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GrowSA News May Edition


Keywords: Agriculture; Government Incentives; SAAI; Chamber


Monthly GrowSA
Stakeholder Publication

Potch Chamber distributes a Dr Jack Armour brings a new ON THE PAGES
meal for only R1! meaning to niche farming.
Page 13 Page 3 Page 2
A message from behind the door
Young academic depicts her Dr Theo de Jager and his
love for agriculture. take on SA farming. Page 3
Page 14 Page15 Innovate in a niche market

Page 4
Old Mutual - A trusted partner to

Page 5
South African farmers are
amongst the best in the world

Page 6
Ask the expert

Page 7
What is the best funding vehicle
to attract funding for small

Page 8
The Mangaung Chamber of
Commerce and Industry is

Page 11
Tips for entrant farmers

Page 12
Growing emerging farmers

Page 13
A warm plate of food for only R1

Page 14
Choosing BScAgric instead of
MBChB and loving it

Page 15
GrowSA News May 2020

“True humility is staying teachable, no matter how much
you already know.” – Anonymous The GrowSA editorial team would like to
I stand in awe when I reflect on not only what has been hear from our readers, how they overcame
said in this edition, but also the extraordinary character of challenges and what they did to grow their
each person assigning their heart to the agricultural sector. businesses.
I absolutely believe that each and every business can
learn from the agricultural sector in South Africa. The If you have a story to tell, send us an email
sense of community and family is so evident in each to [email protected] and we
storyline. In my opinion, this is why they are so relentless shall contact you for more information.
and bold in the pursuit of fighting for a better South Africa
day in and day out. WOULD YOU LIKE
I love how Chéri-Lynn describes the relationship between TO ADVERTISE?
academics and students on page 14. Dr Theo de Jager
supports this inexplicable bond when declaring that his GrowSA News will be published monthly on
purpose is to keep young leaders in farming engaged in the last Wednesday in an electronic format
international discussions on agricultural developments. by BusinessDNA, the communication partner
Dr Jack Armour opens a whole other discussion on niche of GrowSA.
farming and the value cultivated throughout various
supply chains. A profound thread in each discussion is the To place your advertisement in the GrowSA
agility and innovation cultivated in the sector. Newsletter, contact Kamilla Venter at:
Once again, we see how business pleads for the +27 (0) 76 966 9032
community and does so through the most unique initiative
opportunities, which is facilitated by a ‘360-degree Or send her an email at:
perspective’ from people with the goal, namely to [email protected]
establish prosperity for all. Potch Chamber shows us
how a meal can be provided for a mere R1 and Stefan EDITORIAL
Strydom indicates the best vehicle to use for small business CONTACT DETAILS
funding. We also feature advice from an expert on one of
the most pressing questions from our reader base. BusinessDNA
Enjoy the read, and please give us feedback!
T +27 (0) 76 966 9032
Dr Amanda Hamilton-Attwell, Executive Editor E [email protected]




“Clem Sunter once said at a farmers event in the Free State that it’s not the biggest, smartest or wealthiest who will
survive, but the most agile and adaptable. With this ‘black swan’ event of COVID-19, this is even more true for
agriculture,” says Dr Jack Armour, Operations Manager at Free State Agriculture, and previously a lecturer at the
University of the Free State in the Department of Agricultural Economics.

To be sustainable in the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and Dr Jack Armour
ambiguous) business environment, farmers need to be agile, innovative,
and quick to respond to changes in the environment. The current ADVICE FROM DR ARMOUR
economic circumstances is forcing farmers to farm smaller lands - which
is not necessarily a bad thing, says Dr Armour. It enables optimisation, • Never underestimate small beginnings.
innovation and niche farming. Niche farming is the name of the “new • Never underestimate the power of being part of your local
farming game” to cut costs and boost productivity. However, the reality is
that today’s niche product might be tomorrow’s mass production. Niche organised industry, be it agriculture or business. Get stuck
farmers constantly have to be innovative and they always need to be one in, get involved and help build the future you want to see
step ahead of the rest. through your local sphere of influence.
• Work through a well-organised structure where you can
Interesting niche farming ventures are: bounce your ideas, get support and feed them up the levels
to where there are people with diplomatic skills who can put
• AgriVillages and Urban Agriculture: This basically suggests an your opinion forward strategically, in the right format and on
initiative to go back to the way of living where every resident is a the right forum, to gain traction and facilitate the change you
small farmer. want to see.
• Never stop innovating, looking for new niche markets and
• Farming crops under solar panels: This not only provides finding new ways to cut costs.
crops but also improves the energy security for neighbouring • Optimise the use of all your resources – even your waste
communities. streams.
panels-2152772/ • Listen and hear the needs of the end consumer of your
product and work on ways to get as close as possible to that
• AgriProtein started out as a Stellenbosch niche farming experiment: consumer.
This is now becoming a global player in waste recycling to the • Stop complaining and do something about the situation
“green” ethical insect-based protein market. around you. Change the world by changing your outlook
and the company (including social media channels) you
• Agri-Tourism is also a popular emerging niche market: Read keep.
more about the work being done in this regard on https:// MAY 2020 | GROWSA MONTHLY NEWS 03

• “Farming with People”: besides Agri-tourism this also offers
experiential training opportunities for local and foreigners wanting to
gain practical experience of commercial farming in SA.

National Farmer Register, AgriBEE Sector Codes and Beneficiary
Selection and Land Allocation Policy

Commercially MEGA < 50 Million
Orientated LARGE Turnover
Subsistence MEDIUM < 10 Million - 50 Million
Orientated SUBSISTENCE Turnover
< 1 Million - 10 Million

< 50 000 - 1 Million

< 50 000


According to the diagram, most farmers fall into the smallholder category with a turnover
between R50k and R1 million. Commercial farmers fall into the Exempted Micro Enterprises
category for AgriBEE regulations, with a revenue of below R10m per annum. Farmers should
register their exemption to prevent them from being regarded as non-compliant. Registration
holds benefits for farmers doing business with government, but also for the sector as a whole in
giving a measure of transformation. For more information in this regard see https://agribook. or the official AgriBEE portal on



“We’ve had a very close connection to the agricultural
sector since we were established in 1845,” says Leonard
Roux, Old Mutual’s Regional General Manager for
Personal Financial Advice, and chairman of the Free State
Provincial Board.

Over the last 175 years, Old Mutual has assisted customers, including As Old Mutual, it has always been part of our DNA to make a positive
farmers and agribusinesses, by providing coaching and financial advice. difference to our customers and the communities we serve. We know
Our financial advisers partner with customers to understand their specific that we can achieve so much more through valuable partnerships
needs and goals, and together craft a plan to achieve these. They offer with other industry role players and organisations who have the same
customers solutions to help them achieve their dreams, whether it is to retire aspirations, like the Family Business Association of South Africa (FABASA)
comfortably, ensure the financial sustainability of the business for future and GrowSA, among others. Together we provide input and develop
generations, provide quality education for their children or plan for life’s enabling environments to address the unique challenges of the agri value
eventualities. chain and ensure the sustainability of family farms.

Old Mutual has always had a strong relationship with the agricultural community in South Africa, which resulted from many,
many years of adding value to farmers.

If you need advice on securing your family farm for generations to come, please call Ronel Serfontein on 0827206403 and
she will facilitate an appointment with a qualified financial adviser.


Farming is a demanding career choice for women, The findings of a study done in 2014, are as relevant now
whether you’re the farmer, the spouse, partner or as before, and demonstrate the pivotal role women play
daughter of a farmer. Not only are you part of a in the success of farming businesses:
dynamic industry that is key to the South African
economy, but you have no fixed working hours and 71% are involved in running the farm
have to cope with many factors that are totally beyond 50% handle the admin aspects of the farm
your control (such as the climate) but which directly 47% manage the farmworkers’ wages
affect your income and your lifestyle. 36% are involved with monthly accounting for the farm
30% are involved in farming-related decisions
Linked to this is the fact that you may be involved in the social and 25% decide what source of financial advice to use
educational needs of an entire community of farmworkers and their 14% manage their own businesses, separate from the farm
families. 11% farm full-time themselves

According to research conducted among women in agriculture by
MSSA, the days of women playing a passive role on the farm are long
gone, says Koos Nel, Old Mutual Strategic Marketing Manager.

Due to the fact that family-run farms depend so heavily on the roles
played by the women in the family, their contribution needs to be
considered when developing a succession plan for the business.




The farmers in the Netherlands are DR THEO DE JAGER HAS THE
the best in the world, according to Dr FOLLOWING “WORDS OF
Theo de Jager, Chairman of the SAAI WISDOM” TO SHARE:
Board. However, South African farmers
are not far behind. Dr de Jager is also 1. Farming needs to be managed like a business and the
the Chairman of Agri All Africa and goal should be profitability.
the President of the World Farmers
Organisation – first Chairman elected for 2. Technological developments should be the focus to
two consecutive terms! He is also a past optimise procedures.
President of Agri SA.
3. We need a persistent will to grow the market so that we
can enable the trademark “Made in Africa.”

Ten years ago though he did not hold that view of South African Dr Theo de Jager
farmers. Agriculture was falling behind on technological and
research initiatives, but the private sector stepped in and currently,
we are the best in many areas in the world.

South Africa boasts some of the best quality food, at the lowest
prices, and is competitive in especially the fruit, wine and wool
markets. Dr de Jager also mentioned the significant influence
our country has in international agricultural discussions and

Farmers in Zimbabwe and the Netherlands proved to the world
that the size of one’s farm did not make one a successful farmer.
They deliver export quality produce on the smallest land. Dr Theo
describes a farmer as someone who is profitable on even a small
or hired piece of land. A farmer needs to be a great networker
and someone who can successfully utilise human capital.




Ask the expert is a column for our readers. You can send us your
questions and we will find an expert to respond. This week’s question was
all about the realities of a family business


“When lockdown was announced, my children, who are partners in my family
business, wanted to know if my will was in order and who will take over the business
if I am no longer there. It was quite a reality check - what do I need to do? Please

In an article in the Harvard Business Review, Josh Baron and Ben Depending upon the type of bank account used by the business, the
Francois addressed the transfer of a family business to the next bank involved may freeze the account until the deceased owner’s estate
generation, in their article “Crisis Playbook for Family Businesses”: is wound up. You should check with your bank to see if this would be the
“ [A] crisis …might also be the window in which to make changes that case with your account and what they suggest.
have been a long time coming.”
Choosing and preparing a successor to take over from you is an
Whether or not a transfer in the ownership and management of a family- important part of every business owner’s function. A family business
owned business is brought about by a crisis, or happens gradually over owner should give careful consideration to which member or members of
time, every business should have a succession plan in place. This needs the family will be the best to succeed him or her and then start preparing
to cover the legalities and the human resource and relationship aspects the successor/s to take over the reins. It is advisable to call in a human
of a transfer of control or ownership. resource specialist to select the right person for the role, and not the
one you think should be the successor – the oldest might not be the best
The legal process entailed in a transfer of ownership of a family-owned choice…
business varies according to the legal form of the business, namely
whether it operated as a sole proprietor (sole trader), partnership, trust, About the writer: Advocate Neville Melville is a former ombudsman with
close corporation or company (private, personal limited or limited) and considerable experience in the running of businesses and organisations.
depends on whether the ownership is transferred by the sale or donation He is the author of Restore your Greatness (
during the business owner’s lifetime, or upon his or her death. In the case restore-your-greatness/PLID54527145).
of death, the necessary steps will be taken by the executor appointed
under the will (another very good reason for you to make sure you have “ A crisis might also be the
an up-to-date, valid will, drawn up by someone knowledgeable about window in which to make
family businesses.) changes that have been a long
time coming.”
While the change of ownership is being sorted out following a death
(this can sometimes take years), it is essential that the successor is able to
operate the business’s banking account.




When you start a business venture, it The requirements relating to the functionaries of a SBFE (trustees
is important to ensure that you attract in the case of trusts) are somewhat prescriptive in order to ensure
the best financial vehicle for the task at independence in its management. The management fees are capped
hand. A key question to answer is which and cannot be exorbitant. The flow-through of the funds to the intended
is the best financial vehicle to collate or beneficiaries are also very closely scrutinised by SARS and cannot be
attract funds to support small businesses? invested ad infinitum in the financial vehicle. It must be distributed to the
Especially with small businesses now under beneficiaries.
severe pressure, you need to balance
your funding model with grant assistance. This is indeed a financial vehicle perfectly suited to existing economic
You also want to have a business financial circumstances in South Africa. With this in mind, we partnered with PWC
vehicle that is endorsed and incentivised to assist GrowSA with the establishment of the GrowSA Trust, making
by SARS, with the necessary framework to it fully compliant with the Section 30C Tax requirements. If you face
ensure that the funds end up where they spending on Enterprise Development and do not know how to go about
are supposed to go. it, email [email protected] for more information and ensure
that you receive the recognition and tax exemption required on money

Dr Stefan Strydom; Director: WRS Fiduciary & Tax (Pty) Ltd; Director:
S-BRO Financial Services (Pty) Ltd

You need to consider Small Business Funding Entities (“SBFE”), which is Dr Stefan Strydom
regulated by section 30C of the Income Tax Act.

Income accruing to a SBFE is exempt from Income Tax, much like
their distant cousins the PBO’s (that can issue section 18A certificates).
Unlike a PBO however, which must be drafted in such a manner as to
benefit the public at large, these entities afford funders the ability to
contribute meaningfully to small business development in respect of
specific beneficiaries (within the pre-set bounds). Whereas contributions
to PBO’s are specifically deductible under section 18A of the Income
Tax Act, the object of the contributions to SBFE’s must be tested against
the requirements of the general deduction provision (section 11(a)) to
determine its tax deductibility.

You might notice the use of the word “entity”, which means that an SBFE
can be either a trust or a company. Although the use of a company in
respect of section 30C may have merit, we are of the opinion that a trust
can be applied with the same success, if not better, than in the case of a



SAVE TAX WHILE Marinda Shekleton, Senior Partner of Impact Investment Africa

Does channeling your taxes to investment opportunities and raising capital at the same time sound too good to be
true? This time it is not too good to be true!

Impact Investment Management applied the S12J tax incentive “We are highly selective by dealing only with businesses with a
to assist a rabbit abattoir. Through an S12J investment they good growth potential,” says Marinda Shekleton, Senior Partner
are bringing value to investors and support wider long-term and Business Development Executive of Impact Investment Africa.
development goals. We provide the strategic support, particularly through appropriate
technology, enterprise development coaching and competitively
For more information on the rabbit abattoir, visit: priced cost of capital to enable long-term sustainable growth”. Impact Investment Management assists businesses to channel their
taxable income towards investment in these high yielding projects,
Impact Investment Management aims to attract capital for assist the business to raise capital and gain tax benefits at the
carefully chosen projects, such as the rabbit abattoir. This same time.
investment saved 144 direct jobs during these challenging times. If
you are interested in a similar investment contact us at: Contact us today for more details call us at: (011) 480 8634 or
[email protected] send an e-mail to: [email protected]

We can raise capital for your business using S12J. For more information visit:


Potchefstroom Chamber and business intercede for the hungry! This initiative is a great example of business
and community joining hands to provide a warm plate of food for only R1!

Johan Jansen van Rensburg from Potch-Tlokwe Chamber of To support this initiative, contact the Potch-Tlokwe Chamber
Commerce has been working with Prof LJ Grobler, Director of CFAM, of Commerce via email at [email protected] or phone
for a while to provide nutritious meals to the Potchefstroom and Tlokwe them on 082 450 0451.
communities. When COVID-19 struck, the initiative quickly integrated
with their disaster relief plan. The chamber coordinates the delivery of
meals whilst CFAM technologies has been sponsoring the Plant for the
processing of the grain. The development of technology is attributed to
the efforts of the North-West University’s engineering faculty.

The project delivers up to 10 tonnes of ‘pap’ per day, which equals
200 000 meals and it has been geographically expanded to
distribute meals throughout South Africa. GrowSA is all about taking
hands and encouraging the duplication of what works for one
business community to another and what better result can be achieved
than R1 per meal.




“The Mangaung Chamber of Commerce
and Industry (MCCI) is no longer just the
voice of business, we are the main artery
connecting members with the provincial
government,” says Nancy de Sousa,
president of the MCCI since 2010.

To address the current challenging times, the MCCI amended Nancy de Sousa, MCCI President
their service offering to its members and have since lockdown
started not invoiced one member for membership. The MCCI “Nancy is one of the very few
engages with its members on a regular basis to ensure alignment chamber presidents willing to
to member needs and even negotiated with the local radio station climb into the boxing ring for
to provide free advertising airtime to their members. The chamber their sake!”
also encourages membership of non-Free State business owners
to increase collaborative initiatives that will enable them to
expand their businesses to the Free State.

Agriculture is the biggest contributor to the GDP in the Free State
and thus the drive behind the focus of the chamber for 2020. The
MCCI is currently working on projects to connect agri-business to
opportunities in neighbouring countries. The global pandemic has
delayed the project slightly but definitely did not stop it.

Nancy recently discovered that the Free State was awarded the
smallest amount from the government relief funding and that only
18 businesses were approved for the assistance. She is currently
investigating this to ensure that businesses in the Free State get
more assistance from government.

“Nancy is one of the very few chamber presidents willing to climb
into the boxing ring for their sake!” The words of a Free State
business owner.




Alfa Livestock- expo was born from the need in the NAMPO/ALFA 2020 WILL INCLUDE
livestock industry of SA to present a modern, industry
focused livestock-expo. The purpose is to enable • The Hinterland national “interbreed – beef championships, that for
farmers to address the challenges in agriculture by the past four years have brought all the winners of livestock shows
introducing them to state of the art technology and in SA together to showcase the best genetics of the SA livestock
processes to farm more effective and productive thus industry.
staying profitable and sustainable.
• The Zoetis junior interbreed championships for agricultural schools.
After four years at the Afridome in Parys, ALFA and NAMPO are working • The Nutri-Feed heifer championships, using the latest achievement
together on the first NAMPO/ALFA which will be presented at Nampo
Park at Bothaville on 24-26 September 2020. The NAMPO/ALFA data of each breed to identify the top achieving heifer of every cattle
Livestock-Expo will include the hunt- and outdoor expo and presented as breed.
NAMPO/ALFA Livestock, Hunting and Outdoors Expo (NAMPO/ALFA • BKB’s ram performance championships and
Lewendehawe, Jag en Buitelewe Ekspo) • GWK’s dairy championships.

• Best practice and new technology. Farmers are introduced to the
latest technology and practices, as well as international trends on • One of the exciting developments for 2020 is the first agricultural
how live stock are bred and handled and what the livestock farm will small business expo.
probably look like in the future.
• Agricultural entrepreneurs who succeeded in delivering their product
• We focus on the youth, the livestock farmer of tomorrow. This focus to the consumers will get the opportunity to showcase their business
endeavours to expose young people to the industry, role players and and sell their products.
job opportunities. The youth program includes different competitions
like the Voermol youth show, Stock farm quiz, Engen marketing • Workshops are offered where their challenges and solutions will be
presentations and Sernick junior carcass competition. These discussed.
competitions are use to identify the FNB agriculture school of the
year. We are taking the realities of COVID-19 into consideration. Due to
COVID-19 regulations there might still be restrictions on social gatherings.
• Exposure to the consumer of their products and help the farmer to
get involved in the value chain and gain insight into the consumers THE SCENARIOS ARE
experience of agriculture.
• If people are allowed to attend in person, social distancing rules will
• A social atmosphere where interaction between farmers is be applied, masks and sanitizer will be provided and the numbers
encouraged, socializing and sharing ideas about the future of will be limited. There will be live streaming of all the auctions and
agriculture as an industry, lifestyle and calling, i.e. having fun with a workshops
• If people are not allowed to attend the expo
- The championships will be done online
- The auctions will still be held as specified with limited attendees
and a online auctioning facility available
- Small businesses will have a portal to display their products and
the workshops will be streamed
- Suppliers of goods and services will have a virtual exhibition hall
to expose the farmers to the benefits of their offerings
- And we shall even create opportunities for engagement with
each other and have fun.




The benefit of agriculture as a business is the persistent need
for food. However, the level and the nature of the demand are
constantly changing because of population growth, increased
urbanisation and changes in dietary preferences.

Johan Willemse, previous a Professor from the University of the Prof Johan Willemse
Free State, shared the following views regarding the commercial
agricultural industry with GrowSA News: The benefit of
agriculture as a
Always remember agricultural is business is the
persistent need for
1 cyclical. What you will have to offer is food.
dependent on the climate and price fluctuations.
To survive these cycles require the availability of

Farming is capital intensive. Agricultural

2 land has been a very desirable investment
opportunity during the last two decades - some
analysts were of the opinion that an investment
in agricultural land was more beneficial than the
shares market. So for farmers to be competitive,
they need to be capital intensive.

Technical management knowledge is

3 a must! You must be a technical expert in what
you do regardless if your focus is on commercial
farming or niche market farming. However, if you
do not have the technical expertise, it is available
from advisors in the private sector.

Consider a shared investment scheme

4 or even a partnership. This is a good option
especially when farmers want to retire and their
families are not willing to sell the farms.




The poverty amongst and farming conditions of the
emerging farmers in the Mangaung area, Free State,
were beyond shocking/ It was so bad that Nancy de
Sousa, President of the MCCI, immediately mobilized
her network. She approached Steven Barnard,
from Farmer Kidz, and Dr Jack Armour to work with
emerging farmers to help them become more efficient
and profitable and develop to a commercial level.

The result of this project was that most of these farmers now have enough
produce to not only feed their families but also to sell to their local
community, including Checkers. A service level agreement was signed
with the retailer. In addition to this, an initiative to facilitate access for
these small-scale farmers to markets in Botswana was also launched.

In Botshabelo, where the unemployment rate is almost 50%, Nancy,
together with Steven and Jimmy Mooyo (from NAFCOC) are
negotiating with the Free State Development Corporation to utilise empty
factories as food production units. This will include the farming of fish
and a potential cannabis project. They are also planning a series of
workshops, using the Garden of Life principles, on growing vegetables
in tyres.

If you want to get involved with these exciting projects,
contact Nancy or Steven for more information at:
015 511 1710 or 082 651 3456


Check the Farmer Kidz YouTube

Please go to our channel
channel/UCfrwFOcUEeOoy8Aw6J78hOQ and

Enjoy your garden! Gardening is fun!


Our Ex pertise Business DNA – the proud
communication partner and publisher
of the GrowSA News

We streamline your communication

We compile newsletters w w

We handle your entire editorial function. Chair editorial meetings, interview
sources, research topics, text writing, publication outlay and design.
Require printing? We take care of that! Do you prefer an electronic version? No
problem, we load it on a user-friendly platform for distribution.
We can also align and manage all your other communication platforms, e.g. the
intranet, electronic media and Apps.
Request a quote: [email protected] or 012 346 2600 for more information.



When a bright matric student was informed that her dream to become a doctor was
compromised, she decided that hopelessness was not the answer!

Chéri-Lynn Steyn comes from a family of medical practitioners and she Chéri-Lynn Steyn
planned the same for her future. Then God intervened and steered her
towards her true purpose! Chéri-Lynn went to Laerskool Vryheidsmonument and completed her
matric at Hoërskool Overvaal in Vereeniging. She comes from a family
When the University of the Free State informed her that they reached of 6 other siblings. They stay on a smallholding in Vereeniging where they
their capacity for medical students, she had to review her career options have a collection of horses, dogs and geese. Her favourite hobby is bird
– and where else than on Facebook! She noticed a photograph on a watching.
friend’s Facebook profile looking like she was having a lot of fun during
her pre-grad studies. It turned out that the girl was studying animal She would like to be a lecturer at the university as the institution provides
sciences, and Chéri-Lynn got interested. rich research opportunities and she believes in life-long learning.
However, she would like to integrate experience in the field as research
During a visit to the campus, Chéri-Lynn met a group of animal sciences without practical relevance would mean that resources might have been
students whom she found very down to earth and relaxed. They treated wasted.
their lecturer more like an acquaintance than a formal academic, and
Chéri-Lynn instantly decided that she wanted to be part of this group of Chéri-Lynn is very optimistic about agriculture in South Africa and she
people! expects a lot of development in the sector. There is a rise of a young
generation that is very passionate who are quickly becoming important
Agriculture as a career provides flexibility, interdependence and humility, role players in the sector and who are bringing innovative ideas to the
says Chéri-Lynn. She describes the agricultural community as a big family table. New technologies are explored and implemented in the field.
where you can call a professor ‘oom’, your supervisor becomes a friend, She says that even with the dynamic nature, something that will remain
and everyone is a student. constant is the passion for helping those in need.

In 2018, when Chéri-Lynn was in her final year of study, she and her Her take on females in agriculture and their role has more to do with
close university friend, Mario van den Heever, won two of the three each person’s unique skills and knowledge than their gender - agriculture
categories of the Agricultural Student of the Year competition hosted at is for anyone who is interested in the field.
the ALFA Livestock Expo. Chéri-Lynn competed in Agricultural Economics
and Mario in Animal Sciences. She has since completed her honours Simplicity and community, the two ingredients that encouraged a young
degree in agricultural economics and is currently doing her Masters’ girl to pursue her purpose in agriculture!
degree in beef cattle economics.

Mario vd Heever, Koos Nel (Old Mutual), Chéri-Lynn Steyn



MAY 2020

Day 53 in lockdown. The good news is that we are all in it together. What amazes me
is to see the change in behaviour for the good. You see people helping people. You
see people giving without hoping to receive. Covid-19 caused us to become more

In this edition of the GrowSA newsletter, we see how organised GROWSA NOW OFFERS:
business can meaningfully contribute to the plight of its community.
Who could have thought that in this day and age we can give 1. ConnectSA: with
a fully nutritional meal to the hungry for a mere R1 per portion. profiles of National Chamber bodies;
Potchefstroom Chamber proved that if we all work together it can Associations; informal Business Networks;
be done – the Chamber raised the funds; the professors at the Government; SEO’s and Embassies.
North-West University found the solutions and the CBO’s helped
serving the poor. 2. CommsSA: Monthly GrowSA news;
weekly GrowSA Engage; soon to launch
What if we can pool our strengths and work together rather than GrowSA Business Review; and watch the
trying to do everything ourselves? The Covid-19 Care Alliance space for regional Business Directories.
is a group of NGO’s that decided to pool their strengths for the
greater good: The Christian Care Network established Facebook 3. SupplySA
pages for literally every municipal ward in South Africa. They
identify and equip Ward Coordinators and train and empower 4. ExpertsSA: a database of Business
ward task teams with the main purpose to spread information Advisors; Coaches; Training Providers;
and mobilize communities. Fit2Fund is an initiative that built an Experts; Funders and potential Investors.
application and a digital platform to register beneficiaries;
register care activities; and link funders to an activity. This platform Tell us where you see further opportunities
enables a community to track if care is spread equally and that to grow SA. Remember, GrowSA is only
the same beneficiaries are not helped all the time whilst others a platform to bring organised business
remain in need. The James 1:27 was established to manage together to grow SA!
donations and to ensure that donors receive the required
documentation and peace of mind whilst managing the flow of
money to credible, recognised and accountable local NGO’s for
implementation. Together we can achieve so much more!

You will recall that in the March edition we published a profile
on Annette Muller from In partnership with we will soon launch SupplySA, an exciting
initiative to enable B2B sale of goods, services and introduction
to business experts. Suppliers will be able to register their profiles
on the platform where buyers come to negotiate a deal. The
contract, order and payment can be all concluded online –
signed, paid and sealed!


GROWSA Stakeholder Platform

• National Chamber Bodies
• Professional Associations
• Business Networks
• Corporates
• Embassies
• SOE’s
• Government

Business DNA CommsSA

• GrowSA Engage
• GrowSA News
• Business Review
• Directories

Flexyforce SupplySA

• Supplier Database
• Affiliate Programme
• Payment Portal
• Supply Chain Management Expert Portal

• Funders
• Experts
• Investors
• Advisors
• Coaches
• Training Providers

Bluestream ConnectSA

• Advertisers and Publications
• Projects and Funders
• Sales People and Product Providers
• GrowSA Social Media


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