of Hatfield Heath
Single dwellings in controlled locations
Conversion of redundant buildings 56%

Narrative comments generally reflected the need for an increase in the availability of smaller dwellings, not only
affordable starter homes but also homes to allow residents to downsize without leaving the village.


A small response was received from local businesses which reinforced the needs for improved parking, faster
broadband and better mobile ‘phone coverage.

Local Employment

Would you like to see more employment
opportunities in the village?

No strong opinion 50%
Yes 19%

Is there any aspect of village life you feel strongly about that has not been covered


There were many responses to this last question, several emphasising issues covered in other parts of the surveys. The
largest subject response was from people complimenting the village atmosphere and pleas not to allow it to change,
again reinforcing the earlier section on environment. The biggest issue related to the frequent illegal camping by
travellers on the village green. Litter and speeding followed that as major issues. Lack of police presence, potholes,
dog fouling and street lighting were also raised as issues. There were several other individual issues covering a broad
spectrum which will be given consideration.


Renewable Energy Solutions

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Broadband • Sales • Networks • Repairs
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Email: [email protected]

7 15031 Dec 2015

Hatfield Haven Care Home President: William Gosling Lord of the Manor

Stortford Road, Hatfield Heath, Bishops Stortford, Herts. CM22 7DL Hatfield Heath Magazine –
a presentation by Bruno Scheggia
Tel: 01279 730 043
From 1893 to 2015
Initially first published in 1894
Features: as a Parish Magazine provided
╚ Serene and homely environment; the starting point for Bruno’s
╚ 24 hours care in compliance with CQC Care Standards talk and presentation. Some
╚ Medical care provided by local group practice; interesting statistics from 1894
when the magazine cost 1 penny
district nurse, physiotherapist and a chiropodist; (old money), later editions cost
╚ Highly qualified and motivated staff - RMA and subscriptions of £2.50 until
2005 when it was backed by a
NVQ qualifications; Parish plan grant which enabled
╚ 20 single and 1 double newly refurnished and it to go to the whole village free. The reason for this
was it needed a questionnaire to go to the whole
redecorated Village over a number of months. Because it was
rooms (newly built extension included) going to the whole village advertising picked up and
╚ Each bedroom fitted with an en-suite bathroom and Bruno asked the Parish Council to keep backing the
call system to summon help; magazine as he thought that given time the magazine
╚ A newly extended and enlarged day lounge with Flat would become self sufficient with revenue from the
creen TV and radio. advertising.
╚ Large dining room with excellent meals on offer Within a very short time, a year or so
by the in-house chef; this was the case and the magazine
╚ A Stair lift and a passenger lift to all floors; has been financed solely from
╚ Activities includes talks, parties, summer barbecues, advertising ever since enabling a free
flower arranging e.t.c magazine delivery to each household.

Kindly drop by for viewing and to pick up a copy of our
brochure. For placement and other enquiries, please contact

Amanda Austin (Manager)
email : [email protected]

15011 Dec 2015

Reference to a series of editors
demonstrated how changes were

implemented and on the 50th Anniversary the then
editor, Rev. A F Gardiner contacted earlier editors
who responded with fascinating accounts of Village

In the History of Hatfield Heath millemium edition of
2000 a paragraph on the magazine highlighted a
number of editors and persons who had been involved
in the magazine for many years after the 50th
Anniversary and how it appeared in the years
between 1971 and 2002. Adverts tended to be printed
for the year with limited editorial. Comments from
the CommThuneidtyeecdosntionfutehdetSotraegvforlovme a1ro8u4n0d articles
which were related to social aspects.

In 2002 Bruno Scheggia ‘volunteered’ (which the
Thesaurus defines as unprompted, but it really
seemed to happen in a casual conversation) which

15027 Dec 2015


changed the way in which the magazine was Do you think you could make
produced. Initially using word documents and copy a difference to this student’s
left at PBM printers who dealt with layout and confidence?
production. A move by Bruno to a Serif Page Plus We are looking for individuals
programme provided more autonomy to receive with tutoring/teaching experience
articles, adverts and photographs. In many cases on in all subjects, who are
line to then design and produce printer ready PDF passionate about learning.
For more details
More request for advertising and greater input from
villagers has increased the content from 12 to 28 please contact us today on 01279 654 424
pages. There is a circulation of over 840 delivered e-mail [email protected].
monthly to each household. These deliveries are
carried out by a group of 22 volunteers. The Village is 15067 Mar 16
extremely fortunate to have a monthly comprehensive
magazine having previously received awards for its
design and content. Bruno took a ‘walk’ through
several old issues that also highlighted the number of
cover changes which had taken place over the 112
years of the magazines existence. (In all some 7
changes from the 1894 edition.)

1991 2014

An entertaining evening which had the benefit of
Bruno’s interaction with an audience who became in-
volved in the presentation and contained many facts
and a great deal of humour.

Ivan Cooper

15035 Dec2015

9 15012 Dec 15



INSTITUTE Local Hatfield Heath born and bred athlete Will
Marklew, 16, has taken the field by storm in his first
Are Available for UK Under 18 Decathlon by beating a very strong
field to take first place, but more importantly an
Children’s Parties
IAAF ranking of 4th in the World.
Small tables and chairs now available What make this achievement amazing is that Will
only started competing and training for combined
Celebrations events ( Decathlon) a year ago. He quickly became
Essex Champion, South East Regional Champion,
including National finalist, and by December was representing
England in an International Competition. He
Wedding Receptions finished the year ranked 5 for Octathlon and 5 for
Javelin in the UK.
Classes etc., etc., Will, a pupil at The Bishops Stortford High School
trains for 15 hours a week travelling to Bury St
PREFERENTIAL RATES Edmunds, Stevenage, Harlow and Enfield for
FOR training across the 10 events that make up the
LOCAL ORGANISATIONS When he is not training or competing, he is busy
AND studying for his 4 A levels or working towards his
Accreditation in Sporting Excellence that he was
LOCAL RESIDENTS invited as an Elite athlete to study for.

For Details Telephone Already this year he has positioned himself 4th in the

01279 730 544 world and 2nd in the UK for Under 20 Javelin.
Registered Charity No. 268367 His overarching ambition for this year is selection
for the IAAF World Youth Games in Colombia in
15004 Dec 2015 July. Selection takes place at the end of June but the
England qualifying standard is 6800 points. Will
currently leads the UK field of contenders and
exceed the IAAF standard with 6531 points but will
have another opportunity to reach the required 6800
England standard at an England Athletics Qualifier
in May.

1 The Fairway, Bush Fair, Harlow, Essex

Ø Specialists in design, manufacture and installation of manual and automated gates; including video/

intercom entry systems.

Ø Staircases, balustrades and railings. Ø Builder’s steelwork. Ø Expert advice and service

Ø Free quotations with no obligation.

Tel: 01279 635 525

E-Mail :[email protected]

10 14099 July2015

Whether or not he makes qualification, he certainly Luxury Toilet Hire (UK) Ltd
has a bright future ahead in Athletics, so “Hatfield Toilet trailers (both luxury and
Heath” should be proud of their home grown talent! party range), single event
Go Will!! portable and disabled units
available for hire.

Your local service provider for all liquid waste
removal, including cesspits and septic tanks

or call 01279 504 638

15013 Dec 15

.......Matching Neighbours.......

Dog Walking/Day Care, Cat Feeding Garden

Maintenance, Home Watch Visits Contact

‘The Neighbours’ Est’d in 2000

Ask us to look after your pets for regular or one-off
dog walks and general pet care.Plants watered, house

calls & checks. Local residents since 1999
Fully insured - References provided.

Phone Robert & Andrew on 01279 731 537 or
Email: [email protected]

15061 Mar 2016

april 14097 Aug 2015

A few Dates From the


Meetings are every 4th Wednesday
At the Hatfield Heath Village Hall at 7.45pm

June 24th. Outing
July 22nd. Cambridge Colleges and Gardens

Rodney Tibbs
August No Meeting


Single membership for year £7 or Family £12
Non Member’s £2 per visit

Hatfield Heath Gardening Club
Call 01279 726 357 or 01279 730 425


Newton Grove
Great Dunmow RAINFALL
Essex CM6 1DX
Your local N IC E IC electrician Brian Bland April 2015
Tel: 01 371 876 552
Mob : 07785 221 004 6 Hatfield Heath Rainfall April 2015
email: mark @ 5
web : Total for month
14101 July 2015 4 Rainfall
mm (0.95 inches)





From only nine raindays, we recorded just under one
inch of rain, which is 52% of our current April
In the last twenty five years, we have had two very
hign readings and two very low readings as you will
April Extremes
High 5.7 inches in 1998

4.81 inches in 2013
Low 0.12 inches in 2007

0.13 inches in 2012
Farmers and gardeners were pleased to see even the
small amount, as plant growth was very restricted, so
too was germination.

Garden Watch

Compared with 2014, fruit bloom this year has

excelled itself,with few air frosts.

15003 Dec 2015 Bramleys, Cox, Braeburn, Discovery, together

Heath Computers with greengages have all produced a
magnificent display. Brimstone
For all your IT needs Butterflies have been present since 2nd
April and Bee- flies in quite large numbers

Whether you run a business, or are a home user, from 9th April onwards.
Heath Computers has an IT solution to suit your requirements. With the relatively mild winter, it was

Ÿ IT Solutions for home/office not unusual to be without Field Fares, but one was
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Ÿ Mac/PC Support, Repairs and Upgrades A fine looking Silverback Cock
Ÿ Smart Phone/Tablet configuration and setup Pheasant examined our garden, with his ladyfriend,
Ÿ Network Installation - Fixed and Wireless but decided there was too much activity for a
Ÿ Internet - Email - Broadband
Virus Protection and Spyware removal

successful courtship.

Web: Office: 01279 912345 Nature Watch
Email: [email protected] Mobile: 07958 482889 The charity "Plant Life"that British Bluebells are in

15006 Dec 15 danger of being eradicated in the next 50 years, by


the arrival of Spanish invaders. These are aggressive,

tall and bad smelling!!

If you are planting Bluebells from purchases from

garden centres please ensure that you obtain only our

native ones. Brain Bland



12 - 3pm 13TH JUNE 2015 15037 Jan 2016
Please come and join us in the
school playground for an afternoon TREE SERVICES

of fun and games. • Felling • Pruning • Shaping
There will be a Cake Stall, BBQ, Ice
Cream, Tombola (Sweets & Bottle), • Reduction • Thinning • Stump Removal

Toy Stall and much more!! Hedge cutting and shaping
Free no obligation quotes
We hope to see there!
Tel: 07940 231 964 or 01279 730 659
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15070 April 2016


25 YEARS IN TRADE 15007 January 2016

Grass Cutting, Hedge Trimming,

One off Tidy Ups
Regularly Weekly Maintenance

Jet Wash
Patio Cleaning

Email: [email protected]

Mobile 07956 524 586
Home Tel 01279 830 960

1315054 July 2015

This is the second in a series of walks that explore the footpaths of the Parish of Hatfield Heath. Points of interest along
the way are indicated in the text with an i symbol. Each walk starts from a location around the circumference of the
village green, and being circular in nature could be joined at any convenient point. For other walks and further information
about the village visit:

HATFIELD HEATH WALKS catch a glimpse of Lea Hall through the trees.
i Lea Hall: One of three manors in Hatfield
WALK 2: North to Broad Oak
Heath (along with Ryes and Down), the
Length: 8.5 km (5.3 miles) timber-framed hall stands within a moat.
Duration: approx. 2 h 30 min On reaching the finger post (2) opposite Town
This walk uses definitive paths, roads with Grove, turn right, passing the stables on your left
pavements, and a short stretch of minor road and continue along the field edge with views of
without a pavement. Some paths may be muddy Broad Oak church ahead. The hedge in front of
when wet so suitable footwear should be worn. you, marks not only the field boundary, but also
The walk begins at the junction of the Dumnow the boundary between Hatfield Heath and Hatfield
Road and Chelmsford Road (1), opposite the Broad Oak parishes. To the right of the large gap
village sign. For many years, a wooden dovecote in this hedge, the path crosses a footbridge (3),
stood here, remembered in the name of the then after a few hundred meters crosses Pincey
nearby house “The Old Dovecote”. Head north Brook by means of another footbridge (4) on the
along the Dunmow Road. On your right you may right,
leading into a small wooded area. On leaving the


wood, follow the field boundary with the brook to being aware of any traffic (no pavement), until you
your left until you meet a junction with a poplar- pass a EIIR lamp box and reach a junction with an old
lined path joining from the right (5). Ignore this path guidepost (14).
and keep following the brook.After crossing a
substantial bridge, continue along the i Guidepost: This cast iron guidepost, probably
other bank of the brook until you reach Feathers manufactured at Stanton Iron Works, Derbys, has
Hill, next to a small garden centre (6). Turn right been directing travellers since the 1920/1930s.
towards Hatfield Broad Oak. At the top of the hill
cross the road just around the corner, opposite the At this junction turn left and shortly turn right (15) into
pillar box, where visibility is better. Ryes Lane. (Although marked as a private road this is a
public right of way.) Follow Ryes Lane until you reach a
i George VI wall box: Dating from between metal gate across the road (16), just before The Ryes.
1937- 1952 this box is now out of service,
having been replaced by the higher capacity i The Ryes: Mentioned in the Domesday book of
Elizabeth II pillar box. 1086 as having one household, half a plough
team (4 oxen), 4 acres of meadow and
Head left towards the finger post (7) and through woodland.
the church car park.

i St Mary’s Church: This early medieval church was Pass this gate and turn right through an avenue of
part of a Benedictine Priory until the destruction limes. At the end of the avenue (17) turn left and
of the latter in 1583. John Warren was ejected follow the field edge (this is the boundary with
from the vicarage in 1662 and subsequently Little Hallingbury Parish), across a wooden bridge
established the Hatfield Heath United Reformed and continue until the path turns left over a
church. concrete footbridge (18).The path passes through a
small wooded area then emerges over a footbridge
Pass through the kissing gate (8), and after taking and follows the left-hand border of a new
in the view across the valley, head diagonally plantation of Christmas trees. The path eventually
downhill to another footbridge (9). Take heed rejoins Ryes Lane at Skringills (19).Pause to look
of the red sign warning of the possible presence along the lane to the left where you will see an
of a bull and cattle in the field ahead. Follow the unusual thatched building.
path to the right from where the top of the control
tower of Stansted Airport is just visible on the i The Round House: This former lodge cottage is
horizon ahead. actually octagonal, not round, and dates from
around 1800.
i Stansted Control Tower: At 60 m in height,
this was Britain’s tallest control tower when Head straight on down the Lane, past Corringales until
it was constructed in 1996. you meet the Dunmow Road (20). Cross carefully and
follow the footpath along the road back to
After a pair of kissing gates (10), the path forks to HatfieldHeath.
the left across the flood plain towards the metal
railings of a footbridge (11) and then onto another i Corringales: First mentioned in a charter of 1217,
kissing gate and for a period until the 1790s was combined with
(12). Turn right up the hill where an old Ongars.
concrete waymarker post indicates FP14 diagonally
across the As you approach the village look out for a pair of old
field.As you ascend the path over two fields, take buildings on your right (Ongars and The Old Barn.)
time to
pause and look back at Broad Oak church, i Ongars: A late 16th century timber-framed
Barrington Hall and the control tower. building. Ongars farm may date back to the 1400s.

i Barrington Hall: This neo-Jacobean style hall was i The Old Barn: During the 1930s this late 16th
built in 1734 for John Barrington, though not century building was the home of Florence Desmond
completed until 1863. It currently houses the HQ of who had a long career in theatre, radio and cinema.
CPL Aromas Ltd.

After crossing the open fields, the path passes Finally, when passing The Shaw housing development,
through a hedge into the corner of a field and follows
the hedge line, over a ditch to a wooden stile. The reflect that until 1987 this was the site of a working
path veers left and crosses planks over another ditch,
then to the right of a pond and over a couple more abattoir.
stiles to reach a road (13). Turn left along the road,
We gratefully acknowledge the input we received from
Liz Wright whilst writing this walk. Ian and Stella
Hughes 2015

15 “No room at the Inn”
01279 420 736
Barbara’s last journey was to start on the 15th
[email protected] September 2014 after being admitted
to PAH Harvey ward; where she
Top quality flowers and designs became known as “The Duchess”, and
at great value prices was never to return to The Hollies, on
the 28th December was transferred to
Hatfield Heath, Hatfield Broad Oak, Sheering, Bishop's Hampstead hospital, and within 3 days
Stortford, The Hallingburys, Takeley, Priors Green, Little had the operation, which was
completely successful and thought
Canfield, Sawbridgeworth, The Rodings, Harlow
would prolong her life, but was not to be, then
Oct 2015 14112 admitted to the Intensive Care Unit, and then to
Barnet ICU, and finally to Chase farm hospital
T: 01279 730 343 M: 07889 413773 Enfield; where she died on the 24th March 2015; I
Chesnut Drive Hatfield Heath am given to understand, that daily requests for a bed at PAH, that at no time did they have a bed for her.

14086 July 2015 Barbara as a former Editor of the magazine made
the “Front Page” and I would like to thank the
HUTLEY ELECTRICAL LTD Editors and Maurice & Evelyn Lawrance for the
tribute’s they all paid to a lady, who I was always
DOMESTIC & INDUSTRIAL thought, to be seen and not heard.
Hutley Electrical offers a full range of Whilst in Barnet hospital, it was the venue we
Electrical Services and has been celebrated our 60 years of marriage on the 25th
established for over 20 years. February , I asked the hospital chaplain; to perform
From House re-wires to Industrial/ a bedside ceremony, to reaffirm our marriage
Commercial projects we pride ourselves vowels, I wore my light coloured suit with my
on offering a competent, polite, tidy carnation, and I had made by a local lady a bouquet,
professional service and endeavour to of artificial flowers for Barbara; at 2.10 pm Fr
work with the minimum of disruption to Thomas and witnessed by my brother John and his
you wherever possible. wife Carole, made the day; the nurses produce a
small cake for us to cut, they were always so caring
and thoughtful to Barbara, during her stay there.

I have been over whelmed ; by the letters and cards
of condolence; the audience at the chapel for
Barbara’s final journey, I understand was close on
100 persons; and wish to thank all ; for their support
and understanding at the sad loss of my wife, who
was also my best friend.
Tony Jenkins


**We are a full member of the NICEIC General Building & Maintenance
and have been for many years.**
Conversions, Bathrooms, Kitchens
Call Bob now for a free quotation Plastering, Brickwork, Decorating
TEL: 01279 722 351 or Call for Free Advice & Estimates
MOBILE: 07774 941 668 01279 739 136 or 07900 694 664

15032 Dec 2015 FULLY INSURED

15018 December 2015


Registered Osteopath
You can hire the hall for children's parties
Do you have any £10.50 / hour Tel :01279 730 581
aches and pains???
A mature, friendly, caring, experienced
Why Suffer? It will not go on housekeeper/qualified carer
its own!!!
(CRB checked) is available to help/assist you.
Get it looked at before it I can help you in all aspects of domestic duties ie:-
starts to affect your day.
Housework • Shopping Laundry • Light gardening
SG OSTEO is a friendly, Days out/social events • Hospital appointments.
professional practice that will NVQ Qualified carer also available for
help to guide your body on the sitting service and occasional sleep over

road to healing itself. Please do not hesitate to ring me with your enquiry.
I look forward to hearing from you. Please contact
Don't delay what you can do
today. Melanie 01277 899 428 or 07879 427 953

SG OSTEO LTD, Bretts Farm, 15074 July 15
Chelmsford Road,
White Roding

07908 221 888

15060 Sept 15

14103 Aug 15

Leanne Lewis Bsc (Hons) (EEBW) (EEMR)

Equinine Sports Therapist Fully qualified and insured in

Ÿ Equine Sports Massage

Ÿ Passive Streching

Ÿ Myofascial Release

Ÿ Rehabiltation

Sessions between 1 - 2hrs from £25

*Travel costs apply after 15miles

Improving your horse’s well-being, by giving the freedom to move

15043 Feb 2016

Member of *Emergency Door Opening
*Insurance Upgrades to BS3621
DBS checked *Upvc Locks Specialist
*Whether Broken,Repaired,

or Replaced.
*All Locks Supplied & Fitted
*All Lockwork Undertaken,
*Est over 10yrs, Fully Insured
*Oap Discounts

Call Keeley For a Free Quote Or Friendly Advice On..

01279 739 156 07736 929 440

5 Cox Ley, Hatfield Heath

17 14087 July 2015

• Interior & Exterior decoration HATFIELD HEATH PRE-SCHOOL
• carried out to a high specification.
• Full public liability. WOULD LIKE TO SAY
• 30 yrs Experience A HUGE THANK YOU
• Ceilings papered.
• Wall coverings and wall paper hung to everyone who supported our Quiz Night
in April– it was a great night. We would

No job too large or too small also like to say a special thank you to the

Contact Steve. White Horse for their warm hospitality
Phone : 01279 724 805 Mobile : 07836 588 886
Heath Players
E-mail: [email protected] Winners of Audience Award
Address: Field View, Sheering, Herts.
On Thursday the Players performed Bomber’s Moon at Hertford Theatre receiving an enthusiastic
reception from the audience and a glowing
15019 Dec 15 adjudication.
Last night around a dozen of us attended to watch
State Registered Chiropodist the final performance and the announcement of the
winners awards which were as follows.
Home Visiting Practice Trophy Winners
Stage Presentation Barn Theatre Club (Welwyn
Mrs. Julie Golden S.R.Ch. Garden City)
Adjudicator’s Award Hertford Operatic & Dramatic
Est. 1994 Society Lighting Team
Runners Up Hertford Operatic & Dramatic Society
01279 873 492 Winners Heath Players
Audience Award Heath Players
A professional service at a competitive rate Heath Players also were nominated for the Stage
Presentation award (one of three) and Chrissie
14092 Sept 2014 Richards (direction), Spencer Richards (sound
design) and Martin Bedwell (for his portrayal of
Get Ready Frank) received nominations for the Adjudicator’s
For Summer Award. As Chrissie said, ’not bad for a little village
group’, particularly when we’re up against societies
At like The Barn and HD&OS who have huge
memberships and resources compared to us.
Escape Beauty We now qualify for consideration for the National
finals and subject to our entry being accepted, will
Ÿ G5 Anti - CelluliteTreatment 40 mins £20 be touching down one final time in Woking in July.
Or course of six £100 Congratulations to Chrissie and everyone involved
in the production.
Ÿ Hydrafuse Aqua Dermabrasion Facial £45 Mark
Ÿ L.V.L Eyelash Perm plus tint £40 lasts up to six weeks
Ÿ Eyebrows re-shape plus tint and eyelash tint only £15 Tortoise found
Ÿ I.P.L Laser hair removal for all areas of the face &
Hello Bruno
body from £20 up Consultation & free patch test req. Just to let you know that the advert for the
Ÿ Ultimate spray tan in 3 shades light, medium & missing tortoise was a success!
Mrs Shaw from the Heath found him yesterday
Dark £20 whilst walking her dog.
Ÿ Glycolic facial peels Thank you so much for your help and that of the
local community - it's wonderful to have him home.
Ÿ Kind regards, Julie

Ÿ Ultrasound skin toning facial


Ÿ Deep tissue massage
Ÿ Waxing including hot wax for sensitive areas.

I look forward to hearing from you

Sue Burgess Tel: 07740 433 417 orText

Situated in the Shaw Hatfield Heath

1815071 Sept 2015

Open Garden

in aid of

Dr. Graham's Homes,

Kalimpong, India

“Roseisle” Sawbridgeworth Road, T: 01279 730 343 M: 07889 413773
Hatfield Heath. Chesnut Drive Hatfield Heath
10.30am ~ 1.30pm Thursday
14086 July 2015
25th. June 2015
By Donation In a Frame

Raffle Books Craft Stall Picture Framing and Art Supplies

F19 Allen House Business Centre, The Maltings, Station Rd

Telephone 01279 260 069

Framing for pictures, photographs, prints, posters,
objects and memorabilia.

Canvas stretching and needlework lacing
Sports shirt framing

We now stock a good selection of Daler-Rowney art materials
including stretched canvas, canvas panels, brushes, paints,
papers & easels as well as Screen Print Kits,
Lino Cutting Sets & DAS Modelling Clay

15079 July 2015 150353 Feb 2016



1 11.30 for12.00 Luncheon Club URC VILLAGE HALL 730 544 LEISURE HOUR
7 08:00 Holy Communion 1662 HT INSTITUTE 730 544 730 465

10.30 Family Service with Communion (2 -5 years) Hatfield Broad Oak
730 354
URC 01371 872 550
18:00 Service at The Close
10 10.30 Holy Communion at The Close Mother,Baby and Toddler 01279 651 270
13 School Fete S Group
14 09:30 Holy Communion HT OR 01279 653 925
10:30 Family Service URC
17 11.30 for 12.00 Luncheon Club URC Thur 9.45am term time SECRETARY U.R.C.
20 10am-5.00pm HOLY TRINITY FLOWER
Village Hall - Betty Bennett.. 01279 508 455
Refreshments, stalls and music in the Church Michelle: 07762 083 355 HEALTH WALK
08:00 Holy Communion 1662 HT Elle: 07976 592 364
09.30 Matins HT
10.30 Family Service URC URC Friday 10am outside
FRIDAY CLUB (7-12 yrs) Broomfield Surgery 731 434
Refreshments, stalls and 739 218 HEALTH WALK
music in the Church LITTLE HALLINGBURY
18.00 Service at The Close JO JINGLES
24 10.30 Midweek Holy Communion HT (6 mths - 7years) 868 410 Monday 10.30am Village Car
Gardening Club Outing H Park
28 09.30 Holy Communion HT
10.30 Family Service URC SCHOOL FOOTBALL The new leader Is Mr. G.
29 10.30 Holy Communion Hatfield Haven
CLUB Barron. 01279 899 451
H-Village Hall / CR-Committee Room H / HT-
Holy Trinity Church / URC-United Reform Church SCOUTS 812 586
/ I-Institute / S-School
Green Garden Waste
731 646 07956 563 710
Skip Diary
BROWNIES 734 391
Saturday Times 14:30 - 15:30
Sat 6 June 2015 Ardley Crescent
Sat 13 June 2015 Broomfields 9.30am Holy Trinity Village Hall
Sat 20 June 2015 Ardley Crescent
Sat 27 June 2015 Broomfields 730 288 Weds 9.30am 07776 221 975
Sat 4 July 2015 Ardley Crescent
Sat 11 July 2015 Broomfields KARATE 445 539 KEEP FIT
Sat 18 July 2015 Ardley Crescent
Sat 25 July 2015 Broomfields JUNIOR KARATE
01992 575 679 Village Hall
Monday 10.30- 11.30 am

BRIDGE CLUB 723 948 07776 221 975


730 425 Village Hall

OPEN COFFEE Mon and Friday 9.15am-10am

MORNING AT Men and women of all ages &

INSTITUTE 730288 shapes 07775 663 742


For all Senior Citizens 01279 443 181

730 581
Michelina 07786 341 754 Paula O'Sullivan 730 281

SPANISH LANGUAGE [email protected]

Ann Whale 01279 731 288 Afternoon

724 833
730 212 730 539


HEATH PLAYERS Men and women of all ages

Mark Ratcliff 503 174 Uttlesford Badger Group Derek Barry

Chrissie Richards 864 536 (on call 24/7 )01279 503332

HISTORY SOCIETY Home 07941185171 Mbl
Ivan Cooper 730 275


730 042


CHOIR 730 390


Parish Council -
URC Hall Wed 7.30pm
Village Magazine - view past 27 issues
10th June

Parish Clerk - Ernie Fenwick.................. 730 770
Email : ............. [email protected] Eden Surgery Websites

Mark Lemon Chairman ...........................730 581 (Repeat prescriptions can be applied for on these sites)
(District Councillor) Broomfields
Vice Chairman -David Parish ............... 730 573 Broad
Robert Jones............................................... 730 741
Gary Waller................................................ 739 345
Susanne Thorne......................................... 731 672
Colin Skyrme.............................................. 730 480 H. H.Football
H.H. Cricket Club:

SCHOOL & CHURCHES Parish Council
PCSO Simon Horne
Email:...............[email protected] MOBILE LIBRARY
Essex Police Non Emergency.................101
Emergency ............................................. 999 Visits Fortnightly on Wednesdays

DOCTORS Broomfields........................ 01279 730 616 Jun-10, 24 Jul - 8, 22 Aug-5, 19
DOCTOR Broad Oak............................ 01279 718 245
DOCTOR Sawbridgeworth.................. 01279 603 180 Broomfields Arrives Leaves
THE SAMARITANS.......................... 01920 464 099 The Close 14.45 15.35
The Heath 15.40 16.00
HATFIELD HEATH C.P. SCHOOL.....01279 730 382 16.05 16.35
PRE-SCHOOL....................................... 01279 730 354

Rev. Stewart Gibbs.............................. 01279 730 288
Eileen Ashworth ..................................... 01279 730 610
Richard Barnett .................................... 01279 730 425 Tue 16th

URC Rev Sam - Phone........................... 01279 453 781

URC Secretary - Betty Bennett.............. 01279 508 455 Bruno JuneBarbara
Village Volunteers when you need help..07944 748 478

Email :- [email protected]

H.H. TENANTS FORUM MEMBER Send your letters /articles/ reports /photographs, by hand, CD, or

David. N. Parish 730 573 email - [email protected].

PLAY BUS FOR UNDER FIVES If posting or delivering by hand you can send direct to me :-

Buffy Bus is a playbus designed to give the under fives an Bruno(Editor) “Manor Lodge”, Chelmsford Rd, Hatfield
opportunity to paint, play and socialise in a playgroup
Heath CM22 7BD.
environment that they would otherwise not have access to
PARKS ON CENTRE OF VILLAGE GREEN Editor: - Bruno Scheggia (Skedja) 01279 730 498
TUESDAYS 9.30am - 11am
Bruno’s Mobile Phone number 07768 606 309

Treasurer: - Mel Sullivan 01279 731 434

Distribution:-Barbara Scheggia 01279 730 498

Secretary: - Jean Clarke 01279 730 667

Chairman - Brendan Carrig

Printed by Cornerstone 01279 437 851

DISCLAIMER: The Editor and Printers do not take
responsibility for the information given or views expressed in
the Hatfield Heath Village Magazine. Nor is any culpability
accepted in work done by advertisers.




Every Tuesday on the Heath
From Tuesday 5th May, 6 -


Superior Tuition President: William Gosling Lord of the Manor

Former Deputy Headteacher Programme Arrangements & Meeting Dates for 2015
(including some arranged talks)
ü I bring about progress and get results All Meetings will be held at the
ü improve confidence
ü teach reading comprehension answers United Reformed Church, Chelmsford Road at
ü techniques for excellent quality writing 7.30 pm Third Tuesday of each Month
ü clear, simple maths
ü relaxed, enjoyable sessions 23 June Summer Outing (Venue to be arranged)
July Exhibition Arrangements are pending for a
Denise Ings; [email protected]: 2016 date and will continue a theme of WW1
which is planned to take place from 2014-2018
01279 600 102
14028 January to Dec 2015 missed in 14
Old Photographs

15062 March 2016 Hatfield Heath Just after First World War

The commercial centre of the village just after the
First World War. Peacocks Post Office and Grocers,
The White Horse Pub, Bucks Grocers and Newsa-
gent, The Stag Pub.


The Mill facing the Cricket Green

Cows on the Heath



Tax returns from £200
for local, friendly advice contact Paul Dixon

Wallburys, Stortford Road,
Hatfield Heath, CM22 7DL

Tel: 01279 739 076

Email: [email protected]

15029 December 2015


Supplied and Installed by Knightbrooks ltd

07776 147 928 - 07939 739 845
Unit 11.Heath View Pond Lane.Hatfield Heath. CM22 7AB

14083 June 2015 £8.50 per sqm..includes 11mm underlay,installation,gripper
rods,door bars,uplift and dispose old flooring.
Support Your HH & District RBL!
Forthcoming Events: .......................................................................................................................................................

July 13th (0730 start) Heavy Domestic Loop structure, Bleach Cleanable,
Coach Trip to the National Arboretum 12 sqm hall stairs and land 4 colours £165
Tickets £15 each (subject to availability)
August 8th (1100 start) ................................................................................................................................................................................................
Cut Price Coach Trip to Newmarket Races
Tickets £30 each (subject to availability) Budget Twist Pile Bleach Cleanable,
12 sqm hall stairs and land 9 colours £165
Please Call Sandra/Mick
on 01279 730 042 for Tickets! ................................................................................................................................................................................................
August 15th Free Bring and Share Party
VJ Day Celebration together with HHPC, 80%wool 20% nylon 50oz 6 colours
URC and Holy Trinity average 12 sqm lounge £270
Come and celebrate the 70th anniversary of
the end to WW2 on the Village Green ................................................................................................................................................
Party Fun Afternoon with a Brass Band as
well as all sorts of other entertainment Heavy Domestic Twist Saxony Shag pile 14 colours
average 12 sqm lounge £250
Registered Charity: 219279

Vinyl average 6 sqm kitchen or bath room 11 designs £105


Laminate Floor good quality
12 sqm 6 colours £260 fitted


All Prices Shown Include Underlay,Installation,Gripper
Rods,Door Bars,uplift dispose old carpets.
Visit Our Showroom
To View our Huge Range Of Samples
I Will Then Come To Measure

With Your Chosen Samples and Measure and Quote For
Free at the same time you can see The Carpet Sample in

Your Home.
We can supply any carpet available from any manufacturer

No Hyped Up Sales We Will Give You The Best
We Can For Your Budget

07939 739 845 or 07776 147 928

23 15040 Dec 15


J. Day & Son Dear Hatfield Heath Residents,
The weeks after Easter are always a good time to look
Station Road, Bishop’s Stortford forward to the summer to come. Recently it seems we
have been waiting through rain and shine (although
Bishop’s Stortford 01279 654 555 sometimes it seems through more of the former!)
Edmonton 0208 807 3712 In church we use this time to reflect on the growth of
the Early Church and the blessings that God brings to the world. It is right to say that the Church should be a
blessing to our entire world and every community in it.
That’s a difficult task of course! Sometimes it works
well and sometimes it doesn’t quite reach the mark. Our
churches in Hatfield Heath try hard to make a difference
for the good in our village.
The Bible talks about the Early Church being a place
where no one was in want, where the rich shared with
the poor and where everyone was included. It also
speaks of a community that was happy in itself, full of
joy, ‘praising God and enjoying the favour of all the
people’. I do hope that more people in Hatfield Heath
would find their local church to be like this today. Why
not come and discover it!
The marks of a good church (togetherness, inclusion,
happy activity) are also the marks of a good community.
There is much to be proud about in our village and we
should celebrate that. Of course a community is only the
sum of the individual people who get involved. Many of
us will be involved in the Heath Festival in June - it’s a
really great event to get to know people and highlight
what is best about village life. We can be involved more
throughout the year too of course. Let’s all make
Hatfield Heath a great place come rain or shine.
Best wishes,
Rev Stewart Gibbs

15021 Dec 2015






07974 766 108




A wealth of expertise on your doorstep

We provide an experienced wealth
management service and offer specialist
advice in a wide range of areas including:

• Investment planning
• Retirement planning
• Inheritance Tax planning

For further details contact Heath
Financial Planning Ltd on:

Mob: 07771 866913

Tel: 020 7495 1771
Email: [email protected]

ACCESS CONTROL Bathroom & Kitchen Design and Installation
All plumbing repairs & Installations
INTERCOMS Unvented Systems/Drainage
Joe Williams
FOR ALL YOUR ELECTRONIC SECURITY NEEDS 07957 356506 – 01279 731727
CALL [email protected]

14098 Aug 2015

15017 Dec 15


SERVICES We offer a
Complete Service
We provide -weekly cleaning <£10 per hour>,
monthly or a one–off basis <£14 per hour>, according to DESIGN
Trustfull - Sole trader - Fully insured LIGHTING
12 years’ experience -Top references WOODWORK ETC.

Please call Isabela on All carried out with the minimum
of fuss and mess by experts!
07955 658 347 or 01279 902 991 Also all Plumbing &
Domestic Heating Installations
15048 June 15
Fed up with Lawn Treatment Service
moss and weed?
Established in Harlow for over 45 years
•Regular lawn feeds
•Weed and moss treatment 15008 December 2015


07791 128 399
15013 - Dec 2015 25

For All Building Works -
Extensions/Renovations -
Decorating - Plumbing - Electrics
Carried Out with Great Attention to Detail
Tel: 01279 757 323 07836 205 103

15015 Dec 15


your first order with this advert

“Wendycot”,Chelmsford Road, Is now delivering in the Hatfield Heath area
Hatfield Heath, every Tuesday Afternoon

Bishop’S Stortford, Herts With a wide variety of over 20 different types of
Fresh Fish, with no minimum orders
Opening Hours Remember to get it fresh
Mon - Fri 8am - 5.30pm
It has to be from Ship to shore to your Door
Sat 9am - 1pm
For further details ring Ian on 07885 224 269
Tel: 01279 730 274 or by e-mail at [email protected]

[email protected]

15023 Dec 2015 14122 Nov 2015


14117 Oct 15


ü High reach windows 10.30-11.30am
ü Conservatory deep clean
ü Fascia and gutter clean Hatfield Heath
ü Building clean (cladding, pvc)
ü Signage Village Hall
ü Shop fronts
£5.50 pay as you go
Please contact Tam on
[email protected] T: 01279 436196 07738 421 311 M: 07403443959 for more details

14100 July 2015 15073 April 2016

MHS Builders
Local Builder
Carpentry & Roofing
Loft and Garage conversions
Kitchens & Bathrooms
references available on request
Call Mark Savage

14105 sep 15

You’ll be dripping with sweat and gasping for breath. Each week you’ll get 01279 882 822
better and do more. Get ready to be in the best shape of your life!!
Mondays 9.15-10am @Hatfield Heath Village Hall For over 30 years we have been
Thursdays 7-7.45pm @Hatfield Heath Village Hall carrying out local, national and
overseas relocations for personal
IN-SHAPE BOOTCAMPS!!! and business clients. We
understand that everyone's move is
The most effective way to lose weight, get fit and burn big calories!! different and that is why we tailor
Try In-Shape kettlebell Bootcamp to shape and tone all your muscles! our service to each individual
It is an interval fitness program for men and women of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels. customers needs.
Kings Removals was set up as and still
Weds 9.15-10am Kettlebell Bootcamp @ Farm studio runs as a family business today. Great emphasis is put on customer
Fridays 9.15-10am – Bootcamp @ Hatfield Heath Village Hall satisfaction and this is why a high percentage of our work comes from
recommendations and repeat business.
Please email/call regarding the location of “Farm Studio” in Hatfield Heath
All classes £5 – attend 2 in a week and get 3rd free!!
15003 Dec 2015
To book your place or for more info please call

Rachel 07775 663742
email [email protected]

2715042 Dec 15

24th May 2015
Sunday 21st June 2015
Lots of Love Mum, Ross,
Nan, Grandad, Dave, Nicola, Monty Hat Fest

and Tessa xxxxxxxx. If you would like to take part please contact us on
01279 730 568

email:[email protected]

Parish Appraisal Winning No: 813 1950's. Tug of war- from left to right-
Howard Pyle, Dick Clarke, Ted Newman,
If it’s not claimed by 19th June it will be donated M Jackson, Les Hutchin, Gilbert Hutchin,
to a goodcause to raise money for them? Geoff Gurnett, Jim Garroway, Rev FB Horsey

Please go to Footprint with the torn off number as proof to claim the prize



John White, Wendycot, Chelmsford Road, Wanted

Hatfield Heath, Bishop’s Stortford, Herts, CM22 7BH Books

Categories Tel. No. 01279 730 274 For Stall in aid of
The Children's Society
A - Veteran & Vintage Cars Up To 1930 at the Hat Fest on 21st June 2015

B - Post Vintage Cars 1931-45 Inc. Manor Lodge” Chelmsford Road, Hatfield Heath, CM22 7BD

C - Post War Cars 1946-59 Inc. for delivery or collection 01279 730 498 or
Email: [email protected]
D Classic Cars 1960-75 Inc.

E Modern Classic Cars 1976-92 Inc.

F Military Vehicles/Commercial Any Year

G Best Club Stand

Wanted Hats Categories for this years Show
Ÿ Dog with the most appealing expression
For the Hat Stall Ÿ Fun Fancy Dressed Dog
Ÿ Dog with the waggiest tail
Please ring me to have hats collected. 01279 730 741 Ÿ Dog judge would like to take home
Ÿ Cutest Puppy
Ÿ Prettiest Bitch
Lots of prizes Register on the Day
Festival `Fun Run` again this year Registration
will be on the day. If you don`t want to run but Crockery Wanted for Hat Fest
would like to help us out with marshalling, we
would very much appreciate it.

E-mail: [email protected]
01279 730 101

Fun Dog Crockery Smashing Game

Agility Test If you have any old crockery, pottery etc please
contact Wayne at
It's a lot of fun for you your
dog and the audience, just email: wayne@
phone 07958 482 889
turn up and have a go


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