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We are reaching out to give our community an opportunity to speak for itself in the beautiful diverse way that is the true cornerstone of what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's legacy is about, as is the community of San Bernardino. Unity in our common pursuits of love, happiness and the ability to build connections with one another that impacts others. Become one of our V.I.P Vendors and tell San Barnardino who you are and what you do.

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MLK Jr. Day Parade Community Awards & Extrazaganza

We are reaching out to give our community an opportunity to speak for itself in the beautiful diverse way that is the true cornerstone of what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's legacy is about, as is the community of San Bernardino. Unity in our common pursuits of love, happiness and the ability to build connections with one another that impacts others. Become one of our V.I.P Vendors and tell San Barnardino who you are and what you do.

Continuing The Dream…

San Bernardino MLK JR. Parade & Extravaganza


A Few Words
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Left with us.
“Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the
darkness of destructive selfishness.”
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
“We must use time creatively, in the knowledge that the time is always ripe to do
“There is nothing more tragic than to find an individual bogged down in the length of
life, devoid of breadth.”
“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his
individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.”
“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically.
Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.”
“The past is prophetic in that it asserts loudly that wars are poor chisels for carving
out peaceful tomorrows”



John Valdivia was elected by the San
Bernardino residents and installed on
December 19, 2018 as the City’s
29th Mayor. He was originally elected
to represent the City’s third ward with
nearly 70% of the total vote. During
his tenure, Mayor Valdivia committed
himself to neighborhood values, vol-
unteering, and promoting civic pride
for San Bernardino.
Mayor Valdivia grew up in San Ber-
nardino, attending City schools from k
-12, and has been a proud resident
since returning from college in the mid-west.
Mayor Valdivia can best be described as passionate, energetic, and con-
scientious of the issues plaguing San Bernardino residents and the local
public policy. He often reminds himself of the credo, "If not ME, then
WHO? If not NOW, then WHEN?" He abides by that conviction as he
prepares for meetings, town hall presentations, and community advocacy
on issues that will improve the quality of life for citizens in San Bernardi-
As San Bernardino Mayor, he commits to dedicating the resources and
personnel necessary to tackle crime and to support the businesses of the
City. He will continue to exercise good neighbor values and continue to
consider the impact of policy on the local taxpayer and business.
Mayor Valdivia pursued undergradu-
ate studies from Evangel University
(Springfield, Missouri), and graduate
studies from Fuller Seminary
(Pasadena, CA), and Azusa Pacific
University (Azusa, CA). He is the
proud husband to his wife, Bethany,
and father to their two children.


Incumbent Councilman Rikki Van
Johnson is retiring and I am seeking
your support to represent the 6th Ward
as our new Representative on the City
For too long, city leaders have ignored
the West Side. We need a fresh voice
on the City Council to ensure that our
neighborhoods receive the attention
and resources our communities de-
serve. As a lifelong West Side resident, I am dedicated to serv-
ing the needs of our local community because I was born there,
raised there and built my career there.
My campaign is about rebuilding our city’s future and restoring
the community’s voice in Ward 6.
As your Councilmember, I will provide leadership that’s focused
on bringing businesses, jobs and community services to the
West Side. My background at America’s Jobs Center will also
help bring more resources and more partnerships to benefit the
people of San Bernardino.
Your concerns are very important to me. If you have questions or
concerns, please contact me at 909-206-4555 or via email
at [email protected]
I would be honored to earn your vote and be your voice on the
City Council.

Bessine Littlefield Richard
For 6th Ward City Council






YouthBuild Inland Empire offers students be-
tween the ages of 16-24 the opportunity to
receive their High School Diploma through
YouthBuild Charter School of California
(YCSC). YouthBuild Charter School of Califor-
nia offers young adults a full-time High
School experience. YCSC uses project-based
curriculum, which offers a fresh and realistic
approach to engaging our students in their
education and future careers.

YouthBuild encourages their young adults to identify, confront, and overcome
the barriers in their lives. We do this with enormous energy, creativity and imagi-
nation; all of which are beneficial to our communities. For whatever reason stu-
dents lost focus at their previous school, we look past that and offer them a
"second chance." We are not here to judge, but only to encourage and work with
students to see their progress as they successfully achieve their High School Di-
ploma. In preparing our students to achieve their High School Diploma, we will
prepare them for the Real World, including Business, Entrepreneurship and Post-
Secondary Education. With a variety of other schools to choose from, we're sure
you'll be happy working with us.

OUR MISS ION Our mission is to provide the necessary tools to educate, train,
and employ the under privileged, at risk youth, and young adults. We serve the
low to moderate income people of our community. Our goal is to encourage busi-
nesses in our community to employ our students that are trained in our program.

YBIE's vision is to be a model in our community, offering educational programs
that are broad, yet challenging, and that can empower students from diverse
backgrounds. We work towards building a future where our youth are equipped
with the skills and knowledge to be respectful and responsible citizens, who care
not only for themselves, but also for their families and their communities.


June Collison

President, Community Hospital of San Bernardino
June Collison brought her considerable health care
experience and expertise to Community Hospital
of San Bernardino in February 2012. As president
of this 343-bed acute care hospital, she is fo-
cused on keeping the organization at the fore-
front of industry change to meet the demands of
health care reform and the challenges of a depressed local econo-
my. In addition to her responsibilities as president of Community
Hospital, Collison also serves as a key member of the Dignity Health
Inland Empire Service Area leadership team, which provides strate-
gic direction for collaborative efforts with sister Dignity Health hos-
pital, St. Bernardine Medical Center. St. Bernardine is a 463-bed not
-for-profit, faith-based, tertiary care hospital, also located in San
Bernardino. Working together as a Service Area, the hospitals are
sharing the best from each organization to strengthen both, identify-
ing efficiencies in order to expand community access to needed ser-

Collison is no stranger to the Inland Empire and understands the issues
impacting its communities. She served in top leadership roles at Ar-
rowhead Regional Medical Center in Colton from 2000 to 2007, first
as chief operating officer and then as chief executive officer. Since
that time, she has served as chief operating officer at Olympia Med-
ical Center, a physician-owned, 204-bed acute care medical/surgical
facility in Los Angeles. Throughout that period, she maintained her
personal residence in the Inland Empire.


Makeda Kumasi:
Founder of WE 3 PRODUCTIONS, as well as the founder and
artistic director of The Umoja Ensemble of the Inland Empire.
Makeda teaches Fine Arts at all levels through The Kumasi
School of Performing Arts and The Sesh Project, a program
designed to teach youth the art of the Jali, an African Oral
Historian and artisan. She is a playwright and author of two
published books, I See Hip Hop Africa, (a picture poetry
book), and 12 Days in Senegal; An Artist’s Journey (a travel
memoir) and producer of a documentary short, 12 Days in
Senegal; An Artist’s Journey Docu-Journal. Makeda has re-
ceived numerous awards and recognitions including, Califor-
nia Arts Scholar, Ida Mae Holland Playwright’s Award, Top
Spoken Word Artists Black Business Expo Los Angeles, and the Phyllis E. Williams’ Artist Grant.
She attend Cal Arts before receiving her B.A. in Communications from Cal State, Fullerton, and
her M.F.A in Theater from the University of Southern California. She also possesses a MA in
Elementary Education from the University of Phoenix.


Barbara James

Barbara James, Editor for the High Desert/Inland Valley News media be-
gan her journalism career in 2001, launching the first Christian print news
media for the High Desert region, known as the High Desert Gospel News.
Her aspiration was to establish a profound Christian Community base me-
dia that would facilitate supporting the High Desert Community.
As the High Desert area rapidly developed, minority families began transi-
tioning to the High Desert at a consistent rate. Barbara James quickly re-
alized and met the opportunity to provide news information and pro-
mote businesses to empower minority communities, also bridging the
Inland Empire and High Desert regions. The High Desert/Inland Valley
Newspaper began as a 8-1/2x11 sheet of paper circulated to three major
churches in the community. The news media was blessed to quickly gain momentum, expanding to approxi-
mately a 58 page printed newspaper , distributed to over 20,000 throughout the High Desert cities of Vic-
torville, Apple Valley, Hesperia & Barstow, California. Barbara stated,” It was all of God’s doing…and it
was well in His sight.”
As the economy experienced a financial decline in 2008, printed media partially diminished and the internet
received profound attention as the insatiable appetites for expeditious news and information was in de-
mand. Just as Barbara began folding up her news stands, God then blessed her with the vision to convert
the print media to digital E-blasts promotions, thus continuing to expand the Word of God
and to disseminate current events to communities within the High Desert and the Inland Empire.


Kimberly Calvin Biography

Kimberly Calvin, running for Ward 6 City Council and is a third
generation native of San Bernardino. Dedicated to working with
community members to build a sustainable and productive city.
Kimberly believes that the City of San Bernardino needs a
unique, innovative approaches to improve our quality of life,
reduce crime, increase small businesses, and build opportuni-
ties for our youth.
Kimberly’s involvement in the community has given her invalua-
ble experience to find these unique approaches and implement
them effectively. Throughout Kimberly’s life, she has been of
service to her community at large and particularly in the 6th
As a Homeless Community Liaison, Property Manager, Small Busi-
ness owner, Co-Creator/Director of a thriving non-profit serving families of San Bernardino City Unified
School District, Kimberly represents all community members. She has been recognized by the League of
Women Voters as a Citizen of Achievement, Assembly member Eloise Reyes as a Community Champion
and 2019 Woman of the Year nominee, recognized by the Inland Empire Labor Council, recipient of the
World Day of Service Award, and other organizations for faithful service. Kimberly has worked together
with other community members to re-establish the Shirrell’s Neighborhood Association, of which she is
the President.


Lizet Angulo
As an Entrepreneur, Lizet is President of a E-Media Publica-
tion (reaches out to 53M) Management Business Services
including Political Strategies, Campaign Advisor, Entrepre-
neur Consulting; Business Marketing and, CEO of a non-
profit organization (Ladies Taking Key Opportunities aka La-
dies TKO).
She has received her Associates: Business Management
and Medical Insurance Billing Certificate; a Bachelor Degree
in Higher Education Administration; and, her Master’s Degree in Business Administra-
Ladies TKO started with workshop Sessions with Life Skills and Work Force Strate-
gies. After being the caregiver for both parents with Alzheimer Disease. Lizet dedicat-
ed Ladies TKO in the memory of her parents: Alejandro Angulo, Korean War Veteran
and her mother, Lupe Angulo, Military Wife. Additional programs are now done
through non-profit organization giving back to communities across California and Ne-
vada (Las Vegas Branch).



Order Your Copy of
7 Keys to Success

My mission is to impact, em-
power and develop success in
people, businesses, organiza-
tions and communities.
I live by this philosophy :
"Alone we can do so little; to-
gether we can do so
much." ~Helen Keller
Becoming is what our walk is all
about. We should always be
striving to grow, change, devel-
op, evolve and help the next
person do the same. The real
journey in life is to face the
adversities that are sure to
come and continue to move for-
ward anyway. It’s a fact that
life’s issues, stresses, disappointments, ups, downs and every
other situation in between will come. In those times, we will be
faced with the decision to stay where we are or push through . The
choice we make will define who we are and how we deal with life.
Don’t just let yourself Be...Choose to Become...

7 Keys to Success
1. Start Now
2. Use What You Have
3. Control What You Know
4. Complete What You start
5. Execute Your Plan
6. Share Your Success
7. Stand For Something


Bianca Vobecky

Founder & President of Vobecky Enterprises, a business dedicated to provid-
ing construction and construction related service such as tenant improve-
ment, construction management, project staffing, supplier of construction
materials and Nationwide trucking. Since founding Vobecky Enterprises in
2006, the focus of Ms. Vobecky’s efforts has been the building of meaningful
professional relationships with a focus on customer service. Ms. Vobecky and
her firm has won several awards including the 2019 Supplier of the Year
Award from Sempra Energy, 2016 Minority Champion award from Small Busi-
ness Administration (SBA), the Contractor of the Year award form Minority
Business Development Agency & The City of Los Angeles in 2010 & 2015. The Outstanding Entrepreneur of
the year 2017 from the Black Business Association (BBA) and From the Orange County Asian Business Asso-
ciation. The Los Angeles Business Journal in 2017 name Vobecky Enterprises as one of the Top 100 Fastest
growing private company in Los Angeles. One of Ms. Vobecky’s most cherish honors was being chosen as
the Game Changer of the year from Wells Fargo Bank where she rode on the stagecoach alongside their
CEO in the 2018 Rose Parade. Ms. Vobecky is a great supporter of many local organizations who supports
women owned, minority owned and small businesses. As a corporate global citizen, Ms. Vobecky realizes
how important it is to give back to the community that has helped her so much in growing her business.
To that end, she serves as a dedicated member on the Board of several organization that promotes small &
diverse business and the Little Sunshine Foundation, a 501©(3) non-organization that support underserve


Roscoe Lee Owens

The JazzZone Network Roscoe Lee Owens founder of the JazzZone Network
formed in 2000 to provide communitites, clients, musicians and artists with a
collective forum for working and showcasing our businesses, talents, and gifts.
Roscoe Lee Owens has performed and coordinated many successful events
and musical productions throughout the Southern California area. Our pur-
pose is to successfully maximize exposure with effective results, productions
and performances while showcasing our network of clients, musicians, and
artists. The JazzZone provides LIVE Music & Entertainment for Luncheons,
Brunches, Private Parties, Weddings, Concerts and Night clubs.
Consider the JazzZone Ensemble performing at your next event for successful enjoyable events and perfor-
mances. Make Art by RLO Creating Art and Events, designed the Art series
“Something JazzZee” recapturing Jim Crow attitudes traveling Route 66. “Something JazzZee” https:// exhibited at the Pomona Valley Art Association Gallery 2017 and continuing to
produce Art & Music in Southern California
Roscoe Lee Owens can be reached at
[email protected]
“Life isn’t about how you survived the storm It’s about how you danced in the rain”


Basil Kimbrew aka Chef Basil

He is known for Broken Soldiers non-profit organization and a partner of Manage-
ment Business Services that has 8 E-media publications (reaches out to 53 M) and
services include Business Marketing, Political Strategies, Campaign Advisor, Entre-
preneur Consulting.

He has received Bachelor Degree in Police Science Administration and, graduate
from Le Cordon Bleu French Culinary School, Pasadena.
Basil is involved and member of the following: He is the Veterans Chair, African
American Caucus, Calif. Dem. Party; American Culinary Federation, High Desert NAACP, Black Chamber of
Commerce, and Victor Valley Chamber of Commerce,

Chef Basil has volunteered in many events cooking for Veterans, communities, and the homeless. He is also
the Executive Chef for Events for Ladies Taking Key Opportunities (TKO) a non-profit organization (volunteer
as well)

The Family Support Program had a Kaboom project with the collaboration of Victor Valley Rescue Mis-
sion and the Lord’s Table – he volunteered to cook for all the volunteers and homeless that helped

Water Challenge with Ladies TKO - distribute water during the summer to the homeless
(2 016 to present)

Covenant meaning
The definition of a covenant is an agreement be-
tween members to do a specific

N COVENANT is a gospel singing group, with a
sound and style of contemporary and urban fla-
vor. The
group was formed by Juan K. Tyus in 2003, who is a well know musician and music producer.
Juan is also
the owner and operator of T-Sounds Studios located in Pasadena and Fontana California.
N COVENANT is composed of singers, Jennifer Hamilton, Michelle Clyburn, Shun Griffin,
Dolores and
Juan Tyus, who all grew up singing in gospel choirs. Over the years N Covenant has had the
opportunity to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout Southern California, while
offering up highly artistic arrangements that has captured the hearts of every listener.

N COVENANT gives all the Praise to the LORD2J0ESUS CHRIST for every opportunity to minister
the gospel.

Get It While Its Hot was started in 2009 by Executive Chef Brian Hines.
The company first opened in Fort Lauderdale, FL, moving to Murrieta, CA,
in 2009. Specializing in American, Caribbean (English and Hispanic), and
Fusion cuisines, Chef Brian often says, “There is no such thing as bad food,
just bad cooks”.
Being born in Jamaica and growing up in South Florida has had a strong
influence on Chef Brian’s style of cooking. His special blend of spices
found only in the Caribbean and South America adds a unique flavor to his
creations. Spending
several years in the Marine Corps provided him with access to a large and var-
ied array of
people helped him to refine his art. Chef Brian cooked many dishes for his fellow Marines, who
did not hesitate to critique him.
For several years the primary focus of the company has been fairs and festivals with an
emphasis on Barbequing. The compliments from the customer have been over whelming, with
several top ten finishes in local BBQ competitions and third “Best Burger” in San Diego two
years in a row, Chef Hines is preparing for the next stage. Get It While Its Hot the restaurant.

Lisa Hamilton

Lisa is a Stakeholder Liaison in the Communication
& Liaison Division Business/Self Employed Division.
Her duties include working as a relationship man-
ager for small business owners and the practition-
er community. She has held various positions as an
Appeals Officer for the Appeals Division, a Tax
Compliance Officer for the Examination Division, and a Revenue Officer for
the Collection Division. Lisa attended Cal State Los Angeles where she studied
Accounting and Economics. She has utilized her skills as a presenter to various
organizations and extensive volunteer efforts at VITA sites in the San Gabriel



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About the Black Chamber Mission

The Southern California Black Chamber of Commerce (SCBCC) is a nonprofit 501(c)(6) business
organization dedicated to improving the economic environment for the minority business
community, and fostering business development and prosperity. The SCBCC focuses its efforts on
four major areas:
 Economic Development
 Community Development
 Public Policy and
 Membership Services
The SCBCC invests financial and other resources to implement relevant programs for members and
which affect the orderly growth and development of the community. It is the catalytic agency that
brings together all of the forces, public and private, through which common goals can be
resolved. The fundamental mission of the SCBCC is to create and promote a climate where
minority businesses can operate in a productive and profitable manner. The SCBCC has served
member businesses since 1993, and their enabling them to prosper through mutual cooperation
and support.

Financial Strength and Stability

As in any business a sound financial base is essential for a chamber of commerce to perform its
mission. A portion of the SCBCC’s finances are received on a voluntary basis from chamber mem-
bership, through an annual dues investment. The amount a member pays to the chamber may be
based on a fee formula, business classification, special negotiation or averaging. Increasingly over
the last 10 years, dues make up a smaller percentage of chamber budgets, with the average being
about 50 percent. The
remaining portion of the budget is dependent upon income received through the sales of
publications, charges for services, special projects and foundations. A well developed product and
services program is the current trend for successful chambers of today.


The SCBCC is governed by Officers and a Board of Directors. The President of the Board
Committee Chairs to meet the needs of the Chamber. The staff is headed by the Executive


The SCBCC’s primary programs are created to provide the maximum benefit to business owners and
professionals in Southern California. These programs include:
 Contacts to Contracts – The SCBCC actively engages in facilitating government and corporate
contracts for minority businesses.
 Business Development and Training – Minority business owners, operators and their staff are
provided a range of workshops, one-on-one training, peer mentoring, resources and referrals.
 (Networking and Professional Development – The SCBCC provides local and regional
networking for all who wish to participate. Monthly mixers, local business conferences, seminars
and workshops are provided for the purpose of unifying and connecting minority businesses with
the resources, contacts and training needed to grow their businesses.




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