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Occopodian 2017

Occopodian 2017



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Dr. Abe Osborne, Donna Perzeski, Lorie Evans. &
Carla Ronnebaum

Dr. Jeffrey Whitaker

Dr Larry Osher

Dr. Rocco Petrozzi

I, ,

Dr. Scott Spencer

- - ~Donna Perszeski

White Coat

As the class of 2017 of Kent State University College of
Pediatric Medicine, we expect to be passionate lifelong
learners of Pediatric Medicine and commit to the
advancement and integration ofthe discipline of Podiatry into
the Healthcare Team. To achieve these goals, we will:
practice a strong work ethic and moral code; maintain
integrity in all realms of our lives, both as leaders of the
community and providers of excellent health care;
demonstrate altruistic qualities by putting the patients'
needs before our own, being empathetic, trustworthy,
humble, and honest; exhibit unbiased, culturally aware, non-
judgmental, ethical patient care; respect patient trust,
autonomy, and confidentiality at all times; and serve as
educators of our community, fellow podiatrists, and other
health care professionals. As future doctors of Pediatric
Medicine, we will carry out our professional duties with
positive, effective communication, proficiency, and
dedication to our patients and profession.

Stephen Alayli Joseph Albr:i!!JM Kevin Alexander
Residency:West Penn Residency: Alliance Residency: DeKalb Medical
Community Hopsital
Hospital Center

Fabliha Anbar Cody Anderson Seyed Sadegh Arab Basil Awawdeh
Residene:y : Witheld by Residency: Southwester Residency: Michigan Surgical Residency: New York
Vermont Medical Center
Request Center Methodist Hospital

Ranya Barri Scott Bastian Maria Battaglia Cara Beach
Residency: Kingsbrook Residency: Bridgeport Hop/Yale Residency : Kennedy University Residency: Legacy Health/
Jewish Med Ctr PMSR/ RRA
New Haven Health Hospital Kaiser Permanente

Kelda Beachy David Bishop Brittney Bolton Kyle Bray
Residency : DV A-Chicago Residency : Alliance Residency: DV A-Cleveland Residency: St. Vincent
Community Hospital Charity Medical Center
(Jesse Brown) (Louis Stokes)


Braden Brklacich PhuoG Sui Daniel Bullard Olufunke Buraimoh
Residency: lntermountain Residency: TriHealth- Residency : St. Vincent Residency: Wiithheld tj¥
Bethesda North Hospital Charity Medical Center
Medical Center Request


Geoffrey Cady Chloe Chisnell Maria Cosentino Matthew Dang
Residency: West Penn Residency : St. Rita's Medical Residency : Withheld by Residency : Yyithheld by

Hosptial Center Request Request

Elvis Danne Kaitlin Davis Ryan De Leon Anum Dhukani
Residency: LIJ Forest Hills Residency: Christ Hosptial Residency : Withheld by Residency : St. Joseph

Hosptial Northwell Request Medical Center-TX

Nicholas DiMassa Jacob Dougherty Michael Dziewit Matthew Fernandez
Residency: Ohio State University Residency : DV A-Cleveland Residency : St. Mary Mercy Residency : UF Health

Wexner Medical Center (Louis Stokes) Livonia Jacksonville

Tek i=ish Victoria Fratczak Frederick Garland
Residency : UH Regional Residency: Mercy St. Residency: Alliance
Vincent Medical Center Community Hospital
Hospitals-Kent State

Noe Garza Gan Golshteyn Jeffrey Hammond Damian Hilbert
Residency: Northside Residency : Aventura Residency: UH Regional Residency: Oakwood
Medical Center (WRHE) Hospital and Medical Center
Hospitals-Kent State Hosptial-Wayne

Dustin Huntsman Michelle Hurless Erum Jafry Dylan Jamieson
Residency: Mercy Health Residency: Hunt Regional Residency: Detroit Medical Residency: Withheld by
Regional Medical Center
Medical Center Center Request

Laura Jamrog Lance Johnson Joshua Kazdan Christopher Keating
Residency: Genesys Residency: Univ of Cine Med Residency: Botsford Hospital Residency: Catholic Hlth/
Regional Medical Center
Ctr/College of Med Sisters of Charity

Kelly Kubial< Evan Latourrette
Residency : Western Reserve Residency: Rochester

Hosptial General Hospital

Samantha Lesnick Andrew Lowry Kurt Malkames Maybelle Maningat
Residency: Mercy Health Residency: UH Regional Residency: Southwestern Residency: Hoboken
Regional Medical Center Vermont Medical Center University Medical Center
Hospitals-Kent State

Mashail Manzur Terryn Marette Ryan Marks Matthew Martin
Residency: Aventura Residency: UH Regional Residency: Beaumont Residency : Heritage Valley
Hospital and Medical Center
Hospitals-Kent State Hospital-Trenton Beaver

Dominick Mastracco Alex Mattia Eric Mccallister Michael Mccann
Residency : Mercy Health Residency : MedStar Residency : UH Regional Residency: Wake Forest
Regional Medical Center Washington Hospital Center
Hospitals-Kent State Baptist Health

---------------r----.;l,!;.::.::.::.::.::~.::.::.=.=-=.J:-=-=-=-=-=-=.;;- -----..;=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=..;;:-=-=-=~- ---;;=========;;.--

Zeinab Moubadder
Residency: Withheld by


Colby Mussett Ian Newport Garrett Nielson Alpha Opese
Residency : lntermountain Residency: Kaiser Residency : Truman Medical Residency: Our Lady of
Permanente Santa Clara Lourdes Memorial Hospital
Medical Center Center Lakewood

Amanda Pajouh Neal Patel Richa Patel Paris Payton
Residency: Surgical Hosp of Residency: DV A-Chicago Residency: DV A-Augusta Residency : St. Vincent Charity
Oklahoma/Cleveland Clinic
(Jesse Brown) (Charlie Norwood) Medical Center

Gretchen Perschke James Pipes Ryan Pivovar Adam Port
Residency: DV A-Tampa (J.A. Residency: Ohio State University Residency: Mercy Health Residency: DeKalb Medical
Regional Medical Center
Haley) Wexner Medical Center Center


Christian Valle Nicholas Williams Kristopher Zainer
Residency: Long Island Residency: Columbia St. Residency: Rochester
Mary's Hospital Milwaukee
Jewish/Northwell General Hospital

Not pictured:

Adrianne Kornblith
DV-A Eastern Colorado Hlth Care System

Thomas Zumbaugh
Residency: Penn

Presbyteria Medical Center



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selt t ffi ait

0 : What do you hope for the future of podiatry?
A: The field of podiatric medicine and surgery truly is a hidden gem, and it is only a matter of time before
the secret gets out. I hope for a future where podiatry is received by everyone with the respect it deserves.
I hope for increased awareness of our abilities, scope of practice, intelligence and skill level. I hope for true
parity amongst our Allopathic and Osteopathic colleagues in the near future, including comparable
reimbursement for our services. Lastly, I hope for the new generation of podiatric physicians and surgeons
to make significant and valuable contributions to medicine and healthcare. Our profession is moving
forward at an astronomical pace; I look forward to being a part of and contributing to this movement.

... · .' -

PerfectAttendance: Sam Lesnick & Tek'Fish .

Best Smile: Michelle Hurless & Joe Albright

Biggest Partier: Gretchen Perschke & Aaron Unterman

Best Personality: Lily Raga & Joe Albright
Most Athletic: Cara Freeman & Elvis Danne Jr

Most Intellectual: Karen Uchmanowicz & Damian Hilbert
Most Artistic: Amanda Pajouh & Kurt Malkames

Best Friends: Gal Golshetyn & Kevin Alexander

Most likely to be a KSUCPM faculty member: Nilin Rao

Most likely to be a residency director: Phuoc Bui

Most likely to design their own shoes: Nilin Rao

First to make $I million: Nilin Rao


Senior Book Staff:


#Golden FlashesForever

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