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Occopodian 2006

Occopodian 2006



.r· , . One-Stop ~OOfShop

- "We walk with an-gels and they are 9.ur feet." r
~ - ~ / """"? iih '.f«<mf'·· ~- ~

"'Vlbi:atiiig energy#packets,"' he calls them. '" of soul

•,in,Jl'wO'rld;0f m~t.~Eatly ~a(liing_~stem--dry skin and 'i>rittle nails; .

feelings of nut;nbnes~ and cold; ·

these are symptom~; they-mean something.

see ,!hings physicial)S miss.


,.nAll u have to do is open your eyes, just·open your eyes, ~
¼ '' is7£: '' - ~,
and oJ exer~thing a,spirit ~_
you'll see:se:v~~n-eighths invisible, in
~ " . .,. •~
A..._ -
tire spirit. - ·~J _,
<:"/' The ~ofil.Js rooted1'n the foot..
~~1:9~r frl,nd Bly says, 'The soul longs to go down';
;[email protected]: ~
feet know Ute way to the ot\ her worf<~ l~
' '

that world wheFe-people are .awake.
So do me a favor: dream fne·1,ll(l dream~."
; ~"•..,} .,J . -~··s;:J>,,~r> "

~ JJreawer is'so,meone .:\!ho's ~sleep. !

~ )

·~ ✓, . ~~

. OQ. .,k]lOW' the. material world is lnfinite,

oring infinitet'?lie'says, ·cigarette·in hand,

litt~e wiii.g~ flutteFin1_at his ankles.
/ ~_~··, ".


"lfhd-~~en," he says, sdtackf~is he:d, .

"four-1itnes,; _a' s. maQ.'-.JZ. .foot p·~Qblem.s.;;,""as men..

,, }l~g~eels are t)le culprit.
( ..~, ~--~~ .

- - ' ,,,,, . jt ~-

'itma)' ·be a pQJJiatris ut I know )¥hat I'm about:
f' ;;.,:·},,>«. \ ~ ~... .... "· • '"" . ' ~~,. ', r&f"'' ,.

.t.~;Feet d~9h't lie, <ton J cheat,-don't ,kiss ass" //"th is,
~. '.ici - [email protected] -.,., \ -"'

~-~~~eoRl~eet are.too good for them.


'" ,,., .;,

if0_$icrutianini ~e~ffilsem~nt by Roti't,t,Swdnl
- F· <t·· , . >,......._ •. .


Ohio College of Pediatric Medicine

Since 1916, OCPM has had it's doors Now, on it's 90th anniversary, the
open for students who were eager to school will be moving. Although
learn pediatric medicine. With some are saddened by the move from
current class sizes doubling those of the historical Cleveland building,
previous years, a move was anticipation of the new facilities
inevitable. outweights all apprehension.

Over the years, this
specialty has

need for a larger
school facility.

When one first walks in As a first year student, the Cleveland Foot and
the doors of OCPM, they Ankle Clinic seems to be the next step in the
can feel the history of not
only the institution, but educational process.

also of podiatry.





11- ~ u.& u ~ 4t'Xl -fu ~;we,

/2 tve d-OINl ~ ftl~4 U.~QIM b1wr-we .400k tve wcAA1- bid 4"X1 ~

To O.C=P.Nl. tve f'oue .40 tvelf'..

""adrl.e pJ'4 OINl /{'ieJNl& ~al- ~ue ""elwe

VJ«' 8Jeft -fu 01A1w ~ be d~.

~ wAlNl 1N!J._je}. M ~i.4. ~ d IJ-wl

A ~ i p ~ 0- dill~ b-wl.
~ ~ ~ belo1we u.& [p,.,

~ ~ ~~ ""idde111 ~~ CtJ.e.

We wcAAf g:, lo/ff£..-f~ .&b.ctig,d- ~ ,

j\/o,. i ~ ~al- ~ ~ ~ tve ~ -

13.J- tve ~oil' ~ 4 ~ ~ee,

c:co~ O.C=P.Nl. OINl ~oil' {pif4pf ~

""+1~QI. if ~ ~OU. ~ u.& ""elwe

To P°ftle lo,. ~ OINl ~ ~ l~-

~~ d~ /{'ieJNl& OINl d~ ofd ~

+fufd ""~ ~ou,Jw ~ , ""~ ~ou.. ~ e,
& ~ eol'd,TJtU.e Elu.e, lf'oa-f- M ~ ~

C:CO~ O.C=P.Nl., Good E~e, Good.E~J


1954-2005 To laugh often and much,
To win the respect of
intelligent people
And the affection of

To earn the appreciation
Of honed critics.

To appreciate beauty
To find the bed in others1·
To leave the world a bit

Whether by a healthy child

A garden patch or a

Eocial conditioDt·
To know even one life
JIas breathed easier because

You have lived
That is to have succeeded.

Ralph Waldo £merson


M~Dawn Drew JacbmBelµrlio
The Ohio State University
Bethany College Westerville, OH
Je.5Se H. Bradley Jr.
Johnnie Lynn Alston
University ofCentral
University ofSouth Alabama Arkansas
Montgomery, Al
West Memphis, AR
Chris C1lragni
Youngstown State
University Oklahoma State Unv.
Canfield Ohio
Youngstown, OH
Kareem Rozanne No Photo
GrantLBeck Available
Northern Arizona Univeristy
Bullhead City, AZ Michigan State University
Troy, Michigan


Andrea Dawn UlSS C.ara Christine Dunlm

University ofCincinnati St. Mary College,
Plano,TX Norte Dame IN

MichaelA Daniels Lapeer,MI

Gannon University Fernando Fernandez
Rochester, NY
University of Texas at El
Kevin William lliw Paso

Central Washington ElPaso,TX
Jeremy J. Flemnnanil
Hines Creek Alberta Canada
The University ofWisconsin
J~raRose DuMound -La Crosse

Hiram College Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
Olmsted Township, Ohio
Karl Andrew Fulkert
Eastern Michigan

Miller City, Ohio

Karlene Marie Hare Brad William Jones

Notre Dame College of Ohio No Photo Southwest Missouri State
Jacksonville, NC Available University

Springfield MO

ElizabethAnne Hewitt Rhett B. Iakin

Miami University Northwest Missouri State
Rochester, NY University

TurekAndrew Irvine University ofSouthern
Mississipi, Graduate School

Springfield MO

Adrienne Aly:R, Loretz

Notre Dame College of Ohio
Cleveland Heights, OH

CourtneyD. Johnson Nicholas J.Lowery

The University of Michigan, Duquesne University
AnnArbor Coraopolis, PA
Clearfield PA


Michael C. Lyons II Vivianne H. Nguyen

Ohio University University ofTennessee
Middletown Ohio Memphis,TN

Stephanie Martin Sima Crurag Pandya

Michigan State University Ohio Wesleyan University
Macomb Township, MI Marion Ohio

Justin Miracle Joyre E. Patouhas

St. Francis University University of Detriot Mercy
BluffCity, TN Sterling Heights,Michigan

ChrisMoore Daniel James Pero

No Photo Michigan State University
Available Trenton Michigan


Elizareth Sharon William Joseph &ntt No Photo
Grant Peters Available
Youngstown, Ohio
University of Youngstown State
Lake Mills, WI
Paul Robert Smith
NicholasB. Plants
University ofRhode Island
University of Central Hartland Vermont
Nikki M Stovich
Edmond Oklahoma
Saint Vincent College
JeffRichards:m Latrobe, Pennsylvania

Thomas More College Chase Robberts Stuart
Carrollton Kentucky
Indiana University of
Bryan J. Roth Purdue University of

The University of Toledo Indianapolis
St Marys, Ohio Zionsville, Indiana


Adam Michael Kyle Rotm: Wire
Olivet College
Ohio University Youngstown OH
Zamesville, Ohio
Matthew Karl Zienkowski
Wolfgang Thonmn
John Carroll University
University of Michigan Mentor, Ohio
Northville, Michigan

Shawn William Walls

Wright State University
Chillicothe, Ohio

Sally Ann Warren

Oklahoma State

McAlester, Oklahoma


C-t.e\.SS OF ~006

To the Class of 2006,

While j{ s hard to believe that these four years of medical school are behind us, here we are about to .begin residency training, After all o.

the hard work that was put forth by everyone, I BJ1l confident that we are well prepared to med the challenges that lie ahead, Our
profession will surely benefit from the wonderful and dedicatai µwple in this class who will soon .become excellent physicians,

It was great to share this Journey with you, and hopefully everyone is leaving here with fond memories of our time in Cleveland,

Congratulations to each ofyOU, You have all undoubtaily made your families vezy proud, I wi<:h all ofyou much success and happiness i
the years to come,

All the very best,

Stephanie Martin

Cha~ln~ of th6 tlm6e-

from 2na y6ar

etua6nte r6061vln~ th6lr

ehort whlt6 ooate, to
th6 ~aauatln~ olaee

6arnl~ th6lr Ion~ whlt6


/ima and Cherog enjoying the food and atmo,phere
at t\ike Daniel', 1urpri1e birthday party.

Jelow right:

At1drea at1d Steph showit1g the catMera that
they are t1ot shy.


Kevin and Jeremy- for once a decent,
sober picture of the two!

Dw i1 tre lJ-mJ

Kevh ard Adam ~wit1;1 off tter darre rro;es, vJib

rro1na Mam n

@)an ib tead!f fot an!flhin:!5 lhal COJJWb nib
12 UJa!f···even lhe tadialion.

, and Jfnr at

OG'M bar...Johnny Malloys
on Coventry


Rf9ht: St. PattysDay

Upper Right: Attdy t1takittg
sure you uttderstattd hit11.

~ 8ht: elizabeth and Andrea at

t\ite o·, ,urpri,e birthday party.

Fer R&tt: SWit.3 cri c,ccktai6 at tre

Chase Mike & Siww


Getting down at Adam and Jini's
14 reception on the plastic guitars.

Below Left: Andy and Chris are deep in conversation.
Below: Andrea and Sima are all smiles.
Left: Jeremy and Said can try and fool everyone that they are
actually studying in the library.

Below: T~e class officers
stri~e a pose,
Sima Pavidya-Secretary
Dv1Mov1vid-Treasv1 rer
Step~ Martivi-Presidevit
Avidrea Cass-Vice Presidevit
Davi Pero--Cliviical Affairs

Left: Rhett and Dan enjoying a cold one
after interviews. Above.· Mel is working
hard while volllIJteering at the marathon.

Left: Karlene, Adrienne, and
Je11e are all ,mile, at
commencement practice.




..~. tS
.•·. t


1..Plants alld

~ ~~.. ·i:: fp.p i n g
twice! ._.
' (t,

2. ~i dropped my


3. 'iviy pants are
,..~ already.wet, I



a n d .,

4. ~El?-Pying the

- outdoors floating

do.wt• n .th•e river

~~--- ~~· a cold one!

The rainy and
dismal weather
of May 26th did ;
not drown out
the emotions of
those at the
Allen Theater.
Family, friends,
and future
colleagues were
present to
witness the 46
fine students
becoming 46



Mtl>t tt1<ely t(fbefb

Presi t!

Elizabeth ttewrtt

Professor's Pet: .:.L'.1'{•411~~.0.N DOLL4RS:
Andrea Cass

tvbst Likdy to be ~ Ha~i~ OJt:

Dan Pero ard vbss~a Dt.lvburd

PUB AJda likes tre rextim
out of Mike with that
Right: Vvhrh is tre real Karl?

Bebw: Class of 2007 giowing
their ~ort, am that they
too, can have a good time.

"Chuck Norris
does"'t throw
up, he throws


fhe leadirtg causes of death irt the US
are: 1. Heart tlisease 1.. Chuck Norris

S. Cartcer

Left arid right: The proud
parents are able to f irid
sitters arid enjoy a night

out wrth classmates!


auLeft: uessie Cowgirl Jini Below. Dan ;::igrees, Reverb wins "bar

get a quick pie! of -tte

rhere is no theory of

evolutio". Just a list

of a"ifflals Chuck
Norris allows to live.

fhere are no weapons of 111ass
destruction In Iraq; Chuck Norris

lives In Oklaho111a.

Left: Even the

drinking police were

out and about.


Cla~~ of 2007

Left: Dan
for ~orne




Far Right:

brow~e~ the

lunch menu.


Erin Webb anxiously awaiting
patients at CFAC.

11Gmm1 ~hirt day11 in

the 3rd floor
lecture hall.

8e careful of elbow~ in the
rnoch-pic Mace Painting!

Above: ~ vdunt~ her time
to perform foot ex;mr;.

Below: Kim working hard at the

CV workdlop.

Actcm. Kim. an Scott at Club


"That's; right...l gQc all tl.Q

Cla~~ of


Left: "Blah. blah. blah....~ornething in
ltalian....blah. blah."

After a long day at CFAC. Ductin decide~

it'~ tirne to air out the pit~.


Aliwn and Adam enjO~ing the clas:;s:; outing Krict:ian rock~ out in
to Buffalo Wild Wings::. Wagonhall~

Left: Chillin' at the
"VA ~pa."

Right and

Anthony and
Laura are
~cared of

11After four year~. it'~ ~o

hard to let go of good


The Doctor

I•S 22nd A1111ual Golf OuHng ,

• •fiii~:".'••\ ~,. ,. ,...,'' .,.".,.

eov!trr ,,,,:: ·_

Right: Jack.

~qeezin' in titne

to kick back

and enjoy a

Class of 2008 ·

Class of 2008 Officers: (1-r) Allisa Duncan,Treasurer; Kobina
Commeh, President; Dawn Stein, Secretary. Various
members of the class of 2008 showed their support by
offering their time and ideas in making the year a successful
one. Armed with a full staff of class officers and prepared for
another year of academic angst, we are all assured of a
productive year spliced with fun activities. -K. Commeh

(Top Left) Gaza and Carissa
enjoy a night out and about.
(Top Right) Sheryl embraces
her adorable son, Hunter.

(Left) Nik seems to be
keeping a patient

happy... RESPECT! (Below)
Matt prepares to save the day
and satisfy the "sweet tooth"

of his fellow classmates.

r ~ru~idNt CUf ~

rcru/afJ....200g S~\e


(Above Left) Caron shows Heather and Jamelah how to master the skill of the
two-handed tie. (Above Center) Alissa diligently studies for a Microbiology
"quiz". (Above Right) Josh takes a second to smile for the camera.

\. (Far left) Dawn, Natalie, and
Deb utilize the library's

resources to the best of their
ability. (Left) Joey, on the

other hand, finds the floor to
be the ideal place to study

for his pharm test.


Class of


- --. "The human foot is a
masterpiece of engineering

and a work of art. "
-Leonardo da Vinci

"Each friend represents a world
in us, a world possibly

not born until they arrive, and
it is only by this meeting
that a new world is born."
-Anais Nin

---- I


Class of 2008 (Top Left) Jaime prepares
to do her first injection!
(Top Center) Ugo
chooses to laugh when
facing all of the notes he
has to review for his Pod
Med II final. (Top right)
Koka, Angela, and

Shalonda turn toward the
camera. (Far left) Luan

showing off his histo
skills. (Left) Dr. Spencer
poses beside the pinata
that was created to look
just like him ...That's HOT!

(Above) Matt, Ashleigh, and
Will enjoy sometime off after a

stressful exam week.
(Right ) Dustin observes the
way his feet look in his new
flip-flops for the summer. (Far
right) Sq111mer spends quality

time with Jeremy.
(Right, below) Kobby and
Aisha take a study break.


Did you
trust you r

Wisdom is not a product of
schooling but of the life-long

attempt to acquire it.
-Albert Einstein

2008 & 2009 Cooko~+


2008 & 2009 Cookovt+


White Coat

"Your future is created by
what you do today,
not tomorrow"
-Robert Kiyosaki


Class of Z009

Laura Clesi Secretary,
Hattg Huttgh

Treasurer, Stacey
Curry Vice Presidettt,

Keith Pettera

Motivation is what gets
you started. Habit is what
keeps you going. -Jim Ryun


\ l \ ~.-~ .

Class of Z009

And the best Ball, Cash, We really catfle Is he a fhank you to the
bowlers Soda.. .l am here for the ringer? officers of Z009
lovely What great
were...Jacqueline, ready form? for tflaking this
Adrienne, and to bowl! attflosphere. night-out happen.



Class of Z009

- Casti"g Workshop

And this little Ur. Siesel tells Bio m e c h a n i c s : fhe casting C a s t i n g ... f e e l s
piggy cried all students how to the art of workshop was like you're
the way home. tManipulate the great fun for
foot to the correct folding plaster. applying wet
everyone. noodles to
postion for
casting. somone's foot.


0¼1et-\ ~achaJAias

Feb~Ltta~y 18, 2006

A~g~s+ 29th, 2005

Mike Dat-\iels &

Kevit-\ KL-'\CZW\at4ski

F eb~~a~y 2, 2006


Ap~il 12, 2006

F et4t-\at-\do F et4t-\at-\dez

& Viviet'\ N9l..i}'et'\

BoJt4~ May 11, 2006

& ~OJ-Y\ FL,\SCO


NoveW\be~ 24, 2005


DeceW\ebe~ 17, 2005

Ohio Pediatric Medical Student Association

left: OPMSA Officers Sat\\
Feit1berg, freasurer; Ryat1 Powt1ey,

Pir of Cot\tt\\Ut1icatiot1s; Eric
At1dersot1, Pir Of Social Affairs;
Sarah Viselli, Pir Clit1ical Affairs;
Marcia Rogget1katflp, Presidet1t
elect; Pawt1 Steit1, Pir Clit1ical
Affairs-Elect; Carot1 Harner Pir of
local Affirs; Jet1t1ifer Prezioso


OPMSA Is ttteant to unify
the students and

organizations. Students
can look forward to an
array of actlvltes during
the school year, such as
the sy111poslu111 In the
spring setttester. fhey help

the students select
lnstrutttents and surgery

texts that will aid In
their education.

(Above} Uawt1, Clit1ical
Affairs-elect, orgat1izit1g the
order for11ts for G-ill. (Left}

OCPM studet1ts dot1ated
school supplies to a local

ele11tet1tary school.


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