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Published by evaz1997, 2019-05-01 13:50:37

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Color Project

Table of Contents

I. Color Correction 1
II. Color Correction 2
III. Color Correction 3
IV. Color Correction 4
V. Inspiration Pictures
VI. Base
VII. Final Look

Color Correction 1

Before After

The first color correction I completed was highlights
using fine weaving throughout the whole section
taking ½ inch subsections. I used Matrix lightener
and 20 volume to achieve this look.

Color Correction 2

The second color correction was a virgin tint
darker, to cover the blonde the formula I used was
a 6rb (red brown) and 6nb (natural brown) taking
¼ inch subsections, covering the hair from base to



Color Correction 3

Before After

The third color correction was a gray coverage, the
goal was to match the natural hair color. My manikin
was about %85 gray so the formula I used was a 3NN
(Natural Natural) taking ½ inch subsections, to
complete the look.

Color Correction 4

The last color correction I did was a demi-
permanent hair color correction Natural light brown.
The formula I used was a 4c and 5Gc (Gold copper)
using ¼ inch subsections, covering the hair from base to



My Inspiration

Pink being my favorite color, I was inspired by
these pictures. I decided to choose this color and cut
because I’ve always wanted this look on me but I’ve
always been scared to do so I decided to do it on my
manikin instead.


To achieve this look I first needed to make all 4
sections almost the same shade of color, since only the
gray coverage section (as shown below) was darker
than all the others I decided to do a soak cap to lighten
it up. After completing that I did a platinum card on
my manikin to lighten it up as much as I could before
using the hot pink/red color. Finishing with a shadow
root using the toner 3n expresso.

Final Look

After looking at
some impiration
pictures I was able to
achieve the look I
wanted. My completed
style was Hot Pink hair
with dark root and a
lob haircut.

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