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Smalltalk is an independently owned high quality glossy family magazine which is distributed throughout the Yorkshire area and reaches over 24000 parents of children from pre-birth to leaving school

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Smalltalk Issue 63 - Christmas 2019

Smalltalk is an independently owned high quality glossy family magazine which is distributed throughout the Yorkshire area and reaches over 24000 parents of children from pre-birth to leaving school

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Issue sixty three | CHRISTMAS 2019 Free

Christmas What’s On
Wrapped Up
Christmas Events
Best Santa Grottos
Panto & Winter Showtime

Family Life Covered Since 2005

22 Nov 2019–5 Jan 2020

FAMILYtalk 5 Contents

Real Christmas trees and more 5
Personalised books
Keep your sanity this Christmas

OUT&ABOUTtalk 12

What’s on
Christmas holiday fun
Yorkshire’s Christmas Events
Indoor and outdoor fun
Santa’s Grottos
Christmas German Market

2DOtalk 22 9

Weekly Story Times
What’s on Where and When

Front Cover Picture By Jill BABYtalk 24

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WHEN you first have children they talk come and go. they start to make their way into the world
And the chaos and laughter that used alone.
about the challenges of parenting, the
struggles of a baby waking in the night, to echo throughout your home gets filled Parenting is by far the most amazing
the toddler who won’t stay in their bed. with silence and solitude. experience of your life that at times leaves
Then the cost of childcare, injuries from you exhilarated, while others leave you
sports, having to take time off work to You’ve learned how to parent a child heartbroken. But one thing is certain, it’s
pick them up from school when they don’t who needs you to care for and protect never enough time.
feel well, helping them with homework. A them but have no clue how the whole
messy house, the never ending laundry, “letting go” thing is supposed to work. So for all the parents with young
the cost to buy school clothes, packing children who’s days are spent trying to
their lunches. So you hold on as tight as you can... figure out how to make it through the
wondering how time passed so quickly... madness, exhausted day in and day out,
You coach them in sports, rushing to feeling guilty that you missed something. just remember to: SOAK IT ALL IN
football practices and dance classes and Because even though you had 20 years
tote them all over the county to let them it just somehow doesn’t seem like it was Because one day all those crazy days
play the game they love, no matter how enough. full of cartoons, snuggles, sleep overs,
exhausting or expensive it becomes. You ask yourself so many questions Christmas morning magic, ballgames,
Did you teach them the right lessons? practices and tantrums all come to an
Life is just so busy that you rarely even Did you read them enough books as a end, and you’re left hoping that you did
stop to think what the end of those days child? enough right, so that when they spread
look like. Spend enough time playing with them? their wings....They’ll fly!
How many school parties did you have to
In fact, it’s not really even something miss? So when you are watching their eyes
you can wrap your mind around. Do they really know how much you love light up on Christmas morning please soak
them? in the magic of those precious moments.
You go into it thinking that 18-20 years What could I have done better as a
sounds like a long time. parent? Merry Christmas everyone, see you all
in the New Year.
Then suddenly hours turn into days, When it’s time for them to go, it all hits
days into months and months into years. you like a ton of bricks.

That little person that used to crawl up But all you can do is take hope and
next to you in bed and cuddle up to watch trust that the skills you have given them in
cartoons...suddenly becomes this young their formative years will protect them as
adult who hugs you in the hallway as they



The real smell of Christmas

BRING the scent of a real Christmas green on top and silver-grey underneath, toys, books and some delicious deli items.
cling to their branches a lot longer than The Arium café is offering some
tree into your home this year. other varieties ensuring you can enjoy your
For a quality, non-drop Christmas tree longer over the festive period. There tasty treats too - Christmas afternoon
are a variety of sizes for you to choose tea, turkey, stuffing and cranberry rolls
tree head to the Arium from Friday 29th from, varying between 4ft and 10ft with and for those with a sweet tooth – mini-
November. Grown on the prestigious prices starting from around £30. stollen bites and fruit cake served with
Stockeld Park Estate all of these Wensleydale cheese.
Nordmann trees benefit from a straight As well as Christmas trees you will find
central trunk with beautiful symmetry, each wreaths and a selection of seasonal potted Normal opening times are from 9am-
tree cultivated over a number of years to plants and bowls to bring some colour to 4pm from Monday to Saturday and from
ensure they reach the perfect size and your home and garden. The shop is also 10am-4pm onSunday.
shape for your home. bursting with tree decorations and plenty
of ideas for gifts including candles, soft The Arium is located on Thorner Lane,
The needles, which are a rich dark Whinmoor, LS14 3FB
More info at



Film screening with Golf games with LITTLELIONS-RUGBY
Bento Box including our Pros including
snacks and soft drink party food and gift NNoonn--ccoonntatcatcwt eweekenkdenpdlayplsaeysssioenssiofonrsgfirolsr agnirdlsbaoynsd boys
2.55--77 yyeeaarrssooldld. A. All sllesesisosniosnlosolkootokatdovaandcveamncoetomr soktilolsrosfktihlles of the
Call 01423 844884 Call 01423 872100 chhiillddrerennthtrhoruoguhgFhUNFUaNndapnldayp. lay.
GGeettttininggchcihldirldenreinvionlvveodlvinedaniny sapnoyrtscpaonrtbecaangboeodawgaoyoodf kweaeyping
All parties include invitations to send to your friends tohfekmebeupsiny gantdheamctivbeu. sByyainntdroadcutciivneg.tBhyeminttoroLditutlecLiniognst-hReumgbtyo, we
aLiimttlteoLiinocnres-aRsuegthbeyi,r wcoenfaiidmentcoeianncdresaeslfeesttheeeimr .coThnifis dcaenncleeadantod self-
RUDDING PARK FOLLIFOOT HARROGATE NORTH YORKSHIRE HG3 1JH blbeoesettthtoeeafervFmciUoo.NmrTsfhm,obirusuntchitaceaantcbihlooeinlvadeadrenantdol!lliebstleestent,ienirgt’csboeamhlaomvtiuoornsfi,cFbaUutNtioanfbooarvnetdhaellliscethlesienld,inriteg’sna!
SRmSmeeUoossFrssrnCiinooinionnngnsssgc,SscauY,anananrdnbnbaedbyeufaomrftyuoonLRurdenUnoianFddtCgaisMeS.tonaMotsuriotarodnowaryRntoUaRwfFUteCnFrCnoRongUornFSosCuu,nngaddnraoodnyuanmSt adLoteuorornnddiianeSygnastsiu.arnday
FFoorrmmoorereinifnofromramtioantiovinsitvoisuitr owuebr switee.bsite.

w w w. l i t t l e l i o n s - r u g by. c o . u k ISSUE 63 - CHRISTMAS 2019 5

FAMILYtalk Kids just
wanna have
Bang on fun!
ALL children love running around with their friends having fun and burning
BANG on Books’ new range of illustrated stories features
off tons of energy. So when it comes to a birthday party why not opt for one
some fabulous personalisable elements to give your child that does all those things?
that extra special connection to the book. You can add your
child’s photograph, enter their name, choose a character that Parties organised by LittleLions-Rugby are an ideal solution for children
looks like them and write a special message to be printed at between 2.5 – 7, as well as being and a bit different to the run of the mill.
the beginning!
Parties are normally set outdoors in local parks chosen by you, whatever
The three books that are currently on offer include the weather. If you prefer though your party can be run indoors, as long as
“Unicorn Oo”, “The Golden Key” and the Christmas space allows.
spectacular, “Santa Socks”.
Most parks are free of charge, but it is up to the parents of the birthday
Featuring over 40 pages of colourful illustrations and text, child to check this out, and where necessary arrange any permit needed.
the books are finished to a luxury standard with the absolute
finest, high-quality materials. The book covers are a thing of LittleLions have several venues already geared up for such an event.
beauty, with a peachy laminated feel and metallic foil detail to If you need help finding somewhere to hoist your party then contact
the front and back. A real eye-catcher, which will stand out Mike, who will be happy to assist.
on your little one’s bookshelf! “...And a great party it was too! Max had a fantastic time! Thank you”-
Said Max’s mum.
Personalising your storybook on Bang on Books’ website More info at
takes as little as 30 seconds and orders are delivered within
five working days.

Pricing starts at £19.99 for one book and £39.99 for a
three-book bundle.
More info at



How to keep
your sanity
through the
festive period

By: Anisa Lewis – Positive Parenting Coach

You made it to this point in the year but seriously where has the
year gone? In order to manage the juggle of the festive season
in your families, to ensure that Christmas actually happens and
to make sure you get there all cool calm and collected I have
a few ideas I thought I would share with you to help you get

I ASKED my daughter what we Down Time delegation is a dirty word in your family,
perhaps 2020 is the year to change this.
got her as a gift last Christmas, what The way of the festive season seems In my experience ones children seldom
Santa got her, she could not remember. to be everyone runs around schedules like to be told what to do so perhaps you
All those hours I put into the perfect gift, and days packed and you end up starting can bring a couple of things to the table
the most wonderful wrapping, not wasted 2020 exhausted. Everyone needs to that needs doing and give them choices of
but certainly forgotten. What she does switch off, read a book, watch tv, spend which things they take on for you to help
remember though is having the family over some time away from others. Are you able out. Not doing anything is simply not an
for a meal, when we played board games, to carve out time when you are not on option. Yes, I hear you say it is so much
baked together, our Advent traditions and the go, not running to a schedule? Your easier if I just do it myself or they are not
doing her school carol concert. These are family wants your presence, perhaps a going to do it the way I want it and you are
the things that filled her memory bank, time to snuggle on the sofa with a festive right but we want to navigate the festive
not the perfect roast turkey. What would film? What can you do to build in some season with our sanity still in place and
your kids say if you asked them a similar downtime before 2020 strikes? Build it in with this comes learning to delegate.
question? now, put it in your diary and make sure
it does not move for anything, this could Self Care
Do you have lists and lists for your lists be the difference between enjoyment and
to make it through the festive period? Are burn out in the next couple of months. What does self-care mean to you?
you spending more time on the motorway The chances of escaping over the festive
than actually with your loved ones? Are Delegation period for a spa day are unlikely, but
family relationships strained? Or have you what aspects of this could you bring to
got your Christmas and New Years tied up Christmas does not mean that you are your day. Can you do a face mask while
with a bow of loveliness that will make us a slave to your family. Life goes on and cooking the roast? For me, self-care
all look at you in awe?  jobs need to be done. Who can wash up? comes in many different ways, from going
Who can lay the table? Who can put a on a dog walk, changing the bedsheets, to
Where ever you are or whatever your wash on? Who can sweep? All children having a hot shower. How can you bring
plans are, there are some things that you and adults can and should be involved, self-care for you and your loved ones to
can do to keep everyone sane this Festive sometimes they just need to be asked. If the festive madness? 




Everyone is going to want to be on their phones,
game consoles, gadgets especially if a new ‘screen’ is
part of their gifts. However, to avoid any arguments or
misunderstandings of expectations, can you chat through
what is a good use of screens ahead of time? Are you
going to have a screen cut off each night, where all gadgets
need to be handed over, adults included? What about, dare
I say, a screen-free day? Problems often arise when we
feel controlled, so getting your children’s voice or thoughts
towards a solution are so important. 

Get outside

Drag your family off the sofa and get outside, you will
all feel better for it. Park, wood, river or by the sea, it really
does not matter, let the children experience the freedom
of playing outside, collecting sticks, building a sandcastle,
jumping in puddles or riding their bikes. Our job is to be
more present, be more mindful, and make memories with
our kids and being outside helps with very little input from

More than anything this festive season, I encourage you
to be more present, to forget perfection, after all, aren’t we
all better off being perfectly imperfect. 

Here is to us all coming out the other side of Christmas
and New Year, happy and with our sanity intact!
More from Anisa at

...for little heroes!

The perfect personalised Christmas gift

Order yours today at:

Please quote the reference STW19 when ordering. ISSUE 63 - CHRISTMAS 2019 9


City Varieties Music Hall


Friday 29 November 2019 –
Sunday 12 January 2020

viCki michelle

Mark little Martin daniels

jonny muir steve wickenden

louise henry

Recommended for ages 4+ GRAND Thu 12 Dec 2019 - Sat 4 Jan 2020
10 ISSUE 63 - CHRISTMAS 2019 HOUSE 0844 871 3024 Fees Apply

YORK Fees Apply

Calls cost 7p per minute plus your
phone company’s access charge

A Night at the FAMILYtalk
Book online and save 10%**
It’s after-hours, the doors are closed and Family £41.40 online (£46 full price)
it’s the moment when Harewood House Adults £15.75 online (£17.50 full
really comes alive. The statues sing, price)
the paintings gossip, the ceilings turn Child £8.10 online (£9 full price)
kaleidoscopic! Under 4s Free
** standard entry only; must be
CREATED by acclaimed British artistic to see Father and Mrs Christmas in their booked by the day before your visit
cottage. Closed 25 & 26 Dec, early closure
duo, Davy & Kristin McGuire, for six weeks 24 & 31 Dec, and 1 Jan
from Saturday 23 November, open the With festive-themed music, More info at
doors, look under the stairs, listen out market weekends, cooking
for the chatter and follow the music as demonstrations, festive food and more,
Yorkshire’s most exciting country house there’s something for everyone.
presents Christmas 2019 – A Night at the
Mansion.  Join Harewood for a festive makeover
Enjoy a glass of fizz on a twilight tour, to bring warmth and cheer to you, your
meet our leading craft experts and book a friends and family.
workshop, or make your Christmas trip to
Harewood even more magical with a visit Saturday 23 November to Sunday
5 January 

A Leeds Playhouse production ISSUE 63 - CHRISTMAS 2019 11
By Robert Alan Evans

AGE 3 – 7
30 NOV – 28 DEC
0113 213 7700

All performances will be D/deaf friendly
and feature creative use of sign language



Why not enjoy a break from all the
Christmas chaos and have a festive
day out with your family at The Deep
Aquarium in Hull this December!

WHATEVER the weather, stay warm trail around the attraction. day out with The Deep’s gift vouchers.
Make sure you catch the daily dive These can be put towards a trip to at the
and delight at over 5000 animals including aquarium or you can use them in the café,
the loveable VIP’s (that’s Very Important show at 2pm, penguin feeds at 11:30am shop or the evening restaurant.
Penguins!) as well as sharks, stingrays, and 3:30pm, interactive presentations, as
Loggerhead turtles, jellyfish, hundreds of well as getting hands on in a touch pool You could pop into the “Deep”artment
tropical fish and much more. session with some animals native to British Store and choose a Turtle, Shark or
shores. Penguin Adoption Pack – ideal for those
Take a journey through prehistoric with a love of the marine world.
seas, past tropical lagoons, into the vast Take a walk through the viewing tunnel
open oceans, down to the darkest depths, and finish your visit with a ride in the glass Why not also consider a VIP 1:1
through the chilly Kingdom of Ice and into lift through the 10 metre Endless Ocean experience where you can get behind
the future. tank. the scenes with the Deep’s experts, or a
Junior Experience day where children can
While you are there you can enjoy You might want to find a unique get hands on with some of the daily tasks.
some family time in the cosy Christmas Christmas gift during your visit. You could More info at
crafts corner and take part in the festive treat your loved ones to a fantastic family

12 ISSUE 63 - CHRISTMAS 2019


Santa is
flying in!

LET the twinkling lights draw you into the wonder of Mother

Shipton’s magical memory-making Christmas experience.
The excitement begins with Santa’s jolly elves giving each child

their own festive activity pack. Adults can enjoy a complimentary
glass of mulled wine whilst the children are busy writing a letter to
Santa and a wish to hang on the Christmas tree.

If you are feeling creative, you can decorate a gingerbread man
for an additional cost. Hot drinks and mince pies are also available.
To fuel Santa’s reindeer as they fly all over the world, they will need
some food. Fill a bag with magical food to take home and scatter.

Acorn the Toy Maker will be working hard to make lots of toys
for children this Christmas. Help Acorn to make some traditional
wooden toys to fill up Santa’s sleigh then immerse yourself in
Christmas wonder with Holly Berry the Storyteller who will read you
an enchanting tale.

And then to the main event: Chief Elf Chestnut has the important
task of warming you up before entering the stunning grotto that
leads you through to meet Santa. Receive a very special gift
and have a photo taken, which will then be available to buy in
the Christmas Shop alongside an array of wonderful gifts and

Tickets to see Santa can be purchased ONLINE ONLY. Places
are limited so don’t miss out!
More info and booking at

Worth Valley – worth exploring

KEIGHLEY and Worth Valley Railway, home

of magnificent steam locomotives, The Railway
Children, accredited museums, one of the last
preserved Midland Railway Stations plus the
smallest station in the country.

Enjoy a fun-packed day out for all the
family. Experience the sounds and smells of a
steam railway, and see the magnificent engines
up close. Children can let off steam in the
new playground at Oxenhope, and re-fuel at
various locations. Family events for all ages run
throughout the year.

Open every weekend throughout the winter.
Open every day between 15th - 23rd February
to transport you back in time along our line;
plus we have a special children’s event on
19th and 20th February.
More info at

14 ISSUE 63 - CHRISTMAS 2019


The Night Before

JOIN Leeds Playhouse this festive storytelling adventure, accessible to D/deaf

season for the heart-warming show “The and hearing audiences. The production

Night Before Christmas” by Robert Alan will use a creative, integrated use of

Evans (Crumbles Search for Christmas, sign to connect Elf and Carol together.

Kes). As their relationship grows so does Elf’s

Carol doesn’t feel very Christmassy. understanding of English and BSL.

What’s all the fuss about? Trees, tinsel, Featuring some those special songs

baubles, pudding, presents…? What a lot like “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like
Christmas”, “White Christmas”, “Rocking
of nonsense. Definitely not for her.
That is until the night before Christmas Around the Christmas Tree” and “Have
Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”, The
when Elf 30046, all stripey tights and
Night Before Christmas is the perfect
pointy ears, falls down her chimney and
present for little elves and a magical treat
they both tumble into a bigger adventure
for the family this winter. The show lasts
than they could ever have imagined. Will
Elf ever do as he’s told? Will Carol learn to 55 minutes and is a brilliant pre-Christmas
have fun? Will they ever spot the speeding treat for the very young (and perhaps not
so young). It is guaranteed to put you in a
sleigh and most importantly of all…can
festive mood.
they find Father Christmas before it’s too
The show runs from 20 Nov to 25 Jan and
Directed by Leeds Playhouse Associate is suitable for ages 3 – 7
More info at
Director Amy Leach, The Night Before
Or call 0113 213 700
Christmas is a fun-filled, highly visual

Christmas 2019 SmallTalk Mag AD (120x186mm).pdf 1 11/10/2019 16:03

C ISSUE 63 - CHRISTMAS 2019 15


reflections at

BRING the whole family to enjoy a handcrafted Christmas at Nostell, inspired

by the golden swirls and mythical Ho Ho birds of the pier glass mirror made by
Thomas Chippendale.

Inside the treasure house you’ll find sparkling decorations, family Christmas
crafts and a chance to reflect on your own festive memories and traditions. Follow
your nose to discover the magical gingerbread village and listen out for local choirs
filling the house with music every weekend. Don’t forget to pick up the family trail
to find the missing cracker jokes and have a giggle with Ho Ho (Ho!) birds.

The house is open on selected days from Saturday 7 December until Christmas
Eve and we’ve festive fun outdoors on any day you visit until Sunday 5 January.

If you’re looking for family time in the fresh air during the holidays, find all
the clues the Ho Ho birds have left behind along the garden trail and claim your
yummy gingerbread prize.

Fuel up in the café where we’ve a festive menu inspired by Christmases of
times gone by, including Cook’s Christmas pie, homegrown Nostell roasties, yule
log and mince pies and don’t miss the shop and second hand book shop to pick
up those last gifts and stock up your holiday reads.
More info at

16 ISSUE 63 - CHRISTMAS 2019


Christkindelmarkt returns

LEEDS Christkindelmarkt will once again get everyone in

a festive mood when it returns to the Millennium Square this

You will see over 40 traditional wooden chalet stalls
offering a wide range of seasonal gifts, ornaments,
toy decorations and German delicacies, including
gluhwein, bratwurst sausages, schnitzels, stolen and
gingerbread. Enjoy delicious German food & drink at one of
the cosy indoor retreats including the Alp Chalet Bavarian
styled eatery, the Kuh Stall and the Ski Hutte Bar.

Take the family to a festive buffet breakfast experience
hosted by Father Christmas himself at the Santa’s Breakfast,
which takes place every Saturday and Sunday morning from
23 November until 21 December in the Alp Chalet. Advance
booking required.

The market square stage will feature a daily evening
programme of light entertainment as well as a weekly
children’s show every Sunday morning (except 10 Nov) with
face painting, balloon making and appearances from the
Winter Wonderland Princesses and other characters. 

Meet the Radio Aire team every Saturday from 1pm for
competitions and free glitter!
Market open daily from 10.30am to 9.30pm Monday to
Saturday and 10.30am to 7.30pm on Sundays from 8
November until 21 December.
More info at

Family memories © National Trust 2019. Registered Charity no. 205846.
made at Nostell Photography © National Trust Images/James Dobson

Take precious time out this Christmas to explore Social icon
the decorated house, follow the garden trail and Circle
reflect on your own family traditions. Only use blue and/or white.
These are the places that make us. For more details check out our Brand Guidelines. ISSUE 63 - CHRISTMAS 2019 17

OUT&ABOUTtalk Discover
Inspiration for magic of
Christmas? Christmas

AT Inspirations Central there are ‘Crafternoons’ for card making HEAD to Temple Newsam house and Home Farm during

‘Crafty Nights Out’ for wreath making, all in one inspirational weekends through December for some festive family fun.
space. Delight in the splendour of the festive preparations and

There will be card making, family Crafternoon on Saturday see how the Tudors, Georgians and Victorians celebrated
30th November from 3pm - 5pm. You could even make it a full Christmas.
afternoon by joining APUK for their Christmas meet at 2pm at
and then receive a 50% discount for the card making. Take part in Christmas crafts including wreath making
and clay crafting and explore the living nativity on display at
Maybe you would appreciate an evening without the kids Home Farm.
to make your very own Christmas Wreath for the front door?
Sunday 8th December from 6pm - 9pm. Head over to Temple Newsam house to help Arthur the
elf track down his ten presents on the Christmas trail.
Everything for the creating is provided with snacks and hot
drinks available from the self-service kitchen for a small price. Pay a visit to Santa in his magical workshop but don’t
Alternatively you are welcome to bring your own snacks and forget to book your time-slot to avoid disappointment!
drinks. Bookings can be made by calling 0113 3367460.
More info at
To finish off and really get the children in the Christmas temple-newsam/
spirit there will be a Christmas craft party on 21st December
from 2pm - 4pm. with great little decorations to make and take

Details and booking on Facebook @inspirationscentralleeds
If you are looking for inspiration for a Christmas present why
not consider giving a music lesson. Learning to play a musical
instrument would be great for any age!
Contact Ruth on 0113 4001077
or email [email protected]

18 ISSUE 63 - CHRISTMAS 2019


A must-visit

destination A magical
HEAD to The Piece Hall for a Christmas experience like no-other, it’s
CHRISTMAS is a magical time at Eureka!
a must-visit destination this festive season as it hosts a spectacular
programme of festive events for all the family. Experience the museum as never before as we celebrate the winter
season with lights, colour and a huge Christmas tree.
The courtyard transforms into a winter wonderland set against the
beautiful backdrop of this stunning Georgian building and you can also Meet Father Christmas and the friendliest elves in town at “One of the
find a treasure trove of independent shops offering locally made gifts best Grotto’s in the UK” according to NetMums.
and enjoy a range of special festive menus at the many cafés, bars and
restaurants. Plus our interactive show “Snow Day” is a must-see. Meet Billy as he
experiences snow for the first time and meets Jack Frost.
From the 22 November until 31 December, The stunning courtyard will Weekends from 23rd November and every day from Thursday
be home to a twinkling Christmas tree and Victorian carousel. 19th December.
Santa’s Grotto is £4 per child and the winter show is free with your annual
Inside, Winter Wonderland workshops offer the chance to get crafty pass or standard admission.
and creative. More info at

The magnificent circus-style Salon Perdu returns on 6 December with
a fantastic programme of family shows including: Get Your Own Back, the
Gungetank gameshow; Kids Comedy Club; West End Magic Show and a
mini rave.
More info at


at ISSUE 63 - CHRISTMAS 2019 19


22 NOV

31 DEC


Join us this Christmas for a host of
sparkling shows, wintery workshops and
festive fun to entertain the whole family.


Official Travel Partner

The Piece Hall Trust is a registered charity, number 1156948


Back by

If you’ve still not planned your
Christmas celebrations don’t
worry there’s still time

RUDDING Park in Harrogate is a magical place to

celebrate and if you are looking for a family celebration
lunch, the ever popular Family Festive Lunch is back by
popular demand on Sunday 15 and Sunday 22 December.

Experience a relaxed afternoon with buffet lunch,
activities to entertain the children, Santa’s Grotto and a
prize for the best Christmas jumper!
To find out more about the Family Christmas Lunch
and our other events during the festive season visit

Meet Father Christmas at The Forbidden Corner

On the 1st, 8th, 15th & 22nd of December

• Present for each child included in FThoe SrtbraindgedstTPehlaneceCintoherWnoerdr
the admission price
• Open every Sunday in December
before Christmas -10am until Adults £13.00
Child £11.00
In a four acre walled garden, lose
yourself in the underground labyrinth O.A.P’s £12.00
of chambers and passages which make
up the grotto. Family 2+ £46.00

Discover intrigue and humour U4’s visiting Santa £4.00
throughout the wood where follies
are abound. Pre-booked tickets only please

call 01969 640638

Follow signs for Middleham take the Coverdale road across the moor past Coverham church turn right
oppersite the cottages and carry on up through the park.

20 ISSUE 63 - CHRISTMAS 2019



A Family Fun
Days Out
Steam Trains • Playground • Café Bar
Christmas Museums • On Train Bar • and More!

Adventure FOLLOW US
FIDGET Theatre & Little Mighty Theatre Company are coming to Otley LATEST SPECIAL
Courthouse to perform their new show “Jack Frost, A Joyful Christmas
(links below)
Adventure”. This is the first time that Otley has ever had a Christmas

show for a week-long run in the local community.

Jack Frost is a music filled Christmas show about friendship and the

joy of joining in. Holly, a little girl who plays the trumpet, befriends the

magical winter sprite Jack Frost. We follow Holly’s adventure into the ice-

covered world of the mischievous yet lonely Jack. When plans for Holly’s

school concert go awry, together Holly and Jack will make sure no-one

is left outside this Christmas. Join Jack and Holly alongside a live local

band for this joyful, frost filled, festive adventure!
For children age 4+.
Tuesday 17th – Friday 20th December 2019, 10.30am
Saturday 21st – Sunday 22nd December 2019, 10.30am &
Tickets are £7 per child & £9 per adult.
More info and booking at or call
01943 467466

19 & 20 FEBRUARY



01535 645214 ISSUE 63 - CHRISTMAS 2019 21

What’s On
reception, the timetable below includes Any Suggestions, Doctor? - Sunday 8
WEEKLY STORY TIMES bright lights or loud noises. Tickets to see all BSL signed presentations and shows December, 3pm , Tickets: £8 Adult, £6 Child
Santa can be purchased ONLINE ONLY, throughout the day! Doctor Who fans can travel anywhere in
Story Times and Rhyme Times time and space in this completely made-up,
Various libraries citywide selected dates during December 10.30 – Touch Pool session at the hilarious new episode of the cult TV show.
No need to book; contact your local library Discovery Corner - BSL Featuring a live radiophonic workshop, this
EUREKA! improvised parody show gives the audience
for further details. 11.00 – Endless Oceans Presentation – the keys to the TARDIS, taking everyone on a
The National Children’s Museum BSL truly unforgettable adventure.
Every week libraries across the city
present story and rhyme times for HX1 2NE - 01422 330069 11:30 - Penguin Feed at the Kingdom of Little Lambs: Christmas Special -
children. Ice - BSL Tuesday 10 December, 10am, £3 per child
(0-5yrs) Salon Perdu
Armley Thurs 10.30 -11.00 Christmas is a magical time at 12:00 - Lagoon feed at the Lagoon of Visit The Piece Hall for a Christmas special
Light - BSL early years session in the Salon Perdu
Beeston Tues 10.45 - 11.15 Eureka! Weekends from 23rd Nov and complete with sensory storytelling, movement
every day from Thurs 19th Dec. 13:00 - Conservation film at Endless and a festive craft.
(Rhyme Time) 10.30- Santa’s Grotto is £4 per child and the Ocean - BSL
winter show is free with your annual pass or Get Your Own Back – the Family Show
11am standard admission. 13.30 – Touch Pool session at the - Saturday 14 December, 3pm, Tickets: Adult
More info at Discovery Corner - BSL £12, Child £10
Calverley Thurs 2.45-3.15pm Experience the museum as never before as Fans of CBBC’s hit nineties show ‘Get
we celebrate the winter season with lights, 14.00 – Dive Show at the Main Tank at Your Own Back’ will love this throwback
Central Thurs 11:00 – 11:45am colour and a huge Christmas tree. Endless Ocean – BSL gameshow style event. Contestants can
(includes activities) Meet Father Christmas and the friendliest enter solo or as a team and play Dave’s crazy
elves in town at “One of the best Grotto’s in 14.30 – Touch Pool session at the silly interactive challenges that eliminates
Chapel Allerton Thurs 10.30-11am the UK” according to NetMums. Discovery Corner - BSL players until only a couple are left staring the
Plus our interactive show “Snow Day” is enormous gunge tank in the face.
Compton Rd Weds 2.15 - 2.45 a must-see. Meet Billy as he experiences 15.00 – Endless Ocean presentations -
snow for the first time and meets Jack BSL Mark Thompson’s Spectacular Science
Dewsbury Rd Wed 10:30 – 11:00 Frost.
15.30 – Penguin Feed at the Kingdom of Show - Sunday 15 December, 1pm & 3pm
Farsley Tues-Rhymtime, 2pm KEIGHLEY & WORTH Ice – BSL Tickets: Adult £12, Child £10
VALLEY RAILWAY We would suggest the following itineraries Come and explore the strange and magical
(term time) to suit your arrival time or you can mix and properties of matter with exploding elephant’s
BD22 8NJ - 01535 645214 match to suit your preferences: toothpaste, vortex-generating dustbins and
Fri-storytime 10.00am arrival – Touch Pool, Endless even howling jelly babies. Perfect for both kids Ocean presentation, Penguin Feed, Dive and adults, this fun, family friendly show flips
2.15 - 2.45 Show in the Main Tank the notion that science is boring completely
Santa Specials 11.45am arrival – Lagoon Feed, Penguin on its head.
Garforth Fri 10.30 - 11.00 Film, Touch Pool, Dive Show in the Main
30th Nov – 24th December Tank, Penguin Feed Silent Disco for Families - Saturday 21
Gildersome Weds - pre-school 2.30 Normal admission charges apply and there December, 4pm, Tickets: Adult £10, Child
After school 3.45 THE DEEP is no need to book. Please note, there will £8.50
be no school visits on this day. At this silent disco for the whole family, visitors
Guiseley Tues 10.30-11am Hull, HU1 4DP, 01482 381000 can pop on a pair of headphones and pick
(Term Time Only) PIECE HALL HALIFAX a channel for an afternoon of uncoordinated dancing to the very best party tunes around,
Halton Fri 10.30-11.30 HX1 1RE - 01422 525200 with live DJs playing everything from pop
A Christmas Coral and rock to dance, guilty pleasures and party
Harrogate Fri 2.15-2.45 Join us each weekend throughout classics.
Children’s Library (term December and throughout the festive
time only) period as we explore the seas of the past, Halifax Light Switch On: Lantern Making Notflix - Sunday 22 December, 5pm,
present and future in our fun-packed Saturday 23 November, 11am – 4.30pm Tickets: Adult £12, Child £10
interactive show at 11am, 1pm and 3pm. £3 drop-in, The Learning Studio The all-female cast of Notflix use audience
Headingley Mon 2.00-2.30pm You can get crafty too and make your own Drop into the Learning Studio and create a suggestions of recently watched films to
(Rhyme Time)Fri 9.30- 2020 calendar – a perfect gift for your colourful lantern full of festive sparkle before create a brand new, fully improvised, one-
family and friends. Activities will be open the big light switch-on event in Halifax town night-only musical inspired by the audience
10.00am every weekend from 11am to 4pm in Craft centre. members ideas and explanations. Every show
Corner. is different but what remains is the joyous,
Holt Park Wed 9:30 – 10:00 Winter Wonderland Workshops musical celebration of everything a movie
Home Educators’ Day - Thursday Saturday 30 November – Saturday 21 could be.
Horsforth Tuesday 10:30 11:00 January 16, 2020 December - £7.50 per child (6+)
Take a peek into the everyday life of The Learning Studio Children’s Magic Workshop - Monday 23
Hunmanby Fri 2.15-3pm animals from around the world and their Kids can step back in time and help the December, 11am & 1pm, Tickets: £12 (7+)
skills to survive. Using examples from Victorian housekeepers transform The Piece Magic professors Oliver Tabor and Wayne
Ilkley Weds 2.15 Under 5’s around The Deep, we will show you how Hall ready for the festive season. Huddle Trice will be on duty to teach budding young
some animals have changed their bodies round the fireplace for a story, play some witches and wizards different spells to amaze
Kippax Friday 2.00-2.30pm and behaviours over time to cope with Victorian games and create a beautiful their friends and family. All magic supplies
predation, competition and the environment handcrafted gift to take home. Various dates are provided free for youngsters to keep and
Middleton Thurs10.15-10.45am they live in. and times available, see The Piece Hall at the end of lessons a small show will be
Our Home Educators’ Day is especially for website for details. presented for those who wish to show off
Moor Allerton Weds 11.15-11.45am children who are learning at home. The day their newly learnt magical skills.
includes admission into The Deep as well Live Interpretation - Saturday 30
Morley Tues 11.00-11.30am as your choice of educational workshop. November, Sunday 1, Saturday 7 & Sunday 8 Kids Comedy Club - Friday 27 December,
Full details of the workshops and the times December, 10.30am 3pm, Tickets: Adult £12, Child £10 (7+)
Oakwood Thurs 2:00 – 2:30pm they are on can be found at www.thedeep. Come and meet Victorian characters from With jokes that are suitable for children but the past, including a magical magician and funny enough to get everyone laughing, Kids
Otley Mon 2-2.30pm Places cost £7 per child (additional balloonist Mrs Graham. Listen to stories as Comedy Club is aimed at the whole family.
workshops are £3 per child) and £10.50 for they roam around the Christmas courtyard. Similar in atmosphere to an adult comedy
Pudsey Friday 11.00-11.30am accompanying adults. club but without the grown-up themes or
Wednesday Rhymetime To find out more and book please call A Christmas Potion Advent Trail - swearing, the show features three superb
9.30 - 10.00 01482 381000. Please note that booking Sunday 1 – Tuesday 24 December, 10am comedians carefully selected from the
is essential. – 5pm, £1 world’s comedy circuit telling hilarious jokes,
Visitors can follow a festive trail around The bantering with the crowd and making the
Rothwell Sat 11:00 to 11:30am Quiet Day - Saturday 14th December Piece Hall shops and help create a Christmas audience laugh themselves silly.
The audio will be turned down for those potion. Collect a trail from the Welcome Tickets: Adult £12, Child £9.50 (3+)
Selby Wed 10.30-11am (term who find the sounds distracting and Centre and return once complete for a BoomChikkaBoom are back to kick off the
time only) the lights will be brighter to make our chocolate treat. New Year’s Eve party early, playing feel-good
information more clear. Audio and Braille dance floor fillers at a family rave to celebrate
Sherburn every Tues 10.30-11.00 guides are also available free of charge at Tinsel Tots - Saturday 7, 14 & 21 December, the end of 2019. Expect an explosion of fun
10am, £5.50 per child (0-5yrs) Salon Perdu with snow and bubble machines, parachute
Wakefield Baby Bookworms Little ones can join The Piece Hall for a
Drury Lane Fri 10-11am magical season of movement, making and
music in the Salon Perdu. There will be an
Wetherby Weds 10.45-11.15am interactive storytelling session, a festive
craft activity and a jiving, jingling percussion
Yeadon Mon 2-2.20pm (term session with Christmas themed songs, all
time only) topped off with a delicious treat.


Knaresborough, HG5 8DD

01423 864600

Christmas: Santa is flying here to see you!
For a magical memory-making Christmas

experience at Mother


Champion Day - 30th Nov.
For children and adults who would prefer a

quieter, more relaxed visit to Santa with no

22 ISSUE 63 - CHRISTMAS 2019


fun, dance battles, photo booth and more! THE FORBIDDEN Christmas. Can you find them napping Tues -Sun from 10am-4pm with Christmas
CORNER around Kirkstall Abbey in our trail? activities on Saturdays and Sundays.
NOSTELL PRIORY & Our Sleepy Santa Trail is free, and there is
PARKLAND Leyburn, DL8 4TJ. 01969 640638 no need to book LOTHERTON HALL

WF4 1QE - 01924 863892 LEEDS CITY MUSEUM LS25 3EB - 0113 2813259 Meet Father Christmas at The LS2 8BH - 0113 224 3732
Forbidden Corner The Christmas Experience
Winter Workshops November 2019 – On the 1st, 8th, 15th & 22nd of December 22 Nov 2019 –5 Jan 2020
February 2020, selected dates £45 - £95 Present for each child included in the Tiny Tigers 10:00 am - 11:45 am – Every Yorkshires ultimate festive day out returns
Fancy a bit of grown-up time out amongst the admission price - Open every Sunday in Friday
Christmas rush or looking for a unique gift for December before Christmas -10am until Looking for something creative to do with
someone special? We’ve a range of artist-led dusk. In a four acre walled garden, lose kids in the city? Come down to Leeds City Little Lotherton
workshops for adults at Nostell running yourself in the underground labyrinth of Museum for our messy sessions for under Tues 10 Dec - 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
November to February, from willow craft and chambers and passages which make up the 5’s and their carers. Join us for monthly Little Lotherton arts,
jewellery making to lino-printing Christmas grotto. Discover intrigue and humour Join us for creative crafts every Friday. crafts and play sessions for under 5s and
cards, photography and making garden throughout the wood where follies are Sessions are free, and there is no need to their carers.
planters. Booking essential, online. abound. book. Drop in to the hall each morning from 10am –
Admission: Adults £13.00, Child £11.00, 12pm and take part in relaxed arts and crafts.
Christmas Reflections at Nostell - O.A.P’s £12.00, Family 2+ £46.00, U4’s Rory’s Tiger Club - 11:00 am - 12:15 There are plenty of toys and areas to play with
visiting Santa £4.00 pm - Every Saturday your little ones.
Explore the House Pre-booked tickets only please call 01969 Looking for something creative to do with Sessions take place on the second Tuesday
Open Saturday 7 – Tuesday 24 December on 640638F or book ONLINE kids in the city? Come down to Leeds City of every month (term-time only).
selected days (please check website before Museum for our messy sessions for under
you visit) - 11am – 3pm LEEDS MUSEUMS & 5’s and their carers. Relaxed Santa at Lotherton
Off peak admission charges apply (National GALLERIES Join us for creative crafts every Saturday 03 Dec & 12 Dec 2019, 3pm, 3.45pm,
Trust members free) morning. Sessions are free, and there is no 4.30pm, 5.15pm
Bring the whole family to enjoy a handcrafted www.museumsandgalleries.leeds. need to book. Join us for a relaxed Santa session as part of
Christmas at Nostell, inspired by the golden The Christmas Experience. We are offering
swirls and mythical Ho Ho birds of the pier For opening times and admission prices Etsy Creative Fun Day - 29 Nov, 11:00 two relaxed sessions for young people with
glass mirror made by Thomas Chippendale. please visit the individual attraction am - 4:00 pm additional needs and their families at The
Explore sparkling displays in each room, get information. This year Etsy Made Local Leeds has Christmas Experience this year. On 3 and
creative with Christmas crafts, don’t miss the expanded even further to include our 12 December you’re invited to enjoy the
magical gingerbread village have a giggle with ABBEY HOUSE MUSEUM Creative Fun Day! Christmas magic, in a relaxed atmosphere,
Ho Ho (Ho) birds on the family trail. Drop in and out of some inspiring with more space and supportive elves on
LS5 3EH - 0113 378 4083 workshops and make your own handmade hand.
Christmas Reflections at Nostell - gift, learn about how to sell your own wSanta will be reading festive stories to the handmade and vintage products and shop children, and chatting to those who feel
Explore the Gardens Christmas Trail from the designers and makers of Leeds. comfortable enough to engage with him.
Saturday 7 December – Sunday 5 January A Visit to Father Christmas - 01, 14, All abilities and ages welcome. Pay as you Pre-book only: Child Admission Ticket: £4
10am – 4pm 15, 21, 22 Dec 2019 - 10:00 am - 4:00 pm feel. (under 4s free entry), Adult Admission Ticket:
Off peak admission charges apply (National Get into the festive spirit and enjoy a £8, Child North Pole & Santa Ticket: £12.95.
Trust members free) Christmas treat for all the family. Christmas holidays – A Winter’s Trail – (Admission ticket must be purchased along
Explore Nostell’s gardens and uncover the Wander around the magically decorated 19 Dec- 24th Dec & 27 Dec- 31 Dec & 2nd with the North Pole & Santa ticket). Contact
hidden traditions of the Ho Ho Bird and our Victorian Streets, listen to the carols and Jan -3rd Jan us to book on 0113 3783167 or email lauren.
winter wildlife on a magical Christmas trail write your Christmas list. Then visit Father Jack Frost has been causing chaos around [email protected]
for all the family. From their perch high on Christmas and his friendly elf in his grotto. the museum. Follow the trail clues to see
the pier glass mirror, the Ho Ho birds have Dress up, decorate a Christmas ornament where he’s been and stop him from making MILLENNIUM
watched the magic of Christmas unfold in and have a go at our Christmas trail. Make more mess! SQUARE
the mansion for centuries. This winter they’re lovely family memories and don’t forget to
heading off on a family adventure around the bring your camera! LEEDS ART GALLERY LS1 1UR -
gardens to discover how our wildlife inspired Grotto £4.50. Standard Museum admission
their favourite Christmas traditions. Complete applies. LS1 3AA - 0113 247 8256 Leeds Christkindelmarkt - 8 Nov until 21
the activities and collect all the letters to claim Dec. Open daily 10.30am to 9.30pm Mon to
your prize, specially handmade by Nostell’s Santa’s Little Helpers - 19 Dec - 20 Sat & 10.30am to 7.30pm Sundays
own café elves. Dec - 10:00 am - 4:00 pm Over 40 traditional wooden chalet stalls
Join us for festive fun crafts and activities Playground –6 Dec - 10:00am - 12:00pm offering a wide range of seasonal gifts,
Autism Friendly Christmas Stories - this Christmas. Playful sensory events for under 5s and ornaments, toy decorations and German
Monday 23 December - 10.20 – 11.20am Visit Father Christmas in his grotto while their carers take inspiration from a different delicacies, including gluhwein, bratwurst
- £3 per child you’re here and get an early Christmas artwork each month. We look to build sausages, schnitzels, stolen and gingerbread.
Normal off-peak admission charges apply present! childrens confidence in themselves as Enjoy delicious German food & drink at one
(National Trust members free) No booking necessary. Grotto – £4.50 learners. explorers and creative thinkers. of the cosy indoor retreats including the Alp
Join Mother Christmas for a relaxed session (includes present). Please wear suitable clothing as it can get Chalet Bavarian styled eatery, the Kuh Stall
of stories, songs and festive crafts and Standard Museum admission applies. quite messy! and the Ski Hutte Bar.
receive a Christmas gift to take home. This To book email [email protected] Festive buffet breakfast experience hosted
session is suitable for children on the autism Splat a Sprout family challenge trail by Father Christmas himself at the Santa’s
spectrum between 4 and 8 years old, but and activities – 27, 28, 29, 31 Dec 10:00 Baubilize - 14 Dec, 11:00 am - 4:00 pm Breakfast, which takes place every Saturday
all ages are welcome. We’ve a quiet room am - 4:00 pm Join us in Artspace for family fun activities and Sunday morning from 23 November until
if you’d like a break and a visual story route If you’re ready from a break of everything inspired by the current collections. Mash-up 21 December in the Alp Chalet. Advance
to guide you from the car park to the event, Christmas, come along to Abbey House contemporary art and tradition and make booking required.
available in advance on request. Museum for our ‘twixtmas’ activities. Splat festive decorations to take away and hang The market square stage will feature a daily
a sprout and take part in a range of fun up at home. evening programme of light entertainment
HAREWOOD HOUSE family challenges in the Victorian Streets as well as a weekly children’s show every
including a trail. Drop in, activities included TEMPLE NEWSAM Sunday morning (except 10 Nov) with face
LS17 9LQ - 0113 218 1010 in standard Museum admission. HOUSE painting, balloon making and appearances
from the Winter Wonderland Princesses and KIRKSTALL ABBEY LS15 0AE - 0113 264 7321 other characters.
Meet the Radio Aire team every Saturday
Christmas at Harewood - A Night at the LS5 3EH - 0113 230 5492 from 1pm for competitions and free glitter!
More info at
Mansion Christmas at Temple Newsam – 07, 08,
Saturday 23 November to Sunday 5 January 14, 15, 21, 22 - 10:00 am - 4:00 pm Please check the organisations website for
Enjoy a glass of fizz on a twilight tour, Muddy Monkeys - Every week until Join us for some festive fun around the up to date information on dates, times and
meet our leading craft experts and book 17/12/2019 - 10:00 am - 11:00 am estate every weekend during December. venues
a workshop, or make your Christmas trip A friendly free session for under 5s and Head to the house and delight in the
to Harewood even more magical with a their carers. Each week we have a range splendour of our festive preparations to see
visit to see Father and Mrs Christmas in of crafts, toys, books and instruments and how the Tudors, Georgians and Victorians
their cottage. With festive-themed music, if the weather is nice we like to put games celebrated Christmas. All activities are
market weekends, cooking demonstrations, outside too. Drop in, no need to book. included within the general admission price.
festive food and more, there’s something for Santa visits are a little extra at £5 per child
everyone. Sleepy Santa Trail - 27 Dec 2019 - 03 (under 1s are free). Please book ahead by
Book online for extra discount Jan 2020. 10:00 am - 3:00 pm calling 0113 336 7460.
Santa, his elves and his reindeer are all From 7 Dec the house will be open from
exhausted after their hard work over 1-4pm on Sat and Sun. Home Farm is open ISSUE 63 - CHRISTMAS 2019 23


A great
way to
start the

FUNKY Jives movement to music sessions are about having fun,

staying active and enjoying expressing yourself to the music.
They are enjoyed by accompanying adults as well as children.

Parents/carers are commenting things like “it’s a fantastic opportunity to
get moving and a great way to start the day off”.

The weekly sessions have proved popular over the past few months
and the hope is that they will continue as there are some great themed
sessions coming up.

Funky Jives offers Girl guiding dance workshops for Rainbows and
Brownies. These have been a huge success so far this year so please get
in touch for further details.
[email protected]

Signing classes & drop-in sessions Summer Workshops (Age 8-12)
throughout North and West Yorkshire Holiday Clubs (Age 5-11)

all gone Trained teachers and signers Music & Theatre Classes
listen Musical activities, stories and puppets Family Community Choir Chapeltown Road, Leeds
tel: 0113 4001077
Relaxed, fun & friendly atmosphere Instrumental Lessons

Comprehensive supporting material: Create & Play (under 5’s) @inspirationscentralleeds
handouts, certificates & much more
For more information, contact us… [email protected]
t 07742 296160
e [email protected] To book go to:

Check the website for details of our regular classes & drop-in sessions

Funky JivesTS_SmallTalk_Ad_58x91.5.indd 1 SensoryBtsro&eicnnlogiisfnmioensmrgpytiurhsniptrnicloogaaruyitgeihosn SSthaorerboyokts ime
11/12/13 14:32:22
Sing songs
Fun, Funky,
Freestyle Play games
Multi-sensory play
Dance sessions for
children and adults Held in Garforth for ages 6-36 months

School sessions and dance Booking required
parties are available
[email protected] • 07923402604
Contact Kat: [email protected]

24 ISSUE 63 - CHRISTMAS 2019


you to
teach them

At Waterbabies they will teach you to
teach your baby to swim

FROM lesson one your little one will become comfortable and used

to the sensation of the water, developing their natural instincts and
transforming these into core aquatic skills.

By the end of our programme, your little one will be swimming freely
using different strokes and be able to keep themselves safe in and around
the water. And not only will they be able to swim independently and have
learnt skills for life - they will have grown in confidence.

With Christmas approaching - friends and family are asking what they
can get for your little one, why not suggest gift vouchers for swimming
classes, what better gift than a skill for life and precious bonding time for
you and your little one.
For more info at [email protected]
Or call 01943 862802

We provide swimming lessons for children from the age of 3 years and upwards Devgreowlos phfermomatrehtent
We offer classes for all levels of ability water confidence to the budding
competitor To book your first class call
Our group lessons are taught in small groups of 6 children to a water based
instructor 01943 862802
Swimming lessons are available everyday of the week
Venue: Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Wakefield
ISSUE 63 - CHRISTMAS 2019 25
Office contact: 01924 918545

[email protected]

reclaim the

GIRLS in The Mount Junior School spent a thrilling day as Roman

Soldiers, learning about the Ancient world, developing new skills (well,
actually very, very old skills) and enjoying a Roman feast.  They even had
a visit from a Roman Centurion! Mr Spiers, Head of History, donned his
Roman armour and put the Roman Soldiers through their paces.  

One of the girls commented that “I really liked it when Mr Spiers
trained us to be Roman soldiers!”.

The girls also enjoyed a visit from Year 11 girls studying Latin and
Classics. They shared with the girls some of the ancient language
including “Veni, Vidi, Vici - ‘I came, I saw, I conquered’.

One of the many benefits of The Mount School is that girls age 2-18
share the spacious campus. The older girls relish the opportunity to work
with younger girls and in turn the younger girls look up to them as role
More info at

Setting them on the right path

THE beginning of a child’s educational

journey is an important time and should ensure
they approach their future school years with
enthusiasm, joy and a real love of learning.

Set them on the right path at Moorlands
School. Step into the recently refurbished
Nursery and you will be greeted by engaged
and happy children, making the most of the
well-equipped, bright and spacious facilities,
guided by qualified and experienced staff.

Moorlands pupils are offered a breadth of
opportunity right from the Early Years: exploring
the outdoors in ‘Forest School’; swimming
in the onsite pool; music, drama and French
sessions - all wrapped up in the highest quality
pastoral care.

It is no wonder that so many parents are
choosing the Moorlands Way for their children
- Nursery and Reception places for 2020 are
filling up fast.

Don’t miss out on giving your child the
brightest beginning.
Book a visit at

26 ISSUE 63 - CHRISTMAS 2019


An historic moment

WOODHOUSE Grove pupils won both the Junior

Girls’ and Junior Boys’ Races at the English Schools Cross
Country Cup Regional round. These individual victories
were supported by a determined team effort which saw
both teams qualify for the National Finals in Derbyshire on
Saturday 7th December.
Our Junior girls dominated the race with all five team
members involved in the lead pack, before Maisey
Bellwood powered ahead to win by more than 20 seconds.
The rest of the team battled hard, mostly with each other, to
finish 10th, 11th, 13th and 14th. The team’s winning points
tally of 35 points bodes well for potentially a team medal at
the Nationals.
The Junior Boys’ team were missing two key runners but,
in true Grovian spirit, faced their challenge head on. Archie
Peaker dominated the field, eventually winning by 75
metres and the determination of the rest of his team mates,
including Captain, Harry Bates, gave the team third place
by a handful of points and a place in the National Finals.
This is a historic moment for the school and yet another
example of Woodhouse Grove School competing on the
National stage.
Pictures show the Woodhouse Grove Junior teams at the
start of the Regional round
More info at

inspired The Register now for
Sept 2020 Reception 2020
Mount School
Nursery - filling up fast! York
Reception - final few places
remaining... know
季 can
“Pupils in lessons were
Discover what makes the Moorlands Way so special… exuberantly confident.*”
Book a School Tour. We’d love to meet you!
Girls at The Mount are exuberantly
Register on the Admissions section of our website: confident because they know
Foxhill Drive, Weetwood Lane, Leeds, LS16 5PF Tel: 0113 278 5286 they can be. We are leaders
in educating girls and understanding their needs,
inspiring and empowering
confident young women,
enabling them to believe
nothing is beyond their reach. An exceptional education for girls age 2-18

*The Mount School York judged excellent in ISI Inspection.

ISSUE 63 - CHRISTMAS 2019 27


Can the way you give
birth put your child

at risk?

Well, according to Ruth Perrot of VisionCare
Development the answer is yes. Ruth is an
Optometrist who has many years’ experience in
Behavioural or Developmental Optometry and
here she talks in some depth about Primitive
Retained Reflexes

WHAT ARE WHAT HAPPENS IF Children with learning disorders, ADHD,
REFLEXES? REFLEXES ARE NOT neurodevelopmental disorders are known
INTEGRATED? to have primitive retained reflexes, which
Primitive retained reflexes are automatic contribute to their symptoms and the level
stereo-typical movements initiated from If the Retained Reflexes are retained past of dysfunction.
the brainstem and which require no the first twelve months of life, they can Each retained reflex is associated with
conscious thought. They are needed interfere with academic, social, and motor one or more of the Sensory Processing
for the survival and development of the (muscle) learning. Basically, the perception
foetus before and during birth and in the of our inner and outer environment and
early months of the baby’s life. However, our response to it could be disrupted;
as higher functioning, more sophisticated that is, conscious thought and life may be
areas of the brain develop, any retained disturbed.
reflexes can become a nuisance and must
be integrated, for the proper neurological
organization of the brain to fully develop.

28 ISSUE 63 - CHRISTMAS 2019

Systems: Visual, Auditory, Taste, Tactile, HEALTHtalk
Smell, Vestibular, Proprioceptive and/
or Interoceptive. Therefore, if primitive CAUSES OF RETAINED
reflexes are retained, a child/person may PRIMITIVE RETAINED
experience dysfunction within one or REFLEXES
several of the sensory processing systems.
This can lead to what is known as Sensory Children born via caesarean section, who have experienced
Processing Disorder. foetal trauma, toxicity exposure, anaesthetics, etc. are more
at risk at having retained primitive reflexes. Other causes that may contribute to associated
developmental problems are:

• Insufficient tummy time as an infant
• Lack of, or little, creeping or crawling
• Early walkers
• Head injuries
• Excessive falls
• Chronic ear infections


After an initial assessment, specific movement and exercise
programmes are offered at VisionCare Development, which
allows primitive reflexes to be inhibited- allowing for proper
neurological development to take place.
The long-term results of such treatment are better social
behaviour, an improvement in academic and motor (muscle)
learning and an overall improvement in physical health,
emotional health, and overall wellbeing. Inhibition of Primitive
Retained Reflexes will also help develop a stronger and
healthier functioning Sensory Processing system.

VisionCare Development specialises in
developing the visual skills of children
and adults who have reading and writing
difficulties. Additionally, anyone who is
experiencing vision problems following
a brain or eye injury, or has problems
with double vision or a lazy eye will
benefit from our knowledge and vision
development experience.
For more information visit VisionCare
Development at
or call 01904 261126

ISSUE 63 - CHRISTMAS 2019 29


Community Health Trust
Launches ChatHealth

Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust’s 0-19 Service has launched
a new text messaging service, ChatHealth, to give young people direct
access to expert healthcare advice and support via their mobile phone

ALL young people in Leeds aged 11-19 and young people using hand-held mobile definitely message the service if I needed
devices in their daily lives, ChatHealth to. The best thing about it is that you can
can now receive confidential support from provides an accessible way for young text rather than have to talk to someone
a 0-19 Specialist Public Health Nurse people to confidentially ask for help or and it’s confidential.”
(previously known as a School Nurse), on information about a range of issues from You can view what young people think
a range of health related issues. These specially trained nurses.” about ChatHealth and safety information
include: sexual health, emotional health on at
and wellbeing, bullying, healthy eating and Children and young people can still www.leedscommunityhealthcare.
any other general health concerns. get in touch with a 0-19 Specialist Public
Health Nurse in the same way they did
ChatHealth is available Monday to before, via the 0-19 Single Point of Access *Every family across Leeds,
Friday between 8.30am and 4.30pm, on 0113 843 5683. They can also still starting at pregnancy and
excluding bank holidays. The number for access face-to-face support from a 0-19 continuing through to school
young people to text is 07520619750. Specialist Public Health Nurse. leavers, receives support from the
Messages are responded to within one 0-19 Public Health Integrated
working day. Outside these hours, anyone Although the service is confidential and Nursing Service.
sending a message to the service will young people do not need to disclose their For safety information about
receive an automated reply with advice on name, if there is concern for an individual’s ChatHealth, please see disclaimer
where to get help if their enquiry is urgent. safety, there are safeguarding procedures on the Leeds Community
to follow. Healthcare NHS Trust website:
Debra Gill, Head of Service for the 0-19 www.leedscommunityhealthcare.
Public Health Integrated Nursing Service, The new service has already started
at Leeds Community Healthcare NHS to be rolled out to all secondary schools
Trust, said: “We are very excited to launch across Leeds and has been welcomed by
ChatHealth. With more and more children pupils. One young person said: “I would

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