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People Daily Newspaper Monday edition may 16th

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People Daily Newspaper Monday edition may 16th

People Daily Newspaper Monday edition may 16th

FREE1Kenya’s NO . Monday, May 16, 2022 // NO.07567
Ne wspaper
News Beat PG 8 Raila to name deputy as Kalonzo
seeks to part ways with Azimio PG 7

Teachers Azimio La Umoja Coalition flagbearer Raila Odinga addresses his supporters at Kamukunji
face Form1 grounds in Nairobi yesterday. PD/JOHN OCHIENG

WhyRutochose Bargain: After
GachaguaasDP intense 17 hours
of talks and
calming nerves,
UDA leader
picked Mathira
MP said to have
a knack for
mobilisation PG 4

William Ruto

in the end the
consensus pointed out to
an individual who scored
excellent points on every
evaluative parameter,
an astute debater with
prodigious, persuasive
ability, a fantastic grassroots
mobiliser, a disciplined and
tireless political operative

Rigathi gachagua

i am honoured by
the responsibility and faith
you have bestowed on me
to be your running-mate in
the most deining election
in Kenya’s history. it is a
responsibility i take pride in

Kenya Kwanza presidential hopeful William
Ruto (right) unveils Rigathi Gachagua as his
running-mate in the August 9 presidential
contest in Nairobi yesterday. PD /NJENGA KUNGU

2 NEWS BEAT PEOPLE DAILY / Monday, May 16, 2022

Pointers news Beat page 14 WEATHER TODAY 25° Nyeri 24°
25° Kitui 30°
OpiniOn page 11 savula move in Kakamega Nairobi 30° Wajir 35°
stirs regional clan politics Mombasa
expressway to revolutionise Kisumu
nairobi transport

Fact or fiction? Politicians
wow voters with pledges

Analysts say leaders have Somalia legislators
perfected the art of making vote in long-delayed
big campaign promises presidential election
that are rarely kept
Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa helps in the repair of a mud house that was destroyed by Somali lawmakers began – the lone female contender
by Eric Wainaina floods during last year’s heavy rainfall in his constituency. Politicians go an extra mile voting in the country’s long- – are also in the running.
to impress during electioneering period. PD/FILE overdue presidential elec-
@EWainaina tion on Sunday, with dozens In addition to a months-
PROMISES GALORE perpetrate the same vices they had prom- of candidates vying for the long feud between Farmajo
Politicians are making all manner of ised to eradicate in their campaigns. top job in the troubled Horn and Prime Minister Mo-
promises to woo voters ahead of the Au- Deputy President William Ruto has of Africa nation as it battles hamed Hussein Roble, the
gust election, with the practicality of some promised that if elected, he will invest He explains that DonaldTrump pretend- an Islamist insurgency and central government has also
the campaign pledges brought into ques- Sh200 billion in his bottom-up eco- ed to be doing what was best for Americans the threat of famine. been embroiled in disputes
tion. nomic plan. and he “exploited that intuition to whip it with certain states, slowing
into frenzied anger which he directed to The poll has been dogged down the voting process.
Deputy President William Ruto, who Raila Odinga has promised monthly vulnerable people, only for him to turn by claims of irregularities
wants to succeed his boss, President Uh- stipends of Sh6,000 to two million into... a culture that tasks elites with re- and is well over a year behind Al-Shabaab attacks
uru Kenyatta, has promised that if elected, needy families, pay for health insur- forming the very system that made them schedule, with Somalia’s in- Somalia’s international
he will invest Sh200 billion in his Bottom- ance for the poor, support needy single and left others in the dust” when he won ternational partners warning
Up economic plan. mothers. the presidency. that the delays – caused by partners, which include the
political infighting – were a United States, the United
Of the amount, he says, Sh100 billion School of Economics at the University of Political seduction dangerous distraction from Nations and the African
will be dedicated employment for the Nairobi says manifestos are colourful and “Politicians have perfected the art of the fight against Al-Shabaab Union (AU), on Saturday
youth while Sh50 billion will go to small well-written documents meant to hood- jihadists. urged parliamentarians to
traders. wink voters and are hardly implemented. conning Kenyans through political lies. “vote their conscience”.
Whatever is happening is political con- MPs voted under tight
The DP has also promised to create four “When you say you are going to give out manship because they know Kenyans security in a tent inside “High time for Somalia’s
million new jobs and a Sh29 billion fund Sh6,000 to poor families, where will you get aren’t critical of things and they forget very Mogadishu’s heavily- leadership to focus on rec-
for small-scale traders. the money with all these economic hard- fast and so they will not remember a lie told guarded airport complex, onciliation and peace-build-
ships? If you promise Musalia Mudavadi in the past,”says Thirdway Alliance Party with little movement seen ing,” the European Union’s
Last week, he pledged free lunch to all jobs that are not in the Constitution and leader Ekuru Aukot. in the capital where police foreign policy chief Josep
public primary school pupils. 30 per cent of the government to his com- have imposed a curfew until Borrell said on Twitter.
munity, how is that practically possible?” He adds: “For example, we have people Monday. Flights have also
In his bid to woo Western Kenya voters, Nyandemo wondered. who lied to the children that they will get been cancelled, an official An AU force is securing the
Ruto has promised the region a third of laptops which they did not deliver, lied told AFP on condition of election venue, after a spate
government and to construct 1,000 kilo- In 2013, Machakos Governor Alfred Mu- about the stadiums, the same person is anonymity. of attacks in recent weeks by
meters of new roads in the region in his tua promised to turn Machakos into a city back with wheelbarrows and bottom up Al-Shabaab which has been
first term in office. In the last ten years, but he is yet to deliver on the pledge a de- pledge and he is telling us that he is the Stiff competition fighting to overthrow the
the Jubilee government has constructed cade later. man to beat.” The vote is expected to government for more than a
9,000km of roads nationally. decade.
In 2017, Ferdinand Waititu won the Ki- History professor Macharia Munene draw a line under a political
“ANC and Ford Kenya shall have 30 per ambu governor seat with a landslide, rid- says manifestos and other campaign crisis that has lasted well The election is expected
cent of the positions in the national gov- ing on a promise to right the wrongs of promises are instruments of political se- over a year, after President to take several hours and
ernment including Cabinet Secretaries, his predecessor William Kabogo. He also duction, saying they are “well-told lies Mohamed Abdullahi Mo- stretch into the night with
Principal Secretaries, ambassadors/High promised to build an industrial park in meant to entice voters”. hamed’s term ended in multiple rounds of voting.
Commissioners, heads of diplomatic mis- Ndeiya, create jobs and boost the county’s February 2021 without an
sions, chairs of State corporations, direc- economy. But a few years into office, he Munene recalled second President Dan- election. “Three candidates have
tors of state corporations and chairper- was battling claims of corruption and land iel arap Moi’s remark that politics is like a so far dropped out, and we
sons and commissioners of constitutional grabbing. He was eventually impeached. game of seduction. “We are tired of living (now) have 36 candidates
commissions provided that the aforesaid with uncertainty... I hope a running,” Senator Abdiqani
30 per cent positions in the national gov- The hypocrisy of the political class has “When you are wooing a woman, you president will be elected and Gelle, chairman of a parlia-
ernment shall be shared equally between been aptly captured by Anand Giridhara- promise them an airplane, ship and other today is the end of the non- mentary committee oversee-
ANC and Ford Kenya,’’ the deal reads. das, an American journalist and political big things that would make her happy, sense,” Muktar Ali, a Mogadi- ing the election, said Sunday.
pundit in his bestselling non-fiction book but when she is securely at home, things shu resident, told AFP.
His main challenger Raila Odinga has ‘Winner Takes It All”. change,” Munene recalled Moi as saying. A parliamentary source
promised monthly stipends of Sh6,000 to Mohamed, better known had earlier told AFP that four
two million needy families which is Sh144 In the book, Giridharadas explains how “Any election agreement or manifesto as Farmajo, is now seeking contenders had quit the race.
billion per year, pay for health insurance politicians exploit the electorate’s igno- that prejudices any region of the country re-election but faces tough
for the poor, support needy single moth- rance using manifestoes only for them to would countermand the Constitution and competition from former The victor must secure a
ers and guarantee free education from shall be voided by any petition in a court presidents Sharif Sheikh minimum of 184 votes.
primary school to university. of law,”says former Mukurwe-ini MP Ka- Ahmed and Hassan Sheikh
bando wa Kabando. Mohamud. Somalia has not held a
Hoodwink voters one-person, one-vote elec-
The practicability of the social protec- Ex-prime minister Hassan tion in 50 years. Instead,
Ali Khaire, Puntland state polls follow a complex indi-
tion programme has been questioned, president Said Abdullahi rect model, whereby state
given that the country has been unable Dani and former foreign legislatures and clan dele-
to properly run the Sh2,000 cash transfer minister FawziaYusuf Adan gates pick lawmakers for the
programme for elderly. But Raila has de- national parliament, who in
fend the pledge. turn choose the president.

“When I say that I will give impover- —AFP
ished families Sh6,000, my critics are say-
ing that it’s impossible. But I am telling
them it’s possible. I have been the Prime
Minister and I know where the money is,”
Raila said.

Samuel Nyandemo, a lecturer at the

Monday, May 16, 2022 / PEOPLE DAILY #WHACKYWORLD 3

with Whackitist254.


Parents sue son and case has been filed under mental
harassment that the couple is
daughter-in-law for not allegedly going through because
their son and daughter-in-law
giving them grandkids refused to produce children.
The father of the son said, “I
In this recent incident from have only one son. I spent all
Haridwar, a couple sued their son my savings on his upbringing
and daughter-in-law for not giving and education. I sent him to the
them a grandchild even after six US in 2006 for a pilot training
years of marriage. In the petition, course. I spent over $64,527 for
Sanjeev and Sadhana Prasad asked the same. He returned to India
their son and daughter-in-law to in 2007 due to the economic
give birth to a child within a year. recession abroad. He had lost his
Failing to do so, they asked their job and could not find another
son and daughter-in-law to pay for over two years. I supported
them $650,000 as compensation. him financially during this period
This amount includes money as well.” “Almost six years have
spent on their son’s education, passed and there is no child.
wedding, honeymoon abroad and We are facing immense mental
a luxury car worth $77,432. The harassment,” he added.

Suing for fun

Usually, many people resort to courts as a last option in
dispute resolution. However, some are busy suing others
for the most bizarre reasons—they invest time, money and
resources in filing cases for some of the most irrelevant
reasons. The following may shock you

Man sues parents he was born without his consent. Graduate in court to demand fees refund She went to court after
The guy also created a Facebook
for giving siring him page named Nihilanand. On the from alma mater over joblessness tailor damaged saree
page, he shared the poster with text
without his consent like, “Isn’t forcing a child into this Who said tuition once paid is non-refundable? When Trina In 2019, an elderly couple from
world and forcing it to have a career, Thompson of New York was unable to find a suitable job Bengaluru sued a local tailor for
In 2019, a 27-year-old businessman kidnapping and slavery?” and “Your following graduation from Monroe College, she filed a $72,000 damaging an expensive silk saree (a
from Mumbai sued his parents for parents had you instead of a toy or case in 2009 against her alma mater. Thompson claimed the women’s garment from the Indian
giving birth to him. Raphael Samuel a dog, you owe them nothing, you college’s career services department didn’t provide sufficient subcontinent that consists of an
believed it is wrong to bring children are their entertainment.” The man help with her job search and gave preferential treatment to unstitched drape). And they won the
into the world because “it was not our also clarified that “it’s not that I’m students with better grades than his. She sought to regain the case. After a two-year-long battle, the
decision to be born”. In this unusual unhappy in my life. I wish I was not $70,000 she had spent on tuition for her bachelor’s degree in court had asked the tailor to refund
case, the man also demanded he be born. My life is good, but I’d rather Information Technology plus an extra $2,000 for the stress the cost of the saree, which was $283
paid for the rest of his life because not be here.” caused during her three-month job search. and extra $129 as a fine for the trouble
caused to the couple.

Case over kick from alcohol

A man from Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh recently sued a liquor shop because he did
not get a ‘kick’ after consuming it. Oh yes, people are doing the weirdest things
these days. According to a PTI report, Lokesh Sothia bought four bottles of
alcohol on April 12. “My friend and I consumed liquor from two of those bottles
(each of 180ml), but I did not feel high (intoxicated),” he complained.
He added that this is a case of adulteration and the shop is selling water
instead of alcohol. Out of the four bottles, he kept two of them sealed as a
proof. The man said he has sent a complaint to Madhya Pradesh Home Minister
Narottam Mishra and Ujjain Excise Commissioner, Inder Singh Damor. His
lawyer is now all set to file a case with the consumer forum.

Man sues celebrity Michael Man seeks Sh540m from

Jordan for looking alike stadium, city for not

Some people go to great lengths to look like their labelling bathrooms well
favourite celebrities. However, Allen Heckard from
Portland, Oregon, US, had often been confused for One day in 1995, Robert Glaser went to
Michael Jordan and did not enjoy it. He sued the NBA a concert at a stadium in San Diego and
star along with the cofounder of Nike, Phil Knight, in felt nature calling and naturally went to
2006 for $832 million. Heckard’s looks were not far relieve himself. Unaware the bathrooms
off from the basketball legend, and he even sported at the stadium were unisex, he found a
a similar earring. But he was eight years older and woman using the urinal and, apparently,
six inches shorter than Jordan. Heckard dropped got traumatised. He felt “emotionally
the case when he realised he had no reasonable distressed and embarrassed” and filed
explanation for the millions he was suing for. a lawsuit against the stadium and the
city seeking $5.4 million compensation.
He, however, lost the case.

4 NEWS BEAT PEOPLE DAILY / Monday, May 16, 2022

Why Ruto finally settled on Azimio-One Kenya leader, who is also look-
Mathira MP for deputy post ing a bite of votes from the region if he picks
a running mate from the area.
Lawmaker has stood with The MP has been one of the fiercest op- dence and when his allies sat on Saturday Kenya Kwanza
Deputy President for four ponents of the Handshake and its offshoot, morning, it was expected that everything presidential Ruto said he trusted Gachagua, a career
years after falling out with the Building Bridges Initiative, leading will go smoothly and he will pick his pre- candidate William administrator, to deliver the votes.
the Jubilee administration those opposed to them in Mt Kenya gain- ferred choice by 10am as promised. Ruto during the
ing popularity among the masses. unveiling of his “He is a successful elected politician and
by Jeremiah Kiplang’at However, things did not go as planned as running mate businessperson, a principled politician of
Initially, the naming of the running two camps emerged that held to hard-line Rigathi Gachagua tremendous resilience and resolve, a fear-
@jere_kiplangat mate was slated for Saturday but had to be positions putting the DP at a crossroads. at Karen, Nairobi, less fighter for the right cause, an indefati-
delayed as two teams within the alliance Kindiki and Gachagua camps pushed hard yesterday. DPPS gable champion of the betrayed, down-
Deputy President William Ruto yester- haggled over who was the right choice be- for their man to be considered with reports trodden despised and the ignored, a living
day ended a 17-hour standoff that threat- tween the MP and Tharaka-Nithi Senator saying most of the lawmakers preferred APPEALING example of a true hustler who rose from the
ened to tear apart his Kenya Kwanza Alli- Kithure Kindiki. the former, who has been Senate Majority TO WOMEN hardship of the aftermath of our freedom
ance when he named Mathira MP Rigathi Leader and the House Deputy Speaker the struggle to the pinnacle of political suc-
Gachagua as his running-mate in the Au- Initially, strong indications on Saturday last nine years. Ruto said he will cess,” Ruto said.
gust 9 presidential race. night pointed to the senator being handed make sure 10 Cabinet
the highly sought-after post after intense A marathon 17-hour meeting that be- members will be The sour grapes from the decision, how-
After hours of intense consultations that negotiations only for the tide to turn gan Saturday morning ending on Sunday female. ever, were evident as Kindiki said he will
sources said were not as pleasant at some against him on Sunday morning. morning broke the impasse and the first- speak to the press today.
point as portrayed by the DP, Ruto settled term lawmaker was awarded the prize. “Of the 21 min-
on an ally who has stood by him for the last Yesterday, the DP’s allies acknowledged isters that we will “I am eternally grateful to all those who
four years after he lost favour with Presi- the dicey situation they had found them- Accepting the nomination, Gachagua appoint, 10 will be supported and vouched for me to be nomi-
dent Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration. selves in saying the consultations were promised that he will not disappoint the women, we will nated the UDA and Kenya Kwanza deputy
deep and intense and had to go on for presidential candidate in his new role. ensure all other ap- presidential candidate in the elections
With the larger Mt Kenya region home hours before a final decision was arrived at. pointive positions scheduled for August 9. Following the de-
to close to six million votes as per the “I am honoured by the responsibility will respect the two- cision taken by my Party and coalition re-
Independent Electoral and Boundaries The unpleasantness of the outcome was and faith you have bestowed on me to be third gender rule,” garding the matter earlier today, I will make
Commission records, Ruto opted for an aptly captured by the absence of Kindiki, your running mate in the most-defining said Ruto. my official statement in public tomorrow.
individual from Nyeri, the heart of the who gave the unveiling of his rival a wide election in Kenya’s history. It is a responsi- God bless Kenya and thank you,” said the
vote-rich region and home of late Presi- berth raising questions whether the final bility I take pride in,” said the MP at Ruto’s second-term senator.
dent Mwai Kibaki, with the hope that the decision was consensual. Karen residence in a ceremony attendd by
choice will attract the majority of the votes. dozens of UDA stalwarts as well as Kenya Ruto thanked Kindiki for showing inter-
The DP, however, cast aside doubts Kwanza principals Musalia Mudavadi and est in the seat praising him for the role in
Gachagua’s stature within Ruto’s Hustler around his choice saying they had brought Moses Wetang’ula. ensuring the collapse of the International
Nation has risen significantly since 2018, their heads together and agreed on Gacha- Criminal Cases, he and the President faced
when he began to hobnob with the DP, de- gua. Other candidates for the position, no- when they were first elected in 2013 col-
veloping a strong bond together as Ruto tably National Assembly Speaker Justin lapsed.
licked his wounds after he was elbowed “In the end, the consensus pointed out Muturi, Kirinyaga Governor Anne Wai-
from the centre of the ruling administra- to an individual who scored excellent guru, MPs Alice Wahome, Ndindi Nyoro Defeated Ocampo
tion following the handshake between the points on every evaluative parameter, an attended the event and congratulated the “Kindiki came very far and became the
President and his nemesis Raila Odinga. astute debater with prodigious, persuasive nominee.
ability, a fantastic grassroots mobiliser, a runner-up in this contest. Again, a forth-
Intense negotiations disciplined and tireless political opera- Gachagua will now be tasked with pro- right Kenyan, a Kenyan of great standing,
tive,” he said of his choice. moting Ruto-Gachagua ticket in vast Mt a lawyer par excellence, our former deputy
Kenya region, that has the possibilities of speaker of the Senate. The man who de-
The consultation began informally on turning into a battleground with Raila, the feated Ocampo. He is not here with us but
Thursday at the DP’s official Karen resi- brought a lot of experience, passion and
commitment to this contest.

Ruto said he will hand more powers to
the DP’s office after suffering humiliation in
the second term upon the much-publicised
fallout with the President who he worked
with smoothly in the first term.

He said he will make sure he chairs Cabi-
net committees, oversees the implemen-
tation of Cabinet decisions, coordinates
intergovernmental relations between the
national and county governments and su-
pervises the implementation of develop-
ment projects funded by partners.

“He will perform real duties assigned by
the President,” he said.

He promised an Executive Order that
would achieve this saying he would make
sure his deputy was powerful and enjoyed
some powers.

“I will sign an Executive Order on the first
day in office in accordance with Article 21
(e) of the Kenya Kwanza agreement that
will provide this Kenyan an expanded role
together with what the Constitution gives
the DP and having an occupant for the last
10 years, I believe that that office can serve
the people better,” he said.

Legislator pledges to ensure Kenya Kwanza wins in August polls

by Jeremiah Kiplang’at confidence you have shown in me whether the decision was consensu- stowed on me to be your running He was also a personal assistant of
is a privilege and I will do my very al although he is expected to address mate in the most-defining election President Uhuru Kenyatta when he
@jere_kiplangat best to live up to those expecta- a press conference today. in Kenya’s history. It is a responsibil- served as Local Government minis-
tions,” Gachagua said yesterday ity I take pride in,” said Gachagua. ter before the 2002 elections.
Mathira Member of Parliament after his nomination as Deputy Gachagua, who is said to be a top
Rigathi Gachagua yesterday said he President William Ruto’s running- financier of Ruto’s campaigns, was Other than Kindiki, senior figures “This is one of the greatest days of
would not let the Deputy President mate. rewarded with the coveted post and said to have been on the shortlist my life…many of us in this alliance
William Ruto down after he was could become the second occupant were Kirinyaga Governor AnneWai- know that without God we would
picked as his running-mate. He added: “I will not let you down. of the DP’s office if their ticket wins guru, National Assembly Speaker not be where we are today, we have
I will not let the hustler nation down, on August 9. Justin Muturi, MPs AliceWahome seen challenges turn into opportu-
Gachagua, a first-term lawmaker, I will not let the people of Kenya (Kandara) and Ndindi Nyoro (Ki- nities before us, hurdles we did not
said he was the right choice, and down.” “I am honoured by the respon- haru). think we could surmount have dis-
pledged to work hard to ensure vic- sibility and faith you have be- appeared,” said the MP.
tory in the August 9 polls. Gachagua faced a challenge from The former provincial admin-
Tharaka Nithi Senator Kithure Kin- August 9 istrator, who served in different Yesterday, he also touted his ser-
“There are many in our alliance diki. capacities including being a DO, is a vice in government, saying he pos-
who were qualified for this posi- Date when Kenyans go to ballot to younger brother of first Nyeri Gover- sessed enough experience and was
tion and any of them would have Senator, who emerged second in elect their leaders nor Nderitu Gachagua, who died in conversant with what challenges
been up to the task. The trust and the search, did not attend yester- February 2017. most people faced.
day’s ceremony, raising questions

Monday, May 16, 2022 / PEOPLE DAILY NEWS BEAT 5

Intricate web of cases around Gachagua

Deputy President pick road The wife is a co-director in some of the ing a contract at Karatina University.
to top job faces motley of companies, and was a direct beneficiary of In October 2020 Justice Joseph
cases that have dominated the plot. The couple owns Crystal Kenya
his recent public life Ltd, Technical Supplies and Services Ltd, Onyiego froze more than Sh200 million
Pioneer Medical Kenya Ltd, Karandi Farm, belonging to the MP, offering a rare peek
by Eric Wainaina Heartland Supplies, Wamunyoro Invest- of his financial war chest and cash deal-
and Zadock Angira ments, Delta Merchants, and Biovet (K) ings from his three accounts in the mi-
Ltd among other companies. crolender not publicly known for mega
@PeopleDailyKe transactions
Among close associates the MP is said to
Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua, who have used was his Mathira CDF employee, One savings account had a balance of
Deputy President William Ruto unveiled Sammy Kipkorir, who was the sole signato- Sh773,228 after receiving Sh5.8 billion
yesterday as his running mate, is battling ry of Upperdeck Agencies and who would and a fixed deposit account was left with
allegations of fraud in court involving bil- allegedly make cash withdrawals from his Sh 35 million after receiving about Sh 877
lions of shilling of taxpayer’s money. Rafiki DTM account. million.

The former District Officer, who is In the court papers, the role played by A second fixed account received
known to shoot from the hip while aiming Gachagua’s favourite banker, Ann Nduta Sh5.87 billion of which Sh705.1 million
at his former boss, President Uhuru Ke- Ruo, at the Rafiki DTM was also exposed. had been withdrawn, but with a Sh165
nyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga, beat million balance, leaving some unex-
other contenders among them National Lacking details plained Sh5.1 billion, according to the
Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi, Kirinya- The account opening documents for Up- ARA’s court documents.
ga Governor Anne Waiguru, Tharaka Nithi
senator Kithure Kindiki, Kiharu MP Ndindi perdeck Agencies were not complete with LEGAL Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua, who Proceeds of crime
Nyoro and his Kandara counterpart Alice one of the forms lacking details includ- BATTLES Deputy President William Ruto named
Wahome to become the Kenya Kwanza ing photos. It was however indicated that CASES ON as his running mate, attends a court The Assets Recovery Agency said on
deputy president candidate in a process “Anne Ruo to provide photos.” THE WAY session. PD/FILE March 30, last year, it received informa-
that was marred by intrigues. tion into suspected complex money
The director of Rapid Medical Supplies The MP is fight- Agency (TWWDA), is also said to have laundering schemes and proceeds of
The MP is defending himself in court Ltd David Nguru, for example, alleged ing a court case paid another law firm, Kapast Bucho crime involving public funds from the
over accusations of fraudulent acquisition Gachagua gave him a condition that they in which he is ac- Mbeneka Advocates, Sh12.8 million. ministry of lands (Kenya Informal Settle-
of public property and money laundering had to open an account in a bank of his cused fraudulent ments programme), state department
amounting to Sh7.3 billion through three choice and also put a person of his choice acquisition of The papers show funds received atWa- for Special Planning, Ministry of Health,
bank accounts domiciled at Rafiki Micro- as a mandatory signatory to safeguard his public property, home’s personal account at Family Bank Bungoma county government, Mathira
Finance Bank. interests. He then introduced her to Ruo. money launder- were transferred to Machine Centre Ltd. constituency development funds, Nyeri
ing amounting to On January 8, 2018 for example,Wahome county government and National Irriga-
An investigation report revealed a com- Another alleged key beneficiary is the Sh7.3 billion signed for the company as a director to tion Board.
plex web of financial transactions involving Mathira CDF manager William Mwangi source for Sh8.7 million LPO financing
the MP’s family including wife, children, Wahome. loan from Family Bank towards financ- The agency said preliminary investiga-
nephews, nieces and close associates tions established that Gachagua and Jen-
among them politicians and a banker. One of the companies that was said to ne Enterprises limited were involved in
have been awarded a tender by the Nyeri a suspected complex scheme of money
County wired the money to a company laundering involving several companies
owned by the manager and the MP. which initially received funds from gov-
ernment ministries and state agencies.
Wahome, who is also the Board chair-
man of Tana Water Works Development

6 NEWS BEAT PEOPLE DAILY / Monday, May 16, 2022

Gachagua choice best for Kindiki’s mother
hustlers, Nyeri locals say heart-broken after
her son misses out

Residents optimistic that by Dorcas Mbatia and Kenya Kwanza to lock the
duo will address pertinent Brian Malila lawmaker out.
issues affecting country’s
down-trodden @PeopleDailyKe Another resident, Eric
Kirimi, faulted the Deputy
by Seth Mwaniki and The mother of Tharaka President for failing to set-
Wycliff Kipsang Nithi Senator Kithure Kin- tle on Kindiki, stating that
diki yesterday expressed the senator had largely
@PeopleDailyKe disappointment after sacrificed to market Unit-
Deputy PresidentWilliam ed Democratic Alliance
Kenya Kwanza Alliance supporters in Kenya Kwanza Nyeri chapter lobby group celebrates after DP William Ruto named Ruto failed to name him and Ruto’s presidential
Mathira yesterday burst into celebrations Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua as his running mate, yesterday. PD/JOSEPH KING’ORI. as his running mate. ambitions.
following the naming of area MP Geoffrey
Rigathi Gachagua as Deputy President RIFT LEADERS SPEAK ey in their pockets,” Sudi noted. “My hopes have been “Ruto told us to give
William Ruto’s running-mate. Mandago also urged all aspirants, in- dashed.We were hoping him our son Kindiki so
Uasin Gishu Governor Jackson Man- the Deputy President that he can work with him
Hundreds of supporters brought busi- dago said Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua cluding those who lost in the UDA pri- would appoint my son his at the national level.We
ness to a standstill in the busy Karatina is equal to the task of deputy president. maries to remain in the party, as they will running-mate because wanted Kindiki to be our
town, as they danced around singing cel- be accommodated should Kenya Kwanza he is a man of integrity, governor but he suspend-
ebratory songs following the announce- Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi said Kenya clinch power. who has delivered in the ed his ambitions for the
ment. Kwanza will carry the country forward various jobs assigned to DP post, now they have
irrespective who was to be nominated as Gachagua was elected Mathira MP in him,” Mama Ann Kindiki picked Gachagua. This is
Speaking during the victory laps, local DP’s running mate 2017 on Jubilee after bagging the party said from her Mukothima betrayal,” said Kirimi.
leaders said the choice of Gachagua is a ticket in a hotly contested nomination, home in Tharaka North.
clear testimony that the Ruto truly be- Advisory Centre. Mandago lauded Ruto’s after his challenger, then Wambura Latest record
lieves in the hustlers movement. choice of Gachagua, whom he described Maranga and the current Jubilee Party Kindiki intended to Another resident, Njagi
as a meticulous man fit for the job. Mathira MP seat aspirant put up a strong seek the Tharaka Nithi
“Gachagua, just like Ruto comes from political fight. governorship but opted Isaac, said he dissatisfied
a humble background. This is in line with “Gachagua has got all it takes to assist out after Ruto asked the by the DP’s choice.
the bottom-up approach where hustlers the DP push the UDA agenda. He has The MP shot to the limelight in Mathi- Senator’s constituents
are uplifted to lead the nation.We are now all our support,” said Mandago, who is ra and in Nyeri politics in 2015 following to release him to the na- Latest record by the
sure that issues of common mwanachi now vying for the Uasin-Gishu senatorial the passing of his elder brother, Nderitu tional stage. Independent Electoral
will be dealt with well,”Wahome Mwangi, ticket. Gachagua. He had been accused him of and Boundaries Commis-
the Nyeri Senate seat aspirant on United clandestinely taking over the running of The Senator’s father, sion indicate that Tharaka
Democratic Alliance (UDA) ticket said. Courageous leader the Nyeri county government in the du- Daniel Kindiki, yesterday Nithi has 234,000 votes.
He said Gachagua is a shrewd and ration the deceased governor was ailing . indicated he was not keen
A UDA party youth leader, Kareithi on his son running for the C county contributes
Wambui, said they are sure that issues to courageous leader, who served as a civil However, he continued to sour unde- governor, saying his can- quite a proportional num-
do with youths will now be articulated by servant and member of the provincial ad- terred to clinch the Mathira seat despite didature would have split ber of votes to Mt Kenya
the duo. ministration for years. a strong opposition. the Tharaka sub-clans. East vote basket, which
has 1.35 million votes.
“As youths, we are sure that our onter- Outspoken Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi on As an MP, Gachagua has been focus- “I was relieved when he
ests are well take care of. These are young the other hand said Kenya Kwanza is a for- ing on improvement of infrastructure in was named among those Mt Kenya East com-
leaders who have the interest of common midable political outfit, which will carry education sector where he has been ren- who were being consid- prises of Meru, Embu and
mwanachi at heart,” he said the country forward irrespective who was ovating classrooms in almost all public ered for running mate,” Tharaka Nithi.
to be nominated as DP’s running mate. schools in the constituencies. senior Kindiki said.
Wahome said following this nomina- In Embu where Na-
tion, farmers in Nyeri are assured of maxi- “Our priority agenda is to revive the At national level, he has been champi- Residents also ex- tional Assembly Speaker
mum return of their produce in line with economy and ensure Kenyans have mon- oning for Minimum Guarantee Returns pressed their dissatisfac- Justin Muturi hails from,
UDA manifesto. in the agriculture sector and uplifting of tion following the ap- residents also expected
small-scale business people with a view pointment of Gachagua. he would be considered
Ruto’s Eldoret backyard yesterday came of making their earning better. for the deputy president
alive after he nominated Gachagua. They had high hopes position.
that their son would
A prayer service-cum-thanksgiving to secure a chance for the However, those who
celebrate the just concluded UDA peace- deputy president. spoke to the People Daily
ful primaries was interrupted as the an- said they were satisfied
nouncment was beamed live. The residents who with the choice Ruto
sat glued to TVs and ra- chose.
Uasin Gishu Governor Jackson Man- dios started speculations,
dago, Kericho Senator Aaron Cheruiyot, because their son was “I am happy with the
Uasin Gishu Woman Rep Gladys Shollei nowhere to be seen dur- choice DP Ruto has made
and MPs Janet Sitienei (Turbo) and Joha- ing the press conference today.We will support and
na Ng’eno of Emurua Dikir among other at Ruto’s Karen official work with them,” David
UDA aspirants from Rift Valley joined residence. Njeru , a resident, said.
residents at the event at Eldoret Trachers
Their hopes to cel- Esbon Nyaga said
Kenya Kwanza accord to protect freedoms ebrate the nomination of Muturi was his choice to
their son for the top post be Ruto’s running mate,
were shattered. however, he added that
he will respect the deci-
Stephen Muthengi, sion because Ruto was his
a resident of Kathwana presidential candidate.
area, said it was unfair for

by Mukalo Kwayera veals that Deputy PresidentWilliam Ru- for Tharaka Nithi. In their agreement, Tharaka Nithi Senator Kithure Kindiki’s parents during the
to’s United Democratic Alliance (UDA) KKA Founding Members promise to in- interview, yesterday. PD/DORCAS MBATIA
@kwayeram would donate both the presidential culcate a culture of democracy through
and deputy presidential candidates, credible elections, accountable govern-
The coalition agreement between while the Amani National Congress ment, free, fair, transparent and certi-
three of Kenya Kwanza Alliance (KKA) (ANC) of formerVice-President Mu- fied elections.
partners pledges to entrench democ- salia Mudavadi will provide the Prime
racy, probity and good governance Cabinet Secretary whereas Ford Kenya Part of the policies and objectives
were it to win the August 9 presidential will nominate Speaker of the National of the alliance are to “reform an in-
election. Assembly. clusive, responsive and accountable
government, reform the economy of
It also promises to initiate pro- The agreement was signed by Ruto, Kenya to ensure inclusivity, eradica-
citizenry economic reforms, promote Mudavadi andWetangula and wit- tion of extreme poverty, a sustainable
and protect the rule of law, adequately nessed by the secretaries-general of the public debt, empowerment of citizens
fund the Judiciary and ensure separa- three parties:Veronica Maina (UDA), through deliberate and measurable
tion of powers between the three tiers Simon Gikuru (ANC) and ChrisWamal- Bottom-Up economic policies to create
of government. wa (Ford Kenya) as well as ANC chair- employment, promote equity and im-
man Kelvin Lunani and lawyer Prof provement of livelihoods.”
In the KKA agreement signed on Kithure Kindiki who is also the Senator
April 5 and deposited at the Registrar of
Political Parties on May 8, the deal re-

Monday, May 16, 2022 / PEOPLE DAILY NEWS BEAT 7

Raila to name
deputy today
as pressure piles

The Azimio flag-bearer is expected LEADERS AT THE
to make the much-anticipated KAMUKUNJI RALLY
announcement at KICC, Nairobi
Others present were Makue-
by Rawlings Otieno candidate from Central Ke- ni Governor Kivutha Kibwana, Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya Alliance presidential flag bearer Raila Odinga and other leaders at
nya, pundits will be keen to see MPs George Aladwa (Maka- Kamukunji Grounds, Nairobi, yesterday. He will unveil his running mate today. PD/JOHN OCHIENG
@PeopleDailyKe whether Raila’s decision will be dara), Babu Owino (Embakasi
influenced by his opponent’s East), Tim Wanyonyi (West- able to pay. tired and want change. We his running mate Prof Philip
Azimio La Umoja-One Ke- decision. lands), Simba Arati (Dagoretti “We will ensure that all Ke- have come to champion the Kaloki, Senatorial aspirant Ed-
nya Alliance presidential can- North), Mercy Gakuya (Kasa- third liberation, which is the win Sifuna and Woman rep as-
didate Raila Odinga will today This is after the panel estab- rani), Ndirangu Waihenya nyans have health insurance economic liberation of Kenya pirant on Orange party ticket
unveil his running mate for the lished to assist and advise Raila (Roysambu), Yusuf Hassan cover so that even those who for the youths and the women,” Esther Passaris.
August election. on the most suitable candidate (Kamukunji), Anthony Oluoch are poor and are not able to said Raila.
for appointment as his run- (Mathare) and Ruaraka’s Tom pay, the government will pay Others present at the rally
Supporters will be watch- ning mate in the General Elec- Kajwang’ for them,” said Raila. He reiterated the plans by were Millie Odhiambo (Suba
ing with baited breath as Raila tion, submitted its report from his administration to the adop- North), Lililan Gogo (Rangwe),
makes the most consequential which he is supposed to pick During the rally, women On education, the former tion and implementation of the Jubilee Vice-Chairman David
decision of his election cam- one from among three names leaders asked Raila to name a premier said his administration Recognition of Prior Learning Murathe and Central Organ-
paign. presented. female running mate, a clear will ensure that no child is left Policy (RPL) in Kenya’s Jua Kali isations of Trade Union boss
reference to Karua who was without quality education ir- sector. Francis Atwoli.
It was widely expected Raila The no show of Kalonzo at present, while chiding Ruto for respective of the family’s status.
would name his running mate the Kamukunji rally yesterday picking Rigathi who they said Selection panel Azimio Secretary-General
yesterday when his opponent, points to a looming fallout if is fighting corruption cases in He said that under his ad- “Our youths do not have Junet Mohammed while throw-
Deputy PresidentWilliam Ruto he is not picked as the running court. ministration single mothers ing a jibe at Kenya Kwanza
unveiled Mathira MP Rigathi mate. - widows, separated, divorced jobs, the women are suffer- charged that he would have
Gachagua for the position un- While drumming up sup- will get support so that they ing, there are poor roads, the also submitted his name to the
der their Kenya Kwanza coali- Raila led the Azimio brigade port for his 10-point agenda too can live a dignified life, citizens still lack clean water selection panel that was inter-
tion after protracted delibera- to Kamukunji grounds for the for the nation, Raila pledged adding that the poorest of the and the rent is too high for the viewing candidates for the run-
tions that lasted 17 hours. launch of the official cam- to revamp the country’s health poor will get a monthly stipend majority of Kenyans. These are ning mate position.
paigns for all the aspirants un- sector to ensure Kenyans get of Sh6,000 under his Social Pro- issues that we must address,”
Addressing an expectant der the alliance. access to quality and affordable tection Programme. said Raila. “I regret that I did not partici-
crowd in Nairobi’s Kamukunji healthcare. pate in the interviews. If Rigathi
grounds yesterday, Raila said He also fired a warning shot “We have come to officially During the launch, Raila un- can be nominated to be a run-
he will make the much-antic- to the Independent Electoral Under a program dubbed launch the campaigns of Nai- veiled the Nairobi lineup that ning mate, then I regret I did
ipated announcement today. and Boundaries Commission “Baba Care”, Raila maintained robi City County for MCAs, included Jubilee gubernatorial not submit my name for con-
(IEBC) on what he termed as his administration will provide Senators, MPs, Women Reps candidate Polycarp Igathe and sideration,” said Junet.
Under pressure giving an unfair ‘penalty’ dur- health insurance cover for all and Governor. Kenyans are
“I will announce my run- ing a game. Kenyans and pay premiums
for Kenyans who will not be
ning mate tomorrow (today) “We still have an issue with
at KICC at 11am” said Raila. Wafula Chebukati’s commis- OffiCe Of tHe PresiDent tenDer nOtiCe
sion. They give a penalty even Ministry Of interiOr AnD COOrDinAtiOn Of
Those said to be on the when there is no foul, but we
shortlist include former Vice- will address the issue on some nAtiOnAl GOvernMent
President Kalonzo Musyoka, other day,” said Raila.
Karua and Agriculture Cabinet The former premier also
Secretary Peter Munya. paraded his campaign team PUBliC nOtiCe
comprising Muranga Woman
Prospects of Kalonzo being Rep Sabina Chege, former DisPOsAl Of UnserviCeABle
named second in command Emgwen MP Stephen Tarus, MOtOr veHiCles
faded yesterday after hisWiper Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu,
Party said it is moving to court former Gatanga MP Peter Ken-
to disengage from the alliance. neth and Karua.

With Ruto having picked a

briefly Rural Agency for Community Development and Assistance
(RACIDA) in partnership with Bureau for Humanitarian
Kalonzo threatens to seek Assistance (BHA), invites sealed tenders for interested bidders.

official divorce from Azimio Bidders are invited to request for the tender documents by
sending an email to [email protected] quoting the
Political rift in Azimio la TENDER ITEM TENDER TENDER tender title and reference.
is set to widen further today CEMENT DATE Sealed bid indicating the reference numbers below to be
asWiper party moves to the DATE dropped in the Tender Box at the Racida Kenya, Nairobi or
High Court to pave way for Mandera Ofice not later than 30th May, 2022 at 4:00pm.
exiting the alliance. The party
wants the court to nullify the REF NO : DESCRIPTION COUNTY
coalition agreement to clear
the way forWiper leader GSA/ SALE OF 16th May 31st May SUPPLY AND RACIDA/USAIDBHA - MANDERA
Kalonzo Musyoka to contest DPO/34/21- 2022 at DELIVERY OF MDR2021/2022-012
for the presidency even as he with the hopes of becoming 22 UNSERVICEABLE 2022 10.00 am ANIMAL DROUGHT
is expected to name his run- Raila Odinga’s running mate. PELLETS
ning mate, beating the elec- Speaking to journalists yes- MOTOR
toral body deadline by close terday, Makueni MP and a key
of business today. Kalonzo Kalonzo ally-Daniel Maanzo VEHICLES
had been nominated by the said that the move to seek for-
party delegates as theWiper mal divorce from Azimio was Tender document with detailed information and instructions can Local suppliers are encouraged to apply
presidential candidate before agitated by a realisation that be downloaded from the website or upon
inking a deal with Azimio, Raila was not keen on naming payment of KES1,000.00 from the County Commissioner’s Procurement Committee,
KAlonzo as his deputy ahead ofice.
of august polls. RACIDA KENYA.
—Mutuku Mwangangi GARISSA Nairobi Ofice
Box 37928-001000

Kinduruma Road, Kilimani,

Top Plaza, Ground loor

8 NEWS BEAT PEOPLE DAILY / Monday, May 16, 2022

Evidence tampering causing miscarriage of justice, says Haji BRIEFLY

by Kirera Mwiti “Prosecutors play an im- “In 2019 we developed pressed concern over the Ruto’s Naivasha
portant role in ensuring all guidelines to ensure fairness mishandling of personal port threat faulted
@PeopleDailyKe have the right to a fair trial and uniformity in the pros- information of accused per-
and we are concerned that ecution of all cases and the sons, particularly minors. Nakuru leaders have lashed out at
The Director of Public instances of mishandled evidentiary threshold must
Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin evidence are becoming be met before charges are “Children in conflict with Deputy PresidentWilliam Ruto over
Haji has raised concern over increasingly pervasive,” he made,” he said. the law often require sensi-
increased cases of evidence said. tivity by the criminal justice threats that he would close down the
being altered leading to loss Crime victims system for their safety and
of cases in the court. Haji noted that inadmis- The DPP noted that there ultimate wellbeing,” he said. Naivasha Dry Port if elected president.
sible evidence impeded on
Haji said they had record- the prosecutors ability to were instances where crimi- Chief Justice Martha They termed the remarks as careless,
ed cases where evidence was effectively carry out their nal justice actors appeared Koome called on the crimi-
altered or acquired through mandate as they were un- compromised in the inves- nal justice sector to establish noting that billions of taxpayer’s mon-
improper procedure. able to present watertight tigations, prosecutions and programmes geared towards
cases to court. HAJI even adjudication. identifying and protecting ey had been used to construct the port
He was speaking at the the vulnerable members of
annual National Conference He added that instituting We “We have seen loss of society. in Mai Mahiu. On Tuesday, the Kenya
on criminal justice reforms charges against accused have seen court files, critical evidence
held in Naivasha. persons with insufficient loss of court or exhibits resulting in ac- She said the Judiciary had Kwanza team led by Ruto claimed the
evidence resulted in denial iles, critical quittals, thereby eroding ac- already established a spe-
In reference to the police, of justice to the victims and evidence cess to justice to the victims cialised Sexual and Gender- port was of no benefit to residents.
Haji said that going forward, violated the right to a fair of these crimes,” he said. BasedViolence Court at
insufficient or arbitrarily ac- trial for the accused person. the Shanzu Law Courts in But speaking in Naivasha, leaders al-
quired evidence would not He at the same time ex- Mombasa.
be used to prefer charges. lied to the Azimio La Umoja termed

the sentiments as reckless. Eunice

Mureithi, who is running for Nakuru

Woman Rep seat, said the project had

benefited many people in the country.

“We want to strongly condemn the ut-

terance by Ruto and we are calling on

the voters to lock them out of office,”

she said. –Kirera Mwiti

Schools struggle
with congestion
in classes, dorms

Government’s 100 per cent dren joining secondary school is higher. Parents who took their children to Kisumu Boys High School in August 2, 2021 wait for their turn to be
transition policy has resulted That is why we have given priority to processed. PD/VIOLA KOSOME
in over-stretched facilities in bursaries and infrastructure in schools,”
most public institutions Obiri said in Kisii yesterday. SCHOOLS of 207 students has been recorded in the equate teaching personnel.
IN CRISIS latest admission. He asked the Teachers Service Commis-
by PD Team In Mombasa, schools are also grap-
pling with infrastructure challenges Kisii School This has seen student population rise sion (TSC) to hire more teachers.
@PeopleDailyKe as they strive to cope with 100 per cent has so far admit- from 2,087 at the end of last term to 2,294. “We demand that TSC hastens the pro-
transition policy. ted 630 students
Public secondary schools are struggling In Mvita sub-county, Mvita Boys, Allid- to Form One and Consequently, the administration has cess of replacing teachers who have exited
with infrastructure crisis caused by high ina Visram and Alfarsy Secondary schools have had to use created additional facilities including an service through natural attrition, retired or
enrollment under the government’s 100 are already overstretched yet there are still the Competency- extra classroom to accommodate 70 stu- joined greener pastures,” he said.
per cent transition policy. more students seeking admission. Based Cur- dents and a temporary dormitory that will
At Allidina Visram’s, Principal Juma riculum (CBC) house 200 students. Highest bidders
It is a balancing act for principals who Mshimu said the school has over 300 new classrooms to The union leader stressed that a lot
have to improvise to accommodate the learners which is more than what the accommodate Acting principal Erick Duya said the
high number of Form Ones. A single stream school can handle. them. school is transiting from seven to ten needs to be done to fix congestion in pub-
takes up to 80 learners in some schools. “We do not have enough space to ac- streams this academic year. lic schools.
commodate more. We have over 300 Mvita Boys,
Kisii School senior teacherTom Okong’o students in six streams. This tells you the Allidina Visram Duya said some 628 new students had “The government must be prompt in
said the school has so far admitted 630 teacher-student ratio is compromised,” and Alfarsy Sec- reported by Friday. “Our facilities are disbursing schools development (main-
students to Form One and have had to use said Mshimu. ondary schools stretched, but the administration is proac- tenance and infrastructure) funds to as-
the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) are already tive in trying to improvise ways to manage sist in expansion of the structures to deal
classrooms to accommodate them. Low turnout overstretched the situation,” he said. with the glaring admission challenges,”
Mshimu said the government should yet there are still Awange said.
He said the school is supposed to admit more students He said the school benefited from the
at most 500 students, adding that they look for ways to improve infrastructure seeking admis- construction of two CBC classrooms. Similarly, he was concerned that a num-
will be forced to admit a lower number in schools to enable them offer quality sion. ber of students who sat 2021 KCPE in the
next year if more classrooms are not con- education. Mshimu said many parents Effective learning county are likely to miss out the chance to
structed. whose children had offered places in oth- At Kisumu Duya said that Kisumu Boys’ also faces join schools of their choice because of lack
er schools, had opted for Allidina Visram Boys High school, of fees.
“We have several streams, some with 70 which is already struggling with limited an increase of the challenge of assisting students from a
students each. Some parents are still seek- infrastructure. 207 students has poor background. He said many of them had applied for
ing vacancies for their children but the been recorded in scholarships but were not successful.
school does not have enough classes to “AllidinaVisram is on demand because it the latest admis- “We have been able to admit six stu-
accommodate them,” Okong’o told People is located in the city centre and has a good sion. Student dents who reported without necessities. “We are afraid that if they do not report
Daily at the school. record of performance,” said Mshimu. population rise The school provided them with uniform on time their places may be given out to
from 2,087 at the and other requirements,” he said. the highest bidders,” Awange said.
Emenwa Mixed Day Secondary school At the Star of the Sea Girls School in end of last term
principal Ibrahim Gekonde said some par- Mombasa, the principal, Agnes Tumbo, to 2,294. Education officials in the county led by He said there was discrimination in the
ents were taking advantage of Education said out of a list of about 300 learners in Kenya Union of Post-Primary Education manner in which scholarships and bursa-
Cabinet Secretary George Magoha’s direc- this year’s intake, only 185 had reported Teachers (Kuppet) executive secretary ries were awarded, which resulted in many
tive that schools should not send away stu- so far. Zablon Awange called on the Ministry of poor children missing out.
dents who have not cleared fees. Education to address challenges brought
“Many are requesting for extension be- about by the 100 per cent transition policy “It is not necessarily that a student must
“Schools need funds to run. I urge the cause of fee challenges,” said Tumbo. to ensure effective learning. be an orphan to benefit from scholarships.
government to increase capitation and We ask charitable organisations to consid-
send it on time to support school opera- Secondary schools in Kisumu are also Awange said many secondary schools er cases of students whose parents live in
tions,” Gekonde said. struggling with accommodation chal- were faced with congestion and inad- extreme poverty,” he added.
Bobasi MP Innocent Obiri said plans
were underway to build more classrooms A spot check by People Daily established
and dormitories to accommodate the in- that a majority of the institutions have ad-
creasing number of learners. mitted more students than they can ac-
“Leaders are aware the number of chil-
At Kisumu Boys High school, an increase

Monday, May 16, 2022 / PEOPLE DAILY NEWS BEAT 9

Trio linked to murder of Atwoli accuses DP
KIMC student arrested Ruto of disrespect

John Kibungi alias VDJ Flex who killed their spouses in separate by Yusuf Masibo boss said it was only the
and his two accomplices incidents were arrested. Azimio-One Kenya presi-
were smoked out from their @PeopleDailyKe dential candidate Raila
hideout in Kiambu county In another case, a man killed his wife Odinga, who will stream-
and three children before surrendering Secretary General of line the country.
by Zadock Angira to the police in Nandi county. the Central Organisation
of Trade Unions (COTU) He at the same time said
@PeopleDailyKe Philip Lokuren, 40, wiped his whole Francis Atwoli has asked those in Kenya Kwanza
family after he allegedly found the wife Deputy PresidentWiliam cannot be trusted as most
Prime suspect in the murder of a com- with another man in their matrimonial Ruto to respect other pres- of them had questionable
munication student and his two accom- bed. idential candidates. characters.
plices were yesterday morning arrested
from their hideout in Kirigiti, Kiambu According to the National Crime Re- Speaking at Friends “Those who have been
county. search Centre, majority of those killed School Kamusinga in Ki- reading about economics
by their intimate partner were married milili, Bungoma county at I hope there is nowhere
The deceased, Purity Kiringa (pictured), and living together with the person the weekend, the COTU you have read about the
19, a student at the Kenya Institute of Mass who attacked them. boss said Ruto has no re- bottom-up economic
Communication (KIMC), is believed to spect for other leaders. model that is being spread
have been murdered by his lover, John Ki- A report titled Masculinity and Inti- by D Ruto,” he said, adding
bungi aliasVDJ Flex on Friday night before mate Partner Violence in Kenya found “Ruto is a bad young that it is only Raila that has
dumping the body at Mburiria estate in that stabbing was the most common man, who has no respect the agenda to change the
Kiambu town. mode of killing. for others,” Atwoli said. economy of the country
and fight corruption.
VDJ Flex and his two accomplices iden- In terms of addressing
tified as Kanaiya Kamau and Brendan challenges bedevilling
Muchiri were arrested as they prepared to the country, the COTU
escape following the murder.
The Directorate of Criminal Investiga-
tions (DCI) said the three conspired to kill Police records
the student to cover their tracks after the indicate an increase
deceased discovered they were involved in in intimate partner
criminal activities. killings across the
“During the early morning raid, the of-
ficers also recovered a knife that was used According to the
in stabbing the innocent teenage student,” National Crime
police said. Research Centre,
majority of those
The body, according to DCI, had visible killed by their inti-
stab wounds and strangulation marks. It is mate partner were
believed she was killed elsewhere and her married and living
body dumped at the scene. together with the
person who attacked
“Bloodstained bedding, clothes and them.
Kiringa’s identification documents were
among the items recovered,” DCI said.

Preliminary investigations by crime
scene detectives established that the de-
ceased left college on Friday, to visit the
boyfriend who lives in Kirigiti.

Intimate killings 2

Her friends interviewed by detectives The number of men
said the student and the boyfriend re- that were last month
cently had a misunderstanding, after she arrested after al-
discovered he was allegedly a thug and legedly killing their
confronted him. spouses.

“Kiringa had fallen in love with the
killer and they had been in a relationship
for some time before she discovered that
he was a thug. She confronted him about
it leading to a misunderstanding,” detec-
tives said.

According to the police, there has been
an increase in intimate partner killings
across the country. Last month, two men


Lawmaker urges Mt Kenya
voters to reject BBI opposers

Voters in Mt Kenya region fortunate to see politicians
have been urged to reject all who vehemently rejected the
politicians who were opposed document that would have in-
to the Building Bridges Initia- creased resources, specifically
tive. Limuru MP Peter Mwathi bursaries for our learners,
termed such politicians as busy campaigning for elective
enemies of the region, which posts,” he said. Mwathi spoke
would have been the biggest at the weekend when he dis-
beneficiary of the proposals bursed bursary worth Sh51
particularly on division of million to 950 learners.
the national cake. “It is un-
-Clement Kamau

10 PEOPLE SPEAK PEOPLE DAILY / Monday, May 16, 2022

EDITORIAL QUOTED TODAY Let’s take Prosecutors
responsibility play an important
A PUBLICATION OF MEDIAMAX NETWORK We urge individually, role, in ensuring
LIMITED Raila to consider a collectively, as a that every Kenyan
woman to deputise community, and as has the right to
KEN NGARUIYA: him. Please make a nation to ensure a fair trial. We
Group Chief Executive Officer sure you give us that we inculcate are concerned
somebody with a in our children a that instances
ERIC OBINO: reform agenda, and positive attitude of mishandled
Group Editor-in-Chief, Print for us women, we towards the evidence are
have been promised environment becoming
People Daily is published by MEDIAMAX NETWORK that seat for a long increasingly
LIMITED at DSM Place, Kijabe Street, P.O. Box 24943, time, let it be a NEMA DIRECTOR pervasive
Tel: 0730144100; 0709824000; 0204944100 MAMO

E-mail: [email protected] Mt Kenya needs to look beyond running-mate slot

Copyright 2022 The trouble with the Mt Kenya is not who be- HESBON OWILLA election is not just about who gives them the
comes the running-mate, but the political for- running mate slot, but a government that will
We should keep mation that will win the elections and address They have secure the economic well being of the citizenry.
their economic and social insecurities. to leverage on what Political power is expedient, but socio-eco-
chaos off politics they were deceived nomic power is enduring and liberating.
Politics is about the allocation and distri- to reject
By the end of today, Kenyans will have a clear picture bution of resources and when you lose the If today the choice of a running mate is caus-
of the presidential and gubernatorial line-ups in the political power and sphere of influence, then Bridges Initiative (BBI) for creating positions, ing rancour and turmoil in a political coalition,
August 9 elections. your security is hinged on a robust system that it is now dawning on Kenyans that the whole with threats from both the political class and
attends to your economic issues. charade was a deceptive campaign strategy mutiny and violence among the people in cen-
The Kenya Kwanza Alliance, whose presidential whose object was to win the masses with catch tral, then we need to appreciate the foresight
candidate is Deputy PresidentWilliam Ruto, presented You see, the mobilisation along tribal lines phrase and false hope. that the architect of BBI had.
Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua as its running-mate in has been fairly easy for politicians because, the
the forthcoming poll yesterday. Other alliances, coali- citizenry is so economically insecure that they Today, Mt Kenya is sure of having a running Mt Kenya has never had instances of politi-
tions, political parties as well as the 47 independent think their economic plight can only be ad- mate in the two coalitions and we know that cal violence because they have always had an
candidates are expected to follow suit today. dressed when one of their own is in power.This one will form the next government.The choice undisputed leader who has had their interest.
perception is still rife even with devolution and therefore is to go with a loose coalition of po- They have been a political force as a united
That development opens the door for parties to pres- majorly because of inequitable distribution of litical parties that shot down a political power block. But this is gone and the need for ad-
ent their lists of candidates to the Independent Elec- resources. structure that guaranteed equitable distribu- dressing contestations at the top political
toral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) for clearance tion of political power and the attendant re- power is a big issue.
and thereafter the commencement of campaigns The silent undertones of infighting in Kenya sources to the tune of Sh54 billion or reject this
proper. Kwanza the whole of Saturday, when the presi- coalition al together. Mt Kenya people will be shooting them-
dential candidate was supposed to unveil his selves in the foot if they do not go with a coali-
However, events unfolding in the country at the running mate are simply because of the hustle By rejecting Kenya Kwanza, the Mountain tion that promises more than just the running
moment point to a very worrying, if not chilling, atmo- and jostling for political positions by leaders will have the option of a coalition political party mate slot.They will let their own interest down
sphere in Kenya’s political landscape ahead of the polls. who still imagine that political positions can that still has what it takes and a solid structure if they run away from the framework that guar-
There is growing anxiety and apprehension, and to address social economic insecurities. that will guarantee that political and eco- antees structures rather than positions.
some extent, fear. nomic disparities in this country are addressed
Kenya is moving steadily past this mis- through a power structure that will institution- They have to leverage on what they were
Some of the messages springing from the larger conceived belief. And by the way, a process alise equity in resource allocation and distribu- deceived to reject and demand for guarantees
section of the political class reveal Kenya is still deeply that Kenya Kwanza had professed to be the tion and most importantly, address economic that once they elect Azimio, the Ksh 54 billion
divided down the middle, both on ethnic and political easiest has turn out to be not only difficult but insecurities and free Kenyans from this belief will be guaranteed.They must rise and say that
grounds, in circumstances not dissimilar to those that certainly a storm in the coalition. Even with that one of their own has to be in power. it is not about political positions, but how those
paved the crevices for post-election violence in the the unveiling of the combative Mathira MP as positions secure their economic and social
country 15 years ago. Kenya Kwanza running mate, we are still in for Mt Kenya needs to rise to the reality that this prosperity. Not just today, but for the future
some interesting political powerplay. generations to come.
Last Saturday’s events in Mombasa where former
Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko was assaulted at a public Why, because there is still this perception —The writer is a PhD candidate in
rally present wrong signals insofar as peaceful cam- that positions will secure interest and for a Political Communication and Media
paigns are concerned. political side that always bashed the Building Studies—[email protected]

That primitive approach to politics must be rejected
by one and all regardless of the direction the misbehav-
iour comes from. As citizens, we have a responsibility
to safeguard peace, unity and stability of our country.

This, we must do by first admitting that we have a
myriad social, political and economic challenges that
must be confronted collectively as a nation.

At no time in our history has sanity been of such
great essence and required of each one of us than now.
Every Kenyan leader has a cardinal calling to promote
peace and stability of the nation. Hate speech, politics
of rancour and ethnic bigotry will not take Kenya for-
ward.That will only drag us into a dark and painful past
from which no one gains.

Respect for one another, their religions, tribes, cul-
tures, opinions, political lchoices and freedoms devoid
of arrogance and incitement is a democratic attire we
all must be ready and willing to don at all times and

We ask political party leaders and their foot soldiers,
the State security apparatus, IEBC, Faith-based lead-
ers and Kenyans of all social stations to ensure that we
have a violence-free General-Election.



Those who make peaceful
revolution impossible will make violent
revolution inevitable

Monday, May 16, 2022 / PEOPLE DAILY PEOPLE SPEAK 11

SEND YOUR OPED TO: [email protected]

Governors,senatorsneedasabbaticalbeforeswitchingseats ODDSLTRYEEETNTAOLUKGH

There are two very perplexing GATHU KAARA will now be on the same level.
electoral scenarios about to take The same goes for the incumbent
place in Kenya. The best practice would be for leaders who want to swap
seats have a one-term cooling off period, during which time their governors who want to downgrade
First is serving senators who are inluence and active information becomes degraded to the Senate.They should take a
striving to become governors on the one-term cooling off-period. Dur-
one hand, and the second is incum- the governor in his or her county. they are unhappy at the programme ing this time, all matters pertaining Parents sue son,
bent second-term governors who are Can a senator who is seeking to up- being implemented.The new gov- to their tenure in office will have daughter-in-law
looking for a soft landing by jumping grade to governor really be impartial ernor might have a programme that cleared the pipeline. for childlessness
onto the senators’ bandwagon, liter- when oversighting their county? is diametrically opposed to that of
ally downgrading. the outgoing governor, who has now There is no possibility of them Indian parents can be notori-
Further, senators are privy to lots become their supervisor. sitting in judgement over their own ously demanding, none more so
These two cases present pretty of confidential information by dint matters.Their capacity to destabilise than a couple who are suing their
disturbing scenarios. of their work. It gives the senator It is highly unlikely the outgoing any incumbent governor will also son for nearly $650,000 (Sh66 mil-
seeking to upgrade to governor a governor-turned-senator will simply have been thoroughly degraded. lion) for not giving them a grand-
Let’s look at the first instance very unfair advantage over competi- sit by and watch his pet projects be- They are now sanitised to assume child.They say they exhausted
where senators want to be gov- tors.The ground needs to be levelled. ing dismantled by the successor. the office of senator. themselves paying for their pilot
ernors. Some of them are Mutula son’s education and his lavish wed-
Kilonzo Jr (Makueni) and Kimani The second scenario involves the The two scenarios should be heav- If the August elections is anything ding.They coughed up $80,000
Wamatangi (Kiambu). On the face of second-term governors, who, having ily discouraged.They do not augur to go by, this trend will become more for the marriage and honeymoon
it, this is all kosher. been blocked by the two-term limit, well for good governance. pronounced, especially if the current abroad and $65,000 so he could
are now seeking to downgrade to attempts are successful.This will be learn to fly in the US, only for him
However, it is a critical detail that the senate job. Such include Jackson The best practice would be for a very unhealthy. It is likely to turn the to return to India unemployed.
the senators have been oversighting Mandago (Uasin Gishu), Martin senator who wants to upgrade to Senate into a house where senators “My son has been married for six
governors whom they now are going Wambora (Embu) and Samuel ole governor to have a one-term cooling spend their time trying to degrade years but they are still not planning
to be directly competing against. Tunai (Narok). off period, during which time the governors as they wangle for van- a baby,” the couple said in their
In cases where the governors have influence and active information tage with an eye to the next elections. court petition.To make matters
completed their mandatory two If the governors become senators, they had in the Senate becomes de- worse, he won’t move in with them
terms, it means the senators will they will then be sitting in judgement graded.This cooling off period will It will not augur well for the rela- as tradition demands.“At least if we
be seeking to become governors of over their own cases when audit also allow the new governor to settle tionship between the Senate and the have a grandchild to spend time
counties they have been directly questions featuring their tenures down without being destabilised. Council of Governors, strained at with, our pain will become bear-
supervising. come to the Senate. Can they really the best of times.The ultimate loser able,” they pleaded.
be impartial? After the one-term cooling off is county residents, caught between
Kenya has witnessed senators period, the former senator can now feuding governors and senators each *****
having very antagonistic relation- Worse, the senators now get power challenge the incumbent for the of whom are eyeing each others’
ships with governors of counties they to destabilise the new governor, if seat, among other competitors.They positions. Sanitiser for girls
represent. One has to ask how much in walking race!
of this antagonism is related to the — [email protected]
ambitions of the senator to succeed Japanese authorities are investi-
gating how schoolgirls were given
Nairobi Expressway is poised to revolutionise city transport hand sanitiser to drink during a
5,000-metre walking race. Organ-
Cities have a crucial role in the ZACHARY OCHIENG Collection (ETC) and ManualToll isers inYamanashi mistakenly
attainment of Sustainable Devel- Collection (MTC). Cash users are poured the sanitiser into cups at
opment Goals (SDGs). More than Express highway is expected to cut down not obliged to register prior to their drinks stations, with one student
50 per cent of the global popula- transport time by 60 per cent across the city trip on the expressway. An ETC card collapsing after swigging the in-
tion lives in cities, which are also requires installation of a unit known dustrial alcohol.Two others were
responsible for around 70 per cent But one of his key legacy projects through the city. as On-Board Unit in the vehicle for also taken to hospital.
of global energy-related emissions. is the recently completed Nairobi Other than sustainability issues, automatic toll payment. It allows
Consequently, cities are on the front- Expressway, a four-lane and six- you to easily transition the stations —AFP
line of both climate impacts and the lane dual carriageway within the the expressway was designed to without stopping.Though mobile
transition to a sustainable future existing median of Mombasa Road, decongest traffic of A8 and meet the money is currently not among the TRUTHIS: Faith in Christ will keep us steady in
for all. As cities grow exponentially, Uhuru Highway andWaiyakiWay. demands of JKIA expansion while payment options, the expressway the stormy sea of change.
the demand for urban transport The expressway runs over 27km, enhancing the link between differ- will in future adopt other payment
also increases. But how the cities linking Mlolongo town in Machakos ent cities and counties transiting methods like M-Pesa.There are 27
respond to the growing demand will county and Jomo Kenyatta Interna- through Nairobi. It is expected to cut toll plazas manned on a 24-hour
determine the impact on the envi- tional Airport to the Nairobi-Nakuru down transport time by 60 per cent basis. Ambulances, police vehicles,
ronment. highway. It is part of the northern across the city. military personnel and fire trucks are
corridor that provides passage to exempted from payment.
There is no doubt a reliable and 85 per cent of the cargo destined for The Nairobi expressway will be
efficient public transport network neighbouring landlocked countries operated by Moja Express for 27 However, not all motorised ve-
is the backbone of a city’s mobility such as Uganda, Rwanda, DRC and years. Uhuru recently announced hicles will be allowed access.Tuk
system and is crucial in creating a South Sudan. it will be open to motorised public Tuks, wheelbarrows, handcarts, bi-
healthy environment. It is against last Saturday on a trial basis. It has 11 cycles, scooters, motorcycles as well
this background that cities world- The expressway reaffirms Uhuru’s inter-changes and is expected to ac- as pedestrians will not be allowed
wide are working towards improving commitment to fostering sustain- commodate 120,000 daily active us- access.This is for safety reasons and
public transport capacity and ef- able urban development; a place for ers. Kenyans can’t hide their excite- lack of appropriate toll charge for the
ficiency.Taking cognisance of this, living and working that will redefine ment as 10,000 people have already excluded user categories.
President Uhuru Kenyatta embarked the landscape for generations to registered to use the expressway,
on aggressive investment in the road come. Apart from contributing to the whose design speed is 80kph.Toll There is no doubt the expressway
network, which has been scaled reduction in carbon emissions and charges are computed based on the will revolutionise city transport and
up to build more highways, urban sustainable development, it will en- vehicle type, entry and exit station. the long winding traffic jams on the
roads and also to extend rural roads sure residents enjoy efficient transit city’s roads will be a thing of the past.
to where they are needed to open up There are three payment meth-
areas to economic activity and trade. ods namely cash, ElectronicToll — The author is a Communications
&PR expert based in Nairobi

#TWEETS TO THE EDITOR The means matter in DP choices What did Ruto consider in Gachagua? / / / @PeopleDailyKe / / / People Daily

This Rigathi man is a schemer @ahmednasirlaw: I prefer H.E UHURU/Hon @BravinYuri: Rigathi Gachagua is only fi- The ugliest pair Kenya will ever have
Raila method of picking a running mate to DP nancially stable. His character is something
@MutahiNgunyi: Rigathi Gachagua is a RUTO’s. RUTO consults/discusses/debates else. But again, his financial muscle is what @benbazu: The Rigathi Gachagua and
green horn politician. A first time MP, or is with advisors etc...that takes time.Raila will be is needed by Kenya Kwanza. But the guy is Ruto ticket is the ugliest pair, both physi-
he? This man is a schemer. If Ruto dies as handed a sealed envelope from State Hse ke- not leadership material. If Azimio picks Mar- cally and character-wise, Kenya has ever
president, Gachagua will become president sho at the rally, he opens & will for the 1st time tha Karua then they will beat them. If they been presented with. Azimio MUST go for @
the hustler way. And if he was at University know who Uhuru picked for him pick Kalonzo. Mungu awasaidie. MarthaKarua to finish this thing round one.
of Nairobi in 1986, I must have taught him Kalonzo-factor shall be compensated by Mt.
political science and Nicolo Machieveli Kenya and Kenyan Women.

12 WITH A LIGHT TOUCH PEOPLE DAILY / Monday, May 16, 2022

From the Counties

I still refuse to be anybody’s running mate in coming polls

The whole world knows that our MCA GWINSO “Kelele and Zima Kabisa. Kelele is escape route.
county desperately needs my lead- making noise to ensure speakers are At last the aspirant stood up to
ership, and that I am not prepared I would hear none of that democrat not heard, while Zima is totally dis-
to be anybody’s running mate. crap, so I gave him my piece of mind in a rupting the event. Of course you pay speak, and I heard chants in the
not-so-friendly way slightly more for this one because of background. I knew it was the mo-
Who am I then to deny my people the risks involved.” ment of truth. The chants became
what they want? There are, however, “Bwana Gwinso, I have always “So what do I do?” I asked. louder and louder. To my surprise,
some people bent on subverting the known you to be a democrat. Let “Simple.We shall simply disrupt Obviously, I chose Zima and after Lady Super was not moved. She
will of the people. the people themselves decide,” he the event!” some bargaining, we settled on a continued speaking as if nothing
declared. I would hear none of that “But it will be obvious I am the fee. We agreed that the mob would was happening. Soon, the mob
Can you imagine that Kige Ugeu- democrat crap, so I gave him my one behind it all.” arrive to disrupt the meeting just stormed the venue, and believe it or
the founder of the Chameleon piece of mind in a not-so-friendly “No.You will also attend the func- as Lady Super started speaking. I not, they were chanting slogans in
Party; my party of choice, is one of way. Unable to take my ranting tion and then all of you will appear called the Kige and assured him of praise of Lady Super!
them? He is now suggesting that I any longer, his calmness vanished. victims of the chaos,” said Moks, an my presence at her function. He
become the running mate to some “Gwinso, kwani hiyo kiti ni ya impish smile dancing on his lips. sounded excited and promised to “Ok, I hear you. Thank you,” she
johnny come lately aspirant calling mama yako?” he asked and hang up This suggestion cleared all my mis- reserve a front seat for me. said above the noise. I watched
herself Lady Super. on me. givings and emboldened me.Yes, in disbelief as Bukalos and his
Lady Super must not be allowed to True to his word, during the group cheered every sentence that
Before this spoiler came to the Kige had declared war and I was launch her campaigns uninterrupt- launch day, my seat was next to dropped from the lady’s lips.
scene, I was to get a direct ticket not going to take it lying down. I ed. Moks then linked me Bukalos; Lady Super’s. Curiously, Kige Ugeu
to vie for the top county seat. Kige consulted my side kick Mokonyo- whose skills in organising heckling was not to attend the function. Lady “Even MCA Gwinso here has de-
himself had given me that assur- nyo Spoiler aka Moks. This was one mobs was legendary. Super and I chatted like good old cided to give up his bid and be my
ance, only for him to change his man I could always rely on to give “Which service do you want?” friends as we watched the crowd running mate, makofi kwake!” she
mind - a real turn coat, this man! advice on how to deal with vicious asked Bukalos when I met him face grow bigger. yelled. The applause that followed
adversaries. to face. This kind of business was was deafening. After the event, I ap-
My worst fears were confirmed too risky to be transacted on phone. As soon as the meeting began, I proached Bukalos and asked him
when last week, Kige sent me an “Bwana Gwinso, do not allow this “Which ones do you have?” felt a little tensed up. The thought what had happened.“Sorry, Bwana
invitation to the launch of Lady Su- lady to overshadow you,” breathed of Bukalos and his group descend- Gwinso, I forgot to tell you that Lady
per’s gubernatorial campaigns. This my handler. ing on us was a little frightening. Super offered us a better package.
was a resounding thwack on my However, I had already surveyed Ndio kunaendanga.”
face. I gave him a call to express my my surroundings and planned my
dismay at her move. —[email protected]

Impeachable Sources

Nairobi accuses Mombasa of using dirty tricks to steal Sonko

An unprecedented intercity con- would never give up Sonko without MAMBO MATATA city streets, all which, like the Sonko ures doing or saying things that they
flict has broken out between Nairobi a fight. Rescue team vehicles, had now been should not be doing or saying,” said
and Mombasa – and it has nothing to Sources say the capital transferred to Mombasa. Kanairo, now resigned to the fact that
do with who speaks better Kiswahili He accused Mombasa of using its is besides itself with rage that they had lost Sonko to Mombasa.
or which city contributes more to the famous tricks to lure Sonko away Mombasa had the audacity and “As if the cost of living is not bad
country’s GDP. from Nairobi. sleight of hand to take away the enough, Nairobi residents will now The residents of the port city, he
inimitable Mike Mbuvi Sonko be forced to pay for entertainment added, would also have a very hands-
According to impeachable sources, Asked why he was so worked up which they were given free during on governor if they make an inspired
the war between the two cities was that Sonko had shifted to Mombasa, the city, he said Nairobi will now be Sonko’s time at City Hall,” observed decision in the coming election.
triggered when Nairobi, green with Kanairo poured out a profuse of rea- punished with staid suits and suave Kanairo.
envy, accused the port city of stealing sons why the politician will be dearly speeches that will quickly send them Other than personally demolish-
its colourful governor. missed in the capital. to slumber land. Speaking of drama, he said, the ing offending structures in the city,
recording industry in Nairobi will Kanairo said, Governor Sonko would
The sources say the capital is be- First, he said, Nairobians will die of “See what we brought on ourselves also be the poorer without Sonko. actively fight crime, including petty
sides itself with rage that Mombasa boredom following the departure of by not taking good care of Sonko? Instead, Kanairo said, Mombasa’s theft, in the streets of Mombasa. He
had the audacity and sleight of hand the chief entertainer. And now he is gone and we will pay recording industry will enjoy expo- recalled an incident where Sonko,
to take away the inimitable Mike for our sins,” said Kanairo, wiping nential growth if the city’s residents then the governor of Nairobi, was
Mbuvi Sonko. “With Sonko there was never a away a tear. play their cards well in the August 9 captured on camera slapping a man
dull moment in this city. From his election. who was accused of stealing a phone.
“Sonko may have his roots in colourful outfits, the bling bling, Other than the bling bling, the
Mombasa but it is Nairobi which school-boy haircut, the tweets and Nairobian said, city residents will “If they vote wisely, the people of “The people brought the thief to
made him what he is today. He came daring remarks… all that will now be miss the high drama at City Hall and Mombasa will be rewarded with ex- him and he dispensed instant jus-
here as a plain Mike Mbuvi and we exclusively enjoyed by Mombasa,” a citing playbacks of audio and video tice!” said Kanairo, nostalgia written
made him Sonko,” raged one Bob forlorn Kanairo said. recordings of their politicians, hon- all over his face.
Kanairo, adding that Nairobians ourable judges and other public fig-
Admitting that they were partly to —[email protected]
blame for Sonko’s decision to ditch

Monday, May 16, 2022 / PEOPLE DAILY NEWS BEAT 13

Youth team up to fight climate change

Hillary Kiplagat established Kiplagat, however, realised that to make NOBLE Hillary Kiplagat accompanied by officers cation since 2003.
Green Earth Ambassadors, a lasting impact he needed to involve and INITIATIVE from Iten Police Station plant trees at St Kiplagat also reveals that running the
that seeks to plant trees in inspire more people, especially the youth. Patricks High School in Iten. KNA
a bid to mitigate effects of Organisation: organisation has not been seamless. They
global warming It is against this backdrop that he Hillary Kiplagat, “Green clubs are setups where we get have often faced financial challenges,
launched an organisation in 2018 to sensi- 26, from Iten, man power from students who also get which has hampered their activities.
Climate change has affected food pro- tise people on the importance of growing established the inspired to take up tree planting even as
duction at the global, regional and local trees. Green Earth Am- they continue with their studies,” he said. They also lack a water storage tank for
level. bassadors, who use during the dry season.
During an interview at St Patrick’s High are working to- He at the same tine lauded the gov-
It is estimated that the country alone will School in Iten where he led other youths in wards greening of ernment for funding the clubs through To help in raising funds, the group has a
require $62 billion (Sh6.7 trillion) to miti- planting trees, Kiplagat said he established the environment. the Foundation for Environment Edu- tree nursery in Iten town with around 4,000
gate the ravaging effects of climate change Green Earth Ambassadors after completing seedlings.
and rise of greenhouse gases. college in 2018. Appeal: He is
urging the govern- Kiplagat, however, says the money they
This has seen governments and organ- He started the organisation while job ment and other raise is not enough to fund the organisation
isations put in extra efforts to mitigate the hunting in Nairobi, after he completed his Non-Governmen- given that they have to travel to schools as
effects of climate change. The rising tem- course on Long Distance Surveillance and tal Organisations they reach out to students in both second-
peratures in various parts of the world have Disaster Management at the Moi Airbase. to secure funding ary schools and colleges.
been linked to deforestation as the world’s for the 200 youths
population grows each day. Organisation, however, picked well in to support their “Many are the times we rely on help of
the city.That is how he got inspired and de- initiative. friends and well-wishers to fund our activi-
Organisations such as the United Na- cided to move the project to his rural home ties given that we do not have a car yet we
tions have devised strategies to address cli- and he is happy that his move paid off. travel a lot to various institutions,” he said.
mate change issues, for instance, through
afforestation. Tertiary institutions Kiplagat accompanied by police officers
Kiplagat says the Green Earth Ambassa- from Iten Police Station as they planted
Hillary Kiplagat, a youth from Chebonet trees at St. Patricks High School Iten.
in Keiyo North sub-county, has decided to dors has over 200 members, not only in his
play his part, however small, in mitigating home county of Elgeyo Marakwet but also He is urging the government and other
the effects of climate change by starting an in the neighbouring Uasin Gishu. Non-Governmental Organisations to se-
initiative of planting trees in the counties of cure funding for the 200 youths to support
Elgeyo Marakwet and Uasin Gishu. Organisation has established its offices their initiative.
in Iten. They have so far been able to plant
The 26-year-old said he started planting more than 20,000 trees in schools and for- The environmental champion says the
trees while growing up in Chebonet village ests. group has been partnering with the Kenya
in Elgeyo Marakwet. Forest Service in order to get tree seedlings
He adds that he is also grooming the and support during their planting activi-
“I continued with the initiative after young generation in schools to be cham- ties.
completing Form Four, as I wanted to bring pions of environmental conservation even
the much-needed change by taking care of after they are out of school. He added that while some institutions
the ecosystem through growing trees in my have turned them down, they are happy
own small way,” he said. The Green Earth Ambassadors, who are that most of them have readily welcomed
working towards greening of the environ- them, saying they are currently working
ment have been visiting secondary schools with Kipsoen Technical Training Institute
to champion the establishment of green where they have helped in establishing a
clubs in institutions. green club.


Sleuths arrest 72 in crackdown on
illegal pharamaceutical operators

the drugs 4TH JUNE 2022
by PPB


by Mathew Ndung’u said some unscrupulous ant pharmaceutical outlets, All Tickets Purchased During The Campaign Period
practitioners are also unlaw- saying stern action will be Are Valid For The Final Draw
@PeopleDailyKe fully branding their premises taken against violators of the
using different names from regulations. LIVE SHOW
A total of 72 people were the licences issued.
apprehended and are await- FORM PLUPA/DC/3 (r. 3(3)(xi) WED & SAT
ing arraignment for running ““We advise the practitio-
illegal pharmaceutical prem- ners to ensure their premises THE PHYSICAL AND LAND USE PLANNING AT 10PM ON
ises in Nyanza, North Rift and are rebranded as per the li- ACT (No. 13 of 2019)
Nairobi regions. cense issued,” he warned.
In a sting operation spear- “The objective of the opera-
headed by the Pharmacy and tion is to enforce closure of NOTIFICATION FOR PROPOSED EXTENSION Visit:
Poisons Board (PPB) in col- non-compliant pharmaceuti- OF USE
laboration with the National cal premises that were previ- 18+ GAMBLING CAN BE ADDICTIVE. BCLB NO 0000853
Police Service, 120 cartons ously closed down as well as The registered owner of Plot L.R No. Thegenge/
of assorted health products executing warrants of arrest Kianjogu/548 located in Giakanja area,
and technologies were at the relating to pharma crimes,” proposes to change its use from Agricultural
weekend found on the ille- Kaluai said in a statement. to Residential (Multi-dwelling), subject to
gally run premises and seized. approval by the County Government of Nyeri.
PPB’s head of Good Distribu- He cautioned Kenyans Individuals, institutions, members of the public
tion Practices Kaluai Julius against vandalising closure etc. with comments and/or objections to the
notices issued to non-compli- proposal are requested to forward them in writing
within fourteen (14) days of this notice to: PLAY RESPONSIBLY 0703 065 032

The County Executive Committee Member
Lands, Housing, Physical Planning and
Urban Development
County Government of Nyeri,
P.O. Box 1112-10100,

Name of the Registered Planner:Gitonga Kelvin Ritho Reg. No. 0270

14 NEWS BEAT PEOPLE DAILY / Monday, May 16, 2022


Savula move in Kakamega Security team cancels
Narok political events

stirs regional clan politics as tension heightens
by George Sayagie

Zoning of populous county Narok county security
continues to dominate talk committee has called off two
as analysts express views political rallies scheduled at
over likely impact of pairing the Ole Ntimama Stadium
following heightened politi-
by Dennis Lumiti cal tension.

@PeopleDailyKe Governor Samuel Tunai
had booked the venue to
The move by Lugari MP Ayub Savula to The Azimio-One Kenya Alliance Kakamega Deputy Governor aspirant Ayub Savula launch his senatorial bid but Kizito Mutoro and members
step down from the Kakamega governor- addresses a gathering at St Kizito Catholic Church Lusumu in Navakholo sub-county according to security sourc- of the security committee
ship race has stirred the politics of the yesterday. PD/DENNIS LUMITI es Narok North MP Moitalel the county commissioner
county. ole Kenta also staked claim said the Ole Ntimama sta-
asWoman Representative and Brian Lish- “Barasa comes from Matungu which is to the stadium for an event. dium was out of bound and
Intense boardroom negotiations and enga for Senate,” they added. in the Southern Kakamega bloc while Sa- will be in a 24-hours police
lobbying are said to have compelled the vula hails from Lugari in Northern Kaka- The tension is worsening surveillance to make sure no
two-term legislator to shelve his guberna- The trio is Azimio’s allies and the group’s mega. Their candidacies will have a lot of after youths allied to the one accesses it.
torial ambitions. sentiments brought to the fore the under- impact in this race and could work in their United Democratic Alliance
lying currents in Kenya Kwanza and which favour,” said Desterio Okumu, a political (UDA) accosted their coun- He said they have called
Savula will now be the running-mate Azimio is keen to take advantage of. How- commentator from the county. terparts from the Azimio La for more reinforcement of
of former Kenya Electricity Transmission ever, Azimio’s critics dismissed the new- Umoja movement who were GSU, RDU and general po-
Company CEO Fernandes Barasa. found alliance between Barasa and Savula Azimio appears to have been studying on a campaign trail in Narok lice to be deployed in Narok
terming it as “short-lived.” the game-plan of Kenya Kwanza before town injuring two people on town on Sunday and or-
The development has now set the pace resolving to unite Savula and Barasa. Ke- Saturday night. dered the candidates to stop
for a grueling battle between ‘Azimio-One “Savula is not a team player and we nya Kwanza’s main headache is that three mobilizing their supporters
Kenya Alliance and Kenya Kwanza Alliance know too well that his marriage with Bara- of their candidates hail from the Central One of the injured Mukare for the rally and call off the
who are out to clinch the Kakamega gover- sa will not last. We are not scared of them Kakamega zone. Kaleku, the head of commu- rallies and come up with
norship and the other seats. and are confident that Malalah will clinch nication in the Azimio team fresh dates for their rallies
this seat very early in the morning,” said While Malalah is originally from Makun- was hit on the head with book the venue and notify
Supporters of Azimio were yesterday Jeff Mwenje, a UDA official in the county. ga in Mumias East, he has settled in Mili- a blunt object and rushed the police by May 23.
upbeat that the pair would clinch the mani, Lurambi where he even served as Medicacia Hospital in Narok
governorship while their Kenya Kwanza The issue of zoning continued to rear the MCA for Mahiakalo between 2013 and town. “Again it’s time for the
opponents poured cold water on the deal. its ugly head with a section of analysts ex- 2017. Aspirants to take the safety
Social media was awash with exchanges pressing their views over the likely impact Urgent night meeting of the people and launch
between supporters of the two outfits with of the Barasa-Savula ticket. He has picked Dr. Beatrice Inyangala as The attack prompted their aspirations in their
each exuding confidence of victory. his running mate. The scholar hails from Narok County commission- respective constituencies
BARASA-SAVULA PAIRING Lurambi but is married in Malava. Khal- er Isaac Masinde to call an and wards. For the governor
Kenya Kwanza is going through turbu- wale is from Ikolomani. urgent night security meet- and senators, they must
lence in the county after a number of sup- Intense boardroom negotiations and ing where he announced involve the police in any ar-
porters jumped ship in protest over the lobbying are said to have compelled the The Central zone comprises Ikolo- both rallies be postponed rangements of their launch
decision to compel former Senator Boni two-term legislator to shelve mani, Shinyalu, Lurambi and Navakholo indefinitely to ease the grow- and the meetings must not
Khalwale out of the race for governorship while Northern Kakamega has Malava, ing tension ahead of the be two in the same area or
in favour of his successor Cleophas Ma- Decision by UDA to field candidates in Lugari and Likuyani whereas the South- rallies. venue,” said Masinde.
lalah. the county and other parts of the Western ern is made up of Mumias East, Mumias “The planned meetings
region complicates issues ahed of poll West, Matungu, Butere and Khwisero have raised tension in Narok According to political
The decision by UDA to field candi- constituencies. The Central and Northern town and the county at large pundits, apart from clann-
dates in the county and other parts of the Kakamega have been demanding that they and if allowed to continue ism and party politics, bad
Western region has also stirred the hornet’s produce the next governor. people were likely to lose blood between the two lead-
nest. lives and property destroyed ers is at center stage after
and will not set a good governor Tunai supported
Leaders and supporters of ANC ex- precedent as the country the UDA candidate Patrick
pressed their misgivings and declared they prepares for the general ole Ntutu and his bid ascent
would decide their next course of action. A elections on August 9 so no to the senate.
similar storm is within the ranks of UDA. meetings in the venue” said
“We are not impressed with the way Flagged by the county
matters in our party and coalition are be- Criminal investigations
ing handled,” a group of UDA supporters officer Mwenda Ethaiba,
said in a statement read by their spokes- County Police commander
personWycliffe Seven.

“We have, thus, resolved to vote for Fer-
nandes Barasa as governor, Elsie Muhanda

BRIEFLY New team in place to run Nakuru Jubilee affairs

UDA ward representative by Roy Lumbe chairman, said their job was well cut out
stating that the transition will ensure party
candidate dies in West Pokot @PeopleDailyKe members have confidence in the party.

United Democratic Alliance home,” said Lokato’s son-in- A new team has taken over operations According to Gichuru, the interim team
(UDA) is in mourning again af- law Obadia Lagat. He said the at the Jubilee Party regional headquarters has been redeployed with immediate ef-
ter a ward representative aspi- MCA’s condition worsened in Nakuru in a strategic move to build fect, with those vying being given a leave of
rant inWest Pokot County died and died in the house while confidence among members ahead of the absence until after the elections.
after a short illness. Johnson arrangements were being August 9 General-Election.
Lokato who was set to defend made to take him to hospital. “We have one purpose today, and that is
his seat as LelanWard after The body was moved to Crys- The new team comprising of strategists streamlining operations and ensuring we
clinching the UDA primaries tal Cottage Morgue in Kitale Joseph Gichuru and Njuguna Gichamu deliver at least 90 percent of the votes to
died on Saturday evening. In pending post-mortem exami- (pictured) is expected to co-ordinate affairs the party,” said Gichuru.
a statement, his family said nation to establish the cause of the party with the hope of securing a
the ward representative died of death. Lokato, a former majority of the seats within the county. He assured all candidates under the
after a short illness. “He had teacher was nominated to the party of their full support saying they had
been unwell during the day West Pokot County Assembly The duo who will lead co-ordinators fronted formidable contestants, adding
but he visited a medical facility on an ODM ticket in 2013. from 11 sub-counties are the minds be- that by working together the same could
in Kapenguria where he was hind revamping of the party in the county be achieved. On his part, Gichamu while
treated and allowed to go back -Wycliffe Kipsang and played a central role in ensuring Jubi- calling for peaceful campaigns and elec-
lee secured seats in 2017. tions, noted that Jubilee had enough
strategies to secure major seats without
Speaking at the weekend while assum- breaking a sweat.
ing office Gichuru who was elected as

Monday, May 16, 2022 JAMES MACHARIA 15

Businesshub We are going
to enhance the old
road, all the way from
Mlolongo to Westlands

Expressway cost soars, Kenya may
State mulls roads bond
import food
Extra expenses push total
cost of the project to Sh97b, to avert crisis
implying every kilometre
will gobble up Sh3.6b The government is considering
importing maize to avert a looming
by Herald Aloo A section of the Nairobi Expressway during the commissioning of a trial run by Transport Cabinet Secretary food crisis as maize and wheat stocks
James Macharia in Nairobi on Saturday. PD/BERNARD MALONZA record sharp drop.
TOLL na Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC) use of highway. Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Peter
The government will pump additional CHARGES which designed, financed and constructed This as Kenya plans to revive its bid to Munya said the country will run out of
Sh9 billion to build new features and re- the road said by Friday last week, it had reg- stocks in the next few months signal-
vamp sections of the old Mombasa Road The charges will istered 11,000 motorists who are keen on float a Sh150 billion bond for mainte- ling tough times ahead for Kenyans.
which was damaged during the construc- be dollar-based to evading the gridlocks of the old Mombasa nance and building of roads after the move
tion of the 27km Nairobi Expressway. cushion the opera- Road. flopped last year following debt warnings “We are working on logistics and
tor from exchange from the International Monetary Fund. consulting as well with a view to al-
That extra cash pushes the total cost of rate losses, According to a feasibility study refer- lowing import to stabilise the market
the project to Sh97 billion, implying that implying that the enced by Macharia, approximately 800 Infrastructure bond which is currently characterised by
every kilometre will gobble up Sh3.6 bil- toll charges will motorists are registered everyday out Treasury had slammed brakes on the high food prices,” said Munya during
lion. increase if the shil- of the 40,000 motorists plying the route floating of the infrastructure bond, saying the launch of a national potato task-
lings weaken. daily. it will affect the country’s debt sustainabil- force. The admission of inadequate
It dwarfs the cost of constructing the 50 ity level. food stocks comes as prices for 90 kilo-
kilometre Thika highway which cost Sh32 The Kenya shil- Motorists who opt to use the Nairobi National Assembly’s transport commit- gramme bag of white maize is retailing
billion or Sh640 million per kilometre in- ling has already Expressway will pay between Sh120 and tee chairman David Pkosing told Bloom- at between Sh4,300 and Sh5,000 in the
dicating the increasing cost of setting up shed off 5.7 per Sh1,550, depending on the distance trav- berg that the government may tap at least local market.
mega projects in Kenya. cent against elled and the size of the vehicle. half of the proceeds from taxes as security
the dollar from for the bond. “The country’s food stocks have
“We are going to enhance the old road, Sh109.55 in Saloon cars will be charged between Pkosing hinted to Bloomberg that the continued to decrease tremendously
all the way from Mlolongo to Westlands,” January 2021 to Sh120-360 with heavy vehicles having few- proposal to raid the road maintenance due to the effects of the prolonged
Transport Cabinet Secretary James Mach- Sh116.2 by Friday er than four axles paying four times more. levy fund would help open up issuance of drought, erratic rains and external
aria said on Saturday during public trials last week. road bonds. shocks, for example, the Ukraine-
ahead of the official commissioning of the The contractor has partnered with Auto- A Sh150 billion bond would push Ke- Russia war,” Munya said.
highway. “We are finalising a contract of mobile Association (AA) Kenya to provide nya’s public debt closer to the Sh9 trillion
Sh9 billion to make sure we enhance and towing services along the Expressway at a mark, further increasing the country’s While he declined to reveal how
beautify the old road. It makes sense to rate yet to be communicated cashflow problems. much the government intends to im-
have the contractor who was doing the port, millers had proposed 4.5 million
expressway rehabilitate the old road.” CRBC will fine motorists who damage bags to be imported before harvest.
installed infrastructures, adding to the
Additional costs growing list of financial pain linked to the High market prices
The facelift is expected to commence “Foodstuff prices are increasing dai-
this month, and will entail fixing the
drainage systems, erecting street lights, ly and soon the consumer purchasing
fixing pedestrian and cyclist pathways, power will be deeply frustrated owing
and a bus rapid transport (BRT) system, to steep rise in prices. Maize stocks
an additional feature which was not in the in the region are equally not enough
original cost. and expensive,” said Kennedy Nyaga,
With some sections of the lower deck chairman of the United Grain Millers
road having been narrowed, the contrac- Association in a phone interview.
tor will either acquire additional land for
expansion or encroach the road reserves, However, even as the local market is
signaling impending interruption to busi- grappling with decreasing stocks, Mu-
nesses along the affected areas. nya said traders have been exporting
It is however not clear whether the cost the commodity to more lucrative mar-
of acquiring land has been included in the kets in Southern Sudan and DR Congo
rehabilitation plan. where prices are said to be higher.
Moja Expressway, a subsidiary of Chi-
“Before we allow imports into the
Pain at the pump as prices increase despite subsidy country we urge maize players with
stocks to take advantage of the current
by Herald Aloo creased by Sh5.50 per liter from nomic Regulation during the latest global prices. high market prices. The prices might
May 14. review. However, the gradual withdrawal change drastically once more maize is
@heraldaloo allowed into the country,’ he added.
New prices For four months to February, the of the scheme reveals the rife un-
The government’s fuel subsidy “The applicable pump prices for government had been maintaining certain future, with undertones Traders under the East African
continues to be stretched to the lim- the commodity prices unchanged from oil majors, who claim the Grain Council said currently there are
it even as the prices of fuel products this cycle (May) for Super Petrol, using the fuel subsidy kitty, which government is struggling to com- imports landing into the local market
surged for the third month in a row Diesel and Kerosene have been in- cushions motorists from rising pensate them for high cuts in their Tanzania, Malawi and Zambia.
putting pressure on motorists and creased by Sh5.50 per litre from the margins.
households. immediate previous cycle. Fuel prices “The situation is dire as an acute
EPRA attributed the high prices shortage looms. This has led to an
Latest maximum price review by The government will utilise the Were it not for the State subsidy over the to an increase in the average landed increase in the price of a 90kg bag of
the Energy and Petroleum Regula- Petroleum Development Levy last three months, a litre of petrol would cost and weakening shilling which maize to between Sh4,300 and Sh5,000
tory Authority (EPRA) shows that (PDL) to cushion consumers from now be retailing at Sh191.82, diesel hit Sh115.74 against the dollar up in the last four months contributing
the pump prices of super petrol, the otherwise high prices,” said Dr. Sh183.74 and kerosine Sh158.01 from Sh111.60 per dollar in March, to sharp increase of food prices,” said
diesel and Kerosine have all in- John Mutua, Acting Director, Eco- the period of importation. Gerald Masila EAGC executive director
in a phone interview.

– Nicholas Waitathu


CLEANER HANDS: Bayer East Africa, Managing Director EARTH MOVER: Car and General executive Yasphine WINNER TAKES IT ALL: Webuye resident Finizer Nekono

Laurent Perrier (left) washes hands as the Director of Health Bhamra (centre) explains features of the ACE Backhoe loader (left) after she received a Toyota Probox she won in the
and Quality at Kenyatta National Hospital Dr. Lydia Okutoyi to Ernest Kipchumba (right) and Alex Chepchirchir (left) ongoing Dosika Na Lotto campaign. Lotto representative
looks on during the official commissioning of hand-washing during the Build Expo held at KICC. The Phantom AX124 is the James Chanj alias Mshamba (right) presented the award.
facilities in the hospital. The facilities will serve over 30,000 latest addition to the range of earth moving equipment. PD/ Nekono indicated that she would start supplying eggs to
people who visit the hospital daily. PD/ALICE MBURU. retailers using the vehicle. PD/GERALD ITHANA.


Bank’s Head of
Premier Banking
Simon Gachahi
(left) poses with
Kenya Medical
Association CEO Dr.
Njoki Fernandes at
the launch of Absa-
KMA partnership
that will benefit
10,000 medical
affiliated with
Kenya Medical
Association (KMA).


SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION: (From left) HFC Head of SME and Commercials Simon

Ndungú poses with Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) Nairobi
Chapter Chairman Julius Opio, Crown Paints Business Development Manager Pooja Khanna,
Crown Paints PR manager Roselyne Modani and Muthaiga Golf Club Chairman Ronald Meru
during the Nairobi Chamber construction sector dialogue series. PD/ALICE MBURU.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS)

Director-General Mohammed Badi receives a fully equipped ambulance
from Caetano Managing Director Pedro Campos (left) at Mama Lucy
Hospital. Caetano Kenya, the official dealer of Hyundai Vehicles in Kenya,
donated the ambulance together with face guard masks. PD/WILLIAM OERI

HOME MAKEOVER: Lipa Later Country Manager Claudine Gakundi ADVENTURE TOURISM: A team led by Tourism Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala (centre) being flagged off at

Charity Wanjiru pose with the winner of the Upgrade your Home the Mount Kenya Chogoria gate. The climb, which is part of the government’s strategy to raise awareness of the
competition by Lipa Later and as Juliet Wanjiru, Digital mountain as a key tourist destination, will also aim at raising funds to improve visitors and promote hiking and
Content Marketer at Skygarden looks on. Charity won furniture and an mountaineering as a key product for the growing outdoor and adventure tourism. PD/ ALICE MBURU
array of home and kitchen appliances worth Sh200,000. PD/JOHN OCHIENG.

Monday, May 16, 2022 17


She was just going into the
store. And then he shot another
woman. She was putting
groceries into her car

Pope attends BRIEFLY
mass Finland announces
‘historic’ NATO bid
Pope Francis (centre) waves to
faithful from his Popemobile as The Finnish government has of-
he leaves after a canonisation
mass at St Peter’s Square in ficially announced its intention to join
The Vatican yesterday creating
10 saints including India’s NATO, as Sweden’s ruling party held a
Devasahayam, French hermit
Charles de Foucauld and Dutch decisive meeting that could pave the
theologian Titus Brandsma.
Pope Francis declared way for a joint application to the mili-
Devasahayam Pillai a saint
during a Canonization Mass in St tary alliance. Less than three months
Peter’s Basilica - the first time
that such an announcement has after Russia invaded Ukraine on Feb-
been made about an Indian lay
person. AFP ruary 24, Finland’s announcement

Ten dead in racial attack at on Sunday is a stunning reversal of

Finland’s policy on military non-align-

ment dating back more than 75 years.

Sweden, which has been militarily

non-aligned for more than two cen-

turies, is expected to follow suit with

a similar announcement, possibly on

Monday. “This is a historic day. A new

era is opening,” Finnish President Sau-

li Niinisto told reporters at a joint press

conference with Prime Minister Sanna

Marin. NATO membership needs to be

approved and ratified by all 30 mem-

bers of the alliance. - Xinhua

New York state supermarket

White gunman kills 10, wounds and a case of racially motivated violent gunshots and that she fell several times as
extremism”. she ran through the shop to a rear exit.
three at a supermarket in Joseph Gramaglia, the Buffalo Police India police arrest
“He looked like he was in the army,” she two after Delhi fire
a Black neighbourhood in Commissioner, said the suspect killed RACIALLY told the newspaper, describing the camou-
Buffalo, New York state nine customers and a retired police officer MOTIVATED flage-clad assailant. Police have arrested two people in
working as an armed security guard. KILLING connection with a massive fire in a
Retired firefighter Katherine Crofton, four-storey commercial building in
Buffalo, Sunday The guard “engaged the suspect, fired The man, who lives nearby, said she witnessed the the Indian capital, that left at least 27
multiple shots”, but the gunman shot named as Payton start of the bloodshed from her porch. people dead, police and fire officials
Gendron in court have said. Twelve more were injured
An 18-year-old white gunman has him, he said. When confronted by police papers, was ar- “I saw him shoot this woman,” Crofton in the blaze that engulfed the building
opened fire at a supermarket in a Black in a vestibule of the shop, the suspect held rested after a told the paper.“She was just going into the in the Mundka area in the city’s west-
neighbourhood in the US city of Buffalo, a gun to his own neck but they talked him stand-off at the store. And then he shot another woman. ern suburbs on Friday evening, Delhi
killing 10 people in what authorities called into dropping the weapon and surrender- scene - a super- She was putting groceries into her car. I got Fire Services chief Atul Garg told re-
an act of “racially motivated violent ex- ing, the police commissioner added. market in the city down because I did not know if he was go- porters on Saturday. The building did
tremism”. of Buffalo. ing to shoot me.” Erie County Sheriff John not have safety clearances from the
The suspect was later identified as Garcia described the attack as “pure evil”. fire department nor was it equipped
Three others were wounded in the attack Payton Gendron, of Conklin, a New York Witnesses with fire-safety equipment, Garg said,
at the Tops Friendly Market on Saturday. state community about 320 kilometres of the attack “It was straight up racially motivated adding that the fire started on the first
(200 miles) southeast of Buffalo, two law described indis- hate crime from somebody outside of our floor, which houses a company that
The gunman, who was armed with enforcement officials told The Associated criminate shoot- community,” he said. manufactures security cameras. Two
an assault-style rifle and wearing body Press news agency. The officials were not ing at the scene brothers, owners of the firm, were ar-
armour, was arrested after the shooting permitted to speak publicly on the matter Tops Friendly Markets released a state- rested by the police, according to Del-
spree. Officials said he drove to Buffalo and did so on the condition of anonymity. ment saying, “We are shocked and deeply hi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, who
from his home in a New York state county saddened by this senseless act of violence visited the site on Saturday. The owner
“hours away” to launch the attack, which Gendron has now been arraigned on a and our thoughts and prayers are with the of the building absconded. - BBC
he broadcast on the internet. charge of first-degree murder, which car- victims and their families.”
ries a sentence of life without parole. He is
Eleven of the victims were Black and being held without bail. At theWhite House, Press Secretary Kar-
two were white. Stephen Belongia, special ine Jean-Pierre said President Joe Biden
agent in charge of the FBI’s Buffalo field Witnesses of the attack described indis- was receiving regular updates on the
office, told reporters that the shooting is criminate shooting at the scene. Shonnell shooting and the investigation and had
being investigated as “both a hate crime Harris, a manager at Tops, told the Buffalo offered prayers with the first lady for the
News she thought she heard as many as 70 victims and their loved ones.

Curfew declared in Sokoto after student killing protests in Nigeria

Abuja, Sunday Protests have erupted following Governor AminuWaziri Tambuwal the palace of the Muhammadu
the police arrest of two students said. Sa’ad Abubakar, the sultan of So-
The governor of Nigeria’s Sokoto and a search for other suspects koto and the highest spiritual figure
state has declared an immediate who appeared in footage of the Earlier in the day, hundreds of among Muslims in Nigeria who
24-hour curfew to quell protests de- gruesome murder of Samuel, a people demonstrated in the city has condemned the killing and de-
manding the release of suspects in student of Shehu Shagari College over the arrest of the students fol- manded those involved face justice.
the killing of school student Debo- of Education, which circulated on lowing the murder, residents said.
rah Samuel. social media. “It was more of a riot by a mob of
In the early morning, youths took young men and women who were
Samuel was beaten and burned The governor said in a statement to the streets, lighting bonfires and demanding the release of the two
by fellow students on Thursday for on Saturday that the curfew applies demanding the release of the two people arrested over the killing of
alleged blasphemous statements to the state capital, Sokoto city. detainees despite the deployment the Christian student,” Sokoto resi-
about the Prophet Muhammad in a of police officers to maintain order, dent Ibrahim Arkilla told AFP.
Whatsapp group. “Everyone should, please, in the residents said.
interest of peace go back home,” - AFP
Some of the protesters besieged

18 PEOPLE DAILY / Monday, May 16, 2022

Spice Flavour your day CAMPORAGE

@elly_gitau With Allan Adalla

YOUNG Student-
AT HEART lecturer
affairs are
In many instances, children almost always come Ayra Starr nothing
second, often pushed to the periphery. It’s in this regard Karun new in
that artistes from across Africa have come together to campo
make a lullaby playlist thanks to music label Platoon,
writes Elly Gitau Recently, I came across an
episode online by the social
OnJanuary13,2022,children’sear- learned that I’m still connected to it.” more we can do in music and this is one of media critic Andrew Kibe aka
worm Baby Shark made YouTube Since July last year, Platoon has those aspects. This is an experience I’d love Mr Lambistic. Well, many will
history as the first video to surpass to share with my children one day when I get shy away to admit that they are
10 billion views. First released in ventured into the children’s music them. In the creative process, I learned that the fans of this man shaping
June 2016 courtesy of South Korean space after recognising the vital need I could actually be doing a lot more with my society. If you don’t pay attention
educational entertainment giant for a rich and diverse offering for songwriting and sound. Creating my first to his vulgarity, but his content,
Pinkfong, the dance surpassed children that catered to all, regard- children’s song Never Alone means that I’m then you will realise that the
previous leader Despacito in November 2020. This less of the language they speak or the growing as an artiste and using my art to do controversial man spits a lot
was an indication enough that children entertain- country they’re in, partnering up with more than the commercial, usual norm and of wisdom. So, Lambistic was
ment is a massive sector, which has been ignored musicians and children’s content it feels good,” he says. advising male comrades to
by a lot of industry players for many years. creators from across the globe and stop dating campus chiles as it
However, Platoon —a London-based artiste many languages, to become one of Uncertainandrestless is similar to digging their own
services, A&R, and music distribution company— the leading children’s music curators graves.
has never shied away from offering entertainment in the world. South African artiste Manana says his
even for the very little people. Last week, the Apple lullaby In The Morning is true to the tradition As a comrade, the reality
Inc-owned firm set out to celebrate the ‘Africa On her part Nigerian singer Ayra of African lullabies. “Speaking of peace with never hits until these dudes re-
Month’ with African Lullabies Part 2, the second Starr says, “Growing up, we made the uncertainty of night approaching, I put alise that they are just caretaker
instalment in the children’s music series African up songs ourselves as children. At myself in the mind of a child when writing boyfriends to just warm up the
Lullabies. school, we used to make up our own this. I was thinking of what I would like to chics during lecture days. It is a
Taking a Pan-African approach, the project lullabies because we didn’t want hear if I was restless and unable to sleep,” gloomy situation that you can-
features top talents from around the continent to have to sing to Twinkle, Twinkle, he says. not prick that flower that glows
including Kenya’s Karun, a former member of the Little Star. When I started making next to you, but a Nganuthia
Camp Mulla pop group. Others are Asa, Ayra Starr, the song (Stars), I wanted to make In conclusion, Karun feels this project will somewhere out there who has
Teni, Simi, WurlD, Olayinka Ehi, Tresor, Manana, something that my younger self open more opportunities for more African a deep pocket buys it whenever
Aymos and Ntsika. would be so proud of. It’s important lullabies to me made specially for African they need it. However, as the
for more African lullabies to be made children. wise men once said, a man liv-
Overandbeyond because African children need more ing with chicken will one day eat
“Where its predecessor, African Lullabies Part representation. We didn’t see a lot of “I would have loved to have more lullabies it. This is what motivates the
that growing up. I think that African made by Africans, made by Kenyans, just male comrades.
1, focused on original compositions by South lullabies will inspire children in differ- available for sure. Growing up, I don’t feel like
African singers and songwriters and was sung ent ways.” I lacked lullabies, but there was a disconnect The girls say that they are
across various languages, African Lullabies Part with the songs that were available. I’m so far dating mature working-class
2 expands beyond the borders of South Africa and Her sentiments are supported by removed from the culture that made songs Wababaz including their lec-
creates a diverse offering of children’s music in fellow singer WurlD, who feels more such as Rock-aby Baby. I was so confused. turers, so they only leave their
various African languages for babies on the conti- children’s songs would make a huge It makes a big difference to have someone male comrades with an option
nent and in the diaspora,” read a statement from difference in the world. from where you’re from and being able to of downgrading and dating a
Platoon. connect with what they went through in the fresher who is still naive or
“It’s important for more African lul- context of the song.” lower in standards than dating
Most of the recordings are original composi- labies to be made. There’s so much a high school girl. Male lectur-
tions by the artistes, drawing from their experienc- ers dating their students has
es in parenthood, and African folklore, while others Tresor become a fad. I am amazed at
are interpretations of previously released material how lecturers confidently face
arranged and re-recorded as lullabies. their girlfriends in class during
a lecture after spending a night
“It’s really delightful to have been asked to make together.
a children’s song. This is my first children’s song,
and I never thought I would ever do this. I really How do they even hide those
enjoy making calm, relaxing music, so this made hangovers? How do they face
sense. I never saw children’s music as something a class where they have an af-
that I would do, but given the opportunity, it’s some- fair with close to quarter of the
thing that I would jump on. I have a son and I like class population? And how do
children, it’s a cool challenge,” Karun tells Spice. the girls play it low to never
mess up when addressing their
Karun, whose song Dream Lullaby (Wakariru) lecturers as they normally ad-
is among the 12 on the playlist, intimates that the dress them in private places?
project was also a learning curve for her. If you have answers to these
questions, please send them my
She says, “I learned a lot about myself when way on email.
creating this song. I produced the whole song, I
love layering vocals, and I was playing around with The problem comes when it
different effects. I learned about phasing. It was leaks out that this one lecturer
a lot of learning on the technical side of it. I also is wooing more than 10 girls in
learned that there’s a lot more I need to connect that class. But the lecturer has
with my mother tongue Kikuyu. My grandmother nothing to lose. In fact, they can
and me connected over her helping me remember choose to ruin your life, as they
the lullaby at the end of the song. Kikuyu is my hold your exam results. Though
first language, but I forgot it a long time ago, so I I am told that the lecturers do
all these as a retaliation to what
they went through as poor com-
rade boy children. So, they see
this as their time to shine.

Monday, May 16, 2022 / PEOPLE DAILY 19

Clique & Clicks GetSpotted

and Wahu
crack up
to a joke
to him.

Artist Big
Pin with
and Reality
Studios CEO
and Club
7 owner


Sauti by Gerald Ithana MC Emmanuel Kising’ang’i delivers Bare knuckles! Comedian Justin
Sol’s his wit. Wonder goes ham on Nameless.
Bien It was an evening of endless laughter, as
Aime hundreds of fans of Kenyan musician David
with Mathenge aka Nameless recently flocked the
his wife Club Number 7 in Nairobi for some scintillating
Chiki rib-cracking moments. Dubbed ‘The Roast of
Kuruka. Nameless’, it featured dozens of comedians with
years of experience whose wit left the audience in
tatters. The event aimed to reflect on the musical
life experiences of Nameless and the Kenyan
music industry at large, with the audience getting
to know him better as a professional, musician,
and family man. In the audience were artistes
Wahu, Big Pin and Bien Aime, TV host and
producer Mwaniki Mageria and DJ Slahver.


It’s about the apparel

by Mwangi Alberto Limited, the exclusive distributor Models
for Aeropostale in the country, Agnes
American apparel and and a franchise distributor for Kimanthi
accessories brand Aéropostale many international brands. and
recently made its entry into the Caliroad Ltd Kenya CEO Ahmed Ruwaina
Kenyan market by launching Hafez said: “This opening is just Njeri take
its flagship store on the first the beginning; the best is yet to one for the
floor of The Hub Mall in Karen, come.” memories.
Nairobi. The brand has been
brought to Kenya by Caliroad PD/MWANGI ALBERTO

Caliroad Ltd Kenya CEO
Ahmed Hafez is cheered on
by the Aeropostale team and
models as he cuts the ribbon
to open the new store.

Kitamaduni Eleni G Aeropostale staff members attend to a client at the new
Dance of Your outlet.
Troupe Host
pulls some Ltd with
moves. Akinyi
of The
Tribe of

20 TOP SHELF FACTS PEOPLE DAILY / Monday, May 16, 2022

Ten Eldoret KCC  
Kenyan football
clubs that have KCC was an association
quietly fizzled out football club based in the
North Rift town of Eldoret.
In 1997 the team won the
Moi Golden Cup by beating
AFC Leopards 4–1 in Nyayo
Stadium. In 1998, they were
the first runner-up when
they were beaten by Mathare
United 2–1. KCC used to
share Kipchoge Keino
Stadium with Rivatex which
put the two teams in a sweet
rivalry dubbed ‘the Eldoret

Mathare United is on its deathbed 10 years after being crowned Agro-Chemical 
Football Kenya Federation premier league champions. The Slum
Boys are walking on a narrow path that other defunct teams Agrochemical Football Club
which dazzled in Kenyan football have travelled due to political (Agro) is a Kenyan football club
interference and lack of finances. Here is a list of the teams as based in Muhoroni-Kisumu County.
compiled by Barry Silah Their last high-level competition
was the Football Kenya Federation
Reunion   (FKF) National Super League five
years ago. Their home stadium
Formed in the late 50s, the club that used is the Furaha Academy Sports
to be known as “Luo Union Football Club” Ground. Agrochemicals played in
had some of Kenya’s crème players who the Nyanza North Provincial League
donned the national team shirts. It has a great from 1989 to 1997, when it won
history especially after changing its name promotion to the Nation League.
from Luo Union to Reunion in 1980. They won In 2005, it was promoted to the
the Premier League in 1964 and 1975 and Kenya Premier League. At the end
the Domestic Cup in 1964, 1965 and 1966. of the 2009 season, Agrochemical
Reunion is famously remembered for beating was relegated to the Football
the Ethiopian national team which was then Kenya Limited-Nation League. It
the African Nations Cup Champions in 1964. was one of the top clubs in Nyanza
The club produced some of the best players back in the day alongside the likes
in the history of Kenyan football including of Shabana FC and now-defunct
legendary goalkeeper John Siang’a, ace goal Kisumu Telkom FC. 
scorer William Chege Ouma, speedy winger
Eric Omonge and one of the best headers Oserian Fastac  
of the ball in Kenyan football history. Striker
Charles Ochieng and Francis Kadenge - son The Naivasha based club was promoted to the
of the legendary Joe Kadenge - both played for FKF Premier League after winning the FKL Nation
Reunion.  League in 2011 but was relegated after finishing 15th
in 2012. Under the name Oserian Fastac, it won two
Mumias Sugar   scandal in a match against Kisumu All-Stars Premier League titles but was forced to briefly wind-up
FC. The club was owned by the Mumias Sugar operations when its backers pulled out. This meant that
The club was formed in 1977 and is based in Company. Some of the legends who played the club had to start again from the bottom tier to return
Mumias playing in the great Mumias Complex. for the club include Benard Onyango, Chris to the Premier League. The last time they were actively
The Sugar Men played in the top division but Kimuyu, Mark Sirengo, Eric Lumiti, Steve engaged in football activities was in 2013 under Sammy
unfortunately, the club was disbanded midway Okumu and ex-International Nick Yakhama. In Omollo Pamzo in the National Super League. 
through the 2007 season following allegations 1997 and 1999, the club made an appearance
of match-fixing. The club won the Kenya at the CAF Cup Competition but was duly
President’s Cup in 1996 and 1999, though eliminated in the first round on both occasions. 
the latter was revoked due to a spot-fixing

Coast Stars  

The Mombasa based club was founded in 1998. They were a member
of the top division in Kenyan football with their home stadium being
Mombasa Municipal Stadium. Coast Stars played the 2004/05 season
as Dubai Bank Limited Club since Dubai Bank was their official sponsor.
However, they reverted to their original name in the next season. The
team reminisces about Emmanuel Ake, one of its players who moved
to Europe in search of green pasture as well as the late Charles Handas
who played a key role in the team’s stature. 

Sher Karuturi  Rivatex   Utalii Mafuko Bombers  

 Sher Agencies as it was previously called was The Eldoret side was owned and Utalii was a football club from Ruaraka Meru Bombers was formed in 1984 as Meru County Bombers
formed in 1994 and made big waves in the local run by Rift Valley Textiles Limited. It in Nairobi, supported by Utalii College; a after players from two rival teams, Meru FC and Mutindwa C
football scene. In 2002, it played in the Nation was formed in 1975 and competed in hospitality and tourism training institution. ‘shook hands’ to forge one formidable team. This formation was
League and won promotion to the Premier League the top tier league for many seasons. Utalii won the Kenya Premier League title to enable a team from the then Meru District to qualify for the top
with the help of two notable names: Anthony It won the Kenya Cup in 1990 and in 1997. However, due to mismanagement tier national league, the Super League, as it was then known. Meru
Wekesa and Jacob Abu Omondi who were the the following year participated in the at its parent college, it became impossible Bombers FC were therefore thrust into a star-studded and highly
force behind the promotion. The club was formerly Africa Cup Winners Cup. In 1995, to find resources to keep the club running competitive Super League in 1987. However, in 1987 Bombers were
owned by Sher Karuturi Limited, the largest flower Rivatex also won the Cup after fierce and it was dissolved in 2005. The Club relegated though this did not kill their morale to participate in the
grower in Kenya, a subsidiary of Karuturi Global competition from the likes of Gor Mahia won the FKF Presidents Cup in 2003. league matches in the seasons that followed up to 2002. Top-flight
Limited. When the club was taken over by VP and AFC Leopards. Former Football Some of the star players who featured in football ‘romance’ ended when the Meru team was disbanded
Group in 2014, it was renamed Karuturi Sports Kenya Federation vice president and Utalii included ex-internationals Sylvanus together with Kisima Bombers midway into the 2003 season due to
Club. In the same year, Karuturi was relegated ex-captain of Tusker FC Sammy Sholei Otema, John “Mo” Muiruri, Seif Mutie and financial constraints following the withdrawal of the teams’ sponsors,
from the Nation League and in the process, it lost is among a group of top players who central defenders Gerald Origi and Robert including the Timau based, Kisima Farm Ltd. 
some of the key players it had in its ranks.  played for the club in its heydays.  Olang.

Monday, May 16, 2022 / PEOPLE DAILY 21

You It’s all about Life & Style that he feels comfortable and safe. Talk QUOTE OF MILLENIAL
about your concern and what you like and THE WEEK
Married but lonely, want as opposed to telling him what he MIX WITH
I miss my children should do or what he is not doing. If you Being alone
can convince him that you see someone is scary, but NJERI MAINA
My husband and I are in young, you as a mother was too busy with else to help you have this conversation, not as scary
our 40s and have been them and he felt neglected. He may then the better. as feeling Say no to
married for 15 years. have developed a coping mechanism to alone in a
Our children are in keep himself distracted and now that you Dangerous path relationship pet names
boarding school and are available, he doesn’t know how to Having a male friend, even if you are
therefore, we are left adjust. - Amelia The next time you are out, buy a
just the two of us. As a wife, I feel discon- not sexually involved is dangerous. At this Earhart tumbler of alcohol. This tumbler
nected and can’t wait for my children He might be hurt too particular season, you are vulnerable and should not be sipped. It is sup-
to come home for holiday. I am lonely. You should not jump to any conclusions so need to be very careful lest you jeop- posed to be what you throw at the
There is hardly any physical intimacy and ardise your efforts in making the grass first person who calls you bae,
my husband doesn’t feel bothered. Is it without first trying to have a conversation green on your side. Focus for now on your mami or sweetie. In the words
okay to have a male friend I can talk to with him about your situation. In talking marriage, check on what has happened of a famous girl group, say my
without being sexually involved? Please with him, realise that this is a sensitive in the recent past that might have caused name. Tell them to call you by
assist. I’m tired of being in a lonely mar- topic to any man. Men rarely talk about this disconnect from your side. Let your your given name. Unless, they
riage? their inner life more so, if things are not man know that you want him, that you do not know it, and are calling
happening in this area of their life. They in- appreciate, admire and respect him. you bae in a bid to play it safe and
Miriam stead brag about such things and so, when Look for common activities that you both not mess up the evening by call-
they are not able to perform, they shy away can enjoy and make time for each other. ing you by their tenth girlfriend’s
from it. It most likely hurts him as well, Hopefully, the spark will be reignited and name. Most guys tend to revert
but he just doesn’t know how to talk about things may just go back to what they used to pet names when they find that
it. Therefore, approach him in such a way to be. they are getting high and might
use the wrong name on the wrong
The writers are marriage and girl.
relationship coaches
[email protected] They also call someone bae
if they are their one-night stand
OUR TAKE... who became a regular after they
THE ACHOKIS outperformed themselves, and
hence firmly booked a spot on the
Thank you Miriam for reaching out. sex roster. The easiest way to get
We have noted that more and more a mate’s name is to simply ask
couples are having less and less for their number to send M-Pesa
sex with a good percentage being and then call Waitherero by her
in what is considered a sexless mouthful of a name. Either that
marriage (sex 10 times or less a or relegate them to bae and dear
year). In most of those situations, ad infinitum. So no, that M-Pesa
it’s often the husband’s decision. This is he sent you girl was not because
contrary to what society has made us to he cares. He wanted to get your
believe that sexlessness in a marriage is name. But often times, these
because of women being “frigid”. men do not even care what your
name is. The argument is that if
There can be various reasons a husband the girl is putting out, it is better
may lose interest in sex. It can be because not to know their names or even
of low testosterone levels or stress due who they are. This is the sort of
to pressure at work or family obligations. commitment to noncommitment
There are certain medications as well that that you offer a person you are
affect a man’s sex drive. There’s also the committed to just having non-
possibility that when the children were committal sex with!

TWOINONE What I am saying is that pet
names are supposed to mean
Are you an independent candidate in your marriage? something and communicate a
higher level of feeling. This is why
According to the office of the Reg- may be, one thing is for sure, we all love by what they say and depend on them dent on their spouse. But independence you will call your lover, bae and
istrar of Political Parties, we have the our independence with nobody hold- emotionally and even sometimes, can also be a bad thing as it makes the everyone else by their names. But
highest number of Independent Candi- ing us accountable or feeling obligated financially. two people in a relationship continue this is not the case in this big bed-
dates in this election than ever before. to them. Just ask teenagers who feel living two parallel lives never allowing room that is Nairobi. Your boy-
Out of the possible 55 presidential their parents are all over them, making This makes it hard for the person we the two to become one. Some people friend’s previous bae was called
candidates, 47 are vying as Independent decisions for them on what to wear, are in relationship with because they want to continue living independently mami and now you are called
with a little over 7,000 other candidates where to go and whom to hang out with. feel we can’t be our own person. That’s enjoying the freedoms they enjoyed in mami as well! Your mbaba calls
vying on other electoral positions. The Independence is sometimes synony- why in-law issues are a major source of their single life. They don’t want to be their wife darling and now you are
question is, why are there so many inde- mous to freedom, and who doesn’t want many marital problems and relation- accountable to anybody, or be asked called darling as well. This simply
pendent candidates this time? freedom? ship break-ups. Others become so de- where they are and who they are with. means that there is no feeling
pendent on their spouses, to the extent They don’t want to spend time or involve or sentiment ferried by the pet
There can be as many reasons as In relationships, being an “Indepen- of losing themselves in the relationship their partners in their lives, yet claim to name. The pet name is just the
there are answers to this question. dent Candidate” can be a good thing in the process of becoming one. be married. Such people were better off name for the relationship’s office
From disgruntlement with party prima- as well as a bad one. It is good because remaining single and one wonders why holder no matter who they are.
ries to not wanting to be associated with some of us enter into relationships So, it is good that one seeks to be they got married.
any political party, whatever the case still dependent on our parents. We go independent from parental or family While it might seem better to
influence and from being overly depen- be called any pet name no matter
how overused it is, it is better to
be called by your name no mat-
ter how unsexy your given name
is. Either that, or your partner
should be inventive and get you
a name that they have never
used before. But how will you
know that they have never used
the pet name before, you ask?
Well, just say no to the first 25 pet
names they call you and say yes
to the 26th one. This year, we are
demanding creativity and just a
tad of effort. These sons of Jeze-
bel have to at least get new pet
names for us or at least say our

22 PEOPLE DAILY / Monday,May 16, 2022

Your Health It matters Lupus inflammation can affe

We found a new
normal after our
lupus diagnosis

Marking by Kwach Wakhisi Francina had not heard about the ‘strange’
disease before.
“In confusion, I asked what that was and he
Lupus Francina Bahati painfully remembers explained that it is when your immune system
Awareness the day of her father’s burial as if it were becomes overactive and your body cells attack
Month yesterday. She remembers the day not each other. He sent me on a series of tests to
every May, only because it was one of the saddest confirm his suspicion, which turned out posi-
days of her life, but also because it was tive,” she says.
on this day that she got first signs of a
disease that would change her life. “The news of the diagnosis was received
two women “It was at my dad’s burial in 2008 when I first with mixed reactions. I was happy that what I GRAPHIC: PAPAOSCAR
bravely experienced a very sharp pain on my left leg was going through had finally been discovered Ruth Olisa. PD/KWACH WAKHISI
share their and I could not walk properly. I wondered what and had a name, but in the same breath I was ing. Far away in Siaya County, another patient,
it was, but didn’t think much about it since it sad because the doctor said it had no cure,” joints. She was then given medication to sup- 37-year-old businesswoman and mother of
was a very emotional time. The pain soon dis- she says. press her immunity. three girls —Ruth Olisa narrates her painful
journey with lupus and how she has managed
painful ex- appeared and I was just fine,” she recounts. Francina describes herself before the diag- “It took a while to find the right combination to beat all odds to fight the disease.
Soon after the burial, she went back to work nosis as a young energetic girl with a full time of drugs to manage the lupus. And 13 years
job, and leading a normal life like any other later, all I can say is so far so good,” she says. “It was back in June 2017 after giving birth
periences and started developing persistent headaches. youth her age. to my last born when I fell ill. I went to a local
battling the “I would sleep with a headache and wake up Lupus is an inflammatory disease caused private hospital here in Siaya where I was told
“I used to attend part time classes, I was when the immune system attacks its own tis- I had brucellosis and was put on medication
still the same. Then the symptoms increased. doing a leadership class on Sundays and to sues and organs. It can affect the joints, skin, for two weeks without any noticeable improve-
top it all up I was running a small business. I kidneys, blood cells, brain, heart and lungs. ment,” says Ruth.
condition, I started getting chills at night and very high also had time to be with my family and friends.
fevers during the day. As if that wasn’t enough, I was content and had never been admitted in “Lupus is a very interesting disease. As She opted to seek a second opinion at a pri-
a hospital for any reason. The only doctor I saw much as we have managed it well, there are vate hospital in Kisumu.
to create I started experiencing severe joint pains that before the diagnosis was my dentist. I was in days you wake up with a flare up. New prob-
made me take a step and resign from my job perfect shape with no medical issues whatso- lems arise everyday due to weather changes, “A variety of lab tests were conducted and
ever,” she says. something one may have eaten, stress, or they all turned negative. I was coughing ter-
awareness since my boss never understood the magni- even straining too much with housework. But ribly, had general body weakness, a persistent
about its tude of what I was going through,” Francina She describes her life after she started get- I greatly appreciate my doctor because the headache, stomach upset and experienced
explains. ting sick as horrible. “I was always in pain, I combination of drugs he gave me is working difficulty in breathing,” Ruth explains.
couldn’t work nor go to school or run my busi- very well and I try my best not to trigger any
devastating From that point, the journey in search of ness. I was totally dependent on my mother flare ups,” she says. “I recall my husband calling the physician
treatment began. Together with her mum, they and siblings. I had zero energy to even take to inform him that my condition was getting
effects and went from one hospital to another and a series myself to the washroom, let alone lift a spoon Despite the condition, Francina is grateful worse and the response he gave wasn’t pleas-
of tests could not put a finger to what was ail- to feed myself, because of the pain,” she ex- for the support of her family, which keeps her ing. He told my husband to give me painkillers.
plains. going. We decided to seek another opinion from Av-
encourage ingher. enue Hospital in Kisumu where I was admitted
With the diagnosis, everything stopped for “I have the best family one could ever ask in September 2017. I was in pain,” she adds.
people who The journey Francina. from, both from my side and my husband’s
are living side. They are very supportive and would do While at the hospital, her condition got
with the She continues: “There are several instances She shares: “I was living by the minute. I anything to get me the help I need. My friends worse and she was diagnosed with Mixed
disease when I was misdiagnosed and given wrong basically became a stay-at-home young girl also visit, give me a listening ear and pray for Connective Tissue /Pulmonary Embolism/
that they medication, which made my condition even and couldn’t plan things ahead of time. My me. Above all, God keeps me going because Interstitial Lung Disease, which the doctor
can still live worse. We had lost hope and on the verge of day was totally dependent on how I felt when I I have a purpose to fulfill in this world,” says
a normal giving up when in 2009 a friend directed me to woke up.” Francina who now sells homemade fabric
life a certain doctor. I was hesitant because I knew conditioner and Swahili snacks to make a liv-
the results would be the same, but all the The first treatment she received was to help
same, I tried him out and for two hours, he sat with the fever and chills and also correct the
down with me and made me explain in detail deformities she had started developing on her
about my symptoms. For two straight hours, fingers since the condition had affected all her
he listened, asked questions and I answered.
Then he said, I think what you have is lupus.”


It is important for The news of the
one to visit a doctor if they diagnosis was received with
experience these symptoms. mixed reactions. I was happy
In supporting a patient with that what I was going through
lupus, it is important to had inally been discovered
discuss with the patient the and had a name, but in
kind of support he or she the same breath I was sad
needs. because the doctor said it had
no cure.

Monday, May 16, 2022 / PEOPLE DAILY 23

ect different body organs One out of Approximately Kisumu. I was admitted and put on cyclophos- BRIEFLY
every 10 lupus 1.5 millionpeople phamide infusion for two weeks. Later on, I
patients is a have a form of was discharged and continued with the clinics.
male lupus. However, in January 2021, things got worse and I
had to seek further medical opinion with a Rheu-
70% of 90%of matologist at the Aga Khan University Hospital in
Parklands, Nairobi. I was admitted and received
total lupus individuals treatment for a week. During that time, I was also
cases are diagnosed diagnosed with Covid-19,” she explains.
Systemic lupus with lupus, are
erythematosus women. Upon discharge, Ruth went back to Siaya to
cases. be with her children and since then she has not
experienced any major flare ups.
80% of 2-3 times
“I still use a variety of drugs and I thank God
people develop lupus is more for the progress. I also thank my doctors, Dr Fred
lupus between prevalent among Owuor, Dr Okelo, Dr D Farrida and Dr Omondi
15 and 45 years people of colour. Oyoo who have worked tirelessly to restore my
of age. health, “she says.

20 % 5% Dr Yvonne Wanjiru Thuo, a general practitioner WHO calls for crucial
says lupus affects people differently. While some changes to protect
Chance of of people who may have mild symptoms that may not affect workers’ health
a parent or are birthed by their day to day life, others may have serious while teleworking
sibling having patients with symptoms that will need them to make adjust-
or developing the disease will ments to their daily life and work.
lupus develop it, as
well. “Some patients may need assistance with
simple activities, such as bathing and eating. In
63% The two most some countries, lupus is considered a disability by Mwangi Mumero safety support, the impact of
common sleep and the government provides assistance to such teleworking on the physical
of lupus issues related patients” says Dr Thuo. PeopleDailyKE and mental health and social
sufferers have to lupus are wellbeing of workers can be
originally been insomnia and She notes that the disease can be difficult to TheWorld Health Or- signi cant.
misdiagnosed. narcolepsy. diagnose because its signs and symptoms often ganisation (WHO) and the
mimic those of other ailments. International Labour Organ- It can lead to isolation,
SOURCE: VARIOUS SOURCES isation (ILO) have called for burnout, depression, home
The most distinctive sign of lupus is a facial measures to be put in place violence, musculoskel-
summarised as lupus. conditions.“The skin rash was unbearable, rash that resembles the wings of a butterfly to protect workers’health etal and other injuries, eye
Ruth offers: “Before the diagnosis, I was hair loss was normal and the cough was unfolding across both cheeks, which she says oc- while teleworking. strain, increase in smoking
persistent. Having a headache every now and curs in many, but not all cases of lupus. and alcohol consumption,
a very healthy mother and active in my day- then had become a normal thing,” she says. Teleworking, also re- prolonged sitting and screen
to-day activities. I never had any medical She explains that signs and symptoms may ferred to as working from time and unhealthy weight
condition before I was diagnosed with lupus. For Ruth, fighting lupus hasn’t been a walk come on suddenly or develop slowly, may be mild home became popular gain.
The moment the physician informed me of in the park, and treatment is expensive. or severe, and may be temporary or permanent. during the height of the Co-
the diagnosis, I became suicidal. Luckily, my Most people with lupus have mild disease char- vid-19 pandemic. The report outlines the
husband, parents and close family members She describes her treatment journey after acterised by episodes, known as flares-when roles that governments, em-
supported and encouraged me and I had to the diagnosis; “I was admitted in the Intensive signs and symptoms get worse for a while, then In a new technical brief, ployers, workers and health
accept the reality.” Care Unit for two weeks after I developed re- improve or even disappear completely for a time. the two bodies outline the services at workplaces
spiratory distress and knew I would succumb health bene ts and risks of should play in promoting
Series of misdiagnosis to the disease. There is a time the anesthe- The most common signs and symptoms, teleworking and the chang- and protecting health and
Due to the condition, Ruth finds it hard to tist almost gave up on me. He flatly told my Dr Thuo says, include fatigue, fever, joint pain, es needed to accommodate safety while teleworking.
husband that the pneumonia I had was too butterfly-shaped rash on the face that covers the the shift towards di erent
stay in cold areas. At some point, she lost stubborn.” cheeks and bridge of the nose, skin lesions that forms of remote work ar- It o ers practical recom-
her vision and was immediately put on treat- appear or worsen with sun exposure, fingers and rangements brought on by mendations for the organ-
ment. Other times, she had to apply sun- “I was doing well until March 2020 when toes that turn white or blue when exposed to cold the Covid-19 pandemic and isation of telework that meet
screen since she couldn’t withstand sunny the condition worsened despite attending or during stressful periods, chest pain, shortness the digital transformation the needs of both workers
monthly clinics at the Aga Khan Hospital in of breath, headaches, confusion and memory of work. and businesses, such as
loss. “It is important for one to visit a doctor if developing individual work
they experience these symptoms. In supporting a “The pandemic has led to plans with clear priorities,
patient with lupus, it is important to discuss with a surge of teleworking, ef- timelines and expected
the patient the kind of support he or she needs,” fectively changing the nature results.
adds Thuo. of work practically overnight
for many workers,”said Dr It calls on businesses
While there is no cure for lupus, treatment Maria Neira, Director,WHO to develop special pro-
focuses on improving the quality of life through Department of Environment, grammes for teleworking
controlling symptoms and minimising flare-ups. Climate Change and Health. that combine measures for
managing work and per-
The number of people affected by lupus in Ke- Neira said in the nearly formance, using e ective
nya is known, Dr Thuo says. two years since the start of digital platform
the pandemic, it has become
NUTRITION clear that teleworking can as According to the report,
easily bring health bene ts, measures that should be
WITH WINNIE WANGARE and it can also have dire put in place by employers,
impact. include ensuring that work-
Why nutrition is important to oral health ers receive adequate equip-
Among the bene ts, the ment to complete the tasks
There exists a bidirectional tion. De ciencies in vitamins Eating a variety of foods like Eating a variety of foods is report says, there can be of the job.
relationship between nutrition and minerals have a negative tofu, canned salmon, almonds, healthy for gums and teeth. improved work–life balance,
and oral health while poor oral impact on oral health; vitamin dark green leafy vegetables, opportunities for exible There should also be
health and hygiene a ects an C and vitamin D de ciency re- lean meat, nuts, beans, citrus COURTESY working hours and physical training of managers in ef-
individual’s nutritional status, duces the production of mucin, fruits, potatoes, dairy and activity, reduced tra c, and fective risk management,
poor nutrition equally impacts which weakens salivary ow dairy products help promote throughout adulthood to old time spent commuting and distance leadership and
oral health. Common nutri- and tooth integrity and dam- optimum nutrition, healthy age to ensure that teeth grow a decrease in air pollution workplace health promo-
tional de ciencies, metabolic ages healthy connective tis- gums and teeth. Food choices well and dental hygiene is — all of which can improve tion; and establishing the
diseases and some degen- sues respectively. Additionally, and eating patterns should maintained. Apart from the physical and mental health “right to disconnect”and
erative diseases exhibit their periodontal health is strongly be monitored from childhood choice of food, some bene cial and social wellbeing. su cient rest days.
early signs intra orally before related to diet in that calcium manners to adopt, include
appearing physically. Careful builds the bone that support brushing teeth after every Teleworking can also lead Occupational health ser-
examination of the oral cavity the teeth, strengthens gums meal, including snacks, oss- to higher productivity and vices should be enabled to
may reveal underlying condi- and teeth and when combined ing, drinking water and going lower operational costs for provide ergonomic, mental
tions with manifestations, such with phosphate they form the for oral checkups. many companies. health and psychosocial
as ulceration, plaques, swell- teeth structure whereas vita- support to teleworkers us-
ing, pigmentation and erosion. min D boosts mineral density However, the report ing digital telehealth tech-
and helps absorb, carry and warns that without proper nologies, the report says.
Nutritional intake in uences deposit Calcium. On the other planning and organisation
the oral tissues which bind hand, phosphorous and vita- and without health and
the epithelium, collagen and min K naturally help protect
bone, as well as the saliva that and rebuild tooth enamel and
provide an e ective barrier bind Calcium for bone growth
against physical and chemical and density.
irritants and bacterial penetra-

24 PEOPLE DAILY / Monday, May 16, 2022

Take Off Guru

Giving the elderly chance depending on their children,” says Bu-
to age with dignity “Every member is supposed to contrib-
ute Sh10 every month through the groups The fourth pillar deals with emergency
Ruth Bukachi has for 13 years been in the frontline to help elderly for his or her medical scheme. When a cases such as death. Again, every mem-
people enjoy their sunset years through social support programmes member falls sick, and say is admitted, the ber contributes Sh10 monthly that goes
foundation gives a token of Sh20,000,” the into the emergency fund kitty. She says
by Enock Amukhale BUKACHI foundation and are helped to open a bank director explains. incase a member dies, the money helps
account. to cater for the funeral expenses even as
@PeopleDailyKE We The members are also helped to join the foundation chips in to supplement
have many The foundation deals with five major National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) this.
While being able to attain groups pillars. The first is addressing loneliness through their little contributions.
old age is something that have among the beneficiaries. The elders “Through the foundation members can
to be thankful for, this ventured through their groups meet and share Bukachi who runs Heart Centre Hospital now cater for funeral expenses. I was in
milestone comes with its into income ideas. They share a cup of tea together, in Luanda along Kisumu-Busia road, Vihiga Hamisi sub-county in Vihiga county last
fair share of challenges. generating chat and dance to refresh themselves. county, says the elderly with heart compli- week where two members died.
What with financial inse- activities cation access free screening and medica-
curity, health challenges, using the “Compassionate Hearts helps ad- tion. “I was stunned to see how the mem-
lack of care and support and loneliness money they dressing loneliness among the elderly bers organised themselves using the
after children have left the nest, among have saved people. We bring them together through “My husband, Dr Fred Bukachi, is a pro- money in their welfare account and gave
others. their groups in the villages to discuss fessor of medicine and a well-known cardi- their departed members a decent send
their affairs and socialise freely. Some ologist in Kenya. We started a heart clinic at off,” she recalls.
Ruth Bukachi, who hails from Bu- aged people have lost their wives or Mulukhoro Luanda where we offer a variety
nyore, Emuhaya sub-county, Vihiga husbands and when they come together of treatment services to heart related com- Again, the members contribute Sh10
County is the Director, Compassionate weekly, it helps fight loneliness,” she plications. We use the heart centre to offer monthly, which they save for Christmas
Hearts Foundation, which has various shares. services to the elderly people by screening and Happy New year celebrations. During
programmes aimed at supporting the them for free,” says Bukachi. these two important holidays, the mem-
older generation. She runs the organ- Sh10 contribution bers get money to celebrate with their
isation with the help of her husband, Dr The second pillar is the medical The move has helped many members ac- families through the support of Compas-
Fred Bukachi. She started the initiative in cess quality medical care at their old age. sionate Hearts Foundation.
2009 and currently, it is catering for over scheme. The director shares how health
73,000 people. has become a challenge for the elderly, The third pillar looks at income of the Financial empowernment
who do not have a medical scheme or ac- aged people. Every member contributes The fifth pillar deals with the financial
She says taking care of the elderly cess to quality health care. Sh10 monthly for merry-go-round and an-
has always been regarded a family re- other Sh10 for table banking. welfare of the members where they con-
sponsibility with little or no government tribute money and venture into income
support. Hence the oldest populations The foundation further supports the generating activities. She says there are
have the highest risk of living in poverty, members’ table banking by giving them groups that make soap for sale, while
especially because they are past retire- grants to improve on their savings in their others have ventured into commercial
ment age, they do not have physical accounts. agribusiness.
strength to engage in income generat-
ing projects and therefore, have limited “With table banking and merry-go-round, “I am happy to say that we have many
income. Worse still, if they do not have the elderly are able to have money in their groups under Compassionate Hearts
someone to support them physically and pockets and thus meet their needs without that have ventured into income gener-
financially, their sunset years can be ating activities using the money they
full of agony instead of something to be Ruth Bukachi have saved. Some are making soap for
thankful about. addressing the elderly sale and some have ventured in com-
at a past event. PD/ mercial agri-business. I have groups in
Overcoming loneliness Kisii, which have started loaning money
ENOCK AMUKHALE. to people from their enterprises,” says
Bukachi shares how Compassionate Bukachi.
Hearts foundation identifies the vulner-
able elderly people who have clocked 60. The organisation targets to reach over
They are then put in groups within their two million elderly people countrywide.
villages. The elders register with the To join Compassionate Heart, one needs
to join a registered group under the foun-
dation — that is within his or her village.

The director notes that although the
national government has tried to improve
the wellbeing of the elderly by introducing
cash transfer programme, the resources
are overstretched by the high number of
people who need help.

Bukachi, who is eyeing the Vihiga
Woman Representative seat says she will
ensure the elderly across the country are
given proper social protection by champi-
oning for implementation of policies that
can take care of their welfare.


Africa`s extreme poverty levels to decline by 2065

Extreme poverty levels in Africa QUICKFIGURES
are projected to significantly drop
over the next four decades. African 35% This is a Sh 200 42%
Union Development Agency`s decrease
projections indicate that the next of Africans from 46% World Bank defines of the popu-
few decades promise to bring are projected extreme poverty as lation in
great progress for the continent to be living in of the living below Sh200 Sub Saha-
because of improving social and extreme pov- population ran Africa
health conditions lowering poverty erty between between per day.
levels and boosting life expectancy. 2016-2025, 1996-2005 lives below
Despite there being no substantial the poverty
decrease in poverty levels over the This num-
past decades, progress is coming, ber will re- line.
according to the agency. There will duce further
also be great improvements in to 1.7% in
educational attainment over the next the next 40

PEOPLE DAILY / Monday, May 16, 2022 25

Scholar Training future leaders BRIEFLY

Increased Es in KCSE blamed Supermodel
on 100 per cent transition policy
Ajuma donates
Despite the many benefits,
transiting poor KCPE excercise books
performers to secondary
school has been linked to rural schools
to the high number of
Grade E in KCSE and by Irene Githinji
stakeholders are raising
questions on whether the @PeopleDailyKE
huge investment by the
government is worth it Over 37,000 students in 60 primary
schools across 18 counties from
by Douglas Dindi KCPE candidates write an exam in the past. PD/FILE hard-to-reach communities will
benefit from a project run by Kenyan
@PeopleDailyKE ing level as that of National Skill Certificate II MUTEVANI The A students represented just 0.14 per supermodel Ajuma Nasenyana.
Government Trade Test II or National Vocational cent of the total candidates in 2021 and only 18
The high number of the lowest Certificate II. When per cent (145,145) attained the minimum uni- The project, Ajuma Exercise Book
grade E in the recently released you review versity grade C+ (plus). Initiative is run in partnership with
Kenya Certificate of Secondary Waste of resources the 2021 KCSE money transfer Fintech Chipper
Education (KCSE) results has re- Standard Eight or Grade Six graduates can perform- The KCSE 2021 results report released by Cash, and seeks to boost literacy lev-
kindled debate among education also be admitted into the course if he demon- ance, you education CS Prof George Magoha showed a els in rural parts of the country.
stakeholders on the significance strates application of knowledge and skills in discover that significant 39.27 per cent of the candidate’s
of the 100 per cent primary to sec- applied areas. 46 per cent of would be absorbed into diploma and certificate Ajuma said the Covid-19 pandemic
ondary school transition policy, which is now in Anthony Mutevani a programme officer with the candidates courses in TVET institutions. has taken an economic toll on fami-
its sixth year. African Canadian Continuing Education Society scored D lies, especially in rural areas of Ke-
(ACCES Kenya), a civil society organisation (plain) and The Kakamega county coordinator of Elimu nya, disrupting learning and supply
The policy is one of Jubilee Government’s questions the rationale of spending resources below. This yetu Coalition Nicholas Anyangu, however, of educational resources for young
success stories that has gained traction be- on a student whose career pathway is already grade is just differs with Mutevani. “Basic education is com- learners.
cause of taming the annual haemorrhage of the defined. enough to pulsory in Kenya according to our constitution,”
Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) He argues that the 100 per cent transition enroll one he explains. “With little economic resources,
candidates unable to secure admission to sec- policy delays children who are endowed-psy- into a trade parents are torn between providing
ondary school due to their low points. chomotor from charting their career pathways test course He says the 100 per cent transition allows meals and buying books essential
early enough by keeping weak students in class at a village children to grow up in school as most KCPE for learning, leaving children to use
Players rooting for 100 per cent transition against their will to do what they might like polytechnic, candidates are minors below 15 years old. He carton boxes as exercise books so
have argued secondary school education’s most. He observed, “For four years, the govern- the same as says the four year O-level course allows learn- that they do not miss school,” she
benefits go beyond attaining a formal educa- ment pays Sh22,000 as tuition fees capitation a primary ers to mature before transiting to college. said, when she launched the project
tion, such as contributing to the reduction of HIV annually for each learner in public secondary school in Nairobi recently.
infection among girls, as they are able to delay school and on graduation, it’s perhaps that E “Certificate courses take only two years
becoming sexually active and avoid early mar- grade that drives you back to a level of a primary to complete. If a student was 14 years old in “If we say that education is key to a
riages, reduction of poverty among girls and en- school graduate in a village polytechnic. That Standard Eight and goes straight to a village society’s social and economic trans-
hances their chances of employment, reduction was a waste of time and resources.” polytechnic, he will be just 16 years when he formation, then we need to do every-
of crime among youth, among other benefits. He said the government should invest some graduates. He cannot be employed because the thing we can to give these children an
of the resources meant for the 100 per cent labour laws forbid,” he observed. opportunity to transform their lives
However, some critics of the policy are stok- transition to secondary school into infrastruc- and their communities’ fortunes,”
ing divisions on the actual value gained from the ture development in county polytechnics as an Struggling students she added.
huge government investment. alternative path for talented children that cuts He also dismisses insensitive reports that
on time wastage in secondary school. Since the inception of the project
They say forcing students to join high school “When you review the 2021 KCSE perfor- sub-county schools contributed the bulk of in 2021, close to 12,000 learners in
with poor grades could ultimately be the reason mance, you discover that 46 per cent of the can- KCSE basement grades. “We must get to the remote areas of the Rift Valley, East-
most of them are ending up with the E grade in didates scored D (plain) and below. This grade is root cause of the problem. Is it weak students ern and Coast regions have benefited
KCSE. just enough to enroll one into a trade test course or weak management systems and poor infra- from the literacy improvement pro-
at a village polytechnic, the same as a primary structure in the intuitions,” he poses. gramme.
“While the100 per cent transition may reduce school graduate,” he explains.
crime, other vices and population growth by The 2021 KCSE recorded some of the highest Comments from a cross section of principals Ajuma reiterated that the book do-
keeping millions of young people busy, societal basement grades of D (plain), D (minus) and Es of sub-county schools interviewed on the poor nation drive project looked to address
problems that were dealt with by the public, in the history of the exam with a majority of the grades on condition that their identity is not challenges beyond closing gaps by
including the police, now end up in schools, and 388,000 candidates drawn from the sub-county revealed had a common denominator: That of providing educational resources and
some schools and teachers are not prepared schools (day schools). admitting weak KCPE candidates mostly from infrastructure to primary schools in
for that. Case in point, the increase of arson A total of 187,264 candidates scored D- poor backgrounds from whom they struggle rural Kenya.
attacks in schools,” says a secondary school (minus) to emerge as a grade with the highest with to extract good results.
headteacher in Nyeri county. number of students in the 2021 class. The “This project seeks to address
crème de la crème of the 2021 KCSE class was Bishop Nicholas Olumasai, a board of man- challenges, including teen preg-
He explains that some problems persist irre- shared between 789 males and 349 females agement member in one of the sub-county nancy, period poverty, hunger and
spective of the transition rate going up, arguing mainly drawn from national and extra-county schools in Kakamega says there is a need to re- insufficient water storage facilities
that below-average students find school mean- schools. view the policy to accommodate students keen among other issues, which have been
ingless, because what’s taught is way above to pursue skills training upon graduating from barriers to a holistic education for
their intellectual capacity. primary school. young learners,” Ajuma said.

The Kenya National Qualification Authority He says, “Those of us in the management in Chipper Cash Country Director
(KNQA), a national body mandated to promote this category of schools are not embarrassed Leon Kiptum said that the Ajuma
globally recognised and competitive qualifica- of the poor performances. We admit relatively Exercise Book Initiative aligned with
tions, as well as determine course entry re- weaker students and we are proud of our re- the company’s education pillar to
quirements, classifies the KCSE E grade along- sults. improve access to education through
side a KCPE certificate or Grade Six report card. books, which are basic tools for effec-
tive learning. “As a business, we have
A highlight of minimum admission require- an important role to play in society,
ments for listed courses found on the KNQA and we are leveraging partnerships
portal shows a KCSE graduate with an E grade to combine resources and expertise
is no more than a Standard Eight or a Grade Six to tackle societal needs holistically.
graduate. The Ajuma Exercise Book initiative
is helping to improve literacy levels
The KCSE candidate can begin his training in primary schools and connects the
at KNQA Level Three, which reveals his train- younger generation through culture,
regalia and language,” said Kiptum.

“During the drives, we are com-
pelled to provide additional help
beyond donating books based on
dire situations that we have face on-
ground,” he added.

26 ENTERTAINMENT PEOPLE DAILY / Monday, May 16, 2022


6.00 Inuka 3.30PM AKILI AND ME 5:00 BBC ARIES (MAR. 21- APRIL 20)
6.30 Wake Up, Shape Up! 5:30 Gear Up Communication will be your strong point
::IN THEATRES NOW:: 6:00 Good Morning and you should be able to persuade others
7.00 N*Gen to see things your way.
ANGA DIAMOND PLAZA: 11:40, 12:45, Kenya
7.00 Story Of Us- Omnibus 14:00, 15:00, 16:20, 17:20, 18:40, 19:40, 9:00 Layd Back TAURUS (APR. 21- MAY 21)
9.55 Wisdom Moments 21:00, 22:00: DOCTOR STRANGE IN 9:30 Animation Time You should not get involved in joint ven-
THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS 10:30 Jee, huu ni tures. You’re ready to take action and take
10.05 Inuka over. Ferret out information that will hold
11.00 Movie ANGA SKY PANARI: 09:33, 13:00, ungwana? them responsible.
14:15, 15:20, 16:30, 17:40, 18:45, 20:00, 11:00 Hypochondri
1.00 K24 News Cut 21:00: DOCTOR STRANGE IN THE GEMINI (MAY 22-JUNE 21)
1.30 Turning Point ach RR You will be accident prone if you aren’t care-
MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS 12:00 Afrusion ful today. A new relationship can be yours if
2.00 Bongo Movie WESTGATE CINEMA 1:00 Lunch you get out with friends. You will be able to
work with ine detail today.
3.00 Ubongo Kids 19:05, 11:25, 14:25, 16:50, 19:15, Time News
3.30 Akili & Me 4:30 Big Minds Rpt You need to be around friends and family.
4.00 Inuka MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS 5.00 Club 1 Now is the time for completing hobbies that
4.30 Bbc Mitikasi Leo ANGA DIAMOND PLAZA:10:30, 19:15: 6:30 The Great you’ve been working on for a long time.

4.45 Akili & Me JAYESHBHAI JORDAAR Debators LEO (JULY 23-AUG 22)
5.00 Beatbox 7:00 Taarifa Moneymaking opportunities will surface.
7:30 Grapevine This will not be the day to have minor sur-
6.00 Bandolero 8:00 First Lady gery.
7.00 Kikaoni K24 9:00 Channel 1
VIRGO (AUG. 23 -SEPT. 23)
7.30 Story Of Us News Secret affairs could cause upset. Be careful
8.00 Made In Cartagena 10:00 Maisha ya not to sign your time or your cash away. Ac-
9.00 K24 Evening Edition complishment is yours if you direct yourself
mama accordingly.
10.00 You Were There 11:00 CCTV
11:30 Layd Back LIBRA (SEPT. 24 -OCT. 23)
10.30 Turning Point Cultural activities will prove to be quite en-
5:00 Password Plus Rpt lightening for everyone. Travel should be
11.00 Rhumba Oxygen- Rpt 6:00 AM Live on your agenda. If you are in the midst of a
01.00 Al Jazeera 9:00 Movie: inancial deal, this is your lucky day.
11:15 The Young & Restless
5.00 Ime Ria Ruciini 12:00 Rhythm City SCORPIO (OCT. 24 - NOV. 22)
6.00 Rikiratha- Live 12:30 Scandal Organize all the responsibilities that have
10.00 Riigu Mix- Rpt 1:00 NTV at 1 to be attended to and make sure everyone
10.30 Satai 1:30 Movie: knows what to do.
11.00 3.00 Password Plus
1.00 Kurekereria Kodi- Live 4:00 NTV at 4 SAGITTARIUS (NOV. 23 -DEC. 21)
1.30 4:15 Password Plus It’s time to make professional changes.
3.00 Mohoro Gitau-Live 5:00 The Beat Help if you can, but more than likely it will
3.30 6:00 Tropical Paradise be suficient just to listen. You will beneit
4.00 Thiririka 6:40 Pika Chakula through hidden assets and property invest-
6.00 7:00 NTV Jioni ments.
6.30 Save A Life- Rpt 8:00 Press Pass
Mbugi Matu- Rpt 9:00 NTV Tonight CAPRICORN (DEC 22.- JAN. 20)
7.00 Ririmbuka -Live 10:05 Shark Tank Job changes are in order. Go for interviews
Maisha Bure- Rpt 11:00 Movie or send out resumes. Everything is moving
7.30 Wendo Wa 01:15 CNN quickly, just the way you like it. Not every-
9.00 one will be pleased with your plans.
10.00 AQUARIUS (JAN. 21 -FEB. 19)
11.30 Kameme Maturaini- Don’t expect others to live up to their prom-
1.30 ises and you won’t be disappointed or ind
Live yourself stuck with delays. Abrupt changes
concerning your professional position are
Nditimurano evident.

Mutamburuko Wa PISCES (FEB. 20-MAR. 20)
You will feel better about yourself and you
Mohoro- Live may also meet potential lovers. Take a
short business trip if possible.
The aim is to ill 1 23 45 6
Ririmbuka the grid so that 7 FRIDAY’S SOLUTION
DW each row, col- 10
513 7 SUDOKU umn and every 12 8 ACROSS DOWN
3x3 shaded
4 231 961375482 box contains 19 9 1. Doers 1. Declining
873924165 only one of the 22 4. Placard 2. Embrace
19 542168397 digits 1-9. You 24 11 7. Bossy 3. Seventh
759236841 need to reason 8. Largesse 4. Person
6 23 4 426891753 out where to 9. Deist 5. Cooled
138547926 place the miss- 11. Nicotine 6. Rusks
4 97 51 2 694712538 ing numbers 13 15. Shortage 10. Telescope
387659214 by using the 14 17. Guard 12. Drilled
5:00 Command Your Morning 7 93 5 215483679 numbers given 17 15 16 19. Proliic 13. Taffeta
6:00 Morning Express in the grid and 20 18 20. Abbey 14. Orders
8:00 Life-N-Style 12 a process of 21 21. Crested 16. Hurled
10.00 Carmela Rpt elimination. It is 23 22. Drape 18. Umber
11.00 Tendereza a game of logic
12.00 The Entrepreneur 841 5 not mathemati-
12.30 Daktari Rpt cal ability.
1.00 News Desk 3 876
1:30 Drive It
2:00 Afri-Screen: 25
4.00 Mbiu Ya KTN
4.10 The Emperor’s New School LIFE’S LIKE THAT! | BY TUM
4.30 Teenage Mutant:
ACROSS 23. Pieces of correspondence 4. Work in an amatuerrish
Ninja Turtles sent through the post way (7)
5.00 Baseline 7. Egg shaped solids (6) (7)
6.00 Losing Heaven 8. Ferocious (6) 5. Dull colours (5)
7:00 KTN Leo 10. In fact; actually (2,5) 24. Fable (6) 6. Eats like a bird (5)
7:30 Mshamba 11. Light canoe (5) 25. Third sign of the zodiac (6) 9. In a warm manner (9)
8.00 Steve Harvey 12. Big cat (4) 14. Slander (7)
9.00 KTN Prime 13. Decorate (5) DOWN 15. Clique (7)
10.05 Documentary 17. Detection technology (5) 1. Venetian boat (7) 16. Waterproof fabric (7)
10.30 Movie 18. ____ Berra: baseball 2. Highest vantage point of 19. Soft type of rock (5)
12.30 CNN 20. Drab (5)
player (4) a building (7) 21. Sharply inclined (5)
22. Japanese poem (5) 3. Draw or bring out (5)

Monday, May 16, 2022 FOOTBALL 27

Sport Klopp calls for
The one-stop Sport shop... inal quadruple push
after FA Cup victory -

Thrillers at CAF ties

Ahly stay on track for third straight CAF Setif’s defender Ab-

Champions League title delkrim Nemdil leaps
to head the ball during

their CAF Champions

League Semi-Final

RACING Johannesburg, Sunday match against Egypt’s
al-Ahly at the 5 July
Bastianini wins at French @PeopleDailyKe stadium in the Algiers

Mohamed Sherif equalised in added time suburb of Ben Aknoun

for Al Ahly of Egypt as they drew 2-2 at En-

MotoGP for third season tente Setif of Algeria on Saturday to stay on

course for an unprecedented third straight

LE MANS: Enea Bastianini grabbed his third MotoGP victo- CAF Champions League title. Tau scored twice and
ry in seven races this season as he took the French Grand Prix
on Sunday. The Italian, riding a Gresini Ducati, cruised home Ahmed Abdel Kader put Ahly in front after created the other two
2.718 sec ahead of Australian Jack Miller on a factory Ducati.
Bastianini overtook compatriot Francesco Bagnaia in the late only two minutes of the semi-final second goals in the first leg and
stages when the factory Ducati rider made an error. Bagnaia
reacted to his first mistake by at once making another, falling leg before goals either side of half-time from his pass put Abdel Kader
off his bike as he tried to hit back in the 20th lap. At one stage
there had been a three-way battle for first, but Joan Mir rode Ahmed Kendouci and Riad Benayah edged through to fire past goal-
his Suzuki off the track in the 13th lap, managed to steer the
bike back onto the tarmac but then immediately fell off. Setif ahead. keeper Sofiane Khedairia less than two

-AFP But two-time African champions Setif minutes after the kick-off.

FOOTBALL were denied the consolation of a home vic- The goal left Setif needing to score

tory in Algiers when South African PercyTau at least six to pull off the greatest

set up Sherif to equalise. comeback in Champions League

Ahly won the semi-final 6-2 on aggre- history.

gate having built a four-goal first-leg That was never going to happen

lead in Cairo last weekend, and against opponents as formidable

will face long-time rivals Wy- as Ahly, who have won 23 titles

Engage Fifa over Kenya ban, dad Casablanca of Morocco across four CAF competitions.

in the May 30 final. Instead, the Black Eagles

The Confederation of sought the consolation of a

Nyamweya urges Amina African Football (CAF) have home victory over the Red Devils

scheduled the title decid- er in the and drew level as half-time ap-

NAIROBI: Former Foot- terchange between the two premier African club compe- proached.
ball Kenya Federation (FKF) entities. He reiterated his
president Sam Nyamweya earlier statement that the tition for Morocco, saying Kendouci turned in the box
has called for an urgent banishment of the country
dialogue between the gov- is disturbing while insisting they were the only bidders. and unleashed a hard, rising
ernment and Fifa for the on round-table discussions
suspension slapped on the to solve the issue. “Over However, record 10-time shot that flew into the net past
country by the world body the last five months, Ke-
to be lifted. Nyamweya nyan football has been champions Ahly want the match captain and goalkeeper Mo-
said it would be in the in- in the spotlight following
terests of the stakeholders the move by the Sports staged at a neutral venue and have ap- hamed el Shenawy off the
for Kenya to be reinstated Cabinet Secretary Amina
in international football, Mohammed to disband the pealed to the Court of Arbitration for underside of the crossbar.
adding that it can only Football Kenya Federation
come into fruition with in- executive.-Charles Thuku Sport (CAS) in Switzerland to overturn Benayah notched his fifth

SHOOTING the CAF decision. goal in Africa this season to

Ahly and Wydad met in the 2017 fi- give Setif the lead just past

nal with the Moroccans winning 2-1 the hourmark,beatingEl

on aggregate over two legs, before Shenawy with a

single-match finals were introduced shot from outside the

two seasons ago. box that flew into the net off the

CAF say they will consider revert- surface. Substitute Sherif then spoilt the

ing to two-leg Champions League pending victory celebrations of Algerian

finals, but are adamant that supporters with his sixth goal -- one less

Action expected as shooting the 2022 title decider CAF ChAMPIONS LEAGUE SEMI- than Champions League leading scorer
must go ahead in
FINAL RESULt: Tiago Azulao from Angolan club Petro
event begins in Samburu Luanda. -AFP


Entente Setif (ALG) 2-2 Al Ahly (EGY, holders)

Ahly win 6-2 on aggregate

Played Friday:


Wydad Casablanca (MAR) 1-1 Petro Luanda (ANG)

Wydad win 4-2 on aggregate

McGrath eyes glory after being unveiled as Shujaa coach

SAMBURU: Kenya Sports over Kenya. The aim of the by Alex Njue ly-hired Head Coach Damian McGrath who Newly appointed Shujaa coach Darmian
shooting federation has pilot event today was to put was unveiled on Saturday at the RFUEA McGrath during a past event when he
organised a pre-Kenya open to test the capacity of the @PeopleDailyKe grounds. was in charge of Germany. PD/ALEX NJUE
event dubbed “Road to Kenya Sports Shooting Fed-
Shaba” in preparation for eration to run the upcoming Kenya sevens rugby team, Shujaa, has McGrath who has had stints with Eng-
IPSC tournament at Shaba IPSC level III championships its work cut out this week when it takes on land, Samoa, Canada and Germany Sevens
range in Kamanga, Samburu smoothly. Aspects like score- Fiji,Wales and Canada in the HSBC Sevens teams said his charges are focused on ruf-
county. The event which was keeping, hospitality, and World Series. fling feathers in the event.
held at the newly construct- general logistics towards the
ed Shaba Sports Shooting event are some of the areas The setting is Toulouse in France af- He expressed gratitude to the players
Range attracted a total of that were looked at. ter which the 15 participating teams will grabbing his philosophy pretty fast and es-
100 shooters from different head to the penultimate round in London pecially on the basics of the game.
shooting clubs counties all -Webster Nyandika followed by a two-month break ahead of
Commonwealth Games in Birmingham. “My doctrine revolves around getting the
basics right and as a coach; I’m happy the
Shujaa will be under the tutelage of new- players are trying to perfect it and pretty soon
they will be home and dry,’’saidMcGrath.

28 PEOPLE SPORT PEOPLE DAILY / Monday, May 16, 2022

AK to hold Commonwealth trials before World Championships Old hand wins
seventh leg of
by Amos Abuga team that will be named following the tions. Safaricom Golf
conclusion of the two day trials this “I understand where NOCK is com- Tour at Karen
@PeopleDailyKe Saturday will surely be determined by
the quota allocated to the federation. ing from, inorder to have sufficient by Edwin Otieno
Athletics Kenya (AK) president Jack time to do all the necessary logistics,
Tuwei (pictured) yesterday said that “We can only work with the num- all the details regarding participating @PeopleDailyKe
getting athletics team ready for com- bers we have been allocated factoring athletes must be submitted early even
monwealth Games is the mandate in that there are other federations for accreditation,” he told People Karen-based veteran golfer Don Ri-
of National Olympic Committee of like swimming, badminton, boxing, Sport. aroh emerged the overall winner of the
Kenya (NOCK). cycling, judo, lawn bowls, squash seventh leg of the Safaricom Golf Tour
among others that too will be send- Ahead of trials that will be held at held at the par 72 Karen Country Club
Tuwei says the federation slotting ing team to Birmingham,” said Tuwei the Moi Internationals Sports Centre, course at the weekend.
trials for club Games earlier than adding that NOCK are charged with Kasarani, only invited athletes will be
those ofWorld Athletics Champion- organising the Commonwealth allowed to compete. Playing off handicap 22, the 70-year-
ships follows guidance from NOCK. Games programme. old Mr. Riaroh, who was in his best
This year’s Games will be staged from “We can only have the athletes that form, picked up a birdie in the second
July 28 to August 8 in Birmingham, Tuwei further says given the club have met the criteria to attend and nine, a hole in one and numerous pars
United Kingdom. TheWorld Cham- Games is a multi-sport events, issues therefore standing a chance to make during his round in the four-ball tour-
pionships will be held from July 15-25 to do with accreditation can be rigor- the team, we want to eliminate cases nament for an impressive 43 points.
in Eugene, Oregon. He says the final ous thus need to start early prepara- of athletes coming to try their luck,”
added Tuwei. “I would like to thank Safaricom for
such an organized event. It is amazing
Kipsang soars to see how the company is supporting
young talents and securing the future
Athlete shifts focus to Kenya’s Abel Kipsang of Golf in the country through junior
Birmingham Diamond League (R) wins the men’s golf tournaments. I played with a very
after winning Doha meet 1500m event during the wonderful team. My win didn’t come as
IAAF Diamond League a surprise as I was here the day before,
by Amos Abuga athletics Doha meeting playing club night in preparation for the
at the Khalifa Interna- tournament.” said Don Riaroh
@PeopleDailyKe tional stadium in the
Qatar capital on May 13, Riaroh drew his vast experience from
World Indoor 1500m bronze medallist Abel 2022. AFP his past competitions since he debuted
Kipsang is not about to slow down after yet in the sport in 1974 by beating a field of
another impressive performance at the global 200 players in a very competitive tour-
stage. nament. He joins Alice Awiti, former
caddie Cyprian Bundi, junior Golfer Leo
Kipsang who is gearing towards Birmingham Gitonga, Zain Manji, Lydia Jebichii, and
Diamond league next weekend, is focused on Simon Kimatu, the winners of the other
improving his performance. 6 legs.

“It just feels amazing running with the kind Meanwhile, home golfer Koki Muia
of confidence I’m in right now,” said Kipsang. posted 39 points to emerge the Lady
winner ahead of Pettie Ndolo, who
“Every race I take part is to help me prepare carded 36 points. Safaricom CEO Peter
for the World Championships and the Com- Ndegwa was awarded the men’s catego-
monwealth Games where I hope to win gold ry award after scoring 40 points ahead
medal,” said Kipsang. of Thomas Bisonga who carded a total
of 38 points.Willy Mastamet and Eunice
The youngster extended his red hot form as Koome won the longest drive contest.
he stormed to victory in the men’s 1500m as the Seth Oburu took home the Safaricom
2022 Diamond League season kicked off Friday Staff Award after garnering 40 points
night in Doha, Qatar. and won the nearest to the pin award.

Kipsang who notched a world leading time The Best first nine went to Paul
last weekend at the Kip Keino Classic held off Kaguamba, with the best second nine
compatriot and world championTimothy Che- award going to Anthony Gacheru, who
ruiyot to win the race in 3:35.70. garnered 20 and 21 points, respectively.
The Karen Tournament marks the half-
Cheruiyot who is hunting for a fifth consecu- way stage of the ongoing Safaricom Golf
tive Diamond League title settled for the second Tour, with seven more legs left before
spot in 3:36.16. the Tour culminates atVipingo Ridge in
August. As part of growing Golf among
“This crowd in Doha - amazing! Thanks for the juniors in the country, Safaricom
the support. Season now started,” wrote the has partnered with Junior Golf Founda-
world champion who will next be in action at tion to tap and nurture young talent in
the Prefontaine Classic, Eugene, USA on May the golf sport. The juniors can register
28. with Junior Golf Foundation (JGF) for

Elsewhere,World Under-20 800m champion Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa places
Noah Kibet announced his entry at the big stage the ball on a tee as he prepares to tee
when he chalked victory in the two-lap race af- off at hole one during the Safaricom
ter clocking a season best of 1:49.08. Golf Tour held at Karen country Club.

Olympic 1500m champion Faith Kipyegon PD/ EDWIN OTIENO
who was making her first competitive appear-
ance this season settled for second in the wom-
en’s 3000m.

Kipyegon was locked in a neck-to-neck battle
with Burundi’s Francine Niyonsaba with the
Burundian reigning supreme in a world leading
time of 8:37.70 as Kipyegon stopped the timer
in 8:38.05.

The men’s 3000m steeplechase saw Olympic
champion Soufiane El Bakkali of Morocco tri-
umph in a world lead of 8:09.66.

Lamecha Girma of Ethiopia finished second
in 8:09.67 while Kenya’s Abraham Kibiwott
came home third in 8:16.40

The Doha meeting was the first stop of the
2022 Diamond League season with the second
leg slated for Birmingham on May 21.

Monday, May 16, 2022 / PEOPLE DAILY PEOPLE SPORT 29

INSIDE Sport Premier Legue Result
R A C I N G pagE28 F O OT BA L L pagE28 Pedro 6’ LEICESTER
Maddison 18’
Bastianini victorious in French Ahly stay on track for third straight Vardy 22’, 70’
MotoGP for third season win CAF Champions League title Barnes 46’, 86’

FOOTBALL Liverpool’s Eng-
lish midfielder
Relegated Venezia disrupt Jordan Henderson
(front R) holds the
Roma European ambitions trophy as he cele-
brates with team-
ROME: David Okereke Salernitana boosted their mates after win-
scored within the first min- chances of survival with a ning the English
ute asVenezia frustrated seventh consecutive match FA Cup final match
European hopefuls AS Roma unbeaten to move out of the against Chelsea
1-1 at the Stadio Olimpico relegation zone with one and Liverpool, at
hours after being relegated match left to play. In Rome, Wembley stadium,
from Serie A on Saturday. Okereke’s flicked header in London, on Sat-
Salernitana’s 1-1 draw 50 seconds into the game urday. AFP
at Empoli earlier in shocked Jose Mourinho’s
the day had sent Quadruple dream still on
down bottom side who are sixth and bat-
teamVenezia who tling for a Europa League
had rejoined place with Fiorentina just
the top flight
last sum- one point behind before
mer. Spezia travelling to Samp-
ensured top doria on Monday.
flight safety Roma proved
with a 3-2 wasteful in their final
comeback game of the season in
win at the Stadio Olimpico,
Udi- hitting the wood-
nese work four
as times.

FOOTBALL Klopp calls for final quadruple push after The quadruple is on if you like, “You saw with the perfor-
FA Cup victory but also off as well. City are mance what it means to the
three points ahead and have players. It’s massive. It’s game
Botswana, Namibia’s 2027 London, Sunday The Reds face Real Madrid in a better goal difference. If they number 60 in a very intense
the Champions League final in win atWest Ham it’s hard.” season and pulling out a per-
AFCON bids taking shape @PeopleDailyKe Paris on May 28 and still have formance like this is absolutely
an outside chance of catching The quadruple chase might incredible.”
WINDHOEK: Botswana Sports Minister Tumiso Rakgare Jurgen Klopp urged Liver- Premier League leaders Man- have been dented after Mo-
has called on the Confederation of Southern Africa Football pool to give one last push for chester City. hamed Salah and Virgil van Klopp also revealed that Liv-
associations (COSAFA) to support the Botswana-Namibia the quadruple after they beat Dijk were unable to finish the erpool’s penalty success was
(BONA) 2027 Africa Cup of Nations hosting bid. Rakgare Chelsea on penalties in the FA Liverpool are three points final due to injuries. in part due to their work with
spoke at the BONA 2027 AFCON Bid dinner hosted at Daan Cup final to keep their history behind City with two games a company who specialise in
Viljoen,Windhoek, Namibia by the Namibia Ministry of bid alive. left for both teams. Klopp doesn’t expect them to neuro science.
Sports on Friday ahead of the COSAFA Annual General Meet- be long-term absentees, but is
ing AGM that takes place on Saturday inWindhoek. “We are Klopp’s side won 6-5 in the City travel to West Ham on unsure if they will face South- “The penalties are a lottery
calling on your support when the time comes for the deci- shoot-out following an en- Sunday before Liverpool re- ampton. but we did it again. We work
sions on this matter.We want to count on your support, as thralling 0-0 draw after extra- turn to action at Southampton with a neuro company, they
this will indeed help the region to grow”, states Rakgare. Na- time atWembley on Saturday. on Tuesday and Klopp wants “I think they will both be fine, got in contact a few years ago,”
mibia’s Sports Minister Agnes Tjongarero also called on the his squad to drag a final effort for Tuesday we will see. We will Klopp said.
regional football bloc to rally behind the bid. -Xinhua Kostas Tsimikas scored the from their weary limbs in what train on Sunday and if they are
decisive penalty after Alisson will be their 61st game of a mar- available I will take it,” he said. “They said we can train pen-
FOOTBALL Becker saved Mason Mount’s athon season. alty shooting. I said that sounds
effort, sparking wild celebra- Liverpool’s first FA Cup tri- interesting, come over.We met,
Dortmund send Berliners tions from Liverpool boss “The quadruple, it’s out- umph since 2006 was especial- we worked together. This tro-
Klopp and his players. standing that we can talk about ly meaningful for Klopp, who phy is for them, like the League
Hertha into relegation tests it, it’s crazy,” Klopp said. saluted his players for match- Cup.”
Having already beaten Chel- ing Chelsea blow for blow after
BERLIN: Borussia Dort- lead while the hosts pressed sea on penalties in the League “But we playTuesday against such a gruelling campaign. It was another harsh Wemb-
mund came from behind to forward in search for the Cup final in February, Liver- Southampton and we have no ley defeat for Chelsea, who, just
beat Hertha Berlin 2-1 in the equalizer.Dortmund had to pool remain in conwtention to clue who can play. I think we “My team knows exactly as they did in the League Cup
last round of Bundesliga on wait until the 51st minute become the first English team will have to make a few chang- what I think of them. This is a final, pushed Liverpool to the
Saturday, sending the capital to create their first clear-cut to win all four major trophies in es. trophy for the whole club. It’s brink without delivering the
club into the relegation play- opportunity through Marco a single season. massive, it means the world,” knockout blow. -AFP
offs. The “BVB” controlled Reus, who couldn’t finish “It will be incredibly tough. Klopp said.
possession from the start the job with only Hertha
but acted too hastily in front goalkeeper Marcel Lotka to Lewandowski admits he wants to leave Bayern
of the target. Meanwhile, the beat.-Xinhua
visitors sat back and lurked Berlin, Sunday “It could well be my last Hasan Salihamidzic he will 2014, including eight Bundes-
for counterattacks. Hertha’s game for Bayern. I can’t say not extend his contract, which liga trophies for a total of ten
strategy paid off as Dan- @PeopleDailyKe 100 per cent, but it expires in 2023 and “that when having won two with ex-club
Axel Zagadou fouled Ishak could be.We have to an offer comes, we have to Dortmund. He also lifted the
Belfodil inside the penalty Robert Lewandowski con- find the best solu- think about it”. Champions League in 2020.
area following a fast break. firmed Saturday that he wants tion for the club
Belfodil converted the sub- to leave Bayern Munich this and me,” he told “I have a year left, but we InWolfsburg, Lewandowski
sequent penalty after beat- summer amid reports Bar- streaming service have to find the best solution scored a crisp header from a
ing keeper Roman Burki into celona are ready to offer the Viaplay. for both sides,” the Polish Thomas Mueller after defend-
the bottom left corner on 33-year-old star striker a three- striker added. er Josip Stanisic gave Bayern
18 minutes. Hertha kept all year contract. Lewandowski an early lead.
its men behind the ball and confirmed The back-to-back
tried to defend its narrow Lewandowki, right, banged to Sky that winner of FIFA’s Wolfsburg clawed their way
in his 35th league goal this he has told best male player back as Danish forward Jonas
campaign in a 2-2 draw at Bayern award has won Wind scored, then veteran
Wolfsburg on the last weekend sports every title avail- striker Max Kruse levelled for
of the Bundesliga season, then director able since join- the hosts.
dropped a bombshell. ing Bayern in

30 PEOPLE SPORT PEOPLE DAILY / Monday, May 16, 2022

Mixed results in local league D E A F LY M P I C S

Homeboyz revive title Kenya bags
hopes with win over KCB more golds
as Tusker share spoils at Brazil’s
with Nairobi City Stars Deaflympics

by Charles Thuku and Fred Likuyani SELECTED RESULTS by Webster Nyandika

@PeopleDailyKe KK Homeboyz 2-1 KCB @PeopleDailyKe

Kakamega Homeboyz revived their Tusker 0-0 Nairobi City Stars Team Kenya bagged eight medals
chances of winning the Football Kenya on the penultimate day of the 24th
Federation (FKF) Premier League title Nzoia Sugar 0-1 Wazito. Deaflympics at Caxias Do Sul in Brazil
after a 2-1 victory over KCB at Bukhungu to increase her medal tally to 24 .
Stadium in Kakamega yesterday. Kennedy Onyango of Nairobi City Stars (R) vies for the ball against Stewart Omondi of Tusker FC during their
FKF-PL match played at Ruaraka grounds, Nairobi yesterday. PD/RODGERS NDEGWA The team bagged two gold, three
Abana Abeingo, who are still leading the silver and three bronze to surpass the
standings, called it rather late to subdue to challenge Homeboyz for the title. was introduced for StephenWakanya. 16 medals won during the last edition
the stubborn KCB in a result which saw Back in Kakamega, it was Homeboyz At Sudi Stadium, visiting Wazito piled in Samsun Turkey in 2017.
them bridge a three-point gap with their
closest challengers Tusker who are placed who showed hunger for an early goal in the onto relegation woes of Nzoia Sugar by Elikana Rono clinched gold in
in the second position in the chart. and it duly came in the 16th minute when edging them 1-0. 800m while two time Deaflympics
CongoleseYema Mwana fired a rocket shot champion Symon Kibai completed
Homeboyz’s advantage at the summit is past KCB goalkeeper. After soaking in a flurry of attacks from a double after bagging gold in the
even better afterTusker settled for a barren Nzoia early in the match, Wazito caught 5,000m. He had earlier won a gold in
draw with Nairobi City Stars in Ruaraka. The bankers would then level matters their hosts on a counterattack when for- 10,000m.
in the 34th minute before Homeboyz net- mer Sony Sugar and Tusker midfielder
Tusker coach Robert Matano rued wast- ted the winning goal in the81st minute Amos Asembeka found the back of the net Kibai was over the moon after win-
ed chances by his players despite the team through Mike Karamor moments after he with a low drive in the 32nd minute. ning his second gold medal in Brazil
dominating a huge chunk of the match. saying : “It was not a mean feat. The
weather was terrible since it was rain-
“There was profligacy by my players in ing and very cold. However, I’m happy
front of goal and this is not good for a team for the gold medal.”
that is challenging for the title,’’
Speaking after the race at the Sesi
Three points Centro Esportivo in Caxias Do Sul,
“I’m a bit disappointed since we were he called on the government to sup-
port Deaf athletes by offering them
poised for all three points. We have no employment like their hearing coun-
choice but go back to the drawing board terparts.
and devise ways on how we shall win our
remaining matches.,” he said. In the 800m, Rono won the hotly
contested race in One minute 54.75
Matano, while leaving the side-lines beating Jammie Morga (1:54.88) of
added: Obviously, it was not an easy match Spain to second place while Michael
but all the same, we should blame our- Kulpa (1:54.91) of Poland finished
selves for failure to bury the chances that third.
came our way,”
Kenya’s other representative in the
On the flip side, Tusker face what ap- race Brian Kosgei was fourth.
pears an easy hurdle in their remaining
matches against Nzoia Sugar, Bidco United In the women’s 5, 000m final Gran-
and Posta Rangers and will be hoping to cy Kendagor won a bronze medal
win all of them to be in a vantage position after finishing in 18 minutes16.44 in
the race which was won by Sara-Elise
FOOTBALL GOLF Ruokonen (17:33.03). Lourdes Juarez
of Mexico was beaten to second place
Vihiga Queens win women Golfers qualify for Johnnie in 17 minutes 33.91.
premier league after beating Walker Golf grand finalle
Zetech Sparks in Mumias The Kenyan quartet of Beryl
by Barry Silah Wamira, Linet Nanjala, Sharon Bitok
by Gibo Zachary and Pamela Atieno clinched a silver
@PeopleSport11 in the women’s 4x400m relay while
@PeopleDailyKe their male counterparts Isaac Atima,
Twenty-five teams of four GeorgeWaweru Charles Muthama
Vihiga Queens are the 2021/22 Kenya Vihiga Queens players celebrate during players each have booked A golfer follows his tee shot and Simon Menza settled for a bronze
Women Premier League (WPL) Champi- a past league match. PD/RODGERS NDE- their slots to play at this during the Johnnie Walker in their event.
ons elect, just waiting for the official con- year’s Grand Finale of the Golf Series at Muthaiga Golf
firmation and conferment of the crown, GWA Johnnie Walker Golf Series Club. PD/ BARRY SILAH It wasWamira’s fourth medal. She
handing coach Boniface Nyamunyamu dubbed the ‘Road to Glenea- won two silver and two bronze med-
the first league title of his career. surprisingly ended by Thika Queens last gles’ that is set to be held at the iconic Gleneagles Golf als.
season. the Karen Country Club this Course in Scotland will be
The Legacy Makers as the team is fa- coming Friday. up for grabs for the winning Sharon Jeptarus and Rebecca
mously referred to, entered Saturday’s It’s a major moment for KenyaWomen’s team. Matiko won silver and bronze in the
meeting with Zetech Sparks at Mumias football asVihiga has represented the This follows the Series’ women’s 800m respectively.
Sports Complex needing three points country in the regional championship semi-final round dubbed During the tournament,
to ensure that they could no longer be and emerged champions after winning the Eagles Round that was Limuru Country Club’s team Kenyan athletes celebrate after
caught by their closest opponents Ulinzi the first-ever CAFWomen Champions played yesterday at the of Kamau Kuria, Timothy winning the 800m race at the Deaf-
Starlets, GaspoWomen, or outgoing League Qualifiers-CECAFA Region Muthaiga Golf Club where Njehia, Njeri Kihunjuri and lympics Games in Brazil. PD/SPORT-
champions Thika Queens at the top of the Champions, Club Championship. 216 golfers (54 teams) Aaron Kinyanjui emerged
table, and that’s exactly what they got. participated, with the top the winners having scored PICHA
TheVihiga-based side is now the most 25 teams qualifying for the a remarkable 113 points.
Attacking prowess of Janet Bundi, Topi- successful in top-flight history, tallying a Grand Finale. The partici- They were followed by
ster Stima as her name suggests, she was record of four league titles in five seasons pating teams in the Eagles Muthaiga Golf Club’s team
once top as she netted a brace Topister according to recent league records, fol- Round comprised the top of Kamau Thugge, Olive
Situma with ImmahWangira adding the lowed by Thika Queens (two titles in 2016, three winning teams of the Njagi, Edgar Kalya and
other, for the 3-1 victory. Captain Puren and 2021). Series’ qualifier legs that Wycliff Kaisha who scored
Alukwe scored for Zetech Sparks. were held across 18 golf 105 points.
clubs in the country. Like in
The title victory seesVihiga reclaim the previous rou1nds in the
their spot at the top of the Kenyan wom- series, the golfers will com-
en’s football mountain, having watched pete in the tournament’s
their run of three consecutive titles four-ball stableford format
during the Grand Finale
where a fully-paid trip to

Monday, May 16, 2022 / / / @PeopleDailyKe / / / People Daily

Stakes raised

Man City comeback “Our stadium will be sold out and we will
keeps title in their hands,
Tottenham displace give all our lives to do it. It’s an incredible
Arsenal in top four
chance to win one game to be champions.”
London, Sunday
At the Tottenham Hotspur stadium, Harry
Kane’s penalty moved Spurs into fourth with
Manchester City came from 2-0 down to
salvage a vital point in a 2-2 draw at West a nervy 1-0 win over Burnley.
Ham to keep the Premier League title in their
hands as Tottenham moved into the top four Antonio Conte’s men move two points
on Sunday.
ahead of north London rivals Arsenal, who
City travelled to the London Stadium
knowing they needed a maximum of four travel to Newcastle on Monday, in the bat-
points from their final two games of the sea-
son to guarantee a fourth title in five years. tle for a place in next season’s Champions

However, the Hammers took full advantage League. Tottenham still need a slip up from
of City’s injury crisis at the back as the pace
and poise of Jarrod Bowen put Liverpool right the Gunners to return to the Champions
back in the title race.
League next season, but upped the pressure
Pep Guardiola was without Ruben Dias,
John Stones and KyleWalker and a makeshift on Mikel Arteta’s men.
defence was easily cut open on the counter-
attack. “The situation is still in their hands be-

Bowen burst onto Pablo Fornals’ ball over cause they have two games to play, but you
the top to round Ederson and put City behind
in a league game for the first time since Feb- know very well in England, it’s not simple to
ruary. City did not learn their lesson as Bowen
broke the offside trap once more in the final win,” said Conte.
seconds of the first half to fire low past Ed-
erson. Defeat sees Burnley drop into the relega-

Mickelson withdraws Title destiny tion zone after Leeds snatched a late 1-1 draw
from PGA Championship The champions were rattled but responded
at home to Brighton.
to keep the destiny of the title in their own
hands. A brave Burnley performance was

Jack Grealish has failed to live up to his £100 undone by a stroke of misfortune
million ($123 million) price tag, but came
WASHINGTON: Reigning champion up with his biggest City goal four minutes deep into first half stoppage
into the second period to get the comeback
Phil Mickelson, who hasn’t played since started. time.

the release of controversial comments West Ham still had huge chances to re- Davinson Sanchez’s
store their two-goal lead as Bowen hit the
about the Saudi-backed LIV Golf series, side-netting from a narrow angle and Michail flick brushed off the
Antonio’s lob drifted wide with just Ederson
has withdrawn from the PGA Champi- to beat. outstretched

onship, the PGA of America announced City had fortune on their side to get level arm of Ash-
whenVladimir Coufal turned Riyad Mahrez’s
Friday. The 51-year-old American left- free-kick into his own net. ley Barnes.

hander became the oldest major win- But Guardiola’s men missed the chance There
to complete the comeback and move to the
ner in golf history last year when he won brink of the title when Mahrez’s penalty was was barely an ap-
saved by Lukasz Fabianski four minutes from
the PGA at Kiawah Island for his sixth time. peal in- side the

career major title.But he has not played City move four points clear of Liverpool Totten- ham
at the top of the table, but the quadruple-
since January after his remarks to au- chasing Reds have a game in hand away to Hotspur
Southampton on Tuesday.
thor Alan Shipnuck supporting the Sau- stadium in
“Now there is no debate about goal differ-
di-backed rival to the US PGA Tour went ence, just win our game and we will be cham- real time, but the in-
pions,” said Guardiola.
public in February. Mickelson, a 45-time cident was picked up byVAR

US PGA Tour winner, did not play in last and given after a review.

month’s Masters. -AFP Kane was deadly as usual

from the spot as the Eng-

land captain converted his

23rd consecutive success-

ful penalty.

Son Heung-min’s bid

to beat Mohamed Salah

to the Premier League

Golden Boot was frus-

trated after the break

by two brilliant saves

from Nick Pope.

Chelsea see off City to
win women’s FA Cup

LONDON: Chelsea completed a Wom-

en’s Super League and FA Cup double

as Sam Kerr struck twice to see off

Manchester City 3-2 in a thrilling final at

Wembley after extra time. Emma Hayes’

side exacted revenge for defeat to City in

the League Cup final earlier this season,

but were pushed all the way despite

taking the lead three times. The English

champions took the lead when Kerr

nodded Millie Bright’s cross at the back

post, but City equalised through Lauren

Hemp just before the break. A long- West Ham United’s Jarrod Bowen (L) vies
for the ball with Manchester City’s Jack
range effort from Erin Cuthbert restored Grealish during their English Premier
League match at the London Stadium, in
Chelsea’s lead early in the second half. London yesterday. PD/AFP

However, there was late drama when STEotLteEnChaTmED EPL1-R0EBuSrUnlLeTy S

Hayley Raso brought City level again in

the final minute. -AFP Aston Villa 1-1 Crystal Pal-

Leeds 1-1 Brighton
Manchester City
May 22: Aston Villa (home) Watford 1-5 Leicester
Download QR May 17: Southampton (away) West Ham 2-2 Man City
Code app on May 22: Wolves (home)
Google Play and Wolves 1-1 Norwich
scan this QR code
with your smart Everton 2-3 Brentford
phone for pic-
tures, videos and TODAY: vs Arsenal 10pm
more stories Newcastle

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