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Activity 2.4 Control Center

Record your observations about the brains. How does the sheep brain compare to the
human brain?

● Both have a left and right hemisphere
● the sheep brain is smaller
● same shape as a human brain
● the cerebellum is smaller on a sheep brain

Why do you think the frontal lobe of the human brain is larger than the frontal lobe of
the sheep brain?

We think that the human brain's frontal lobe is larger than the sheeps brains frontal
lobe because the sheep brain is overall is a smaller size then the human brain.

What function or functions in the body might be affected if a person fell and injured
the back of their head?

The brainstem could be one thing that could possibly be affected and if that happened
then they would have died because they would not be able to breathe, your heart
would stop, you couldn’t swallow or take in any info.

Control Center 2.4

INSERT Step 35 “Top View” Photo HERE

INSERT Step 35 “Front View” Photo HERE

INSERT Step 35 “Right Side View” Photo HERE

Control Center 2.4

INSERT Step 35 “Bottom View” Photo HERE

The thalamus acts as a relay station for all senses except smell. How does the location of the
thalamus within the brain help with this function?

Because the Thalamus is connected to the brainstem and is right above the brainstem.
So being connected and right by the brainstem helps it maintain all senses except

INSERT Step 41 “Side View” Photo HERE

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