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WeTalkRadio Media Kit
WeTalkRadio Network is an internet based company that is in reach to millions of households around the world.

WeTalkEnterprise, LLC is a consumer brand with a diverse group of business extensions:

•, a leading Internet destination for talk, music, entertainment and news.

•WeTV Online, an online TV entertainment network that features interviews at events with individuals around the globe.

•WeTalk Consulting, is an attractive alternative for management teams in the entertainment industry.

•WeTalk Entertainment/Event Productions, a full-scale event management and production company with workshops, festivals, live events and more spanning the globe.

•WeTalk Video Service, which provides video recording services and production for events and shows.

•WeTalk Audio Recording Service, which provides the tools needed to record, pre-record, and produce shows, events, interviews and more.

•WeTalk DJ/MC Services, provides Disc Jockey(DJ) and Emcee(MC) services for events and more.
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