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Published by youcheng524, 2018-12-05 16:42:56

Poster Program for website

NAPA2018 Poster Program

NAPA Conference 2018
Hotel National (B1), Taichung, Taiwan

December 17-19, 2018
Poster Program

Monday - December 17, 2018
Posters (P1.-P28.) should be posted by 8:30 am, December 17th and removed by 5:00
pm, December 17th. All presenters must be at their posters during breaks.
*Poster size for NAPA 2018 is 110cm (tall) x 80cm (wide)

P 1. Waralee Joymak, Chulalongkorn University (Thailand)
Development of value added unripe papaya flour from waste product of fruit

P 2. Napassorn Payantakom, Chulalongkorn University (Thailand)
Antioxidant and Sensory Evaluation of Wheat Flour Substituted with Riceberry
Flour Crackers

P 3. Siriwan Chumroenvidhayakul, Chulalongkorn University (Thailand)
Development of yogurt added with polyphenol enriched Clitoria ternatea petal
flower extract

P 4. Hu-Shiu Chen, St. Martin De Porres Hospital (Taiwan)
The Effect of nutrition intervention on post-cerebrovascular accident patient - A
study of a regional teaching hospital in southern Taiwan

P 5. Yu-Ling Lo, Chung Shan Medical University (Taiwan)
Dendrobium nobile Lindl. ethanol extracts (DEE) prevent against UVB-induced
early cataractogenesis in a mouse model

P 6. Yung-Fu Liu, National Chung Hsing University (Taiwan)
Consecutive dietary intake of fried food impairs tear quality and quantity

P 7. Yu-Yao Cheng, Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science (Taiwan)
Stages of change and psychosocial correlates of whole grain consumption: results
from the Nutrition and Health Survey in Taiwan 2013-2016 (NAHSIT 2013-2016)

P 8. Yi-Ping Chang, Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science (Taiwan)
Application of the Transtheoretical Model to sugar-sweetened beverage intake
among senior high school students in Taiwan

P 9. Varanya Techasukthavorn, Chulalongkorn University (Thailand)
Comparison of Dietitians’ Subjective Perception, IDDSI Flow Test Result and
Rheological Analysis in Various Dysphagia Food Products

P10. Juwon Lee, Seoul National University (Korea)
Inhibition of mitochondrial fission suppresses IL-6- induced metastatic potential of
ovarian cancer cells

P11. Yi-Jing Wu, Chung Shan Medical University (Taiwan)
Effects of Maca on chemotherapy induced muscle wasting in tumor-bearing mice

P12. Thuy-Lan Vo Thi, Dayeh University (Taiwan)
Antiproliferative and antimetastatic effects of the sub-fraction of ethanolic extract
of Cajanus cajan (L.) roots in oral cancer cells (SCC25)

P13. In Sil Park, Seoul National University (Korea)
Decursin or decursinol angelate inhibits adipogenesis through β-catenin signaling
pathway in human visceral adipose-derived stem cells

P14. Phim on Suklaew, Chulalongkorn University (Thailand)
Starch digestibility of egg noodle partially substituted with rice flour (RD43 rice)

P15. I-Hsuan Chen, Chung Shan Medical University (Taiwan)
Study on the dried banana by salted-free fermented orange juice

P16. Untack Cho, Seoul National University (Korea)
Inflammatory tumor microenvironment promotes ovarian cancer metastasis
through TNF-α/NF-κB signaling pathway

P17. Ji Hyun Lee, Seoul National University (Korea)
Gefitinib-induced autophagy initiation contributes to EGFR TKI resistance of
ovarian cancer cells

P18. Hung-Wun Chen, Chung Shan Medical University (Taiwan)
Coenzyme Q10 status and antioxidant capacity in taekwondo and soccer athletes

P19. Shu-Ru Jhuang, Chung Shan Medical University (Taiwan)
Reduction of HbA1C levels by high fiber and low GI formula in DM tube-fed

P20. Po-Hung Lai, St. Martin De Porres Hospital (Taiwan)
The sharing of nutrition intervention with fish oil supplements in a polycystic
kidney disease (PKD) with hyperlipidemia – a case report

P21. Kandi Sridhar, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (Taiwan)
Multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA): An advanced approach to
differentiate dose-dependent antioxidant activities of grape skin extracts

P22. Tzu-Shan Hung, Chung Shan Medical University (Taiwan)
The relationship of internet addiction with food intake in university students

P23. Ya-Chun Zhang, Chung Shan Medical University (Taiwan)
Regulation of blood pressure by GABA-contained drink: A randomized
double-blinded human trial

P24. Hsing-Chun Lin, Chung Shan Medical University (Taiwan)
Effects of menopausal hormone therapy in postmenopausal diabetic women

P25. Takanori Arakawa, Kyoto University (Japan)
In vivo reaction of glyceraldehyde with cysteine in mice and diabetics patients

P26. Keisuke Hasui, Kyoto University (Japan)
Oral administration of glutathione ameliorates high fat diet-induced liver
dysfunction via oxidation caused by transportation through portal vein into liver

P27. Shang-Yung Liu, Tunghai University (Taiwan)
Antioxidant capacity and glycolytic enzyme inhibitory activity of Phyllanthus
emblica L. solvent extracts

P28. Li-Wen Chen, Chung Shan Medical University (Taiwan)
The effects of quercetin on CDDP-induced fat loss

Tuesday - December 18, 2018

Posters (P29.-P57.) should be posted by 8:30 am, December 18th and removed by 5:00
pm, December 18th. All presenters must be at their posters during breaks.
*Poster size for NAPA 2018 is 110cm (tall) x 80cm (wide)

P29. Chuan-Yi Yeh, Ching Kuo Institute of Management and Health (Taiwan)
Changes of Trans Fat Contents in Chocolate Products on Taiwan Market from
2010 to 2018

P30. Pei‐Chun Chao, Chung Shan Medical University (Taiwan)
The Beneficial Effects of Low Calorie-High Protein diet on Decreasing Body
Weight in patients with Rehabilitation ward

P31. Hsiang-Lan Liu, Min-Sheng General Hospital (Taiwan)
Health literacy-friendly program in the diet education for prevention of sarcopenia

P32. Eun A Kang, CHA Cancer Prevention Research Center (Korea)
Preemptive adalimumab ameliorated cancer cachexia through concerted inhibitions
of muscle atrophy, inflammation, and catabolic catastrophe

P33. Jeong Min An, CHA University (Korea)
Walnut phenolic extract inhibited Helicobacter pylori-induced STAT3
phosphorylation through activation of PPARγ

P34. Sakawrut Poosri, Chulalongkorn University (Thailand)
Anthocyanin-enrich Riceberry rice (Oryza Sativa L.) extract inhibits lipid digestion
and absorption in vitro

P35. Yu-Han Feng, Tunghai University (Taiwan)
Cytoprotective effect of Phyllanthus emblica extracts on RAW264.7 macrophages

P36. Tzu-Chiao Chang, Chung Shan Medical University (Taiwan)
Lotus seedpod extracts cooperated cisplatin in treatment of head and neck cancer
through regulated apoptosis and autophage pathways

P37. Yu-Ting, Hsueh, Chung Shan Medical University (Taiwan)
Artemisia argyi extracts improved metabolic syndrome and reduced lipid
accumulation in hepatocytes

P38. Pei‐Chun Chao, Chung Shan Medical University (Taiwan)
The beneficial effects of the DASH diet education programin for a patient with
stroke: A Case Report

P39. Charoonsri Chusak, Chulalongkorn University (Thailand)
The effect of Clitoria ternatea flower extract on in vitro starch digestibility of
wheat bread

P40. Meng-Syuan Wei, National Chung Hsing University (Taiwan)
D-methionine alleviates cisplatin-induced mucositis by restoring the gut

P41. Tanisa Anuyahong, Chulalongkorn University (Thailand)
Physicochemical properties and antioxidant activities of probiotic yogurt enriched
Riceberry rice extract (Oryza sativa L.)

P42. Shu-Ming Huang, Nantou Hospital. Ministry of Health and Welfare (Taiwan)
Antioxidants activity of queous extract of Psidium guajava L. budding leaves (PE)
for Diabetes mellitus rats

P43. Saranporn Wongpattananukul, Chulalongkorn University (Thailand)
Inhibitory Effect of Carissa carandas Linn. Extract on Carbohydrate and Lipid
Digestion and Absorption

P44. Li-Chun Hsieh, Chung Shang Medical University Hospital (Taiwan)
The Association between Body Mass Index and Mortality in Critically Ill Patients
on Parenteral Nutrition Support

P45. Szu-Wen Yu, National Taiwan Normal University (Taiwan)
The associations between birth sizes and dietary protein intakes during pregnancy

P46. Hsiao-Mei Wang, St. Martin De Porres Hospital (Taiwan)
The Sharing Of The Nutrition Teaching Rounds For Two Year Post Graduates In
A Southern Hospital In Taiwan

P47. Po-Hung Lai, St. Martin De Porres Hospital (Taiwan)
Exploring an Interactive Response System – Kahoot for Low Potassium Diet
Education on Medical Staffs

P48. Szu-Chuan Shen, National Taiwan Normal University (Taiwan)
Alpha-lipoic acid alleviates hepatic insulin resistance via ameliorating PI3K/Akt
pathway way in high fat diet and streptozotocin induced diabetic rats

P49. Pattamaporn Aksornchu, Chulalongkorn University (Thailand)
Carbohydrate digestive enzymes inhibitory activities and antioxidant properties of
Syzygium nervosum (Makiang) fruit in vitro

P50. Phutthida Kongthitilerd, Chulalongkorn University (Thailand)
The effect of anthocyanin-enriched Riceberry rice extract on inhibition of cell
proliferation in 3T3L1 preadipocytes

P51. Hye-Won Yang, Jeju National University (Korea)
Antidiabetic effect of Diphlorethohydroxycarmalol in skeletal muscle and
zebrafish by inducing calcium-dependent

P52. Ji-Min Hyun, Jeju National University (Korea)
The polysaccharides derived from celluclast-assisted Hizikia fusiforme extract
have antioxidant effect against H2O2-induced oxidative stress in vivo zebrafish

P53. Jun-Geon Je, Jeju National University (Korea)
Anti-cancer activity of Saringosterol acetate isolated from edible brown algae,
Hizikia fusiformis

P54. Lei Wang, Jeju National University (Korea)
Anti-inflammatory activities of soft corals collected from Jeju Island in
lipopolysaccharide-stimulated RAW 264.7 macrophages

P55. Yu-An Lu, Jeju National University (Korea)
Protective effect of fucoidan extracted from acid-processed hijiki (Hizikia
fusiforme) against AAPH-induced oxidative damage in vitro and in zebrafish

P56. Jo-His Chiang, Chung Shan Medical University (Taiwan)
Effects on qualities of pineapple cake by adding extract of dried banana
pseudo-stem tender core

P57. Youngjin Han , Seoul National University (Korea)
Mitochondrial dynamics altered by hypoxic tumor microenvironment is related
with chemoresistance of ovarian cancer cells

Awards & Closing Ceremony (17:30-18:00)

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