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A bad day for a kid named billy and he gets to school getting made fun of.

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Published by Nathaniel Wimmer, 2019-05-16 12:28:14

A Horrible Day For School

A bad day for a kid named billy and he gets to school getting made fun of.

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Today I will tell you about the worst day of my life, it was my bad day.

My name is Bill and that day was on my 16th birthday the worst day
of my life, first it was a Monday so it was already bad, and I stayed up till
5:38, I was the most tired it felt like I was sleeping but, like, 5 times harder
than I ever have and my dog peed and pooped in his kennel so he had to
stay out of it and I had to get to school or else my mom would ground me
till I was 18.

So I woke up finally it was 8:30 and all classes start at 8:15 so I
thought that it wasn't going to be too bad but that was the only time in my
life that I was so wrong (I still feel sorry for myself.)

So I got myself all ready for the day and I was ready after 9:30
because first the shower was only cold/freezing water so I had the worst
shower and no more toothpaste and my dog that I had to leave out decided
it was the day to bite couches and not stop so I put him upstairs and my
family forgot about me I guess because they were gone when I got up but
after everything was done I started to leave and when I left the house I
walked to school and my house is about 30 minutes and it was 10:00 and
15 minutes into the walk a dump truck splashed me with like a million tons
of water and waste.

So I went to school like I took a shower with my clothes on and so many
people said ¨look he peed himself all over¨ and then I saw the PRINCIPAL
the top dog was heading straight for me (in his mind,) should I run, walk
away, try to disguise myself but it was too late I was toast.

He called me and my heart stopped thump, thump, thump I took a
deep breath and I thought this is the way I go out this by being late is the
way I die.

I got sent back home, it was creepy because those voices were in my
mind and I saw no kids and my mom, dad, sister, brother are all at the mall
and it was Saturday not Monday and there was no school I had just
forgotten that it was Saturday.

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