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Published by Brayden West, 2019-05-08 11:09:28

The Miracle

Angel From Heaven

The Miracle 


‘’Peppa I thought I told you to clean your room’’ said Mom ‘’Sorry I forgot 
Mom”with an a horrible attitude. I Just forget about what just happened 
and Hi this is a weird time to introduce myself. Well my name is Peppa. No 
I am not from the peppa the pig show so please let's move on! I am a girl 
and I am 16 years old. My fav. thing to do is play with my possessed dolls 
with my devil pig weich I know it weird but I don’t care what people have 
to say about it, once my sister ask she wanted play with me. I said no 
because when she plays with me she starts to talk to her imaginary friends. 
Then things just the weird of the weirdest and plus I like to be alone. All 
my sister does is bang her head into the wall and draw pictures of Dora 
and Boots. OMG, I totally forgot introduce my sister. Her name is Lizzy she 
like two different people in one. There is a smart side and Freaky side. She 
is the age of 14. Ouch that hurt I just bang my head of the wall every hard, 
will I going to take a rest. 
Ohhhhhh, I slept good. Then it turn out not to be good when I look at my 
sister head it was bleeding. Then I look at the time I am late for work, 
Nobody was and so I got her in my car was a work out. It was just 
snowing with aboud of snow, then raining, then outing. It kept going 

in a recycle. We finally made to the emergency room. Them I called mom 
and dad told the horrible news. When they came my mom told me to go to 
work lizzy is going to be fine, so I did sadly when I showed up at work. I 
told them the news they felt bad and gave me five dollar raise when I was 
done with work I called my mom to see how lizzy was doing. They didn't 
tell all they said was the doctor want you to go home. All of the shud I 
felt like I am going to pass out. Then Wake up to me in a bed in the 
hositpol with abuch oh tubes. Then I saw Lizzy. I just way to confuse and 
asked what happend. They said I was in a coma for 2 months. Every that 
happened in my dream happen in real life.   



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