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talks about the stages of web design and what to when creating your website.

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stages of web design

talks about the stages of web design and what to when creating your website.

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Stages of web design

Melissa Hicks
8th period

Plan Your Content

• Is the most important phase in web design. This is also the stage that can take the
longest amount of time but it bring a lot of worth to your site. A good content
plan will increase the presence and usability of your site as well as speed up web

• Some key points to remember are to know your audience, short and concise is
usually better, think about how viewers will look up your site, and make sure
your content that is on your page is nice and neat.

Wireframe Your Design

• A wireframe is a blueprint or how you want you website or web page to look
when it is finished. Wireframes can be simply drawn by hand.

• A variety of wireframe tools are pen and paper wireframe software apps that can
help create and design the wireframe for your website.

Create Web Pages

• Now in this stage of web design you start to create your website putting all your
information on to your website. You will use HTML and CSS with a sneak peek
into JavaScript.

• HTML, or Hypertext Markup Language, is used to create the overall structure
and content of the pages in you website. CSS Cascading Style Sheets is used to
style visual properties of website’s content and personalizing the layout.

Publish Your Website

• Once you are ready to publish your website for the world to see. You’ll need a few things.

• First things first you will need a domain name or web address.

• You will also need dedicated space on a web server.

• FTP is a common way to connect a web server if you are publishing your own site, you can
get this information from a web host provider.

• You can then use the sites feature to connect to the web server and publish your site
straight from Dreamweaver.

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