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2020-Annual Report-Benguet

Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2020


Year 2020 is one of the most challenging year for PENRO
Benguet especially on accomplishing its targets and
commitments due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 Corona virus
that started mid of March 2020. This greatly affected the full and
timely accomplishment of various activities due to imposed
quarantine in all areas of Benguet. Despite the said pandemic,
the office was able to provide efficient public service through
initiatives and strategies. This is to continuously provide services
to clients and also office employees without compromising
COVID-19 health protocols and guidelines issued by IATF and
the Civil Service Commission (CSC). By doing so, employees
were required to report in the office through alternative working
arrangements, installation of protective facilities in the office,
sanitation areas, regular office disinfections, observance of social distancing and other
protective measures such as wearing of face mask and face shields in order to prevent the
spread of COVID-19 virus.

For the program implementation, the CENROs were able to conduct their activities
through close coordination, communication and monitoring of concerned personnel as to
status of physical and financial accomplishments using electronic means. Dynamic
collaboration of offices from the Regional Office spearheaded by no less than our RED Ralph
C. Pablo and ARED for Management Services Atty. Cleo D. Sabado-Andrada and ARED for
Technical Services Augusto D. Lagon were made. Cascading of instructions and coordination
were done through webinars and meeting though zoom which were attended by personnel at
the CENROs, PENRO and Regional Office. At the PENRO level, all Section Chiefs of both
technical and management divisions were mobilized to monitor program implementation and
compliance of instructions.

Further, the office provided assistance to needy beneficiaries from the public affected
by COVID-19 through donations of cash, goods and PPEs. Services were also extended to
LGUs and concerned agencies in manning of quarantine checkpoints, packing and distribution
relief goods. In addition, the office has donated lumbers to concerned LGUs for the
construction of COVID-19 quarantine facilities and reduced 10% of office budget for 2020 to
be used by the government to fund program to reduce the impact of COVID-19.

In behalf of PENRO Benguet, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude our two
(2) CENROs headed by Leandro De Jesus and Julio Lopez, the Technical and Management
Services Division for the continuous management and entering implementation of programs
and compliance to instructions. To the Regional Office for continues support and supervision.
Foremost, all the employees of PENRO Benguet and its two (2) CENROS; Baguio and
Buguias for their unceasing effort and initiatives in providing public services and compliance
despite of the pandemic.

Mabuhay ang PENRO Benguet.

OIC-PENR Officer

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Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2020


Executive Order no. 192, s. 1987 states the mandate of DENR as the primary agency
responsible for the conservation, management, development, and proper use of the country’s
environment and natural resources, specifically forest and grazing lands, mineral resources,
including those in reservation and watershed areas, and lands of the public domain, as well
as the licensing and regulation of all natural resources as may be provided for by law in order
to ensure equitable sharing of the benefits derived there from for the welfare of the present
and future generations. By virtue of the DENR mandate, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic,
PENRO Benguet has delivered to the full in accomplishing its target on the different programs/
projects/ activities based on the 2020 approved Work and Financial Plan (WFP), including the
priority programs of the DENR Secretary. Also, the office has fully utilized its approved budget
for 2020 to support the implementation of the different programs. These were made possible
through the initiatives and collaborative efforts of PENRO Benguet employees through
exercising our core values on Discipline, Excellence, Nobility, Responsibility and love and care
for the environment.

For the fiscal year 2020, PENRO Benguet has accomplished all its targets and
performance indicators under General Administration and Support Services (GASS) and
Support to Operation (STO). Activities involved the provision of administrative and support
services, financial management services and top level management. For the STO, are data
management and maintenance, statistical activities, Information and Education Campaigns
activities (press release), planning and forest management. Under the Operations comprises
the Natural Resources Enforcement and Regulatory Program, Biodiversity Management, Land
Management, Forest and Watershed Management and Natural Resources Assessment.

Natural Resources Enforcement and Regulatory Program covers the processing,
issuance and monitoring of permits such as tree cutting and issued tenurial instruments such
Certificate of Stewardship Contract (CSC), Special Land Use Permits (SLUP), Forest Land
Use Agreements (FLAg) and Community-Based Forest Management Agreements (CBFMA).
In addition are the various conduct of forest protection activities such as procurement of
logistic and equipment, conduct of collaboration to forest communities in forest protection,
sustained IEC activities, apprehension, adjudication and confiscation of forest products,
conveyances and other implements, provision of institutional support on filing of cases, the
conduct of LAWIN forest and biodiversity protection system and the compliance monitoring of
wildlife holders.

Biodiversity management covers the development and management of Protected
Areas (PA), Habitat protection activities, Operationalization of Protected Area Management
Board (PAMB), Strengthening of PA protection, Ecotourism management, Management of
caves and cave resources and inland wetland resiliency assessment programs. Included is
the implementation of community education, participation and awareness activities.

Land management covers the survey and issuance for Residential and Agricultural
Free Patent, special patent and proclamations, Townsite/Miscellaneous Sales Applications
(TSA/MSA). Part of it are the resolution of land disputes/cases and Land records management
and maintenance.

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Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2020

Forest and watershed management covers the forest development, rehabilitation,
maintenance and protection. It comprised of Maintenance and Protection (M&P) activities for
established NGP plantation, maintenance of Seed Production Areas, Preparation of
reforestation plan and procurement of support equipment. Lastly, is the Natural Resources
Assessment where it involves the conduct of watershed characterization and vulnerability

Below are the summary physical vis-a-vis financial accomplishments per performance
indicators as provided in the approved 2020 Work and Financial Plan (WFP). Majority of
targets and indicators were fully accomplished while some have exceeded the given targets
particularly on GASS activities, issuance of forest permits, apprehension and confiscation of
forest products, conveyances and implements, and issuance of agricultural free patent.
Despite exerting all our efforts, the target on patent issuance under TSA/MSA was not
completed because the concern applicants for titling were not able to fully pay the
corresponding price of the lot applied for due to the effect of COVID-19 on their livelihood.
Added, is the revenue collection under Integrated Protected Area Fund (IPAF) due to issued
closure order to tourists to avoid spread of the said virus

Table 1: Summary of physical accomplishment per performance indicator

P/A/P Annual Target Physical Accomplishment (no. of
(No. of
Performance Indicators)
Indicator) Accomp. Accomp. Accomp.

(100%) (Below 100%) (Above 100%)

GASS 14 8 6

STO 12 12

OPERATIONS 001 59 36 2 21


TOTAL 86 57 2 27

Table 2: Summary of financial accomplishment by P/A/P

P/A/P Annual Financial Accomplishment % Utilization

Allotment Oblig Disburs Oblig/ Oblig/
(000) (000) (000) Allot Disburs
GASS 21,076 21,076 19,324 100% 92%
100% 95%
STO 2,749 2,748 2,598 100% 92%
100% 62%
OPERATIONS 001 73,529 73,529 67,711 92%

OPERATIONS 003 1,399 1,399 867

TOTAL 98,753 98,752 90,450

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Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2020


A. General Administration and Support Services (GASS)

This generally provides administrative, personnel management and financial services
to office and program operations. This highlights the maintenance of office buildings,
motorcycles and vehicles. For year 2020, the office was able to maintain 17 buildings, 12
motor vehicles and 20 motorcycles. In addition, the office was able to maintain total of 413

As of 2020, Benguet has a total manpower of 162 permanent employees, 39 for
PENRO Benguet, 47 for CENRO Baguio, 40 for CENRO Buguias and 15 CTI. 157 Contract
of Service, 26 for PENRO Benguet, 97 for CENRO Baguio and 34 for CENRO Buguias.

Table 1: Inventory of Maintained Office Property and Equipment

OFFICE Property and Equipment

PENRO Benguet Building Motor Vehicle Motor Cycle Equipment
CENRO Baguio 4 3 3 149
CENRO Buguias 8 6 11 133
TOTAL 5 3 6 131
17 12 20 413

PENRO Benguet Office

CENRO Baguio Office CENRO Buguias Office
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Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2020

Vehicles and Motor Cycles Maintained

Table 2: Benguet Manpower (as of September 2020)

OFFICE Regular Contract of Service Grand
Filled Vacant Total Benguet City Paid 313

BENGUET 142 14 156 144 13 68
PENRO 39 3 42 24 2 78
Baguio 49 8 57 86 11

Buguias 41 3 44 34

CTI 13 13

PENRO Benguet Manpower

CENRO Baguio Manpower CENRO Buguias Manpower
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Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2020

B. Support to Operation (STO)
Under this services provides the various support to operations in terms of data

management, maintenance of network infrastructure, statistical activities, monitoring and
programming. For year 2020, was able to maintain with 99.67% of uptime for network
infrastructure and maintenance/updating of system database (eNGAS, eDATS, eFIS,
DPIS, ASRS). Conducted 10 press releases for environmental protection, conservation
and management. Conducted stakeholder’s consultations and reprogramming for ENR
various programs and monitoring of program implementation for good governance.

DPIS eNGAS eBudget


Office System and Database Managed

C. Operations
1. Secretary’s Ten (10) Priority Programs

DENR secretary’s priority programs is to improve quality of our environment
particularly on air, water and management of solid waste. Added, is the promotion of
environmental integrity through forest and watershed management, intensified forest
protection and anti-illegal logging, improved land administration, enhanced biodiversity
conservation, disaster risk reduction and climate change mitigation and adaptation.
Thus, the DENR shall be implementing various related environmental programs to
support its goals and objectives.

 Intensified Environmental Protection

Clean Air Program
This priority program focuses on the industrial compliance monitoring through

monitoring of firms and issuance of notice of violations. Second is the ambient air
quality monitoring through operation/maintenance of air quality sampling station and
the preparation and implementation of airshed action plan.

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Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2020

Map showing the Air Quality Monitoring stations being monitored by EMB
Clean Water Program

This priority program focuses on the compliance monitoring through monitoring
of water quality establishments and issuance of notice of violations. Second is the
Operationalization of Water Quality Management Areas (WQMA), through the
formulation and monitoring of WQMA action plan. Third is the Ambient Water Quality
Monitoring concerning priority waterbodies. Lastly is the endorsed Classification/
reclassification of waterbodies.

Map showing the Watershed Quality Monitoring Areas of EMB

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Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2020

Solid Waste Management
This priority program focused on the provision of technical assistance in the

implementation of ESWM, through the evaluation of 10-year SWM plans and
establishment of MRFs’ by the LGUs. Second is the Site assessment of proposed SLF.
Third is the monitoring of approved SWMP implementation. Lastly, is the monitoring of
SWM facilities through EMB and LGU funded MRF, residual containments areas and
SLF monitoring. In support to this various programs through DAO 2018-18, the office
was able to conduct the various embedded environmental activities as follows:

Table 1: Activities Conducted by embedded Environmental Monitoring Officers

Activities Office Target Accomplishment
Monitoring of Unclean PENRO Unclean – n/a Clean – n/a Unclean – n/a Clean – n/a
and Cleaned Sites (no. Baguio Unclean – 60 Clean – 60 Unclean – 166 Clean – 101
of sites) Buguias Unclean – 60 Clean – 60 Unclean – 68 Clean – 68
Clean Up Activities(no.) None -

Baguio None 16

IECs (no.) Buguias None 9
PENRO None -

Baguio None 8

MRFs Monitored (no) Buguias None 3
PENRO 12 12

Baguio 12 12

Buguias 8 8

Kennon, Road, Tuba, Benguet

Before After

Abiang, Atok, Benguet

Before After

Sample photos of monitoring of Clean and Unclean Sites

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Gibraltar, Pacdal, Baguio City Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2020
Caliking, Atok, Benguet

Sample photos of conducted Clean-up Drive Activities

Camp 1, Tuba, Benguet Sebang, Buguias, Benguet

Sample photos on monitoring of Material Recovery Facilities (MRF) of BLGU’s

Location map of Material Recovery Facilities of BLGU’s in Benguet
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Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2020

 Enhanced National Greening Program (eNGP)
This priority program focuses on the maintenance and protection of established

plantations that covers 1,034 hectares. In support for the efficient and effective forest
development, conservation and protection, the office were able to prepare a provincial
reforestation plan, hired 7 Forest Extension Officers and procured 2 drone used for
monitoring of forest plantation development. Added, is the maintenance of Seed
Production Area (SPA to support needs of seed stock for plantation enhancement

Table no. 2: Summary of accomplishment for Maintenance and Protection (M &P)

Office Target Accomplished Percent (%)

Benguet 1,034 1,034 100%

CENRO Baguio 519 519 100%

CENRO Buguias 515 515 100%

Map of 2011-2018 NGP established plantations

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Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2020

15 Hectares 2018 plantation Lagan Bano-oy Irrigators 50 Hectares 2018 plantation of Bokod Green Mountain Association Inc.
Association (LBIA) located at Bedbed, Mankayan Benguet located at Ambuklao, Bokod, Benguet

Maintenance of fireline Maintenance of graded trail

Fruit trees (cacao) produced and replanted by Barangay Bayabas LGU within their 50 hectares 2018 plantation

Benguet Pine produced & replanted by Bubo-oan Consumers Coop. within their 50 hectares 2018 plantation

Conduct of seedling production and replanting

Camp 4 Women’s Community Livelihood Association Upper Tabio Livelihood Association Inc. (UTLAI) 2 Hectares
(CWCLA) 37 Hectares Plantation at Camp 4, Tuba, Benguet Plantation at Tabio, Mankayan, Benguet

Conduct of strip brushing and ring weeding

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Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2020
Sample overview (Drone Shots) of established NGP plantations

CY 2016 established 50 Hectares Benguet Pine plantation at Itogon, Benguet
PO: Santiago Julia Mo-oy Clan Livelihood Association Inc.

Sample overview (Drone Shots) of established NGP plantations

CY 2016 established 50 Hectares Benguet Pine plantation at Mankayan, Benguet
PO: Society's Awareness on Livelihood and Environmental Needs for Growth Inc.

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Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2020

Map of established Seed Production Area (SPA) in Benguet
Overview of SPA in Pito, Bokod, Benguet Overview of SPA in Pito, Bokod, Benguet

Installation of Billboard Seed collection and drying

Sample photos on conducted activities for the Seed Production Area (SPA)
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Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2020
 Intensified Forest Protection and Anti-Illegal Logging

This priority program focuses on the provision of logistic and material support in
the conduct of forest protection activities where the office was able to procure 6
geotagging equipment, 1 agisoft software and 4 motorcyles. Active collaboration of
forest communities in forest protection through hiring of 27 Bantay Gubats. Consistent
apprehensions and confiscations of forest products with a total of 7,359.75 bd.ft. with
conducted administrative adjudication of 21 and 14 cases filed. Lastly is the conduct
and full operationalization of LAWIN, the office was able to patrol 1,119.12 kms within
the identified hotspot and conservation areas.

Map showing the relative locations of Barangays with incidence of apprehensions

Line graph showing trends on incidence of apprehensions (2017-2020)
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Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2020
Apprehension of Forest Products at Ekip, Bokod, Benguet

Apprehension of Forest Products at Caliking, Atok and Ba-ayan, Tublay, Benguet

Sample photos of apprehensions together with the PNP

Apprehended conveyance Apprehended implements (chainsaws)

Sample photos of apprehended conveyance and chainsaws

Hauling located at Ekip, Bokod, Benguet Hauling at Ambassador, Tublay, Benguet

Sample photos on hauling of apprehended Forest Products

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Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2020

Map showing the LAWIN observation points and patrol routes

Line graph of trends on threats observed (2017-2020)

LAWIN Team Patrolling and recording of LAWIN Team Patrolling and recording of
observations at Tawangan, Kabayan, Benguet observations at Ampusongan, Bakun, Benguet

Sample photos on the conduct of LAWIN patrolling

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Joint demolition at Puguis CNF by La Trinidad LGU, Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2020
CENRO Baguio, CENRO Buguias and PENRO
Forest fire assessment and suppression at Dalipey,
Bakun, Benguet

Sample photos on actions to identified threats and ENR violations

 Scaling-up of Coastal and Marine Ecosystem
This priority program focuses on the conduct of watershed characterization and

vulnerability assessment of Bued and Aringay Watershed. Watershed characterization
involves the profiling and assessment of watershed capacity and capability for
restoration and protection value. Vulnerability assessment is for the identification and
assessment of risk and susceptibility for the provision of immediate mitigations to
sustain the watershed as a system.

Map showing the Bued and Aringay Watershed

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Ground Validation at Bued Watershed Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2020

Stream Flow data collection at Bued Watershed

Flora and Fauna data collection at Aringay Watershed Stream Flow data collection at Aringay Watershed

Sample photos on conducted activities for watershed characterization and VA

 Improved Land Administration and Management
This priority program focuses on the conduct of lot survey for Public Land

Applications under residential areas with and aggregate area of 17.2941 hectares and
agricultural areas with 40.2318 hectares and 42.6716 hectares under RLTA areas.
Subsequently, is for the patent issuance where the office has issued 588 patent for
residential areas, 128 patent for agricultural areas and 144 patents for RLTA. Further
is the issuance of other patents of 42 under TSA/MSA and 14 for special patents.

Patent acceptance at Baguio City Patent acceptance at Kapangan, Benguet

Sample photos on patent application acceptance and patent drive
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Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2020
Lot survey at Pudong, Kapangan, Benguet Lot survey at Pudong, Kapangan, Benguet

Sample photos on conduct of Public Land Survey (PLS)
 Enhanced Biodiversity Conservation

This priority program focuses on the conduct Survey of Protected Area Occupants
(SRPAO) within the Mount Data National Park (MDNP). Second is the conduct of
regular monitoring of Protected Areas and the conduct of Biodiversity Monitoring
System (BMS) of 5 PA covering MHWR, MPNP, MDNP, LAWFR and UARBRR. In
support to Protected Area management and protection, the office spearheaded the
operationalization of PA Management Board through conduct of 10 meetings with 59
resolutions approved. Added is the hiring of 2 PA communication staff, 14 ranger staff
and 3 enforcement staff. Lastly is the implementation of the cave management plan of
Bulalacao cave in Kapangan, Benguet in collaboration with the Local Government

Map showing the SRPAO output under Mount Data National Part (MDNP)
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Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2020
Interview of occupants at Abatan, Buguias Interview of occupants at Balili, Mankayan

Census of homelot at Cattubo, Atok Census of farmlot at Natubleng, Buguias

Sample photos on the interview of PA occupants within MDNP
Sample photos on the conduct of survey of PA occupants

Map showing the BMS sites per Protected Areas (PA) in Benguet
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BMS transect line within LAWFR Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2020
BMS transect line within UARBRR

Sample photos on the conduct of BMS monitoring within PA’s

PAMB meeting under UARBRR PAMB meeting MDNP

Sample photos on the conduct of PAMB meetings


Map showing the relative locations of caves in Benguet

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Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2020

Sample photos of Bulalacao cave in Kapangan, Benguet

 Geohazard, Groundwater Assessment and Responsible Mining
This priority program focused on the mineral resources enforcement and

regulatory programs through review of mining applications, issuance of mining permits/
contracts and monitoring of issued mining permits and contracts. Second is the
development of small scale mining assistance to P/CMRB, LGUs and others through
inventory of PSSM, minahang bayan areas, SAG and SSM sites ; includes the
review and endorsement of proposed minahang bayan and operationalization of

Third is the mining industry development programs through monitoring of
compliance, resolve of conflicts, anti-illegal mining campaign and operationalization of
MMT for mining projects. Fourth is the geological assessment for risk reduction and
resiliency programs. In support to this various programs through DAO 2018-18, the
office was able to conduct the various embedded mining activities as follows:

Table no. 3: Summary of accomplishments by the embedded MGB personel


Investigations of Mining/Sand and Gravel CENRO Baguio n/a 7
complaints and Mine site verification (no.) CENRO Buguias n/a 5

Monitoring and Inventory of compliances of CENRO Baguio n/a 6
permit holders and contractors as to the CENRO Buguias n/a 1
terms and conditions of permits/contracts

Participated/Attended the following CENRO Baguio n/a 2
Information, Education and CENRO Buguias n/a 4
Communication Campaign (no.)

Assisted/participated in the following CENRO Baguio n/a 19
activities of the Provincial Mining CENRO Buguias n/a 18
Regulatory Board (PMRB)/City Mining
Regulatory Board (CMRB)/ Investigations
of complaints on Small Scale

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SSM area in Kias, Baguio City Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2020

Issuance of Closure Order at Loacan, Itogon,

SSM area in Ambassador, Tublay, Benguet SSM area in Gambang, Bakun, Benguet

Monitoring and Inspection of illegal Small Scale Mining (SSM) areas

Investigation of quarrying at Shilan, La Trinidad, Benguet Investigation of quarry/excavation activity at Km 24,
Caliking, Atok, Benguet

Monitoring & Inspection on compliance of various mining activities and complaints

2. Key Programs in Support of the Secretary’s Ten Priority Programs
In support to the to the DENR Secretary’s priority program and to pursue excellence

in environment conservation, development and protection pursuant to the DENR mandate,
the office were able to conduct other various programs/projects and activities as follows:

 Permit issuance and monitoring of tenurial instruments
The office was able to issue 97 cutting permits, assessed 89 CSC areas, regularly

monitored 18 tenurial instruments with a forest revenue collection of Php 452,223.00.
Included is the conduct of performance review of 1 CBFM area.

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SLUP of HEDCOR in Sablan, Benguet Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2020
FLAG of COHECO in Kapangan, Benguet

Assessed CSC in Taneg, Mankayan Assessed CBFMA of KETRMI in Ekip, Bokod

Monitoring & Inspection on compliance of tenurial holders

 Forest Protection activities
Aside from the hiring of Bantay Gubat, the office also has operationalized the

deputation of 4 DENRO’s and engagement of 8 green brigades for Mount Sto. Tomas
Forest Reserve (MSTFR). Added is the hauling of apprehended forest products,
conveyances and other implements for the preservation as evidence and its value.

Monitoring of checkpoints under Mount Sto. Tomas Forest Reserved (MSTFR)

 Protected Area Development and Management; Biodiversity Conservation
In support for the continuous management and protection of Protected Areas and

biodiversity conservation, various activities such as the engagement of 10 volunteer
brigades, and maintenance of 2 PA facilities. In addition, PA management of MPNP
and UARBRR has generated revenue of Php 2,925,913.00 with 13,686 local and

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Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2020
foreign visitors accommodated. Added, is the preparation of Inland Wetland
Management Plan of 4 Lakes located within the MPNP. Lastly, is the implementation
of Communication Education and Participation and Awareness (CEPA) through
conduct of 12 conservation activities related to various ENR celebrations.


Map showing the relative locations of inland wetlands in Benguet

Ambulalacao Lake Letep-ngepos Lake

Tabeyo Lake Babadak Lake

Sample photos of lakes assessed for preparation of IWMP

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Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2020

 Land Management
In support for the efficient and effective land management and disposition, the

office was able to conduct various activities like the conduct of investigation of 12 land
dispute cases, 26 cases reviewed and evaluated under 211 cases and encoding of 13
covering all the municipality’s land records in LAMS allocation book.

 Forest Development, Rehabilitation, Maintenance and Protection
In support for the sustained forest development, conservation and protection, the

office was able to conduct Survey Mapping and Planning (SMP) of 1,760 hectares as
potential areas for plantation establishment for CY 2021. Added, is the production of
5,380 bamboo propagules to cover 40 hectares and to be subjected to establishment
for CY 2021.

Lastly is the provision of area development activities under CBFM covering 51
hectares and to include the provision of livelihood support activities which are to
support the sustainability and development of CBFM area to uphold beneficiary’s
livelihood and environmental integrity.

Table no. 4: Summary of accomplishment for Maintenance and Protection (M &P)

Office Target Accomplished Percent (%)

Benguet 1,760 1,760 100%
CENRO Baguio 905 905 100%
CENRO Buguias 855 855 100%

Map subjected to Survey Mapping and Planning (SMP) for CY 2021 establishment
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Soil sample collection Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2020
Soil sample collection

Soil drying Soil testing

Sample photos of activities conducted in soil analysis for SMPed areas

Pito, Bokod, Benguet Dalipey, Bakun, Benguet

Sample photos of propagule production of bamboo for 2021 establishment

BGMAI CARP plantation at Poblacion, Bokod, Procurement of coffee processing tools for
Benguet livelihood support program

Sample photos of activities conducted in support to CBFM

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Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2020

3. Foreign-Assisted Projects

 Integrated Natural Resources and Environment Management Project (INREMP)
This projects aims to manage the upper river basins and component watersheds

to support poverty reduction, watershed management, biodiversity conservation and
climate change policy objectives with emphasis on developing the capacities of the
local governments, institutions and upland communities as development partners. For
year 2020, the office has maintained and protected 4 hectares of established

Validation of maintained INREMP plantation at Buguias, Benguet

Sample photos of activities conducted under INREMP

4. Gender and Development (GAD)

Gender and Development is a development perspective and process that is
participatory and empowering, equitable, sustainable, free from violence, respectful of
human rights, supportive of self-determination and actualization of human potentials
(PCW). The objective of the GAD office activities is to benefit both men and women in the
attempt to reduce the gender gap and to provide equal opportunities, resources, and life
prospects to both men and women who can shape their own lives and contribute to their
families and communities. Hence, the office conducted various client and organization
focused activities. Each activity aimed to support every employee and to promote a
pleasant and gender-balanced working environment to clients, service providers, and the
support agencies (Annex c).

Through gender mainstreaming which refers to the strategy for making women’s as
well as men’s concerns and experiences an integral dimension of the design,
implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of policies, programs and projects in all social,
political, civil, and economic spheres so that women and men benefit equally. The office
has conducted various activities in a very interactive participation has molded the office
stakeholders, partners and employees in building their capacities on concepts and
methodological aspects in the spirit of “delivering as one”.

In support to Gender and Development Focal Point System, the office has also
conducted training, analysis and assessment of GAD. This is to further evaluate its
accomplishment, provide propositions and identify gaps or issues in terms of GAD
sensitivity and mainstreaming activities.

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Ms. Rhodora Oliva of CENRO Buguias Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2020
Mr. Gregorio Taltala of PENRO Benguet

Recognition of retirement of personnel (Salamat-Mabuhay Program)

Token to Working Mothers Token to Working Fathers

Recognition of working father and mother in the office

Celebration to ENR events Celebration to GAD events (VAW)

Empowerment through education through Information and Dissemination

CENRO Baguio CENRO Buguias

Conduct of GAD assessment

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Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2020

D. COVID-19 Initiatives

In view to battle COVID-19, the Office of the President issued the Presidential
Proclamation no. 922 dated March 8, 2020, declaring a state public health emergency. Despite
on the amid of this pandemic PENRO Benguet and CENRO personnel continually implement
and conduct mandated activities while observing the following protocols such as social
distancing, office and vicinity disinfection, centralized receiving and releasing area. Added is
the establishment of washing area, makeshift protective barriers, alternative working
arrangement while observing the continuous public service and office security.

PENRO Benguet CENRO Baguio CENRO Buguias

Photos during the conduct of office disinfection

PENRO Benguet CENRO Baguio CENRO Buguias

Photo of installed washing area

PENRO Benguet CENRO Baguio CENRO Buguias

Photos of installed protective barrier at the centralized receiving/ releasing area
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Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2020

In support to the “Bayanihan to Heal as One Act” officially designated as Republic Act
No. 11469, PENRO-Benguet and it’s CENROs has extended various activities as support to
battle of COVID-19. This includes relief operations, donations of lumbers for quarantine area
facilities, supplies in the crafting of PPEs and face masks, assistance to LGUs and PNP
manning of quarantine checkpoints and assistance to distribution of travel pass. Related to
the battle of the pandemic, the office donated 10% (4,124 million pesos) of its 2020 GAA in
support to the Bayanihan Act. Supplementary, the office through its regular and COS
employees donated an amount of 89,882.50 pesos to the affected communities in the locality.
Added, is the donation of improvised PPEs to local frontliners with an estimated amount of
20,830.00 pesos and hygiene and sanitation items with and estimated amount of 1,477.50
pesos. Further is the donation of lumbers (2,639.96 bd.ft.) with an estimated amount of
105,598.40 pesos for the construction of quarantine and recovery facilities. Lastly, are the
donations of 5 sack assorted vegetables to affected local communities and frontliners.

Table no. 5: Summary report on cash donation

Office Amount (php) Beneficiaries

PENRO-Benguet 225 Bantay Basura / Segregators of La Trinidad, Benguet
CENRO-Baguio 53,710.00 and PENRO Benguet frontliners

Community Kitchen for frontliners in La Trinidad, Benguet

CENRO-Buguias 27,522.50 47 farm laborers at Loo, Buguias, Benguet;
TOTAL Rice for CENRO Buguias frontliners; and
6,400.00 Medicine
2,250.00 17 stranded students in La Trinidad, Benguet
Donated assorted vegetables to frontliners

Table no. 6: Summary of donated lumbers

Office Lumber Bd. Ft. Market Recipients
(# in pcs) Value (PhP)

PENRO-Benguet 284 1,477.29 59,091.60 BeGH, LGU La Trinidad
CENRO-Baguio 140 718 28,720.00 BeGH, LGU La Trinidad
TOTAL 86 444.67 17,786.80 LGU La Trinidad and Tublay
510 2,639.96 105,598.40

Coordination with LGU for distribution Relief Operation at Buguias, Benguet
of relief goods Page 31 of 34

Bashoy, Kabayan Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2020
Cabitin, Mankayan

Assistance to manning of quarantine checkpoints

Pico, La Trinidad Puguis, La Trinidad

Established quarantine facility Recovery facility
CENRO Baguio Compound CENRO Buguias Compound

Packing of relief goods and donations

E. Result/ Outcomes
 Assessment of stakeholder’s response
CY 2020 has approached with a great challenge for PENRO Benguet especially on

implementation of efficient and effective public service due to the COVID-19 pandemic
considering that the locality together with the city of Baguio has the highest reported cases in
the region. However, due to the implemented strategies and initiatives, desired satisfaction on

Page 32 of 34

Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2020

services provided were meet. Based on the conducted Client Satisfaction Survey (CSS)
almost all clients surveyed has positive satisfaction rating. The survey involves on
responsiveness, reliability, accessibility, communication, costs of product, integrity, assurance
and outcome of services rendered.

F. Significant Progress or Milestones

1. Decreased environmental threats observed due to continuous patrolling and adaptive
strategies employed;

2. Increased investment opportunities of stakeholders under NGP and CBFM due to
development of their NGP and CBFM CARP plantations as source of livelihood while also
increasing environmental conservation and protection

3. Increased security of tenure due to continuous disposition of public land suitable for free

4. Maintained biodiversity conservation and PA management and protection due to the
presence of PA management and staff and active collaboration with partners through the

G. Policy and Implementation Issues and Actions Taken

Policy and Implementation Issues Actions Taken
Expiration on application for Agricultural Free - Continuous acceptance of applications until the
Patent by end of December 2020 prescribed period
- Request for extension


A. Annual Physical and Financial Accomplishment Report (Annex A)
B. Annual 10-point Priority Agenda Report (Annex B)
C. Annual GAD Report (Annex C)


Organizational Capacity and Opportunities

Year 2021 is another step of PENRO Benguet to provide more effective and
efficient public service. An continuous improvement period for implementation of
programs and projects for the sustainability of the integrity of environment while
embracing the new normal conditions caused by the pandemic. With the current

Page 33 of 34

Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2020

management and personnel capacity, the office is confident to deliver its outmost
capacity in public service and implementation of projects. In relation, in order to deliver
quality services, the office expects the continuous capacity development of personnel
in program management and personal development. Lastly, is the progressive filling
up of vacant positions and supplemental personnel (e.g. COS) to optimize capability
in public service and program implementation.

Benguet coined as gateway to the north has blessed potentials in terms of
physical environments due to presence of various ecotourism areas, watersheds,
protected areas and forest and forestlands which are areas subject for project
interventions. These potentials encouraged the increased intervention measures for
the upcoming years in order to sustain environmental resources for future use.

Possible Obstacles and Recommendations

Possible Obstacles Recommendations

Sustained adaption of new normal - Continuous observance and implementation
conditions caused by COVID-19 pandemic of health protocols.
- Provision of sufficient PPEs to employees,
Force Majeure (wildfire, inclement weather especially those who are on the frontline
conditions, delay of fund approval) services.
- Provision of sufficient separate amount for
Readiness to program implementation COVID expenses.
- No fire bonus to LGUs/ Partners
- Provision of incentives
- Capacitation on disaster resilience
- Fast tracking on fund deliberation
- Timely approval of GAA and Work and
Financial Plan.

Prepared by: Reviewed by:

Planning Section JOSEPH L. MAUTING
PENRO Benguet OIC-Chief, MSD

Chief, TSD


OIC, PENR Officer

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