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Kermit woke up one morning expecting a great day, but little did he know today will be the WORST day of his life.

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Published by Gwyn Smiens, 2019-05-08 11:12:44

Kermits Extremely Horrible, Not so Good, Terrible, Bad Day

Kermit woke up one morning expecting a great day, but little did he know today will be the WORST day of his life.

Kermits Extremely
Horrible, Not so Good, Terrible

Bad Day.
By Gwyn Smiens

Kermit the Frog woke up to his
Hello Kitty alarm clock at 6 am on a
Saturday morning. He stretched and
rolled out of bed. He yawned and
stroked Rowlfs, shaggy brown, coat
and said ¨Morning boy,¨.

He trudged to the bathroom and
brushed his teeth and jumped downstairs
getting his car keys.

Kermit climbed into his car and
drove to Caseys and got 20 donuts for
himself and Miss Piggy. 19 for him 1 for
Miss Piggy, and started heading to his job
that was 10 minutes away, and he looked at
the time, needing to be there at 7:15.

It was 7:09 he started to speed up but
he couldn't see three feet in front of him
because of the blizzard that was getting
worse and worse. His car skid on a huge
pack of ice. His van flipped and rolled into
the ditch. He was knocked out from the
impact for 10 minutes.

He woke up and looked around, but all
he could see was white from the snow and
little light from the sun beaming through the

Kermit slammed his foot down on the
pedal and the car started to move, and he
drove up the ditch.

He devoured the donuts as he drove to
McDonald's as he was thinking about
getting the EOTM award. (Employee of the
Month Award.)

He soon arrived at McDonald's and
opened his door. BANG! His van door fell
off the car, and he strolled inside 1 hour
late. He snuck to the back, and his boss
didn't even know he was late.

After a few hours of working, all the
employees met at the table and the boss
stood up. ¨This years employee of the
month award goes to… Kermit¨

Kermit the Frog stood up and the boss
looked at him. ¨Kermit Nelson...¨ the boss

Kermit Nelson stood up and everyone
clapped and cheered and Kermit the Frog
sat back down and pulled out his Guitar out
of nowhere and sang ¨Movin´ Right Along¨

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