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JUNE 22, 2019

We are a professional home health care services company
made up of experienced, dedicated and caring individuals
committed to reshaping the care for our aging landscape.
We believe in offering and providing premium quality care to
seniors, teens and children in the comfort of where they feel
the safest; their home.

It is our foundation to understand every member and their
family's needs to the best of our ability. Grasping this method
allows our staff to iron out a Way to address their needs in a
Truthful and effective manner that will impact the Life of the
member and their family.

Caliber believes in cultivating a culture of genuine
compassion, care and love. Operating a member-centered
model, places the member and their need at the center of all
decisions pertaining to that member.

Hourly Care Services Meal Preparation & Shopping Therapy & Diabetic Care

24-Hour Assisted Living Transportation Services Disease Care & Treatments

24/7 Care Services Call: 1-844-515-1983
Office Locations: Rutherford, NJ | Iselin, NJ | Neptune, NJ

About Us


Started by a group of mothers desiring to teach their children the
importance of giving back and serving others, Rays of Hope
began in 2006 with a group of children - our children - who
served in soup kitchens and sang at Nursing Homes during
Christmas. The annual volunteer opportunities served as a
means of exposing our children to people of different
socioeconomic backgrounds and generations. As the children
grew older, we recognized the need to broaden our scope and
frequency of activities as well as invite other youth from the
community to participate. Resultantly, Rays of Hope was
incorporated as an organization in September 2014. We
recieved our 501 (c)3 status in 2015.

Although Rays of Hope was not started as a means of meeting
the educational system’s graduation requirement for
community service, it has now become an added benefit for the


To create service and leadership development opportunities for
youth, thereby empowering them to become caring, productive
and engaged members of the community. This will be
accomplished through their participation in planning outreach
projects as well as participating in learning opportunities that
educate them on the basics of personal finance, public
speaking, entrepreneurship, public service and organizational


Rays of Hope Annual Scholarship Breakfast

hosted by
Mykayla Shearin-Howard & Dorian Hall

Meet and Greet

Graduate Procession

Breakfast is Served
Video Presentation
Rays of Hope Step Team

Community Leadership
Joelle Hernandez and Jordan Hernandez

Candace Sandy
Words of Wisdom
Graduate Recognition
Rays of Hope Awards
Closing Remarks

Rays of Hope 2018-2019

Lisa Hall ::: Director
Tyniesha Douglas ::: Assistant Director

Alina de Zoysa ::: President
Elicia Villaurel ::: Vice President


Mya Ademilola Dorian Hall
Kaila Antoine Royce Hall
Jade Bramwell Jade Hamilton
ABlessyn Haskins
Ajayla Britt AMarre Haskins
Felipe Cabrera-Bivins Riley Jackson
Skylar Laguerre
Ethan Chapple Tristen LAguerre
Ian Chapple Rayjan Luly
Caleb Chester Sofiya Luly
Colin Chester Amari Macklin
Elijah Clay Nyla Meachem
Bryce Ocholla
Emmanuel Clay Danielle Ocholla
Quintis Crossland Dana Oliver
Christopher Osbourne
Alinade Zoysa Jordyn Osbourne
Dylande Zoysa Nicholas Osbourne
Zachary Diaz Alexa Parchment
Sana Doctor -Bentley Jaida Rodriques
Julian Douglas Kailee Rogerson
Justin Douglas Jamilah Rosemond
Taylor Douglas Mykayla Shearin-Howard
Tyler Douglas Ahwill Shells
Andre Douyon Malani Terry
Sophia Douyon Kordel Thompson
Jocelynn Dow Elicia Villaurel
Jordynn Dow Eliana Villaurel
Alana Ermeus Shayne Walker
Imani Ermeus Soleil Walker
Kareem Fayed Mikayla White
Caleb Frederick
Robin Gadson
Jayla George
Charles Grinnell

Special Thanks

Special Thanks To The
Scholarship Committee

Lisa Hall
Tyniesha Douglas

Dolly Ocholla
Valerie Gadson
Natalie Antoine
Tanya Shearin-Redman
Yasmine Luly
Tamara Osborne

Director’s Message

Dear 2019 Graduates,

It has been our privilege to serve with you over the years. As senior
members, your passion and dedication have served as an example to
all the youth members in the organization.

Not only did you persevere to get where you are today, but many others
around you had helped and supported you through this journey.

Through Rays Of Hope, you have become active members of the
community and have had a lasting positive impact on society. You
have acquired life skills and knowledge as well as provided service to
those who needed it the most.

You have learned to think beyond “'I, me, myself” and now have a wider
perspective on life. We know that you will continue to be an advocate
and a voice for those that are marginalized or ignored whether on your
college campus or in society.

As you begin the next chapter of your life, do not lose sight of the
important values that have been instilled in you. As the great actor,
Denzel Washington said, “Keep Working, Keep Striving, Never Give Up-
-Fall Down 7 Times, Get Up 8!”

Let joy be your highest form of success. The more fulfillment you feel in
your life, the more abundant you will be. The more you follow your
heart, the richer your life will be.

Never lose focus. We are so proud to have you become Rays OF Hope
Alumni members. "Tell them you are Rising!”

Candace Sandy

Guest Speaker

Candace Sandy is a national best-selling author, crisis
communications and Diversity and Inclusion strategist.
For over a decade Sandy served as the Communications
Director for Congressman Gregory W. Meeks, senior
member of the House Financial Services Committee, the
House Foreign Affairs Committee. Candace has held
various positions on the local, state and national election
campaigns and initiatives including Press Secretary for
Hillary for America northern Nevada 2016 election
campaign cycle and Specialty Media Press Secretary for
Kerry-EdwardsWisconsinVictory 2004 campaign cycle.

Sandy co-authored the national bestseller Souls of My Sisters: Black Women Break Their
SilenceTell their Stories and HealTheir Spirits with NewYorkTimes Bestselling editor Dawn
Marie Daniels and was the co-publisher of Souls of My Sisters Books, Kensington
Publishing Corp., created to inspire and enrich women of color in all their magnitude of
storytelling. The Souls of My Sisters series struck a responsive chord that continues today
and is an intimate look at the contributor’s personal true stories and the tools that enabled
them to create success and nd inner peace. Women, including celebrities such as Mary J.
Blige, LisaT-Boz (of TLC) and Patti LaBelle all tell real stories of triumph in the series.

Sandy along with Daniels also co-authored Souls of My Brothers: Black Men Break Their
Silence, Tell Their Truths and Heal Their Spirits with a foreword from Isaac Hayes (Plume);
Souls Revealed:A Souls of My Sisters Book of Revelations andTools for HealingYour Life,
with a preface by Star Jones; Tears To Triumph: Women Learn To Live and Thrive with Dr.
Jarralynne Agee; and Souls of My Young Sisters: Young Women Break Their Silence with
Personal Stories thatWill ChangeYour Life foreword by Mary J. Blige and Madeline Smalls.

Sandy's experience working alongside the former Chair of the New York City Council
Women's Issues Committee, New York City Councilwoman Tracy Boyland, provided her the
opportunity to bring her expertise to the plights of poverty, domestic violence, crime, and
nancial literacy in underserved communities in NewYork City.

Sandy continues to work tirelessly on behalf of women's causes and holds the distinction as
the rst African-American woman to serve as the General Manager of New York University
radio stationWNYU 89.1 FM in its twenty-ve-year history. She is also a RadioAdvertising
Bureau Mercury AD/LAB Fellow and recipient of the Women's National Basketball
(WNBA) NY Liberty's Award for Service and The Grand Council of Guardians Women in
Law EnforcementAward.

Jordan & Joelle


Jordan and Joelle Hernandez, 27, are currently on the management
team at Mediaplanet Publishing Inc, a content marketing
publishing company that specializes in advocacy and awareness
campaigns that are published within major newspapers and
digitally. They have both been employed at Mediaplanet for 4.5
years and have been afforded the opportunity to work with
celebrities and industry leaders such as Jon Bon Jovi, March of
Dimes, Taraji P. Henson, American Cancer Society, Adrienne
Houghton, the CDC, Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute and
dozens more.At Mediaplanet, they have received countless internal
and external accolades such as individually earning spots in the
Million Dollar Club and Jordan was recently a recipient of the
CommunicatorAward for her Women in STEM campaign, which is
the highest achievement in the content marketing industry.

Jordan and Joelle are proud graduates of Loyola University Maryland (2014). They both graduated, with
honors, from the College of Arts & Sciences with bachelor’s degrees in Communication with specializations in
Journalism and Advertising. During the ve years since graduation, they have remained active in the
Greyhound Community through becoming members of the John Early Society, which is a giving recognition
organization and serving as advisors on the Young Alumni Advisory Council and as Class Fund Managers.
Upon graduation, Joelle served a two-year term as the only Class of 2014 representative on the Board of

Outside of work, the twins have expanded on their work within the communications eld.They are owners of
J&J Enterprises, which houses A Double Dose of Entertainment--a lifestyle and entertainment news radio
program hosted via social media and Happy People Publishing.The debut book of Happy People Publishing,
TwinTales: Sasha & Sophie go to School was released in Barnes & Noble stores in Summer 2018 and theTwin
Tales Coloring andWorkbook is now available as well.The HernandezTwins are also proud owners of Double
Dough SweetTreats—a baking company specializing in hand-decorated cookies.

Along with their friends, Mariah and Jonathan Alston, Jordan and Joelle are two of four co-founders of 4
Little Souls Inc., a 501(c)3 non-prot organization started 19 years ago by four very young people with a
mission to help God’s little souls everywhere. Over the past two decades, Little Souls has served countless
community members through drives and events to raise funds and products/supplies to fulll the organization’s
mission of providing resources for education and hunger. The organization’s largest annual events are its
Spring College Scholarship Fundraiser and Fall Eliminate Hunger Happy Hour. Recently, the four co-founders
hosted a Social Media Safety workshop for the members of Rays of Hope Inc., where they shared the ins and
outs of properly using social media and the benets of the platform for personal and professional use.

Jordan and Joelle are currently residents in Hoboken, New Jersey where they have become active community
members. They are both regular contributors for Hoboken Girl Blog, the largest lifestyle and news blog in
Hudson County.They also serve asVolunteer Coordinators for Hoboken Girl Helps, the charity/non-prot arm
of the blog that partners with local organizations to provide opportunities to give back in the community.
Jordan and Joelle also serve on the Board of Party with Purpose, a 501(c)3 organization that nancially
benets over 20 local children’s charities throughout the state.

In their free time, Jordan and Joelle enjoy trying new workout classes, baking, spending time with family and
friends and trying restaurants throughout Hoboken and NYC.

Rayjan Luly

“At some point you have to stop talking about
what you’re going to do, and just start doing it.”

Rayjan Luly was born on October 26, 2001 in Queens, New York. At nine
months old, she moved to Old Bridge, New Jersey with her mom, dad,and
grandmother, where she’s lived ever since. As a kid, Rayjan developed a love for
the arts which led to her being involved heavily in school musicals, choir, and
visual arts programs.

Rayjan is a senior at Old Bridge High School, where she has maintained a 4.2
GPA and become a member of multiple honor societies. Over the past four years,
she has worked to become the president of her school’s French Club, as well as
the Vice President of the French Honor Society. Rayjan is also a varsity tennis
player for the school’s team and has been playing for the school since her junior
year. She plans to continue both learning French and playing tennis in college.

Rayjan has been involved with Rays of Hope since her sophomore year. Rays of
Hope has taught Rayjan to step out of her comfort zone as well as to be an
advocate for herself. Throughout her three years with Rays of Hope, Rayjan
feels that she’s gained a sense of leadership that she has been able to carry with
her whether it be in her school or in her church.

Finally, Rayjan is heavily involved at her church, Monmouth Worship Center.
There, she is a singer on the youth worship team, as well as a part of the Care One
ministry where, every three months, they go to sing for the elderly at nursing

For her rst year, Rayjan will be attending Brookdale Community College.
After a year, she plans to transfer to Montclair State University where she will be
working towards a major in Business Marketing with a minor in Graphic Design
and French.After college, she has plans to work for Google.

Dana Oliver - Ransom

“Be the best for yourself first,
the rest of the world can wait”

I am affectionately known as Danapooh amongst my family members and close
friends. I am the youngest child of three. Effective June 20, 2019, I will be a
graduate of Jackson
Liberty H.S. Class of 2019. Throughout my High School years, I enjoyed
participating in sports. I have played basketball in middle school and Junior
Varsity in High school. In addition i have also played basketball forA.A.U. team
Lady Heat for two years. However, Tennis became my favored sport in which I
played for two years and received my varsity Letter. My passion is singing. I have
a broad range in vocals that allows me to sing songs by my favorite artists such as
Whitney Houston, Beyon’ce, Aundra Day, and Yolonda Adams, just to name a

I attributes much of my career planning to the Rays of Hope organization lead
by Mrs. Lisa Hall. It was through this organization that I learned how to live
outside the box. I made many friends and learned how to give back to the
community through volunteer service. The college tours we took to visit
H.B.C.U’s opened my mind to supporting colleges that support my culture. I
found Rays of Hope to be a new gateway that opened my mind to the many
options and choices I have available in my life.

I will be attending William Patterson University in the Fall of 2019, pursuing
my career in nursing.

Christopher J. Osbourne

“The chances you take, the people you meet,
the people you love, the faith that you have.

That’s what going to define you.”

-Denzel Washington

Christopher is a member of the 2019 graduating class of Freehold High School
Culinary Arts Academy. Full of personality, this future talk show host has
participated in many activities in and beyond school. In his school, Christopher has
served as a member of Freehold High School’s Student Council, Lead for Diversity,
Boro Fights Cancer, Skills USA, DECA and FCCLA chapters. He is currently
serving as Vice President of FCCLA. Christopher is a servant leader in his church
community as well as serving as an usher and member of the media team at Hope
Cathedral in Jackson NJ and Children’s Church assistant at PraiseTemple Ministries
in Neptune NJ. Christopher’s local community involvement includes being a proud
member of Rays of Hope, a community service organization, Omega 13 a mentoring
organization and the Lakewood chapter of the NJ Orators.

Christopher’s involvement in the community has shaped him to be the person that he is
today. He has served in various ways through the outstanding community service
organization Rays Of Hope. This organization has opened many doors for
Christopher like being able to help clean the garbage off of major roads to bring
awareness to pollution and recycling as well as assist in beautifying the city, and also
interviewing the Dean of Students at Georgian Court University about the
importance of voting to spread the word about registering and using one’s voice
during the election. Being a part of the positive change in the communities that Rays
of Hope serviced, helped Christopher realize that there were so many positive
possibilities in making the world a better place. As he goes off into that world to
pursue his dream, he will continue to donate to homeless shelters and organize
clothing drives because those are the very kinds of projects that instilled the
importance of community unity in his heart.

Christopher or IamChrisJames has been diligent in preparing for his bright future as
a talk show host by hosting his school’s fashion show 2 years in a row as well as the Rays
of Hope scholarship banquet in 2018 and the 2019 McDonald’s African American
Read event sponsored by the Continental Societies. He has also conducted several
interviews with local entrepreneurs, community and educational leaders. Each time
leaving the crowd in awe of his ability to captivate, engage and entertain his audience.

Christopher has participated in 2 NJ Orator competitions receiving Commendation
and Participation awards. In addition, in February of 2019 Christopher and his
siblings received a community service award from the North Jersey Shore Chapter of
the Continental Societies for their work in the community.

Christopher will begin studying Communications at Brookdale Community College
in the Fall 2019. After completing his general study requirements and building out
his portfolio through internships he will transfer to a 4-year university.

Jaida Rodriques

“Without community service, we would not have a strong
quality of life. It's important to the person who serves as
well as the recipient. It's the way in which we ourselves

grow and develop.”

-Dorothy Height

Jaida Rodriques is a Senior at DoaneAcademy and has been a committed member of
Rays of Hope since the 7th grade.This fall she will be a freshman at Spelman College
majoring in political science with a concentration in international relations.

Jaida has always been eager to serve not only the community but as a leader in the
organization. As Vice President her junior year , she’s led many initiatives that were
important to our community. In this position, she organized family fun nights at a
women and children's homeless shelter, decorated for the holidays at a Ronald
McDonald House and conducted activities during autism awareness month,
including hosting an interview with teens that are on the autistic spectrum.

Not all of Jaida’s service work has been physical. In school Jaida has served as a source
of knowledge for her peers on topics such as college awareness and preparedness and
the celebration of black history and culture . Particularly, Jaida and a small group of
peers spearheaded a Black HistoryAwareness Month which celebrated and recognized
black history. They hung posters around campus, lled with imagery and
information on monumental gures in black history. Ensuring that people were
intrigued at rst glance but that the learnings and takeaways would be lasting.At the
conclusion of the month, she spoke with the school administration and they
expressed their delight with the teams’efforts to educate and entertain the Doane
Community about aspects of Black History. What was not realized at the time, was
that their impact was much greater. One of her previous history teachers pushed for
the implementation of a class called The African American Experience which Jaida
and many other students attended.

For the past 7 years Jaida has been serving at her church's daycare every Sunday. Jaida
is often serves at the reception desk where she signs children in and offers reassurance
to parents that their infants are in good hands. Jaida is also trusted with assisting
children church classes if a teacher is unavailable or needs assistance. Her favorite
group of kids are the toddlers where she and a set of adopted triplets have bonded

During her nal year in highschool Jaida was elected president of a community
service club called the Kindness Project .This year Jaida led school wide events such as
the initiative to organize over 7,000 packages of food at the in New Jersey Food Bank.

Jaida’s dedication and proactiveness towards community service has been recognized
by many, including Spelman College where she was recently accepted into the Bonner
Scholars program in which 20 students a year are selected to act as engineers of
change in the community and exemplify the values of Spelman College as well as the
goals of the Bonner Scholars Program. Commitment to providing “access to
education with an opportunity to serve.”

Jamilah Rosemond

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”

- Tim Notke

“The confidence you wear is your own crown.”

- Jamilah Rosemond

Jamilah Rosemond is a senior at the Performing Arts Academy in Lakehurst, NJ. She
will be attending New York University majoring in drama with a concentration in
musical theater. Jamilah is a member of the National Honors Society and International
Thespian Society. She currently serves as vice president for student council and secretary
for National Honors Society. Besides rehearsing long hours for performances, she still
nds time to stay active with Rays of Hope as well as in school activities and committees
such as: Hallway committee, Prom committee, Bible club, and Interact club.

In 2016, Jamilah and seven other girls organized a girl empowerment conference at
Princeton University. Jamilah’s key role as one of the organizers was to market the event
and manage the transportation to ensure that all of the over 200 registered girls were
able to attend.

Jamilah was one of two girls selected from over 500 to host the American Girl’s web
series, AG Life. Jamilah had the opportunity to inspire girls using the American Girl’s
platform by giving tips and showing them ways to be condent.

Jamilah also had the opportunity to give back through performances when she was
casted in Girl Be Heard’s Mainstage Show,“2030;The Future Is Ours”. Girl Be Heard is
an organization that develops, amplies, and celebrates the voices of young women
through socially conscious theatre-making. Each show tackles social justice issues that
are current and important to the cast members. The “2030; The Future Is Ours”show
was about the United Nation’s sustainable development goals and each cast member
wrote original pieces focusing on their goals for the future. Jamilah wrote the opening
song as well as a spoken word piece on poverty. With Girl Be Heard, Jamilah was
afforded the opportunity to perform at multiple events including the Women History
event at the NewYork Public Library held by the NewYork Comptroller, Scott Stringer,
and council member, JumaaneWilliams.

Jamilah is the founder of “Girls with Beauty and Brains”, which is a girl empowerment
blog created to encourage young women who suffer from insecurities and provide them
with resources to empower and motivate them to reach their highest potential. She also
has a series on her blog called, Fabulous Confabulation, which is a one on one chat with
inspiring women and girls in different career elds to provide viewers with insight on
how to reach their dreams. She hopes to create a scholarship fund for girls so they get the
opportunity to attend college as well.

Jamilah has been a member of Rays of Hope for eight years and served as treasurer on
the board for the 2016-2017 school year. One of Jamilah’s favorite initiatives is working
with children. She loves volunteering at the Homefront Family Shelter where she gets to
interact with the kids. Rays of Hope has pushed Jamilah out of her comfort zone and
encouraged her to be a leader wherever she goes.

Rays of Hope succeeded in their mission in developing future leaders as a powerful force
to be reckoned with in this world because Jamilah is one of them.

Elicia Villaurel

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply.
Willing is not enough; we must do.”

-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

EliciaVillaurel is a ve year member of Rays of Hope and recent graduate from Doane
Academy in Burlington NJ. She has been a consistent voice at the ROH yearly planning
meetings and served as the organization’sVice President for the 2018-2019 year.

Elicia rings curiosity about the world around her, clear communication skills and a
strong sense of justice to all of her activities. She has worked tirelessly in and out of
school to feed her curiosity and learn more. During the summer, Elicia participates in
enriching summer programs and had her rst internship last summer with the National
Medical Association. In school, she has started many initiatives centered around
diversity and inclusion and most recently led a Mental Health and Stigma initiative in
May. Elicia has held many prominent positions in her school community such as Vice
President of her class, President of the Student Body and President of the Equality
club at her school.

Elicia is a“doer”. As a result of her leadership, her school has hosted numerous new
policies, classes, events, speakers and discussions on campus. She is a strong advocate for
the issues that fuel her passions for inclusion and diversity. She tirelessly works with her
fellow club members, teachers and school administrators to ensure that projects are well
organized and executed effectively which has resulted in a 100% success rate.

Elicia is a great public speaker and striver that has represented her school in regional
competitions for MockTrial and Poetry Out Loud and has received state recognition.

Elicia is going to American University in DC, and wants to study civil engineering,
urban development, and law. She is passionately interested in understanding the
different aspects of how people in poverty are mistreated by the governmental system.
Elicia has been in teen sharp for six years. During her time with Rays of hope, Elicia has
been apart of the planning committee for the years events.This year she was appointed
Vice President, and has worked closely with the rest of the leadership team to organize
leadership development meetings, organizing service projects and planning events like
The Live Black Museum, Scholarship Brunch and MLK Day weekend. She is looking
forward to making a difference in communities by closely working with urban planners.
Her hopes are to do her part in lowering the unemployment rates and making sure
urban communities have equal access to good health care facilities. Equally important,
another of her other initiatives would be to revitalize establishments without
displacing current residents, basically working to build up the community’s
infrastructure rather than restarting with new ones. As a civil engineer or urban
planner, she hopes to have the opportunity to evaluate plans and various projects that
can greatly determine the wellbeing of people in predominantly urban communities.
Essentially, her aspirations in life are always to make a helpful difference in this world.


We are so proud of the
man you have become.

God's given you
everything you need to

succeed now

May God give you the
desire of your heart and
make all your plans


Mom & Dad


Congratulations on your graduations It’s All In The Details
we are so proud of you!
Love Mom & Dad Barbara Hamilton
Program Director

tel. (347) 699-4733
[email protected]

As you cherish the fruits of
your hard work, we wish that
success keeps following you

in everything that you do.
Today and always…Elicia

Congratulations &
Happy Graduation!

Christopher Osborne

“Congratulations on your
well-deserved success.”

The Biz Doctor

“Helping to start, rebuild
and revive your business”


We want to congratulate all of the graduating Seniors and today's
Scholarship recipients for a job well done. We are extremely proud
of you! Thank you for being such great role models to the younger
Rays of Hope members, like our son,
Zachary, pictured below. Your
commitment to education, volunteer
work and activism is commendable.
Our prayer for you is that you
continue to remain condent and
keep inspiring those around you. We
have no doubt that you will change the

With love,
Nancy, Javier & Zachary Diaz

Girl Be Heard....
Congratulations Jamilah.

I’m very proud of you. I
wish you continue success,

Jessica Morris

Taylor continue to share your gifts and keep
service in your heart. We are so proud of you.

Mom and Dad

Tyler continue to share your gifts and keep
service in your heart. We are so proud of you.

Mom and Dad

OUR DRINK Congratulations to
Spicegrove Roselle is a bold, crisp, spicy hibiscus Jamilah Rosemond
ginger drink handcrafted and bottled locally.
WHAT’S INSIDE We’d love to hear from you!
We use the best ingredients and are proud of the [email protected]
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the natural flavors of dried hibiscus roselle petals 646.321.4341
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to get that powerful, spicy flavor we’re know for.
We don’t use any preservatives or artificial flavors!
instagram @spicegroveroselle
The recipe was born in Audrey Powell’s kitchen,
inspired by the flavors of her Jamaican roots.
After years of serving it to friends and family,
who could never get enough, she decided
to start bottling it for the world to enjoy.

Congratulations Jamilah!

Be a rainbow in
someone else’s cloud

-Maya Angelou

From June Gray and Family

Jamilah Rosemond
aka "Lil Oprah”

You are quite the young lady. If we were to take all the
accomplishments in your very young life, the words
exceptional and extraordinary still would not be enough

to describe you.

Congratulations as a 2019 Rays Of Hope Honoree.
I can't wait to see what you have
in store for us in the future.

Continue Success and Much Love to you

"Mr. Harry”
Harry Taylor

Becoming Mykayla Elise Looks amazing on you.
Keep serving and thinking of others. God s best awaits you.

Do not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time,
you will reap a harvest if you faint not. Galatians 6 9

Love Mom, Caleb, and Mr. Tyler

Message from
Villaurel Family to Elicia

Congratulations on this momentous day, Elicia.
You’ve worked hard to achieve your goals and

now you’re on your way to seek new vistas,
dream new dreams, embark on who you are,
embrace life with passion and keep reaching for
your star. We bless you with all that you need to

earn many more achievements and feats
in life ahead.

Happy Graduation
Love Mom, Dad & Eliana



To our sweet DEAR RAYJAN,

Ray, Whatever you do, never
stop learning, exploring,
We are so happy growing, and challenging
and proud of your yourself to be your best.
accomplishment. Keep developing those
We want you to unique talents that make
know that we are you who you are. We are
always going to very very proud of your
be there to cheer
you on and have accomplishments!
your back no
matter what . So Love, Auntie Babou and
as your starting Uncle Charlie.
this new chapter continue to use your
God’s given gifts and always try your very
best in everything you do . Be strong and
stay true to yourself .

We love you and we believe in you

Mom , Dad & Soya

Ms. Jamiliah N. Rosemond

“Ask Emma “ and Carrie Berk
congratulates Jamilah Rosemond and proudly

supports Rays of Hope!

The most
important mark
I will leave on

this world
is my son.


fashion for


the curePRESENTS

Jamilah, you are amazing and are the embodiment of
I’m so excited to see what your “We rise by lifting others!”

future holds. Keep being Congrats on being recognized for your Girl
amazing, keep giving back and Boss leadership and giving back to your
most important keep being you. community through volunteerism! You are
a living example of positivity, creativity,
Leeann Hallijas
kindness and advocacy for all of the
issues that drive you!
I love you my friend!!!
xoxo Olivia

To Elicia Villaurel and all the
Rays of Hope 2019 Graduates

Start each day believing in your dreams. Know without a doubt
that you were made for great things. May you reach all your
goals. Congratulations and Happy Graduation!

Ocean County Family Care

Anna DeDona, D.O.
Jay A. Vida, D.O. FACP
Michael S. Rothberg, M.D.

Board Certified Internal Medicine

9 Mule Rd. Toms River, NJ 08753 Ÿ Tel: 732-797-1535 Ÿ Fax: 732-797-1595
2125 Route 88 East Brick, NJ 08724 ŸTel: 732-892-4548 Ÿ Fax: 732-892-0961
27 S Cooks Bridge Rd Jackson, NJ 08527 Ÿ Tel: 732-364-3881Ÿ Fax: 732-364-2187

To Elicia Villaurel & all the Rays of Hope 2019 Graduates

Your brilliant achievement today is remarkable. May all your

dreams come true. Good luck and congratulations!

Gennaro “Gerry” Costigliola
Agency Owner
Costigliola Financial Group LLC

Allstate New Jersey Insurance Company
2110 W. County Line Road
Jackson, NJ 08527

Phone 732-367-3200
Cell 609-384-2580
[email protected]
Hablamos Español

Congratulations Jamilah! Our wish for
you is at is life becomes a at you

want it to be.

Sherina, Uncle Joseph,
Akeira, and Josiah .

Rays Of Hope

Walk to Believe

To my beautiful and talented

I’m so proud of you.
congratulations to you on your

special day and i wish you
much success in all you do.

Love your Grandma, Theresa

Jamilah means “Beautiful” girl in Arabic. Kind sweet gentle
person. Person who cares for people, enjoy giving, and always

tries to make peace. God gave your dad and I that name for
you because He knew exactly the type of girl you would be. You

are brilliant, able, and ambitious. You shall always walk the
glory road and may God continue to bless you with all that you
need to earn many more achievements and feats in life ahead.

Our sweet Jamilah, know that the journey of life brings both
challenges and chances. May you carry the word of God and

your strong spirit to snatch the chances and defeat the
challenges. We love you to life and we are super proud of you.

Congratulations and well done.

Mom, Dad & Jabulani

Be proud of this moment, you deserve it for all the effort and
dedication you invested. Congratulations. We are proud of you.

Uncle Lyonel, Aunt Sharon, Chris,

Ethan and Jonathan


Kenya Saleh

Rahim Beyah

Natalie & Anthony Jackson

Aditi Ghandi Message

Graduation isn’t the end of a tough journey. It is the beginning of a beautiful one…
Congratulations and best wishes Elicia!

Eventworks Plus

Gyorgyi Lazarus

Chervantes Mayweather

Jasaunn Thompson

Kakila Hunter

Rosalind Cox Larrieux and Family

Coach Ashley & the F.I.R.E.
Rays of Hope Step Team,

Congratulations to another amazing year! We are so
proud of you and the growth we’ve seen over the
year! We look forward to seeing you perform for
years to come.
Continue to shine!

Ms. Ty and Ms Lisa


Caleb, You are an amazing young man. You continue to
develop the gifts and talents God has given you, and use them

to positively impact the lives of others that need help.
Continue to be ambitious & persistent. Keep God rst you are

Destined for GREATNESS!

Love Mom & Dad


Center Member FDIC

Official Bank of Prudential Center
and the New Jersey Devils

New Jersey

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