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Published by Samon Nilchaam, 2020-10-09 06:02:12


WU Leaflet

Accomodation Compensation EMPLOYEE
Room Type (First 5 years is free) The compensation will be paid to all
Single Studio Room (For single employees if the university ask WALAILAK
employees) employee to leave a job or layoff UNIVERSITY
700 baht per month (Walainiwat due to:
2,500 baht per month 1. injuries, illness or disappearance
(Ruenwalai & Walainiwat 5) 2. retrenchment
Family Room (For employee living 3. termination of employment
with spouse) The compensation rate is depend on
1,300 baht per month your period of employment.
Family House (For employee with
family (spouse and children)) For more information
2,700 baht per month 1. Medical Welfare: Mrs.Sirirat Tipparat

Maintenance cost for Ruenwalia is 500 Tel.3777
baht per month 2. Accomodations: Acting.LT.Bunyasit
Common fee charge for every room
type is 500 baht per month Trisuwan Tel. 3847
3. Social Security/Loan for computer
Uniform purchasing/University Transportation:
Mr.Wichai Rodtuk Tel. 3847
Employees are entitled to receive
allowance for formal official
uniform (for government officer)
and Orange blazer, but not more
than 3000 baht per set.
University lend 3,000 baht for Division of Human Resources and
tailoring the navy blazer (pay by Organization, Administration Building,
installments within 10 months)
University lend 1,000 baht for Walailak University222
men and 1,500 baht for women Tambon Thaiburi, Thasala,
for Thai silk dress,(pay by Nakhon Si Thammarat 80160
installments within 10 months)

Accident Provident Medical Welfare
Insurance 1.Reimbursement for medical
Employee contributes 3%-15% of expenses (Reimbursement for
The university provides accident his/her salary and university medical service cost borne by
insurance for all employees. contributes the matching fund (8%) the employee not including their
direct lineage.)
Loss of Life from any accident You will get the money back Out-patients Care
around the world can be (deposit + benefit + interest) when Government Hospital
claimed up to 500,000 baht you leave your job or resign from You can claim as the
Permanent Disability from any the fund under the following actual price paid
accident can be claimed up to conditions: Private Hospital
500,000 baht You can claim as the
Loss of Life from others Working Get Deposit Get Benefit actual price paid but must
disease beside accident can Period not exceed 5,000 baht. If
be claimed up to 10,000 baht it exceed 5,000 baht, you
Medical treatment expenses <3 years 100% 0% can claim half of the
from accident can be claimed surplus.
up to 50,000 baht each time 3 years 100% 50% Dental Treatment
you receive treatment < 6years The expenses of the dental
treatment (filling, scaling,
Transportation 6 years 100% 75% pulling, root canal treatment
< 10years 100% 100% and surgical removal of
University provides transportation impacted tooth) can be
for employees which cost 500 baht 10 years and claimed not more than 5,000
per month (4 routes) >10 years baht/budget year (from 1st
of October to 30th of
1. WU - City Center Employee can resign from the September)
2. WU - Sichon District fund with leaving a job only once Vaccination
3. WU - Nopphitam District and he/she will be able to You can claim but must not
4. WU - Promkiri District register again after 3 months exceed 5,000 baht per
budget year.
Loan for computer Employee’s Children There is an annual medical
purchasing Education check provided by the
For the utmost benefit of increasing If children of employees study
work efficiency, university allow Bachelor's Degree at WU,
employee to borrow money to buy employee will be able to claim
PC or Laptop. The borrowing amount half of the tuition fee.
will be as actually paid but not more
than 50,000 THB per person without
interest (with 1 guarantor)

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