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Hatfield Heath Village Magazine February 2003

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February 2003

Hatfield Heath Village Magazine February 2003

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VILLAGE HALL NEWS meant a substantial reduction in the reserve funds of the
Village Hall Trust, most of which were built up from
The Village Hall was opened in 1970, replacing an older Festival funds.
building that had served the village for many years. It is Further work currently in hand includes the installation of
managed by the Village Hall Trust, a registered charity, the disabled access ramp, door replacement, and external
through a Committee consisting of representatives of local decoration and repairs.
organisations and elected members. In 1976, the Trust The Village Hall is very heavily used; it accommodates Pre-
rescued the Institute building, then derelict, and spent over School, Music Lessons for school children, Indoor Bowls,
£20000 on refurbishments, with a particular view to Karate, the Bridge Club, Gardening Club, Welcome Club,
providing a venue for a Youth Club for the village (sadly to Heath Ladies, Heath Players and many other organisations
close a few years later) and an annex to Village Hall from time to time. It is also hired privately for family parties,
facilities. wedding receptions and the like. It is licensed for Public
The Trust is entirely self-supporting; it does not receive any Entertainment and subject to annual safety inspection.
public funding, and all its officers act in a voluntary unpaid The Institute is used, for Church activities and by other
capacity. Its income comes from hiring charges and organisations and private hiring’s, and in 1999 was
fundraising, notably through the Hatfield Heath Festival for significantly refurbished by the PCC in return for an annual
many years. The Village Hall Committee has undertaken agreement for its use of the building.
substantial repairs and refurbishment over the past two years. Bookings for both buildings are taken by Margaret and Peter
This has included Lines (01279 730544).

 Reroofing the main pitched roof

 Replacement of all gas heating MESSAGE FROM THE TREASURER
 Refurbishment of the cloakrooms, including new Subscriptions were due in January for 2003.
£2.50 for twelve copies (£2.00 for senior citizens).
sanitary fittings and flooring and redecoration Please help your distributor by paying promptly if you have
 Improved external lighting and electrical installations not paid already.
 New stage and additional staging units A big welcome to all our new readers. This magazine started
 New outside doors to the kitchen and bar as a church parish magazine on the 1st September 1893 the
 Provision of a disabled access through the Committee main aim was and still is to keep all residents in touch with
what’s going on in the Village.
Room New subscribers are most welcome; please ring myself or
 A major redecoration programme Sue Saban (Distributor) or
Bruno Scheggia (Editor) 01279 730 498
There have also been substantial changes to storage facilities Most Advertisers’ renewals are also due in January. I shall
consequent upon the Pre-School’s occupation of the rear be sending out Invoices shortly. Please let me, or PBM
store, which they redecorated for their own use using know, if you want your advert changed or you no longer
voluntary help. This represents a total expenditure on wish to reserve space.
refurbishment and replacement of some £35000 over the last
two and a half years. Although we were able to obtain a I.Wybrew – (Treasurer) Tel: 01279 730 465
grant of £10000 from the Essex Environment Trust (the first
external funding received since 1970), this expenditure has


Police (local) ..............................……....…….. 01279 730 388 2 THE PRESENTATION OF CHRIST
Calls are automatically re-directed when necessary
Doctors - 8.00 Holy Communion HT
Gilchrist Orton & Orton ........……...……... 01279 730 616
Dr Miller & Partners…………………………01279 723 172 9.30 Family Service HT
O.A.P Warden..........................……….…….........01279 730 450
Playgroup.....................................…….……...…..01279 730 544 10.30 Family Worship with Communion URC
The Samaritans..............................………...……...01279 421 110
Hatfield Heath C.P. School .........……..…….01279 730 382 6.30 Evensong HT
H/Heath Half Hour Helpers......………..…..07944 748 478
3 11.30 Luncheon Club URC
Mon-Fri, between 10 & 12 (outside these hours you will get our answerphone).
4 2.00 Bridge Club I
 ¡¢¢¡£¤¥¡¦§¨ ¤
5 10.30 Holy Communion-1662 The Close
Please send me your views on any subject, especially if they
relate to the village. You can send your information hand 1.45 Hatfield Heath Under 5s H
written, floppy disk, or CD disk. Drop this off at the
magazine tray at PBM Printers or direct to me at Manor 8.00 Bridge Club H
Lodge Chelmsford Road Hatfield Heath CM22 7BD You
8.00 Leisure Hour URC
can also e-mail me on [email protected]
6 7.00 Aerobics H
Copy must get to me by the 20th of the month.
9 4 before LENT
*** Please note change of E –mail Address ***
9.30 Holy Communion HT
E-mail: -
[email protected] 10.30 Family Worship URC

MAGAZINE DETAILS 11 2.30 Heath Ladies H

Editor: Bruno Scheggia 01279 730 498 2.00 Bridge Club I
Treasurer: Ivan Wybrew 01279 730 465
Distribution: Sue & Glen Saban 01279 730 440 12 2.15 Pram Service HT

Produced by- PBM Marketing House, Hatfield Heath, 2.30 Womens Meeting URC
Nr. Bishop's Stortford, Herts. CM22 7EB.
8.00 Bridge Club H
Telephone 01279 730 444 • Fax: 01279 731 271
13 7.00 Aerobics H

16 3 before LENT

8.00 Holy Communion HT

NO 9.30am Service

10.00 JOINT SERVICE at ST. Mary”s

10.30 Family Worship URC

6.00 Service at The Close

17 - 21 inclusive Half term for Pre-school and School.

18 2.30 Welcome Club H

2.00 Bridge Club I

19 10.30 MU Holy Communion HT

11.30 Luncheon Club URC

8.00 Leisure Hour URC

8.00 Bridge Club H

20 7.00 Aerobics H

23 2 before LENT

9.30 Holy Communion H

10.30 Family Worship URC

26 2.00 Bridge Club I

2.30 Womens Meeting URC

7.45 Gardening Club URC

8.00 Bridge Club I

27 7.00 Aerobics H

MARCH 1 before LENT

2 8.00 Holy Communion HT

10.30 Family Worship with Communion URC

6.30 Evensong HT

3 11.30 Luncheon Club URC

4 2.00 Bridge Club I

5 1.45 Hatfield Heath Under 5s H

8.00 Bridge Club H

8.00 Leisure Hour URC

H-Village Hall / CR-Committee Room VH / HT-Holy

Trinity Church / URC-United Reform Church / I-Institute /


The second week in February is being marked as National Brian and Clare would like to thank all their friends for the
Marriage Week ending as it does on Saturday 15th February beautiful gifts and cards they have received recently. We
and including Valentine's Day on the 14th. Thousands of also are most grateful for offers of help and prayers.
people will mark Valentine's Day by sending cards and gifts Our very best wishes to you all for a happy and healthy New
(often flowers) to those they love most. There is a great Year
sense that this is right and proper, that we should say how
much we love them to the one who is dearest to us. Brian & Clare Bland
Unfortunately, of course, there is the media pressure, which
means that the real ones to benefit are the card sellers, IRENE BARTHOLOMEW
florists and jewellers.
Nevertheless, the idea of appreciating and valuing our loved Irene Bartholomew, who died in Hatfield Heath on 18
ones is very good. So, too, is the focus that will be made in December, aged 100, was a woman of many qualities,
this week on marriage. There have been many studies that marked by an inquisitive and adventurous spirit, with a gift
show the value of marriage in society. It is the bedrock of for engaging conversation and a deep interest in and love for
society. Children tend to do better if they are brought up her friends here in the village. She was born in London in
within traditional families headed by a married couple. The 1902, the daughter of a Gentleman who, sadly, fell on hard
Christian churches have put marriage and family life at the times owing to the precarious business of gambling, and
heart of their teaching on how God intended us to live on Irene started to earn her living at the age of 16 as a clerk at
this earth. the Admiralty. Her working life saw her as a Personal
I want to reinforce this valuing of marriage. I know that we Assistant to a publisher in Covent Garden, as Housekeeper
live in a society where many are having to live in single and Cook of a Boarding School in Bath having been
parent families or on their own. I know that there are those evacuated there in the 1942 blitz, and School Secretary at
who would campaign for different models of how family life Alderton Hall Lane Junior School in Loughton until her
can be. Nonetheless, I believe that marriage, and family life retirement in 1964.She retired to Epping, where she enjoyed
flowing from married couples, is the best and should be her interests in a great variety of subjects - in particular
supported. After all our Maker's instructions are always the music and the arts - and her friendships.
best! In 1983, Irene moved to Hatfield Heath, excited and
Let us all use National Marriage Week as a time to optimistic at the prospect of making new friends and joining
encourage the married and uphold the ideal of marriage for in the life of the village. She was a regular worshipper at
our country and society. At the same time let those of us Holy Trinity and the URC, a member of the Gardening Club,
who are married do all we can to support and "be there for" NADFAS, Women’s Institute, Mothers Union, Heath Ladies,
those who face rather different patterns of living. the Welcome Club to name but a few. Many of those who
knew Irene valued her friendship and sense of humour, her
Yours sincerely alertness of mind and wisdom, her willingness to voice her
views and opinions. Irene celebrated her 90th birthday in
Tim Potter 1992. She referred to this as her “great day” surrounded by
her family and joined by her many friends. Only last June,
REMEMBER 22nd FEBRUARY 2003 Irene achieved her century not out! At her funeral service on
Public exhibition and consultation in the 2nd January at Holy Trinity, a prayer of thanksgiving was
Village Hall – to capture your vision of read:
what you want Hatfield Heath to be in the “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
future. We need YOUR views who has blessed us all with the gift of this earthly life and
See page 7 for update has given to our sister Irene her span of years and gifts of
It is a wonderful blessing that Irene had such a long life, and
her friends here will recall her warm presence and treasure
memories of her remarkable character.


Somebody once asked what is it like living in Mill lane? The
answer was "Its like living at the entrance to a Commercial
Industrial Estate”. Does anyone in the Village care or
understand what the residents of Mill Lane have to put up
with; regarding the types of vehicles servicing Camp Farm?
Everyday including on occasions Sundays; the residents are
subjected to Articulated Vehicles sometimes two or three
every day. So what is so important for these 40 tonne 50 feet
long HGV’s to use Mill Lane and the Bridleway? The
answer was found in the delivery docket of a French driver
whose load came from Belgium he was delivering 936
cartons containing 336,960 fresh farm eggs fit for human
consumption; assuming that at least ten vehicles carried the
same load, that may be a total weekly delivery of 3,369,600
fresh farm eggs from various depots at home and abroad.
The delivery vehicles mentioned so far do not include
Greenways Egg vehicles and the other various vehicles using
Mill Lane and the Bridleway any time from 5 o’clock in the
morning until 8 o’clock at night. The Greenways vehicles
speed past at an unnecessary rate. The residents have on
various occasions mentioned this to Mr Simon Fish one of
the proprietors he said " I will tell my drivers" well so far
they have not got the message! At 2 o’clock most days when
the employees return from their lunch; it might be
considered dangerous if you should venture out of your
drive; one day somebody will be hurt. Mill Lane is one
would suppose a "Country Lane" and the Bridleway should
be enjoyed by all walkers. "No Way" Both have been eroded
by the HGV’s and it is not safe to walk; The Haven
Residential Home has had its property damaged on three
occasions; the Bridleway shows signs of serious erosion; two
telegraph poles were snapped off three feet from the ground.
Despite recent appeals for a speed restriction and a weight
limit to be imposed on both Mill Lane and the Bridleway to
the various departments; nothing has been achieved.
Greenways we were told have had a "Change of Usage"
from a Chicken Farm to an "Industrial Wholesale and
Importation Packing Unit without formal permission. Their
agents FPDSavills of Cambridge said at a public hearing for
a Planning Application at the Council Offices Dunmow;
"That their Client had no intentions to expand their
business". At the time they had five deliveries a week; now
twelve. The Planning Inspectorate who presided over the
meeting; asked if the Proprietors of Greenways had a

Certificate of Lawfulness; their answer was in the negative. §¨© © ©¨© © !"
Maybe one day someone will listen to common sense;
perhaps he or she has not been born yet; the question that
should be asked is it "Profit before Environment”? If you
have any comments? I am sure the Editor would like to hear
from you. A Resident of Mill Lane.

 ¡¡ ¢§££¡§¤¤¨ ¥ ¤¡£¦¨¢¡

My son and his friend are trying to make themselves some extra
pocket money and have come up with the idea of offering a car-
washing service to people. As one of the parents I can vouch
that they will make a good job of it (we made them have a
'practice run' before embarking on their new venture!) and will
treat it as a small business opportunity.Obviously, they are going
to need to get started and were hoping that they could get a few
people interested in their service while the weather is so wet and
dirty!If you would be interested in trying out their car-
washing talents please telephone 730732 and ask for Michael
or 730354 and ask for Chris and they will book you in for a
wash.Many thanks,
Gina Collins


Look no further than us. We are two
enterprising young lads who will give your car a
great wash from only £2.50. If you want the sparkle
put back into your car, you are just a phone call
away. For more information, or to book a wash call
us on.

TEL: 01279 730 732 OR 730 354.
Cars will be washed at weekends.

Help with large garden is needed for 3-4 hours per
week. Various tasks including lawn cutting, hedge
trimming, weeding and tidying,

Please Telephone 730 495

Reliable person is required to help with housework
in a modern home. 2-3hrs per week. Hours to suit.


 ¡¢£¤¥ ¦¤§¨¦©  ¦ Secretary.

Wednesday 5th February 8.00pm - Stansted Toy Museum
(Bring your old toys along) 19th Century Farmer and Local Magistrate
(Val Jevans) 17th February 1860
Wednesday19thFebruary 8.00pm– Antiques-Robin Gurnett
Visitors welcome Broomshawbury (Hatfield Broad Oak)
Jean Wybrew 730465
On January 15th the Leisure Hour held its 40th Anniversary Mrs Green removed from Broomshawbury to the Buck’s
celebrations with cheese, wine and a specially made cake. House in Hatfield Town (HBO), in her 80th year, after a
Over 30 members and the Minister the Rev Nigel Rogers residence of upwards of 5 years in the farm.
enjoyed entertainment by Wendy Brandham. The event was
recorded by the Herts & Essex Observer and the Dunmow THE COMMUNITY CALENDAR
Broadcaster. Letters of congratulations were received from The Calendar has been
the Rev. Sidney Wheale and from Grace as well as former produced to display a selection
members who no longer live in the Village. of local landmarks and
The Leisure Hour was formed by Grace Wheale in 1963 for heritage sites currently under
working mothers and ladies who were looking for an threat from the massive
occasional evening of relaxation and entertainment. Since Stansted Airport expansion
then many speakers have talked on a great variety of subjects proposals. All proceeds raised
and a good deal of money raised for charitable organisations. from the sale will go towards
Five of the original members were present on the night. They boosting the campaign funds,
are of course now just a little older (and wiser!) as we commence 2003 with
our destiny in the balance.
Jack Want Much has been achieved so far
Older residents of Hatfield Heath will be sad to hear of the in such a short time, but much
death of Jack Want at the end of December.
Jack was born in Lt Hallingbury, his mother being the more work needs to be done.
midwife there. He married Winnie Betts who came from the
Heath and they lived in their bungalow on the Chelmsford WHAT ARE WE CAMPAIGNING FOR?
Road for many years both taking an active part in Village
life, before moving to Portland Bill in the late1980s to be The overall objective for Stop Stansted Expansion is to
near their daughter Margaret. contain the development of Stansted Airport within tight
Jack was employed for most of his working life at Holbrooks limits that are truly sustainable. Specifically, this means no
Tool Co in Harlow. During the war, because of his expansion outside the existing boundary, and no more runways.
engineering expertise, he was employed at the PERME An estimated 83,000 people are likely to be blighted by
ordnance factory at Waltham Cross. Later he worked for 'intolerable' aircraft noise, based on definitions applied by the
Walter Lawrence. He was a great sportsman playing Soccer World Health Organization. Indeed, the figure for those
for the Heath and when his playing days were over supported affected by 'intrusive' noise may rise to a staggering
the club as an official. He was also a keen gardener growing 550,000As well as these more obvious effects, it is the large-
plants for his own garden and also for neighbours. scale urbanisation of an entire area that this calendar
Winnie also played a leading part in the Village life, in attempts to highlight - these local scenes could be altered or
particular with the Welcome Club and the WI. She was also lost forever. As for the effects on our families, and in particular
an Elder of the Congregational (URC) Church serving there our children's health, studies are currently ongoing. This all has
for many years. She is at present in a nursing home in to he financed, which is why your decision to help by b u yi n g
Dorset. this calendar is much appreciated. Thank you! If you any further
information about how can help the campaign, please contact the
office 01279 870 558. The campaign website is available by
logging on to:
We recommence on the 3rd February at the U R C Hall
11.30am. All retired folk are most welcome. Transport is
We would like to take this opportunity to thank Joy Passfield MARCH 8TH JUMBLE SALE
and Brenda Dovaston, who are both retiring as our cooks AT THE URC HALL
after long service. We do therefore need help with
cooking/waitressing etc catering for approx 24 people. This Royal British Legion Womens Section is holding a
help should only be required 2/3 times per year. Please Jumble Sale at the U.R. Church Hall
contact me if you feel you can help in any way.
Judy Lemon 01279 730 581 2 –4PM


The A G M of the magazine will be held on Tuesday 25th
March at 8.00pm in the upper room of the URC Church. All
are welcome to attend and express their views.
Jean Clark

visit the website on, or contact Legion by Sandra Saban.Our membership is growing all the
Malcolm Burgess, Literature Officer, Essex County Council, on time and we are always able to offer a warm welcome to
(01245) 436759. anyone who would wish to join, or please feel that you can
come as a visitor if any of our future programme is of special
MOBILE LIBRARY Harlow Area interest. All our meetings are at the village hall on the second
Tuesday of each month at 2.30pm.
The mobile library offers a weekly library Diana White
Membership is free - just go to the mobile Studying an 18th Century Village.

library stop and join. A wide range of leisure Tutor: Dr. Jane Pearson.
A course for anyone interested in finding out about their village,
reading for adults and children is carried house or family history. If you want to discover something
of the history of a village, where do you go for
and books not on the shelves may be information? How do you use the sources once you have
discovered them? To what extent can they be linked
requested. Up to fourteen items may be together to produce a community study? This course
examines a variety of local records from Essex villages to
borrowed at one time and these are loaned show how they can be used in imaginative and creative
ways to ask and to answer questions about the social life
for three weeks. In addition videos, spoken word, language courses, and relationships in the 18th century village.
music on CD or cassette may also be requested. 2003 IN THE URC HALL, STARTING AT 7.45 P.M.
No prior knowledge or experience needed!
The mobile is part of the Essex County Council
Further details from Liz Wright: 730530.
Libraries network and the Library Manager has access
to all kinds of information Please make an effort to come to the AGM as this is when
you have the opportunity to choose the courses for the next
Liz Wright
MATCHING GREEN In case you haven’t received it I have included the following letter.
If I am sent anything more definite in the future I will pass it on as
The Chequers 9.20-9.30 soon as possible


The Fox 9.35-9.50 Dear residents with reference to the newspaper article, I am
the owner of this property and therefore the only person who
SHEERING can dictate as to what happens to this building and the
business within it, which includes the post office. Contrary
The Crown 9.55-10.15 to statement this business and post office will not be opening
on the 16th January The claim by the post office spokesman:
HATFIELD HEATH - 'we are obviously glad to be able to continue this service to
the village' is in complete contradiction to the action that
Ardley End 10.35-10.45 they took following the violent robbery, which resulted in
this village being denied this very service. We have always
The White Horse 10.50-11.05 been strong advocates of retaining a post office within this
village and for 13 years heather did just that, (please note
Broomfield 11.10-11.40 councillor Peter Lewis, that during this period of time
Heather has had to cope with the consequence of several post
The Close 11.45-12.05 office closures - Great Hallingbury -Little Hallingbury -
Rodings - Easters - Hatfield Broad Bak - etc) unfortunately
HATFIELD BROAD OAK 1.15-1.4 Heather, as everyone knows had to give up these good works
1.45-2.10 following a major operation, and so I stepped in to keep
Broad Street Green things going until she was fully recovered, and to this day i
Parish Room 2.15-2.45 would still be running this office had I not received such a
TAKELEY letter from the Post Office. This was written without
Mobile Home Site 2.50-3.00 conscience, a cruel act with no thought whatsoever to trauma
TAKELEY STREET already suffered by the Postmistress. I am unable to
The Old Mill Pub 3.05-3.15 comprehend such behaviour particularly after 14 years of
GT.HALLINGBURY service. To all our customers, most of you we have known
Hop Poles Pub 3.25-3.40 for so long, all of you good people, we genuinely care about
LT.HALLINGBURY 4.00-4.10 your needs and because of this Mrs Pamela Corbitt is
Village Hall 4.15-4.40 presently talking with a lady, with a view to re-opening the
Barkers Mead Post Office under this persons charge - but much is involved
Pynchon Paddocks 4.50-5.10 and nothing has been finalised - so will let everyone know
LOWER SHEERING ASAP – Pamela G Corbitt - Friday
Post Office

First, a happy New Year to everyone.
It was lovely to see so many members and friends at our
Christmas Social afternoon on Tuesday 10th December. We
were all welcomed by Barbara and after a few notices and
the formalities over, including Irene Schilanskys birthday
buttonhole, a gift was presented to Barbara for Christmas
with thanks from everyone for all her work.
We then all enjoyed a quiz; this included a picture quiz. This
was followed by a festive tea. We have enjoyed another
good year with a nice mix of social events and some very
good speakers. We are hoping that in 2003 we will be able to
provide another interesting programme for our monthly
We have started the year well with the January New Year
lunch at the Cock, Sheering. Many thanks to Cheryl and Bill
Bedford and their staff for a thoroughly enjoyable meal. It
was lovely to see so many of our members there. Next
month, Tuesday 11th February, we have a short AGM
followed by a talk about the work of the Royal British

At the end of last year at the Gardening Club Sarah, a guest speaker, was !! "!# $ % !& ' ( ' )! 0 ( & % 1&2%
showing slides of her House I commented on the beautiful shiny leaves of 13 244 ! %% 1 22 & C556 4%)7 8 &9 @& ACB% D5# %2 ( %1% 2 $E 2! ( E 25F!A#GC4 ( 2! 0
her roses and asked how she managed to keep the Black spot at bay To help 2 ) 2 12 4 79HI 2 5 2(% 3 4 $ C C( 4
me she sent the following article. ED 3 5 & ') C &$C) ! (&50 02 P C2C(2Q ! %R(# ! C ( &4C !"! @&C2T U 2( A )1 C A2! )0 22 5 S C &)C #C %! 0 $ %

THE CURSE OF BLACK SPOT The club has had several grounds, playing first behind the White
Yvonne Thomas looks at possible cures Horse on land next to a gravel pit. When a right back, after a
Sometimes I am tempted to buy a hundredweight of coal, bank up the sliding tackle near the touchline, fell into the water filled gravel pit
fires and produce a little local air pollution. The municipal law- it was felt to be the time to move on to a safer venue and therefore,
enforcers would be down like a ton of bricks - but wouldn't the roses in 1923, a field owned by Farmer Millbank near Clipped Hedge
love it. Black spot, curse of the rose garden, has been flourishing was used. Before World War II the ground was resited in a field at
Town Grove. In 1939 this field was ploughed up to assist the war
countrywide ever since sulphur effort and it was due to the foresight of Howard Pyle that a piece of
pollution from smoky chimneys ground at Bentleys Common was purchased from Mr Hart. Howard
came to an end with one of the early set about preparing a pitch, which could be used when hostilities
Clean Air Acts. The disease annually ceased. The club used this ground from 1946 to 1986 when a move
defoliates my roses. Spores from was made to the present pitch at Calves Meadow.
fallen leaves infect the soil and even The Club started again after the war with lots of hard work and
if every infected leaf is picked off fund raising carried out by many village people. In 1948 the AGM.
and burned (who can be that was attended by 48 people. The annual sports fete and flower show
meticulous?), the cycle continues contributed much needed finances to the football & cricket clubs
because more spores blow in on the and was always enjoyed by all. The ground at Bentleys saw very
wind. large attendances for village football sometimes with gates of well
over 200 people. One memorable match on Boxing Day 1946 saw
One obvious treatment seems to the Heath challenge the Prisoners of War Eleven. A huge crowd of
be to give the roses back their sulphur; but it is not as easy as it villagers and prisoners queuing for entry at one point stretched back
sounds. Sulphur is not soluble, so you cannot spray it, and if you from Bentleys to the Post Office! They saw a very strong German
dump the stuff on the ground, it will not break down. team with several internationals in their ranks run out resounding
But help is at hand: Ivor Ludford, who runs a horticultural supplies winners 11-0.
business in Iver, Buckinghamshire, imports a by-product of crude oil The decade of the 1950s was the most successful in the club's
from Saudi Arabia that is a soluble version of sulphur dioxide. history. They were regular finalists at Rhodes Avenue, Bishop's
Balance pH Wettable Sulphur is for spraying and Balance pH Sulphur Stortford for league cup finals sometimes playing in front of over
Chips are for putting in the soil. They act, he says, to prevent black 1000 spectators. In 1952 the club won four trophies namely, the
spot appearing, unlike commercial rose sprays, which are to cure the Bishop's Stortford & Stansted Premier League and Challenge Cup,
problem after it has arrived. "Black spot spores multiply and rise as the the West Essex Border Cup and the Bishop's Stortford Charity Cup.
damp soil gets warmer in spring," says Mr Ludford, Balance pH In 1956 the club repeated the League & Cup double. At Bentleys,
Sulphur Chips (which as the name implies also increase soil acidity) about that time, they would attract 200 or more fans and in local
are 90 per cent sulphur, which breaks down and can be absorbed by Derbies against Sheering and Takeley, even larger paying gates were
the plant. The Wettable Sulphur spray used to drench the leaves at known. In the 1960s Hatfield Heath also won the League
three-monthly intervals may leave a milky residue but users have said Sportsman's trophy and was invited to play inside Chelmsford
it controls and clears the disease. It can also be used on grape prison. Over 500 inmates watched the game and this time the club
mildew. William Pooley, a Dorset horticulturalist who lectures for the got its revenge on internees winning 5-1. Hatfield Heath can claim
Royal National Rose Society, is an enthusiast after trying out the to be one of the most successful junior teams clubs in Essex, winning
sulphur treatment "The chips put a good gloss on the rose leaves so trophies in each of the decade -from the 1920s. These achievements
black spot spores can't easily penetrate and the rain washes them off," were coupled with an excellent reputation for sportsmanship and
he says. hospitality. In May 1996 the Club's ground was featured in the
When the roses were in full leaf, he drenched the foliage using the national press when the famous 1966 World Cup goal in which
Wettable Sulphur mixed with water. He then left some bushes Geoff Hurst's shot hit the bar and dropped over the goal line was re-
without treatment, which developed bad black spot. For the second staged there with the German goalkeeper of the final, Hans
growth, he sprayed with sulphur and the new foliage was clear. There Tilkowski, and the original orange ball. Many excellent players and
are other ways of preventing black spot, or at least controlling it. official have served the Club over the years. Bill Bruty Howard
Royal National Rose Society consultant John Mattock says one Pyle, 'Sugar' Perry,George Brown, Wally Day, Ian Kettridge and
problem is that gardeners are bad at feeding roses. Starved roses have Bob Jerrard all helped to shape its success over many years,
low resistance. Roses suffering from malnutrition are more whilst most of these also served on League and County
susceptible to black spot than bushes that have devoured good committees. Mr Bruty was a very much-respected member of the
helpings of compost, manure and sulphate of potash. "Some people Essex F.A. and 'Sugar' served the Club in various capacities for
never feed their roses at all," says Mr Mattock, and (hypocritically more than 40 years. Norman Cunningham, Alf Patmore and Eric
forgetting my starving, speckled roses) I agree such people deserve Halls before the War and Howard Gunn, Les Trott, Bert Search,
black spot Mr Mattock also uses sulphur chips in the soil. (Mr Roy Howard, Stan Barker, Alan Wilkinson and Cliff Moore all
Pooley, who does likewise, sometimes starts by cleansing the soil played senior football for Bishops Stortford, Sawbridgeworth or
with a watering of diluted Jeyes Fluid.) Other treatments include the Harlow. Howard Pyle Reg Howard played for the Heath for
usual good all-round commercial rose feeds and general sprays. many years. In more recent times Bill Gleed,Lines brothers lan
"Stick to the manufacturer's instructions," advises Mr Mattock, and Andy. John Deamer, Stewart Perry, Ian Bennett, Andy
which sounds obvious but many people don't. For instance, roses Claydon and Michael Bamber all have long service as Heath
shouldn't have potash later than the end of July because it makes players Condensed from “A History of Hatfield Heath”
them grow soft wood for winter. As for me, the old roses inherited
with my garden are going to get the full Wettable Sulphur and Chips
treatment this year. But any new ones planted will be varieties bred
for disease resistance, scented, and as proper rose-growers say,
"recurrent flowering".
Wettable Sulphur 250g, year's supply for 20 roses, £9. Sulphur Chips.
500g, £9. For details, contact Greenacres Horticultural Supplies, PO Box
1228, Iver, Bucks SLO OEH.

 ¡¢£¤¥¦§  ¥¡¢  £¨¨¢©¡¦¦ ¦ ©

I hope to have update report on the team in the next issue
meanwhile here is a brief history.


Our members were met and made welcome by the young
people from our local school. They showed us to our seats
and gave us a programme. The show was called “Our
world”. The young narrators on the stage told us to listen
carefully to what we were about to see and hear. The
Nativity would be cleverly entwined with singing and
dancing from different cultures. I have not seen this before,
but it was done beautifully. The Spanish girls and boys
dressed as Flamingo dancers and Matadors sang and danced.
The theme of this was “The salvation of the world” how
about that bolero? Now came forward the hotel guests and
the tax collectors who conferred with the Innkeeper. Enter
Mary and Joseph who took their place in the inn. The Indian
music was authentic and passionate. The snake was
cunningly enticed from the basket by a young lad playing the
reed, the music stopped and the snake went quickly back into
the basket and the lid was shut down. Next came the very
appealing three Wise Men led by a star of light. Mary and
Joseph showed them their baby Jesus. Then it was the turn of
the Americans in their jeans colourful shirts cowboy hats
with yeehas and line dancing. King Herod entered now to
see the new King and silver boxes were handed to the baby.
The wise men bowed humbly.
Africa was exciting, three bongo drums, the sounds of birds
and animals, the boys with spears and even a giraffe. It was
so good we really felt we were in Africa. Lastly China, with
distant cymbals clashing and heads bowing, they offered
their love to the baby, politely and reverently. In the
background children of all nations were holding hands and
singing Happy Christmas to everyone. The three narrators
were very good, we could hear every word.
The members of the Welcome Club really enjoyed this show.
Thank you to all the children, staff and Headmaster.
Listening and watching these young people made me think
that people of the world should listen to these young folk,
they have no inhibitions and they gave their all.
After the show we were offered tea and cakes. The monitors
looked after us and very politely helped us to the door and
said see you again.
Our Chairman Tony Jenkins thanked the children and staff
for a great afternoon and our member’s thank you all.
Hope to see all friends again next year
Keep smiling

 ¡¢ £¤¥¦¦

This is the Front of
program of the
show children
from Hatfield
Heath School put
on. This is the
show Ivy Scott and
all her fellow
Welcome Club
members saw. (In
case you’re
wondering my wife
says the bottom
centre is an
American cowboy-
I knew that!)

I would love to
have input from
the young
generation, views on life, essays, poems, drawings anything.
This includes teenagers.
Enjoy your children as much as you can while they are very
young because: -

Young people now love luxury, they have bad manner,
contempt for authority and have become tyrants in the
household. They contradict their parents and tyrannise their
teachers. (Socrates 400BC)
Not a new problem then!

You may well have heard the term broadband. It simply
means very fast access to the internet. Most of us spend up to
a third of the time we're online waiting for things to
download, for emails to arrive, for search engines to finish
searching. Broadband means you can download the latest
Harry Potter trailer in seconds, listen to radio from across the
globe, get email instantly, work from home more effectively
and really enjoy learning online. The list goes on. But there's
a problem. Our region is a very rural one and broadband is
arriving slower than elsewhere in the country. The East of
England Development Agency (EEDA) is working to make
sure everyone in the region who wants broadband, can
access it. There are two things we'd like you to know about.
1. If you want broadband
please go to this site and register. Tell your friends too. We'll
be telling the companies who supply broadband where the
demand is and encouraging them to connect you as soon as
2. We've also launched the Connecting Communities
competition. EEDA has £3m to provide communities like
yours, with broadband. All you have to do is get at least six
of you together, fill out the entry form (available from the
website or by calling 0845 601 8824) and enter.




At a meeting of the Council on 20th November 2002 at the URC
Upstairs Meeting Room at 7.30p.m. there were present
Mr M. Lemon (Vice Chairman) Mr M. Hockley, Mr M. Lidgey,
Mr M. Sullivan Mrs P. Tyler (Clerk)
OPEN FORUM No members of the public were present.
1. Apologies for absence - Mr P. Fuller Lewis, Mr M. Lawrance
and Dr Bland
2. Adoption of minutes of previous meeting held on 16th October
2002 these were approved and signed.
3. Matters arising from the minutes
Cllr Sullivan reported that he had spoken to Mr Neilson following
the last Parish Council meeting. Mr Neilson felt there was not
enough communication between either the District or Parish
Councils with the village. Mr Neilson also felt the Parish Council
had not made it clear where they stand regarding the proposed
future development of Stansted Airport. The Councillors were
unanimously in agreement that no further expansion at Stansted
should take place. The Councillors agreed that the decision should
be put before the District Council not just the planning committee.

3.1 Maintenance and Drainage of the Heath

i. Grass cutting and Protecting the Heath - The Clerk reported that
Mr Kenney was due to commence the reinstatement of the service
road adjacent to the URC week commencing 25th November 2002.
At the same time the village green adjacent to Tudor Lodge would
also be reinstated.

ii. Village Green - The Clerk reported the Byelaw protecting the

Village Green from travellers was progressing. A letter
received from Mr Davies of Lea Hall which included flooding
in the Dunmow Road had been answered by Cllr Fuller Lewis.
In the letter Cllr Fuller Lewis requested he be informed the next
time the road was flooded. Mr Walsh, Tree Warden was
unhappy to have noticed the Hawthorne hedge on Village
Green in front of Chestnut Drive has been trimmed into a box
shape when the Lord of the Manor requested this to be “A”
shaped. A letter has been sent to Mr Baston who is on the
Management Committee of Chestnut Drive, reminding him of
the request. Mr Walsh was also concerned about the amount of
brambles, which were encroaching, on Village Green in front of
Crabtree also along the Stortford Road. Cllr Lemon and the
Clerk would look into this and the brambles, which are growing
onto the footpath on the Sawbridgeworth Road. Cllrs were
concerned that the laurel hedge planted in front of the newly
built house on the Stortford Road was on Village Green. The
Clerk will endeavour to establish where the boundary of Village
Green begins. The Clerk is to instruct Mr Kenney to put up the
winter chains to prevent cars driving onto the Heath. The Clerk
confirmed Mr Gosling was prepared to contribute £60.00
towards the costs incurred regarding the removal of travellers
from the Heath. The Clerk is to request Highways to remove
the tree which fell on the highway adjacent to Bentleys.

iii. “A” Boards - nothing to report
iv. Village Sign - Nothing to report
v. Footpaths - Footpath 39 diversion was approved by Parish

Councillors prior to the meeting. The Clerk and Cllr Hockley
were due to attending a meeting on the 21st November to collect
two new sets of the Definitive Map. The Clerk reported she
had requested E.C.C. Highways Department to clear all
pedestrian footpaths along the main roads into the village. This
should commence shortly.

 ¡¢¢£¤¥ ¦ § ¨¡© ¥ © ¢£ £ © ¥ ¤ ¢ ¤ ¨© ©¡¢¢£¤¥ ¢£
¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¨ ¥ ¤ ¢ © © ! ¥ " £# ¤ ¥£¤ £¤ ¥
¤ # ! £ © ¢ ¤ ¥ $ ©% ¤ £! ¤¥ ¥ ! ©! © !
© # ¤ ©¡¢¢£¤¥ & ¡ ! ¢ £ ! ¢' ( ) $ ¨©
¢£ &£ ¥ ¡ £ © $ © 0¡ £1 ¥ ! ' ¢ ¢
¢ £ ! 2¡ ¤ ¨ © ¤¤£¢ !1 © £¤ ¤ ¢ # ! ¥
¢£ ¤ § © © # £1 ! ¨© ( ) $ © 3 ©!£ 3 ¥ £© 4 ¡ ¥
5¨¨ !£ 3 ¤¥ ¡ ! ¢ ¨ & ! ¡ ¢' ¥ $ ©% &£ ¥ ¥
¤¤£¢£ £ ' ¨ ¥ # ©£ 3 ¢© ¢ ¤ § ! for the

any further proliferation of garages adjacent to the pavement is Petty Cash £50.00
done now or the whole character of this important road will be
altered. In any case a triple garage is vast over development. Holy Trinity Church Annual Grant £220.00
However, we do not object to a modest bay window.
The Clerk reported she had received the precept request, due 23rd

January 2003.

The Councillors felt all the above applications, with the exception 20. Correspondence
of 16 Ardley Crescent should come before committee and a site
visit should be arranged. East of England Document - Circulated

6. Decisions Register of Electors - Applied for

Alldays Stores - Installation of external shutters - Refused EALC - Various
Stoney Mead - Single storey rear extension to house swimming
pool and detached garage - Approved U.D.C. Identification of Councillors - Requested Councillors to
17 Clipped Hedge - Rear conservatory - Approved
carry identification
7. Car Park - Nothing to report on the transfer. The Car Park sign
U.D.C. Local Plan - Revised Deposit
was approved at a cost of £125.00 although the Parish Council
would probably contribute £75. E.C.C. Highways funding the Essex Fire Authority - Community Fire Scheme Notice board
remainder. The Clerk reported a vehicle had hit the overhead
barrier into the Car Park. Zurich Insurance are to be informed available
of this accident. The Clerk will inform the vehicle owner of
this and the action he must take if he wishes to pursue a claim. UVB Questionnaire
The Clerk will chase Mr Scorgi again to replace the previously
damaged height triangle. St Claires Hospice collection request and news sheet

8. Open Space/Play Area - footpath - The Clerk and Chairman to Bus Passenger News and Representatives meeting

attend a meeting with Laings, U.D.C. and the Taylors Trustees Volunteer
on Friday 22nd November regarding the footpath to the Play
Area. Countryside Agency - Get your community moving - Vital Villages

9. No 8 Cox Ley - The boundary to be discussed at the above Update- Autumn

meeting. Countryside Voice - CPRE Autumn issue

10. Village Design Plan - Cllr Sullivan informed the meeting he Clerks and Councils Direct - November issue

had registered an interest in compiling a V.D.P. and had visit the website on, or contact
arranged a meeting with Susan Roast of Rural Community
Council for Essex, Monday 1st December to discuss how to
proceed. Cllr Lemon said he would attend with Cllr Sullivan.
The Clerk to inform absent councillors of this meeting.

11. Stansted - The Vice Chairman thanked all those involved for

their help on Red Letter day. Particularly Mrs Lemon for the
loan of her posters. A total of 60 letters were written and were
gratefully received by the S.S.E. office. The Clerk reported the
Chairman will be delivering the U.D.C. Referendum to No 10
on the 28th November when it will also be presented to
Parliament on the same day. Cllr Lemon reminded Councillors
of the protest march in London on 23rd November and the rally
in Bishop’s Stortford on Sunday. Cllr Lidgey reported meetings
were constantly being held and wished to confirm the Parish
Council was totally opposed to any further development at

12. Police - Cllr Lemon informed Cllr Hockley the Chairman had

taken up Cllr Hockley’s complaint about continuing difficulty
of reaching the local police. Cllr Sullivan reported that when he
had been recently burgled the police response was excellent.

13. Code of Conduct - A copy of a letter sent to Mr Reynolds by

Lubbick Fine was reported to the meeting.

14. Affordable Housing - Nothing to report

15. Reports of Councillors attending meetings - Nothing to report

16. Golden Jubilee - Nothing to report

17. Emergency Planning - Cllr Sullivan was pleased to report the

U.D.C. Emergency Procedure Plan was progressing in the right

direction. Cllr Sullivan had had a one to one meeting with

Sarah Grant, U.D.C. Emergency Planning Officer and felt the

gaps should be straightforward to resolve. Cllr Sullivan was

concerned that only accidental disasters and or severe weather

was being covered and not any incidents initiated by terrorists.

18. Clerks Vacancy – Has been filled

19. Finance - The following cheques were approved for signature

Hire of Hatfield Heath Village Hall Committee Room £39

Mr T. Jameson Salary Oct - Dec 2002 £61.50

Mrs P. Tyler Salary Oct - Dec 2002 £771.00

Mrs P.Tyler (Clerk’s Expenses) Telephone, Litter picking £92.06



Happy 21st Birthday to

Health and happiness always to the light of our

Love, Mum, Kevin, Marc, Sophie.


Happy 16th Birthday To

Mel Stiles

On 24th February

Love, Mum, Nan, Granddad, Nicola, Dave,
Abby, Chester, Flea, Chad, Pinky And

    

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