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The Boulton Autumn 2018 Issue 7

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The Boulton Autumn Issue 7

The Boulton Autumn 2018 Issue 7


compassion discipline service


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1 Principal’s Message
2 Oxford Residential
3 The Parliamentary Review
5 World Youth Café
6 Girl Tech Birmingham
8 Remembrance 100
9 And in other news...
11 Rights & Responsibilities Day
12 Winter Welfare
13 Boulton Gallery
15 “Get to know me...”
17 Key Dates


I am delighted to welcome you back to another As the months are now getting colder and darker, please
refer to our ‘winter welfare’ section on page 12 for useful
publication of our newsletter, The Boulton. We are now winter hints and tips.
in our fourth year as an Ark Boulton community as we
continue to grow together and reach higher.

These first few months have set us up for an exciting year “We are what we repeatedly do.
ahead. We welcomed our new Class of 2023 - Year 7 Excellence therefore, is not an
intake in September and they have settled in well within
the academy. They took part in their very first Rights and action, but a habit.”
Responsibilities Day - our annual ‘drop down day’ - which
this term focused on compassionate relationships and the Aristotle
importance of being part of a community.
The term has had a specific focus on community relations I look forward to continuing to work with yourselves and
and engagement. Not only did we work closely with the the Boulton community to strive further for excellence.
West Midlands Police for an officer and student event but Working together with students, staff and parents, we
we also worked on a special project for the community continue to actively create a stimulating learning
on Remembrance Day. This year marked 100 years since environment whilst developing social and personal skills.
the First World War and Ark Boulton created a video to
commemorate. You can view this video on our website at H K Channa JP FCCT Principal

At the beginning of the year, a special publication of ‘The
Parliamentary Review’ was published and we were
honoured to have been mentioned. The publication
highlights best practice across secondary school education
in the UK.

“My vision was to lead an academy
where pupils truly believed they were

part of something bigger &
understood their moral & social


Principal H K Channa JP FCCT

You can read more about our review on page 3 and over
on our website.


Universify is a charity committed to educational equality. The aim is to increase educational aspirations, student

attainment and the chances of making a successful application to a highly selective university.
Ark Boulton Academy partnered with Universify to send two of our Year 10 students on a year-long programme to the
University of Oxford. This is our third year taking part in this scheme.
“Universify’s residential is a brilliant idea, which has had an immense impact on the students who took part. They
returned full of excitement and in total awe of Oxford University. The residential was planned with great care and to
cater to student needs.” Lead Teacher – Ark Boulton Academy.
This summer, students Habibah and Ahee attended the residential and will now continue to benefit from mentoring
from Universify volunteers throughout the year leading up to their GCSE examinations.
Below is an account from Habibah and her experience on the residential:
“My time at the University of Oxford was amazing! I stayed at Somerville College Oxford for a week and took part in a
number of academic sessions including subjects that are more commonly for a university student such as Philosophy
and Medical Sciences.

As well as the academic experience, I also took part in activities such as punting and debating. These activities really
helped strengthen my confidence and helped to ‘break the ice’ amongst all the students at the residential. I learnt a lot
from the sessions and I am now more aware of what studying at a top university would be like.
I am very happy that Ark Boulton Academy chose me to take part in the course as it was such an eye opening
experience for me. The things I have learnt and the memories I have made with everyone will stay with me forever.
Thank you to Alex and all of the coaches for making me and the other students who took part feel so comfortable. I
personally would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to take part in this programme.”



Ark Boulton Academy is honoured to have been My vision was to lead an academy where pupils truly
believed they were part of something bigger and
included in the publication of The Parliamentary Review understood their moral and social responsibilities; their
this year, highlighting best practice across the secondary actions or inactions had a direct positive or negative
school industry within the UK. Principal Herminder impact on the society in which they lived.
Channa JP FCCT discusses the journey the academy has For academy staff it was crucial to create a culture where
been through since joining the Ark Network in they felt they were able to make a difference beyond
September 2015. academic standards. Put into practice it was an
When Herminder Channa was recruited to become opportunity to create a real climate of service within our
Principal of Ark Boulton Academy she knew that she community, supporting those who were less fortunate
had bought into a very tough job indeed. The school and developing an understanding of current
previously known as Golden Hillock School had known challenges which needed to be overcome one action
crisis after crisis. From a stand-alone academy it became at a time. From this thinking the academy vision was
part of the Parkview Academy Chain. Concerns raised formed, embodied by our belief that “it takes a whole
by Ofsted meant the Department of Education put an community to bring up a child.”
interim executive board in place to search for a new
sponsor. In 2014 the academy had been judged by All pupils who attend Ark Boulton Academy will go on
Ofsted as inadequate. In September 2015 it became part to university or leave equipped to pursue a high quality
of Ark – a network of 38 schools, 18 of them apprenticeship and/or career of their choosing.
secondaries. Herminder Channa took over at that point. Consequently our pupils are able to look after parents,
She came to Ark Boulton from Nishkam High School in become role models for younger siblings and help their
the centre of Birmingham. In 2014 under her leadership community learn new skills. The clear vision was well
Ofsted had rated the school to be outstanding across the received by all. However, I was fully aware that although
board. Her first task at Ark Boulton was to deal with a parents felt optimistic, they were also cautious and
situation where suspensions and a dependence on mistrustful of the new management.
supply staff had added to the sense of crisis.
I firmly believe that education is the most powerful
weapon for changing the world. This academy, however,
did not just have to address the current poor
educational provision and staffing crisis: there was a
bigger challenge in how we were to win back the trust
of our parents and teacher communities. Upon taking
over the academy it was paramount that all stakeholders
subscribed to a shared vision. If the academy and
community were going to progress, as leaders we
needed to acknowledge and confront the challenges of
the past, understand more deeply the cultural barriers
faced by communities in moving forward, while
building trust and creating a shared vision all

5stakeholders believed in.

Teachers were hopeful of change but pessimistic as they had heard it all before. However, our pupils took another
change in academy name, a new principal, new teachers and a new uniform all in their stride. The strength of being
part of a multiacademy meant that very quickly the academy was able to provide training for staff, implement tested
curriculum models, set up accurate data systems, introduce robust testing materials and provide a network of peers
across 18 secondary academies that could provide support and experiences via learning communities, phone, email
and video link.
The impact of the MAT and the speed in which systems and processes had been implemented, embedded and
consistently used and applied by academy staff had to be seen to be believed. Our Ofsted report from October 2015
noted that almost all of our staff said that they know what the academy is trying to achieve and that they are proud to
be working there. The changes noted were seen as clearly planned and intentional where all involved were clear about
their role and responsibilities. They had also been given the tools and confidence to execute these roles to the best of
their ability. The academy was getting stronger, outcomes were rapidly improving, first-choice applications had tripled,
and the academy was fully staffed. By term four the academy had come out of special measures and was judged to be
good in every Ofsted category.
I know some feel that as a principal in a large MAT, autonomy can be lost. I strongly disagree. None of the above would
have been possible without Ark. Each step change had been well organised and rehearsed by Ark to ensure the
sequence of events was the right one for maximum impact. Some events may have taken longer to perfect than others,
but we knew what needed to be practised and supported by Ark network leads until we got it right. I believe autonomy
is about how leaders in education role-model the traits we would want to see in future generations, ensure communities
feel listened to and valued, and ensure staff feel loved and appreciated.

“Teachers at Ark Boulton care with
compassion, listen with love and help
with humility. These qualities are now

visible in our pupils.”
Trust was now building between all stakeholders and teachers becoming more confident in their classroom craft. But
this was only half the job done. To see our academy vision in action, we launched the “Ark Boulton Virtues
Curriculum” in September 2016. We supported our teachers to develop their skills beyond teaching and learning – as
leaders it was our responsibility to create the conditions which allowed our staff to role-model and practise the virtues
we wanted to see in our pupils. Teachers at Ark Boulton care with compassion, listen with love and help with humility.
These qualities are now visible in our pupils. Our academy has evolved past just being an educational establishment and
has changed beyond recognition. Teachers are responsible for shaping the minds and attitudes of the next generation.
These are young people who are strong in character and resilient, who are humble, compassionate and understand
they have a responsibility to give back, upskill and leave their communities in a stronger place for the generation that
The Parliamentary Review: Secondary Education 2017/2018.
You can read a copy of the publication on our website at under the ‘Latest News’ section or pick up
a copy of the review from main reception.


Ark Boulton took part in its first ever World Youth Café hosted

by West Midlands Police. The event was organised to allow students
and the police to come together in an informal environment and
discuss, what they consider to be, concerns in the community.
Students then went on to discuss the possible solutions for these
Participants sat around tables in groups, each with a police officer,
and engaged in conversations covering pollution, social media
bullying, and community crime.
Students also discussed the areas of their community that are
positive and which they enjoy, such as having access to great
facilities, having schools close to home, and friendly neighbours.

Youth Café

It was great to see so many students engaging with each other and

the West Midlands Police force. A great way to deliver service for
the community we live in by involving the future of our community.

The event ended with a lovely lunch for all involved. We would like
to thank the WMP for their Youth Café and we hope to make this a

5 regular feature at our academy.

Girl Tech Birmingham (#GirlTechBrum) is a project

created to engage more and more young women into
science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) based
education and careers. As our world becomes more digital,
it is important that future generations are equipped with the
relevant skills and knowledge to live, work and connect in
the modern world.
Ark Boulton Academy took Year 8 female students along to
the Millennium Point funded project to raise awareness of
STEM subjects and challenge gender stereotypes within the
digital sector - usually a heavily male dominated
The day consisted of bringing a number of professionals
from businesses and organisations together to meet students
and deliver interactive workshops. The aim was to raise
aspirations and awareness of the potential careers available
in the STEM and digital sectors and improve future
Some of the organisations that attended included PWC,
HSBC UK, Legal & General, Sainsbury’s and Codemasters.

Girl Tech

“I learnt that it’s ok to make mistakes, 6
because without mistakes you can

never learn and implement changes to
create solutions for the future.”

Areeba, Year 8 Student.

One of the popular workshops with our students was with
the Magic Candy Factory, where students learnt how to
create 3D sweets with a 3D printer. They even made their
own personalised samples to take home!
With HSBC UK, students created a money saving app. Using
technology and finance to create a solution for the future.

We Forget

Remembrance Day, also known as Armistice Day or Poppy Day, is a day to commemorate those who gave their lives

in combat in the two world wars.
Remembrance Day takes place on the 11th day of the 11th month every year, to mark the 11th hour of November 1918
when the guns of the Western Front fell silent after more than four years of continuous warfare during the First World
This year marks the 100th anniversary, and students and staff at the academy commemorated the event by making a
special display outside the academy grounds using knitted poppies (made by staff and students), alongside observing a
student led one minute silence service, and laying a poppy wreath at the academy’s memorial garden with our bespoke
designed memorial plaque.

They shall grow not old, as we are left grow old,
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.

At the going down of the sun in the morning,
We will remember them.

The Fallen, by Laurence Binyon.

Did you know?
- Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims and Christians from India served in the Great Wars. Thirty of those won the Victoria Cross
for their bravery during World War II.
- 1.3 million Indian soldiers fought in World War I.
- In World War II 2.5 million Indian soldiers took part, including 600,000 Muslims.
- The West Midlands marked the event this year by unveiling a 10ft high ‘Lions of the Great War’ statue in Smethwick,
in honour of the millions of men from the British Indian Army who served in the two world wars.

Remembrance Day 2018
100 years on, Ark Boulton Academy remembers.
You can see our special ‘Remembrance 100’ video on our website at


Just Dance Macmillan Bake Sale

A fun way to keep active! Charity – a giving heart, a generous way of viewing
others and caring for their needs.
The Health and Wellbeing department at Ark Boulton are
always looking for new ways to encourage students to lead Charity forms one of our ten academy virtues,
a healthy and active lifestyle. Recently, we went along to personal values we uphold to develop and nurture
one of their sessions in the hall to see a new initiative – character development here at Ark Boulton Academy,
Just Dance for schools. alongside our core curriculum.

The Just Dance School programme takes advantage of the Throughout the year, we take part in activities and
popularity of technology and combines this with dance to projects to inspire students and staff alike to raise
provide a fun and relevant way to keep healthy. money and awareness for various charitable projects.
This is a great alternative for students who perhaps don’t Recently, we took part in our annual Macmillan coffee
engage with physical education activities outside of their morning.
usual timetabled PE lessons.

And in oth

“The students really enjoyed the session and we saw high This year, our Student Support Team took lead to raise
levels of engagement from students from various ages. It’s funds by hosting a bake sale with our students. The
great to see students having so much fun and keeping atmosphere in the kitchen became tense, as the team
active at the same time. Even our staff got involved and battled it out to be our star baker!
love the programme!” Miss Crutchley, Teacher of Physical After the lunch time sale, we collectively raised £208.28
Education. for Macmillan. A great achievement by all. Well done
Team Boulton!


Sail Away... Make Your Mark Campaign

Over the last summer break thirty-two pupils from a Make Your Mark gives a unique opportunity for young
number of Birmingham schools joined fifteen staff and people aged 11-18 the chance to decide what Members
sailing instructors on a trip to the Norfolk Broads. Five of Youth Parliament within the House of Commons. The
students went from Ark Boulton Academy along with ballot decides what Members of the UK Youth Parliament
Mr Harris (Head of History). should debate and vote on to be their campaign for in

Students lived on traditional Broad Yachts. The yachts The ten topics on the ballot paper were decided by
were built in the 1930s so they have no engines to help members of UK Youth Parliament at the Annual
you sail against the wind! Students also had two motor conference back in July 2018. On Friday 9th November
cruisers where staff created delightful dishes for their 2018, 300 Members of Youth Parliament aged 11-18 took
daily meals. part in a debate in the House of Commons chamber,

Pupils learnt a lot about sailing and gained hands on chaired by the Speaker of the House Of Commons RT
experience. However the main purpose of the trip was Hon John Bercow MP. They debated five issues chosen by
for students from a variety of schools to learn about the Make Your Mark ballot of 11-18 year olds across the
UK, and then voted to decide which two issues should
her news...

working with people from different backgrounds, work become the UK Youth Parliament’s priority campaigns
as a team and take more responsibility for themselves. for 2019.
“I’m very proud of how the students from Ark
Boulton conducted themselves on the trip. Not only
were two students part of the crew that won a prize for
their superb efforts across the week, all but one of the
Ark Boulton students managed to avoid falling in the
water!” Mr Harris.
“I enjoyed the trip. It was a great time for me to socialise
with new people and I made new friends. I’d definitely
go again if I could and I’d recommend sailing to
everyone.” Hamza Gul.

This year in Birmingham, Ark Boulton Academy
students and a network of schools, colleges youth groups
got involved with the votes and debates.

UK Wide Results 2018

Make your Mark is the world’s largest youth consultation
and this year 1,106,788 young people voted from over
1,350 schools, colleges and youth organisations support-
ing the campaign.

A total of 12,713 votes were cast with ‘put an end to knife
crime’ being the number one issue and concern for the
young people of Birmingham, followed by mental health
concerns and tackling homelessness.

Well done to all students who took part and used their
vote to get their voice heard.

R&R Dayhumility gratitude

ity Compassionate Relationships

We held our first of three, Rights & Responsibilities

Days (R&R Day) this year, with the theme focusing on
‘Compassionate Relationships.’ R&R day is a chance for
students to take time away from their usual timetable
and focus on topics to develop character, social skills and
community awareness.
At Ark Boulton, we are committed to serving students,
not only in their academic life but towards becoming
compassionate citizens in their community as well. Sex
and Relationships Education (SRE) is compulsory in all
schools in England, and so this day allowed students to
learn and explore more about this topic.
With the help from Ark Boulton Staff and external
workshop providers, the day covered topics such as; what
is a healthy relationship, what it means to have consent,
awareness of domestic violence, the dangers of sexting,
the importance of team work, adolescence and puberty,
and dealing with bullying and discrimination.
“I enjoyed my first rights and responsibilities day. I
especially enjoyed the team work activity in the
morning!” Student from Class of 2023.
“The drama production about bullying and domestic
violence was good. It was funny and engaging but also
felt very real. Sometimes you don’t realise how common
bullying is.” Student from Class of 2020.


Winter Welfare

1. Add layers to your clothing, this will keep you warm as

the temperature drops.

2. If you are outdoors in the darker hours of the day, make

sure you wear visible, bright clothing and reflective items to
help you stay ‘safe and seen’ as a pedestrian.

3. Wear appropriate footwear, especially in icy and snowy

conditions. Make sure your footwear is warm and has good

4. Keep your pets warm and indoors if you can. Provide

fresh bedding and wind-free shelter for outdoor pets.

5. Prevent the spread of a cold and flu this winter by:

a. Washing your hands often, especially after blowing your
b. Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing
or sneezing.
c. If you are sick, stay at home and rest to prevent spreading it
to others.

Useful Contacts.

1. NSPCC 0800 800 500 - if you are worried that a child might be at risk of harm.
2. Childline 0800 111 - if you are worried that a child might be at risk of harm.
3. Forced Marriage Unit 020 7008 0151 or email [email protected].
4. Young Minds Mental Health Charity 020 7089 5050.
5. Young Carers Birmingham 0121 227 7000 or email [email protected].
6. FGM - Muslim Women’s Network 0121 236 9000 or email [email protected].
7. NHS Direct for non-emergency health issues dial 111.
8. Brook Advisory Service for concerns about sexual health 0121 237 5700.


Art Class Boulto
Origami Poppies for Remembrance Day 100 Ga

Children in Need Fundraising One Million Mentors - Mayors Mentors


Decorating the academy for the festive season Year 7 - First Day

Anti-Bullying Week - Ark Boulton Pledge Creating ‘money saving’ apps with HSBC


English Creative Writing Workshop

Careers advice for Year 11


ment justice charity

“G ektn toow m e . . .Get the chance to find out more about members of staff in the academy.
”What kinds of hobbies do they have, what does their role involve and why did they

join the Ark Boulton Family?
NAME: Mrs Assi.
OCCUPATION: Director of Virtues.
How did you find your calling as a teacher?
“I found myself being fascinated by human relationships and
the way that we learn. I was particularly interested in
barriers to learning and interventions to help others to
achieve. I worked as a volunteer for a community organisation
and took on lots of youth projects, which made me look into
teaching as a profession.”
What and where did you study to become a teacher?
“I completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Education
(P.G.C.E.) at the University of Cambridge.”
Describe a typical day at Ark Boulton for you?
“I start my day with greeting students and helping them to their designated line-up to hear the
message from Achievement Leaders. I teach Religious Studies which is always interesting. It helps us to
have balanced views, learning about different religions but also learning from religions to practice our


Ark Boulton Academy
Six Pillars


I help students around the school practice discipline, compassion, kindness and honesty so that they
can be the best version of themselves. Some people have a lot to cope with and so I try to help them
overcome any barriers they may have to learning.
I work with organisations that have a similar ethos and values to Ark Boulton Academy so that we
can provide our pupils with opportunities to practice virtues such as charity and service of others and
being role models in our community. I designed the Virtues Curriculum that we have at Ark Boulton for
which I am continually researching for to keep up to date on current issues that may affect young people
daily in society.”
What does your role as a Director of Virtues involve?
“My role involves designing and writing a character education curriculum, collaborating with
organisations that provide us with information or opportunities to practice the virtues that we learn
about and training staff to teach virtues as an academic subject.”
What is the Virtues Curriculum and why is it so important?
“Alongside the core academic curriculum, all pupils take part in form activities that support the
nurturing of what we perceive to be important personal virtues (Our Ten Virtues & Six Pillars).
Character development is continued through the academy’s rich comprehensive enrichment programme
which includes sport, cultural, creative and social activities. This helps students develop key personal
skills and aptitudes such as communication, leadership, team work, and problem-solving that are so
sought after by today’s top universities and employers.
Additionally, the academy runs a number of ‘drop-down’ days where external agencies are welcomed to
the academy to deliver sessions that include advice regarding career choices and mock interviews. We
also utilise these days to support the delivery of PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education).”
Favourite past times?
“I love watching films where I learn more about human relationships, how we behave and flourish.”


commitm ty gratitude
ent justice charity humili

Season’s Greetings

This time of year brings to mind those things in life that are most important -
family, friendship and community.

May the new year be filled with love, peace and happiness for all.
Season’s Greetings.
Ark Boulton Family.

Key Dates

21st December - Last day of Autumn Term
24th December - Christmas Break
Academy closed to all students.
7th & 8th January - Ark INSET Day
Academy closed to all students.

9th January - First Day of Spring Term
All students to return to the academy for an 8.15am start.

We’re on Facebook & Twitter
Follow us @ArkBoulton for daily updates


e hon

reaching h
compassion discipline servic


Golden Hillock Road | Birmingham | B11 2QG
0121 773 8156 | [email protected]

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