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Writing content for your e-commerce website can be tricky but with these expert content writing guidelines for ecommerce websites, you can get to the top.

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Published by Virtual Employee, 2019-12-09 05:06:57

Guide for Content Writing for Ecommerce Websites

Writing content for your e-commerce website can be tricky but with these expert content writing guidelines for ecommerce websites, you can get to the top.

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Guide for Content Writing for
Ecommerce Websites

Writing content for your e-commerce website can be tricky as they are very different
from the other traditional websites. Probably this is why, e-commerce business
owners today are more inclined to hire content writer for ecommerce website. If you
ever wondered what the content writing guidelines for ecommerce websites are,
here’s what expert content writers vouch for!
Keep Audience Before Google

When it comes to the online world, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) seems to be
the primary rule and content writers usually focus their attention on a set of rules
including keywords and links. But while writing content for an ecommerce website,
you need to understand that this might trigger your search rankings but your
potential customer might jump on to your competitor’s website.
This is why, it is important to write clear, thorough and crisp product descriptions for
every item on your page to educate the prospect customers to impact their
purchasing decision. Know that as the audience cannot personally see and try the
product you are selling, solid content can help in building trust in their hearts for
your brand.

Testimonials by Happy Customers

Another sure-shot way to keep the customers engaged and promote your brand in
a positive light is to include customer testimonials. Studies have shown that

ecommerce websites with success stories and reviews from happy customers, do
better than the ones which do not feature these sections.

This also helps in enhancing the authentic image of your products and many
ecommerce business owners hire content writer for ecommerce website specifically
for this purpose. Your website audience will feel assured about investing in your
products or services as they will know the others who have used them were
satisfied. Testimonials are thus, a sound way of promoting the ‘word of mouth’.

Word Count Matters

Adhering to the word count can be a lifesaver in the long run for you. Google favours
those who consider their audience as their main priority and are able to satisfy them
with length-appropriate content. According to Google’s Panda algorithm update,
thin web content is disadvantageous as compared to webpages that are more

Websites with short product descriptions will offer only bare minimum information
about your products. Whereas, lengthier product descriptions not only provide the
readers adequate product information, but also convince Google that you cater to
your audience requirements well. For doing justice with the word count protocol,
hiring content writer for ecommerce website is therefore emerging as a popular

Duplicate Content is a Big NO

The quality and authenticity of your web content must never be compromised upon.
Copying content from other sources or using previously-published content might
look like a good idea on the surface but on a deeper level, it might lead to hefty
penalties to Google. Rather than receiving any indexing benefit from Google,
webpages with duplicate content lose many points on reliability and customer

Using the original product descriptions from the manufacturer for your ecommerce
website is also a popular but futile practice as many of your competitors are also

doing the same thing. To clearly avoid the problems that arise with duplicate
content, it is thus better to hire content writer for ecommerce website.

Focus on Sellable Content

The main objective of website content is typically to improve your search rankings
ad drive sales. You need to understand that trying to do everything on your own can
never be good for your ecommerce business. Rather, you can hire content writer for
ecommerce website to help move your prospect customers closer to your brand and
business with high quality product descriptions.

Professional content writers are adept at telling the audience why they should buy
from you over your competitors. They provide the right information in an engaging
way so that their search can be turned to favour you and help your business grow.
So, do not wait anymore and invest in expert content writing services right now.

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