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Hatfield Heath Cricket Club History

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Published by markratcliff, 2018-09-30 10:35:39

Cricket Club History

Hatfield Heath Cricket Club History

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Hatfield Heath
Cricket Club

150th Anniversary

8 July 2018

The following extracts are taken from various newspapers that I have found. I also recommend
Richard Barnett’s history of the cricket club in “A History of Hatfield Heath”.


The earliest mention I can find of cricket taking place on the Heath (although probably on the ‘back
fields’) is a match held on Monday 6 September 1841. This was a match between Hatfield Broad Oak
and a newly formed team from Great Dunmow. The Broad Oak team enlisted several ‘ringers’ from
neighbouring villages. After the match the teams adjourned to the White Horse. Interesting that a

Surrey/Kent newspaper published a report.

Essex Standard 10 Sept 1841

County Chronicle, Surrey Herald and Weekly Advertiser for Kent 14 Sept 1841

Essex Herald 14 Sept 1841


Two years later there is evidence of a “Heathen” playing the game. Mr William Dennis took part in a
single wicket competition in Hatfield Broad Oak being part of the winning side.

Chelmsford Chronicle 18 Aug 1843


Two years later Hatfield Broad Oak played White Roothing away, with a return match scheduled to
be played on the Heath on 15 September 1845

Chelmsford Chronicle 12 Sept 1845


The first evidence known evidence of a match between Heath sides is 1865’s “Marrieds” (Benedicts)
v “Singles” (Batchelors). I reproduce a transcribed report and scorecard found in the History Society

archives although I’m unsure in which publication this originally appeared.


We are celebrating the anniversary of the first recorded match between Hatfield Heath and another
village side. Played on Tuesday 22 September 1868 in Little Hallingbury, the Heath won by 111 runs.

This is mentioned by Richard Barnett but I have not found a report of the match.


In 1885 when the vicar (Rev A. E. Beavan) left there is a report of the state of the cricket club by Rev
Beavan. There were 19-20 members (down from 25 at the start of the season) and £2 2s 5d in the
accounts. The report also makes mention of the junior club that had been run by Mrs Beavan for

‘the last seven years’.

Chelmsford Chronicle 11 Sept 1885


Entertainment evening presumably to raise funds for the club?

Essex Herald 22 Feb 1890

Chelmsford Chronicle 1 Aug 1890


Chelmsford Chronicle 3 Jul 1891


AGM held in 1892. Mr C Nash is still captain.

Essex Newsman 12 March 1892


Loss against Fyfield

Essex Newsman 24 June 1893


In 1894 a fund was started to level and drain the Heath. It seems that the ground may have been
ready for play in the 1895 season.

Essex Newsman 3 Feb 1894


AGM 1902-George Harris takes over as captain from Rev. Reynolds.

Essex Newsman 12 Apr 1902


A view from the Boundary

1905 postcard


This concert raised “nearly £4” for club funds

Chelmsford Chronicle 22 Nov 1907
This postcard recently sold for £45 on eBay!







Easy victory for the Heath away at Hockerill with Pyle and Whybrew doing the damage in the first

Chelmsford Chronicle 27 July 1934
Team for return match?

Chelmsford Chronicle 27 Jul 1934

Chelmsford Chronicle 7 September 1934.

Fundraising continues-jointly with the Footbal Club
Chelmsford Chronicle 28 Dec 1934


Silver Jubilee celebrations-sports on the Heath-prize-giving on the cricket ground.

Chelmsford Chronicle 10 May 1935


Cricket Club members give wedding present to Mr & Mrs Day.

Chelmsford Chronicle 14 May 1937

Sports day and awards to Messrs Bruty & Bruty
Chelmsford Chronicle 14 May 1937

More joint fundraising

Chelmsford Chronicle 24 Dec 1937


One of the most interesting facts I uncovered was that the Heath featured in a national radio
broadcast. Their match at Little Dunmow was covered on the BBC’s National Programme for a little

over half an hour. I’m not sure if village cricket was regularly featured.

Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer 16 July 1938

Birmingham Daily Gazette 16 July 1938
Chelmsford Chronicle 15 July 1938


A couple of scorecards-they are annotated 1955 however Richard Barnett gives the year as 1953.
H (Bert) Search 9 for 7

25 May 1955 (or 1953?)

H (Bert) Search 106
Possibly the first century scored by a “Heathen”?

7 June 1955 (or 1953?)


Derek Search 136 against Hockerill-club record until the 1990s

7 August 1961


The club considered moving the Pavilion to the other side of the ground-nothing ever came of this.

H&E Observer April 8 1976

Team Photographs

Some photos from the Village History Society’s archives and found online.
Please feel free to add corrections or additions
First off, a photo from early 50s?

Standing: Jack Gunn, Fred Luckey, Doug Banner (President), Howard Pyle, Bert Long, Wag Wybrew,
Bert Jackson.

Sitting: ???, Cliff Moore, Fred Bruty, Reg Search,
On ground: George Brown, Jim Deards.

The next two photos appear to have been taken on the same day and one of them is marked “vs
Sheering?” Probably late 50s or early 60s.

Back Row: Jack Gunn, Bill Bruty, ???, Fred Bruty, Bert Search, Mr Rennie, Bill Austin, Stan Barker,
Dick Bruty, Pat Pyle, Wag Wybrew, Jim Coe.

Sitting: Albert Bruty, Fred Harris, George Hockley, Lew Stone, Howard Pyle, Bert Long, Roy Howard,
Cliff Moore, Geoff Gurnett .

Front Row: Chris Pyle, R Peacock, Howard Gunn, George Brown.

HHCC vs Sheering?

Back Row: Jack Gunn, Bill Bruty, Fred Harris, Jim Coe, George Brown, Dick Austin, Dick Bruty,
Pat Pyle.

Front Row: Peter Peacock, ???, Howard Pyle, Lew Stone, George Hockley

I’d place this photo as mid 60s

Back Row: Dennis Elms, Bob Nicholls, Dick Bruty, Tim Roberts, John Brown, Roy Howard .
Front row: Colin Newman, David Wilkinson, Dave Chapman, Stan Turner, Fred Bruty, Toffee Turner.

Sitting Front: Roger Flack.

Heath Ladies got up a side too.

Ladies Cricket Team
Back row: Lorraine Nichols, Patrick Roberts, Helen Dix, Win Howard, Jessie Adams, Win Bruty,

Bill Turner.
Middle Row: Rose Bruty, Janet Bucknell, Vera Nichols, Marion Elms, Rosemary or Doreen Deards.

Bottom Row: Carole Bruty, Valerie Brown, Mary Brown, Geraldine Nichols.

Possibly the first photo of the new pavilion that was opened in 1966.

Back: Stan Turner, Roy Howard, Fred Harris, Beck Maskell, John Brown, Bert Jackson, Toffee Turner.

Sitting: Malcom Jackson, Derek Search, Roy Nicholls, Dave Brown, Fred Bruty.
Front: Tim Roberts, Bob Bucknall.

View from the far side of the Heath, featuring The White Horse, Buck’s Stores, The Stag and the
Countryman Restaurant.

Late 60s/early 70s

A more recent photo featuring some that you may see today.

circa 1980
Back: Ian Barnett, Dave Brown, Peter Graves, Mel Seymour, Richard Ormsby, Tubby Gunn,

Kingsley James.
Front: John Gunn, Bill Dean, John Rochester, Paul Chapman
The club website has a good selection of photos. These are mainly from the 1970s onwards.

Thanks for looking
Mark Ratcliff 2018

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