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Published by Velvet Holmes, 2019-03-12 10:47:18

Griffin - Fish are Cool

Griffin - Fish are Cool

Fish are cool


Table of Contents Chapter
Chapter 3
Chapter 1 Fish 4
2 Where fish live 5
Physical features 6
Chapter 4 Behavior 7
5 Reproduction 8



Fish are very interesting they all come in different shapes
and sizes some are very fast some are very slow.
Sometimes they go at a normal speed but when there's
prey they go right at it.

Chapter 1 Fish

Fish are a kind of animal that live in water . Fish have lived on earth for more than
450,million years there are more than 24,000 Species or kinds of Fish. New ones
are discovered every year.

Chapter 2 Where fish live

Fish live in lakes, rivers, seas, and oceans around the world. They live
in all kinds of bodies of water from warm springs to cold Arctic seas. Fish
can also be found in dark pools of underground caves. Fish cannot live in
water that is extremely salty. The Great Salt Lake in western United
States is so salty that it has no fish.

Chapter 3 Physical features

The many different kind of fish have some things in common they are all
Vertebrates, which means that they have a BackBone. They are also Cold
Blooded, they also breathe through gills. Fish gills are used for fish to help
them breath underwater.

Chapter 4 Behavior

Fish swim manly by sideways movements of the Body and Tail.
They use their fins for balancing, steering, and braking.

Chapter 5 Reproduction

All fish hatch from eggs. Usually the females release eggs and the
males release sperm into the water. When the eggs and sperm meat, the
eggs are fertilized. Many of the eggs.


Clearly, fish are amazing underwater animals. Many
fish live in the ocean or in the coral reef. Fish are special
because they breathe with gills.

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