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The Iroquois Tribe by 5S

The Iroquois Tribe by 5S

Iroquois tribe

social  structure!!!!


By:  Ana  Kurelja,  Sasha  Kagan,  Marcos  Rodrigues,  Joe  Ruzzo  





Table of Contents
G​eography……...Sasha Kagan
R​eligion……...Marcos Rodrigues
A​chievements……… Ana Kurelja
P​olitics……...Sasha Kagan
So​ cial ​St​ ructure………Joe Ruzzo


The  G​eog​ra​phy ​  o​ f  
t​he​  I​ r​oquo​ is  

In  this  chapter  you  will  learn...  where  the  Iroquois  
lived,  their  natural  resources,  and  more!    


This  is  a  picture  of  
where  the  Iroquois  might  have  

found  some  of  their  water  to  
drink  or  for  kids  to  play  in  on    
             a  hot  day.  

By  Sasha  Kagan  

Where  The  Iroquois  Lived  

The  Iroquois  lived  in  an  area  we  call  Buffalo,  New  York.  The  Iroquois  

lived  on  the  coast  of  Lake  Ontario,  that's  where  the  Iroquois  would  get  their  
water.  They  would  also  bathe  there  and  children  would  play  there  on  hot  


This  is  where  the  tribes  of  the  Iroquois  lived  

Some  of  the  Iroquois  Natural  



Some  natural  resources  that  the  Iroquois  had  were…    
Seashells-­​  The  Iroquois  used  seashells  for  beads  called  wampum.  
Wampum  was  never  used  before  the  Europeans  came.  The  Iroquois  used  
the  beads  to  make  strings  and  belts  that  had  special  purposes.    
Fresh  Water-­ ​  The  Iroquois  got  most  of  their  water  supply  from  Lake  
Ontario.  They  also  got  some  of  their  water  supply  from  smaller  lakes  and  
Wood-­  ​The  Iroquois  mostly  built  on  high  land.  They  built  stockades  with  
gates  around  their  villages.  The  gates  were  usually  twenty  feet  high.  There  
were  rows  of  buildings  inside  the  stockade.  Most  of  those  buildings  were  
longhouses.  The  bottom  of  the  longhouses  are  made  from  wood.  The  tops  
are  made  from  leaves,  branches  and  twigs.  
Animals-­  ​The  Iroquois  did  not  kill  for  a  sport.  They  needed  to  hunt  to  live.  
Almost  everything  from  the  hunt  was  used.  The  meat  was  eaten  and  the  
skins  were  used  for  clothing  and  bedding  which  they  would  decorate  with  
berries.  Bones  were  used  for  tools  and  utensils  and  sinews,  or  guts,  were  
used  for  string.  Certain  times  of  the  year,  female  animals  were  not  hunted  
because  it  was  the  time  when  they  raised  their  babies.  Iroquois  men  and  
boys  were  skilled  at  fishing.  They  only  fished  at  night.  The  light  from  their  
torches  attracted  fish  to  the  surface  and  then  they  could  catch  them  easier.  


How  Iroquois  Would  

Prepare  Land  for  Farms  &  



The  Iroquois  live  in  an  area  that  was  filled  with  an  abundant  amount  of  
natural  resources.  But,  you  would  not  live  in  the  same  village  your  whole  
life.  You  would  live  in  an  area  for  about  ten  to  twenty  years.  After  that,  you  
would  run  out  of  your  supply  of  animals  and  trees.  When  the  Iroquois  found  
a  new  location,  to  prepare  the  land  the  men  cut  trees  around  the  base  and  
then  pack  mud  or  clay  on  the  trunk  above  where  they  were  cutting.  After  
that,  they  would  burn  underneath  the  mud  or  clay  so  that  they  didn’t  have  to  
cut  the  tree  all  the  way  through  and  they  clay  or  mud  was  fire  resistant  so  
the  fire  didn’t  burn  the  whole  tree  down.  It  stopped  where  the  clay  or  mud  


The  Iroquois  made  sure  that  the    

men  and  women  had  equal  jobs.  

In  this  picture  you're  seeing  the    

     women  working  on  the  farms  

while  the  men  and  boys  hunted    

and  the  elders  taught  the  youngsters  

life  skills.  

       W​ here  the  5  Different  

Iroquois  Nations  Lived  


The  Iroquois  had  their  5  tribes  lined  up  in  a  shape  that  they  envisioned  as  a  
giant  longhouse  protecting  them  from  danger  and  violence.  The  Iroquois  
called  this  longhouse  the  “great”  longhouse.  The  five  tribes  were  Mohawk,  
Oneida,  Onondaga,  Cayuga  and  Seneca.  Mohawk  and  Seneca  were  the  
keepers  of  the  ends  of  the  longhouse  because  they  were  at  the  ends  of  the  
great  longhouse.    

 Info  About  The  5  Tribes  

English  Name   Iroquoian  Name   Meaning   Location  
Seneca  Lake    
Seneca   Onondowahghah   “People  of  the  Great   Genesee  river  
Hill”   Cayuga  Lake  

Cayuga   Guyohkohnyoh   “People  of  the  Great   Onondaga  Lake  
Swamp”   Oneida  Lake  

Onondaga   Ononda  gega   “People  of  the  Hills”   Mohawk  River  

Oneida   Onayotekaono   “People  of  Standing  

Mohawk   Kanien  Keha:Ka   “People  of  the  Great  

Iroquois  Religion    

Medicine  Men  

There  were  different  types  of  medicine  men  it  

depended  on  your  illness.Some  performed  

special  rituals.You  never  paid  the  healers  you  

offered  them  sacred  tobacco  and  the  kind  of  

foods  that  they  liked.    




Birth  Ritual  

     The​  G​ reen  corn  festival  usually  held  in  august  and  

lasted  for  several  days  and  the  midwinter  festival  

held  in  early  february.  Naming  was  a  very  special  

event.There  were  naming  ceremonies  held  twice  a  

year.You  would  have  several  names  during  your  life  

one  when  your  born  one  when  your  a  teenager  and  

one  if  become  chief.          


Family  Religion  

Most  people  in  the  iroquois  shared  the  same  religious  
beliefs.If  u  have  been  adopted  by  a  iroquois  family  you  
can  still  follow  your  own  religion    the  iroquois  never  forced  
their  religious  beliefs  into  anyone.The  iroquois  respected  
other  tribes  religion.  


Women  wore  their  hair  in  two  braids  until  they  were  
married  it  was  one  braid.Men  and  boys  had  one  strip  of  
hair  on  the  top  of  their  head  today  we  call  this  a  mohawk.  
Men  plucked  their  facial  hair  with  clam  shells.  Beards  and  
mustaches  made  you  look  like  a  furry  animal  the  iroquois  

Condolence  Ceremony    
The  condolence  ceremony  was  ritual  performed  when  
someone  died.One  who’s  relitave  died  gets  comfort  from  
the  peacemaker  and  the  other  family  who  killed  their  
relitave  offers  some  too  comfort  wipes  away  tears  said  the  


The Achievements of the

By:Ana Kurelja


     The  inside  of  a  longhouse  


Some  achievements  that  you  are  going  to  learn  
about  are,  how  they  made  clothes,  what  they  ate,  what  
was  their  language,  why  their  trails  were  important  and  
what  were  their  houses  like.  



                                                                   W​ hat the Iroquois wore for clothing

Summer  Iroquois  dress  


The  Iroquois  clothing  was  handmade  by  the  women.  Most  clothing  
was  made  out  of  deer  skin.  Part  of  the  process  was  tanning  the  deer  skin.  
For  example,  in  order  to  tan  the  deer  skin  they  need  to  scrape  off  the  hair,  
soak  the  skin,  stretch  it,  and  then  let  it  dry.  The  last  step  is  to  smoke  each  
side  of  the  deer  skin  over  a  fire.  They  also  made  wampum  belts.  The  
wampum  belts  were  used  to  record    information  and  great  events.  


       W​ hy the Iroquois trail is important


Iroquois  trail  today  

The  Iroquois  trails  are  now  our  highways.  The  Iroquois  trails  
connected  the  five  nations.  The  trails  were  not  used  for  any  kind  of  
messengers  or  anything  like  that.  If  the  Iroquois  ever  wanted  to  go  visit  
their  relatives  they  would  take  another    trail.  

What the Iroquois houses were made of and who made them.


 Iroquois  longhouse.  

The  men  made  the  long  house  out  of  logs,  cross  poles  and  elm  

mark.There  are  24  different  families  that  live  in  the  longhouse.  Some  of  the  
things  that  are  in  a  longhouse  are  a  place  to  put  a  fire,  closets  for  their  
cloths,  beds  made  out  of  bear  skins  and  compartments  that  separate  the  
24  different  families.  



What was the Iroquois language  

 Iroquois  speaking.  


The  Iroquois  had  no  written  language.  They  had  an  oral  tradition.  This  
means  that  the  elders  would  be  the  storytellers  of  their  tribes.  This  is  where  
families  learned  of  their  family  history,  your  village  and  your  nation's  history.  
Five  nations  of  the  Iroquois  had  different  dialects.  The  five  nations  would  all  
learn  their  different  dialects  but  all  of  the  Iroquois  had  a  common  language.  



What the Iroquois eat

 Iroquois  food.    


The  men  and  women  in  the  Iroquois  all  get  their  food  differently.  For  
example  the  men  hunt  bear,  rabbits  and  deer.  The  men  break  the  animal  
apart  and  take  the  good  parts  out.The  women  take  those  parts  and  cook  
them  over  the  fire.  The  girls  would  gather  the  berries,  wheat,  corn,  squash  
and  beans.The  Iroquois  used  corn  for  many  purposes.  One  purpose  is  





How the Iroquois told date and time


different  kinds  of  moons.  

The  Iroquois  told  the  date  and  time  by  the  way  the  moon  
changes.  The  Iroquois  would  also  tell  how  cold  and  warm  it  is    
 going  to  get  close  to  winter  or  summer  by  the  stars  and  sunset.  It  
takes  about  a  month  for  the  moon  to  get  back  to  it’s  first  quarter  


The  Politics  of  The  



This  is  a  Chief  that  would  lead  a  nation  (out  of  the  five  nations)in  a  
council  meeting.  

The  5  Tribes  in  the  Iroquois  League  
       Mohawk                        Oneida              Onondaga  

They  were  the  People   They  were  the  People   People  of  the  hills.  
of  the  Flint  Country.   of  Standing  Stone.   They  were  also  called  
They  were  named  this   This  was  because  of   the  “Keepers  of  the  
because  of  the  natural   the  great  rock  in   Council  Fire”.  They  
resources  of  flint  rock   Oneida  county.   were  called  this  
in  the  ground.   because  they  
managed  the  League  
  council  meetings.  







Cayuga Seneca  


The  people  of  the  boat  landing,  or   They  were  called  “The  People  of  
the  People  of  the  Mucky  Land.   the  Great  Hill.  They  were  also  
Historians  thought  this  because  of   known  as  the  “Keepers  of  the  
the  marshland  at  Lake  Cayuga   Western  Gate”.  


So  where  does  the  name  Iroquois  come  from?    

In  colonial  times  only  the  French  called  them  the  IROQUOIS  

 Also  know  as  Haudenosaunee-­  the  People  of  the  Longhouse.


What  is  the  Great  Law  of  
Peace  ?  


This  is  known  as  the  Iroquois  Constitution.  
This  is  just  like  our  United  States  Constitution.  
This  is  where  government  is  set  up  along  with  the  rules  about  freedoms  
and  the  duties  of  the  people  and  their  leaders.  
The  Peacemaker  thought  that  once  everyone  joined  the  League  of  the  Five  
Nations  that  everyone  would  come  together  for  peace.  Once  the  Iroquois  
joined  they  never  ever  fought  again.  
→  All  land  was  open  to  the  members  of  the  Five  Nations  and  always  safe  
for  traveling  and  hunting  
→  Women  were  part  of  the  government  process  along  with  the  men.  
Women  had  the  job  of  farming  and  taking  care  of  the  land.  Men  had  the  job  
of  hunting.  Elders  had  the  job  of  teaching  the  younglings  the  ways  of  life.    




What  was  a  Clan?  


A  clan  is  made  up  of  two  or  more  longhouse  families.  It  was  
understood  that  the  Iroquois  were  all  related  to  the  1st  female  ancestor.  
When  you  were  born  you  automatically  belonged  to  the  clan  of  your  

All  clans  were  named  after  animals.  The  three  most  popular  names  
were  Bear,  Turtle  and  Wolf.  The  leader  of  each  clan  was  the  eldest    and  
most  respected  women.  She  had  an  important  job.  She  decided  who  was  
the  Council  Chief  for  the  League,  schedule  festivals,  gave  out  names  and  
removed  Chiefs  if  they  were  not    doing  their  job.  

Clans  are  like  you  and  extended  family  members.  If  you  traveled  and  
needed  a  place  to  stay  you  could  stay  with  a  different  clan.  They  were  all  
considered  one  big  family.  



the  Iroquois  are  not  very  independent  they  like  to  work  in  teams/groups  as  you  
see  in  this  picture...they  are  working  together  to  hunt  deer.  


Laws  &  Punishment  


If  a  child  of  the  Iroquois  tribe  did  something  wrong,  he/she  would  not  
get  a  slap  across  the  face  but  he/she  might  get  water  thrown  him/her  or  be  
dunked  into  a  stream.  If  he/she  were  extremely  bad,  then  he/she  knew  that  
Longnose  would  come  after  him/her.  Longnose  threatened  to  carry  him/her  
off  unless  he/she  promised  to  be  good.  Longnose  was  played  by  an  adult.  
Most  likely  a  relative  who  would  wear  a  special  mask  that  every  child  was  
scared  of.  If  Longnose  came  after  a  child,  that  child  always  promised  to  try  
harder  to  be  well  mannered.    

Not  many  adults  of  the  Iroquois  tribe  committed  crimes.  And  so  there  
were  no  police  or  jails.  Very  few  of  the  members  of  the  Iroquois  tribe  ever  
stole  anything.  There  were  no  locks  on  any  Longhouse  doors.  A  pole  
leaning  across  a  door  was  a  sign  that  nobody  was  there  or  they  didn’t  want  
you  to  come  in.  Inside  the  Longhouse  all  of  the  belongings  were  stored  in  
areas  that  could  be  seen.  Stealing  was  so  horrible  that  everybody  would  
look  down  on  you  if  you  stole.  And  that  was  considered  a  horrible  
punishment.  There  were  some  crimes  that  would  have  harsher  
punishments.  For  example,  murder  was  the  most  horrible  of  crimes.  The  
punishment  would  be  death.  When  a  murder  occurred  in  the  Iroquois  
nation,  the  nation  or  clans  held  assemblies  to  try  to  prevent  future  attacks.  
The  family  of  the  murderer  might  send  a  gift  of  white  wampum  to  the  
victim’s  Longhouse  family.  If  the  victim’s  family  did  accept  the  gift,  the  
murderer’s  family  would  be  forgiven.  If  not,  the  murderer’s  family  would  
have  to  live  with  the  sahme  for  the  rest  of  their  lives.    

Some  Other  Iroquois  Facts    


Council  Meetings    

A  council  meeting  is  when  the  five  nations  of  the  Iroquois  meet  all  
together.  This  happens  about  once  a  year.  No  one  tribe  was  in  charge  of  
the  meeting.  It  was  a  democracy.  The  meetings  happened  around  a  council  
fire.  Anything  that  had  to  do  with  all  of  the  nations  was  talked  about  at  this  


How  the  Iroquois  Thought  The  World  Began  

The  Iroquois  people  believe  that  the  earth  was  created  before  the  
people.  The  creation  story  has  been  told  for  many  years.  And  now  has  over  
forty  different  versions.  Before  the  earth  began,  there  was  a  Skyworld.  
Below  the  Skyworld  there  was  a  big  space  of  air  and  below  that  there  was  
a  body  of  water.  One  day  the  King  of  Skyworld  got  ill.  When  the  wife  went  
to  look  at  him  she  fell  through  into  the  big  space  of  air.  The  animals  saw  
her  falling  and  carried  her  to  land  created  by  the  animals.  The  land  was  a  
turtle  with  soil  on  its  back.  The  wife  gave  birth  to  a  daughter  who  then  gave  
birth  to  two  sons.  Those  two  sons  were  named  Flint  and  Sapling.  Sapling  
was  born  the  normal  way  and  known  as  the  “good”  child.  Flint  was  in  a  rush  
to  be  born  and  came  out  his  mother’s  side  which  brought  her  to  death.  
When  the  two  boys  buried  their  mother,  the  three  sisters  (corn,  beans,  
squash)  grew  out  of  her  body.  Sapling  created  all  the  good  things  in  life,  
such  as  roses  and  Flint  created  bad  things  in  life,  such  as  thorns  on  roses.  
Flint  and  Sapling  are  always  in  a  battle  and  that  is  how  the  Iroquois  
believed  the  world  began.    


The  Iroquois  Social  Structure  

By  Joseph  Ruzzo  



                                       This  is  a  picture  of  the  Iroquois  celebrating.  



Longhouse                  Fireside​                        ​Clan  


  At  least  two  or  
more  longhouse  
  families  made  up  
a  clan.  An  animal  
A  longhouse  is   A  fire  side  family   represented  each  
made  of  logs  and   is  made  up  of   clan.  The  names  
cross  poles  and   your  parents,   of  the  clans  are  
covered  with  elm   brothers  and   Wolf,  Deer,  
bark.  There  were   sisters.   Heron,  Beaver,  
no  windows  but   snipe,  Turtle,  
there  was  fire   Eagle  and  bear.    
holes  in  the  roof.  
The  fire  holes  
were  used  to  let  
out  smoke  when  
they  cooked  a  



   H​ ow  kids  were  punished  

If  you  were  bad,  an  adult  called  long  nose  wore  a  mask  
children  feared.  When  long  nose  visited  children  they  
always  promised  to  change  their  behavior.  Children  were  
also  dunked  in  a  stream.    


Types  of  work  

Work  was  a  part  of  the  Iroquois  daily  life.  An  Iroquois  
women  made  tools  for  any  thing  she  needed  to  do.  For  
example,  she  gathered  and  prepared  the  materials  before  
she  made  a  whole  basket.  
The  iroquois  had  different  work  for  each  season.  During  
the  spring  some  people  would  peal  elm  bark  and  use  it  for  
longhouses  and  canoes.  In  the  late  summer  they  would  
also  harvest  crops  and  prepare  them  for  storage  the  


Geography  Section  
Flat  land  -­  Where  the  Iroquois  made  there  longhouses  and  planted  their  
Wampum-­  Beads  cut  from  seashells.  The  Iroquois  used  wampum  to  keep  
important  information.  
Religion  Section    
illness-­  get  from  bad  food,water,or  air  
naming  ceremonies-­  held  twice  a  year  
ritual-­when  someone  dies  
iroquois  hair-­beards  and  mustaches  made  you  look  like  a  furry  animal.  

Achievements  section    
Tradition-­  A  celebration  the  Iroquois  do  every  year  
Language-­  The  way  the  Iroquois  communicate  

Dialects-­  Different  accents  from  different  places  
Longhouse-­  were  the  Iroquois  lived  
husks-­  A  bunch  of  corn  put  together  
deer  skin-­  Something  that  the  Iroquois  used  for  clothing  
blouse-­  A  really  flowy  shirt  
Tanned-­  When  women  dry  the  deer  skin  so  you  can  sew  
poles-­  Little  holes  in  the  deer  skin  
moccasins-­  Shoes  that  the  Iroquois  used  in  the  winter  
Thread-­  What  the  Iroquois  used  to  sew  
deer  bone-­  What  the  Iroquois  used  as  a  needle  
These  are  names  of  all  the  different  kinds  of  moons-­    mohawk,  saskeawa,  


Politics  Section  
Council  meeting-­  a  council  meeting  is  when  the  five  nations  get  together  
and  talk  about  the  problems  that  concern  the  whole  tribe  not  just  one  nation  
Long  Nose-­  long  nose  is  usually  an  adult  with  a  scary  mask  on  that  all  kids  
know  and  fear.  When  long  nose  comes  to  a  kid  to  make  him/her  apologise.  
Punishments  -­  No  ever  really  did  crimes…  if  you  stole  something  you  would  
usually  get  water  thrown  on  you  or  if  a  kid  stole  something  longnose  would  
visit  you.  if  there  was  a  murder  you  would  be  killed  and  that  person's  family  
would  be  looked  down  on.  that  family  would  have  to  also  regain  the  nation's  
Social  Structure  Section  
 fireside  Family-­  parents,brothers  and  sisters  
longhouse  family-­oldest  woman  head  of  longhouse  everyone  in  the  
longhouse  was  related  to  her  
clans  -­  two  or  more  longhouse  families=a  clan  


​Sasha Kagan  



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Ana  kurelja  
1-­ Levine,   Ellen,   and   Shelly   Hehenberger.   ​If   You   Lived   with   the   Iroquois.​   New   York:  

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​Most   of   these   pictures   are   from   google   but   the  
information  and  some  of  the  pictures  are  from  





Tradition-­  A  celebration  the  Iroquois  do  every  year  

Language-­  The  way  the  Iroquois  communicate  
Dialects-­  Different  accents  from  different  places  
Longhouse-­  were  the  Iroquois  lived  
husks-­  A  bunch  of  corn  put  together  
deer  skin-­  Something  that  the  Iroquois  used  for  clothing  
blouse-­  A  really  flowy  shirt  
Tanned-­  When  women  dry  the  deer  skin  so  you  can  sew  
pores-­  Little  holes  in  the  deer  skin  
moccasins-­  Shoes  that  the  Iroquois  use  in  the  winter  
Thread-­  What  the  Iroquois  use  to  sew  
deer  bone-­  What  the  Iroquois  use  as  a  needle  
These  are  names  of  all  the  different  kinds  of  moons-­    


About  The  Author  

The  author’s  name  is  Marcos.Marcos  is  11  he  was  born  in  
Brazil.  But  now  lives  in  Edgartown  Massachusetts.His  
hobbies  are  playing  basketball  and  football  with  his  
friends.He  enjoys  playing  video  games  and  playing  with  
his  sister.His  favorite  food  is  oven  baked  veggie  pizza.  
Marcos  hopes  to  one  day  play  in  the  NBA  or  NFL.But  for  
now  he  enjoys  playing  basketball  and  football  at  school  
and  with  his  friends.Marco’s  mom  is  a  very  important  part  
of  his  life.she  helps  him  every  step  of  the  way.  Marcos  
loves  to  watch  cartoons  and  college  basketball  on  TV.  


About  the  author  

Ana  Kurelja  Is  11  years  old  and  half  of  her  
family  lives  in  Croatia.    she  goes  to  the  edgartown  school.  She  
has  a  big  sister  and  a  little  sister.  Some  of  her  hobbies  are  
drawing,  writing  stories,  playing  with  her  baby  sister  and  having  
alone  time  with  her  mom.  



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