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Published by Roscoe Lee Owens, 2020-01-15 13:07:14

Success Express Business News Template1

Success Express Business News Template1


The mission of Boss Hog BBQ is to leave you with a feeling of satisfaction through
our superior quality of food, wonderful customer service and amazing hospitality.







Do you really know who you are? Most people think they are their
job or social status. They think they are their church, community
or country. Truth is you are the sum total of all your Experiences,
Education, Environment, and Everything Else you have accepted

as real in your life. Our identity is often
secret even from us.
The most important thing you can do in
life is to Discover and Define your IDEAL
Identity. This is the YOU that you see on
the inside. This inside view may have
been shrouded in darkness for years as
you looked at the YOU display and con-
fuse it for the True You. Only YOU can
Discover and Define your IDEAL Identity.


Order Your Copy of 7
Keys to Success

My mission is to impact, empow-
er and develop success in peo-
ple, businesses, organizations
and communities.
I live by this philosophy :
"Alone we can do so little; to-
gether we can do so
much." ~Helen Keller
Becoming is what our walk is all
about. We should always be
striving to grow, change, devel-
op, evolve and help the next
person do the same. The real
journey in life is to face the
adversities that are sure to
come and continue to move for-
ward anyway. It’s a fact that life’s issues, stresses, disappoint-
ments, ups, downs and every other situation in between will come.
In those times, we will be faced with the decision to stay where we
are or push through . The choice we make will define who we are
and how we deal with life. Don’t just let yourself Be...Choose to

7 Keys to Success
1. Start Now
2. Use What You Have
3. Control What You Know
4. Complete What You start
5. Execute Your Plan
6. Share Your Success
7. Stand For Something





The Legacy

Each year we come together in the City of Ontario to recog-
nize the works of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., by celebrating
his legacy. We will be recognizing special people in the com-
munity, educating our attendees with valuable information
at the workshops.


Ms. Smith’s Xcessories-N-Things J & J’s BBQ & Fish

"The biggest little Established in
hat shop in the In- 2008 as a compi-
land Empire" Es- lation of Joe
tablished in 1987 Draper & his
we have brought to cousin Johnny
our patrons a Walker. They
touch of style and wanted to pro-
elegance that has been second to none. We vide fresh south-
carry Men & Women's designer apparel. ern style sea-
Your one stop shop, where you find all the food and barbe-
latest clothes for the fashionable!!! we que for their guest to enjoy and be able
have everything to make you stand out! to fellowship around their Louisiana in-
We're sure you'll be the only one with this spired offerings. Joe draper has always
outfits on.. come on and stop by cause if had a passion for preparing delicious
the clothes, shoes, hats, clergy, and HOT- foods such as fried Chicken, BBQ ribs,
TEST jewelry in town. collard greens, Catfish and more with a
desire to find the uniqueness in flavor
with a special blend of herbs and spices
Oh yes! Let’s not forget those tasty
Auntie Helen’s Sweet Potato Pies and
peach! Visit us @





Boss Hog BBQ & Other Fixings is a family owned business that specializes in Southern BBQ
and other family recipes that has been passed down for generations . The mission of Boss
Hog BBQ is to leave you with a feeling of satisfaction through our superior quality of food,
wonderful customer service and amazing hospitality.











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