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Inclusive Education Newsletter Term 1 2020

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Published by AISWA, 2020-02-13 00:23:08

IE Term 1 Newsletter 2020

Inclusive Education Newsletter Term 1 2020

Inclusive Education

2020 Term | Issue 1

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Note from the IE Team

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Greetings from the IE team, Inside this issue

As we work on this message and realise that it is already well into February, Term 4 Timeline...................... 3
we want to acknowledge that this newsletter will drop into the inbox of very News & Updates ..................... 3
busy and dedicated staff, who will already have put a lot of effort into the Spotlight on: The Royal
students’ return to school. We hope therefore that we do find you returned Commission ............................ 3
to work after a positive break and that you are each having a smooth start to Gifted & Talented Column...... 4
2020. National Epilepsy Awareness
For us, our year has started with some changes in the Inclusive Education month ..................................... 4
team. Larissa Roy makes the move to become a full time AISWA psychologist Book Review ........................... 4
and leaves her part-time role with us and we are looking to welcome a new Inclusive Strategies Focus:
team member soon. Epilepsy................................... 5
We are excited to be reviewing and developing our provision of support to IE Network information .......... 5
yourselves as you work with your students with additional needs and also Senior Secondary Snapshot .... 5
continuing to grow our relationships with each of the schools that we work Professional Learning ............. 6
with. Child Protection ...................... 7
As always, we welcome and appreciate your feedback, thoughts and ideas on Contact Us .............................. 7
how we can best support you and will look to hearing from you in the coming
weeks and months.

Kind regards,
The AISWA Inclusive Education Team

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2020 Term 1 | Issue 1 Page 2

Term 1 Timeline Current News & Updates Please contact your IE consultant for
specific support in these spaces and sign
20th Jan - AISWA website As flagged in Term 4, up for the AISWA ‘Registration and
re-opens; new students the 2020 Registration Compliance’ newsletter in order to stay
and documentation can Standards for Non- on top of the latest news and advice.
Government Schools
now be added to the and the During 2020 the Standards for Disability
Student Database accompanying Guide Education are due for review, at this point
to the Standards, are in time a date has not been fixed for
3rd Feb - Students begin available on the submissions to the review so watch this
Term 1 Department of Education website . space!

Term 1 - NCCD, the The Standards have moved Child
Planning phase: Protection into a new Standard 10 and
also now require schools to be compliant
Prepare for the NCCD by with the National Child Safe Organisation
building understanding of Principles.

the NCCD and its Spotlight on: The Royal Commission
underpinning legislation.
Discuss processes, review In April 2019 the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of
People with Disability was established. During 2019 the Royal Commission released an
support materials and Education Issues Paper which both individuals and organisations were invited to respond
communicate with to, accordingly AISWA made a response.

parents, guardians, carers The following link will take you to the First Progress Report which includes key issues
and students. raised at the Education hearing in Townsville. Click here.

The NCCD website has Developmental Disability WA, Kalparrin and Children & Young People with Disability Aus-
some great resources to tralia will be co-hosting a workshop about the Commission, how to have your say and
support you in Term 1. complete submissions. To be held on the 21st Feb, event details & tickets Click here.
23rd March - Round 1
Funding application due

for Admin check
27th March - Round 1
Funding application due

for Principal’s

2020 Term 1 | Issue 1 Page 3

Gifted & Talented Education

National Epilepsy Awareness Month March 2020 15th - 21st March 2020
Purple Day 26th March
Gifted Awareness Week (GAW)
Book Reviews: Australia was founded by the Australian
Association for the Education of the
To support schools as they look at raising awareness of epilepsy, we have Gifted and Talented (AAEGT) to raise
reviewed 3 texts which could be used with students to learn more about the awareness of the identification, support
disorder, its potential impact and the power of positive support… and learning needs of gifted children
and to celebrate those who are making
‘Becky the Brave’ (2002) by Laurie Lears and Gail a difference in the lives of gifted
Piazza (Illustrator) children and their families.

Aimed at younger readers, this picture book tells The national theme for 2020
the story of a younger sister’s journey in supporting is Wellbeing.
her older sister (Becky) as Becky works through her
feelings about having an epileptic seizure at school In the lead up to GAW 2020, AISWA is
for the first time. running a series of Gifted PL
opportunities in collaboration with
‘The Islands at the End of the World’ (2014) by Catholic Education WA and we hope
Austin Aslan that you will be able to find one that
suits you!
Ranked by ‘The Guardian’ as one of the top ten
climate fiction reads, this book combines the 19th March, 9-11am ‘Intro to Gifted Ed’,
themes of Hawaiian culture, ecology and living with a great overview PL if you are just
epilepsy. 16 year old Leilani, an epileptic, travels moving into this space.
with her father through the islands in the aftermath
of a global catastrophe that impacts power and 9th March, 8.30am - 3.30pm ‘Gifted Ed
technology. 101’, for those who would like a more in
-depth discussion of the key aspects of
‘Black Water’ (1996) by Rachel Anderson Gifted & Talented education.

Written for older teens/young adult readers, this 12th March, 9-11am ‘Social &
darker novel is set in Victorian England, at a time Emotional Needs’ (led by Eileen Slater
when epilepsy was not recognized as it is now. from Edith Cowan University) and 1-
3pm ‘Identification’ (led by Lead
Albert and his mother together face prejudice, Psychologist, Toni Tomlin), catering for
exclusion and varying suggested ‘remedies’ as they those who would like to dig deeper into
work through what it means to live with the ‘Falling some specific topics.
Sickness’ during this era.

2020 Term 1 | Issue 1 Page 4

Inclusion of...students with Senior Secondary Snapshot &
epilepsy Inclusive Education Network News

When thinking about the successful It’s never too early for young adults to start planning for their future. Schools play
inclusion of a student with epilepsy, it is an integral part in the Transition Planning process whether students are planning
valuable to remember that they are not to do further study or enter the workforce immediately. Students need to be
only working through the impact of capable and confident at navigating the maze of finding work and keeping a job,
seizures and medications, but also learning the skills to support them in this life long process.
various emotional and social challenges We invite teachers to attend a free networking meeting where schools can
as well. With this in mind, strategies can collaborate and discuss:
• How their school is preparing students for leaving school now.
• Staff training on epilepsy and the • If they are using any specific programmes (e.g. the P2E Programme) and how

realities for the specific students in successful they have been.
your school...every person’s
experience of epilepsy is unique. • What have they found to be challenging? e.g Curriculum, timetabling, student/

• Creating and maintaining Epilepsy parent involvement/flexibility, staffing.

Management Plans for all students • How have some schools solved these issues?
living with epilepsy. • How do they access employers/tertiary institutions for study advice/work

• Ensuring that student awareness is experience? i.e. outside service providers.
Telka Elliott, a Project Manager from BIZLINK will be guest speaking. BIZLINK assists
raised, under consultation with people with all types of disabilities, barriers and backgrounds to secure and
students living with epilepsy and maintain quality employment. As a service provider, they can work with schools to
their families. support students with the transition process. They have developed TASTE:
‘Transition Assistance Success to Employment’ to help equip young adults with the
• Being aware of when seizures and/or skills to prepare for, find and keep a job; Telka will showcase this program and
answer any questions you may have about their service.
medications make it hard for a Register here for these free network meetings:
student to concentrate or remember. 4th March, 9-11am And 10th March ( CARE Schools Specific) 9-11am
Use group work, task analysis,
mnemonics and repetition. Watch this space!
Term 2: 6th May, 9-11am: NDIS focused network meeting
• Cuing students prior to tasks and Term 3: Gifted focus, date and time TBC
Please contact via email:
reviewing key points afterwards. Maggie Balfe [email protected] for IE networking
Kate Stannard [email protected] for Gifted focus
• Being aware of the possible seizure

triggers for the students in your care.

• Balancing risk & safety with

independence & social acceptance.
Participation wherever possible is

• Becoming an Epilepsy smart school,

with support from Epilepsy Australia.

Students living with epilepsy have unique
capacity and academic capability, as do
all students. Strong practical, educational
and social supports make all the
difference to successful inclusion and the
reaching of potential.

2020 Term 1 | Issue 1 Page 5

Additional AISWA Professional Learning opportunities: AISWA IE consultants are
available for consultation,
Upcoming events include: PL and workshop sessions
• Inclusive Education Funding Processes, free session, 20th Feb 1-3pm, central
in all areas of Inclusive
session at the AISWA, Walters Drive, Osborne Park Education, including
• CARE Schools only, Inclusive Education Funding Processes, free session, 21st students with disability,
learning difficulties and
Feb, 9-11am, central session
• ATAR Course Examinations: Special Examination Provisions, 26th Feb, 9am- giftedness.

12pm, facilitated by Carolyn Hackett at the AISWA offices Please contact your IE
• Implementing Effective Documented Plans, 3rd March, 9-11am, central Consultant to arrange
meetings or sessions to
• NCCD Info session, 13th March, 9-11am, central session suit your context.
• Disability Discrimination Act & the Disability Standards for Education, 16th

March, 9-11am, central session
• Staff Code of Conduct, 16th March, 1-3pm, central session

Click the links to register or, to view our full year of centralised PL, log in to your
AISWA account & follow the links to ‘IE’, ‘Professional Learning’.

External Professional Learning opportunities:

Growing Up Greatness has a wide range of services to offer schools, including best practice
PL on topics such as Differentiation and Gifted & Talented. Click on this link to connect in
and see their latest news.

The 6th March brings a great opportunity to learn from the experts at Down Syndrome
WA as they present a workshop for teachers and education assistants on the educational
implications of having Down Syndrome and some practical classroom strategies to meet
student need. Register here to attend this event.

In order to support schools with the implementation of the ‘Child Safe Organisation
National Principles’, Child Safe Organisations have created a Learning Hub which includes a
school self-audit tool and a series of short e-learning modules about each Principle. An
invaluable resource!

Please note: The AISWA IE team disseminates information about external organisations in good faith, but
is not responsible for the quality of delivery or professionalism of the presenting organisations.

2020 Term 1 | Issue 1 Page 6

Child Protection Focus: IE Professional Learning

Standard 10.5 from the Registration Standards for Non-Government Schools states that...
‘All staff, governing body members and regular volunteers participate in learning opportunities at least annually about
the law with respect to mandatory reporting of child sexual abuse and the school’s policies, procedures and practices that
aim to ensure students’ safety and wellbeing at school and during school-related activities, including the creation and
maintenance of child-safe physical and online environments.’

With this in mind, the IE team will look at increasing ways to support schools in meeting their professional learning needs
in this space. We will continue to offer our key 3 hour ‘Child Protection’ PL which covers mandatory reporting of Child
Sexual Abuse, reporting of all forms of child abuse (by any staff), grooming, responding to harmful sexual behaviours and
child abuse prevention strategies and practices, and will also offer a tailored version for School Boards if required.
In addition we will also continue to offer professional learning on the Protective Behaviours Curriculum, including online
safety, and Codes of Conduct.

Let’s make every day a ‘Safer Internet Day’!
February 11th was a key focus for the Government initiative to make every day a
safer internet day, with resources being flagged for both older and younger
students by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner. Safety online has also been
given increased focus in 2020’s Non-Government School Registration Standards.

Inclusive Education Team Contacts

Lynne Nixon (IE Coordinator, Mon—Fri) Tania Wray (IE Consultant, Mon—Thurs)
[email protected] [email protected]
9441-1606 or 0447 502 560 9441-1672 or 0457 822 178

Amanda Mackmin (Admin Support, Mon—Fri) Maggie Balfe (IE Consultant, Mon—Wed)
[email protected] [email protected]
9441-1601 9441-1612 or 0418 212 284

Michele McErlain (Admin Support, Mon—Thurs) Kate Stannard (IE Consultant, Mon—Fri)
[email protected] [email protected]
9441-1666 9441-1609 or 0438 983 855

To find out which consultant is allocated to your school, Bronte Morgan (IE Consultant, Mon—Fri)
please log in to the AISWA website and go to [email protected] 9441-1646 or 0438 183 525

2020 Term 1 | Issue 1 Page 7

Suite 3/41 Walters Drive
Osborne Park WA 6017

+61 (08) 9441 1600

[email protected]

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