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Equipment Manual (Detail)

(NO.) (Tool) Base 1 piece



Bottom bracket 1 piece

3. Center of base 1 piece

4. Top of base 1 piece

5. Wheels 2 pieces


Nuts’s base 2 pieces

7. Welding Nut’s physical therapy

5 pieces

8. wrench No.4 1 piece

9. handle 2 pieces

’sStrapping chair 3 pieces

12. Water bottle Holder 0.5- 2

13. Bag for keep physical therapy

1 bag

The process of assembling equipment Explanation

No. Assembly Bring the base and base holder to
each other. Insert the nut firmly in
1. the hole and tighten the nut.

2. Bring the base center to the bottom

Bring the metal bars of a physical
3. machine to support the center of the


Use the nut for the base to tighten
4. with metal sticks of the physical


Tighten nut for base for adjacent
5. center base tightly.

6. Bring the top of the base insert to
the center of the base

Put the welding nut into the hole on
7. the center of the base, stick to the

center of the base.

Attach the 1st piece of the wheel to
8. the private center of the base.

9. Use the wrench to tighten welding

10. Take the 2nd wheel. Tighten the nut
with the wrench.

Put the rope for holding the top of
11. the wheel down the bottom.

Put the rope on top and then the
12. bottom of the wheel to the top for a

bundle of Water bottle Holder.

Insert the rope for a handshake in
front of the machine. Catch and
easily enter all four wheels above
and below.

Put the Water bottle Holder to the
rope for the grip and fasten the 4

15. When the four bundle is filled, fill the
water with the weight of the water,
then bring the filled water bottle to
the water bottle.

Get ready to Exercise.

Using basic equipment Explanation

No. Stance Cross the five fingers of your left and right
hand on both sides, then sit up, side by side
1. or cross.
This will help patients ’s left hand and right
hand to grab and keep the tension
throughout the arm enables the two sides
to lose weight early in arms.

Hold your legs tight to your ankles, stretch
2. your limits, and put it down.

This will help the patient's movement and
knee strength and reduces thigh weight.

Take your legs up and down slowly.
3. This will help patients stretching their legs

and helping to bend the knees well. It has a
direct force across the legs and reduces the
weight of thighs and knee pain.

The legs can be strapped to both the left
and right sides. It is recommended to adjust
4. the rope for shorter rope, so you can lift the
arm comfortably. Lift up the arm and lift it
down slowly.
This will help patients with a bent arm. And
helps relax muscles and arm pain.

Stand for the patient, but the arm has no
5. force to stand. Use the right hand or left

hand to handle that for pulling down the
arm slowly, the hands do not pull to catch
the middle of the physical machine. Then
use either foot. Pressure base below
received benefits For patients without
traction arm. Assistant executive arm
muscles With more force.

6. Can be strapped to the left or right leg.
Tighten it and pull the legs back should
capture the base in the middle of the two
sides, using the feet that do not force the
base. This will help patients with tensile
strength, thighs and thigh muscles.

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