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Published by Success Express Marketing Solutions, 2019-12-01 13:48:47

RUN Women's Conference 2019

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Put your BOSS
through a Brick Wall?

by Bridgett Renay

Start a Chapter
near you!

Run Society is an exclusive membership organization, bound by exquisite
declarations and pledges that we hold dear. We are a global network of

individuals, leaders, organizations, businesses, coming together with a

shared mission of enhancing the economic position of women globally and

creating a worldwide platform for Leadership, Mentorship, Economic

Advancement & Empowerment for women; Collaboration among women

businesses; Building of Alliances with other businesses and civic

organizations; Education and Insights on business issues for global

opportunities; Strategic Networking among local, national, and global


Dr. Cassandra

Every time someone

asks me about Run

Women’s Conference,

I get giddy

Wow! What an excellent time it is to be an entrepreneur! I
can’t imagine life any different! I am truly able to see how our
impact as small business owners have on--not just the economy,
but our communities and the people we see and serve every
day. I’m sure that others like me, who are in pursuit to become
pleasing and obedient to God and those of us who want our
“works” to matter are forever grateful for the talents and abilities
given only by God whereby we are able to give to others. Not
only am I able to contribute to the success of my clients, but I
have been given the capacity to serve others…and to serve
them whole-heartedly.

Who knew that a little girl from an impoverished city, East
Saint Louis Illinois, would be able to kick up enough “ruckus”
and lead an organization to such heights. Every time someone
asks me about Run Women’s Conference, I get ecstatic! I get
giddy! I get an enormous smile on my face. I am forever
grateful for a team of “Runners” who has helped shape and
grow RWC to where it is now! Wow!

I remember Jacqueline Johnson (Adventure in Victory)
encouraging me to “run forth” and carry out the vision more than
six years ago when I couldn’t see past the dashboard of my Toyota
4Runner, let alone, how to carry out the enormous task such as
this. The vision seemed too big-HUG-ENORMOUS. We have
come a long way and we still have more ground to cover. Are we
slowing down…are we stopping? NEVER! Not until God says
differently. We have had a good “run” even with past and presents
“greats” such as Sheila-E, Jewel Tankard, Les Brown, and
Johnny Wimbrey. I am so glad to know that I have good friends
like her who have encouraged, pushed, prayed, and supported
Run Women’s Conference year after year. Thank you!

Run Women’s Conference is still climbing
and have yet reached the pinnacle of the peak of
what God has in store for us. We have not only
proven that “Entrepreneurs’ Lives Matter”, but our
local economy matters as we change the trajectory of
small business owners everywhere with increased
opportunities for growth and development from our

supportive partners through
the power of Relational CurrencyTM .
Six years ago, we set out to encourage women that
their vision was viable and that their past shaped them
into the mothers, entrepreneurs and leaders that they

are today.
Now, we see that information and education will
build people, including their businesses


Certainly not! We have so much more to do and so much more to accomplish! We
have so many lives to touch! We realize that we don’t have the answer, but God
infused in us the answer which is why we must build businesses and grow people
beyond what statistics reveal. We are well aware that people like you….like me…like
us strive everyday to make America Great! It is through our ideas, our values, our
services, our products, and our honor to God that we will make our world great!

Our mission is to strive every day to seek our experts to teach and motivate others
that we can make a difference in our businesses and in our communities. First, we
must start by making a change within ourselves first! Though we have no control over
our past; yet, it was our past that propelled us to where we are today. And, today
pushes us to being even greater tomorrow! Now Run!

Instead, avoid getting into a pissing contest with a Raise your hand if you’ve ever
skunk and simply flip the script. Do you know that wanted to put your boss
regardless of how much you hate your job that it’s through a wall.
actually your biggest investment tool into your
entrepreneur endeavors that you have? Learn --by Bridget Renay Workshop Speaker
how to turn your lunch break into your most
profitable hour of the day – financially, Keep your hand up if it was just yesterday.
emotionally, spiritually, and even physically But seriously, regardless of how much they
because once you achieve this phenomenal shift, may deserve it, what would that really
you’ll gain the healthy kind of P.H.A.T. – Personal accomplish? You’ll end up losing not just
Habits Advance Transformation. your job, but once you’re arrested, your
freedom as well. I defy you to show me a
Think about it! You have an incredible talent, a boss who’s worth that.
side hustle you do freakishly well, or an amazing
story to tell. Who better to profit from it than you? through traffic, then arrive at the most uninspiring
Regardless of if your dreams are to design your job where you’re underemployed, underpaid,
own clothing line, coach the next tennis super undervalued, and totally misunderstood. The
star, or set this world ablaze with your message of worst part is that it’s not even guaranteed that
ending world hunger, it all begins with building a you’ll still have that crummy job tomorrow. Stop
trendy platform your target audience will go nuts settling for mediocre while building someone
over time and time again. else’s dream! Don’t you know abundance is your
birth right? And you only need one essential hour
Listen! I know what it’s like. You get up before the of the day to make it all happen …your lunch
sun, get dressed in clothes that’s been a part of break.
your wardrobe for umpteen years, cuss your way
Join us on The Underground Railroad for the
Cubicle Slave© at
and claim your freedom.

It’s your life – start living it!

Bridget Renay
Workshop Speaker

Sakinah Bunch


We come to SLAY Giants

Do you know that you have the very ability to slay giants? You are a winner! You are a Champion! You
are a warrior! You are a Giant Slayer!

If you remember the story of David and Goliath, you can correlate that story to you, your life and
those obstacles that have tried to defeat you. Not just you—US. We’ve all had situations, obstacles,
and various crippling moments that have caused us to doubt who we are, our vision and our purpose.

As with life, we go about doing what we “feel” is right. We work hard, take care of family, and try to
treat others with love and respect. There is nothing wrong with this. Still, problems occur. As with
David, the lion and the bear came to his job, his work, his place of business and tried to destroy the
very thing his job description called for-which was to protect the sheep. Therefore, David killed the
intruders—he killed lion and bear on his turf. He had to slay those things that came to attack him.
Therefore, we must protect and slay those things that come to attack us:
• Procrastination
• Doubt
• Self-pity
• Lack
• Past faults, failures and defective thoughts.

What is your job description? Mother, Father, Business owner, Entrepreneur….? Our job description is
to carry out the very purpose that God has called us to do. We are to protect the vision and purpose.
Any of the above-mentioned attackers are going to feel the wrath! Why? Because we are Giant
Slayers. Yep! They got to go in order to get to the next level!


We no longer run from problems, situations and circumstances….We come to SLAY. Slay obstacles that
stand in our way.
• Slay self-defeating mindsets that cause us to doubt our purpose
• Slay nay-sayers and those who talked about us behind our backs and said we wouldn’t do it
• Slay those friends and family members who talked about us to our faces and said we couldn’t do it


We may not have the “official” weapons to slay giants….that’s
why we are here. We may not have all of the tools in our
arsenal that are politically correct to slay giants….that’s why
we are here.

Slaying GIANTS is where your purpose is. You may be out in the fields with cattle and goats, but you
were born to slay Goliath

• WE may not have been born with the “Entrepreneurial Handbook” or “Business 101” workbook
as your guide, but WE were born to slay Goliath

• WE may not look like we have what it takes, but we were born to slay Goliath
• WE may have only two smooth rocks, but we have what it takes to slay Goliath


You see, when we were killing lions and tigers, we were
running away from them. This time, we are RUNNING
towards our Goliath—we are RUNNING towards victory.


What happened with your life that brought you to this very point where you are now a GIANT
SLAYER. Your purpose is not just for you—your purpose is for the nations…we will RUN towards the
GIANT and we will cut off the giant’s head.


All those gathered here will know that it is not by sword or spear that the LORD saves; for the battle is
the LORD’s, and he will give all into our hands.”


Workshop Room A

Dr. Cass

Sakinah Bunch

Health & Workshop Speaker

King Charles Productions

Main Room A Room B Teen

FAYE KITARIEV Teresa Campos Lia Abney Patrick Parker
Keep Moving
I’Magn’T Bring Greatness


9:15-9:30am Relational Currency Break

Kia Davis Dr. Cassandra Naomi Jones, RN Michelle Dawson Tod Moore Baker
Check YUR Change What You
Relational Chicken Are Worth


Dr. Wendy Talley Bridgett Renay Dr. April Lipsomb Smiley Elmore, Jr
The Cubicle Slave Selfish With Time
Try: Pre-
Meditated Lie


11:00am-11:15am Relational Currency Break

Les Brown Minute to Win It
International Motivational Speaker



Johnny Wimbrey Sherri Leopold Naomi Jones, RN Rickey Clark
Motivational Speaker Self-Bullying Check YUR Chicken My Brother’s Keeper

12pm (noon)

Schedule subject to change without notice

Main Room A Room B Teen

12:45-1:45PM Lunch/Think Tank

Kia Davis Mitchell Levy Dr. Cassandra Dr. Natalie Dance Battle
Are You Valued Bradford Forest

Contractology Lead to Succeed


Jennifer Mairo Shikilia Caro Murriel Watson Teen
Procrastination Entrepreneur
Pursue Your Grow Money-
Purpose Spend your Pitch


11:00am-11:15am Relational Currency Break

Shellie Hunt Tuere Armstrong Smiley Elmore Jr. King Charles

Women of Global Unicorn in Real Health, Love &
Change Estate Forgiveness



12pm (noon)

Schedule subject to change without notice

Restored 2

Shonda Amie

Sign up today! Payment
Only 15 spots available Options

Serious Entrepreneurs only

Includes: 3-day Mansion stay, Food, Intensive mastermind with experts, Las Vegas Show

Must complete application

October 18-20

Let’s intensify your
intent on becoming


Intensity and Tenacity is calling Meals Vegas
Included Show
Spend 3 days with Dr. Cassandra and her team of
Experts, database of resources, and a league of 4 Wks
influencers who are ready to tackle your business
and create a laser-focused strategy for revenue Mentoring



Find the Pulse and begin Operation

In order for any physician or expert to know how to stop the “bleeding”, we must first take the time to
understand the vision, pull apart those things that stopped working, create objective findings to come
up with a diagnoses. We will dissect your business and put it back together again just like the Six Million
Dollar Man. Stronger….better.


Finding Customers who Pays

Knowing your customer is one thing—knowing your customer who pays is good. Finding new clients that
want to do long-term business with you and have the money to do it is another. We’ll locate and create
a database of those avatars who need to know about you and your business—and they can afford to do
so. We’ll find them together, create a database, and create an aggressive marketing strategy to reach


Relational CurrencyTM Now!

Let’s remember why we started this business in the first place, memorize our values, and create
authentic relationships by utilizing the “Lemonade Affect”.

King Charles, Board Vice President

Shikilia Caro, Board Financial Chair

Kimberely Hale, Board Member

Tod Moore Baker, Board Member

Margaret Demaree, Board Member

Wendi Williams, Board Member

Naomi Jones CheRhonda Greenlee

Tommy Jones Arlington Republican Club

Jessie Taylor TTeerrrryy HHoouuzzee
EQ Entertainment
Jacqueline Johnson
Texas Live Tajeri Brackens

Roy C. Brooks YMCA Fort Worth

See you next year !!

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