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Hatfield Heath Village Magazine December 2010

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December 2010

Hatfield Heath Village Magazine December 2010

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merry christmas

The Community Calendar

Notelets and Xmas Cards FED UP WITH SLOW
In aid of Stop Stansted Expansion (SSE)
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GM Property Maintenance Over the next five years BT is rolling out superfast
fibre optic broadband across the UK. Hatfield
Decorating Specialists Heath, Matching Green and Matching Tye are all
served by the Roothing exchange and are not on the
Est. 1987 announced roll out plan. The Race to Infinity gives
us the opportunity to fast track our area to get BT
Specialising in: Infinity next.
Home interior and exterior decoration
Building maintenance and restoration The five areas with the largest percentage of votes
Professional and reliable service Fully insured by December 31st 2010 will win the chance to bring
superfast broadband to their area. BT will also
Tel: 01279 730733 donate £5,000 of computer equipment to a local
07867 805382 community project.

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John Adamson To vote simply go to put your postcode
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Ex employees of the company which developed fibre optics had
an annual meet a few weeks ago and had an exhibition of
Charles Kao's work below are some of the photos from it.

Nobel honours

HERTS HEATING 'masters of light'

Town Grove, Dunmow Road, Hatfield Heath, Three scientists who corralled light to
Bishops Stortford, Herts CM22 7BN
transform our communications systems
For all your Gas Installation and Servicing needs
High Efficiency Condensing Boiler Installations shared the year's physics Nobel Prize in
Gas Boiler Servicing and Breakdowns
Landlord’s Gas Safety Records 2009
Free Quotations for gas heating installations
Plumbing and Pipework Charles Kao is lauded for his
Replacement Bathrooms, including Tiling &
Decoration work in the UK in helping to
Local company established in 1974.
Gas Safe register number 222 develop fibre optic cables,

x Call us on 01279-730 060 the thin threads of glass that
x Fax us on 01279-730 065
x E-mail us at [email protected] carry phone and net data as


Willard Boyle and George FIBRE OPTIC
Smith, both North

Americans, are recognised

for their part in the invention of the light detector which

initiated the digital camera revolution.

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, which

administers the prize, said half of the award would go to


Kao, who was born in Shanghai, China, in 1933 and Sir Charles Kuen Kao, (born November 4, 1933)
holds UK-US citizenship. is a pioneer in the development and use of fibre
It was his insight while working in Britain in the 1960s, optics in telecommunications. Kao, known as the
said the academy, which allowed researchers to take "Godfather of Broadband", "Father of Fibre Optics
fibre optics to a new level - to enable these thin cables to or "Father of Fibre Optic Communications"was
transmit light over much longer distances than had awarded half of the 2009 Nobel Prize in Physics for
previously been possible. "groundbreaking achievements concerning the
transmission of light in fibres for optical

Kao's team, including George Hockham, at Standard LEISURE CENTRE & BEAUTY LODGE
Telecommunication Laboratories in Harlow
proposed the means to improve dramatically the SPA DAYS ON YOUR DOORSTEP!
purity - and therefore the efficiency - of the glass
material used to construct the fibres. Manicure or Pedicure, Luxury Clarins Facial, Swedish
Today, fibre optics underpin the communication age. Back Massage. We know how to spoil you, feel truly
The hair-like cables speed data around the globe in the
form of rapid pulses of light. relaxed, have lunch around the pool. Use the solarium
The modern telephony system is built on the technology, ½ Day pamper - morning , afternoon,
and high-speed broadband Internet would not be possible or between school hours
without it. Gift Vouchers Available
Wondrous views
The other half of the prize is to be split between Boyle, FOR MORE INFORMATION OR MORE PAMPER
aged 85, and Smith, 79. Their breakthrough was made at PACKAGES PLEASE CALL LELSEY
Bell Laboratories in the US.
The North Americans' group invented the first digital 01279 730 549
sensor, a CCD (charge-coupled device), in 1969.
Fibre optics have made the world a much smaller place.

• Interior & Exterior decoration
• carried out to a high specification.
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Contact Steve.

Phone : 01279 724 805 Mobile : 07836 588 886

E-mail: [email protected]

Address: Field View, Sheering, Herts.


Hunters Meet Restaurant MINUTES OF PARISH
Hotel & Spa Hatfield Heath
Every Tuesday 6:30- 8pm
HELD AT 7.30 PM ON WED 10th NOV 2010
Main Courses just £6.95 IN THE URC HALL, HATFIELD HEATH

Promoting Neighbourhood Get Togethers OPEN FORUM
01279 730 549 No member of public present.
Website: Minute ACTION
MouFtoh-odWatering PRESENT:
L Cllr Mel Sullivan (MS) (Vice Chairman) Cllrs Janet
Briscoe (JB), Bob Jones (BJ), Mark Lemon (ML),
Staoffvely David Parish (DP), Sandra Saban (SS), Bart Sheekey
(BS), and Gary Waller (GW)
In attendance: Clerk to the Council Ernie Fenwick
Chairmans welcome:
In the absence of The Chairman, Vice Chairman MS
took the chair and welcomed everyone present and
opened the meeting with the Open Forum.
Cllr Paula O’Sullivan (POS) away on business.

WEDNESDAYS 327. Minutes of meetings
OVER 50’S The minutes of the council meeting of 13th October were
signed as a true record of the meeting.
Hatfield Heath Village Hall 328. DECLARATION OF MEMBERS
BJ and MS declared they are members of SSE. MS
declared personal interest in Financial reports as he has
an expense claim.
329. reports to / from county and district
ML reported that it is likely that UDC will go to a
cabinet system and many functions will be joint
operations with other councils in the area, but will
not be amalgamating councils. There may be
330. Public Participation on Agenda Items
331. Clerks report:
Matters from last meeting and Action Register
i. New powers for enacting Byelaws

has opened in Sawbridgeworth, Correspondence
offering a range of Studio and i. Be a Councillor campaign.
mat classes to suit all ages and ii. Manning Children’s World would like to visit
level of fitness. the Heath on 2nd May bank holiday weekend
iii. Future of the Standards Framework for Local
Pilates will help to:- Authorities
iv. Census 2011
Improve Strength & Flexibility

Improve Posture v. Parish Elections 2011
Letter from Peter Snow UDC advising important
Improve Balance dates of Parish Election.
Notice of Election published no later than 28th
Telephone Co-ordination & Circulation March.
Nominations until 12 noon Tuesday 5th April.
07887 808 928 Reduce Stress Publication of Persons Nominated by 12 noon
Thursday 7th April.
Absolute Pilates, Allen House, G27, Withdrawal of candidature by 12 noon Friday
The Maltings,Sawbridgeworth, Herts CM21 9JX


8th April. I’m flat out!
Notice of election of candidates in uncontested I am looking for someone who is
elections made during week commencing Monday 11th able to do regular ironing for me and
April. preferably collect from the village. If
Deadline for postal vote applications and applications to you are interested please give me a
register to vote 5pm Friday 15th April. call pm. Jeannine 07935 150663
Deadline for proxy applications and publication of
Notice of Election - Tuesday 26 April. BEAUTY REBORN
Polling Day – Thursday 5th May.
Counting of votes and declaration Friday 6th May. Offering the most up to date non
New Councillors take office (uncontested or otherwise) surgical beauty procedures using
and termination of office for ex-councillors Monday 9th Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and
May. Facial Aesthetics.
Declaration of Acceptance of office at or before the first
meeting after the election. IPL - Skin Rejuvenation creates a
First meeting of new council within fourteen days of perfect canvas, evens out skin tone and
taking office. Ie before 23rd May. As we are scheduled gets rid of sun damage and blemishes.
for 11th May that shouldn’t be a problem.
Notice of registerable interests and return and Botox - Anti-Wrinkle injections to reduce fine lines and
declaration of expenses at the election (even if no facial wrinkles, safe and highly effective.
expenses are incurred) by Thursday 2nd June.
Any casual vacancy that arises between now and 5 May Dermal Fillers - Made from a natural substance putting
will not be filled by election. The vacancy may remain volume back into areas on the face such as upper lip, nose
vacant until the election or may be filled by co-option. to mouth folds and mouth corners.
This position will then be subject to election on 5 May
2011. Glycolic Peels - Restores the skin's surface due to
glycolic acid and high anti-oxidant properties. The skin
b. Training Courses appears like new and regains brightness.
i. Chairman’s Day 3 Foakes Hall Wed 23rd Nov
Impure Skin - A deep cleansing facial treatment, perfect
9:30 – 3:30 £60 for teenagers suffering with 'breakouts' and problem
ii. Advanced Councillor Training Day 2 Foakes
Hall Thursday 1st Dec 9:30 – 3:30 £60 Call Escape on 01279 731 769
or 07740 433 417
332. Financial matters: "All aspects of beauty therapy”

Parish Precept required by Monday 17th January 2011. Speak to Sue to book your appointment.
Situated in Hatfield Heath
Budget Meeting set for 25th November Parking available.

The current bank balances after receipt of the grants A MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL

from UDC Community Action Grant for the War

memorial road, Awards for All for the Wildlife Project

and the payment of the following cheques are

Deposit Account £40046.17

Current Account £13465.32

The following payments were approved:

E Fenwick Expenses incl litter pickers 154.72 25 % OFF

Audit Commission Audit fees 358.38 GIFT VOUCHER

BS Footpaths AssocS 137 Grant 20.00 Redeemable on any treatment in December only.
All aspects of beauty including mobile
Buffy Bus Assoc S137 Grant 100.00
Spray Tans * Waxing * Facials * Aromatherapy
M Sullivan Wildlife Project 18.70 * Deep Tissue Massage * Reflexology

CAB B/S S137 Grant 50.00 Have a Fantastic Xmas and
a Happy New Year
CAB Harlow S137 Grant 50.00
St Clare’s Hospice S137 Grant 150.00 Call Escape to Book

Continued on next page.............. 5 07740 433 417 01279 731 769
... please bring voucher with you .....

Curtains Home Start S137 Grant 30.00
Made to measure by
Jennie Childs 333. Planning
All types of Curtains & Matching Accessories Decisions by UDC Planning Dept
Foxglove Farm, Dunmow Road HH:
Made to measure UTT/1009/10/FUL: Erection of a part single, part two
storey outbuilding to replace existing barn: REFUSED
Telephone:01279 730 608
32 Broomfields, Hatfield Heath, Herts. CM22 7EH Maycroft Chelmsford Road HH: UTT/1914/10/FUL:
Replacement of dwelling: UNSURE OF EXTENT OF
PaintingandDecorating WORKS

If you are Looking for an ML declared a personal interest on next item as he gave
Excellent Standard of Decorating advice to the applicant and left the meeting

by a 8 Clipped Hedge HH: UTT/1946/10/FUL: Retention of
Professional Tradesman pitched roof over domestic annexe: NO OBJECTIONS
ML rejoined the meeting
Holly House, Sawbridgeworth Road HH:
Then look no further UTT/1964/10/FUL: Erection of conservatory: NO
Please call John for a free estimate OBJECTIONS

Little Heath, Hatfield Heath: UTT/1906/10/FUL: New
pedestrian and vehicular access: NO OBJECTIONS

Monthly Enforcement Reports
Alleged Breach of Planning Control at 2 Clipped Hedge.
Window was permitted development when installed:

334. Wildlife project
The pond group had a meeting with Ben Smeeden, UDC
Tree Officer at the pond and we agreed with him the
actions we wanted to make to the Trees around Pond 1.
He was extremely helpful and suggested other trees we
should remove. Since then I have sent a full list of the
actions we require regarding the trees and Mr Smeeden

Broad Oak Consultants

IT Solutions for everyone

Established 1993 • Sales • Networks • Repairs
• Upgrades • Web Design • Programming
Broadband • Databases • PC Systems • Training
Internet • Internet • E-mail • Virus Protection

Connection 01279 718 596
Email: [email protected]


has agreed in writing and added the list to our licence.

The pond group have sent the new actions to the For over 30 years we have been
companies that quoted for the work and they have carrying out local, national and
resubmitted their quotations. We have chosen two and overseas relocations for personal
have asked Ernie to write to each and confirm their and business clients. We
quotation is accepted. We have also agreed with M D understand that everyone's move
Contractors to cut the grass all round the pond as short as is different and that is why we
possible and cut two paths from the Church Path to the tailor our service to each
pond and from Pond Lane to the pond. All contractors individual customers needs.
are to liaise with David Parish as soon as possible. We Kings Removals was set up as and still runs as a family business
anticipate the work will commence on Monday January today. Great emphasis is put on customer satisfaction and this is why a
24th and last for one week. high percentage of our work comes from recommendations and repeat
ML proposed we accept the recommendation of the
working group. Agreed.

Clerk has received verbal quote from MD Landscapes WEIDGOHYTOUPHRAOVEBALEM
for grass cutting and removal of cuttings of £300. Work
will be done next week. MD Landscapes to liaise with Are you constantly yoyo-ing between
DP as there are swathes to be cut shorter. ‘treating yourself’ with food/wine
and then restricting your intake?
335. Election 2011
Clerk reported on the Election day course he had Do you often feel lethargic or run down?
attended held by EALC. Discussed earlier under Clerks
report Then you need my latest course!

336. Policies
i. Speeding
No further progress
ii. Signboards
MS circulated proposal as follows.
Hatfield Heath Parish Council conditions

Advertisements (A boards) placed on the Hatfield Heath
Village Green must meet the Department of
Communities and Local Government requirements that
they must:

ā EH NHSW FOHDQ DQG WLG\ Release your weight issues
signs or otherwise make hazardous the use [of roads or
footpaths] Interested?
planning authority
for first 5
In addition Hatfield Heath Parish Council requires that respondents
the advertisements must:
10 week group course
(daytime and evening groups available)
In which we release your issues around food and
weight + rebalance your body nutritionally.

on the central greens Email:[email protected]
Council (1.2 m high x 0.66 m wide)
ā EH UHPRYHG FDUHIXOO\ ZKHUH VR UHTXLUHG E\ WKH 3DULVK You can hire the hall for children's parties
Council £9.50 / hour Tel :01279 730 581

Continued on next page..............


advertisements contravening these requirements

In addition the Parish Council will request Uttlesford
District Council to deal with any advertisements placed
on Highways land, any placed on equipment or structures
owned by utilities, and any advertisements on private
land, deemed to be inappropriate.

DP proposed the policy is adopted. Agreed

“Wendycot”,Chelmsford Road, iii. Housing for local people
Hatfield Heath, ML would like to have a policy on housing for local
people. Affordable Housing working group to propose a
Bishop’S Stortford, Herts policy.
337. Affordable housing
Opening Hours GW reported that the Working Group had met with
Mon - Fri 8am - 5.30pm Ulrike Maccariello of Hastoe HA and the responsible
planning officer at UDC on 15 October. Responses have
Sat 9am - 1pm been received from all the owners of land shortlisted as
suitable for use as a social housing site, and there is a
Tel: 01279 730 274 measure of agreement about the way that things should
proceed. The planning department also recognises the
[email protected] benefit which would accrue to the village by making land available for use as allotments. The Group is hopeful
that good progress will be made in finalising a suitable
site and moving forward when funding is secured.
338. Communication
MS raised issue of response times on feedback on
ongoing items. Defer to next meeting
339. Reports from members on meetings
Cabinet Style Council
David Parish reported that he was Vice Chairman of The
Tenants Forum at UDC and we had a meeting on last
Monday where we discussed the future of UDC and the
proposed introduction of Cabinet Style Council. The
Tenants Forum agreed to send a letter to all Councillors
voicing our concerns and informing them that tenants
were against the proposal. The letter will be sent before
the full council meeting in December. Further



At Pond Lane Hatfield Heath

Lesley Curtain Design Bespoke Handmade Curtains

Roman Blinds Children’s Room’s

Upholstery Bespoke Head boards

Designer Fabric

Pond Lane, Hatfield Heath, Herts

Tel: 07904 415 450

Email: [email protected]


information from David Parish Hallingbury Hall Equestrian Centre

ML is opposed to cabinet system. Conservatives and British Horse Society Approved
Liberal councillors are in favour, but only 22 councils in Riding lessons for children and adults
England are not on cabinet system.
beginners to advanced riders
340. Matters raised by members for inclusion on
next agenda FACILITIES
Super indoor school, three outdoor arena's,
School Parking show jumping arena, and cross-country course
Wildlife Project
Village Projects We have super ponies from quiet schoolmasters to

341. Dates Of next meetings 12th January ones trained to do jumping and dressage
8th December Children's own a pony day courses are held every
9th February Wednesday and Thursday during the holidays, Great Fun!

Maximum four riders on a 45 minute lesson gain
confidence and enjoy on one of our lovely sensible cobs

Improve your dressage, learn about tests
COUNCIL MEETING lateral work, engagement and collection
Or join a jumping lesson and
HELD AT 7.30 PM ON WED 13th OCT 2010
IN THE URC HALL, HATFIELD HEATH practise courses, grids and related distances

OPEN FORUM Please ring or pop in for a chat
No member of public present.
COUNCIL MEETING 01279 730 348
Cllr Paula O’Sullivan (POS) (Chairman) Cllrs Bob Jones
(BJ), David Parish (DP), Sandra Saban (SS), Mel Little Hallingbury, Bishops
Sullivan (MS) and Stortford, Herts CM227RP
In attendance: Clerk to the Council Ernie Fenwick
Chairmans welcome: HUTLEY ELECTRICAL
The Chairman welcomed everyone present and opened
the meeting with the Open Forum. DOMESTIC & INDUSTRIAL
Cllr Janet Briscoe (JB) is away attending a course in Hutley Electrical offers a full range of
London, Mark Lemon (ML) is attending a UDC meeting Electrical Services and has been
and may be late, Bart Sheekey (BS) is recuperating after established for over 20 years.
an operation, Gary Waller (GW) delayed at a meeting in From House re-wires to Industrial/
London. Commercial projects we pride ourselves
312. minutes of meetings on offering a competent, polite, tidy
The minutes of the council meeting of 8th September professional service and endeavour to
were signed as a true record of the meeting. work with the minimum of disruption to
313. DECLARATION OF MEMBERS you wherever possible.
POS, BJ, BS and MS declared they are members of SSE. **We are a full member of the NICEIC
MS, POS and DP declared personal interest in Financial and have been for many years.**
reports as they have expense claims.
314. reports to / from county and district Call Bob now for a free quotation
councillors TEL: 01279 722 351 or
None MOBILE: 07774 941 668
315. Public Participation on Agenda Items
316. clerks report:
Matters from last meeting and Action Register
Clerk visited car valeting site, spoke to owner and it was
agreed that the large sign would be removed and replaced
with one ‘A’ board. The other ‘A’ board would be
removed and any further use of a second ‘A’ board would
need to be approved by the Parish Council.

Continued on next page.............. 9

Clerk has requested Henry Turtill to prepare a new lease
for the cricket field on the village green

New Village Notice Board has been ordered and delivery
expected in December

Clerk contacted HT at Bidwells and advised re filling in
of the pond at Pond Lane. The filling in of the pond has
now stopped and all saplings and earthworks removed.

Vehicle activated signs. ECC Highways has forwarded
our request to parishes and confirm we will not lose out
on rotation of VAS if we also purchase our own.
i. G Reynolds
ii. MR Lawrance Village Meeting

ML joined the meeting
Training courses received from EALC
i. Election Day 9.30 – 3.30 Wed 3rd November
Foakes Hall £60 Clerk to attend
ii. Chairman’s Day 1 10.00-3.30 Tues 19 Oct
Foakes Hall £60
iii. Law & Procedures 9.30 – 3.30 Tues 12 Oct
Foakes Hall £60
iv. Employment Issues 9.30-3.30 Wed 10th Nov
Foakes Hall £60
v. Chairman’s Day 2 10.00-3.30 Tues 16 Nov
Foakes Hall £60

317. financial matters:

Clerk reported that The Annual Return has been received

and approved by the Audit Commission. The current

bank balances after receipt of the 2nd tranche of the

PLAY BUS precept and the payment of the following cheques are

FOR UNDER FIVES Deposit Account £38555.35

Buffy Bus is a playbus designed to give the under fives an Current Accoun £4969.63
opportunity to paint, play and socialise in a playgroup
environment that they would otherwise not have access to Clerk has submitted claim for grant from UDC

The following payments were approved: 164.39
TUESDAYS 9.30am - 11am E Fenwick Expenses incl litter pickers

MHS Builders EALC Training Course 20.00
Local Builder
Carpentry & Roofing Playdale Playgrounds Ltd 139.79
Loft and Garage conversions Play equipment spares
Kitchens & Bathrooms
Plastering D Parish Cllr expenses 9.80
references available on request M Sullivan Cllr expenses 38.34

Call Mark Savage P O’Sullivan Village Meeting expenses 155.12

CPRE Subscriptions 29.00

318. planning
Decisions by UDC Planning Dept


Applications What's pink and wrinkly
Home Farm Matching Road : UTT/1681/10/CLP: Cert and hangs out your pyjamas?
of Lawfulness for two storey rear extension: NO

Summerfield House Sawbridgeworth Road:
UTT/1678/10/FUL: Two storey and single storey rear
extension: NO OBJECTIONS

Randwick House Sawbridgeworth Road:
UTT/1678/10/FUL: Single storey rear extension Garage
conversion and extension to barn to form garage: NO

Foxglove Farm, Dunmow Road: UTT/1473/08/FUL: LOGS FOR SALE
Retrospective change of use from agriculture to garden
and construction of pond and wildlife meadow: NO WELL SEASONED
Half and Full loads available
GW joined the meeting Bags of logs & kindling wood available
Monthly Enforcement Reports
Alleged Breach of Planning Control at 2 Clipped Hedge. Cut to size
Window was permitted development when installed: Prompt delivery call
319. Village green 01279 718 555
POS proposed that posts be erected on the service road. 07930 188 920
MS will keep an eye on the parking and report back to
the next meeting

DP reported that Awards for All have approved a grant
of £9900 for works to the village pond. Further
discussions to take place with Ben Smeeden and report
back to next meeting.

Clerk to write to LoM(Lord of the Manor) confirming CHRISTMAS FAYRE
our plans to the Wildlife Area. Attach a copy of the
work description. x Santa’s Grotto x 30 Fantastic Stalls
320. Village meeting
Feedback from Village Meeting was very positive. x Rudolph Rodeo x FREE parking
Article in Parish Magazine thanking residents for their
attendance and input which will be investigated over the x BBQ x Raffle
next few months. ML thanked POS for her hard work in
encouraging attendance x Lots of Fun Stalls for Kids
321. Policies
i. Speeding x Admission: Adults £1, Children FREE
MS proposed that we review and confirm our policy on
speeding. Working Group to review policy ML, MS, BJ Saturday 4th December 2010
ii. Signboards 12pm-3pm
MS proposed that we adopt and confirm our policy on
signboards. Working Group to review policy EF, POS, Saint Nicholas SScchhooooll
MS and report back to next meeting
iii. Housing for local people Hobbs Cross Road, Old Harlow, Essex CM17 0NJ
ML would like to have a policy on housing for local
people. Affordable Housing working group to propose a
322. Affordable housing
GW reported that Hastoe HA have now received
responses from all of the 4 land owners whose sites are
under consideration. The Working Group will meet
with Ulrike Maccariello and with the planning officer
dealing with the proposed scheme at Uttlesford Council

Continued on next page.............. 11

offices on Friday 15 October.

323. Reports from members on meetings


ML attended UDC this evening on cabinet system with a

NPTC QUALIFIED STAFF vote next week.
324. Matters raised by members for inclusion
on next agenda
CALL 325. dates Of next meetings

10th November 10th December

12th January


Clerk to the Council: Ernie Fenwick
2 Lea Hall Dunmow Road Hatfield Heath

Bishops Stortford Herts. CM22 7BL

Telephone:01279 730770
Email:[email protected]


07986 147 914 12 November 2010
[email protected]
Outdoor Advertisements
Or Find us in YELL In the past advertisements were not allowed to be placed
on the Village Green.

Do you want to feel fitter, lose weight , In 2005 the Parish Council agreed to a request from the
tone up? Hatfield Heath Business Association to permit
advertisements to be placed on the Village Green subject
Bootcamp is a non-military, indoor, interval to them meeting certain conditions. This has worked quite
workout for people who are committed to getting well for a few years but in the last year many businesses
results week in, week out. It is fun, high intensity are either not aware of, or choosing to ignore, those
and designed to challenge you physically and conditions.

mentally. Attached is a copy of the Parish Council’s requirements
policy. You are asked to read the
You will see and feel the difference in 2 weeks! content and comply with the requirements. The Parish
Council will implement the
Mondays: 9.15am-10am enforcement policy rigorously from the 1st December
Thursdays: 7pm-7.45pm 2010 .
@ Hatfield Heath Village Hall
Saturday mornings coming soon!! Yours sincerely

Ernie Fenwick

£5 per session Policy for outdoor signs and advertisements

To book your place call: Background
Rachel 07775 663742 or email
[email protected] Guidance on the regulatory requirements is contained
in the Department for Communities and Local
What do Snowmen order at Macdonalds Government publication “Outdoor advertisements and
Iceburgers with chilli sauce signs: a guide for advertisers. June, 2007”. The
publication is available on line at

12 Why don't reindeers like penquins
Because they can't take off the wrappers
In particular a standard condition of the regulations is
that the advertisement must: “…have the permission Paula's Petsitting Service
of the owner of the site on which they are displayed…”
Going on holiday? Paula offers personal pet care in their
As custodian of the Village Green, the Parish Council own home! Choosing Paula‛s Petsitting Service you can
seeks to maintain the resources and appearance of the leave home knowing you will return to happy pets.
Village Green to a high standard for the benefit of Dog walking also available. All at competitive rates
residents. In discharging this role and to meet the
request of the local Business Association, the Parish For more information, please call
Council has agreed that advertisements (“A” boards)
may be placed on restricted parts of the 01279 876 277 or 07986 270 336
Village Green subject to Or email: [email protected]
the following conditions.
Water Lane Cottage
Hatfield Heath Parish
Council conditions For Counselling & Psychotherapy

Advertisements (A 12 Water Lane,Bishops Stortford, Herts CM23 2JZ
boards) placed on the Hatfield Heath Village At Water Lane Cottage we believe that everyone can benefit from having
Green must meet the Department of Communities a safe place to share what has become impossible to hold alone. We offer
and Local Government requirements that they must: therapy to adults, couples, children and young people.
We can help with:
ā EH NHSW FOHDQ DQG WLG\ Depression - Anxiety, fear, panic attacks and phobias - Child behaviour
ā EH NHSW LQ D VDIH FRQGLWLRQ and emotional difficulties - Bereavement - Eating disorders - Any life
ā QRW REVFXUH RU KLQGHU WKH LQWHUSUHWDWLRQ RI event that may be making a person feel unhappy however large or small.
official road signs or otherwise make hazardous the
use [of roads or footpaths] Fees are discussed at initial assessment and
ā EH UHPRYHG FDUHIXOO\ ZKHUH VR UHTXLUHG E\ WKH are dependent upon individual circumstances.
planning authority
Please contact us on 01279 899112*
In addition Hatfield Heath Parish Council requires that
the advertisements must:
*It is necessary for us to have an answer phone
ā EH SODFHG LPPHGLDWHO\ LQ IURQW RI WKH EXVLQHVV as our phones are on silent at all times
and not on the central greens
anyway at dusk
Parish Council (1.2 m high x 0.66 m wide)
Parish Council
on the Heath
in aid of raising funds for a
any advertisements contravening these requirements
The children of Hatfield Heath Pre-School
& their families will be singing a collection of

their favourite Christmas Carols
on the Village Heath (next to the church)

Sunday 12th December

at 4.30pm

Please feel free to come along and join us
and get into the Christmas spirit.
(Remember to bring a torch.)

In addition the Parish Council will request Uttlesford carol sheets will be handed out
District Council to deal with any advertisements however if you would like a copy of the carol
placed on Highways land, any placed on equipment or
structures owned by utilities, and any advertisements sheet in advance,
on private land, deemed to be inappropriate. please contact Karen Camp by e-mail on

[email protected]



1 19.45 Leisure Hour Carol Service URC 10 DANCE CLASSES 212
Thurs & Sat

08.00 Holy Communion - 1662 HT
09.30 Family Service HT Gemma 07508 515 264 and play reading for pleasure
10.30 Family Service with Communion URC
18.00 Service at The Close [email protected] 730 825 or 730 517
18.30 Evensong HT
6 12.00 for 12.30 Luncheon Club Christmas INSTITUTE 730 544 Robin Gurnett 730 672
Dinner URC
9 10.30 Holy Communion The Close
10 Gardening Club Christmas Party H PRE-SCHOOL 730 042
(2 ½ -5) BELL RINGERS 730 526
09.30 Holy Communion HT
10.30 Toy & Gift Service for White Chapel 730 354 CHOIR 730 390

17.00 St Clares Hospice Light up a Life
Mother,Baby and Toddler 730 465
Service at URC

08.00 Holy Communion – 1662 HT Thur 9.45am term time Hatfield Broad Oak
09.30 Morning Worship HT
10.30 Service of Lessons and Carols URC Village Hall - 07956 563 710 01371 872 550
18.00 Service at The Close
18.30 Service of Lessons and Carols HT 01279 730 375 TALKING NEWSPAPERS
22 10.30 Midweek Communion HT
24 CHRISTMAS EVE URC 01279 651 270
16.00 Candlelight Service HT
23.30 Midnight Communion HT FRIDAY CLUB (7-12 yrs) OR 01279 653 925
09.30 Joint Family Communion at HT 739 218 SECRETARY U.R.C.
NO URC SERVICE Mark Lemon 730 581
08.00 Holy Communion 1662
(6 mths - 7years) 868 410 HEALTH WALK


SCHOOL FOOTBALL Friday 10am outside

CLUB Broomfield Surgery 730 512

CUBS Chris Hancock Monday 10.30am Village Car
Park 722 156
731 646

BROWNIES 734 391


9.30am Holy Trinity FARMERS MARKET
730 288 07956 563 710



KARATE 445 539 Village Hall

JUNIOR KARATE Weds 9.30am 07776 221 975

01992 575 679

WU CHI 07947 599 801 Village Hall Fridays 9.30am

H-Village Hall / CR-Committee Room H / HT-Holy 07776 221 975
Trinity Church / URC-United Reform Church / I-In-
stitute / S-School SENIOR BOWLS 724 833 BOOTCAMP

OPEN BOWLS 730 539 Village Hall
Mon 9.15am-10am &

Next Festival Date BRIDGE CLUB 723 948 Thurs 7pm-7.45pm
Sunday 19th June 2011 GARDENING CLUB
Men and women of all ages &
730 425
shapes 07775 663 742


MORNING AT 01279 443 181

For all Senior Citizens [email protected]
Drop in for Tea, coffee and light refreshments 730 581
ITALIAN LANGUAGE Uttlesford Badger Group
MONDAY TO FRIDAY MORNINGS Michelina 07786 341 754
Derek Barry (on call 24/7 )
A chance to meet others and chat All welcome Ann Whale 01279 731 01279 503332 Home
07941185171 Mbl
Organised by Holy Trinity Church 288

FREE but donations welcome FOOTBALL CLUB 730


URC Hall Wed 7.30pm
8th Dec

Village Website

PARISH COUNCIL Village Magazine

Parish Clerk - Ernie Fenwick............... 730 770

Chairman - Paula O’Sullivan.....................730 281 Surgery Websites

Vice Chairman - Mel Sullivan.................. 731 434 (Repeat prescriptions can be applied for on these sites)
Mark Lemon (District Councillor)....... 730 581
Bart Sheekey.................... 730 663

Robert Jones........................ 730 741

David Parish (H.H.Tenants Forum Mem.).730 573 H. H.Football Club

Gary Waller.......................................... 739 345 H.H. Cricket Club

Janet Briscoe............................................. 730 674 Bridge club

Sandra Saban..............................................730 042

Terry’s Photos

WHEELIE BIN Farmers Market

Thurs 30th Dec 2010 HATFIELD HEATH
Green Bin ( no food bin collection POLICE

Friday 7th Jan 2011 There will be a retired policeman Rick Jones at the
Black and Brown bins police station who you can talk to on

Normal collections after 10th Jan 2011 Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5pm - 6.30pm


Paul Simpson ....................................730 026
David. N. Parish............................... 730 573

PCSO Jo Trevail-Philips Email:[email protected]
Pc Brad Healey Email: [email protected] Dec

Mobile for above police officers........ 07779 316 979 Email :- [email protected]
Police Great Dunmow............................ 01376 551 312
Send your letters /articles/ reports /photographs, by hand, CD, or
Police Hatfield Heath.......... ................. 01279 730 388
Emergency ............................................... 999 email - [email protected].
Non Emergency ..........................................0300 333 4444
If posting or delivering by hand you can send direct to me :-
DOCTORS Broomfields......................... 01279 730 616
DOCTOR Sawbridgeworth.................... 08444 773 360 Bruno(Editor) “Manor Lodge”, Chelmsford Rd, Hatfield
THE SAMARITANS............................... 01279 421 110
Heath CM22 7BD.
HATFIELD HEATH C.P. SCHOOL...... 01279 730 382
PRE-SCHOOL........................................ 01279 730 354 Editor: - Bruno Scheggia (Skedja) 01279 730 498

HOLY TRINITY Bruno’s Mobile Phone number 07768 606 309

Rev. Stewart Gibbs.......................................01279 730 288 Treasurer: - Mel Sullivan 01279 731 434

CHURCH WARDENS Distribution:-Barbara Scheggia 01279 730 498
Gerald Pearson .............................................01279 730 526
Lesley Noel ................................................ 01279 870 390 Secretary: - Jean Clarke 01279 730 667
Irene Harriss..................................................01279 734 334
Fiona Klimeke............................................. 01279 831 965 Chairman - Brendan Carrig

URC Rev Terry Keen............................. 01279 726 771 Printed by Cornerstone 01279 437 851

HALF HOUR HELPERS........................ 07944 748 478 DISCLAIMER: The Editor and Printers do not take
responsibility for the information given or views expressed in
the Hatfield Heath Village Magazine. Nor is any culpability
accepted in work done by advertisers.


jewel genie

Handcrafted sterling silver & gemstone jewellery

We told you what we are planning to

do to restore the wildlife site

between Holy Trinity church and

Pond Lane. Well that was always

dependant on us getting a grant to

Individual contemporary designs created in my subsidise the work and we have just
Sawbridgeworth studio. Commissions welcome.
received an award from the BIG Lottery fund of
Visit or call Teresa 07711 421444
£9900! So now we

have to stop talking

and writing about it

and do it.

Hair by BEE BEE We have already

started the new


LADIES and GENTS regime and you
:Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s for Senior Citizens
should see half the
OPEN: Tues & Wed 9am - 5pm• Thur 9am -1pm
site cut in the next
Fri 9am-6pm • Sat 9am-1pm
FULLY TRAINED few weeks. The
Heath View, Pond Lane, Hatfield Heath
Tel: 01279 730 870 LONDON HAIR STYLISTS important thing here is to collect and dispose of the

cut grass arising's, this stops the soil being enriched

and protects the rare acid grass.

Hunters Meet Restaurant Over the winter, work will commence on the pond
Cabaret Nights
and it will appear to be quite brutal. All of the trees
Here at Hunters Meet , on Friday and Saturday
nights, we hold some of the best in the pond will be removed to slow the loss of water
Dinner Dance & Cabarets Nights in the country!
from the pond. Most of the oaks around the pond will
December 2010 Christmas Party Nights
be retained but many of the oaks on the central
Start the Celebrations Now! Come along and enjoy
a fantastic, Festive 4-course meal with :- mound will be cut to ground level. Most of the ash

Thursday, December 9, WISHFUL THINKING along with a and willow around the pond will be coppiced, this
Monday, December 13, LIVE ENTERTAINMENT & MUSIC will allow more light into the pond and the coppiced
Wednesday, December 22 LIVE MUSIC FROM CLICHE & trees will be managed in the future to retain the open
01279 730 549
The build up of silt in the pond will be removed so

that the pond contains more water and will retain it

for longer. Because it has a gravel bed the pond is

still likely to dry out by the end of a dry summer as

the water table goes down but this suits the survival

of the great crested newts (it makes the pond

unsustainable for the fish which are predators to the


The heavy work will be done by contractors with

Woollcott House Restaurant machinery but we will still want volunteers to help

Gt Hallingbury 01279-504 397 build animal and reptile refuges and replant native

www.woollcott water plants. We also need volunteers to design and
2010 Opening hours
layout the artwork for interpretation boards.
Wednesday to Saturday evenings.
Thursday, Friday and Sunday lunchtimes If you are interested contact David Parish on

( other times by arrangement) 730573 or e-mail [email protected]
Regular Dinner Dances. Superb Choice of Menu.
A la Carte menu and Table D'Hote Menu's available. Rivers Nursery Site and Orchard
Private Parties, Wedding Reception Packages Group, Sawbridgeworth

available, Christenings, Funeral refreshments. Winter Wassail
Ideal location for a large marquee, ample parking. Come and enjoy the warmth of a blazing bonfire in the
ambiance of historic Rivers Orchard, with the sounds of
There is NO ROOM CHARGE for exclusivity.
Sunday lunch a speciality. No relays! A leisurely lunch.


traditional wassail songs wafting through the trees. This
unique event is for all the family to come along and help
Wassail the trees and encourage a good harvest. This
will all be happening on Saturday 15th January 2011 in
Rivers Orchard from 6.30pm – 8pm. Refreshments will
be available. There is no charge to attend but there will
be an opportunity for donations to be made.

Further information Kate Yarnold 0788 776 3258 or Photo Restoration; VHS Conversion to DVD
Hazel Mead 01279 724503 Photography Services; Photograph Sales;
e-mail [email protected] Bespoke Life Story Musical DVD Creations
Your Local Photographic Services Company
Hatfield Heath

Farmer’s Market Visit our Showroom at

4th Saturday of every month Carpet, Vinyl & Wood
Visit our Showroom at
In Hatfield Heath Village Hall
Unit 11, Heathview, Pond Lane, Hatfield Heath CM22 7AB
Please come & support your local producers!
Some examples of work Installed by us
Hannah - 07956-563710 or Opening Hours: 9-5 Mon - Fri, VcisaliltfooruSratSurhdaoyw&rSouonmdayaotr
out of hours appointments.
Hatfield Heath Farmers Market
Sominesteaxllaemd pblyesuso:f work We will work to your convenienc
With our full 30+ stall holders present and lots of visitors from
near and far, Hatfield Heath Farmers’ Market was the busiest it No hyped sales.
has ever been last month, so we would like to say a BIG thank
you to all who attended last month and left with bulging bags! I have been in the trade for 16 yrs
from the age of 16 and have
This month we are joined by Caroline Wheeler and honey from Worked with some of the
her Chelmsford based bees; artisan pottery and glassware; best carpet company's in the
award winning savoury pies; and a local WI food stall; as well country I guarantee my quality
as our regular stall holders, selling a huge variety of food of work and service
produce from meats, to cheeses, to cakes and preserves – the
market on 27th November will be our largest market ever! We can get next day delivery
on nearly all we order.

We are family run with small
overheads so really competitive

We are also hosting some special Christmas events including: £8.50gets you 10MM UNDERLAY, GRIPPERS, DOOR £165 Heavy domestic loop structure, bleach
BARS, FITTING, UPLIFT AND DISPOSAL. cleanable, average hall, stairs, landing
‘Traditional Christmas Fayre’ on Sat 4th & Sun 5th Dec from all this for £8.50sqm 4 colours, more to choose
10am-3pm, where a huge selection of handmade gifts will be you cant get a decent underlay for that 12 sqm from at our showroom prices vary
available, including handmade children’s toys, teddy bears, 70 sqm
silver jewellery, art, Christmas cards, sweets & treats, and lots much at the major retailers
more; plus traditional Christmas fayre including: cakes, cheese,
pickles, preserves and a turkey ordering service. We are also £165 Budget twist pile, bleach cleanable £200 80 20,30oz wool 9 colours heavy domestic
average hall,stairs, landing 12sqm average hall, stairs, landing, average lounge.
hosting a larger than normal Christmas Farmers Market on 19th 9 colours; more to choose from 9 colours; more to choose from
Dec, 10am-3pm covering all your Christmas dinner needs! 12 sqm at our showroom prices vary
12 sqm at our showroom prices vary
Entry to all events, including the monthly markets, is free; we
also have free parking, & serve hot food, warmed mulled wine, £270 80 20,50oz 6 colours; average hall, stairs, Heavy domestic twist Saxony shag pile
non-alcoholic punch, and mince pies to get you in the Christmas landing, average lounge 14 colours; average hall, stairs, landing,
spirit! 12 sqm 6 colours; more to choose from
average lounge
Once again, thank you for your support and we look at our showroom prices vary 12 sqm 14 colours; more to choose from
forward to seeing you at the market and at our first
ever annual Christmas Fayre event! at our showroom prices vary

Hatfield Heath Farmers’ Market – 27th Nov, 9.30am-12.30pm; £950 Heavy domestic loop structure, 6 sqm Budget twist pile,
bleach cleanable, bleach cleanable,
4th&5th Dec, 10am-3pm; 19th Dec, 10am-3pm; all in Hatfield average whole house £950 average whole house
Heath Village Hall, CM22 7EA with up to 40 stalls of all local 70 sqm
produce. 70 sqm

£1160 80 20 30oz heavy domestic, £1575 80 20 50oz heavy domestic,
70 sqm average whole house, average whole house,
9 colours 70 sqm 6 colours

£1450 Heavy domestic twist Saxony £90 We offer a massive selection of
shag pile, average whole house vinyl, average kitchen,
70 sqm 11 designs
14 Colours
6 sqm More to choose from at our showroom

12 sqm

We lay wood in many ranges, Balterio based laminate with

15 year guarantee average lounge 12 sqm £260 fitted

Office: 01279 730 172 mob: 07939 739 845

See: for more


For All Building Works - Rainfall mm.HATFIELD HEATH
Extensions/Renovations - RAINFALL
Decorating - Plumbing - Electrics
Carried Out with Great Attention to Detail October 2010
Tel: 01279 757 323 07836 205 103
Rainfall was recorded on 16 days in October 2010 in our
LTD village, resulting in 2.59 inches, which is 89% of our October
• Specialising in all types of ponds Rainfall averaged over England and Wales was 3.15 inches ,
& features. which is 85% of normal for October, according to Philip Eden
• Professionally designed, - who is the retiring vice president of the Royal Meteorological
installed, restored or maintained. Society.
• Local company established since
1987 with excellent after care 25 Hatfield Heath Rainfall October 2010
Tel: 01279 461 052
Total = 65.75 mm
(Answer phone)
Mobile: 07711 087 004
(2.59 inches)





Highs Lows
6.32 inches in 2000 0.28 inches in 1995
5.06 inches in 2004 0.57 inches in 1991


1991 - 2000 : 3.05 inches
2001 - 2010 : 1.89 inches

Garden Watch

Weather scenario for October, early very wet, middle of
the month some hard frosts and at the end of the month
temperatures were quite high. "Good bye Dahlia's" -

Lady’s Bedstraw

1 The Fairway, Bush Fair, Harlow, Essex

¾ Specialists in design, manufacture and installation of manual and automated gates; including video/

intercom entry systems.

¾ Staircases, balustrades and railings. ¾ Builder’s steelwork. ¾ Expert advice and service

¾ Free quotations with no obligation.

Tel: 01279 635 525

E-Mail :[email protected]


hello you ladybirds. It is generally agreed that we in Britain Fed up with
have 24 species of ladybird s, known as "Coccinellids",
whilst there are some 3,500 species described world wide. moss and weed?
During the last few days of October we had six species of
ladybirds dominating the insect activity in our We offer:-
garden . •Regular lawn feeds
The most easily distinguished was the kid- •Weed and moss treatment
ney - spot ladybird (Chilocorous renipustu- •Aeration
lattus) Black with two red spots. •Scarification
Well done all the species of ladybirds this
Summer - they certainly kept the Aphid numbers un- Friendly professional service Lawn Treatment Service
der control.

Hatfield Forest Highlights 01279 466 100

Hello everyone,

Christmas approaches and the excitement is building. At
the Forest we are keeping busy through the winter months
and there is plenty to see and do.

The Healthy Walk group that meet every Thursday are
still going strong and always welcome anyone who would
like to join, they meet at the Main Gate at 9.45am or by
the Café at 10am so come along, keep out and about this
winter and explore parts of the Forest you may never
have been to before.

Saturday December 18th is our annual Christmas Carol 15 YEARS IN TRADE
Concert in front of the Shell House. We will have the Sal- Grass cutting, Hedge Trimming, Planting,
vation Army Band playing and we are looking for you all Weed Treatment, One off Tidy Ups and
to come and join in with the singing. I will be there sing-
ing away, hopefully not too badly! maintenance
Call for a friendly chat on
As many of you are aware the Forest has a fantastic dis- Mobile 07956 524 586
play of mistletoe, a rare and endangered wild plant. Being Home Tel 01279 830 960
a very slow growing plant, an average of only 2cm a year,
we want to protect as much as possible and so we ask that
you do not pick our mistletoe during the Christmas sea-

Work continues on the Forest throughout the year and our
wood pasture restoration programme will continue this
winter. It is the wood pasture which is of supreme impor-
tance at Hatfield Forest, as an internationally scarce habitat
today, most of the once large tracts of wood pasture have
either been put into intensive agriculture, developed on or
converted into parkland now and so to find wood pasture
in pristine condition is extremely significant. Every year
we cut-back 1 hectare out of approximately 46 hectares of
hawthorn scrub that is encroaching on ancient wood pas-
ture habitat. An example of this work can be seen next to
London Bridge on the road down to the Lake.

Laura Slater
Community Warden
[email protected]
01279 874043


01277 366677

˹Chapels of Rest ˹Pre paid funeral plans

email: [email protected]

Daniel Robinson December is always a month of anticipation. It
& Sons seems to fly by with preparations for Christmas
and the New Year. In our village the local groups,
Independent Family schools and churches will be putting on a variety
Funeral Directors & Monumental Masons of events across the month. It is an occupational
hazard for me, but I am already booked for eight
A personal caring service carol services and counting!
from family business day or night. Amongst all this busyness do take time to relax
Our trained staff will be pleased to give free too! This can be the best time of year just to take
confidential advice on any matter a moment to enjoy yourself and think about what
you value in life.
GOLDEN 3 BULLFIELDS One of the rituals of the season is opening Advent
CHARTER SAWBRIDGEWORTH calendars. Although the ones full of chocolate can
make the kids very lively in the morning, the act
FUNERAL PLANS (01279) 722476 of waiting through the days and counting down
(or up!) the numbers is good. It helps us to
79/81 SOUTH STREET WYCH ELM remember what we are waiting for and not to
BISHOP'S STORTFORD HARLOW rush into it all at once.
In Holy Trinity church we have the Advent
(01279) 655477 (01279) 426990 candles – five in all. We build up the number of
candles alight each week. It is so much part of
HASLERS LANE 146 HIGH STREET Christmas for me to see these purple, pink and
GREAT DUNMOW EPPING white candles glowing in their surrounds of holly
and ivy leaves.
(01371) 874518 (01992) 560890

24 hour Family Careline
Golden Charter Pre-Payments Plans


The first four candles that are lit represent people SECURE YOUR PROPERTY
who looked forward to the coming of Jesus. These
are the Patriarchs (famous figures of old like ALARM SYSTEMS - CCTV - INTERCOMS
Abraham), the Prophets, John the Baptist and
Mary, Jesus’ mother. The last candle is lit on FOR ALL YOUR ELECTRONIC SECURITY NEEDS CALL
Christmas Day. This stands for Jesus himself. All
the build up has been about him. All the waiting is C F SECURITY
for the moment of recognising God’s son come to
earth. Christians believe that in him we can find, Lt Hallingbury
not just moments of relaxation in the busyness, but
true contentment and meaning in life. 01279 600 025
Everyone in Hatfield Heath and all our friend and
relations are welcome to all the church events and Email:[email protected]
services at Christmas. They are always enjoyable
and meaningful times. Nikki Robinson MCSP
As a community lets celebrate all the events of this
month happening across our village. PHYSIOTHERAPY

UNITED REFORMED CHURCH You don’t have to live with pain!

Sunday 12th December x Relief from back, neck and joint problems
x Relaxation of tight, painful muscles
10.30amTOY SERVICE x Effective treatment for migraines, tennis
Please bring along your gifts of toys for needy children.
5pm LIGHT UP A LIFE SERVICE St. Clares Hospice elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome,
plantarfasciitis, achilles tendonitis,
Sunday 19th December fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, arthritis,
10.30am CAROL SERVICE x Help for breathing difficulties and stress
related problems
Christmas Day x Gentle treatment for new mothers and
To make an appointment or for more information,
Sunday 26th December - No Service here please contact me:

Tel: 01279 718331
[email protected]
Cannons Lane, Hatfield Broad Oak


Hatfield Regis


Member's Social URCHall

Tuesday 14th December 7.30pm


On 19 October Society members met at St Mary's Church,
for the annual Hatfield Broad Oak meeting.
The subject of the talk, by Society Secretary John Sly, was
the men of Hatfield Broad Oak who are commemorated
on the plaque in the Church as having given their lives
during the Great War.
The speaker subtitled his talk: Identifying The Men,
because of the difficulty of specifying individuals with
certainty with the amount of information available on a
memorial like this, ie forenames and family names only,
is considerable.
Some of the stories of the servicemen (fourteen soldiers
and one sailor) were particularly intriguing. For example
Herbert Groom, who was not a native of HBO, but who
was employed in the village before he died of wounds in
The London Hospital; and Frederick Henry Norris Lee,
the son of the vicar of HBO at that time, who died of
gangrene after his leg was amputated in France.
John Sly also mentioned that, if invited, he would talk at
a later date about the six men who died in the Great War
and who were born at HBO, but who are not
commemorated on the memorial.


Our last talk of the year was given away from home, in fact
at St Giles, Great Hallingbury. Why were we there? Well,
the speaker, Philip Hays, a churchwarden and long-time
head of Sheering school, was talking to us about William
Parker, 10th Lord Morley (c 1481-1556), who lived at
Morley House, the building that was on the site of
Hallingbury Place, during the turmoil of the early Tudor
period (St Giles has six brass Latin inscriptions relating to
the family). In fact the village was originally known as
Hallingbury Morley. William Parker's father was the
standard bearer of Richard III at the battle of Bosworth, but
Parker's background as a Yorkist was overcome by his
being brought up in the household of Lady Margaret
Beaufort, the grandmother of Henry VIII. Parker became
one of Henry's greatest supporters in his anti-Papal
campaign, even though he had to agree to the execution for
treason in 1536 of his son-in-law, George Boleyn, and six
years later, to the same fate for his daughter Jane, Lady
Rochford, for helping Catherine Howard, Henry's fifth
wife, to carry on a love affair with Thomas Culpepper.
Parker was buried 3 December 1556 at St Giles.



Herts & Essex Observer 10th December 1870
Harlow Petty Sessions-Stealing a ferret. Joseph

Stock was charged with stealing a ferret on 24th
November value 5/-(Five Shillings) (25p) the
property of Daniel Hockley of Hatfield Heath.
Mr Hockley stated that from a conversation he had
with Stock he proceeded to the Crown public house
at Sheering and saw Perry, son of the landlord who
showed him a ferret and said he had bought it of
Stock for 1/6d (one shilling and six pence) Mr
Hockley at once identified it as his property -
Sentenced to 8 days hard labour.

Charity Raffle in aid of local Rotary group: Available to sing for weddings, funerals and other events
Prizes include: Afternoon tea at Downhall Country For further details please contact

House Hotel; Sunday Lunch for 2 at The Hunters
Meet, Hatfield Heath; A Meal for 2 at The Three
Horseshoes, Spellbrook; 2 main courses at The
Thatchers, Hatfield Heath; a box of homemade cup-
cakes from Wonderland Bakery; among others!

Purchase your tickets from

Or via 07956-563710
(draw takes place on 19th December 2010)

Hatfield Haven Care Home

Stortford Road, Hatfield Heath, Bishops Stortford, Herts. CM22 7DL

Tel: 01279 730 043


Many discounts to shows on offer to all members Features:
Also ɛ Serene and homely environment;
Friday 3 Dec - invitation to opening night reception ɛ 24 hours care in compliance with CSCI Care Standards
after evening performance of Pantomime ɛ Medical care provided by local group practice;
Friday 28 Jan – Fundraising Wine and Cheese with
Entertainment district nurse, physiotherapist and a chiropodist;
Membership only £10 per annum – for more details ɛ Highly qualified and motivated staff - RMA and
please ring 730544
NVQ qualifications;
Family run business ɛ VLQJOH DQG GRXEOH newly refurnished and redecorated

We offer a friendly service rooms (newly built extension included)
and take pride in our high ɛ Each bedroom fitted with washbasin, TV and
standard of fitting
CARPET, VINYL& WOOD call system to summon help;
Free estimates & advice
Screen TV and radio.
We can supply to all local areas ɛ Large dining room with excellent meals on offer
including: Sawbridgeworth,
Bishop’s Stortford, Harlow, by the in-house chef;
Elsenham, Hatfield Broad Oak, ɛ A Stair lift and a passenger lift to all floors;
Hatfield Heath ɛ Activities includes talks, parties, summer barbecues,

111a London Road Sawbridgeworth Herts CM21 9JJ flower arranging e.t.c
T:01279 724878 - F:01279 724878
Kindly drop by for viewing and to pick up our User Guide
and Statement of purpose. For placement and other
enquiries, please contact

Amanda Austin (Manager)
email : [email protected]

Jane Chapman-Kane
email: [email protected]



Want to give a personal Gift? TRUE AND FACTUAL

A verse for any occasion. STORIES FROM THE PAST

Bev Rogers 07796 493 453 The following article has been researched with the help
of the Essex Police Museum and compiled by Gordon Sinclair a former Essex Constabulary Officer who
served 30 years before retirement in the year 2000 and
is now a Company Director of Security Systems Group.

‘And May the Lord have Mercy on your soul’ Amen

General DIY, Curtain Rails and Shelves Erected, Flat Packs ‘ The sentence of the Court upon you, is that you be
assembled. Patio, Drive and Brickwork Pressure Washed, taken from this place to a lawful prison and thence to a
Fencing and Sheds Preserved and Repaired, Hedge Cutting, place of execution and that you will be hanged from the
neck until dead, and that your body be afterwards buried
including Shrubs and Tree Pruning, within the precincts of the prison in which you shall be
House Painting, Exterior & Interior, Windows Pipe Work and confined before your execution. And may the Lord have
mercy on your soul’
Weather Boards Stained and Painted. Fencing Erected, Those were infamous words passed on 43 convicted
Gardens and Driveways Shingf. persons who fell victim of the executioners rope in
Chelmsford Prison from October 1825 to the end of
Please do not hesitate to ask. Contact lan and Jan at 1914.
San Michelle, Jacks Lane, Takeley Chelmsford Prison
The First Execution:
01279 873 933 James Winter alias Reuben Martin was executed 10th
01279 870 968 December 1827, he had been found guilty of the murder
of Thomas Patrick, landlord of ‘The Yorkshire Grey at
COMPLETE SERVICE FOR YOUR HOME Colchester’ Patrick had called for the constable to deal
[email protected] with the disorder that had arisen from an attempt by
Winter to rob a man, Winter angry at Patrick’s
BLINDS interference struck and killed him with a heavy board.
Following the execution Winters body was left to hang
x CONSERVATORY for the prescribed hour, visible from the hips upward to
x HOUSE on lookers below, the corpse was cut down and given to
x PLEATED the Prison Surgeon for dissection viewed by many
x PINOLEUM prominent local men.
x ROLLER Following the first execution many followed all
x ROMAN convicted at the Chelmsford Court of Assizes which
x COMMERCIAL took place twice a year for serious offences, a Court
that holds personal memories for myself having
Phone now for a friendly chat appeared there to give evidence as a young Constable in
with Sue to get more information the early seventies I stood in front of Judge Melford
Stephenson a formidable person who was the judge that
Tel : 07885 510 400 tried the Kray Brothers in the 60’s an experience that I
will remember.
State Registered Chiropodist

Home Visiting Practice 1828 Saw four executions at Chelmsford, including
John Williams hanged for horse stealing at Epping.
Mrs. Julie Golden S.R.Ch. The year 1829 saw James Cook aged 16 years hanged
Est. 1994 for setting fire to the farm of William Green whom he
worked for as a cow boy.
01279 817 810 1830 Saw four hangings .
1831 to 1840 the first execution in 1831 was that of
A professional service at a competitive rate William Jennings for setting fire to a house in Writtle
and in 1832 John Hills met the same fate for a rape in
1835 Saw two hangings both for Arson, this being an


important factor as they were the last occasions at the James Gardening Service
Prison when executions were for crimes other than
murder. All Garden Works
1839 March Abraham Hilliard was hanged, for & Odd Jobs
shooting Susan Playle an innkeeper after she spurned
his advances, his last words were ‘Goodbye I hope I 01279 651 498 07963 989 851
shall meet you in heaven’
1840 With the formation of Essex Constabulary in 1840 We offer a
Police Officers began to attend executions for Public Complete Service
Order purposes. Their first real test was on the 14th
August 1848 when 38 year old Mary May was executed DESIGN
for murdering her brother William alias Spratty Watts, CERAMIC TILING
at Wix. She was the first woman to be executed at the
prison and attracted well over 3000 spectators. LIGHTING
1851 a double execution took place of Sarah Chesham WOODWORK ETC.
and Thomas Droy, their victim was the daughter in Law
of an old servant of Droys father who was expecting his All carried out with the minimum
child she was strangled in a field in Doddinghurst of fuss and mess by experts!
where she arranged to meet Droy to ask him to marry Also all Plumbing &
her, Chesham was hanged for poisoning her husband, Domestic Heating Installations
1000 people watched the double execution.
1857 to 1914 among the most notorious executions that SO LOOK NO FURTHER THAN
created much anger within the local community was the
murder of Sergeant Police Adam Eves who caught C.F OAKES
three poachers who battered him to death in Purleigh,
all three were charged with murder, the jury took less Established in Harlow for over 45 years
than half an hour to convict two of them , they were 19 SERVICE BAY, WYCH ELM , HARLOW
brothers and were sentenced to death, with one of the
brothers making a last minute confession sparring one
brother from the noose.
1900 On the 3rd of October 1900 William Burrett was
the first victim of the new Century he was convicted of
stabbing his prostituted wife after she informed him she
would no longer support him.
1903 On the 1st December 1903 a famous executioner
took over the role at Chelmsford a Henry Pierrepoint
where he continued with several executions until the
year 1910.
Executions ceased at Chelmsford 1914.


For Complete Peace of Mind
Use the Professional Local Installation Company

We Install and Service Burglar Alarms, Fire Alarms and CCTV

Established in 1993 we now have over 2800 systems installed locally
Earning us a proud reputation as a reliable and Trustworthy Company.
We have the Highest Security Qualification NACOSS Gold A Quality Assured ISO 9000 Company
meeting the requirements of All Major Insurance Companies and Police Authorities.
Our Customers include Essex Police, The Salvation Army, St Johns Ambulance and Essex County Bowling Club .

Barry a Company Director lives with his family and has a local office in Hatfield Heath. Our Senior Director is a retired Essex Police Officer
and Home Office Trained Crime Prevention Officer With over 30 years police experience placing him in a unique position to give good advice.

Telephone: 01702 547754 or 01268 753108 or [email protected]


Superb organic cleaning LEISURE HOUR
of carpets, curtains,
upholstery & leather 7.45pm Wednesday 1st December
CAROL SERVICE - lead by Maurice Lawrence
• Organic carpet, Our treatments Seasonal Refreshments after the service. We meet at the
upholstery and U RC Hall on the Chelmsford Road, at 7.45pm. New
leather cleaning Remove Members & Visitors welcome
Odour Information: - Jean 730 465
• Curtains & mattresses
• Guardsman stain Mites During the summer we joined the Hatfield Regis Local
protection plans History Society and the Bishop's Stortford Natural
Remove History Society on visits to the Old Forge Museum at
• Oriental rug cleaning Bacteria Much Hadham and to Pishiobury Park in
Sawbridgeworth At the Forge Museum - a complex of
• Allergy treatments
available late 15th and early 16* buildings we were able to see a

16th Century wall painting depicting Queen Elizabeth I in
the Bible story of the Judgement of Solomon

• Expert spot and stain removal

• All work fully insured and guaranteed

For a FREE non-obligational quote call Matt:

0800 7836647

Beautiful Holidays in Cornwall The guided walk of Pishiobury revealed much of its early
history and amongst other delights were water buffalo
For more details please visit grazing near the river Stort. (Photographs by Terry Jameson)


Phone Wayne on 07958 482 889

- 3 Bedroom holiday home,
sleeps up to 8 people

- Situated on a holiday park
with full use of the park facilities

- Weekly lets and short breaks
- Near St Ives, Penzance and Truro
- 5 minutes from 3 miles of

golden sandy beach
- Non Smoking


Hatfield Heath What do you get if you cross
an apple with a Christmas tree ?
& District Branch A pineapple !

11am on 11th November 2010 IYENGAR YOGA
The Service at our War Memorial was conducted by the
Reverend Stewart Gibbs (Holy Trinity Church) and the Classes to suit all ages
Reverend Terry Keen (United Reformed Church), and levels of flexibility
together with our Standard Bearers Mr. Michael Saban
and Mrs. Sandra Saban, the Bugler and Royal British Beginners/intermediate/over 50's
Legion Members.
Day and Evenings Available
The children from our local Primary School, clutching Contact Jenny
their crosses, were extremely well behaved under the
guidance of their teachers. They swelled the number of 01279 730 751
public wishing to remember this Day of Days. Names 07946 777 669
were read to remember all those who gave their lives for
us. Email: [email protected]
Unfortunately the weather presenters got it right - the
weather was appalling - very strong gusty winds with a FLYING HIRE
spot of rain thrown in.
Remembrance Sunday 14th November 2010 CAR & CHAUFFEUR SERVICES
Many of Hatfield Heath residents turned out for the FOR ALL OCCASIONS
Service, conducted by the Reverend Stewart Gibbs, with
his choir and the Reverend Terry Keen. The Standard To and from Stansted, Luton, Heathrow,
Bearers and others were in attendance, as before. Names Gatwick and City airports
on the memorial were read by Mr. Steve Foster. Wreaths
were laid, prayers said, and the singing of the first verse Corporate & A complete
of the National Anthem brought this Service of Sporting events London Service
Remembrance to a close.
Brian and Clare Bland National meetings Shopping trips
(Royal British Legion Members)
Theatre/dinner Hospital visits
The Magazine is saddened to record death of Helen trips
Rose (Dix) on Wednesday 17th November 2010 Urgent courier
Guided tours services
Helen was the daughter of Ralph and Rhoda Dix who
were headmaster and Headmistress of both the British Weddings
(Congregational) and the National (C of E) junior
schools in the village. When the schools combined in Our fleet of air conditioned vehicles
1932 Ralph became the new schools' first Headmaster, ranges from executive cars to luxury
a position he held until 1956.
people carriers and coaches

Helen attended teacher training college at Hockeril and NEW - GROUP TRAVEL
then joined the Village School in about 1947

Like her parents Helen and her sister were very much 8 passenger vehicles now available for all events
involved in village life, arranging music concerts etc.
for the entertainment of residents of Hatfield Heath. For professionalism with the personal touch
contact Chris New at
Helen married Terry Rose and then moved to Harlow,
but from time to time she came back to support the Tel: 01279 721 427 Fax: 01279 723 947
British Legion, the Players, the Welcome Club and the Mobile: 07968 026 032
History Society.
or visit our informative website:
Our sympathies go to Terry on his sad loss.


Heath Computers “Eden Surgeries”

For all your IT needs HATFIELD HEATH AND

Whether you run a business, or are a home user, HATFIELD BROAD OAK
Heath Computers has an IT solution to suit your requirements
Winter Edition – 2010
• IT Solutions for home or office
• Web Design (CGI / PHP / Java Scripts ) New name for the Practice
• PC Repairs / Upgrades For some time we have been considering renaming the
• Network Installation - Fixed and wireless Practice. The main reason for this being the continuing
• Internet, E-mail, Broadband confusion over what we call ourselves. Some Patients and
• Virus Protection and Spyware removal outside Agencies know us as Hatfield Heath surgery and
• Data Recovery Hatfield Broad Oak surgery, others as Broomfields
Web: Office : 01279 912 345 Surgery and Eden End while some outside agencies
Email: [email protected] Mobile: 07958 482 889 continue to refer to us as Dr. Gilchrist and Partners as
opposed to Dr. Orton and Partners.
Hatfield Heath We have therefore decided to call ourselves “Eden
Surgeries” and have received confirmation that our GMS
& Contract will be changed to reflect this from 1st
November 2010. However, as with all things, it may well
INSTITUTE be some time before we are universally recognised by the
new name.
Are Available for
If you have missed one of the designated clinics, our
Children’s Parties nurses will continue to offer flu vaccinations at the end of
their daily surgeries. Please enquire at reception.
Small tables and chairs now available
Magazines – We are very grateful to patients who supply
Celebrations us with magazines, but can we please ask that publications
are no more than 3 months’ old.
Mixtard Insulin 30- We have heard from the
Wedding Receptions manufactures of Mixtard 30 that they will be
discontinuing this particular insulin from 31st December
Classes etc., etc., 2010. Those patients affected will be notified in writing
very shortly and they will be asked to make an
PREFERENTIAL RATES appointment to discuss an alternative insulin.
Appointments - We have opened up the appointment
LOCAL ORGANISATIONS system to allow patients to book 6 weeks ahead. This will
AND benefit patients needing follow-up appointments.
However, the DNA’s (did not attend) since providing this
LOCAL RESIDENTS extra service have increased:
In June we lost 38 hrs, July 50 hours, August 38 hours and
For Details Telephone September 43 hours.
Patients become very frustrated when we are unable to
01279 730 544 book appointments so can we please ask that you cancel
if you do not feel you need to attend.

Staff Training – There will be a shutdown afternoon on
Tuesday 30th November for Staff Training. This will be
between 1.00 and 4.30pm. Both Sites will be closed, but
should you have an emergency please contact the
Emergency Doctor Service (TEDs) on 01371 877410.
The Surgery at Hatfield Broad Oak will re-open between
5.00 and 6.00 pm for an acute surgery.

Interruption to Electricity – We have been informed
buy EDF energy networks that we will have no electricity
on Wednesday 22nd December at Hatfield Broad Oak.
We will therefore only be open for the collection of repeat
prescriptions and we will move all the surgeries up to


Hatfield Heath for that morning McTimoney Chiropractic

For Repeat Medication Requests The gentle treatment suitable
With Christmas looming please note that repeat requests for people of all ages
for the Christmas period should be with us no later than
Wednesday 15th December Deborah Flack BSc (hons) Chiro MCA

E-mail 01279 870 077 / 07908 918 934
or Lavender Barn, Brewers End,
Takeley, Essex CM22 6QJ
[email protected]
[email protected] DIXON & CO

Fax – 01279 730408 – Hatfield Heath CHARTERED CERTIFIED ACCOUNTANTS
01279 718270 – Hatfield Broad Oak
For local, friendly advice contact Paul Dixon
SATURDAY ROTA up to and including January 2011
Wallburys, Stortford Road, Hatfield Heath, CM22 7DL
October 30th December 11th
November 1 3th January 2011 18th Tel: 01279 739076
27th 08th
22nd Email: [email protected]
Staff Christmas Party – we are holding the staff party on
Friday 10th December. Surgeries will start earlier in the Red BarnInteriors Limited
afternoon in order that we may close promptly at 6.30 pm.


Friday 24th December Usual Opening times
Sat. 25th December Closed
Sun. 26th December Closed
Mon. 27th December Closed
Tues. 28th December Closed
Weds. 29th December Usual Opening Times
Thurs. 30th December Usual Opening Times
Friday 31st December Usual Opening Times
Sat. 1st January 2011 Closed
Sun. 2nd January Closed
Mon. 3rd January Closed
Tues. 4th January Usual Opening Times


Single membership for year £7 or Family £12
Non Member’s £2 per visit

Hatfield Heath Gardening Club
Call 01279 726 357 or 01279 730 498

Meetings are every 4th Wednesday
At the Hatfield Heath Village Hall at 7.45pm

Dec 10th 7pm 2010 A Social Evening, Drinks Beautiful Hand- made
&food with a few games for only £2.50 per person Kitchens, Bedrooms, Office Furniture

Jan 26th 2011 Seed Saving at Home Patrick Hughes Telephone: 01279 722 811

Feb 23rd 2011 Essex Gardens Dennis Hance Email: [email protected]

Mar 23rd 2011 Colour and Seasonal Excitement

Hilary Thomas Greenleys, Slough Road, Allen Green, Sawbridgeworth, Herts, CM21 0LR



As of the 4th December,
I will be a trained Zumba Instructor.
I am holding 2 taster sessions before the classes start

regularly in the New Year.
Hope to see you there!

Thursday 9th December7:30-8:30pm

Thursday 16th December


Institute Hall, Hatfield Heath.

£5 pay on the door.

For More Information
Call Gemma 07508-515-264

Former Deputy Headteacher
very effective at raising standards

Reading techniques coached; books loaned
Clearly taught NC maths

Quality of writing and handwriting improved
SATs, 11+ and Common Entrance
Weekly follow-up activities

01279 600 102

Denise Ings

King’s Thursday, 2 Rowney Gardens, Sawbridgeworth, CM21 0AT

[email protected]

Sing Along with Jo Jingles! Bouncy Castle Hire – Entertainers – Fancy
Dress - Balloon Decor & More...
Fun Music Singing & Movement Classses
For children aged 3 months to 5 years 1 -3 Station Road, Bishops Stortford
CM23 3BJ
Chidren’s Parties & Nursery Sessions also available!
01279 658064
For details on classes in:
Bishop’s Storford, Epping, Harlow [email protected]
Sawbridgeworth, Stebbing & Hatfield
Heath Plus NEW classes starting in
Potter Street, Harlow
Call Lucy on 01279 868 410
[email protected]


NANNY SEEKING EMPLOYMENT What did the fish say when it swam into a wall?
Reliable, Mature Nanny
Currently employed by a family
with three children in the Hatfield Heath Area.

Looking for new employment
beginning early in 2011
Full or Part-time.
References available

If you need more details please call Estela
Mobile: 07828 699701, Home: 01279 641087

FOR SALE Unique Sterling Silver Jewellery
For every Occasion

Designed & Handcrafted Locally

Commissions undertaken with guaranteed personal service

ring Christine on 07976 966491


Sterling Little Gem 4 Wheel Scooter HOW O U SE
Breaks Down for car £300 o.n.o. O U SE
Tel: 01279 730 420 Independent co-educational
day school and nursery
THANK YOU for 2 - 11 year olds

I would like to thank the kind person who
found my purse and handed it to the Co-op
on Sunday 14th November. I am extremely
Anne Butcher

Toilet trailers Luxury and Call us today on 01279 657706
Party Range, single event
portable and disabled
units available for hire.

Parish Council Elections
May 2011

Why be a Parish Councillor

Hatfield Heath needs to elect nine Hatfield Heath HH
councillors on Thursday 5th May 2011
Half Hour HelpersHHH
Could you be one of those nine ? Neighbourliness is not a thing of the past in

Do you need special skills ? Hatfield Heath.
Will it cost you anything?
We want to help anyone who could do with
NoWill you be paid? “Half an Hour” of our time

Are there any perks? e.g. Help with shopping - change a light bulb
pick up prescriptions etc,
Are you concerned about local issues?
Have you more than three hours a month available? No job is too small - some may be too big
Will you be involved in creating a better village? ring us and we will tell you
Have you got ideas for improving our community?
Tel:- 07944 748 478
Yes You could be one
of those nine Monday to Friday 10am to 12noon
(any other time it will be on answer phone)
Contact Parish Clerk Ernie Fenwick on 01279 730770
or at [email protected] for more information

Please remember
we are not an emergency helpline
We are looking for more volunteers you only need
to have the mobile phone every six week or less.
You are not obligated to do any jobs

Hatfield Heath z Bishops Stortford z Hertfordshire z CM22 7EA MEMORIES OF SUGAR (A.G. Perry)
Telephone: 01279 730382 z Facsimile: 01279 739023
Email: [email protected]
Head teacher: J H Clements MA



5 days per week (6.25 hours per week) LADIES WANTED

Would you like to work in a school that has been GAMES

judged by Ofsted as ‘Outstanding’. We are a group of local women playing
netball for fun and fitness on Tuesday
We have a job opportunity for a Midday Assistant to evenings, 8pm
join our friendly team. This is a permanent position
For further info call Lisa on
with a competitive salary (£7.19 per hour). 01279 739169

For more information and to obtain an application form No experience necessary !
please contact Victoria Marrow on 01279 730382.

Closing date: Monday 22nd November 2010

The Governors and staff are committed to safeguarding
children. Appointments will be subject to satisfactory

references, enhanced CRB and medical checks.


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