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Lash Project

Lash Project


♦ Resume
♦ Mission Statement
♦ Business Policy
♦ General Health & Safety Recommendation
♦ Before & After Care
♦ Consent Forms
♦ Table Setup
♦ Before & After Pictures
♦ Pricing

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10101 Harwin Drive
Houston, TX 77036

Email: [email protected]



• Certified Body Contouring Specialist.
• Current Student at San Jacinto College pursuing my licensure in Eyelash application
• B.S. in Accounting


San Jacinto College North Student Houston, TX 2018– Current
Currently attaining my License to be an Eyelash Extensionist.

• TDLR Rules & regulations
• Safety & Sanitation Procedures
• Application & Removal of Eyelash Extensions

Body by Bae Houston, TX 2018– Current

Opened up Business for Body Contouring

▪ Conduct Noninvasive treatments to eliminate unwanted fat or reduce excess skin.
▪ Provides detoxification treatments to promote weight loss or rejuvenate the body.


University of Phoenix 2014 – 2017
Bachelors in Accounting

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Lashed by Bae is here to offer a New You a Beautiful You! Our Licensed
Extensionists aim to provide the Best Service using the Best Products to ensure

your Lashes are Healthy and Completely and most Utterly Fluttering.

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Client understands and acknowledges that they are contracting Lashed By Bae, which include eyelash
extension application or removal. Client is fully responsible for the outcome of any services, and client also
understands that each client may have different results, based on skin type, lash weakness, or personal
allergies to cosmetics or product ingredients.

Client agrees to use only recommended products on their Extensions, and that they should not get them wet
within the first 24hours after application. Client acknowledges that there are many variables, including
technician expertise, hair growth cycle, use of skin care products, medicines, or cosmetics, and the overall care
given that may influence how long the eyelash extensions remain in place.

Client acknowledges that they should not rub their eyes, pull on the lashes after the eyelash extensions have
been applied. Client should never try to remove the extensions without technician supervision, or without the
proper adhesive remover, or there is risk of pulling the lash out completely. Lashed By Bae cannot be held
liable for temporary damage caused by client removing their own lash extensions prematurely to natural
shedding process.

Client is also advised that using mascara containing glycols or carbonates, can shorten the length of time that
the extensions remain in place. Client will not use waterproof mascara, or other store-bought mascara on the
extensions at all, or any other temporary eyelash adhesives brands, eye makeup remover products, mineral
oils, solvents, petroleum products, or conditioners not included in the Aftercare Kit for additional purchase
provided by the technician.

Client understands that to maintain the eyelash extensions, requires touch-up appointments which are usually
every 3-4 weeks of the initial application, and these touch ups are not covered in the initial cost of application.
Client will pay the standard fees for maintenance, should they choose to continue wearing the extensions, and
may be charged a standard appointment fee. If appointment is missed or skipped without 24 hours
cancellation notice with Lashed By Bae the client understands that they may incur the loss of their deposit.

Client is responsible for proper care and cleansing of their eyelashes and lash extensions in-between touchup
visits, and acknowledges that they will only come for touchup appointments prepared with clean eyes
(wearing no makeup or mascara) as this may affect the extension adhering process. Lashed By Bae reserves
the right to refuse services if the above guidelines are not met, or if the technician deems that the client is not
a good candidate for service.

Client is held accountable to these terms only as a client for eyelash extensions by Lashed By Bae and must
read and comply with the above information.

__________________________ _______________
Client Name Date
Client Signature

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Eyelash Extensions are not suitable for everyone. Please prior to application notify your lash
technician if you experience any of the following:

• Sensitivities or skin reactions to adhesives or any Cyanoacrylate based products.
• Moderate to Severe allergies that involves eye discharged
• Medical condition or diseases such as Conjunctivitis (Pink eye)
• Blood diseases or infections such as Hepatitis, HIV/Aids or Ocular herpes.
• Alcohol intake in the last 24 hrs.
If any adhesive or remover gets on or in the eye immediately flush with a large amount of water and seek
medical attention. Could experience temporary loss or permanent loss of vision if not treated – Additional

information can be found in the adhesives Material Safety Data Sheet.

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• If you are not upgrading to Novalash adhesive, you must wait 24 hrs. after the application to
get lashes wet and at-least for 48 hrs. avoid steam to the face.

• Do not rub or pull at eyes.
• Avoid using non-waterproof mascara on a regular basis – it does shorten the length of the

• Ensure you schedule your monthly touch up to avoid getting a new set.
• Do not use a lash curler or perm your extensions – It will break the bond.
• Purchase an aftercare kit to ensure your extensions are clean for a longer stay and healthiness

of the eye.

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Individual eyelash extensions applied to the natural lash. Natural full set uses lighter in weight, natural curl

style lashes. Recommended 3-4 week fills. Full set approximately takes up to 1 ½ hours.

Individual eyelash extensions applied to the natural lash. Dramatic full set uses curlier, thicker lashes for a
dramatic look. Recommended every 2-3 weeks. Full set approximately takes up to 2 hours.

Multiple eyelash extensions are applied to the natural lash. Recommended every 2-4 weeks. Can be 2, 3, up
to 6 dimensional per lash. Full set takes up to 2-2 ½ hours.

Regular maintenance is required to keep up with eyelash extensions every 3-4 weeks.

Regular maintenance is required to keep up with eyelash extensions. 3-4 weeks

Lower lashes can be applied with sensitive adhesive, lasts 1-2 weeks. Individual extensions are applied to the
lower lash line.

A Full Classic/Dramatic set of Color Lash Extensions can be applied as an upgrade.

Color Lash Extensions can be added in with any classic or volume set.

Removes eyelash extensions in a safe, effective way without damaging your own eyelashes. Same charge if

have to remove extensions prior to application.

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